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Ultima VII: The Black Gate Walkthrough by Andrew Simpkins

Ulitma VII - The Black Gate
Walkthrough by asimpkins00@hotmail.com
May 11th, 2002
Version - 1.1

There is already a great deal of information and a few FAQs already available 
for Ultima VII - The Black Gate.  So what is the purpose of this FAQ?  While 
playing through this game recently I noticed just how many side quests, caves, 
and wilderness treasure locations were still undocumented.  Of course, many 
FAQs mentioned many of these items, but none came close enough to being 
complete on its own.  That is what I hope this FAQ to be, a thorough 
documentation of all the little hidden details that are scattered through this 
game.  If you come across any errors or oversights, please contact me at 

What I haven't included in this FAQ: complete weapon & spell lists, detailed 
puzzle solutions, information on the cheat mode, copy protection answers, 
etc... I have left out because I felt they have been adequately covered in 
other FAQs.  In particular, I'd direct you towards the FAQ by DSimpson at 


Oh, and if you are having trouble running Ultima VII on your modern PC, I'd
highly recommend visiting the follow site:


|General Tips|
Be sure to have the Avatar carry all plot essential items.  There's a good 
reason for this.  If NPCs become wounded in battle they will take off running.  
Whenthey do this, it is not uncommon for them to drop some of their stuff.  
Believe me, you don't want to be systematically searching the forests for a 
crucial item that you need to advance in the game.  Don't give the NPC's 
anything that you cannot afford to lose.

For the most part, thievery in this game is rather easy.  If you decide to steal
from people, just make sure you have opened your inventory screen.  You can then
drag and drop items on to that without consequence.  Do not move items around in 
the outside world, or drag and drop onto the characters themselves.  This will 
be noticed, and you'll have the guards upon you quite quickly.  You can always 
optto come at nightime when no one is around, or use a sleeping potion/spell on 
any pesky shopkeepers before you rip them off.

You'll probably eventually end up with more stuff than you can carry.  If you 
don't really feel like taking on more NPCs, try storing stuff on your vehicle
of choice.  Ships have holds, and you can place crates on your Flying Carpet.  
Stockpile up any items that you won't be needing immediately.  Extra weapons,
excess food and gold, or plot related items that you won't need for a while.  
(You could also designate a certain island or house as a storage location and
use the Mark/Recall spell to easily return their later.)

Organize your stuff.  Use bags for keys and regeants.  Have different party 
members carry different things.  One characters can carry gold, one character 
can carry food, one character can carry extra weapons, etc.

There are two types of locks in the game.  Those that open with a particular
key and those that must be picked open.  Lock picks will never work on locks
that have specific keys for them.

Remember that many chests and doors can be smashed open.  Switch to combat mode 
and try to attack them.  You can also try to blow some doors open (particularly 
the wooden variety) with a powder keg, or use Ryduom's Wand on a strategically 
placed piece of blackrock.

Get the Skeleton Key as soon as possible.  This will allow you to quickly and 
easily open many of the chests and doors in Britannia.  You can throw those 
pesky lock picks away.  Check out the 'Various Islands' section for more 

There are four main types of transportation besides walking.  The carriage is a 
cheap option, but doesn't solve the vital sea travel issue.  It's probably best
to just pass over that option.  The boat is the next option, but they can be 
rather expensive and don't provide transportation over land and mountain ranges.  
The best solution is to avoid buying anything and find the Flying Carpet as soon 
as possible.  It can travel quickly over land, sea, and mountains.  The fourth 
alternative is through some form of teleportations, either through the moongates 
or the Mark/Recall spells.

Before you head off into any dungeons, take some time to explore some of the 
wilderness areas I have listed throughout this walkthrough in order to stock up
on valuable magic equipment.  Stop by Serpent's Hold and raid their armory.  
And make sure you have actually used up all of your training points.

Always be on the lookout for hidden teleporters, walls that are actually doors,
walkthrough walls, invisible caltrops, unreachable levers (use Telekinesis), 
levers partially hidden underneath things, and keys.  Most keys will only open 
one chest or door, but that is not always the case.  (And sometimes there is 
more than one key for a particular lock.)  It'll probably be a good idea to 
save all your used keys in one bag, and set aside keys that you haven't found a
use for yet.

It's up to the players preference how many characters they want in their party, 
but I'd put the highest priority on taking Iolo, Shamino, Dupre, and Spark.  If
you want more after that then take recruit Sentri, Tseramed, or Jaana.  Julia
and Katrina are the worst choices.  (Sentri provides free training in Dexterity 
and Jaana will occasionally provide free healing and resurrection.)

While the maximum party size is eight people, some NPCs will not join if you 
already have five members.  These NPCs include Sentri, Julia, and Katrina.  To 
get around this, temporarily disband other NPCs and ask these picky characters
to join first.  Then re-recruit your other members.

The best way to get experience in this game is not by fighting, but by 
completing side quests.  Fighting certainly does provide experience, but you'll 
be surprised how far you can get in this game without it.

Britain is a good place to place a Mark spell.  You'll need to return here 
often, especially to exchange your gold bars, gold nuggets, and Silver Serpent
Venom for gold.  The Mark spell is also handy when you reach a generator deep 
within a dungeon, but need to fetch another item in order to enter.  No sense 
in trying to walk all the way back.  Also consider Marking the following towns 
as you'll most likely need to go there more than once: Minoc, Yew, Moonglow,
and New Magnicia.

Like almost every game:  Save often.

There are many more weapons in the game than are listed here.  However, these 
are the weapons that I feel standout for one reason or another or that warrant 
some type of comment.

Two Handed Sword - This non-magical weapon does lots of damage.  It's heavy and 
requires two hands, but you'll want to give these to your main fighters as 
quickly as you can find them.  Later on they'll most likely be replaced with 
high powered magic weapons, but they'll always be good weapons to use.

Great Dagger - This will be a good weapon to use early on.  It's light and only 
requires one hand, but it does lots of damage.  You'll get better equipment 
later on, but during the beginning of the game be on the lookout for these.

Sword of Defense - This weapon is great for weaker characters.  It does the 
damage of a sword but adds a +3 defensive bonus.  It's like having a second 

Magebane - This weapon does a decent amount of damage, but it's special ability 
makes it a must-have.  If you hit a magic using character with the Magebane he 
will lose his mana.  This game is full of enemy magic users, and they are 
usually the toughest opponents.  Even if more damaging weapons are available, 
you should probably have at least one character equipped with a Magebane just 
to deal with magic users.

Firesword - A mildly strong weapon, but again it's the special ability that 
makes it stand out.  When held in a character's hand, this weapon will act as a 
full time light source.  For convenience, you'll probably want to permanently 
equip a character with this weapon.  If you have better weapons though, you can 
always put it in a character's secondary hand.  It'll still act as an infinite
light source.

Hoe of Destruction - One of the best melee weapons in the game.  To make matters 
even better, you can get it fairly early in the game and without much danger.  
You just have to find the key to the shed.  If you have this weapon you should 
probably always have someone equipped with it.

Lightning Whip - This is an average magic weapon.  But it has a really long 
range, which is a big plus.  You'll be able to find lots of these if you take 
the time to explore caves here and there.

Death Scythe -  Besides the Blackrock Sword and Glass Swords, this is the best 
melee weapon in the game.  It's rather hard to find though without using 'cheat' 
rooms.  If you have the Forge of Virtue add-on, there's one available on the 
Isle of Fire.

Blackrock Sword - The best weapon in the game.  You'll have to keep this with 
the Avatar, but there's no reason you'd ever want to equip anything else.  It 
also comes with a few special abilities.  The demon inside the sword can 
replenish your mana, cast delayed blast at will, and instantly kill most 
characters in the game (including Lord British).

Firedoom Staff - This is a fairly powerful weapon, although you'll have to be 
careful.  The powerful explosions it sends out can easily hurt your own 
characters.  For this unfortunate reason it might be best to not use it at all.

Glass Sword - This weapon will kill almost any creature in the game in one hit, 
the exceptions being a handful of highly powerful characters like Lord British
or Batlin.  However, the sword will shatter on impact making this a one-time 
use weapon.  Save these for your toughest opponents and the occasional 

Juggernaut Hammer - Another one of the strongest weapons in the game.  And to 
make matters better, this one is a ranged weapon allowing for valuable 
defensive spacing.  You'll definitely want to use these when you find them.

Magic Axe - Not nearly as powerful at the Juggernaut Hammer, this is another
excellent ranged weapon with unlimited uses.  Unlike the Juggernaut Hammer, 
this weapon is one-handed and can thus be used with a shield or any other 
useful secondary item.  It is also a lot less rare.

Triple Crossbow - Another incredibly strong missile weapon, yet burdened by 
its need of bolt ammunition.  Be careful though - it's all too easy to shoot 
your own men in the back.

Magic Bow - Not as powerful as the Triple Crossbow, yet formidable in its own
regard, the Magic Bow also requires ammunition in the form of arrows.  However,
unlike the Triple Crossbow there is a large variety of a magical arrows in the 
game including: Magic Arrows, Burst Arrows, Tseramed Arrows, and the extremely
rare Love Arrows.

Most spells are not required to finish the game.  In fact, most spells aren't 
even all that useful.  The following spells will be either absolutely necessary 
or very helpful in your quest:

Telekinesis - There will be many times you'll have to pull a switch or lever 
that you can't physically reach.  Get this spell as soon as possible.  It is
absolutely essential.

Mark, Recall - These two spells are highly convenient.  Britannia is quite 
large, and it'll be very helpful to teleport around as much as possible.  You'll 
need to get the eight Virtue Stones from the Museum to use with these spells.  

Seance - You will need this spell to talk to anybody in Skara Brae, and thus you 
will need this spell to finish the game.

Unlock Magic - You will end up using this spell a lot.  You will also need it to 
get inside Nicodemus' house, and thus it is another spell necessary to finish 
the game.  Get this one as soon as possible.

Dispel Field - You will need this one a few times in order to access certain 
areas.  Another must-have.

Great Heal, Restoration, Resurrect - These spells will come in handy very often.  
Make sure to pick them up.

Enchant - Not necessary, but if you are into ranged weapons it will be very 
helpful to make your own magic bolts/arrows.

Protect All, Mass Might, Invisible All - These spells can really buff up your 
party before a touch combat.

Sleep, Paralyze, Charm, Charm All, Timestop - These spells can also help in 
battle, especially if you are caught in over your head.

Death Bolt, Death Vortex, Mass Death, Swordstrike - These are the big offensive 
spells.  If the idea of powerful magic combat appeals to you, get a hold of 
these spells.  Of course, you can just as easily get through the game with 
normal melee combat.

The following items can help out in some way or another:

Pocket Watch - Tells time.

Map - Allows you to view a nice map of Britannia.

Sextant - If you are outside, this will give you your current coordinates.  I 
provide lots of coordinates in this FAQ, so this item should be very useful to 
you.  The Locate spell can serve as a valuable substitute (especially 

Abacus - Quickly adds up how many gold coins you have in the party.

Gold Bars, Gold Nuggets, Gems, and Silver Serpent Venom - All of these items
can be exchanged in Britain for gold coins.  Be sure to always pick these up.

Food - You'll have to periodically feed your men.  While it's best to not load
yourself down with too much food, a nice chunk of meat for every party member
will come in handy.  Stay away from carrying fruits and vegetables, as they 
don't provide very many food points.  When you need more food, the best
solution is to go hunting for deer or other large animals.  You can also kill
cows and sheep, or steal food from the local tavern's back room.

Reagents - These will be required to cast your spells.  It can be annoying to 
have to purchase these, so pick up any that you come across.

Lock Picks - Many of the chests and doors in this game have no corresponding 
key.  In order to access them you'll have to use lock picks.  (Note: Chests and 
doors that do have specific keys for them are unable to be opened by lock 

Skeleton Key - This highly valuable item serves as a replacement for lock picks.  
It will open chests and doors that don't have a specific key for them, and 
unlike lock picks, it will never break.  It can be found on an island near 
Trinsic.  Look in the 'Various Islands' section for more information.

Virtue Stones - These eight colored stones can be found at the Museum in 
Britain.  They can be used in conjunction with the valuable Mark and Recall
spells.  It's not considered stealing, so be sure to pick them up.

Hammer, Ring, Thread - Be on the lookout for these items as you will need them 
to pass a puzzle to enter Penumbra's house.

Pieces of Blackrock - You'll need four of these in order to protect Penumbra 
from the disturbances in the ether.  If you find some, make sure to pick them
up.  If you use Ryduom's Wand on them they'll explode, which can work as 
rather effective weapon if the sitution requires it.

Honey - You'll need one or two of these in order to talk to the Emps.  They can 
be found in the bee cave and at various bandit camps in the forest surrounding 

Whistle - You'll get this from Trellek to help contact the Wisps.

Hourglass - You'll eventually need this to access the Sphere Generator.  Have
it enchanted by Nicodemus in Yew.

Ethereal Ring - You'll eventually need this to access the Tetrahedron Generator.
Have it enchanted by Penumbra in Moonglow.

Caddellite Chunks/Helm - You'll eventually need these to access the Cube 
Generator.  Take the chunks to Zorn in Minoc to have them turned into helms.

Ryduom's Wand - This wand will cause blackrock to explode.  It is required to 
destroy the Black Gate.

Mini-Generators - Make sure you pick up these mini-generator artifacts after 
destroying each generator.  You'll need them to destroy the Black Gate.  The 
Cube mini-generator will help you get information out of various Fellowship 

|Walkthrough Overview|
One of the things that makes Ultima VII such a great game is just how open it 
is.  There are really very few things that you MUST do to finish the game.  In 
fact, one of the two plot threads I'll mention below is completely optional.  
Most of the game is made up of exploration and doing non-essential side quests 
(which usually offer experience and/or treasure).  Bottom line: This walkthrough 
or any Ultima VII walkthrough is merely a suggestion.  You can at any point walk 
off the obvious path and go exploring in another town or dungeon.  I have 
ordered this walkthrough in the manner that I think makes the most sense.  I 
basically follow Plot Line 1 first, as it is relatively safe and allows 
opportunities to build up your characters, and then divert to Plot Line 2 to 
finish the game.  But you don't have to do it this way.  In fact, you can often 
work on both plot lines at the same time.

- Plot Line 1 - Track down Elizabeth and Abraham
While investigating the murder in Trinsic, you'll learn that Fellowship leaders 
Elizabeth and Abraham were recently in town.  Tracking them down for questioning 
will lead you all over Britannia and eventually to the end of the game.  In 
actuality though, this plot line is entirely optional.  You don't need to follow 
their trail to finish the game.  However, it provides a safe way to tour most of 
Britannia while building your characters up.  For this reason I suggest you 
tackle it first.

The path Elizabeth and Abraham take is as follows:  Trinsic, Britain, Minoc, 
Paws, Jhellom, Britain, Vesper, Moonglow, Terfin, Fellowship Meditation Retreat, 
Buccaneer's Den, and finally the Isle of the Avatar.

- Plot Line 2 - Destroy the three Generators
The Guardian is using three Generators hidden in Britannia to disrupt the ether, 
disrupt the moongates and imprison the Timelord, and to communicate directly 
with his followers.  This is really the heart of the game, as these steps need 
to be accomplished to finish the game.  Here's a quick outline.

1. A scroll from Chuckles in Britain will tell you to get your fortune told by a 
gypsy in Minoc.
2. The gypsy's fortune will tell you to contact the Timelord via the Wisps who 
live near Yew.
3. Complete a few quests to obtain a whistle from the Emps that will allow you 
to contact the Wisps.
4. The Wisps will send you to New Magnicia to get Alagner's Notebook.
5. Alagner will send you to Skara Brae to find the answers to life and death.  
Complete the Skara Brae quest and return to Alagner with the answers to life and 
death to get his notebook.  Return to the Wisps with the notebook to learn how 
to contact the Timelord.
6. The Timelord will send you to Dungeon Despise to destroy the Sphere Generator 
which is disrupting the moongates and imprisoning him.
7. At the Sphere Generator you will be unable to enter.  The Timelord will tell 
you that you need an Enchanted Hourglass, but to get that you will have to fix 
the ether.  He will send you to Penumbra in Moonglow to find a solution.
8. Penumbra will send you on a quest to get the Ethereal Ring.  Return with it, 
and she will enchant it and send you to Dungeon Deceit to destroy the 
Tetrahedron Generator which is disrupting the ether.
9. Get the hourglass from Paws and have Nicodemus of Yew enchant it.  Return to 
the Sphere Generator and destroy it.
10. The Timelord will send you to the Fellowship Meditation Retreat to destroy 
the Cube Generator.  To get in you'll either have to join the Fellowship or fly 
over the walls with the magic carpet.
11. After destroying the Cube Generator, go to Buccaneer's Den to get the Black 
Gate key.  The Timelord will also send you to Ryduom of Cove for a weapon to 
destroy the Black Gate.  Go pick up his wand.
12. Go to the Isle of Avatar and destroy the Black Gate

- Hidden Treasure -
Like I said before, Ultima VII is largely a game of side quests.  In much the 
same way, the land of Britannia is littered with caves, bandit camps, islands, 
and hidden treasure.  There are many areas on the map that you'll never need to 
visit in order to finish the game, although visiting these locations can be very 
helpful nonetheless.  The walkthrough is mainly organized around the different 
towns and cities of Britannia.  For convenience, I have included in most 
sections an 'In The Area' segment that details treasure locations that are near 
the particular town.  Of course, you can visit these areas whenever you like.  
Though usually it's most convenient to do so when you have stopped by the town on 
other business.  Near the end of this walkthrough I have added a few sections 
that are not plot related: Serpent's Hold, Various Islands, and sections on 
various dungeons.  Each of these location holds valuable treasure, and just 
because I have listed these location at the end of the walkthrough does not mean 
you should wait until then to collect what they have to offer.

You'll start the game in Trinsic.  Immediately you'll learn of a murder and be 
assigned the task of investigating it.  Get the key from the murder site and 
talk to everybody in the town.  (You'll need to get specific information from: 
Petre, Klog, Spark, Gilberto, Johnson, and Gargan.)  The key will open a chest 
in the victim's house.  Talking to Klog, the Fellowship branch leader, will 
reveal that Elizabeth and Abraham were just in town but have moved onto Britain.  
After your investigation is complete, talk to the mayor to go through copy 
protection and get the password out of town.

- NPCs -
Spark, the murder victim's son, can be found at his house or the burnt-out 
blacksmith shop that his father worked at.  He'll want to join you.  He starts 
at a low level, but he will build up to be a strong character.  I recommend 
taking him along.

- Side Quests -
Not much else to do in this town.  This town mainly serves as an introduction to 
the game with copy protection questions at the end.  You'll most likely have no 
reason to return to this town at a later time either.

- Shopping -
Sextant - 80g - from Gargan, the shipwright
Ship - 600g - from Gargan, the shipwright
Carriage - 60g - from Petre, the stables caretaker

- Thievery -
Since you're just starting out, there will be lots of stuff worth stealing in 
this town.  Load up on weapons and armor at the trainer's house and the weapon 
shops.  The healer has some potions.  Steal a sextant, gold, and a stash of lock 
picks from the shipwright's house.  There are two gems in a chest in the house 
west of the tavern (Finnegan's house).  The mayor's office has two hidden doors 
that lead to a chest with some gold.

Most towns in Britannia have a Fellowship hall.  Each of these Fellowship halls 
will most likely have some gold in them... particularly the sealed collection 
boxes up front.  If you're going to steal, you might as well steal from the 
Fellowship.  (Note: For the sake of economy, I won't mention the Fellowship 
collection boxes in every city.)

There's a partially hidden lever in the Weapon Store.  Pulling it will open a 
secret door to the back room with lots more goodies to steal.  Pay particular 
attention to the Great Dagger sitting on the table up front.

- Cheats -
There's a major cheat hidden at the haunted blacksmith's shop in the southwest 
corner of town.  Basically, you have to stack up crates outside the building to 
construct a stairway to the roof.  From there walk behind the chimney.  This 
will teleport you to a room full of excellent equipment and a few items you need 
to finish the game.  From there you can teleport to a room with teleporters 
that'll take you pretty much anywhere you'd like.  You could also use this to 
bypass the copy protection.

- In The Area -
(88 South, 8 East) Immediately north of the town will be a small building where 
three Fellowship members will perform a passion play for a small fee.  Not 
vitally important, but this will give you some more information on the 

(128 South, 3 West) There's a cleverly hidden chest southwest of the town.  It's 
almost completely obscured by the branches of a tree.  I've never found a key 
for it, but it can be easily smashed open with a weapon.  Make sure to move it 
to a more visible spot first.  Inside you'll find a full set of Magic Armor, 
Swamp Boots, 3 Magic Rings, a Sword of Defense, a Firesword, a Crossbow, 50 
Magic Bolts, and about 600 gold.

Posted by dkby:
I post here just to tell the key to unlock it is under a small rock at 129S 1W.

(138 South, 11 West) There's a small underground complex to the southwest as 
well.  There's minimal resistance, mainly rats, serpents, and a crocodile or 
two.  As for treasure, you'll find a Lightning Whip, a gem, and inside an 
invisible bag you'll find two cases of Invisibility Dust.

(112 South, 11 West) &  (71 South, 23 West) These are the two entrances to 
Dungeon Destard.  There is more information on this dungeon in the Dungeon 
Destard section later in the walkthrough.

You'll most likely first pass through this town on your way to Britain.  You 
don't need to stop and explore it now because you'll have a reason to come back 
here later.  But it doesn't hurt to stop here now and build up your characters 
a little more.  Later on you'll be sent here looking for Elizabeth and Abraham.  
Feridwyn at the Fellowship Shelter will tell you they moved on to Jhellom.  
(Note: if the Avatar is ever defeated in battle, you'll be revived at the 
Fellowship Shelter in Paws.)

You'll also be sent here later in the game to buy the hourglass from the antique 
dealer.  If you like, you can buy it ahead of time and save yourself a trip.

- Side Quests -
Thurston the miller and Polly the barmaid have a potential romance.  Carry 
messages back and forth to help it bloom.

Morphin the Butcher has a hidden ledger for his snake venom stashed in a back 
room.  To get to it you'll need a key from his house which is partially hidden 
under a plant and another key hidden under a bucket of blood in his workshop.  
You can then confront him about it afterwards, although not much will come of 

Alina at the Fellowship Shelter will tell a story about her husband Weston 
being imprisoned in Britain for stealing apples.  Tell her you will help her 
out.  (This side quest is concluded in Britain, although you can return and 
talk to her afterwards if you like.)

Many of the people in town will be talking about a recent theft of Silver 
Serpent Venom from Morphin the butcher.  Investigate around the town and 
eventually Tobias will be implicated.  But talk to the butcher about who has 
shown signs of Venom abuse and he will mention Garritt and give you a key that 
Garritt dropped near his shop.  Go to the Fellowship shelter and open his chest 
(the one with the pipes nearby) to find the missing venom.  Return the venom to 
Morphin and talk to the rest of the involved townsfolk about what you found.

- Shopping -
Sextant - 20g - Beverlea the antique dealer
Hourglass - 5g - Beverlea the antique dealer

- Thievery -
Paws is not a particularly wealthy town, so there's not much to steal.  Several 
vials of Silver Serpent Venom and a few gold bars can be found in the back room 
of the slaughterhouse.

- In The Area -
(74 South, 8 West) Walk along the back river and look for a pile of white 
pebble-like debris by the pond.  Underneath will be a set of Magical Gauntlets.

(56 South, 40 West) & (90 South, 38W West)  A small underground complex with 
moderate resistance.  There's a teleporter near the southern entrance that will 
teleport you back outside.  For that reason you should probably approach this 
from northern entrance.  Inside you'll fine a Great Dagger, Two Handed Sword, 
and Regeneration Ring.

(29 South, 27 West) & (50 South, 31 West)  Another cave with moderate 
resistance.  This one's pretty empty though except for a few potions.

This is the capitol of Britannia, and as you'd expect there's a lot to do here.  
You'll be coming back to this town multiple times.  Talk to Lord British in the 
castle.  He'll give you his Orb of Moons and direct you towards some supply 
rooms in the castle.  If you have the Forge of Virtue add-on, he'll give you the 
deed to a ship in Vesper and a Crystal that will help you find the Isle of Fire.  
The key to the storeroom will be in his study, and the storeroom is found on the 
rooftop of the castle.  Pull the different levers around the castle perimeter to 
access the stairs.  A final lever can be found under a barrel in the northeast 
part of the castle.  This will open a door to a second storeroom on the castle 
rooftop.  The most important items in the storeroom will be your spellbook and a 
bag a reagents.  Be sure to grab these.

The main Fellowship branch is also found in Britain.  Batlin runs this branch 
personally.  You'll trail Elizabeth and Abraham through Britain twice.  The 
first time Batlin will tell you they went to Minoc.  The second time he'll tell 
you they went to Vesper.  You can also talk to Batlin about joining the 
Fellowship.  He'll ask you to do two missions.  The first will require taking a 
sealed box to Elynor in Minoc.  (You can open the box and read the scroll inside 
if you want.  You'll get a scolding and forfeit payment, but it won't prevent 
you from joining the Fellowship.)  The second quest will be to recover some lost 
Fellowship funds from the "empty" Dungeon Destard.  You can find more 
information about this quest in the Dungeon Destard section.  After you 
complete those two quests, return to the Fellowship Hall at 9pm to be inducted 
into the group.  Batlin will ask you some more copy protection questions and 
then give you a Fellowship Medallion.  After this you'll be able to access the 
Fellowship Retreat on an island in the south.  (Note: You don't need to wear the 
medallion at all.  In fact, wearing it will probably hurt your standing with 
more characters than it will help.  I'd advise keeping the Magic Gorget on and
the medallion in your backpack.)

You'll also want to stop by the Britain Museum.  Inside you will find some of 
your old gear.  Feel free to take it as it is not considered stealing.  Grab the 
eight Virtue Stones for use with the Mark and Recall spells.  If you have the 
Forge of Virtue add-on, you might want to take the two lenses as well.

- NPCs -
Shamino can be found in this town.  He is usually at the bar or his house that 
he shares with Amber.  He will have your pocket watch if you ask him for it.  
You should definitely have him join.

Sentri lives in Britain also.  He is working as a trainer, and if he's in your 
party he will train for free.  His shop has some nice stuff to take along (the 
key to the locked door is in the drawer in his bedroom).  This one's optional, 
but if you want more guys in your party, Sentri is one of the better options.

- Side Quests - 
On the southwest corner of the castle rooftop you will find Weston imprisoned 
for stealing apples.  Talk to him and agree to take his case to Lord British.  
Talk to Lord British and he will agree to free Weston and look into the matter.  
(Note: You can also talk to Figg, the caretaker of the Royal Orchards, about 
these matters.  If you talk to Batlin, you will discover that Figg regularly 
"donates" apples to the Fellowship.)

When you tell Lord British of the murder in Trinsic he will tell you of a 
similar murder that happened in Britain a few years ago.  He will send you to 
Patterson, the mayor, for more information.

Charles in the castle will confess to having a crush on Jeanette the barmaid.  
Talk to her and she will initially express disinterest, but will eventually come 
around.  Go back to Charles with the good news.

Nell, the chambermaid in the castle, will confess to being pregnant.  After some 
confusion she will decide that the father is most definitely Carrocio, the man 
who runs the fair outside the castle.  Go give him the good news.  They will 
both ask you to keep it quiet, but you can tell her brother Charles if you like.  
After that you can warn Carrocio of Nell's brother's anger.  (Note: Check out 
Lord British's will for more information on this situation.)

If you talk to Raymundo the play director he will suggest that you audition for 
the part of the Avatar in his upcoming play.  He will send you to Gaye to buy a 
costume.  Purchase the costume for a small amount of gold and go to the theater 
during the day to audition.

If you talk to Brownie out on the east side of Britain you will find out that he 
ran for mayor a while back.  He lost, but he confesses that he could have beat 
Patterson, the current mayor, by revealing a secret about him.  He won't tell 
you the secret, but if you follow Patterson at night after the Fellowship 
meeting you can catch him at Candice's house.  Confront him there and he will 

Chuckles will accost you near the entrance of the castle.  Figure out his game 
for a helpful scroll.  The solution: Answer with sentences consisting of words 
with only one syllable.  His scroll will eventually tell you to get your fortune 
told by the gypsy in Minoc.

Miranda in the castle will ask you to take a bill to Cove to be signed by the 
mayor, Lord Heather.  Take it to Cove, get it signed, and bring it back.

James the innkeeper and Cynthia the mint teller are married but are going 
through rough times.  Deliver a few messages between them to work everything 

There is a slight love triangle between Willy the baker, Gaye the clothier, and 
Jeanette the barmaid.  Willy has issues with both women though, so nothing much 
will ever come of it.

Millie, the local recruiter for the Fellowship, has an odd brother named Thad 
that lives in the forest near Yew.  After encountering him, you can come back 
here and ask her about him.

Find Snaz the beggar roaming around town.  Pay for his jokes, as they all come 
with a few insightful clues that will help you progress through the game.

- Side Amusements -
You can kill Lord British and read the will he has on his body.  There are two 
main ways to do that.  The first is to use the Death power from the Blackrock 
Sword.  The second way is to wait until noon when Lord British walks into the 
doorway from the throne room to the center garden.  While he is standing in the 
doorway, double-click on the gold plate above his head and it will fall and kill 
him.  Search his body for his will which will provide an interesting insight to 
Nell's predicament.

West of the castle entrance is a small fair.  There's a strength testing game 
there.  If your strength is incredibly high you might be able to ring the bell 
and win a stuffed dragon.

Be sure to check out the spaceship in Mack's cornfield.

Try using dirty diapers from the castle nursery on people.

- Shopping -
Nystul, the mage, can be found in the castle.  He sells reagents, portions, and 
spells.  I'd recommend at least buying the following spells.  If you have extra 
money, buy anything else that seems interesting to you.
1st Circle - Locate
2nd Circle - Enchant, Mass Cure, Telekinesis
3rd Circle - Protect All, Sleep
4th Circle - Reveal, Unlock Magic
5th Circle - Dispel Field, Great Heal

Carriage - 120g - Diane at the stables
Sextant - 100g - Clint the shipwright
Ship - 800g - Clint the shipwright

- Selling -
One of the main reasons you'll be returning to Britain again and again is 
because it is the only town you can exchange your gold bars, gold nuggets, gems, 
and Silver Serpent Venom for gold coins (at the mint, jewelry, and apocarthy).  
This will prove to be your main source of income, so be sure to take advantage 
of it.

Gold Bar - 100 gold - Cynthia at the Mint.
Gold Nugget - 10 gold - Cynthia at the Mint.
Gems - 30 gold - Sean at the Jewelry.
Venom - 50 gold - Kessler at the Apocarthy.

- Thievery -
The biggest score in Britain is the mint.  At Cynthia's house you'll find a key 
that will get you into the first few rooms and about 100 gold.  However, to get 
most of the gold you'll need a few more keys.  The only way to get these keys is 
to kill Cynthia and take them off her body.  Try to find a situation where you 
won't alert the guards.  Take those keys and get into the back rooms for an 
additional 1300 gold.  Then take Cynthia's body to Lord British and have him 
resurrect her so you can trade in your gold bars and nuggets for coins.  (Note: 
Cynthia carries all the keys you'll need, so if you plan on killing her you 
don't really have to get the key from her house.)

The gem store, weapon store, a bow store can all be found together in the 
southeast part of town.  Each one has a few valuables underneath glass cases 
(gems, Plate Armor, Great Dagger, and a Triple Crossbow).  You'll have to switch 
to combat mode to break the glass, but be careful.  If anyone's around when you 
do this they will call the guards.  To avoid this either wait until night time 
or make the Avatar invisible.  There is a locked door in the gem shop protecting 
three gold bars.  I've never found a key for this door.  (Email me if you know 
where it is!)

There is a Gorget in the house northeast of the Farmer's Market.  Gregory in the 
castle has a pair of Gauntlets.  Steal the usual assortment of potions and 
bandages at the healer and apocarthy shops.  Watch out for the exploding chest 
in the Gargoyle house (the one with the open ceiling).  There's not really 
anything worth taking in it anyway, so you should probably avoid it.  There will 
be a locked chest in the Fellowship hall.  The key is partially hidden on a 
shelf in Batlin's bedroom.  Inside will be some gold and a scroll with more 
information about the Fellowship's plots.

- In The Area -
(9 North, 30 West) The Flying Carpet is a short walk from Britain.  It is by far 
the best method of transportation, so you should plan an expedition as soon as 
possible.  Head out the of the western road from Britain.  This road will 
eventually take you to Yew.  However, you will eventually come to a bridge.  
Once you cross that bridge, follow the river to the south and east.  Make sure 
you are on the north/east side of the river.  Eventually you'll find the Flying 
Carpet, which happens to be at one of the entrances to Dungeon Despise.

Right outside of Britain to the east you will run into Mack.  Everyone in town 
thinks Mack is crazy.  Talk to him and he will direct you to the spaceship in 
his cornfield.  After that he will tell you about the Hoe of Destruction that he 
has locked up in his shed.  He offers it to you, but he lost the key to the shed 
on a recent fishing trip.  The key is found inside a fish on the west side of 
Lock Lake.  The fish will be facing northward and is partially hidden by 
cattails.  Look for it at (2 North, 48 East).

The main purpose to come to Cove is to meet Ryduom and get his wand.  The wand 
blows up Blackrock.  While you're here, if you have the space to carry it you 
might want to also grab four pieces of blackrock.  You'll need them later.  

- NPCs -
Jaana lives here.  She is the local healer and she will join you.  She's not a 
very strong fighter, but if you take her along she will heal and resurrect for 
free but only occasionally.  She'll need to rest up in between sessions.

- Side Quests -
Take the bill you got from Miranda in Britain and get it signed by Lord Heather 
the mayor.

Learn about Natassia from the townsfolk, particularly De Maria.  Go talk to her 
later, she's usually at the Shrine of Compassion west of the town, and she'll 
open up to you.  Agree to find out what happened to her father in Yew.  Later 
on, return to her with the news and it'll really cheer her up.  If you are 
playing a male character a romance could develop between Natassia and the

- Side Amusements -
Ryduom is the only mage that sells the Armageddon spell.  If you are high enough 
in level, save your game and then cast it.  It'll wipe out everyone in Britannia 
except Lord British, Batlin, and the Ferryman.  Go talk to these three people 
and see what they say.

- Shopping -
You can buy potions, reagents, and spells from Ryduom.  I'd recommend picking up:
1st Circle - Awaken All
2nd Circle - Great Light
3rd Circle - Paralyze
4th Circle - Mark, Recall, Seance
7th Circle - Mass Charm

- Thievery -
Not a whole lot here.  Steal the potions from Jaana and Ryduom's houses.

- In The Area -
(9 South, 61 East)  Right behind Natassia's house by the lake front you'll see a 
dead cat.  Look in the cat and you will see a dead rat.  Look in the rat to find 
a Regeneration Ring.

(0 South, 67 East) & (4 South, 75 East)  North of the town is a Cyclopes cave.  
There are a lot of them in the cave, but if your party is well equipped you 
should be able to handle them.  Look out for invisible caltrops.  There is a key 
in one part of the dungeon that opens a chest in another.  You'll find the 
following treasure: Magic Leggings, a Lightning Wand, a Regeneration Ring, as 
well as a fair amount of gold.

(16 North, 38 East)  Stonecastle ruins lie in the middle of the swamp northwest 
of Cove.  The ruins are only accessible through a small path a wooden boards and 
dry spots that starts north of the ruins at (23 North, 40 East).  Equip Swamp 
Boots on everyone, or temporarily disband them from the party.  At the ruins 
you'll find a Magebane, Magician's Wand, Poison Dagger, Swamp Boots, and a few 
Red Potions.  When you pick up the Magebane, the skeleton piles in the area will 
spring to life.

(32 North, 23 East)  A field of flowers lies north of Cove, on the west side of 
the swamp.  If you enter it, the Avatar and his companions will fall asleep.  
This is most likely a referrence to the poppie fields in "The Wizard of Oz".

When you arrive at Minoc there will be two more murders.  There's a bug in the 
game that will cause the murder scene to be cleaned up before you can 
investigate it.  To avoid this issue make sure you walk to the town and go 
straight to the sawmill without talking to any of the townsfolk.  At the murder 
scene, note the Fellowship candelabra and the serpentine dagger.  Take the 
dagger.  Like before, question the townsfolk.  Xanthia at the Artisan's guild 
will provide more information about the candelabra.  Afterwards you can confront 
Elynor but she will claim that someone is trying to frame the Fellowship.

Talk to Elynor at the Fellowship Hall about Elizabeth and Abraham.  You will 
find that they have left for Paws.  If you talk to Owen you will find out that 
the Crown Jewel was in port the night of the murder, and it has also left for 
Paws.  If you have the package from Batlin you can deliver it to Elynor.

Make sure to stop by and talk to Margareta to get your fortune told.  She will 
tell you a few things, but mainly that you should head to Yew and talk to the 
monks at Empath Abbey about contacting the Wisps who will help you contact the 

Later on in the game you'll be sent here to have Zorn manufacture Caddellite 
helmets.  Come here with a Caddellite piece for each party member, and he'll 
make the helmets rather quickly.  If you don't have enough Caddellite pieces or 
you just want one helmet for the Avatar, temporarily disband your party members 
before you talk to him.

- NPCs -
Julia the town tinker will offer to join you.  She's one of the weaker NPCs in 
the game, so only take her if you need more people to carry stuff.

- Side Quests -
Everyone in town will be talking about a new monument being built for Owen the 
shipwright.  If you talk to Jakher the trainer you'll find out that Owen might 
not be as great as he is made out to be.  He'll mention Karl the hermit.  Find 
Karl living out in a remote hut at (46 North, 90 East).  He will tell you about 
losing a son in one of Owen's faulty ships and offer a copy of Owen's ship's 
blueprints that he had stolen.  Take these to Julia the tinker and then Burnside 
the town mayor.  He will cancel the construction of the monument and ask you to 
deliver the bad news to Owen.  When confronted with this information Owen will 
kill himself.

The two town trainers are stuck sharing a building.  There's a potential romance 
here.  Deliver messages back and forth to see it out.

- Side Amusements -
Elynor and Gregor also have a romance, but to reveal it you have to catch them 
together at night.

In Minoc's southern mine you will come across Owings and Malloy.  They are 
modeled after two comedic figures of the past.

- Thievery -
Be sure to steal the stash of Silver Serpent Venom from the chest in the 
Britannia Mining Co. headquarters.  The key for the chest can be found in the 
desk drawer.  At Karl the hermit's house you can find 15 Starbursts in a barrel.  
Gregor's house will have a locked chest (pick it or smash it) with 90 gold and 8 
Magic Arrows.  Zorn's blacksmith shop has quite a few high quality non-magic 
armor items.  One of the bed rooms on the west side of the Artisan's Guild has 
some treasure.  In one of the barrels will be a lot of garbage and a bag.  
Inside the bag will be a dead rabbit and some gold.  Inside the dead rabbit 
you'll find 35 Starbursts.

- In The Area -
(90 North, 61 East) Minoc's north mine is relatively abandoned.  You'll find a 
set of gauntlets, a few potions, an Invisibility Ring, and some Silver Serpent 

(56 North, 70 East) Minoc's south mine is a little more active.  Inside you'll 
find more Silver Serpent Venom, a Magic Gorget, and a Protection Ring partially 
concealed under a log near a fire pit.  Near the southern part of the mine there 
is an invisible path to the south that leads to a mining machine setup to mine 

There are a series of caves in the mountain ranges to the south and east of 
(31 North, 70 East) Not much here except for a two handed sword.
(47 North, 75 East) Empty.
(58 North, 96 East) A Cyclops lives here.  Otherwise empty.
(66 North, 86 East) & (71 North, 86 East) This serves as an empty passage from 
one side of the mountain range to the other.
(79 North, 86 East) Empty.

(52 North, 99 East) A small camp is here.  Sometimes there will be fighters here 
equipped with Plate Armor.

(64 North, 105 East) A house in the woods.  A hostile gargoyle lives here.  
There's not much treasure here though.

Jhellom is on an island, so you'll need to obtain a boat or the Magic Carpet to 
get here.  Moongates are also an option.  The only major plot point in Jhellom 
is to again track down Elizabeth and Abraham.  The mayor Joseph will tell you 
they went back to Britain.

You may also choose to confront De Snel about the Serpentine Dagger found at the 
Minoc murder site.  The Serpentine dagger is one of the custom weapons of the 
Library of Scars that he runs.  He will offer a demonstration and try to kill 
you.  Searching through his stuff will reveal him to be a Fellowship member.

- NPCs -
Dupre can be found living at the inn and hanging around the tavern.  You'll 
definitely want to recruit him.

- Side Quests - 
The main side quest in this town will involve Sprellic the innkeeper stealing 
the honor flag of the Library of Scars and being challenged to battle by three 
local warriors.  Sprellic will ask you to help him out.  Talk to Kliftin and he 
will suggest making a fake flag to put in its place.  Return the fake flag to 
Syria to avoid a battle.  (You can also choose to show up at the practice fields 
at noon and fight Sprellic's challengers for him.  You can place bets with the 
barmaids on the outcome of the fight.)

- Side Amusements -
If you found Cosmo looking for the Unicorn in Dungeon Destard, you can talk to 
the barmaid Ophelia about it.

- Thievery -
The mayor's office has Magic Leggings in a desk drawer.  The barmaid's house has 
a Magic Gorget partially hidden under a dress in a set of drawers.  Kliftin's 
house has a Gorget, Plate Leggings, and few more pieces of non-magical armor.  
Vokes house has a Gorget inside a crate.  And be sure to steal the three gold 
bars from the back room in De Snel's Library of Scars.  The key to this door
can be found in a nightstand in De Snel's house north of the Library of Scars.

- In The Area -
(177 South, 55 West) This cave is relatively empty except for an Invisibility 

(144 South, 75 West)  This cave just west of the town will house a handful of 
fighters.  A Triple Crossbow can be found amongst the loot.

(167 South, 51 West) & (167 South, 66 West)  This cave has moderate resistance 
and very little treasure.

(125 South, 73 West)  This island near Jhellom has about 300 gold and a Magic 
Helm.  It is guarded by a few pirates.  There is a key in the bag that opens the 

The only major plot point in Vesper is to track Elizabeth and Abraham here and 
find out they left for Moonglow from Auston the mayor.  There's a few side 
quests though revolving around the racial hatred between the humans and 
gargoyles that live here.  There's also a few interesting places to investigate 
in the area.

If you have the Forge of Virtue add-on installed you will find Lord British's 
ship docked here.  Make sure you get the deed from Lord British in Britain 
first, and then set sail southward for the Isle of Fire.

- Side Quests -
If walk into either bar (human or gargoyle) and tell certain occupants there 
that you are the Avatar, a bar brawl will erupt.  The fight will be to the 
death.  It's up to you if you view this as a good thing or not.  To avoid the 
fight just tell them your name instead of 'Avatar'.

Talk to the human bartender Yongi and he will tell you about his hatred of 
gargoyles.  He will mention that Gorn dislikes them even more and to talk to him 
about them.  Talk to Gorn and he will claim to have been attacked by the 
gargoyle Lap-Lem and will ask you to seek revenge.  Find Lap-Lem and ask him 
about the incident.  He will tell you that it was the other way around and that 
he was only acting in self defense.  He will tell you his amulet was stolen and 
ask if you would retrieve it from Gorn.  Confront Gorn and he will give it back.  
Return it to Lap-Lem.

Yvella will complain about how her child Catherine disappears everyday at noon.  
Go to the gargoyle For-Lem's house around noon and talk to them.  They will ask 
you to keep it a secret.  If you tell Yvella she will tell her husband and he 
will kill For-Lem.  However, if you already killed Cador in a bar brawl, For-Lem 
will not be harmed.

- Shopping - 
Wis-Sur, the local mage, will sell the usual potions, reagents, and spells.  He 
only sells spells up to the Sixth Circle and you can usually get better deals 
from other mages.  But if you have money to spend, you can use him to fill in 
some of the gaps in your spellbook.

- Thievery -
You can steal a pair of Gauntlets and Greaves from the house of Eldroth the 
provisioner.  Zaksam the trainer's house has a Great Helm and Magic Boots.  Wis-
Sur's house has a Magician's Wand, some reagents, and potions.

- In The Area -
(20 North, 122 East)  This is the Vesper mine.  Here you can find some of the 
miners during the day, some gold, pieces of blackrock, and even a mining machine 
setup to mine more blackrock.

(48 North, 137 East) Northeast of the town you will find a mysterious black X on 
the ground.  Lying around the area will be two glass swords.  On the 'X' will be 
a chest.  Sort through the junk in it to find a key to a chest in Serpent's 
Hold.  (The Serpent's Hold chest is full of reagents.)

(40 North, 161 East) Also to the northeast is a pirate fort and a handful of 
pirates guarding it.  You will find a locked chest.  The key for this chest is 
hidden underneath a bucket nearby.  The chest has some Sleeping Powder, 
Invisibility Dust, and a Magician's Wand.  (You can also reach this location 
through a teleporter in Dungeon Despise.)

(43 North, 118 East) & (42 North, 113 East) A cave to the north of Vesper.  You 
will meet moderate resistance including one dragon.  Treasure include various 
pieces of high quality non-magical armor, a Lightning Whip, some potions and 
bandages, an Invisibility Ring, Magic Armor, and some gold and gems.

Like most towns, you'll eventually pass through here trying to track down 
Elizabeth and Abraham.  Talk to Rankin the Fellowship branch leader in town to 
find out that they moved on to Terfin.

Penumbra is also found on this island.  The Timelord will send you to her to 
find a way to fix the problems with the ether that have been affecting the mages 
in Britannia.  Her house is locked up and completing a puzzle is required to 
enter.  In front of her house is a plaque.  If you translate the plaque it will 
offer a clue about a certain item.  Place that item by the plaque in order to 
get a new clue for a new item.  After you place all the required items, a key 
will appear to let you into her house.

The items you will need are listed here along with a place on the island you can 
find them:
1. Hammer - Check Morz's house, south of the Lyceum.
2. Gold Ring - Look in a nightstand in the southeast corner of the second floor 
of the Observatory.
3. Lock Pick(s) - Look in the nightstand next to the nightstand mentioned above.
4. Thread - Go to Carylyn's house north of the Lyceum.  Wait for her to make 
thread or make some yourself.
5. Gold Piece(s) - Hopefully you should already have some of this.
6. Gold Bar/Nugget - There's a gold bar slightly hidden under shelves in the 
Fellowship hall.

Inside you will find her asleep.  Use a spell or potion to awaken her.  She will 
complain about the ether and request that you find some substance to block it.  
Place four pieces of blackrock on the four pedestals around her bed.  You can 
find pieces of blackrock at Ryduom's house or in the mines of Minoc and Vesper.  
After that she will send you on a quest to get the Ethereal Ring that will lead 
you to Draxinusom in Terfin and then Sultan in Spektran.  Bring it back and she 
will enchant it for you and then send you north to Dungeon Deceit to take out 
the Tetrahedron generator which is behind the disturbances in the ether.

Later in the game you will again be sent to Moonglow for information on 
obtaining the elusive Caddellite.  Talk to Brion at the observatory who will 
then send you to Nelson in the Lyceum who will in turn send you to Jillian also 
in the Lyceum.  You will find out that Caddellite can only come from a meteor, 
and such a meteor crashed into the island of Ambrosia.  You will be sent there 
to pick up chunks of Caddellite to later take to Zorn in Minoc to be fashioned 
into helmets.

- Side Quests -
You will be able to discover a love triangle between the two twins, Brion and 
Nelson, and Zelda who works at the Lyceum.  Deliver messages between the three 
of them to play this out.  Phearcy the bartender is curious about this setup, 
and if you bring inside news to him, he will give you a free meal.

The farmer Cubolt who lives on the southern part of the island will complain 
about his brother Tolemac joining the Fellowship and Morz, a mutual friend, who 
is also considering joining.  He will ask you to try to talk both of them out of 
it.  You should able to convince Morz to stay away (don't mention the 
stuttering), but you'll have less success with Tolemac.

If you talk to Balayna, the local Fellowship clerk, away from the Fellowship 
hall she will confide in you that she is unsure about the abilities of Rankin, 
the new branch leader, and she is thinking of making a report to their superior.  
If you bring this news to Rankin he will ask you to take a vial of liquid to 
back to Balayna.  If you take it to her, she will immediately fall over dead.  
If you refuse, she will end up mysteriously disappearing anyway.

Brion at the observatory will offer to give you an orrery viewer but he needs 
another crystal.  Talk to Addom to get this crystal, and take it back to Brion 
to get the orrery viewer.

- Side Amusements -
There's a talking fox that lives around the Lyceum named Frank.  Be sure to talk 
to him.

- Shopping -
Mariah the mage lives in this town and offers more potions, reagents, and spells 
for purchase.  She is a bit crazy, and the prices will fluctuate, but for the 
most part she'll offer some of the cheapest prices you can find on high circle 
spells.  You'll especially want to consider purchasing the following spells from 
5th Circle - Invisibility
7th Circle - Mass Might, Restoration
8th Circle - Invisibility All, Resurrection, Swordstrike, Time Stop

- Thievery -
Lots of potions, reagents, and 5 Lucky Arrows can be found in Penumbra's house.  
Other than that, there's not much in this town except for the occasional potions 
here and there.

- In The Area -
(78 South, 201 East)  There's a small island southeast of Moonglow.  There you 
will find a burnt out fort and a wrecked pirate ship with a handful of pirates 
guarding it.  There's not much treasure here though.

Like most towns, you'll come here in search of Abraham and Elizabeth.  Speak to 
Quan the local Fellowship branch leader to find out they moved on to the Fellow 
Meditation Retreat.

You'll also be sent to this town in search of the Ethereal Ring.  Talk to 
Draxinusom about it and he'll tell you he sold the ring to Martingo the Sultan 
who lives on Spektran island.

- Side Quests -
Several people in town will be talking about a rumored plot to vandalize the 
local Altars.  In particular, talk to Teregus who takes care of the Altars.  If 
you search Sarpling the provisioner's house you'll find a scroll outlining the 
plot in his chest.  Confront him with it and he will confess to it and a plot to 
assassinate Quan, the local Fellowship branch leader.  But he will say that 
Runeb was the mastermind behind it.  Confront Runeb and he will attack you.

Make sure to bring news about Inamo's death to Teregus who works at the Altars.

- Shopping -
Inforlem the trainer lives here.  He is probably the best trainer for combat 
related stats.  He offers +1 in Strength, Dexterity, and Combat.  If possible, 
come here for all your combat training for 50 gold per session.  He's not a bad 
magic trainer either...

- Thievery -
A locked chest in Runeb's house (look in the northeastern part of the island) 
has a Magic Boomerang. There's Sleeping Powder in some drawers in the Fellowship 
hall, a Lightning Wand at Inforlem's house, and a Regeneration Ring at 

- In The Area -
(168 South, 131 East)  This is the entrance to the mines on Terfin.  There's a 
small amount of gold to be found, but not much else.

|Fellowship Retreat|
You will follow Elizabeth and Abraham here, but Ian will tell you that they have 
already moved on to Buccaneer's Den.

There are two ways to access this island.  The plot-driven way is to join the 
Fellowship.  Ian will give a key to Fellowship members allowing them to unlock
the front gate.  However, you can also use the magic carpet to fly over the 

Ian will tell you not to go in the cave behind the building.  Iriale Silvermist 
can be found in the cave and she will attack you if you don't leave immediately.
In the back you will find the Cube Generator.  You won't be able to access the 
generator without Caddellite helmets.  If you don't already have them, use the 
Enchanted Hourglass to talk to the Timelord about what to do.

The puzzle guarding the Cube Generator is somewhat involved.  If you are stuck
there are many great walkthroughs available on the net.

Like always, make sure to pick up the mini-Cube Generator.  Besides being 
essential to destorying the Black Gate, this mini generator performes a second 
useful function.  Go back and talk to different Fellowship members and they 
will no longer lie to you.  Klog, the branch leader in Trinsic, will offer 
much information on the murder of Christopher.  Elynor, the branch leader in 
Minoc, will do much of the same.  Rankin of Moonglow will talk some of his 
murder of Balayna.  Feridywn of Paws and Quan of Terfin will be revealed as
innocent, well meaning Fellowship members.  If you try to talk to Batlin in
the Fellowship branch in Britain, he will tell you that the Cube will not 
work on him and then disappear.

The most valuable use of the Cube however, will be at Buccanneer's Den.  Talk
to Mandy, Sintang, Budo, Gordy, and Danag for valuable insights into the true
nature of the Fellowship and where to go next.

- Side Amusements -
You will run into Gorn in the caves.  Talk to him about the voice he's been 
hearing inside his head.

|Buccaneer's Den|
Buccaneer's Den will be one of the final stops for Elizabeth and Abraham.  
Unless you have the mini-Cube generator, this will be a dead end.  Otherwise 
Danag will tell you that they set off for the Isle of Avatar.  If you haven't 
already, it's time to follow the gypsy's advice and seek out the Timelord in 

You also need to get the Black Gate key from Hook's hideout in the caves on this 
island before you go to the Isle of the Avatar.

- Side Quests -
Two pirates Blacktooth and Mole were once good friends but had a falling out 
when one joined the Fellowship.  Deliver messages back and forth to reunite 

- Side Amusements -
For a hefty fee you can access the legendary Baths.  However, you can get in for 
free from the cave complex on the island.  The Baths offer a few diversions for 
the Avatar.

Also make sure to check out the House of Games to try your hand at gambling.  If 
you're a Fellowship member (you wear the Fellowship medallion) you should have 
much better luck.

In Hook's den you will see a dead crocodile.  I'm not sure if you can get to it 
without cheating, but look inside it.  There will be a clock...  a Peter Pan 

- Thievery -
You can find a Gorget and Gauntlets in Mandy's room at the inn.  At Budo's you 
can find Plate Leggings and a Great Helm.  There are six gold bars in a chest in 
the House of Games.  Gordy's house has a locked chest with a Great Dagger 
inside.  The key to the chest is in a set of drawers in the same room.

There's a large stash of gems, gold, Sword of Defense, and a nice set of 
non-magical armor in the back room of the Baths.  You can access it through the 
island's cave complex, or you can go upstairs, pull the lever to get into the 
office, and then pull a second lever next to the desk.

- In The Area -
There is a rather large underground complex on this island.  There are two ways 
to access it.  The simplest is to use telekinesis on a lever in the back room of 
the Fellowship hall.  Access the back room by discovering a secret door behind 
the Fellowship icon.  The other way is through a locked door in the House of 
Games.  To get the key you'll need to talk to Sintag with the mini-Cube 
generator in hand.  Once inside the complex you'll find a lever that opens to 
the Bath's treasure room and the rest of the Baths.  This is a third entrance, 
but can only be used once you've already gained access.

Inside this complex you will meet some tough resistance.  You will come across a 
Dragon, Stone Harpy, and a Lich among other things.  There's lots of treasure to 
be had though.  Gold, potions, reagents, a Firewand, Lightning Whip, Magic Helm, 
Firedoom Staff, Juggernaut Hammer, Great Dagger, Magic Armor, and a Magic 

At Hook's hideout you will find some informative scrolls and the Black Gate Key.  
Be sure to grab this.

You will also find a Fellowship prison.  Sullivan who has been impersonating the 
Avatar and Anton, Alagner's assistant, are imprisoned here.  Kill the guard and 
set them free.

You will be sent to Yew to contact the Wisps that live nearby.  The wisps can be 
found in an abandoned fortress at (46 North, 21 West).  However, you'll need to 
get help before you can talk to them.  Start off talking to Taylor, a monk at 
Empath Abbey.  He will tell you to talk to the Emps about contacting the Wisps.  
He suggests finding some honey in order to befriend the Emps.  He will give you 
a smoke bomb and direct you to the local bee cave at (57 North, 54 West).  
(Note: You can also find honey at two different camps in the local woods.  Their 
locations are listed in the 'In The Area' section below.)  Once you have acquire 
honey, visit the Emps at (54 North, 9 East).  Trellek will agree to visit the 
Wisps with you if you get permission from Saralek his "wife".  Talk to Saralek 
and she will ask you to get permission from Salamon.  Salamon will complain 
about the cutting down of Silverleaf trees and ask you to take a contract to the 
humans for them to sign.  Take the contract to Ben the logger and after hearing 
about the Emps he will quickly sign it.  Take the contract back to Salamon.  
Then talk to Saralek and she will still not agree to let Trellek leave, but will 
suggest that he can make a whistle that will allow contact with the Emps.  Talk 
to Trellek again to get the whistle.

Go to the Wisp's abandoned fortress at (46 North, 21 West).  They will tell you 
that the Timelord has been trying to contact you, but will only deliver his 
message if you bring them Alagner's notebook.  Alagner lives in New Magnicia.  
Return with the notebook and they will tell you how to get to the Timelord.  Use 
the Orb of Moons that you got from Lord British in a northwestern direction.  
This will open a moongate that will take you to the Timelord.  The Timelord will 
fill you in on many things and then send you to Dungeon Despise to destroy the 
Sphere generator which is imprisoning him and causing the trouble with the moon 

The mage Nicodemus also lives here.  You'll need Unlock Magic to access his 
house.  Like the other mages, he is quite mad.  The Timelord will send you to 
him to get an enchanted hourglass to access the Sphere generator.  Nicodemus 
will tell you he sold it to either a gypsy or the antique lady in Paws.  The 
hourglass is in Paws.  After retrieving the hourglass and fixing the ether by 
destroying the Tetrahedron generator, Nicodemus will enchant the hourglass for 

- Prison -
If you ever get caught committing a crime and surrender to the guards you will 
be brought to the prison in Yew.  There are two ways out of prison.  The first 
is to take the money off of the corpse in your cell room and bribe the guard 
for the key.  The second in to find the hidden lever underneath the bucket in 
your cell.  The lever will open an secret door.  Your stuff will be stacked on 
a table in the front room.

- Remote Houses -
Because of the thick forest surrounding Yew, many of the residents in Yew are 
difficult to find.  I've included a short list of various inhabitants and the 
locations for their houses.  I haven't included anything from the main area 
around Empath Abbey as that area is much easier to explore.

(34 North, 27 West) Thad's house.  (Masked man)
(39 North, 35 West) Bradman the trainer's house.
(45 North, 38 West) Penni the trainer's house.
(42 North, 47 West) Ben the logger's house.
(52 North, 44 West) Iolo's house.
(50 North, 52 West) Tseramed's house.
(54 North, 39 West) Smith the Horse's stables.

- NPCs -
Tseramed lives here.  Don't tell him you are part of the Fellowship as he has 
quite a grudge.  He's one of the better NPC's, so take him along if you like.  
(Note: If you approach him wearing a Fellowship medallion he will attack you.)

Iolo also lives here.  Of course, he joins your party from the beginning.  But 
if you ever dismiss him and tell him to go back home, his house in Yew is where 
you can find him.

- Side Quests -
Reyna the healer will talk to you about her mother who lies dead in the local 
cemetery.  Talk to Aimi, a monk at Empath Abbey, and tell her the situation.  
Buy some flowers from her also and take them back to Reyna.  She will be so 
pleased that she will offer healing at a discounted price.

Kreg, an apparent monk at Empath Abbey, will talk to you about some experiments 
he's been working on.  He will request a black potion from you.  Talk to the 
other monks and they will not know anything about Kreg.  Go to the nearby prison 
and read the most wanted list.  On it you will find that Kreg is an alias for a 
currently wanted criminal.  Confront Kreg and he will attack you.  On his body 
you will find a Great Dagger and a Poison Dagger.  (Note: If you give him the 
potion he will disappear for good.)

Natassia of Cove will have asked you to find out information about her father 
Julius who died in this area.  Talk to Taylor at Empath Abbey and he will 
provide a little information.  For the full story ask Trellek the Emp.  Return 
to Natassia with this information.

Thad lives in a small house in Yew.  He wears a mask and plots against the 
Fellowship.  He claims the Fellowship brainwashed his sister Millie.  Millie 
lives in Britain.  You can talk to her about this further.  (Note: If you 
approach him wearing a Fellowship medallion he will attack you.)

There are two nudists that live in the bee cave.  Their primitiveness is just a 
show though.  If you talk to Tseramed about them first, 'Papa' will reveal that
they are just pretending in order to avoid paying taxes.

Penni is Addom's wife.  If you met him in Moonglow she will be grateful to 
receive any news about him.

- Side Amusements -
Smith the Horse lives in a stable in Yew.  Talk to him and he will give you a 
vital clue about Ultima VI.

Take a look at the scroll in Iolo's house.  It's a note from Gwenno saying that 
she left for the Serpent Isle.

Check out the life-size Knight's Bridge board next to Nicodemus' house.

- Shopping -
Nicodemus the mage sells the usual assortment of potions, reagents, and spells.  
You'll probably have most of what you need by this time, but you might want to 
consider buying the following combat spells:
5th Circle - Mass Sleep
6th Circle - Tremor
7th Circle - Death Bolt, Delayed Blast
8th Circle - Death Vortex, Mass Death

Perrin also lives here and offers excellent magical training for the Avatar.

- Thievery -
Nicodemus' house is full of potions and reagents.  There is also a Magician's 
Wand.  Nicodemus himself carries a Firedoom staff.  You can kill him for it if 
you like, but you will need him to enchant the hourglass to finish the game.  
(You can always resurrect him.)  There is also an Invisibility Ring hidden in a 
crate in Empath Abbey where they make the wine.  You might have to unstack some 
crates to get to it.

- In The Area -
In this section I'm including all of the forest and land east of Yew over to 
Dungeon Wrong, and the area south of Yew along the western edge of Dungeon 
Despise.  That's a lot of area, so this section will be rather large.

(21 North, 6 East) A small camp where you can find some honey.

(47 North, 8 East) A semi-large camp area with a handful of fighters guarding 
it.  Among the treasure you can find a Great Helm, Plate Leggings, Magic Armor, 
and a Magic Bow.

(47 North, 22 West) A troll camp with not much treasure.

(55 North, 32 West) A sacrificial altar is set up here.  There will probably be 
a mage in the area as well as a few other creatures.  Treasure include Plate 
Leggings and a Magic Shield.

(62 North, 29 West) Another camp with some reagents and a Lightning Wand.

(75 North, 12 East) Yet another sacrifice site.  Lying around you'll find a 
Gorget, Antique Armor, and a set of Magic Leggings.

(87 North, 82 West) A pirate's camp with a few pirates.  Not much treasure 

(85 North, 18 West) Another camp with a Magic Gorget nearby.

(81 North, 39 West) A small dry spot in the middle of the local swamp.  Access 
this area through a dry path from the eastern side of the swamp.  Treasure 
includes a Protection Ring and two gems.

Tseramed will talk about pirates stashing their treasure on the shore northeast 
of Empath Abbey.  Their treasure can be found at the following locations:
(92 North, 48 West)  A box containing a Protection Ring, smoke bombs, and a 
Green Potion.
(97 North, 44 West)  A bag containing Sleeping Powder.
(100 North, 45 West)  A bag containing about 250 gold.

(6 North, 51 West)  This is the location for Selwyn's Tower.  The proper 
entrance to this tower is through a teleporter from Dungeon Despise.  Inside you 
will find a ghost guarding potions, reagents, rings, a Firewand, and a Firedoom 
Staff.  To exit the tower, pull the lever on the second floor.  Most of the 
lever is hidden by the southern wall.  (Note: The tower can also be entered by 
taking advantage of buggy programming.  If you walk around the southern part of 
the tower you may be able to make the second floor visible.  Use telekinesis on 
the partially hidden lever to open a doorway inside.)

(47 North, 61 West) At this location you can sometimes collect Nightshade for 

(49 North, 72 West) At this location you can sometimes collect Spider Webs for 

(23 North, 75 West) A bandit camp.  You can find some honey here.

(16 North, 75 West) Another bandit camp with no real noteworthy treasure.

|New Magnicia|
This is one of the few towns that you won't be sent to find Elizabeth and 
Abraham.  However, the Wisps will send you here to acquire Alagner's notebook 
for them.  He lives in the northern part of the island.  Tell him your situation 
and he will ask you to go to Skara Brae to find the answers of life and death.  
Only then will he give you the notebook.  

Once you return with the answers he will give you a key to his warehouse.  The 
warehouse is sort of a puzzle, but it's not too hard.  Systematically flip the 
switches and discover the teleporters.  Use telekinesis to flip unreachable 
switches.  There are two walk-through walls:  The first is on the southeast side 
of the outer wall of the warehouse.  The second is above one of the last 
teleport pads in the center of the warehouse.  Instead of stepping on the pad, 
walk around it and north into the final storeroom.  Inside the storeroom you'll 
need to stack up crate to make a stairway to reach his notebook.  Help yourself 
to the other treasures in his storeroom as well.  You should find a Magic Bow, 
various magic arrows, a bag full of reagents, a set of high quality non-magical 
armor, a Regeneration Ring, a Lightning Wand, and a bunch of potions.

Alagner will ask you to return his notebook.  You don't really have to, but if 
you do you will find him murdered in the usual fashion.  Make sure you peer into 
his crystal ball to get your first view of the assassins.  Talk to Russell the 
shipwright and he will tell you that the Crown Jewel had recently left.

- NPCs -
Katrina lives on this island and will join you if you'd like.  She's one of the 
weakest NPCs, so only take her along if you're desperate for more party members.

- Side Quests -
One major side quest in this town.  Henry is in love with Constance but has lost 
a special locket he was going to give to her.  In addition, three men have 
arrived at the island but their ship wrecked.  Robin, the leader of the three 
men, will confide that they plan to sell a certain locket in order to get off 
the island, but they lost it.  Sam the flower seller will indicate that the 
three men most likely stole the locket from Henry, and Russell the shipwright 
will tell you that they three men approached him about purchasing a ship, but 
they no longer had the locket.  (If you're having trouble finding the 
shipwright, he's further north from Alagner's house.)  Next talk to Battles, one 
of Robin's bodyguards.  He will mention that he last saw the locket while they 
were staying at the local pub.  Go there and talk to Boris the innkeeper.  He 
will admit to having it, but then be unable to find it.  Then find his wife 
Magenta.  She will have the locket and return it to you once you explain the 
situation.  If you choose to, take the locket to Robin and his men.  He will 
reveal their full plans and then attack you.  Eventually return the locket to 
Henry, and inform Constance of what has occurred.

- Shopping -
Sextant - 40g - Russell the shipwright
Ship - 600g - Russell the shipwright

- Thievery -
Make sure to buy a room at the inn.  The innkeeper will give you a key and you 
will find a pair of Magic Gauntlets in the drawers in the room.  There's also a 
Fire Wand and Black Potion worth taking in Alagner's House.

|Skara Brae|
To get to Skara Brae go to (49 South, 41 West).  The Ferryman waits there to 
take you to the island for a small amount of money.  To talk to him (and the 
rest of the island inhabitants) cast the spell Seance.  If you take too long on 
the island, you will need to be prepared to cast this spell again after it wears 

Caine the alchemist has the answers to life and death.  He will not give them 
to you though until you solve the local island problems.  Horace the Lich has 
taken over and the islanders want to be freed.  Talk to Mordra to get started.  
She will tell you that the soul cage needs to be finished but Trent the local 
blacksmith is lost in grief over the loss of his wife.  Get the music box from 
his workshop and take it to Rowena who can be found at Horace's castle to the 
north.  (The castle will be guarded by skeletons wielding Magic Axes).  Play the 
music box and she will give you her wedding ring to take back to Trent.  Show 
him the ring and he will begin to finish the cage, but will request an iron bar.  
Get one from the local cemetery.  Visit Mordra again and she will direct you to 
finish a potion.  The three ingredient potions can be found in her house.  (An 
extra red potion can be found at the mayor's and an extra black potion can be 
found in Horace's castle.)  Take the potions to Caine and he will tell you how 
to make the magical formula.  Get the empty vial from his shop and make the 
magic formula.  Then take the cage and the potion to Horace's castle and dip the 
cage in the Well of Souls (which is accessed by a walk-through wall on the west 
side).  Wait until midnight and then use the cage and the potion on Horace to 
free him.  Horace will return to normal and tell you they need a sacrifice to 
completely rid the island of evil.  Talk to Forsythe the mayor first and he will 
ask you to check with everyone else first.  Check with all the people in the 
room, then ask the blacksmith and his wife, Caine, and even the Ferryman.  
Return and Forsythe will agree to be the sacrifice.  Talk to Horace and he will 
give you a Firedoom staff.  Then talk to Caine to get the answers to life and 

- Thievery -
There's a chest full of reagents in Mordra's house.  There's a Magic Axe in an 
abandoned house containing a Reaper.  Horace's castle has a Black Potion 
upstairs as well as a mysterious invisible potion.  (I don't know what it does.)

- Cheats -
I consider this stash to be a cheat because there are plot related items hidden 
here.  To guarantee that you don't mess up the story, it would probably be best 
not to access this until you have completed the Skara Brae quest.  But anyway, 
go to the cemetery and find the statue.  On the west side you should be able to 
see the tip of lever barely sticking out into view.  Pull the lever and walk 
into the small chamber under the statue.  Inside a nightstand you will find a 
full set of magic armor, a Death Scythe, and the plot items you need to finish 
the Skara Brae quest.

You will be direct here by Draxinusom to retrieve the Ethereal Ring.  The Sultan 
is crazy, and he will tell you that you may have the ring if you are able to 
retrieve it.  The ring is guarded by a Stone Harpy.  The best way to beat the 
Stone Harpy is to use a Glass Sword on it.  Inside his treasure room you will 
find a Protection Ring, Invisibility Ring, Regeneration Ring, and the Ethereal 

This mysterious island is hidden in the northeast part of the map underneath the 
compass symbol.  You will need to come here to pick up some pieces of Caddellite.  
Kissme, a faerie, lives here and covers the outside island with anti-magic dust.  
This will prevent you from casting spells while outside.  The best way to fix 
this is to cast the Linear spell Weather before you get close to the island.  If 
it's raining, the anti-magic dust will go away.  The Cadellite can be found by 
entering a cave on the northern part of the island.  Inside you will find some 
gems and an Invisibility ring.  A Hydra guards the Caddellite though.  Get to him 
by finding a secret door, talk to him for a bit, and then kill him.  The 
Caddellite is found south of him.  Pick up a piece of Caddellite for every helmet 
that you want made.

- In The Area -
In the center of the bay is a tower that is magically locked.  If you used 
Weather to get rid of the anti-magic dust you can access it by boat.  No 
treasure inside, just a corpse and an interesting journal.

(77 North, 195 East) On the southeast part of the island you'll find a camp.  A 
few pirates and fighters will be guarding it.  They has some treasure which 
includes a Magic Helm, Magic Sword, Protection Ring, Invisibility Ring, and some 
money.  Immediately south of the their camp you can find a walkthrough section 
of the mountain, but you will be blocked further by some energy fields.  If you 
used Weather to get rid of the anti-magic dust, you can cast Dispel Field to get 
in.  There will most likely be a mage guarding his treasure which includes 
Potions, high quality non-magic armor, and about 500 gold.

|Serpent's Hold|
Coming to this island is completely optional.  There is nothing here to advance 
the main plot, but you can get some valuable equipment and experience.  

- Side Quests -
A statue out front has been defaced.  Talk to the different characters in the 
hold to get to the bottom of it.

Lady Tory will tell you that her child has been kidnapped by harpies and no one 
has been able to rescue him.  Go to (141 South, 8 West) on the mainland to 
rescue the child.  Return him to her.

- Side Amusements -
Note that most of the characters on this island are modeled after characters 
from Star Trek - The Next Generation.

- Thievery -
There's lots of good equipment here.  Lying around in chests and in the open 
you'll find lots of high quality non-magical armor.  In the chest in Jehanne's 
room you'll find a pair of Magic Boots.

There is a chest in the main hall that can be unlocked with a key found in a 
chest at (48 North, 137 East).  Inside will be a nice stash of reagents.

The main target will be the locked treasury in the northern part of the hold.  
There are actually two keys that will get you inside.  The easiest key can be 
found in Richter's room under some clothing.  The other key is a little more 
involved.  Go to the kitchen a locate the fish that is facing a different 
direction than the others.  This fish will be considered a body rather than 
food.  Open it up to find a key.  Take this key to the southern cave on this 
island at (176 South, 35 East).  Inside will be a chest.  Open this chest with 
the key you got from the fish.  Inside will be the second treasury key.  Inside 
the Serpent's Hold treasury you will find a Magic Sword, Sword of Defense, Fire 
Sword, Juggernaut Hammer, Great Dagger, Magic Axe, and a Magebane.

|Various Islands|
The following is a list of various island's around the map.  None of these 
contribute to the plot, and most of them are just treasure stashes.  Once you 
have a flying carpet or boat visit these islands to collect what they have to 

(110 South, 27 West)  This island is west of Trinsic, and it is probably one of 
the most important islands to visit.  Inside you'll find a key on the ground.  
This is the Skeleton Key.  It basically serves as an infinite lock pick.  It 
will open any chest or door that lock picks would, yet it never breaks.  You'll 
also find a few reagents.

(117 South, 42 West)  Another island west of Trinsic.  It seems empty, but there 
is a walkthrough section of mountain leading to a small room.  There is a key in 
the desk that will unlock the nearby chest.  Treasure includes a few rings, a 
Musket with ammo, and about 1200 gold.

(10 South, 62 West)  This island north of Skara Brae is empty except for a 
mysterious structure.  If you walk underneath the structure you will most likely 
be struck by lightning.

(162 South, 8 East)  There's an island outpost here guarded by a few fighters 
and a mage.  Inside you will find reagents, some black rock, and smoke bombs.  
There's a bag almost completely hidden from view in the southeast corner.  
Inside you will find a key to the nearby chest (which is empty).  But the bag 
contains Magic Boots and some Starbursts.

(168 South, 128 East)  This is the treasure cave that all the parrots in 
Britannia are talking about.  (Use a gavel on any parrot to get the message.)  
Watch out for the invisible caltrops at the entrance and the ghost inside.  
Treasure includes a Lightning Whip, various rings, Invisibility Dust, 4 Glass 
Swords, Magic Boots, Magic Gauntlets, and about 1000 gold.

|Dungeon Destard|
Dungeon Destard is located west of Trinsic.  It is divided into two sections.  
If you attempt to become a Fellowship member, Batlin will send you to this 
dungeon to recover some lost Fellowship funds.  If that is your objective, 
you'll want to take the Dragon Entrance.

- Unicorn Entrance -
(112 South, 11 West) Like the name says, you'll immediately run into a Unicorn 
through this entrance.  The Unicorn will act as a virginity detector for your 
Avatar, but doesn't serve any other purpose.  (You can lose your virginity at 
the Baths on Buccaneer's Den.)  Back behind the Unicorn you'll find some 
treasure: an Invisibility Ring, 30 Magic Arrows, and a handful of gold.  Watch 
out for invisible caltrops and an occasional headless.

- Dragon Entrance -
(71 South, 23 West) Like the name says, you'll run into a dozen or so dragons 
through this entrance.  This is the section of Destard that contains the lost 
Fellowship funds.  But the chest will actually end up being empty.  All you need 
to do to complete his mission though is merely walk through the entrance, then 
you can return and tell him the bad news.  If you want to go farther, be 
ready... this is one of the tougher dungeons in the game.  The dragons are 
tough.  However, if you manage to clear it out you'll find a small fortune in 
gold and gems as well as a Regeneration Ring, Firesword, and a Spellbook.  
(Note: if you walk west from the entrance you'll encounter a small band of 
adventurers looking for the Unicorn.  They are lead by Cosmo, who was sent here
by Ophelia of Jhellom.)

|Dungeon Despise|
Dungeon Despise is located in Serpent's Spine that wraps around the city of 
Britain.  The dungeon itself is broken into two sections.  The western section 
houses the Sphere generator, which has been disrupting the moongates and 
imprisoning the Timelord.  The eastern section contains no plot elements, but 
can be explored for experience and treasure.

- Western Section -
(9 North, 30 West)  You'll find the Magic Carpet at this entrance.  This section 
contains the Sphere generator and Selwyn's Outpost.  Watch out for a four-way 
fire/explosion trap, and a pair of teleporters at dungeon crossroads.  To get to 
the Sphere generator, work your way east, south, and then west again.  You won't 
be able to enter the generator without the Enchanted Hourglass.  If you don't 
have it, contact the Timelord for more information.  Once inside the generator, 
watch the pattern made by the flashing light to successfully navigate the 
moongate puzzle.
In the northwest part of this section of Despise you'll come across Brother 
Wayne, a monk from Empath Abbey, who's been lost in Despise for some time.  
There's nothing you can really do for him though.

- Selwyn's Outpost -
On the way to the Sphere generator you should come across a magically locked 
door.  This door leads to an bandit outpost in the dungeon, apparently lead by a 
mage named Selwyn.  Be prepared to fight a pirate, fighter, paladin, and two 
mages wielding magical weapons.  Check the nightstand and bodies for keys to the 
chests.  In the bedroom area you will find an invisible staircase in the 
northwest corner of the room.  Upstairs you will find a scroll outlining the 
bandit's plans to attack Lord British's castle.  There's plenty of treasure to 
be had including gold, reagents, wands, a Firesword, Magic Bow, Magic Sword, 
Great Dagger, and a set of magic armor.  On this top floor you will find two 
teleport pads and a teleporting mirror.  The teleport pad in the northeast 
corner will teleport you to the apple fields in Britain.  The teleport pad below 
that will teleport you to the remote Southwest Treasure Room.  The teleport 
mirror will take you to the Mirror Room.

- Southwest Treasure Room -
When you arrive at this location you will be surrounded by chests and sleep 
fields.  Ignore all this and walk around till you find a room with a dead mage 
and two teleporters.  Get the key off of the dead mage and pull the switch to 
open a secret door that will give you access to all those chests.  Inside you 
will find another full set of magic armor, a Glass Sword, and 15 Starbursts.  
Also grab the potions, wands, and rings in the area.  Use the teleporters to 
leave.  The left teleporter will take back to Selwyn's bandit outpost, and the 
right teleporter will drop you in the forest west of the dungeon.  (You can 
find a second key for the chests under the flaming oil in the northern room.)

- Mirror Room -
The mirror room is a small hallway with four mirrors.  There will be a Sword of
Defense and a Lightning Whip on a nearby table.  You'll enter through the top 
mirror.  And invisible barrier will prevent you from leaving any other way 
besides a mirror.  The second mirror from the top will take you to Selwyn's 
Tower, which is in the forest west of the dungeon.  (Check the 'In The Area' 
section of Yew for more information.)  The third mirror is shattered and 
inaccessible.  The fourth and final mirror will teleport you to the pirate fort 
out by Vesper.  (Check Vesper's 'In The Area' section for more information.)

- Eastern Section -
The second half of Dungeon Despise can be accessed at (31 North, 4 West) which 
is on the northern part of the mountain range.  This is a complex dungeon with 
lots of keys and secret passages.  There's really no need to come here to 
complete the game, but there is some treasure available.  Make sure to pick up 
the strange looking key off the corpse at the entrance.  Keys for this dungeon 
may be required multiple times, so be sure to keep track of them all.  There are 
two invisible chests in this dungeon, so keep a look out for them.  The total 
treasure of this section of Despise includes a Magic Boomerang, Magic Sword, 
Magic Bow, Magic Gauntlets, 3 Magic Axes, Lightning Whip, Plate Armor, Magic 
Shield, and a few Love Arrows.  Guarding this treasure are dragons, trolls, 
mages, and a few traps.

There are four places where you can walk through the walls.  The first one 
you'll encounter will be a hallway with a teleporter that keeps teleporting you 
back you north.  Check the western wall for a hidden passageway around this 
teleporter.  You'll find the second one when you find a hallway with three iron 
sliding doors in a row with a switch nearby.  Search the southern wall of the 
passageway to access of seemingly locked up room.  The third one is in the 
mushroom/scroll room which I talk about in the 'Teleport Room' section.  The 
final hidden passageway is somewhat obvious.  You will come to a room with a 
pool of water and a bag.  You will see a stone room to the south, and sure 
enough, there is a spot where you can walkthrough the wall.

In one part of the maze you come across a lost mage names Garok Al-Mat.  He will 
tell you that he was looking for the source of the ether problem.  Tell him the 
way out and he'll give you some of his reagents.

In another section of the maze there's a chest I haven't been able to open.  
Cheating reveals it to contain a green potion and a red potion.  Whenever you 
approach it, you characters may get sick and throw up.  If anybody knows where 
the key to this chest is, please email me!

- Teleport Room -
Near the center of the maze you'll find a room with pillars and two teleporters.  
The top teleporter will take you northeast of your location, and the bottom 
teleporter will take you to the mushroom/scroll room.  Inside the 
mushroom/scroll room you will find a key.  This key will let you out of the room 
if you follow the passage to the southwest.  However, there's a secret 
passageway leading north in the northeast corner of the room.  At then end of 
this passage you will find a key and a teleport pad.  I haven't been able to 
find a use for this key, so if you figure it out email me!  The teleport pad 
will take you to a small room in the same dungeon.  Stay off the green teleport 
pad and walk around the room and go up the stairs.  Upstairs you will find a 
locked chest with a Magebane inside and some potions.  Watch out for the arrow 
trap that fires when you pick up the potions.  After you take this stuff, go 
back downstairs and step on the green teleporter.  This will take you to the 
other half of Despise, near the mirror room.  You'll need the key you got at the 
entrance to get out.

- Teleport Fountain -
Near the very end of this dungeon you will come across a fountain.  Depending on 
what side you approach this fountain from, it will teleport you to another part 
of the dungeon.  Approaching from the north will teleport you to an empty prison 
cell you passed early.  Approaching from the east will teleport you to the 
prison cell containing a harpy.  Approaching from the south will send you to the 
other half of Despise, near the mirror room.  You'll need the key you got at the 
entrance to get out.  And finally, approaching from the west will teleport you 
way back the northern half of this dungeon.

|Dungeon Deceit|
Dungeon Deceit is located on an island north of Moonglow.  It houses the 
Tetrahedron generator, which is the cause of the disturbances in the ether.  
There a few other caves on the island itself and nearby islands, but there 
really isn't anything in them.

- Main Entrance -
(2 North, 177 East)  This is the main entrance to the dungeon.  The dungeon 
itself is pretty simple, although it does have a few traps, a few dragons, a 
lich, and a stone harpy.  There's a key in the dragon's treasure room that opens 
a small room further in the maze.  In one dead end you'll come across to women, 
Eiko and Amanda, who are hunting a Cyclops to avenge the death of their father.  
The Cyclops can be found in an outdoor section of the dungeon at (18 North, 176 
East).  Treasure in this dungeon includes Magic Armor, Plate Armor, Plate 
Leggings, and a Glass Sword.  When you reach the Tetrahedron generator, leave 
your party behind and equip the Ethereal Ring.  Inside the generator you'll find 
a huge beast.  The easiest way to defeat him is to use a Glass Sword.  (There's 
even one found in this dungeon.)

- Other Caverns -
(5 South, 174 East) In this cavern you'll find a cemetery and a room with a pile 
of skeletons, but no treasure.

(4 South, 190 East) Another empty cavern, except for a few plaques on the wall.

|Dungeon Wrong|
These dungeons are located east of Yew, on the other side of the forest.  These 
dungeons were once used as prisons, but they have been overrun.  There are no 
plot elements in this dungeon, and you don't need to visit them to finish the 
game.  But if you are looking for more treasure and experience, this is one of 
the places to go.  The dungeon is divided into three sections.

- Wrong I -
(84 North, 14 East)  You'll find some reagents, potions, and some high quality 
non-magical armor.

- Wrong II -
(61 North, 22 East)  More reagents, potions, and a Great Dagger.

- Wrong III -
(39 North, 30 East)  You'll find a Magic Sword in this section.

|Isle of Avatar|
Danag at the Fellowship hall in Buccaneer's Den will direct you towards the Isle 
of Avatar for the final confrontation.  Make sure you bring along the Black Gate 
key, Ryduom's Wand, and the three mini-generator artifacts.  Land on the south 
side of the island and use the Black Gate key to get inside.

- The Final Dungeon -
I won't do a complete walkthrough for this dungeon.  There are some already 
available on the internet if you really get stuck.  But I will point out a few 
hints.  There is one room that is filled with water and has a scroll on the 
center island.  There are two nasty traps nearby.  To the west you will see a 
room with a lever.  If you go in and pull the lever you will be locked in while 
the room erupts into flame.  You'll have to pull the lever a few more times to 
get out.  The other trap is to the north.  You'll see a plaque reading 'Ex Por' 
and a mirror.  If you walk through the mirror you'll be teleported all the way 
outside.  That can be sort of annoying.

There is lots of treasure here.  Unfortunately you're at the end of the game and 
won't have a whole lot of time to use it.  You'll find a Paladin wearing a full 
set magic armor and wielding a Juggernaut Hammer and a Dragon guarding a large 
hoard of gold, gems, another nearly full set of magic armor, a Glass Sword, 
Magic Sword, and a Great Dagger.

You'll eventually come across the Throne of Change.  Basically, every time you 
sit on the Throne is will teleport you to a nearly identical room.  There are 
three sets of rooms that will cycle.  In order to escape the cycle, you'll have 
to discover the Throne of Virtue.  Sit in that once and next time you sit in the 
Throne of Change you will be transported to the next part of the maze.  To help 
keep track of where you are, it can be useful to drop a different item by every 
Throne of Change.  You can use those item to tell if/when you have been there 
before.  At every location, check the outer hallway thoroughly for walkthrough 
walls.  In once case you will find a mage living in the northwest corner of 
room.  He has a packed Spellbook, Magic Armor, Magic Gorget, Firedoom Staff, 
Lightning Wand, Magician's Wand, Great Dagger, Regeneration Ring, and a few 

Eventually you will make it to the final room with the Black Gate.  Batlin, 
Hook, Forskis, Elizabeth, and Abraham will all be there and will attack you.  
Concentrate your initial attack on Hook.  Once he is dead, Batlin will teleport 
away.  After they are all dead, put the three mini-generators in their 
corresponding pedestals and use Ryduom's want to destroy the Black Gate.  (Note: 
you can also choose to walk through the Black Gate instead of destroying it in 
order to see the 'bad' ending.)

- In The Area -
(148 South, 181 East) There's an outpost north of the central bay on this 
island.  There will be a few huts and a bunch of pirates.  One warrior will be 
equipped with a full set of magic armor and a Sword of Defense.  He'll be a bit 
tougher to kill, but that equipment will come in handy.  You'll also find a 
Great Dagger and about 500 gold.  There's no need to wait until the end of the 
game to come here.  If you like, make the journey to this outpost early to take 
advantage of that nice set of armor.

|Isle of Fire|
This will be available only if you have the Forge of Virtue add-on.  The island 
can be found underneath the scroll in the center of the Britannia map.  Save 
yourself a trip by remembering to bring the two lenses from the Museum in 
Britain.  Basically, you'll have to complete three quests (Truth, Love, Courage) 
to get three talisman that represent those forces.  After completing each quest, 
the Avatar's stats will be significantly boosted.  (And they are boosted again 
when you return to Lord British afterwards.)  There are many fine walkthroughs 
for these trials already, so I won't cover them here.  However, I will mention a 
few treasure opportunities:

In the test of Love, when you come across the Stone of Castambre look carefully 
at its northern edge.  A lever is barely visible.  Pull this lever and go back 
into the cave to the north.  A secret door will have opened that leads to a 
treasure room containing a Death Scythe, Firedoom Staff, and 9 Glass Swords.

In the test of Courage make sure to thoroughly search all the bodies that you 
find lying around.  You should be able to find almost a complete set of magical 
armor.  Weapons include a Great Dagger, a few Magic Axes, a Triple Crossbow, and 
a Glass Sword.  The Magic Helm is somewhat tricky to get.  After you have placed 
it on the pedestal to get to the dragon, cast Mark on one of the Virtue stones 
in the dragon's room.  Re-enter the test and grab the Magic Helm and just use 
Recall in order to get to the dragon in the future.

Of course, in order to complete the quest of Courage you'll have to forge the 
Blackrock Sword, which is the best weapon in the game.

|Inaccessible Rooms|
The following are a few locations that I believe to be inaccessible without 
cheating.  If anyone ever finds a non-cheat way to get to these rooms, let me 

(33 North, 122 East) This small room has a dead corpse (Denyel) with a note for 
his beloved (Mythra).  The note mentions that he is stuck and cannot figure a 
way out.

(15 South, 51 East) This is the 'dead' room.  Whenever a significant character 
is killed in the game, they will be sent to this room.

(10 North, 41 West) If you enter this room Lord British will appear and call you 
a cheater and begin to attack you.  Everyone in Britannia will die and most text 
will be replaced with the phrase 'oink'.  You'll have to restart your game, so 
make sure you save before you do this.

|Loose Ends|
The following are a few keys, doors, or chests that I couldn't figure out how to 
access.  If you have any information about any of these items, please email me!

Gregor's Key - Gregor, the head of the Britannian Mining Co. in Minoc, has a two 
story house north of the Fellowship Hall.  On the second floor there is a red 
and blue key that I've never found a use for.

Sean's Storeroom - There's a back room in the jewelry in Britain with three gold 
bars.  Does anybody know where the key to unlock this door is?

Chest and key in Dungeon Despise - In the Eastern Section of Dungeon Despise are 
a key I have not found a use for and a chest I have been unable to open.  The 
locations of these items are detailed in Dungeon Despise - Eastern Section.

I'd like to compile the locations of all the fountains in the game and what each 
of them do when drunk from.

I'd like to compile a list of all the crystal balls in the game, particularly 
the ones that are hooked up to some particular 'view'.

I'd like to include the locations of all the dinosaur bones in Britannia as they
are the primary source of musket ammunition.

While everything in this FAQ was individually compiled by myself, there are 
countless FAQs and Walkthroughs that have assisted me in exploring this game.  
As there are too many to mention, I'd like to offer a sweeping, generic thanks
to all the documentors that have gone before me.

This document Copyright 2002 Andrew Simpkins.

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