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Ultima Underworld II Keyboard Commands by Dan Simpson

                   Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds
                               Keyboard Commands

                               January 22, 2005
                                 Version 1.11
                           Written by:  Dan Simpson
                                Email:  dsimpson.faqs@gmail.com

                                 Email Policy: (read before emailing me!)
          Use Underworld 2 Keyboard Commands as the email subject.

          Finally don't email me questions about anything that isn't
          related to the Keyboard Commands in UW2, chances are I can't
          help you!

 The most recent version of this FAQ can be found at:

 For those of you who lost, or never had, documentation.  The commands here
 are very similar to the first UW, but with a few noticable changes.

 This FAQ looks best in Courier New at about 9 points.

Moving around:

       ^           'W' - is running forward
       |           'S' - is walking forward
  <-   |   ->      'A' - is turning to the left
    \  W  /        'D' - is turning to the right
     A S D         'Z' - will strafe left
  <--Z X C -->     'C' - will strafe right
       |           'X' - is walking backwards (there is no running backwards)
       V           'J' - Jumping (use SHIFT to do a standing long jump)
                   'E' - Elevate (used during levitation)
                   'Q' - Go down (opposite of elevate)

Looking Around: (useful for attacking enemies above or below you)

  '1' - will look up incrementally: the more you press it, the more up you look
  '2' - will look forward (undoing looking up or down)
  '3' - will look down


  F1 - Enters attack mode (and turns it off)
  'p' - attack high (hacking)
  ';' - attack the middle (hacking)
  '.' - attack low (stabbing)

The "F" Commands:

  F1 - Begins the Combat Mode
  F2 - Use Mode
  F3 - Grab Mode
  F4 - Talking Mode
  F5 - Looking Mode
  F6 - Game Options (also counts as a Pause)
  F7 - switches from the Inventory to the Stats' screens
  F8 - Cast the spell in your spell space
  F9 - Look around for monsters, and will tell you where the monsters are
  F10 - Sleep (if you have a bedroll)

CTRL Keys:

  CTRL-H - Left/Right hand mouse
  CTRL-J - Calibrate Joystick
  CTRL-Q - Quits the game
  CTRL-R - Restores a game
  CTRL-S - Saves a game
  CTRL-D - Details level
  CTRL-F - Sound On/Off
  CTRL-M - Music On/Off
  ESC cancels any of these


  You can move the mouse around with the arrow keys.
  0 - left mouse button    |__ the ones on the numeric pad
  . - right mouse button __|
  TAB - move cursor to the next "hot spot" to the right**
  SHIFT TAB - same but to the left

  ** Note: "hot spots" are the 3 main areas on the screen, the left side panel,
           the main graphic screen, and the character area.


  ALT-Q  - Saves a screen shot as a GIF
  ALT-F7 - Version of the game
  ALT-F8 - Tells you your location (first number is Level, then 2 digits for X,
           and 2 for Y, so a 16524 is on level one, x 65, y 24)

This document was created simply because I was unable to find any online
keyboard reference of any kind, and so decided to create my own by trying every
key on the keyboard in the game.  As far as I know, no other such reference
exists.  Also I believe this to be all the keyboard commands in the game, but I
could be wrong.  If you know of any more keyboard commands than are listed
here, please email me at:    dsimpson.faqs@gmail.com
Finally, why wasn't UW or UW2 released in the Ultima: Collection?


This Document is Copyright 2000-2005 by Dan Simpson
Ultima Underworld II is Copyright 1993 by Origin

I am not affiliated with Origin or anyone who had anything to do with the
creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so long as NOTHING
IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it.  You may not
charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.


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