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Courtney McMillan's Walkthrough

On 23 October 2011, Steve sent us the following e-mail to correct an error in the walkthrough below:

In the walkthrough for PAWS, it says "Now go to Morfin's house (which is just north of the Antiquities shop). Use the key from the butcher shop to open the chest and get the key you find in the chest." This is incorrect. The key is partially hidden under the plant in Morfin's house, you can see it sticking out. The only thing in the chest is 50GP.

Ultima VII: The Black Gate Walkthrough

By Courtney McMillan

General Tips:

You can only kill townspeople when they attack you.

If the body in Minoc (see the walkthrough) is not appearing, return to a previous save, and WALK to Minoc.

If you have the Forge of Virtue, solve it first. It will make the game a lot easier.

To get rich quick, go to Buccaneer's Den as soon as you can, and party in the House of Games. Just do the number wheel, and pause as the numbers turn, and move your money accordingly. You will be very rich, very fast.


Trinsic - You will be joined by Iolo, and then approached by Mayor Finnigan. Agree to investigate the murders and report back to him. Go into the stables and look at the body on the floor (Christopher). Get the key that is by the body, and the bag of gold and jewelry in the NW room of the stables. Talk to Petre about the murders.

Now go and talk to Mayor Finnigan about the key you found, and he will tell you to talk to Spark (Christopher's son). Go to the healer's (112S, 2E) and talk to Gilberto (a guard). Find out about the attack on him and the Crown Jewel. Talk to Johnson (the other guard) and discover more about the incident against Gilberto. Gilberto will tell you to talk to Gargan, the shipwright, about the Crown Jewel.

Go to Gargan and ask him about the Crown Jewel and discover that it sailed for Britain, but he doesn't know who was on it.

Now go to Spark's house (100S, 4E), and talk to Spark. Ask Spark about his nightmare, and he will tell you about the man with a hook for a hand and a wingless gargoyle (very important). Allow him to join the party (he will be tough later). Use the key from the body in the stable to open the chest in Spark's house, and get the Fellowship Medallion and the gold. You can use the hammer on the parrot to find out a secret treasure location (169S, 28E - just west of Serpent Hold).

Now go to the Fellowship Hall (108S, 10E) and talk to Klog. Do not wear the amulet you found at Spark's house. Klog will tell you he got into an argument with Christopher and that Christopher verbally assaulted Klog and his friends, Abraham and Elizabeth. Do not join the fellowship at this time. Now go and talk to Gargan again, and he will tell you about the man with the hook and a wingless gargoyle that he saw after sundown.

Now that you have all this information, go to Mayor Finnigan and report all you have discovered. Answer all the latitude and longitude questions and get the password to leave Trinsic.

Before you leave Trinsic, go to the armorer's and get some swamp boots, you will need them to get to Paws. Also, stock up on mutton at the The Honorable Hound Inn, the price is good, and mutton is the most filling food in the game.

When you leave Trinsic, walk north to go to Paws. The actors in the shack serve no real purpose, but listen to them to gain some insight into the Fellowship.

Extras: Go to the Armorer's and move the wooden shield in the main room and flip the lever you find there. Now you can get into the backroom of the shop and get some weapons and armor.

Paws - When you arrive in Paws head straight for the butcher's shop (69S, 0E)(run by Morfin). Talk to Morfin and find out about the theft of his Silver Serpent Venom. Agree to help him find the thief. While in the butcher shop, move the bucket of blood on the west wall and pick up the key you find on the floor. This key will open the chest in Morfin's house. Now go to Morfin's house (which is just north of the Antiquities shop). (Bootstrike's note: see note on top) Use the key from the butcher shop to open the chest and get the key you find in the chest. Take this key back to the butcher shop and use it to open the door to the north. Now use the key you found under the bucket of blood to open the chest in this room. When the chest is open, you will find a ledger inside. Use the ledger to read it, and then go ask Morfin about the ledger. He will say that he has sold the venom to people besides the ones he originally told you, but that it is perfectly legal for him to do this (blah, blah).

Now go to the Fellowship Shelter (58S, 8W) and talk to the people you find there. Alina will tell you about her wrongly accused fruit stealing husband Weston (who you will save in Britain). You will also talk to the lovely folks who run the shelter: Brita and Feridwyn. Brita is a shallow cretin who will tell you all sorts of gossip about the folks in town, and her husband, Feridwyn, is little better, although his info is a little more helpful for the small quests around town. You may meet their progeny, Garrit, who is a prince of a child. Just talk to him, and don't worry about what he spouts out. These people will tell you to talk to Camille and Tobias.

Go to Camille's house (53S, 8W) and talk to her and her surly son Tobias.

Now go to the shelter again, and Feridwyn will approach you and say that he saw Tobias with the venom and you should do something. Go to Camille's house again and she will approach you and say that Tobias is falsely accused, and tells you to go talk to Morfin. Go talk to Morfin at the butcher's.

Morfin will say that he doesn't think Tobias did it because he doesn't show signs of its use. Morfin says that Garrit has been acting odd, and dropped a key outside the shop. He will then give you the key (it is bright green if you check in your backpack, you cannot miss it).

Now return to the shelter and use the green key on the chest with the musical pipes in front of it. If you look in the bag in the chest you will find the snake venom vial. Take the vial and go find Garrit and confront him about it. He will admit to taking it and planting it on Tobias, and he will beg you not to tell his parents. Do so immediately. When you tell Feridwyn, he will bust Garrit, but still blame Tobias. Now go and talk to Camille, and tell her the good news, she will be happy. Talk to Tobias and notice the change in his attitude.

Now return to Morfin and give the vial back. Task done.

SIDE PLOT: Now go to the Miller's and talk to Thurston. Get him to tell you he is hot for Polly (who runs the inn). Now go to The Salty Dog and tell Polly what Thurston said. She will say she likes him too. Now go and tell Thurston what Polly said and he will start a courtin'. Task done.

SIDE PLOT: You can also ask Camile about wheat, and deliver it to Thurston for some money. Task done.

Go and buy the hourglass from Beverlea and keep a hold of it. Go to Britain.

Britain - Go and talk to Lord British. Talk about your friends and then Trinsic and tell him you learned something. He will tell you to see Clint (the shipwright) about the Crown Jewel, and Mayor Patterson about the murder. At this time you should also get the Orb of the Moons from him and learn about your stuff in the storeroom. Now go to Lord British's study, open the drawer of his nightstand and get the key you find there. Now flip the lever in the corner of his bedroom and make your way to the stairs and go up to the second floor. Walk to the NW corner of the castle and go in the storeroom and get your goodies.

Now go and talk to Clint, who will tell you that the Crown Jewel hasn't been in Britain for a long time.

When you talk to Mayor Patterson, he will tell you that there was an identical murder a very long time ago, and that the victim was Finster. Finster was running for political office and wanted to disband the Fellowship, and so had a lot of enemies.

Now go talk to Batlin and join the fellowship. He will send you to Minoc with a sealed package (you can open it, it doesn't matter) to deliver to the Fellowship office there.

Now go to the Avatar museum and steal the Virtue Stones (it won't hurt your virtue) so that you will have them to cast Recall spells (do this by setting the stone on the ground, cast Mark on it, and pick it up. When you cast Recall on the stone, and you will return there).

Now go to 2N, 48E and double click on the green fish by the cattails. Get the key inside and use this key to open Mack's Shed (22S, 26E) and get the Hoe of Destruction.

If you go to Selwyn's Tower (6N, 51W), walk to the North side of the tower and cast Telekinesis on the lever you will see. Go in and loot.

Now go to Cove.

Cove - Talk to Rudyom, and he will tell you about his black rock experiments. Take the Transmutation Wand and the 4 blackrock pieces.

SIDE PLOT: Lord Heather is here if you need to get the bill from Miranda signed (about cleaning up Lock Lake). Janna is here, and will join you (free healing, but it's pretty occasional).

SIDE PLOT: If you want, talk to Natassia and say you will help her. She will say her dad was killed near Yew. (You will solve this in good time.)

Now WALK to Minoc.

Minoc - It is best to walk to Minoc, if you cannot find the body that has been murdered, go to a previous save game and walk to Minoc, it should clear up the problem.

When you get to Minoc, walk to the sawmill (63N, 73E) in the SE part of town. When you enter, there will be 2 hacked up bodies (just like Trinsic). Get the serpentine dagger and the Fellowship candelabra. Talk to Mayor Burnside about the dagger and find out who the victims are (Frederico and Tania who are gypsies). Now go to the gypsy camp (61N, 85E) and talk to Sasha. He says his parents were mad that he joined the Fellowship. Jergi will tell you the gypsies aren't welcome all over the place.

Now get Margareta to tell your fortune. She is a font of information but will charge you 20 coins, but it is worth it (and necessary). She tells you to find the Time Lord, but he is in trouble, so go talk to the wisps about it (in the Yew forests). She also tells you to talk to the Monks at Empath Abbey.

Now talk to Xantha at the artists' guild about the candelabra and she will tell you to chat with Elynor about it. Before you rap with Elynor, talk to Jakher at the training hall and find out about Frederico tossing a rock through the Fellowship Hall window (sounds suspicious huh). Now give the box to Elynor. The scroll inside talks about Christopher building something. Ask Elynor about the candelabra and listen to her story.

Owen, the shipwright, says he saw a guy with a hook creeping around town last night, and that the Crown Jewel was in town the night of the murders (aha). Rutherford, at the bar, knows Hook is a pirate, and knows some interesting tidbits about the Crown Jewel. He also says the murders look like Hook's style (the plot thickens).

SIDE PLOT: You can also put Owen out of business by proving he builds unsafe ships (you get experience for this).

Now go to Paws (Elynor did say that was where they were headed).

Paws - Go and buy the hourglass from Beverlea and keep a hold of it. Now go to Jhelom. If you do not have money for a boat go and get the magic carpet at the entrance of Despise (9N, 30W). Hug the mountains and you will see the carpet on the ground. Take it and head for Jhelom. (Side note: Never fly over the Isle of the Avatar with the Magic Carpet.)

Jhelom - When you talk to Mayor Joseph, he says that Elizabeth and Abraham have set sail for Britain. Take the serpentine dagger to the Library of Scars (137S, 45W) and show it to De Snel. He will say that Serpentine weapons are from the Library of Scars, say it was stolen and attack you. Take him out (it is ok to attack folks if they jump you first).

SIDE PLOT: You can go to Sprellic's house (142S, 68W) and talk to him about the trouble he is in for taking the banner from the Library of Scars. You can have another made by talking to Klifton, the armorer, and have him sew another, or you can fight the duel for Sprellic by being his champion and beating up Vokes and Timmons. Either way, you win.

Dupre is at the Bunk and Stool (146S,, 64W). Go and get him and go to De Snel's house (133S, 45W), and get the key there. Use the key to open the locked room in the Library of Scars.

Britain second time - Go and talk to Batlin, and he will say that Elizabeth and Abraham have gone to Vesper. Batlin will send you to the dungeon Destard to reclaim some Fellowship money that were stored there. He tells you that you need to bring back the chest and the money. On to Destard.

Destard - As you enter, the first chest you see should be the Fellowship chest. When you open it, it will be empty. You will leave with nothing and like it.

SIDE PLOT: At the northern entrance, you might see Cosmo, whom Ophelia sent to Destard to get rid of.

At the southern entrance of Destard, if you are lucky, you will find Lasher, a unicorn. This is the only unicorn you will find to complete the Ophelia/Cosmo quest. It will not matter though because Ophelia doesn't love Cosmo, and just sent him for the unicorn to ditch him. Sad, sad story.

Go back to Batlin in Britain.

Britain third time - Batlin will ask what happened to the funds. Tell him your story, and that Destard has a bunch of monsters in it. He will let you join if you come back at 9 at night for the next meeting. Your friends will try to get you to not join, but don't listen. Go to the meeting, answer the copy protection questions, and get your complementary Fellowship medallion. You are in the club!

Go to Vesper.

Vesper - When you arrive, talk to Mayor Auston, and learn that Elizabeth and Abraham tried to set up a Fellowship branch, and have set sail for Moonglow. He will also say that they were at the Britannian Mining Company for awhile. Don't worry about it right now, the plot will thicken.

SIDE PLOT: If you go into the Gilded Lizard and talk to Yongi, he will tell you how Blorn hates gargoyles. Blorn will ask you to go on a mission for him (it is pretty un-avatar like, but say you will do it. You are supposed to go and rough up a gargoyle, named Lap-Lem, for this bigot.) Lap-Lem will tell you that Blorn attacked him and stole his amulet. Go get the amulet from that schlep Blorn and take it to Lap-Lem.

NOTE: Be careful who you tell that you are the Avatar, some will try to beat you up for it.

Moonglow - This is a big town with lots of stuff to do that will encompass many trips. Here are the essentials of the first trip.

When you talk to Rankin at the Fellowship hall, he will say that Elizabeth and Abraham have left for Terfin.

While you are here, go ahead and deal with Penumbra. Go to her house (25S, 179E), and get in. To do this, you will have to read the plaque and put an item next to the plaque. Here are the clues, the items, and where you can find them:

1. Hammer here to enter: put a hammer down : Morz's house (53S, 177E)
2. Pick item carefully to keep going: put down a lockpick : Balayna's house (37S, 189E)
3. A glowing ring of truth lies before thee: put down a gold ring : The Lycaeum (42S, 180E)
4. Grasp not at threads: put down a spool of thread : Carlyn's store (37S, 175E)
5. The royal mint shall not hold thee back: put down a gold coin or nugget : Fellowship Hall (37S, 184E)

Now the door is open, and you may enter. Cast awaken on Penumbra, or use a potion, and wake her up. She will say she cannot help you until you shield her room with blackrock. Guess what? You should have 4 pieces of blackrock from Cove, and you may now place them on the pedastals in her room. She will now tell you that you need to get the Ethereal Ring. Cast the Mark spell here (you will have to come back when you get the ring later).

Go to Terfin.

Terfin - Go to the Fellowship Hall and talk to Quan. He says that Elizabath and Abraham have left for the Fellowship Meditation Retreat (its right by Serpent's Hold).

Talk to Draxinusom at his house (167S, 114E) or at the Tavern (179S, 120E). He is usually at his house. He says that Teregus raised Inamo (remember the dead Gargoyle?), and will say you should tell Teregus. Do so at the Hall of Knowledge (165S, 118E). He is bummed but asks to hear if you find any more out.

SIDE PLOT: Teregus will also tell you that someone is trying to destroy the altars of Control, Passion, and Diligence. He wants you to solve a mystery. Talk to Betra (181S, 117E) and learn that he and Sarpling have access to the kinds of stuff needed to do this deed. In Sarpling's shop (174S, 125E) you will find a powder keg and a scroll. Read the scroll and ask Sarpling about it. Sarpling will spill his guts to you. Now take the scroll to Teregus and he will tell you to go to Runeb. Do it, but get ready because Runeb will attack you. Take him out. Task done.

Go to Serpent's Hold.

Serpent's Hold - Serpent's Hold is a lot of fluff, but here is the scoop:

SIDE PLOT: Go to the kitchen and double-click on the fish until you find the one with a key in it, and take the key to the cave at 176S, 35E. Use the key to open that chest and get the key to Richter's weapons closet.

SIDE PLOT: Save Lady Tory's kid by going to the Shrine of Honor, killing the harpies (no problem at this stage of the game) and get the kid. If you return him, Lady Tory will be happy.

Go to Fellowship Island.

Fellowship Meditation Retreat - Ian will tell you that Elizabeth and Abraham have gone to Buccaneer's Den, and he will give you the key to the gate (this will only happen if you joined the Fellowship. If you didn't, you are in trouble). Do not worry about the off-limit caves right now, you must find the Time Lord (almost the rest of the game leads to this moment, so hang in there). Take yourself to Empath Abbey in Yew.

Yew: Go directly to Empath Abbbey (78N, 59W) and talk to Taylor. He will tell you about the Emps and how they can talk to the Wisps. But you are going to need a pot of honey, which you can get from the Bee Caves (57N, 54W), or from the Pirate Camp that is by Despise (20N, 6E). I think the pirates are easier, and you get to kill them if they are there. Taylor will give you a smoke bomb to deal with the bees if you decide to take that path to get the honey.

Now go to the forest and talk to the Emps (55N, 9E). Offer the honey and they will think you are swell. Tell Trellek you want to talk to Wisps, and tell him to join you and find one. He says he needs permission from Saralek, his wife. When you talk to Saralek, she will say you need to talk to Salamon. Salamon says it is OK if you get a contract signed by the logger, Ben, to stop cutting down Silverleaf trees.

SIDE PLOT: If you talked to Nastassia in Cove, Trellek will tell you about her dad, and you can return to Cove later and win her heart.

If you want, go to the High Court (82N, 51W) and read the Book of Records. It will tell you how Hook, Forskis, Sullivan, and Kreg are wanted felons. Now go and talk to Kreg in Empath Abbey and he will attack you. Take him out.

NOTE: If you get tossed in jail, get 40 gold off the dead body, and bribe Goth with 20 gold. Goth will give you the key to the cell.

Yew again - Go back to Yew and talk to Ben the Logger (43N, 47W), and he will happily sign the contract for you.

Take the contract back to Salamon and she will grant her permission. When you talk to Saralek, she will say she lied, and want to know what you want with Trellek. After a lot of jawing, she will tell you that Trellek might be able to make a whistle to call the Wisps. Trellek does it.

Now take the whistle to the abandoned house (46N, 12W) and blow the whistle. The Wisp will show up and tell you the Time Lord wants to talk to you. If you want more info, he says you will have to get Alagner's notebook in New Magincia.

Go to New Magincia.

New Magincia - Go to Alagner (78S, 129E), and he will say he will give you the notebook, but you must give him the answers to the question of life and death.

Katrina is here and will join you (up to you).

Go to Skara Brae and the Tortured One.

Skara Brae - when you get to the docks, cast Seance to talk to the ferryman. If you pay him 2 gold he will take you across the Misty Channel.

Once you are there, talk to Caine, the Alchemist and the Tortured One. He will tell you about Mordra and her plan to kill the Liche, Horace. Mordra devised a potion, and gave it to Mayor Forsythe who gave it to Caine. Caine's shop blew up. Caine also tells you about Trent and the cage he is building to hold the Liche while the potion is dumped on it.

Now go to Mordra's shop (48S, 62W) and talk to her and pay attention to her. Get a potion of curing, a potion of invisibility, Mandrake Essence (the glowing potion), and an empty vial.

Now go and talk to Trent the Blacksmith (45S, 67W). Listen to his tale of woe, and get the music box and take it to the Dark Tower(27S, 76W). Use the music box near Rowena (Trent's wife), talk to her and get the ring from her. Return the ring to Trent and he will agree to build the cage, but will need an iron rod.

Go to the Cemetery (50S, 60W) and grab an iron rod and take it to Trent. He will build the cage. Take the cage to the Alchemist Shop (37S, 63W) and put the 3 potions in the machine, and put the empty vial on the other side and light the burner. If all went well, you will have a new potion (sparkling blue) in the vial. Gather up the blue potion you made and the cage and head for the Dark Tower.

When you get to the Dark Tower (27S, 76W), go to the back of the tower by going through the fake wall by the stairs, and use the cage on the Well of Souls. Now go to the Throne Room and hang out until midnight and Horace the Liche lays down. When Horace lies down, put the cage over him and use the potion on him. The liche is dead, and you must return Rowena to Trent. Horace will tell you that you need a sacrifice to destroy the well of souls.

Now you must talk to Mayor Forsythe and he will say if no one else will sacrifice themselves, he will do it. Now you have to talk to EVERY person in town, including ones you have already talked to (Caine will give the answer you are seeking now. Caine says there are no answers, only questions), and go back to Forsythe. He will now sacrifice himself. Take him to the Well of Souls and make him do the deed.


Go back to New Magincia.

New Magincia again - Go back to Alagner (78S, 129E), and tell him that there are no answers, only questions and he will give you the key to his storeroom. Go to the storeroom (85S, 126E).

Open the storeroom's doors and go to the one on the left. It will teleport you near the right door. Now unlock the door in front of you and enter the room. Flip the switch on the upper left and pick the lock to the door in the hallway. Now go inside and flip the southern switch and get the magic bow (if you want), and flip the northern switch. Step on the teleporter in the newly opened room, and you will be teleported to the Left side of the storeroom. Walk near the door, and you will be teleported to the right side of the storeroom. Walk around the wall and step on the right teleporter, and you will be teleported to the left side. Flip the switch on the wall and step on the teleporter to the left. Get back to the center teleporter, walk around it, and walk north through the illusionary wall. Now, take the chairs off the table, put a crate down to climb on the table, and get up on the table. Once you are on the table, create a staircase of crates that is 3 steps high. Climb the steps and unlock the door. Get Alagner's notebook and read it. It tells you the Fellowship is a bad thing (surprise, surprise!).

Back to the Wisp: Go to the forest and give the notebook to a wisp (46N, 12W). The wisp will tell you to use the moonstone NW of yourself to find the Time Lord. This means placing the Orb of the Moons to the NW of you (diagonally) and using it. Go through the gate that appears and see the Time Lord. He says you will need the Ethereal Ring to accomplish some generator destruction. Lets get it at Spektran.

Spektran - Go to the Sultan Martingo's palace and kill his stone harpy to get the key to his vault. The harpy is easily killed by using a glass sword (the guardian's X in the desert (48N, 137E) has 2), or the Blackrock Sword (if you did the Forge of Virtue first), or use some invisibility rings (Selwyn's Tower). Kill the harpy, take the ring from it, and open the sultan's vault and get the Ethereal Ring.

Go to Moonglow.

Moonglow Again: Take the Ethereal ring to Penumbra and she will enchant it. Go to Dungeon Deceit.

Deceit - (3N, 177E) To get to the Tetrahedron Generator, try to walk into the dark areas of the walls and you will get there. When you get to the generator, leave all your party members behind, put the Ethereal ring ON YOUR FINGER, and arm yourself with a glass sword or magic weapon, and save your game. Fight the Ethereal monster (this guy is tough, so get ready), and then click on the box in the middle of the room and the generator will go down. If all went well, there will be a miniature Tetrahedron on the ground. GET IT, DO NOT FORGET TO PICK THIS UP.

Go to Yew.

Yew Again: Take the hourglass you bought from Beverlea in Paws (63S, 3E) to Nicodemus (67N, 54W), his house has the big chessboard by it, and get him to enchant the hourglass. Life is good, off to the Lake entrance of Despise.

Despise - Go to the entrance by the lake (9N, 30W), by the magic carpet, and cast a recall by the magic carpet. Now enter the dungeon and wander toward the Southwest until you are confronted with the Spherical Generator. There will be a moongate puzzle, and the answer is: RED, BLUE, BLUE, RED. Shatter the prism inside, and pick up the little sphere and get out of here. Recall is a good way to leave, walking is ok, but not fun.

Got to the Fellowship Meditation Retreat (by Serpent's Hold) for the last generator.

Fellowship Meditation Retreat - Go to the cave that is off limits, and enter it. The cube generator is here, but when you approach it, you will not be able to get in. Cast a Mark spell so you can get back here the easy way. Use the hourglass to contact the Time Lord. He says you need Caddellite to get in to the Cube Generator. Lets go get it at Ambrosia.

Ambrosia - Go to the Island of Ambrosia. It is located in the NE sea of Britannia (if you have the map that came with the game, it is under the compass on the map). Once you find the island, go to the cave (94N, 187E), and go through the tunnels until you reach the Hydra's cage. Open the secret door on the North side of the cage and enter. Kill the Hydra (it's a wimp). Now grab one chunk of Caddellite for each party member. You are done.

There is a house on Ambrosia, and YOU WILL NOT GET INTO IT, EVER!!! You can wait around for the magic fields to subside (they will, but it takes a long time) and then you will be able to cast some spells to get rid of some of the magic fields blocking your way to the other cave. It is not worth it, but just in case.... You know.

Go to Minoc.

Minoc again: Get Zorn the blacksmith to make the Caddellite helmets for you. Now put them on.

Go to the Fellowship Meditation Retreat.

Fellowship Meditation Retreat - When you get here, use the Recall spell and head for the Cube generator. If you have your Caddellite helmet on, you will be able to get in there. When you get to the center of the puzzle, shatter the prism, and pick up the little cube (you will need it to make people tell you the truth). The Time Lord will tell you that things are afoot and head to Buccaneer's Den.

Go to Buccaneer's Den.

Buccaneer's Den - Talk to Danag at the Fellowship Hall (81S, 53E) with the cube in your hand. Danag says all sorts of interesting info, but the important part is that Elizabeth and Abraham are on Avatar Isle, and Hook has a key for a special barrier on the Isle, and the key is hidden in his house. You can get to the catacombs one of two ways:

1. Go to the hidden door in the Fellowship Hall and flip the lever there using Telekinesis, or
2. You can ask Sintag, at the House of Games (84S, 64E), for the key to the catacombs, and he will give it to you. Use this key on the door in the House of Games and go forth to get stuff.

Once you are in the catacombs, go to Hook's room (it's obvious), and take the LARGE key and read the 2 scrolls. One talks of the Crown Jewel and its trek to the Isle of the Avatar, and the other is an assassination list that you are on.

Go to the Isle of the Avatar.

Isle of the Avatar - Once you get here, go to the entrance (165S, 170E). Use Hook's key on the double doors. Now that you are in the Throne Room, go to the upper left corner and walk through the illusionary wall there. Now flip the switch and the doors of the Throne Room will open.

Now head through the opened doorway, and you will come to a jail. Enter and kill the opponents there, and go to the room with the levers. The left and right levers select a cell door to open, and the center on open the selected door. Open the door to the far left cell (the one with the dead body in it and a barrel). Enter the cell and get the key from the woman's body, get the food out of the barrel and move the barrel and flip the switch there to open a secret pathway back to the main hall. If you cannot get the door to the lever room to open, and you are locked in the jail room, it is possible that you flew over the Isle of the Avatar on the magic carpet. If you did, and the guardian laughed, then you will have to go to a previous savegame BEFORE the guardian laughed. If you do not have one, then you will need to contact Origin Tech Support.

Use the key from the dead body to open the door in the main hallway. You will come to a lever puzzle. This is weird and hard to explain, but here is the sequence: 5,4,6,7,8. This should get you through the puzzle. Once out, go into the Northern room with all the fellowship members, flip the switch, and head East.

On the way around the river, flip the switch near the fire trap. Go into the teleporter room, flip the switch, and go into the Fellowship Hall. Kill everyone, and move the Fellowship medallion to open the doors. Now you will come upon a room with a knight statue in it. Follow the invisible pathway to the North until you come into another room. Go to the Eastern wall and enter the Illusionary wall. Enter the invisible pathway you find, go in it. Follow this path, and you will know you are on the right path if you can pick up a candle. When you come into a new room, step on the right teleporter. Go through the hallway, and the illusionary wall, and you will see the Throne of Changes.

Now, set down an item by the throne (something you will not need because you will not get it back. Remember what you put here, so you can tell the difference between all the Thrones you are about to sit on. Everytime you sit on a throne, it teleports you to an identical but different throne). Sit on The Throne of Changes. Now get up and go through the illusionary wall to the South, and get the key out of the backpack. Go back to the Throne of Many Changes and sit on it. Now go through the illusionary wall to the NE, and sit on the throne you find there. This is the Throne of Virtue (it does not teleport you). Now get up and go back to the Throne of Many Changes again (you are now being teleported). Now go through the illusionary wall to the NW, save your game and step on the teleporter.

Now you are in the Black Gate room with Hook, Batlin, Forskis, Elizabeth, and Abraham. Attack them and kill who you can. Batlin will bail out after you kill Hook. Once death has been dealt, put the Tetrahedron, the Sphere, and the Cube on the pedestals. The light beams will be disrupted. Now use Rudyom's Wand to destroy the Black Gate. YOU WIN. TASK DONE.

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