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Ultima VII: The Black Gate Walkthrough by Lord DCD - Formatted by Ganesh (Bootstrike.Com)

Ultima 7 Solve by Lord DCD

I finished the game on April 22 at 1 pm. Actually, this game was not very long but some of the dungeon parts were tough (especially the last dungeon). There are many small quests in the game that were not necessary to complete the game. I finished them all except for two that I know of. My notes were not all that great and I hope I didn't leave anything out.


After talking to Iolo and the mayor, enter the barn and look at everything. Pick up the key and look in the bag. Go around the town and talk to everyone, especially Gargan (the old ship builder) to the NW of the barn. Go to the two story house where Christopher's son is. Use the key on the chest and read the scroll.

You can have Spark join you. After talking to the people in the town go to the mayor and tell him you are ready to report. Tell him about the suspects (hook & gargoyle), then you will have to go through a doc check, be sure and have it ready when you get to this point. Tell the guard the password (blackbird) and you can leave. Exit the north gate and head for Britain.


Talk to Lord British about the Fellowship. Get the key in the study room and equip yourself with some weapons from the storage room on the top level in the NW corner (don't forget the spellbook). Go to the Fellowship headquarters (south of the theater room) and talk to Batlin. Tell him you want to join and he will send you on a quest to deliver a sealed letter to Elynor in Minoc.


When you spoke to Lord British he mentions talking to Rudyom in Cove. Go to his place and talk to him. Get the magic wand and four black stones (you will need them later).


Give the sealed letter to Elynor. Talk to everyone and investigate the murder. Be sure a!nd pay the gypsy lady to tell you your fortune. Go back to Britain and talk to Batlin once again. Batlin will tell you to go to a cave west of Paws and Trinsic. The cave is close to the shore and west of Paws. You will know when you enter it because the Guardian will talk to you and tell you not to enter because it's a trap (which it is). Get the chest and the staff. I couldn't find the fellowship gold.


Go back to Batlin and tell him about the monsters in the cave. Ask again to join and this time he will let you. Wait till the nightly meeting and sit down. When everyone has appeared and Batlin starts shaking hands talk to him and he will go through this long speech. (Don't let anyone in your party talk you out of this, I'm almost positive you have to become a fellowship member to finish the game).

He will go through a second doc check. (I think the answers are 40 for the ginseng or whatever and 6 for the people surrounding the man). You will now be a full fledged Fellowship member (whoopee). Now you need to go to the yew area. You need to find the bee cave (I don't remember exactly where it was at, but I think it's on the west side of yew in the mountains). Get some honey. Go to the Empath Abbey and talk to the monks about the wisps. Go to the east side where the Silverleaf trees are (blue trees) and talk to Trellick.

Ask him about the wisps. You will then have to talk to his wife and then the leader. The leader will make you take a contract to the tree cutter on the far west end of yew. After he signs it, take it back to the leader and then talk to Trellick's wife and then Trellick. He will give you his whistle. Go to the large castle built into a mountain in south-central Yew (you can see it on your map). Use the whistle and a wisp will appear. After talking to the wisp you will have to go to Moonglow and get the notebook from Alagner.


Talk to Alagner (his house is on the north end) about his notebook. He will send you on a quest to Skara Brae to get the answer to life and death.

Skara Brae

Cast a seance spell to talk to the ferryman. Give him 2 coins and he will take you accross. Talk to everyone in Skara Brae, especially Caine (The Tortured One). Talk to Mordra about the formula for the potion. Get the three potions from her building and take them to Caine's building. Put an empty vile on the end and the three potions under each tube. Use the burner and you will get the potion. Talk to the weapons maker (forgot the name) take his music box. Go to the lich's castle (NW area) and use the music box when the weapon's maker wife is around.

She will then give you a ring. Take it back to the weapon maker and he will tell you to get an iron bar from the cemetary (do this). Talk to him again and he will finish the cage. Take the cage to the Well of Souls (in the lich's castle) and use it on the Well of Souls. It should now be glowing blue. Wait till midnight when the lich is lying in the center bed with the others lying around him. Use the cage and then use the potion on him. Horance will now be normal again.

Talk to the mayor about a sacrifice, then you will need to talk to everyone in the town asking them to sacrifice themselves. After everyone turns you down, go back to the mayor and lead him to the Well of Souls. After he jumps in, go back to Caine and ask him for the answer. After he tells you there are no answers, go back to Moonglow and tell this to Alagner. He will give you a key and you will have to use it to enter the building just south of his. It's pretty simple to get the notebook from here, but if you are having trouble, just look for a secret door in the center of the building instead of taking the teleporter. Then use the crates to make stairs up to! the room.


Go back to the wisps in the Castle and give them the notebook. They will tell you about the "Guardian". Ask about the Time Lord and then ask about the message. Talk to the Time Lord and he will tell you about a generator. Go to the dungeon Despise (along the river SW of Yew).


You will find the flying carpet out front which is extremely helpful in the game. I really can't help you find the sphere in the dungeon since I didn't map it. It's not too hard, I can give you one tip and that is when you get to the part that teleports you "Round and Round" take the east road that curves south, it will then teleport you north. Go south and take the southwest branch. Keep heading south until you get to a magically locked door.

The sphere is to the south and west of the magically locked door. After you reach the sphere you will have to use the orb of the moons to go back to the Time Lord. He will tell you to go to Nicodemus. I think you may be able to go to Paws first and buy the hourglass from the antique saleswoman. If not go to Nicodemus first... Take the hourglass back to Nicodemus and let him enchant it for you. Go back to Despise and the sphere and you will be able to walk through the red gate. The puzzle inside is pretty easy to solve. Once you get to the box use it and the building will collapse.

Talk to the Time Lord and he will tell you about a Tetrahydron (sp?). Enter the Dungeon to the north of Moonglow on the island. It's quicker to fly over the mountains with the carpet and land in the center where the cyclops is. Enter the dungeon and it's pretty simple to find the Tetrahydron. Talk to the Time Lord again and he will tell you to go to Moonglow and talk to Penumbra. Go to Penumbra's house and drop a hammer on the ground next to the golden sign. Then drops some lockpicks. Go to the cloth makers house and use! the wool on the spindle to make some thread.

Take the thread back and drop it. Then drop some gold on the ground. I think that should do it, if not read the sign and it's real easy to figure out. Enter inside and cast "Awaken" on Penumbra talk to her about everything you can then take the four black rocks I told you to get and place them on the pedestals around her bed. She will tell you to get the Ethereal ring. Go to an island north (and west?) of Terfin (gargoyle island). You will find a small castle with a crazy arab in it. Go to the back and enter the door (secret door?) to the north.

The Guardian will laugh and you will have to fight a stone harpie. Get the ethereal ring in this room. Go back to Penumbra and she will enchant the ring. Take the ring back to the Tetrahydron and enter it. You will have to fight one big monster. Use the box after the battle is done and the building will crumble.

Fellowship Retreat

Enter the fellowship retreat and go to the cave to the north. When you get to the box, have EVERYONE wait outside while you go in. This puzzle is pretty tough (I actually did this one first but wasn't supposed to). When you get to the center, use the box and the building will crumble again.

Buccaneer's Den

You can win a fortune of gold in the gambling casino on the rat races. Put about 300 down on the third or second one and keep hitting the mouse button to restart the race until you are sure your rat will win. I win about 4000 each time I came here. Talk to Sintag and he will give you the key to enter the back door. Search all the drawers and chests in the rooms. Be sure and get all of the keys because one of them will open the door to the codex. It's the largest key you will find.

Avatar Isle

Avatar Isle is the area where the codex is. Go to the southern part of the!line isle and enter the Codex area. Go to the cave to the west. Here you will find the "Throne of the Guardian". Enter the curtain in the nortwest corner and use the lever. Enter the large doors now. It is extremely complicated to tell exactly how to do this part, but when you get to the meeting room (there will be about 6 fellowship members) take the medallion off of the stand and the doors to the north will open. When you get to the Room of Changes you will need to sit on the throne three times.

Enter the secret passage to the northwest and go north. Take the teleporter and you will enter the main room. After killing all the people put the three prisms on the proper pedestals and then use the wand (that Rudyom gave you) on the black gate.


You might want to complete the little tasks that are in each town to make the game more enjoyable. The ending has great graphics too! I guess they made this one a little shorter since Ultima 8 is supposed to be out next year. I'm sure I left something out since I got lazy after a while and didn't write everything down. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on my BBS at:

4 A.D. 805-665-1623 Running Celerity 1.39 Supporting 14.4K v.32bis

Thanks to THG for getting the game out first!

P.S. - Looks like I screwed up on my last solve and said Garamon's Grave was on the third level instead of the fifth!

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