Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Speed Run by thecybercat

Here's how to speed run Ultima VII: The Black Gate using the cheat room. It shows how to access the cheat room. With the full endgame sequence and credits.

Speedrun by "thecybercat". Hosted with permission.

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Unregistered Anonymous It is not a speed-run if the game was cheated. Speed-run is a test of speed to beat the game the fastest way possible. Cheating allow you to bypass all stages and go directily to the end. That is a fail.
posted 20 Aug 2014 - Reply - Permanent Link
Unregistered Anonymous I was interested to see how long it would take to speed-run U7 but it's hardly a speed-run if you cheat..!

Still nice to see the ending and credits again after 16 years =)
posted 28 Aug 2009 - Reply - Permanent Link

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