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Dan Simpson's Ultima VII Walkthrough

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                       Ultima 7: Part One, the Black Gate

                                April 18, 2009
                                 Version  2.7

                        Written by:  Dan Simpson
                             Email:  dsimpson.faqs@gmail.com

                                Email Policy:
         If you are going to email me about this game, please put
         Ultima 7 as the subject.  Or the Black Gate.  Also please
         realize that I am not hiding cheats or any other information,
         i.e. everything I know about Ultima 7 is in this guide.

         If you see any mistakes, or have anything that you want to add
         please email me!  I will, of course, give you full credit for
         your addition, and be eternally grateful to you.

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This FAQ looks best in Courier New at about 9 points.

Exult - http://exult.sourceforge.net/ - an open source engine for Ultima 7 and
        Serpent Isle, supports both Windows and Unix.

This Document is Copyright 1999-2009 by Dan Simpson
Ultima 7 is Copyright by Origin and/or Electronic Arts

I am not affiliated with Origin, Electronic Arts, or anyone who had anything
to do with the creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so
long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting
it.  You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.

What's New in 2.7:
    Added the tax dodging nudist sub-plot solution from Linda. Added xp
    rewards from Johan Vestergaard Paulsen. Linda Shaw sent in the location
    of the key for the chest south of Trinsic and the Skeleton Key. Added some
    notes from Matthew Orrte. Added Marzo Sette Torres Jr's note on the Death

  For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
  of the FAQ.

| Table of Contents:                                                          |
  |   i.    Introduction
  |   ii.   Britannia
  |   iii.  Items
  |   iv.   Spells
  |   v.    Companions
  |   vi.   Trainers
  |   vii.  The Fine Art of Stealing
  |   viii. General Strategies
  |  Walkthrough:
  |   1.    Trinsic,                  "That is one -bleeping- dead blacksmith."
  |   2.    Britain,                                         "I know the Game!"
  |   3.    Cove,                                           "I bring you LOVE!"
  |   4.    Minoc,       "You'd almost think these two murders were related..."
  |   5.    Paws, Jhelom, and Elizabeth and Abraham
  |   6.    Back to Britain,           "No, I'm not just joining to spy on you"
  |   7.    Vesper, Moonglow, Terfin, and the Meditation Retreat
  |   8.    Yew,                 "Look at all those cuddly Ewoks...I mean Emps"
  |   9.    Serpent's Hold,                                       "Make it so!"
  |   10.   New Magincia,                    "Hey... there's a *NEW* Magincia!"
  |   11.   Skara Brae,   "Don't you need _Questions_ to Life and Death first?"
  |   12.   Alagner's Notebook and the Time Lord
  |   13.   The Tetrahedron,         "Stone Harpies are the Devil, I tells ya!"
  |   14.   The Sphere,                        "It's a small Sphere after all!"
  |   15.   The Cube,          "Oh no, the worst enemy of them all...the Borg!"
  |   16.   Buccaneer's Den,   "Gasp!  Look at all the incriminating Evidence!"
  |   17.   The Black Gate
  |  Subplots: (there are 24 subplots, broken down as follows)
  |   a.    Paws:            3 subplots
  |   b.    Britain:         3
  |   c.    Cove:            1
  |   d.    Minoc:           1
  |   e.    Jhelom:          1
  |   f.    Vesper:          2
  |   g.    Moonglow:        4
  |   h.    Terfin:          1
  |   i.    Yew:             4
  |   j.    Serpent's Hold:  2
  |   k.    New Magincia:    1
  |   l.    Buccaneer's Den: 1
  |  Appendices:
  |   A.    Isle of Fire Walkthrough
  |   B.    Orb of the Moons
  |   C.    Almanac
  |   D.    Secret Locations
  |   E.    Cheating
  |   F.    Monsters
  |   G.    Keyboard Commands
  |   H.    Gameplay Issues
  |   I.    Online Resources
  '-> J.    Final Words...

| i. Introduction, "That exploding butterfly _can't_ be a good sign..."       |

  Two Hundred years have passed in Britannia since the time of the False
  Prophet.  Years that have been marked by peace, not by turmoil.  The people
  have flourished, and the land has prospered.  A new organization called the
  "Fellowship" has begun teaching the citizens of Britannia to "Trust they
  Brother."  It seems the need for the hero known as the Avatar, is long gone.

  Yet not all is well in the land of Britannia.  Magic has mysteriously
  vanished, and all the practicers of its arcane art have gone insane.  And
  those who question this new fellowship, are found brutally murdered.  Who is
  this "Guardian", and what does he want?  Who is behind this new "Fellowship"?
  And what is his connection to these happenings?

  Only one thing is for sure.  A Red Moongate summons you, back to Britannia
  and back to adventure the likes of which to shake your soul to its core.

  Ultima 7 (part 1 of 2), can be a very large and confusing game.  It has
  numerous subquests, sideplots, and small diversions.  Taken as a whole, this
  is a very huge game.  The main plot, however, is very simple and easy to
  Walkthrough.  However, to get the most enjoyment out of the game, explore it
  all on your own, do all those little sidequests (truly that is the SPICE of
  life), and refer to this only if you are truly stumped.

  If you are playing the SNES version of Ultima 7, please do yourself a favor,
  and throw that piece of garbage away.  It is by far the WORST game port that
  I have ever seen.  So throw it away, and go buy the Ultima 7 Complete, or the
  Ultima Collection to play the actual game the way it was meant to be played.

| ii. Britannia                                                               |

  Britannia is divided up into several main groups:  Towns, Dungeons, and
  general geographic areas.  A more thorough reference on the towns can be
  found in the Appendix "C. Almanac".

  Quick Reference on Locations: (for the copy protection)

     Name:                 Location: (lat, long)
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Britain            -  (0, 0)
     Buccaneer's Den    -  (60S, 60E)
     Cove               -  (0, 60E)
     Empath Abbey       -  (90N, 60W)
     Jhelom             -  (120S, 60W)
     Lycaeum            -  (60S, 180E)
     Minoc              -  (90N, 60E)
     Moonglow           -  (60S, 180E)
     New Magincia       -  (90S, 120E)
     Paws               -  (0, 0)
     Serpent's Hold     -  (150S, 60E)
     Skara Brae         -  (30S, 60W)
     Spektran           -  (120S, 90E)
     Terfin             -  (150S, 120E)
     Trinsic            -  (90S, 0)
     Vesper             -  (0, 120E)
     Yew                -  (90N, 60W)

     Ambrosia           -  (93N, 187E)
     Covetous           -  (58N, 95E)
     Deceit             -  (2N, 177E)
     Despise            -  (8N, 30W)
     Destard            -  (70S, 23W)
     Isle of the Avatar -  (150S, 180E)
     Wrong              -  (60N, 22E)

     Great Forest       -  (60N, 30W)
     Fens of Dead       -  (60, 0)
     Blood Marsh        -  (30, 90)
     Bog of Desolation  -  (30, 30)
     Spiritwood         -  (60, 30)
     Serpents Spine     -  (0, 30) or (30, 0)
     Dagger Isle        -  (0, 0)

| iii. Items, "Magic Sword, Hoe of Destruction... decisions, decisions..."    |

  Weapons: (as sorted, best to worst)
    * - indicates 2 handed
    Note: a max of 3 locations will be listed, after that you're on your own!

    Name:              Damage:       Location: (Sextant Coord.)
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Demon Sword           ???        Isle of Fire
    Glass Sword (breaks)  127        (23S, 43W),(25N, 178E),(48N, 137E)
    *Death Scythe          50        (53S, 64W),(45S, 154E)
    *Juggernaut Hammer     25        (157S, 53E),(88S, 55E),(176S, 188E)
    *Hoe of Destruction    20        Macks Shed
    *Firedoom Staff        20        (7N, 50W),(60S, 69E),(136S, 165E)
    Powderkeg (explodes)   16        by Cannons
    *2-Handed Sword        11            ***
    Lighting Whip          10        (23N, 36W),(55N, 144E),(62S, 78E)
    Halberd                10            ***
    Magic Axe               8        (157S, 53E),(23S, 76W),(23N, 15E)
    Fire Sword              8        (100S, 12W),(5S, 24W),(128S, 3W)
    *Scythe                 7        Farms
    Magebane                7        (16 N, 38 E),(18N, 12W),(157S, 53E)
    Sword of Defense    6 (3 Def.)   (128S, 3W),(143S, 173E),(74S, 62E)
    Magic Sword             6        (157S, 53E),(5S, 24W),(77N, 196E)
    Custom Sword            6        Trainers
    Sword                   6            ***
    Serpentine Sword        6        De Snel's
    *Shovel                 6        Farms
    Shears                  6            ***
    Fellowship Staff        6            ***
    Great Dagger            5            ***
    Morningstar             5            ***
    Pick                    4        Mines
    Throwing Axe            4            ***
    Decorative Sword        4            ***
    Whip                    4            ***
    Hammer                  4            ***
    Torch                   3            ***
    Sling                   3        Spark starts with
    *Rake                   2        Farms
    Main Gauche             2            ***
    Pitchfork               2        Farms
    Magic Boomerang         2        (158S, 142E),(2N, 21E)
    Knife                   2        Kitchens
    *Hoe                    2        Farms
    Cleaver                 2            ***
    Club                    2            ***
    Boomerang               1            ***
    Poison Dagger      1 + poison    Pirates
    Serpentine Dagger       1        De Snel's
    Dagger                  1            ***

    Note:  The Death Scythe. It has two effects which most people don't seem to
           know: curse and magebane. Given the amount of damage it does, it is
           rather hard to see them in effect, though. (Marzo Sette Torres Jr)

  Missile Weapons: (not sorted)
    Name:              Damage:       Location:
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Bow                     8            ***
      Arrow            same as bow       ***
      Burst Arrow       bow +2           ***
      Magic Arrow          +4        cast "enchant" on arrows
      Tseramed Arrow       +1        Tseramed, in Yew
    Magic Bow              12        (48N, 74W),(46N, 7E),(85S, 126E)
    Crossbow               10        Iolo starts with
      Bolt             same as           ***
      Magic Bolt           +2        cast "enchant" on bolts
    Triple Crossbow        28            ***
    Blowgun                 1            ***
    Cannon                 90        Britain, Serpents Hold
    Musket                  9        Lord British, Museum
    Fire Wand              10        (84S, 67E),(20S, 37W),(68N, 30W)
    Lightning Wand          8        (79S, 89E),(7N, 50W),(18N, 6W)

  Armor: There are 6 places of the body to protect, namely, head, neck, torso,
         hands, legs, and feet.  Armor only decreases the likelihood of your
         getting hit, it does not reduce the damage if you do get hit.
    Sorted from BEST to WORST
    Name:             Defense:   |  Name:            Defense:
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Magic Armor            5     |  Sword of Defense      3
    Magic Helm             4     |  Chain Armor           2
    Magic Leggings         4     |  Chain Coif            2
    Magic Helm             4     |  Chain Leggings        2
    Magic Shield           4     |  Gauntlets             2
    Plate Armor            4     |  Greaves               2
    Great Helm             4     |  Scale Armor           2
    Antique Armor          3     |  Spiked/Wooden Shield  2
    Crested Helm           3     |  Buckler               1
    Curved Heater          3     |  Kidney Belt           1
    Decorative Shield      3     |  Leather (anything)    1
    Gorget                 3     |  Protection Ring       1
    Plate Leggings         3     |
    Magic Gauntlets        3     |

  Note:  All magic weapons and armors are LIGHTER than their normal

  Reagents: (only the BEST priced seller is listed, if its a tie then both are,
             for the complete list, look in the "C. Almanac" section under each
             Apothecaries town)

    Name:             Location:        Best Seller:          Price:
    ¯¯¯¯¯             ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          ¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Black Pearl   -   Cove             -  Rudyom             -    5
    Blood Moss    -   Terfin           -  Sarpling           -    2
    Garlic        -   Moonglow, Terfin -  Mariah, Sarpling   -    1
    Ginseng       -   Terfin           -  Sarpling           -    1
    Mandrake Root -   Cove, Yew        -  Rudyom, Nicodemus  -    5
    Nightshade    -   Yew              -  Nicodemus          -    5
    Spider Silk   -   Yew              -  Nicodemus          -    3
    Sulfurous Ash -   Terfin           -  Sarpling           -    3

    You can also gather your own reagants (free):
          Sulfurous Ash near Destard. (95S, 19W)
          Spider Silk in the forest at (49N, 72W)
          Nightshade around mushrooms at (47N, 61W)
    Note: These aren't guaranteed to be there, but usually are.
          (and if anyone can find any others please email me about it!)

    Note: Wis-Sur also sells Blood Moss, Spider Silk, Sulfurous Ash, Mandrake
          Root, and Black Pearls, but at expensive prices.  You can haggle,

    Name:    Effect:          Best Seller:     Price:
    ¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Black  - Invisibility   - Mariah              90
    Blue   - Sleep          - Kessler             15
    Orange - Awaken         - Wis-Sur             10
    Purple - Protection     - Kessler             15
    White  - Light          - Kessler             50
    Yellow - Healing        - Kessler            150
    Red    - Cure (poison)  - Kessler, Wis-Sur   150
    Green  - Poison         - Kessler             15

    Apothecaries:  Kessler (Britain), Mariah (Moonglow), Wis-Sur (Vesper)
    Note:  Kessler buys silver serpent venom at 50 gold a vial

| iv. Spells, "What does Armageddon do?... oops."                             |

  Not every spell in this game is useful.  Most are completely useless.  Some
  are merely fun.  Others you will use so often you'll wish your spell book had
  a "Last 10" spells section.

  Which spells you can cast depends on your level.  Level 6 can cast circle 6,
  Level 7 can cast circle 7, etc.  The circle number also indicates how much
  mana a spell costs.  Circle 7 costs 7 mana, etc.

  Each Mage sells their spells based on the circle the spell is in, with a 6th
  circle spell costing more than a 1st.  Notice how Mariah's costs are random?
  She's quite insane.  It is recommended that you buy only the cheapest spell,
  as the cost adds up quickly.

  There are 8 spells per circle and there are 8 circles (9 circles if you count
  "Linear Spells") for a total of 64 standard spells (+8 linear).

  The Mages:  (how many spells they have at the optimal price)
    Nystul    (5 spells):  Britain - Lord British's castle
    Rudyom    (19 spells): Cove - his own house
    Nicodemus (21 spells): Yew - house with giant chess set
    Mariah    (23 spells): Moonglow - Lycaeum
    Wis-Sur   (4 spells):  Terfin (Gargoyle)
    Note: Some of Nicodemus' and Rudyom's spells overlap

  Symbols used in Spellbook below:
  Reagants:  GN - Ginseng
             GR - Garlic
             BM - Blood Moss
             NS - Nightshade
             SA - Sulfurous Ash
             SS - Spider Silk
             MR - Mandrake Root
             BP - Black Pearl

  Mages:     R - Rudyom
             Ny - Nystul
             Ni - Nicodemus
             W - Wis-Sur
             M - Mariah

  * - indicates you start with this spell

  Linear Spells: (the linear spells are automatically in each spellbook)
   *Awaken    -- No reagents are needed for any linear spell --
  First Circle: (165 gold)
    Name:               Reagents:                  Mages(cost):
    -----               ---------                  ------------
    Awaken All           GN, GR                     R(25)
    Create Food          GN, GR, MR                 Ny(35), M(60)
   *Cure                 GN, GR                     Ni(25), R(25), M(80)
    Detect Trap          SS, NS                     Ni(25), R(25), M(100)
    Great Douse          GR, SS                     W(30), Ny(35)
    Great Ignite         SA, SS                     Ni(25), W(30)
   *Light                SA                         R(25), W(30), Ny(35), M(40)
    Locate               NS                         Ni(25), W(30), Ny(35)
  Second Circle: (320)
    Destroy Trap         SA, BM                     Ni(45), R(45), W(50), M(100
    Enchant              BP, MR                     Ni(45), W(50), Ny(55)
   *Fire Blast           SA, BP                     R(45), W(50)
    Great Light          SA, MR                     R(45), W(50)
    Mass Cure            MR, GR, GN                 Ny(55)
    Protection           SA, GN, GR                 Ni(45), Ny(55), M(80)
    Telekinesis          BM, MR, BP                 R(45), Ny(55), M(60)
    Wizard Eye           BM, NS, MR, SA, BP, SS     M(40), Ni(45)
  Third Circle: (485)
    Curse                SA, NS, GR                 R(65), W(70)
   *Heal                 GN, GR, SS                 M(40), R(65), Ny(85)
    Paralyze             SS, NS                     Ni(65), R(65), W(70)
    Peer                 NS, MR                     M(60), Ni(65)
    Poison               NS, BM, BP                 Ni(65), R(65), W(70)
    Protect All          SA, GN, GR, MR             Ny(85), M(100)
    Sleep                NS, SS, BP                 M(80), Ny(85)
    Swarm                (none)                     Ni(65), W(70), Ny(85)
  Fourth Circle: (620)
    Conjure              SS, MR                     W(90), Ny(95)
    Lightning            BP, SA, MR                 R(85), W(90)
    Mark                 MR, BP, BM                 M(40), Ni(85), R(85)
    Mass Curse           SA, NS, GR, MR             W(90), Ny(95)
    Recall               MR, BP, BM                 M(60), Ni(85), R(85)
    Reveal               SA, BM                     W(90), Ny(95)
    Seance               BM, MR, NS, SS, SA         M(80), R(85)
    Unlock Magic         SA, BM                     Ny(95), Ni(85), M(100)
      (Note: although Nicodemus sells Unlock Magic, you need the spell to even
       get into his house, so you can't buy it from him)
  Fifth Circle: (740)
    Charm                BP, NS, SS                 M(60), R(115)
    Dance                MR, GR, BM                 M(100), R(115)
    Dispel Field         GR, BP, SA, SS             Ni(115), W(120), Ny(125)
    Explosion            MR, SA, BP, BM             Ni(115), R(115), W(120)
    Fire Field           BP, SA, SS                 M(80), W(120), Ny(125)
    Great Heal           GN, SS, MR, GR             R(115), Ny(125)
    Invisibility         NS, BM                     M(40), Ni(115), Ny(125)
    Mass Sleep           GN, NS, SS                 Ni(115), W(120)
  Sixth Circle: (820)
    Cause Fear           NS, MR, GR                 M(80), Ny(145)
    Clone                SA, SS, BM, GN, NS, MR     M(40), R(135), W(140)
    Fire Ring            SA, BP, MR, SS             Ni(135), W(140), Ny(145)
    Flame Strike         SA, BP, BM                 Ny(145)
    Magic Storm          MR, NS, SA, BM             M(100), R(135)
    Poison Field         NS, SS, BP                 Ni(135), R(135)
    Sleep Field          GN, SS, BP                 M(60), R(135), Ny(145)
    Tremor               BM, SA, MR                 Ni(135), W(140)
  Seventh Circle: (900)
    Create Gold          MR, SS                     R(155)
    Death Bolt           BP, NS, SA                 Ni(155), Ny(165)
    Delayed Blast        MR, SA, BP, BM, SS         Ni(155), R(155)
    Energy Field         MR, BP, SS, SA             M(100), Ni(155), Ny(165)
    Energy Mist          MR, NS, SA, BM             M(60), Ni(155), Ny(165)
    Mass Charm           BP, NS, SS, MR             R(155)
    Mass Might           BP, MR, GN                 M(40), Ny(165)
    Restoration          GN, GR, SA, MR             M(80), R(155)
  Eight Circle: (1020)
    Armageddon           All Reagants Needed        R(185)
    Death Vortex         MR, NS, SA, BM             Ni(185), Ny(195)
    Invisibility         MR, NS, BP, BM             M(100), Ny(195)
    Mass Death           GR, GN, MR, BM, NS         Ni(185), Ny(195)
    Resurrection         GR, GN, SS, SA             M(40), R(185)
    Summon               MR, GR, BM                 Ni(185), R(185)
    Swordstrike          BP, MR, NS                 M(80), Ni(185), R(185)
    Time Stop            MR, BM, GR                 M(60), Ny(195)
                                       Cheapest Total of All Spells: 5070 gold
                                       or an Average of 84.5 gold per spell

  Some Notes on Spells:

  Necessary Spells: (cannot pass game without these!)
    Seance        - to talk to anyone in Skara Brae you need this (4-M-80)
    Unlock Magic  - to get into Nicodemus' house you will need to open his door
                    which is magically locked (4-Ny-95)

  Very Useful Spells: (you'll really want these, trust me)
    Cure and Mass Cure - You'll find yourself poisoned at the worst times, and
                         sometimes it is just completely inconvenient to go
                         back to Lord British, and you'll need to save Jaana
                         for more serious ailments. (start with cure, 2-Ny-55)
    Telekinesis - Allows you to move things without being near them. (2-R-45)
    Mark and Recall - No point in having one without the other.  Allows all
                      sorts of teleportation to spots that you choose, unlike
                      the orb of moons which takes you to predetermined spots.
                      (4-M-40, 4-M-60)
    Restoration - The spell that heals everyone completely.  Very nice (7-M-80)
    Resurrection - Because Jaana and Lord British can't do it all the time.
                   Plus what do you do if Jaana dies?  (8-M-40)

  Other Spells:
    Only the really useful spells are covered above, as for the rest you can
    gauge your needs and decide if you really need them.  Death Vortex is
    really nice (cast it on yourself and run around, anything that attacks you
    will die), as is Mass Death, but it's usually just as easy to fight on your

  For a good time (save it before you do this), cast Armageddon.  Everyone on
  the planet will die.  Except Lord British and Batlin.  Go talk to them, and
  hear what they have to say.

| v. Companions, "But you look so OLD, Iolo!"                                 |


  Iolo - Bard - your old buddy, comes equipped with a crossbow, a few bolts,
         leather armor, and his trusty lute.
         STR 18, DEX 19, INT 20, COMBAT 19
         Trinsic (his home is in Yew, however)

  Shamino - Ranger - another old buddy, now a barfly with aspirations of
         marriage comes equipped with a sword, and gives you your pocketwatch.
         STR 18, DEX 21, INT 19, COMBAT 16

  Dupre - Paladin/Knight - the final old buddy, also a barfly, but now knighted
         found drunk and with a large bar tab in New Magincia.
         STR 21, DEX 20, INT 18, COMBAT 18


  Spark - annoying brat - this little kid had the misfortune of having his
         father killed, so somehow guilt-trips his way into your party.  He
         isn't very strong, however, he is fast.

         Note: Spark starts at level 1 instead of 3, which means he has 6 more
               training points than everyone else, making him one of the
               strongest companions. (from Matthew Orrte)

         STR 14, DEX 22, INT 18, COMBAT 10

  Jaana - Healer - Jaana spends her time in Cove as the healer, and is
         currently in love with Cove's mayor.  Can heal people, cure poison,
         and cast Resurrection on dead companions.  Comes with a hawk.
         STR 13, DEX 16, INT 18, COMBAT 8

  Sentri - Trainer - Can train your people (Dex +1) for free, and is also a
         good strong fighter.  Also has a room full of armor.
         STR 18, DEX 20, INT 18, COMBAT 16

  Tseramed - Archer - Fairly good archer, comes with a special kind of sleep
         arrow.  Hates the Fellowship on a personal level.  A good member to
         have in the party.  Don't say your name as "Fellowship" or he'll never
         join your party.
         STR 16, DEX 17, INT 18, COMBAT 12


  Julia - Tinker - Julia is a very weak character, and doesn't come with much
         in the way of equipment.
         STR 12, DEX 14, INT 18, COMBAT 8

  Katrina - Shepherd - Katrina is the weakest character of them all (IMHO), and
         she comes with very little equipment, not even a sack.
         STR 11, 15, INT 18, COMBAT 8
         New Magincia

  Recommended Party: (in order of when you get them)
    Iolo, Spark, Shamino, Sentri, Jaana, Tseramed, and Dupre

  You can have a maximum of 7 other people in your party at the same time.
  However, if you do it wrong, you can only have 5 other people in your party.
  The trick?  Get 5 non-standard people in your party, then ask one of the
  standard members to join.  Then you can get the full 7.

| vi. Trainers, "But how does 1 hour of training make me STRONGER?"           |

  As sorted by Skill/Cost:

  Name:      City:      Skills Increased:           Cost: (Skill/Cost)
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
  Karenna  - Minoc    - Dex +1, Combat +1         - 20 gold (10)
  Jakher   - Minoc    - Str +1, Int +1            - 20 gold (10)
  Zaksam   - Vesper   - Combat +2, Str +1         - 40 gold (13.3)
  Menion   - S. Hold  - Str +2, Combat +1         - 45 gold (15)
  Bradman  - Yew      - Dex +2                    - 30 gold (15)
  Perrin   - Yew      - Int +2, Magic +1          - 45 gold (15)
  Inforlem - Terfin   - Str +1, Dex +1, Combat +1 - 50 gold (16.6)
                        Int +2, Magic +1          - 50 gold (16.6)
  Jillian  - Moonglow - Int +1, Magic +1          - 35 gold (17.5)
  Penni    - Yew      - Str +1, Combat +1         - 35 gold (17.5)
  Rayburt  - Cove     - Int +1, Dex +1, Combat +1 - 60 gold (20)
  De Snel  - Jhelom   - Combat +2                 - 40 gold (20)
  Markus   - Trinsic  - Combat +1                 - 20 gold (20)
  Zella    - Britain  - Dex +1, Combat +1         - 45 gold (22.5)
  Chad     - Moonglow - Dex +1, Combat +1         - 45 gold (22.5)
  Denby    - Britain  - Dex +1, Int +1, Magic +1  - 75 gold (25)
  Sentri   - Britain  - Dex +1                    - 30 gold (30)
  Lucky    - B. Den   - Int +1                    - 35 gold (35)

  Best Trainers: (with the best listed first)
    Magic and Int - Perrin,  Inforlem, Jillian
    Strength      - Menion, Jakher, Zaksam
    Dex           - Sentri (if in party), Karenna, Bradman
    Combat        - Karenna, Zaksam, Inforlem
    Good Mix      - Inforlem, Rayburt

  Note:  The Forge of Virtue MAXIMIZES the Avatar's stats, so if you have that
         add-on, don't train yourself too much.

         Also note that once you maximize one stat, then you can't train with
         anyone who advances that stat, even if you want to learn something
         else that they teach.

| vii. The Fine Art of Stealing                                               |

  So ... you wanna be a Thief Avatar, but you're always getting caught by
  either the guards, or your guilty Companions.  Well here's a very simple
  trick to Minimizing your risk while stealing things:

      Open a container.  Move the item directly into the Container.

  That's it.  Open up your backpack and put the purloined goods directly in, or
  open a drawer and take things directly onto yourself.  Guards can even be
  standing right next to you and they won't even care.  However, sometimes
  odd things can happen when you swipe things like this.  It isn't very common,
  but your Companions will still complain about it, and sometimes leave the
  party.  (If they do leave, talk to them again, and apologize; but if they
  leave again, they may not join ever again)  One way to try to neutralize that
  is to steal things using them.  Put the stolen goods directly into their
  backpack.  They can't complain about you stealing things, when they are the
  ones that are actually doing it.

  Never ever move things.  Either take it or leave it there.  Sometimes even if
  a container is opened, if you move an item, the owner of the item will still
  yell "Do not touch that!"  So if you're going to steal it, just take it.
  Don't move it.

  Robbing the Bank:
    Need some money?  Sick of all those rich Britannian citizens arrogantly
    strutting about as though they are better than you?  Well go rob the bank!
    First off, find the Mint woman's house, and kill her in her sleep (you may
    want to leave your party outside for this part).  Search her body and take
    the keys.  Use the keys to open the Mint, take all the money (you will
    probably want your party for the actual robbing) and the gold bars and
    nuggets.  If the guards start attacking you, cast the "Help" spell to get
    out of there (the guards will forget about you).  Now get the corpse, bring
    it to Lord British, and have him resurrect her.  She'll go back to the
    Mint. Go talk to her there, and exchange your stolen gold bars, for gold.
    You'd think she'd recognize her own murderer, or that she essentially just
    bought back the Mint's own money.  You are now RICH!

    Other people and places to rob.  The jewelry store.  Use similar tactics as
    the Mint.  At night, go to the jewelry store (it's not like its locked or
    anything), make sure to not have your party with you, smash the glass and
    take all the jewels.  If any guards attack you, cast "Help" to get away.
    Then during the day sell the jewels back to the jeweler.

    The exact same tactic works in the weapons store, and the bow shop.

| viii. General Strategies                                                    |

How to Play the Game:
  Ultima 7, unlike all the Ultimas before it, is mouse driven.  You barely use
  the keyboard for anything.  To walk, move the arrow in the direction that you
  wish to travel, and hold down the right mouse button. (or double right click
  your destination)  To use something, or to open your inventory, double click
  the object.  To open your companions inventory, open yours, then open theirs.
  If you just double click them you will talk to them instead.  You can also
  use items like food by double clicking.  To pick things up, left click and
  hold, and drag the item to where you want to put it.  Simple!

  First and foremost your gonna need to survive all those battles that you will
  find yourself in.

  Step One in this is preparation.  Enter battles with plenty of party members,
  who are well equipped.  Leather Armor is not well equipped.  Even Chain Armor
  is not that good.  Try to get all Plate, and Magic when you find it.  Also
  don't give everyone the same type of weapon, as this will crowd them in one
  area, and they may hit each other.  Give one person a sword, another a
  two-handed weapon, another a whip, then a crossbow, and maybe another
  throwing weapon like a Magic Axe.

  Step Two, you have to recognize which battles to get into.  A level three
  Avatar is not going to win against a Dragon all by himself (barring using
  another strategy that we will discuss later).  In the beginning of the game,
  limit your battles to simple things like Headless, Bandits and maybe a
  Reaper.  Then you can move on to harder battles like Cyclops, Dragons, etc.

  Ok now you are in a battle, but things aren't going well at all, your party
  is disorganized, Iolo keeps shooting your own people, and Shamino just ran
  off in terror.  As long as you know where everyone is, keep fighting.  Stop
  Shamino right away since anyone who runs away will drop their items in an
  attempt to lighten their load (maybe to run faster), and quite obviously we
  don't want that to happen.  Use potions and bandages (while in the paused
  Inventory mode) on anyone who needs it.  And lastly make sure that the Avatar
  is actually attacking and not just standing around, since he doesn't actually
  finish enemies off, just gets them to the point where they run off or

  If you want to cast spells in a battle, there are 2 ways.  One is to cast the
  spell directly.  The other way is to equip the Spellbook in your attacking
  hand and place the marker on the spell you want to cast, then enter combat
  mode, and attack.  You will then cast your spell as the attack.

  Now for that strategy that I mentioned earlier.  When confronted by a
  superior foe, and you know that under normal circumstances that you have no
  chance to win.  Merely feed the Dragon (or whatever) a Blue Potion to put him
  to sleep.  Hit him, and do it again.  Simple.  Especially since Blue Potions
  cost only 15 gold and can be used while in Inventory mode (unlike spells), so
  you won't ever have to get hit.  A couple other things you can do is to use a
  Poison Potion and a Blue Potion so that the enemy takes damage in his sleep.

  A few other things to remember: Spells.  Remember that you do possess the
  magic ability.  Some useful spells are, Poison, Curse, Protection, and

Sorting through all the items:
  There are a lot of items in this game.  Innumerable keys, thousands of gold
  pieces, etc.  It can be quite a mess to look through your inventory.  So...
  Simplify!  Get one bag, put all your keys in it (in early versions of the
  game you could "lose" keys when you went to sleep, if that happens to you,
  just take the bag out of your possession before you go to sleep, and take it
  back after you wake up.).  Give one party member all of your gold-Iolo works
  for this, another all your potions and bandage-Jaana is ideal for this, yet
  another for all your food-Shamino or Dupre.  Keep all PLOT items to yourself,
  i.e. Rudyom's Wand, Blackrock pieces, etc.  Also keep the sextant and the map
  to yourself, and have another bag for Reagants.  Also the best place for the
  Spellbook is in the slot right above the Avatar's weapon.  You don't have to
  follow my item sorting strategy here, but try to keep things organized. Don't
  just give things to people then have to search everyone for it later.

  So once you have a lot of items, and you want to sort them properly, but the
  game keeps saying "won't fit."  This is because every item in the game has a
  size as well as a weight, it's just that you can't really tell what the size
  is just by looking at something.  Well there is a good way around this
  problem.  Firstly, move all gold, food, and whatnot to other NPC's.  If your
  item still won't fit here's what to do.  Have 2 bags in your backpack and as
  many items as you can manage, then move your item into one of the bags.  Even
  if you can't fit the item into your backpack, you may be able to fit it into
  a bag... that is still in the backpack.

  One of the best ways to get money is to slay dragon's in the Dungeon Destard.
  Each dragon is usually full of Gems.  Take all their gems and sell them to
  the jeweler in Britain.  Best thing is, there are always more dragons
  whenever you come back, no matter how many you kill.

  Once you get to Minoc, and more specifically, the Mines there, gather all
  the Silver Serpent Venom you can find, and sell it in Britain at 50 gold a

  A more honest, and less violent, way to get money is to get a part time job
  in Britain.  There are several available.  You can bake bread, gather
  pumpkins, or collect eggs.  Other ways involve selling things that you find
  along the way.  You can sell Gems, Gold bars and nuggets, bags of flour, and
  mutton, and my favorite Silver Serpent Venom.

  A dishonest (well sorta) way to get money is to gamble for it in Buccaneer's
  Den. In the House of Games is a Rat Race game, with the usual odds of 4 to 1,
  that is if you bet 100 and win you get 400, if you lose, you lose all. Since,
  however, the owners of the Games are in the Fellowship, once you join the
  Fellowship (and presumably wear your amulet) the odds improve to 6 to 1.
  Which means that you can place money on all the rats and still make money.
  For example you put 100 on each rat, the race ends and you lose the 300 on
  the losing rats, but you gain 600 on the winning rat.  (well technically you
  only gain 200)  Then spread your winnings on all the rats again, and you will
  get even more money.  You could start with as little as 4 gold coins and
  become a millionaire (I really recommend that you don't get too much money,
  as it makes the game unstable).

  And finally don't forget the various treasure troves around the planet. There
  are a lot of places that are full of Gems and Gold Bars.

  Nathaniel Dolynchuk has these strategies to add:

    I talked to batlin about getting the package after the initial attempt
    failed when I had too much stuff (and for some reason NO ONE ELSE in my
    group took it), selected the package option on the question menu and he
    gave the box to me.  Immediately after that I spoke to him again the
    *package* selection on the question menu was still there!  I clicked it
    again and he said the package message again. I checked my Inventory and saw
    that he gave me <<<<100 GOLD!!!>>>.  So I did it again and BOOM! another
    hundred!! I keep on doin this and I keep on getting cash!! cool and easy

    Also, another tip on how to cheat those fellowship loving pirates at the

    At the wheel of virtues, place a bet of one coin on anything and spin.
    Whether you win or lose doesn't matter.  Then spin the wheel again without
    anything on the table, wait for the wheel to come to an ALMOST complete
    stop then quickly open your inventory to stop everything and put money on
    the color the needle is pointing to on the table (if the needle keeps on
    going after and goes off the color, just turn on inventory again and put
    your bet on the appropriate color, THEY WON'T NOTICE!!! HA HA!!).  You can
    even place a bigger bet that just 100 gold by stacking the gold, doing more
    than 2 might not give back as much as it should though, but it will be alot
    none the less.

Infinite Money Cheat: (from Cao Cao)
  To do this, you have to talk to Batlin, then talk about his companions,
  Elizabeth and Abraham.  Then talk to join fellowship then he will give you a
  task:  sending a package to the Fellowship head in Minoc.  When he says,
  "will thou send this package?", say no, remember say NO!!  Talk to him again
  about the package, and he'll give you the package as well as 100 exp.
  Somehow if you talk to him again you'll find a word Package, click it and
  you'll get the 100 exp again and an item.  (the item that you'll get is the
  last item you take to your backpack and it must have a quantities of a
  minimal of 2, like 100 golds or 20 magic arrows)  You can do this as many
  times as you want, not to mention you can get an infinite of magic weapon.
  (believe me, I give all my character lucky arrows, not to mention infinite
  ammunition?)  Too bad magic armor can't be doubled.

  There are 3 methods to get somewhere without travelling the distance.  One is
  to cast the Linear Spell "Help" to get back to Lord British, Two is to use
  the Orb of the Moons (don't bother with the Blue Moongates), and 3 is to use
  "Mark" and "Recall".  Since later in the game you lose the first 2, it is
  HIGHLY recommended that you "Mark" several significant places in the game
  early.  Simply stand in the place you would like to teleport to later, cast
  mark and click the crosshairs on one of the colored stones.  You can mark any
  location in the game, and to get back simply cast "Recall" and click on the
  stone that you "marked."

  Mark and Recall: (just a recommendation)
    Red    -- Isle of Fire (after you beat it, mark the Isle of the Avatar)
    Purple -- Lord British's Castle
    Green  -- Nicodemus' House
    Yellow -- Alagner's House
    Orange -- Destard (by the Sphere)
    White  -- Penumbra's House (Moonglow)
    Blue   -- Meditation Retreat (by the Cube)
    Black  -- Buccaneer's Den

  For locations on the Orb of Moons look in Appendix "B. Orb of Moons".

  Once you get the Magic Carpet (see the Britain section below), a good way to
  store things and keep them with you is to put a chest, barrel, or crate on
  the Magic Carpet.  Then put items in there (like excess food, etc.) that you
  don't need right now, but you will later.  For example I put the 4 Blackrock
  pieces from Rudyom into a Barrel on the carpet, so I had them when I talked
  to Penumbra the first time.

  Yes, you need to eat in Ultima 7.  The game represents hunger as a number
  0-31, with 31 being completely full and 0 being starving to death.  The
  person won't start asking for food until the counter reaches 6.  Below is a
  chart of how much an item of food will increase your "food level":

     +31: Green Cheese
      24: Mutton, Ribs, Chicken, Ham
      16: Beef, Deer Meat
      12: Sausage
      9 : Big Cheese
      8 : Flounder, Potatoes
      6 : Jerky, Fish n' Chips
      5 : Fruitcake
      4 : Bread, Trout, Pumpkin
      3 : Cake, Banana, Egg
      2 : Apple, Small Cheese, Carrots, Rolls, Garlic
      1 : Drinks, Grapes, Leeks
      0 : Silverleaf, Bucket of Rum (or wine)

  Where to get food for free:  The best places to get food is directly from an
  animal.  For example in Britain, the place that sells horses has several in
  its field, and a cow or two.  Kill all the animals to get Ribs and Beef.  In
  Paws the slaughterhouse has Sheep and Cows, which yield Mutton and Beef.  In
  the wild there are deer, which leave deer meat.  You should never ever have
  to buy food.  Especially since you find it everywhere.  Then when you go back
  to these places later, the animals will have regenerated!

  The Spell "Create Food" will create 1 piece of food for everyone in the party
  and will deposit that food on the ground by their feet.  The food that is
  created is random, so it's not always something good.  Could be grapes.

  One odd sidenote about food, is that the Rabbit if killed will give you 1
  piece of Beef (as in Cow).

|                                Walkthrough:                                 |

  Only the main plot is covered here, but I will alert you to the subplots in
  each area.  For a walkthrough on each subplot, go to that section.

  For complete enjoyment of the game, talk to everyone in the game.  Only the
  people that you "must" talk to are listed here.

| 1. Trinsic, "That is one -bleeping- dead blacksmith!"                       |

Companions: Iolo*, Spark* (an * means you should get this person)
Items: key*, gold, scroll, medallion (an * means you need to get this item)

When you first get out of the Moongate, you are approached by Iolo, who has
some disturbing news of a murder.  (if you have the Forge of Virtue, there will
be a violent earthquake after this)  Investigate the stables, find the key.
Go to the Blacksmith's house (upper west side, its a 2 story house) open the
chest and take the gold.  Note that fellowship medallion.  Talk to Spark.
He'll talk of a man with a Hook.  Go to the infirmary, talk to the guard who
was on duty at the time, and he'll mention a ship called the Crown Jewel.
Talk to the shipwright, Gargan, about the Crown Jewel.  And lastly talk to
the head of the Fellowship about the murder.  Report the mayor your findings,
go through the little copy protection:

    Latitude of Buccaneer's Den -- 60
    Longitude of Buccaneer's Den -- 60
    Latitude of Deep Forest -- 60
    Latitude of Dagger Isle -- 0
    Latitude of Skara Brae -- 30
    Longitude of Skara Brae -- 60
    Latitude of Spektran -- 120
    Longitude of Terfin -- 120

(If you ever have to guess here, guess 60!)  The password is revealed to be
BLACKBIRD.  (100 xp) To leave town, go to any gate, and double click on the
Winch.  You will automatically tell the guard the password.

Other Things to do in Trinsic:
  If you're a thief then you might want to steal yourself a sextant from the
  Ship Seller.  He also has Gold Bars, and some lockpicks, which come in handy
  later.  If you want, go steal some things from the weapons shop (there is a
  lever behind a shield that opens up the wall for more goodies).  You may also
  want to take the potions from the Healer's, and the gold from the Fellowship
  Hall.  There are also 2 gems in the house south of the Fellowship Hall.

  If you're a cheater, and for some reason didn't do the Debug Menu Cheat, then
  stack crates to form a staircase onto the Blacksmith's roof (not his house,
  his place of business).  Then go behind the Chimney for a cheater's ransom
  in items and money.  ** WARNING ** Doing the cheat here can result in a
  corrupted save game, and/or game errors!

Outside of Trinsic:
  Items: 1 Complete set of Magic Armor, 600 gold, Crossbow, Magic Bolts.
         Sword of Defense, Fire Sword, Swamp Boots, 3 Rings

  Just to the south, and a little to the west, is a locked treasure chest under
  a tree.  Move the chest into an open area (trust me it makes finding all the
  items easier) and attack it until it breaks.  Take all the wonderful
  wonderful items inside. (128S, 4W)  This one is definitely not considered
  cheating because there are no plot items in the chest.

  Note:  About the chest south of Trinsic at 128S 4W...Slightly below, at
         130S 1W there is a key.  I found it on a rock, you may have to move
         the rock a bit.  It opens that chest. (from Linda Shaw)

  Just north of Trinsic is a little town called "Paws".  Not much here, so
  don't stop here, continue going north to Britain.

SUBPLOT ALERT: 3 - Who stole the poison?
                 - What happened to Weston?
                 - Thurston's Infatuations

Magic Gauntlets:
  To the west of Paws (74S, 8W) there is a little bit of debris by a stream.
  Move the debris to find Magic Gauntlets.

| 2. Britain, "I know the game!"                                              |

Companions: Shamino*, Sentri*
Items: Spellbook*, Orb of Moons*, other Lord British equipment
       Sentri's armor, pocketwatch, Stones of Virtue

First off, go to the Blue Boar pub, talk to Shamino, get your pocketwatch back,
then ask him to join you.  To the north of the Blue Boar is the museum.  Go in
get the colored stones, and the Swamp boots.  Then go find Sentri, and ask him
to join as well.  Find his key in his bedroom, then open up his vault to get
the armor.

Then go talk to Lord British. (20 xp) Talk to him on every subject you can, and
be sure to get the Moonstone.  He'll also mention a murder that happened in
Britain similar to the one you're investigating in Trinsic.  Then head to his
study to get the key to the storeroom (the study has lots of heads on the
wall).  Then go through the door on the left side of the Throne Room, to the
little room all the way to the left, flip the switch.  Go through the north
wall and go all the way to the right (opening passages with the switches as
you go).  Find the crate and barrel by the kitchen, and under the barrel is
a switch.  Flip it.  It opens the room above you.  Go down, left, and up the
stairs.  The rooms in the top 2 corners have supplies.  Top left has your
spellbook, top right a set of Plate Armor.

Next go to the Fellowship Hall and talk with Batlin.  He says many things,
agree to his test, and take the package to deliver to Elynor in Minoc.
(although he tells you not to, you _can_ open the package with little
consequence)  Also he tells you that Elizabeth and Abraham are going to
Minoc on "business." (200 xp for taking the first test of the Fellowship)

Other Things to Do in Britain:
  - While still in the Fellowship Hall, use the key in the right room (it glows
    blue) to open the chest in the left room.  Inside is 48 gold, and a note.
    Read the note.  If you're a thief, take the gold, and the Yellow Potion in
    the right room.

  - You can Play The Game, of course! (50 xp) Find Chuckles in Lord British's
    castle, and talk to him.  Speak with words that only have ONE SYLLABLE,
    such as "I know the game" and "That would be big of thee".

  - If you're a thief, rob the Mint (as described in the above section, "vii.
    The Fine Art of Stealing", also rob the jewelry store and sell the jewels
    back to him.

  - Talk to Willy about women, talk to Charles about Jeanette (Blue Boar), talk
    to Jeanette about Charles. 20xp (infinite).

  - If you're not a thief, and you want money, you can get a job at the
    Baker's, or you could gather pumpkins or eggs.  You can also sell Venom to
    the Apothecary, Mutton to the chefs in the Castle, Jewels to the Jeweler,
    and Gold to the Mint.  A note on baking bread, you do not have to make
    dough, you can bake the flour DIRECTLY.  Odd.  (if you are wondering, this
    is NOT the case in Serpent's Isle, in that one you actually have to make

  - Try the Strength test out in the Fair here.  If you win you get a stuffed

  - Also be sure to check out the spaceship in Mack's field.  Looks vaguely
    Wing Commanderish, doesn't it?

SUBPLOT ALERT: 4 - Free Weston
                 - Where does Patterson go at Night?
                 - Miranda's Law
                 - Acting for Avatars

Just West of Britain:
  There are almost always brigands right outside of Britain on the west side.
  If you want, go here, and get yourself some experience.  They usually wear
  chain armor. (23 S, 31 W)

Magic Carpet:
  You can get this item now or later.  But definitely get this!  The magic
  carpet can fly over seas, mountains, and just about anything!  It is the
  ultimate Conveyance.  From the west side of Britain, head north, along the
  east side of the mountains, and follow those mountains until 13 N and 42 W.
  This will be a river.  Follow the river in on the north bank until you find
  the carpet.  (8 N, 30 W)  This is also an entrance to Dungeon Despise.

| 3. Cove, "I bring you LOVE"                                                 |

Companions: Jaana*
Items: Rudyom's Wand*, 4 Blackrocks*

Go to the healer's house, talk to Jaana and get her to join.  She is one of the
best companions in the game.  Also be sure to get her supplies, the bandages,
and the Yellow Potion. (21 S, 65 E)

Then go talk to Rudyom about Blackrock, (50 xp) and buy some spells as well.
He has a purple wand called a transmuter, that makes Blackrock explode.  Get
this.  Also if you want you can take 4 blackrock pieces, you need them later.
(13 S, 70 E)

SUBPLOT ALERT: 2 - Nastassia's Father
                 - Miranda's Law

The Hoe of Destruction:
  The hoe of destruction is locked in Farmer Mack's shed.  Unfortunately he
  lost the key to that shed while fishing on Locke Lake.  Go to the lake find
  the fish (2 N, 48 E), then you can open his shed and get the Hoe.
  (22 S, 25 E)

  Note: The door to Mack's shed where the Hoe of Destruction is can be blown
        open with a powder keg.  Just bring one from Lord British's castle
        instead of wasting time hunting for the key. (from Matthew Orrte)

Cyclops Cave:
  Items: Lightning Wand, Ring of Regeneration

  North of Cove (0, 67E) is a cave with Cyclops inside.  Good place to get some
  experience.  The Cyclops usually have about 2 gold nuggets each.

Forge of Virtue Note:  Now is a good time to go to the Isle of Fire.  To make
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  things easier, go to Jhelom, get Dupre.  Then equip
                       Dupre and Jaana.

| 4. Minoc, "You'd almost think these two murders were related..."            |

Companions: Julia
Items: Silver Serpent Venom, Serpentine Dagger*

At the lumber mill just southeast of Minoc (63N, 74E) another brutal murder has
taken place.  Here the victims were 2 gypsies, Frederico and his wife Tania,
who were critical of the Fellowship.  The whole town has gathered to gawk like
slack jawed yokels.  Investigate the murder scene, and note the Serpentine
Dagger (take it) and the Fellowship Candlestick (don't take it).  You can talk
to the candlestick maker, Xantha, in the artists guild about it, and then you
can also talk to Elynor about it.  Everyone in town has a little bit of
information about the crime.  Also talk to the Pub Owner about Hook.

Now, however, go get rid of the package that Batlin gave you.  Give it to
Elynor, (77N, 57E) if you opened it she will be mad.  You will also learn that
the elusive duo, Elizabeth and Abraham have gone to the homeless shelter in

And finally go talk to the Gypsy woman, Margareta and get your fortune told.
(50 xp) You'll have to head to Yew to comply with the fortune (to talk to a
wisp), but this walkthrough is going to continue following Elizabeth and

Other Things to Do:
  - Go to the Britannian Mining Company, and in the desk find the Blue Key, use
    that key to open the chest.  Take the Venom (to sell in Britain).  You can
    also check the book on the table for a reference to Blackrock or "B.R."

  - South of the sawmill is the Minoc Mine, go in and get all the Venom you can
    carry. (56N, 70E) Now what would a Mining Company need with a body altering
    drug like Silver Serpent Venom?  It wouldn't be to further exploit their
    Gargoyle workers would it?  Also in the mine is a Blackrock Lode that you
    can mine if you want.  It is down through an illusionary wall.

  - There's another mine (abandoned) north of the city.  Feel free to explore
    it.  (90N, 61E)

  - The Fellowship Hall has 100 gold coins just sitting in a little box.

  - Lastly, in the Artist's Guild, in the North room on the West side, in the
    2nd barrel is a lot of trash, and a bag.  Open the bag, take the Gold Bar,
    and the coins, search the dead bunny and get Starbursts (a weapon).

SUBPLOT ALERT: 1 - Owen the Shipwright, Hero or Fraud?

| 5. Paws, Jhelom, and Elizabeth and Abraham                                  |

Companion: Dupre* (Jhelom)
Items: Magic Leggings, Magic Gorget, 3 Gold Bars

Following Elizabeth and Abraham to Paws will reveal only that they aren't there
having already left for Jhelom.  Go to Jhelom.  The easiest way there is to
use the Orb of the Moons.  Talk with the Mayor there to discover that they've
already gone back to Britain.

While in Jhelom, talk to De Snel about the Serpentine Dagger that you found
back in Minoc.  (50 xp) If you ask for a "demonstration" he'll attack you.
And be sure to get Dupre into your party.  He's at the pub.

SUBPLOT ALERT: 3 - Paws (as covered in "1. Trinsic")
               1 - Jhelom - The Honor Flag

Other Things to Do: (Jhelom)
  - There are Magic Leggings in the desk at the town hall.

  - There is a Magic Gorget (neck thingie) in the house south of the Library of

  - In the house above the Library of scars is a Glowing Key.  Get it, and use
    it to open the locked door in the Library of Scars.  Inside you'll find 3
    gold bars.

Caves by Jhelom:
  Immediately to the north of the circle of stones (where the orb of moons
  places you) is a cave. (167S, 66W) Go inside and explore, but beware of traps

  There is another cave to the west of Jhelom. (145S, 75W)  Inside are some
  Brigands.  There is also a Triple Crossbow here, and some gold nuggets.

| 6. Back to Britain, "No, I'm not just joining to spy on you"                |

Talk with Batlin again, and tell him that you have delivered the package. (60
xp)  Now he'll give you another task.  Go to Dungeon Destard to the west of
Trinsic and fetch the Fellowship funds in a chest by a Fellowship staff.
He claims that the dungeon is deserted.  It isn't.  It's full of dragons.
Lots of Dragons.  Also there are no funds.

Note:  If you haven't done Forge of Virtue... now would be a good time.

  Items: 3 Potions, Reagants, Ring of Invisibility, Ring of Regeneration,
         Gems, Venom, Gold Bars, Spellbook

  There are 2 entrances to Destard.  One leads to a Unicorn, and a locked chest
  with Magic Arrows a Ring of Invisibility and some gold.  The other leads to
  lots of Dragons, and is unfortunately the way you must go. (71S, 23W)
  Enter and go to the right then down.  You should see the chest, its got a
  staff right by it.  Open it, and discover that it is devoid of money.
  The body by it has 3 potions and some reagants.  Take those.  Explore the
  rest of the cavern if you wish.

  Return to Britain.

Joining the Fellowship:
  Talk to Batlin and tell him that there are monsters in Destard, he'll
  apologize and offer to initiate you at the next meeting at 9 p.m.  Go to the
  hall at 9 and talk to Batlin then. (the meeting lasts from 9 to 12)  Iolo,
  Shamino and Dupre will all try to talk you out of joining.  Join anyway.
  Batlin will then ask you a few questions to prove that you bought the game,
  er, are loyal to the Fellowship: (he'll ask any 2 of the following)

   - "According to the Traveller's Companion, how many parts of the body should
      one wish to protect with armor." -- 6
   - "In the Book of the Fellowship, how many bandits can be seen surrounding
      on the old man in the illustration on page three?" -- 6
   - "How many times must Ginseng be reboiled?" -- 40
   - "How many runes in Brittanian?" -- 31
   - "On what page is the An Zu spell?" -- 42
   - "How many Black Pearls?" -- 1
   - "Where Mandrake Root found?" -- 2

  He will then give you your Fellowship Medallion and you are now in the
  Fellowship. (500 xp) Goodie.  Don't bother wearing it.  (Tseramed might not
  like you if you are wearing a symbol of the organization that caused him so
  much grief.  If you are wondering, you don't ever really need to wear the
  stupid thing.  You don't really even need to carry it around with you.  The
  only time where wearing it will help you is in Buccanear's Den at the
  gambling house, see below.)

| 7. Vesper, Moonglow, Terfin, and the Meditation Retreat                     |

In Britain, Batlin tells you that Elizabeth and Abraham have gone on to Vesper.
So now we're going to chase after them for a bit.  If you'd rather not, skip
down to "8. Yew"

  The best way to get to Vesper is to Fly on your Magic Carpet.  Or you can
  walk there.  Once there talk to the Mayor about Elizabeth and Abraham, and
  you will discover that they have gone to Moonglow.  Feel free to explore the
  town before going to Moonglow.

Other Things in Vesper:
  - The trainers house has some Magic Boots for you to swipe.

  - Go to the Gargoyle side of Vesper and go to the Pub.  The Guardian will
    tell you to go in and tell them that you are the Avatar.  If you do that
    the Gargoyles inside will attack you.

  - Also go to Wis-Sur's house, take his Reagants, and talk to him... if he
    won't talk to you keep trying.  Buy spells from him.

SUBPLOT ALERT: 2 - Blorn's Accusations
                 - Where does Catherine Go?

  Talk to the Fellowship head here about Elizabeth and Abraham, and he will
  tell you that they have gone on to Terfin.  Be sure to mark a stone by
  Penumbra's House or by the Lycaeum.

Other Things in Moonglow:
  - In the Fellowship Hall take the Gold Bar, and the 87 gold coins.

  - Also make sure to talk to Mariah and get all the spells and reagants from
    her that you need.

Note:  Don't worry about Penumbra just yet.

SUBPLOT ALERT: 4 - Balayna's Doubts
                 - Zelda's Affections
                 - Brion's Orrery
                 - Morz

  The Fellowship head here will tell you that Elizabeth and Abraham have gone
  to the Meditation Retreat.

Other Things in Terfin:
  - Take the 98 gold in the Fellowship Hall, and the reagants from the
    Provisioner.  Also take the bandages from the healers.

  - Sarpling here sells some good reagants, and Inforlem is a good trainer.

SUBPLOT ALERT: 1 - Who wants to destroy the Shrine?

Meditation Retreat: (roughly 178S, 85E)
  Normally you need to be let in, but since we have a flying carpet, we can
  just fly in.  Talk to Ian, who will tell you that You Know Who has gone on to
  Buccaneer's Den. Don't go to Buccaneer's Den yet, though.  We're going to Yew
  next.  Try to get as much info out of Ian as possible. There is a cave behind
  the Hall here, but again we'll get to that later.  On to Yew!

| 8. Yew, "Look at all those cuddly Ewoks...I mean Emps"                      |

Companions: Tseramed*
Items: Tseramed's Arrows, Honey*

We're in Yew looking for Wisps (remember the Gypsy's prophecy?).  Go to Empath
Abbey (78N, 59W) and talk there to Taylor the monk about the Wisps.  He will
reveal that Emps are able to talk to Wisps, but that Emps will only talk to
you if you are carrying Honey.  Lucky for us there is a Bee Cave here!
(56N, 54W)  First get the smoke bomb from the monk, Taylor, and then go talk to
Tseramed about the Bees and get him to join.  Go to the Bee Cave (you can talk
to the Nudists if you want), go all the way through and get the Honey.  Use
the Smoke Bomb if you don't want to fight all those Bees.  The best method,
however, on avoiding the Bees, is to take the honey and teleport away,
preferably to a Marked Stone somewhere near Yew.

Now go talk to the Emps (56N, 10E), most noticeably the Emp Trellek. (10 xp)
Talk to him about the Wisps, and he will want to join your party, but needs
permission from his wife, who in turn needs permission from the elder, Salamon.
Salamon will give you permission only if you stop Ben the logger from cutting
Silverleaf trees. (42N, 47W) Do so, and come back. (500 xp) Get permission from
Salamon, then talk to the wife, she now says she doesn't want Trellek to join.
Trellek has a solution to all of this, he makes you a Wisp Whistle. (50 xp)

Go to the Wisp Castle (46N, 12W) or talk to any Wisp you can find. (500 xp)
The Wisp tells you that the Time Lord wishes to talk to you, but if you want
more information you will have to go to New Magincia and get Alagner's

SUBPLOT ALERT: 4 - Nastassia's Father
                 - Mysterious Monk
                 - Flowers for a Healer
                 - Tax Dodging Nudists

Other Things to Do:
  - Unlock Nicodemus' house (its magically locked, get Unlock Magic from
    Nystul), and take anything in his house that seems interesting.  Then buy
    some spells from him.  Mark a stone by his house (green).

  - Go to Iolo's house not much here, but there is a note from Gwenno that
    states that she has gone on to Serpent Isle.

Bloody Shrine:
  At (56N, 32W) there is a shrine with a lot of blood on it, and a Magic
  Shield.  To the north of it, is a wizards camp, he has some reagants and a
  lightning wand.

More Brigands:
  At (47N, 8E) is a camp of Brigands, they have a Magic Armor and a Magic Bow,
  as well as some other stuff.

| 9. Serpent's Hold, "Make it so!"                                            |

We're supposed to go to New Magincia, but for now we're taking a small pit stop
in the Serpent's Hold.  Again, if you'd rather not, skip down to "10. New

Serpent's Hold: (53E, 165S)
  Items: Magic Boots, Magic Sword, Sword of Defense, Fire Sword, Great Dagger
         Juggernaut Hammer, Magebane, Magic Axe

  Search the bottom right room's chests for some Magic Boots.  In the pub, open
  the fish (the only one looking up) for a key.  Fly to (177S, 36E) and land
  (it is possible), now go into the cave.  Go to the right and around all the
  water to get to the Locked Chest, which opens with the key we found in the
  fish.  Take the key inside and go back to Serpent's Hold.  Now using that key
  you can open the door to all those Magical Weapons!

  How do you open the chest in the Hall here?

    Jeff Tham says:  The chest in Serpent's Hold can be opened from the key
                     found at the 'X' near Vesper (48N, 138E).

  Note: In Serpent's Hold, theres a key to unlock the magic weapons under some
        clothes on the floor in one of the bedrooms. (from Matthew Ortte)

Serpent's Hold, The Next Generation:
  You may notice that the cast, I mean residents, of Serpent's Hold all bear a
  striking resemblance to the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Don't
  believe me?  Here's the comparison:

    John Paul -- Jean Luc Picard
    Richter   -- Cmdr. Riker (2nd in command to John Paul)
    Denton    -- Data (he looks like the Tin Man, never takes his armor off)
    Horffe    -- Worf (Horffe is head of security)
    Tory      -- Counselor Deanna Troi
    Jordan    -- Giordi La Forge (note how Jordan is blind?)
    Leigh     -- Dr. Beverly Crusher (Leigh is the healer)

  Talking to them with this in mind it becomes even more obvious (to anyone who
  watched the show regularly that is).  It is still unclear who Pendaran,
  Jehanne and Menion are supposed to be.

Parrot's Island:
  Items: Magic Gauntlet, Magic Boots, 4 Glass Swords, Rings, Gold Bars, etc.

  Remember that smart mouthed bird? (if you don't, then go talk to a parrot,
  and hit him with a gavel)  Well now we're gonna get his treasure!  Fly to the
  island at (168S, 28E).  Avoid the invisible caltrops (traps), and take all
  the wonderful treasure inside!

  Note:  If you MOVE the Caltrops, even though this is a very smart thing to
         do, your party will act as though you are a dirty thief for doing so!
         So that means that you have to actually TAKE the caltrops to MOVE

SUBPLOT ALERT: 2 - Who Defaced Lord British?
                 - Tory's Baby

| 10. New Magincia, "Hey... there's a *NEW* Magincia!"                        |

Companions: Katrina

Alagner has the 2 really big buildings on the north side of the island.  Go
in the north one and ask for his notebook.  He, of course, wants you to do
something first.  Prove that you are a seeker of knowledge by learning the
answers to life and death, from the spirit of the Tortured One in Skara Brae.

SUBPLOT ALERT: 1 - Three Pirates and a Locket

| 11. Skara Brae, "Don't you need _Questions_ to Life and Death first?"       |

To get to Skara Brae go to (48S, 42W) and cast Seance, then talk to the
Ferryman and ask him to take you across.  If he's ever not there, just blow
the horn to summon him.

Note: Skara Brae is a very awful place.  I got stuck here in some bizarre bug
      that could have been caused by a great many things.  When I freed
      everyone from the Liche's power, they still acted like they were in the
      Black Mass, FOREVER.  I had to go back to a previous save.

Seems all of Skara Brae was killed in an accident caused, or so it would seem,
by the Tortured One, Caine.  They were trying to rid themselves of the Dread
Liche Horace, but their plan went awry somehow.  Go talk to Mistress Mordra
(49S, 62W, and she will sometime wander around in the graveyard), she will
eventually reveal that it was the Mayor's fault for the fire.  Go talk to the
Mayor (46S, 63W) and be sure to mention the proportions.

Next go talk to Trent the Smith, (45S, 67W) and take the Music Box.  Now go
talk to Caine himself (37S, 63W) ask him the Questions of Life and Death, and
he tells you that he will give you the answers ONLY if you free the town from
Horace.  Go back to Mordra, and talk to her about Caine, and then the
ingredients for the potion.  Go to her house and take the 3 potions there and
the empty vial, then go back to Caine's place, put the 3 potions under the 3
inlets, and the empty vial on the 1 outlet.  Use the machine and you get a
glowing blue potion.

Go to Horace's Castle and talk to Rowena (27S, 76W), and then play the Music
Box that you got from Trent, and she will talk to you again, and give you
her Wedding Ring. (well actually it kinda falls to the floor)  Take the Ring
to Trent and agree to help him free his wife, and will now ask for an iron bar
to finish the cage.  You can find the iron bars in the cemetery, grab one,
take it back to him, and he will finish the cage.  Take the cage to Mordra, who
tells you to dip it into the Well of Souls in Horace's Castle.  Do so.  Then
wait for Midnight to come, put the Soul Cage on Horace, then use the Blue
Glowing Potion on him.

Horace will be restored to the good man (well...ghost anyway) that he once was
and he asks you to destroy the Well of Souls, and also to take Rowena back to
her husband Trent.  Take her to the smithy, and come back to the Castle.  The
Well of Souls can only be destroyed if someone jumps into it, so ask the Mayor
to do this who thinks you should ask everyone else in the town first.  Do so.
Don't forget to ask Caine, Trent, Rowena, and the Ferryman.  Come back to the
Mayor and he'll finally agree to do it.  Destroy the Well.  Talk to Horace and
he'll give you the Firedoom Staff.

Go to Caine and get the answer to Life and Death (there is no answer). (700 xp)

Other Things to Do:
  - Mistress Mordra has a chest full of Reagants, worth taking.

  - The Skeleton guards in Horace's Castle have Magic Axe's.

The Crypt:
  Here's another bushel of treasures, you can decide for yourself if this one
  is cheating or not.  Go to (53S, 65W) and notice the statue to the left of
  the Crypt.  On the left side of the statue is a lever (you can BARELY see
  it), flick the lever and the wall on the crypt will open.  Inside is a
  nightstand filled with a set of Magic Armor, Rings, the Soul Cage, and a few
  other Skara Brae Plot Items.  It is recommended that you get this AFTER
  completing the plot in Skara Brae, as it may screw up the plot here.  (I'm
  not sure if it does mess the plot or not, but better safe than sorry)

| 12. Alagner's Notebook and the Time Lord                                    |

Go back to New Magincia and tell Alagner that there are no answers to the
questions of Life and Death, he will then give you a key to his storehouse.

The Storehouse:
  Items: Notebook*, Gold, Reagants, Lightning Wands, Potions, Rings

  Walk into the Storehouse from the illusionary wall in the east side, and use
  your key to open the locked door.  Flip the switch, then use lockpicks on
  this locked door.  Flip the bloody switch, and go up past the teleporter to
  the iron door.  Cast telekinesis on the switch to the left to open the door.
  Go up.  Stack the crates to get onto the table, and make a staircase up to
  the locked door (which opens with the key Alagner gave you).  Take the
  Notebook, and anything else you want.

  Go back to Yew and talk to the wisps (if you marked the stone, go straight to
  Nicodemus' place) and they will tell you that the Time Lord requests an
  audience with you.  Seems he got stuck in the Shrine of Spirituality, and
  can only be reached by use of the Orb of Moons (put it NW of yourself, the
  normal Moonglow position).

Time Lord:
  The Time Lord is locked in a Cylindrical Cage. (200 xp to talk to him) Turns
  out that he was the one who sent the Red Moongate to summon you, but he
  missed and you ended out in Trinsic instead of coming to him.  He also tells
  you that a powerful being is attacking Brittania, and that the Guardian
  trapped him there.  To get him out you need to go to Dungeon Despise (NW of
  Britain) to destroy a large Magic Generator in the shape of a Sphere.

Alagner Murdered!
  Going back to New Magincia to deliver the notebook back to its owner, you
  will discover the third murder site, Alagner.  Look in the Crystal Ball to
  see the murderers.  Seems that notebook was rather incriminating (the wisps
  sold the notebooks contents to the Guardian, and he in turn ordered the
  murder.  So in a way you are responsible for this one)

Despise: (and Selwyn's Tower)
  Items: Complete Set of Magic Armor, Gold, Magic Wands, Reagants, Rings,
         Lightning Whip, Sword of Defense, Fire Sword, Magic Bow, Magic Sword

  Now is a pretty good time to go to the dungeon Despise.

  On the way to Despise is a thieves campground, they don't have much, but they
  do have Honey.  (21N, 6E)

  There are multiple entrances to Despise, you want the one where the Magic
  Carpet was found (8N, 30W).

  Despise is an annoying dungeon with many teleporters.  Also it has quite a
  bit of treasure in it if you are willing to look for it.  First off, go up
  past the Fire Field, past the intersection, and then when you are teleported
  (it's subtle watch for it!) go to the right.  Then go down the right path
  (the left path has a little water on it) and you'll be teleported again.
  Continue down and find the Magically Locked door, open it and go down that
  way.  There will be two more locked doors and then you'll arrive at a Hideout
  of Rebels.  There should be 5 of them, 2 Mages, Paladin, Pirate and Fighter.
  Turns out that these "Rebels" were going to attack Lord British's castle
  tomorrow, and you being the great Avatar that you are have prevented it!  The
  Paladin should have a complete set of Magic Armor on him.

    Note:  There are invisible stairs from one level of the hideout to the

  Avoid the teleporters, and go back to the first Magically Locked Door.  Now
  go left, down, and then all the way to the left and up into a room with a lot
  of Fire Fields in it.  Go up past the sleep and poison fields to a Red
  Moongate, and go in.  It will take you back to the Sleep and Poison Fields.
  Go by the Moongate and Mark that spot.  Leave the dungeon.  (don't worry
  we're coming back!)

  Another thing to do in Despise is to find Brother Wayne of the Empath order
  of monks.  You can find him but you can't do anything to help him.  He'll
  stay in those caves forever.

| 13. The Tetrahedron, "Stone Harpies are the Devil, I tells ya!"             |

Go back to the Time Lord first (NW Orb of Moons) and talk to him.  Specifically
mention "Moongate".  He tells you that you need Nicodemus' Hourglass.  Also
he mentions that once inside that there is a pattern to be observed.

Nicodemus, Yew:
  Use the recall on the marked stone to go straight to Nicodemus' house (told
  you that would come in handy) and talk to Nicodemus about the hourglass.  He
  tells you that he sold it to the Antiques dealer in Paws, but that it lost
  its enchantment and he can't re-enchant it with the Ether the way it is.

Paws, Hourglass:
  Items: Nicodemus' Hourglass*

  Go to Paws now, and talk to Beverlea in the House of Items, and buy the Hour-
  Glass (5 gold), and take it to Nicodemus, who suggests that you repair the
  Ether first.  Talk to the Time Lord and ask him how to "fix Magic", and he
  tells you to talk to Penumbra in Moonglow.

Penumbra: (25S, 179E)
  Take 4 pieces of Blackrock with you to Moonglow.  Penumbra has been asleep
  for the past 200 years, and therefore hasn't been affected by the changes in
  the Ether (lucky for you).  To open her door place a these items by the gold
  plate in front of her door: hammer, gold ring, lockpick, thread, and a gold
  coin, followed by another form of gold.  After that the plate will turn into
  a key.  (you can get a gold ring from Zelda's room, you can make thread in
  the clothes shop)  Place the 4 blackrock pieces on the 4 pedestals and use
  the orange potion on the table to awaken her.  She will ask you to repair the
  Ether (which is why we came here anyway!).  She will then tell you to get the
  Ethereal Ring so that you can survive near the Tetrahedron, and that
  Draxinusom was the last owner of the Ring.  And finally she tells you to
  bring the Ring back so that she can enchant it. (800 xp to talk to her)

Ethereal Ring:
  Items: Ethereal Ring*, Rings

  Go to Terfin and talk to Draxinusom (167S, 114E) who tells you that he sold
  the Ring to the Sultan of Spektran, (50 xp) so go there now (144S, 89E).
  Talking to the Sultan reveals that he is quite insane and that the Ring is
  safely locked away behind him.  He doesn't care if you go take it...hehe.  Go
  into the room behind him, kill the Stone Harpy and take the Key on it to open
  the door. (*CAUTION* Stone Harpies are not easy things to kill!  Plus the
  Demon Sword refuses to kill it)  Take the Ring.  Go back to Penumbra and have
  her enchant the Ring. (200 xp)

Deceit: (2N, 177E)
  Items: Magic Armor, gold, gems, Glass Sword, Little Tetrahedron*

  Penumbra tells you to go to Deceit to destroy the Tetrahedron.  The dungeon
  isn't so hard.  Go up through the magically locked door and then through
  the left passage going up.  Run past all the arrows shooting at you, and then
  go up.  Take the left passage up and go through the wall. Continue up through
  the Magically locked door, (take the top passage right to fight a dragon and
  get some treasure) go right through the middle passage, go through the wall.
  Don't bother with the switch, and go down past the door and go right through
  another wall.  Go up to the closed door, cast telekinesis on the switch to
  open the door.  Make sure to wear the Ring, AND leave your party outside of
  the room with the Tetrahedron (they can come into the dungeon).  Walk into
  the Tetrahedron as you would a Moongate, (1000 xp) and slay the weird Red
  Beast inside (you can either use your Demon Sword or a Glass Sword, or if you
  are very brave just attack him normally).  Double Click on the little
  Tetrahedron inside to destroy the machine.  Grab the Little Tetrahedron and

| 14. The Sphere, "It's a small Sphere after all!"                            |

All Mages everywhere have regained their sanity!  Go to Nicodemus and have
him enchant the Hourglass, (100 xp) the teleport back to the Sphere using your
Recall spell, and go into the Moongate. (1000 xp for approaching the Sphere)

The Sphere:
  Items: Small Sphere*

  This one is a little easier than the last one since there is no beast inside,
  so step into the Moongate, if you haven't already.  You will notice that
  you are in a "room" with many moongates standing on a platform with both a
  Blue Moongate and a Red Moongate.  The "dots" in the center show the order,
  Red, Blue, Blue, Red.  And again take the Small Sphere, the machine will
  blow up and take the small Sphere again.

  With the destruction of the Sphere the Time Lord contacts you (through the
  Hourglass) and informs you that Moongates will no longer function (bless that
  Mark and Recall combination!) and that you cannot return home through a Red
  Moongate.  Bummer.  The only way you can get home is to go through the Black
  Gate, but to do that would be to abandon Britannia to the Guardian.  He also
  tells you to destroy one more generator, the Cube. And that after you do that
  to investigate Buccaneer's Den for the location of the Black Gate. (200 xp
  for talking to the Time Lord)

| 15. The Cube, "Oh no, the worst enemy of them all...the Borg!"              |

The cube is located on the scenic Meditation Retreat (173S, 85E), so go there.
Remember the cave to the north that you were forbidden to go into earlier?
Go in it.  You can talk to Gorn if you want, but he is on the Guardian's side
and may get mad at you.  Continue through the cavern and you will eventually
be confronted by a Female Warrior.  Ignore her and continue to the Cube.
You will be hurt by the noise near the cube and have to leave.  Use the Hour-
glass to talk to the Time Lord to discover that you need "Special Helmets"
made out of Caddellite, and tells you to talk to Brion at the observatory for
more information.  Mark near the cube, and teleport to Moonglow (assuming you
Marked near Penumbra's house).  Brion tells you that a meteor hit near the NE
sea and that Zorn could make a helmet out of Caddellite.

  Items: Caddellite* (1 for each member of the party), Magic Helm, Magic Sword

  The meteor hit Ambrosia (93N, 187E) so go there now.  There is some treasure
  at the SE corner of the island.  Go into the cave. (ignore the fairy,
  seriously)  Eventually you will end out facing a Hydra, talk to him, and then
  defeat him.  The room to the south of the Hydra has a meteor and your
  Caddellite pieces.  Get enough for your entire party.

Zorn's Helmets:
  Items: Caddellite Helmets*

  Go to minoc and talk to Zorn about making some helmets from your special ore,
  caddellite.  He will very quickly make you some helmets.

The Cube:
  Teleport back to the Cube, wearing your new helmets of course, and walk into
  the Cube.  (1000 xp) The Cube is a very difficult (well... for me it was)
  maze.  As you walk you will step on switches which will create bridges, and
  destroy them.  There are also traps in here, so beware!  (also note that you
  cannot cast spells here, so having a potion or two could help)  Here's what
  to do:

    - Walk forward to create the first bridge.
    - Walk all the way to the left (it will destroy the first bridge and create
      a new one)
    - Go up that new bridge, and continue up as far as you can go. (this
      creates two new bridges)
    - Go down and left on the new bridge, and then all the way up.
    - Go right across the bridge, down, and then right.  (this should create 2
      new bridges, but if it doesn't, then move around a little), go down all
      the way across the bridge, and then come back up.
    - Go back left across the bridge, and then up all the way.
    - Go left all the way, then right, and down the new bridge.
    - Go left all the way, down the bridge, and then right, and down the bridge
      (you still can't reach the Cube from here however)
    - Go back up, left through the Fire Fields, and up again.
    - Now, go right all the way, and down the bridge, and then right, up and
    - Go down, then left across 2 bridges, then back to the right off one
      bridge and go down and right, then up all the way.
    - Go back down, then left, then down again, and a little to the left and
      then up the bridge, and up the other bridge.
    - Finally go left all the way onto a Fire Field, and then up and onto the
      Platform with the Cube on it.

  (200 xp for destroying the Cube) Don't forget to get the little Cube.
  Talk to the Time Lord after destroying the cube. (200 xp)

| 16. Buccaneer's Den, "Gasp!  Look at all the incriminating Evidence!"       |

Items: Black Gate Key*, other treasures

There's really only one thing you need from Buccaneer's Den, and that is the
Black Gate Key, which will let you into the Dungeon on the Isle of the Avatar.
If you talk to the Fellowship leader here with the Cube, you learn stuff and
get 100 xp. Go to the Fellowship Hall and open the wall behind their Altar
thing, then cast Telekinesis on the lever to open the way to the dungeon.  Go
south from there through a wall and into a large chamber.  The NW room has a
locked chest open it (lockpicks, destroy it, etc.) to get a Black Gate Key, and
a note that looks like this:

  Finster - Britain (x)
  Duncan - Buccaneer's Den (x)
  Christopher - Trinsic (x)
  Frederico - Minoc (x)
  Tania - Minoc (x)
  Alagner - New Magincia (x)
  Lord British - Britain ( )
  Your Name, the Avatar - ( )

Seems you found the Fellowship's hitlist, and guess who's on it.  You!
Also be sure to talk to various Fellowship people while in possession of the
Cube.  They will find themselves telling the Truth (like in "Liar Liar").
Getting the key from Sintag with the Cube is 300 xp.

SUBPLOT ALERT: 1 - The Pirate Friends

Other Things to Do in Buccaneer's Den:
  - As covered in the "General Strategies, Money" section above, you can gamble
    on the games here, most notably the Rat Race.  6 to 1 odds for a Fellowship
    Member, not too shabby!

  - There's more tunnels here than I walked through.  Finish wandering around
    them to find Sullivan the Trickster (he pretended to be the Avatar and got
    Sprellic of Jhelom in trouble).  He's currently in the Fellowship Prison
    being tortured by a sadistic Troll named Grod.  Kill Grod and free Sullivan
    if you want.  Also locked away here is Anton, Alagner's Apprentice. (he got
    caught gathering evidence against the Fellowship)

  - There is also a Juggernaut Hammer, Magic Armor, Magic Shield, some gems,
    gold a great Dagger, Firedoom Staff, Magic Helm, a Lightning Whip, some
    armor, etc.

  - Also the tunnels connect to the Baths, if you want to go there for free,
    and I know that you do.  After using the "services" of the baths, you can
    talk to the Unicorn again, and he won't want to get near you anymore
    because you are no longer a "virgin".  Hehe.

  - And finally at the far end of the tunnels is a Liche, who has some Magic
    Items Reagants and potions for the taking.

| 17. The Black Gate                                                          |

Make sure you have the following items: Rudyom's Wand, Cube, Tetrahedron,
Sphere, and the Black Gate Key.

Go to the Isle of the Avatar (170S, 178E), the Black Gate Key will open the
doors here.  Go into the cave to the left, and open that with the Key as well.
You will now be in a room with the Guardian's throne.  There isn't much time
till he comes!  Walk through the northwestern tapestry and flip the switch.
Go through the north doors.  Go up, to the right, and up through the metal
doors.  In the north room are 3 switches, they control which of the 3 rooms
is open.  Flick the left switch, and if the left winch moves then go to
the far left room.  Search the woman for a key, move the barrel and flick
that switch.  Go down and to the right until you get to a locked door, use
your new key to open it and go right.  You will now be in a lever puzzle.
Once your past that (you want to get to the switch in the middle) go down,
flip a switch to go left, fight the guys here, go to the well and get the key.
Continue down.

Open the locked door with your new key, kill the Paladin here
(he has a full set of Magic Armor!) and take his key to open the next door.
Get the key and step on the teleporter.  Down and to the left is a Dragon with
a lot lot LOT of treasure.  However, from the teleporter, flick the switch
and go up into a Fellowship Meeting Hall.  Move the Medallion to open the
passage to the north.  Go up.  Pick the door to the north and go up again.
Go past the statue through the wall up, into a room full of traps and a Liche.
Continue going up.  Then after awhile go onto the left teleport pad, and
continue going up.  Dispel the Energy Fields and go onto that teleporter.  Step
on the purple teleporter here, and go right through the illusionary wall.
There will be a chair in the center of the room.  Sit in it twice, and go
through a wall to the south of the room, search the body and the backpack
to get a blue key, then go back to the throne room and then go through a wall
to the NE (on the north side).  Go up and open the 2 locked doors (one's Magic
the other requires that blue key).  Sit on the Throne of Virtue, and go back
to the Throne of Chance.  Sit on it again, kill the Liche (if there is one)
and walk through the wall to the NW (on the north wall) step on the teleporter
and you are at the Black Gate! (10,000 xp)

Kill the people there (if you want), and put the 3 blackrock pieces into
their corresponding holes to disable the shield around the Black Gate, then
use Rudyom's Wand on the Gate to win!

Yay!  You won!  Congrats!
Sit back and enjoy the endgame sequence.

And then prepare yourself for the most similar game ever, Ultima 7: Part Two!

| SUBPLOTS: There are 24 subplots listed below                                |

This is sorted in the order that you visit the town.


a. Paws:
  Free Weston!
  You first encounter this subplot in Paws, where the name Weston comes up.
  Seems he has a wife and kids who haven't heard from him in awhile, but they
  know that he went to Britain.  Later on the roof of Lord British's castle,
  you find a cell with Weston inside.  Talk to him and agree to talk to Lord
  British about him.  Do so, and Weston will be freed. (20 xp)

  Who Stole the Poison?
  Talking to Morfin, you will quickly discover that a vial of Silver Serpent
  poison has been stolen from his stock.  Go talk to Camille, and agree to
  deliver the grain to the mill for her.  Once that is done, Feridwyn will tell
  you that the poison was found in Tobias' (Camille's son) possession.  Tobias,
  however, claims that Garritt (Feridwyn's son) framed him.  You'll get a tip
  that Morfin isn't all that he seems, search his house for a key to his store-
  room, search the storeroom to find a chest, unlock the chest using a key
  under a bucket of blood in the slaughterhouse.  Inside you will find gold
  bars, venom and a book outlining his crooked dealings.  Confront Morfin about
  this, and he'll mention that Garritt may be using the venom (which acts like
  a drug) he'll also give you a key.  Use the key to open Garritt's chest to
  find the Vial of Venom.  Confront him and he'll confess.  He isn't very
  penitent about the experience, though, and still acts superior. (150 xp)

  Thurston's Infatuations
  Talking with Thurston he'll tell you that he's got only 1 reason to live,
  the bar maid, Polly.  Talk to Polly about Thurston, and she'll be impressed
  with the story.  Tell Thurston of the events and he'll be very happy.  Yay.
  (0 xp)

b. Britain:
  Where Does Patterson go at Night?
  Patterson, the Mayor of Britain, acts like the perfect Fellowship Member.
  Loving wife, good job, and he seems to be morally clean.  However, his wife
  Judith tells a different story.  Follow Patterson after the Fellowship
  meeting to discover that he is having an affair with Candice.  Confront
  Patterson _while_ he is with Candice, and he will agree to break the affair
  off, and become a better person. (60 xp total)

  Miranda's Law
  Locke Lake (near Cove) is horridly polluted.  Miranda (in Lord British's
  castle, she's a council member) wants to get a new law passed to clean up
  the lake and needs Lord Heather (the mayor of Cove) signature to pass the
  Bill into Law.  Take the scroll to Cove, get it signed, and bring it back.
  (20 xp)

  Acting for Avatars
  Go to the theatre-house and have a chat with the director, Raymundo.  Ask
  for an audition to play the Avatar in their play.  Then go talk to Gaye,
  the seamstress to get an Avatar costume made.  Put it on and go do your
  audition.  And really _feel_ the part. (20 xp)

c. Cove:
  Miranda's Law (See Above)

  Nastassia's Father
  Talking with Lord Heather, the mayor, will reveal that only Nastassia is
  without a lover.  He also tells you to talk to De Maria to hear the story
  of Nastassia.  Do so.  Then go talk to Nastassia, and she will ask you to
  find out what happened to her father, Julius.  The trail now leads to the
  Emps in the Deep Forest, but you need Honey to talk to them.  Luckily there
  is a bee cave (56N, 54W).  Go there, and all the way in you will find some
  honey, take it and run from all them giant Bees.  Talk to the Emp Trellek,
  who will tell you that Julius saved the lives of countless Emps, and is the
  only human that the Emps call "Hero".  Sniff.  Go back and tell Nastassia.
  (50 xp, infinite)

d. Minoc:
  Owen the Shipwright, Hero or Fraud?
  Everybody in town has an opinion on Owen.  Fellowship members think that he
  is the greatest thing since sliced bread, while everyone else hates him.
  Talk to these people about Owen: the Mayor, Burnside; Gladstone of the
  artists Guild; and Jakher.  From here the trail leads out of town to the
  south (46N, 89E) and a hermit named Karl.  Badger Karl until he gives you the
  ship plans.  Take the plans to Julia, and she'll say that the ship is flawed.
  Go to the Mayor, and Owen's Monument will be cancelled.  Talking to Owen, at
  this point, causes him to commit suicide. (100 xp)

e. Jhelom:
  The Honor Flag
  A false Avatar (!) lied his way into a free room for the night.  But he got
  cold during the night and demanded more and more blankets.  Finally, the inn-
  keeper, a weak willed sop named Sprellic, ran out of blankets, and in
  desperation, stole the Honor Flag from De Snel's.  Morning came and the false
  Avatar was gone, with the Honor Flag. De Snel's students now want it back, or
  for Sprellic to duel with them.  There are 2 ways to solve this one. 1) agree
  to be Sprellic's champion and fight the duels for him, or 2) have Kliftin
  make a false banner to replace the stolen one.  Either way, you have to agree
  to be the champion.  If you choose to duel, place a bet at the pub first.
  Arrive at noon ready to fight, or to give them the Flag.  Probelm Solved.
  Sprellic can later be found in the tunnels on Buccaneer's Den, but he isn't
  exactly happy there. (100 xp)

f. Vesper:
  Blorn's Accusations
  A discussion with the pub owner reveals that Blorn is a gargoyle hater.  Talk
  to Blorn about Gargoyles and tell him that you are not a Gargoyle "lover".
  He will tell you that awhile ago he was attacked by a particularly violent
  gargoyle, and asks for your help in seeking revenge.  He wants you to
  surprise Lap-Lem, his "attacker", and slay him.  Instead go talk to Lap-Lem
  about what happened, and he will tell you that in fact Blorn robbed Lap-Lem
  not the other way around.  Go back to Blorn, and ask him to return the
  Amulet, then give it back to Lap-Lem. (50 xp)

  Where does Catherine Go?
  Talking with Yvella, you will find that her daughter Catherine, disappears
  around noon everyday.  Catherine goes to the Gargoyle side of town to hear
  stories from For-Lem.  For-Lem asks you to keep it quiet.  If you tell Yvonne
  what you know, her husband will kill For-Lem. (50 xp)

g. Moonglow:
  Balayna's Doubts
  Talk to Balayna in the Fellowship Hall and she'll spill out her doubts about
  the Fellowship, and the Head of the Fellowship in particular.  If you talk to
  Rankin about Balayna's Doubts, he will ask you to give her a vial, if you do
  she will keel over and die.  If you don't she'll mysteriously vanish.
  If you talk to Rankin after she's dead of vanished, he'll offer some lame
  excuse for her absence. (50 xp)

  Zelda's Affections
  Talk to Phearcy the bartender, who asks you to get some gossip on Zelda.
  Go talk to Zelda up at the Lycaeum, and she'll tell you that she is attracted
  to Brion.  Talk to Brion who admits that he has no feelings for Zelda.  Then
  go talk to his twin brother Nelson who admits that he has quite the crush
  on Zelda.  Then go tell Zelda the news.  Go back to Phearcy to get your
  food. (20 xp)

  Brion's Orrery
  Talk to Brion about the telescope, and the subject of an orrery will come
  up.  He will tell you that an Astrological Event will happen soon, and that
  such an event only happens once in 800 years.  Say "BYE" and he will insist
  that you look at his collection of odd junk.  Look at the crystals, and he
  will offer to make you a portable orrery viewer.  All he needs is one more
  crystal.  Well Addom has one, go buy it from him (he's usually in the pub)
  for 20 gold.  Then come back and Brion will make the Orrery for you.  The
  orrery will show you how close you are to the end of the game, based on how
  close the "Astrological Alignment" is to happening.  When you are near the
  End of the Game, the Alignment will be very close. (0 xp)

  There are 3 farmers in Moonglow, Cubolt, Tolemac, and Morz.  Tolemac just
  joined the Fellowship and wants Morz to join as well.  Talking with Cubolt,
  he'll ask you to try talking to Tolemac and Morz to talk them out of the
  Fellowship.  It won't work with Tolemac, he's too far gone, but Morz will
  listen and avoid the Fellowship.  Just don't mention his stutter in any way.
  (20 xp)

h. Terfin:
  Who wants to destroy the Shrine?
  Talk to Teregus about rumors and he'll mention that someone wants to destroy
  the shrines, and he wants your help to find out who.  Search Sarplings'
  place to find the scroll from Runeb about the explosives (careless to leave
  such an incriminating thing sitting around...).  Take the note, and
  confront Sarpling with the evidence.  He'll pin the whole thing on Runeb,
  plus he'll let slip that they planned an Assassination against Quan, the
  Head of the Fellowship.  Show Teregus the note, and he'll ask you to confront
  Runeb.  If you confront Runeb with these allegations he will attack you.
  (100 xp)

i. Yew:
  Mysterious Monk
  In Empath Abbey there are 3 monks, yet for some reason the 2 in the back of
  the abbey haven't ever heard of the third, Kreg.  Talk to Kreg and he will
  ask for a Black Potion (invisibility) ... for research of course, not to
  slip town unnoticed.  Give him the potion and he'll drink it and escape.  If,
  however you go to the High Court you'll find records of a criminal who
  sometimes goes by the name Kreg.  Confront him with this and he'll attack
  you. (100 xp)

  Nastassia's Father (see above)

  Flowers for the Healer
  Talk to the healer, Reyna, and she will tell you of the sad story of her
  mother's death, she also wishes for more flowers to adorn her mother's grave
  in the graveyard.  Go talk to Aimi in the Abbey (she's the female monk) and
  tell her the story of Reyna's mother, and she will then give you the flowers,
  (you'd have to buy them otherwise).  Then go give the flowers to Reyna, and
  she will say "Thanks", and will offer to discount her healing services up
  to and including 50% off!  Wow. (19 xp)

  Tax Dodging Nudists:
  You have to talk to Tseramed about them; I don't know if you have to meet
  Mama and Papa first (I did this time), but if you get into a conversation
  about the Bee Cave with Tseramed, eventually, he'll mention that he thinks
  they're from Yew. Now the key here is - DO NOT ASK TSERAMED TO JOIN. (At
  least not right now - wait until you're totally done in the Bee Cave and with
  Mama and Papa, because I'm pretty sure if he's with you, Mama and Papa won't
  talk to you). Once you've ended the conversation with Tseramed without asking
  him to join, you go back to Mama and Papa; in talking to Papa, you'll be
  given an option to ask ,"Art thou from Yew?" or something like that; that's
  when he admits that he and Mama are actually Murray and Myrtle, the
  Britannian Tax Council literally took the shirts off their back, prompting
  them to get back to nature - and that no, they're not brother and sister. HA!
  Clever hippies!  (from Linda)

j. Serpent's Hold:
  Who Defaced Lord British?
  It would seem that someone doesn't take too kindly to the current regime
  (like any of them were alive before Lord British took over, i.e. Lord British
  has been in every Ultima game!) and has defaced the statue of Lord British at
  the entrance to the Hold.  Talk to Lord John Paul first, and he will ask for
  your help in solving the crime.  Then go talk to Denton in the pub, and ask
  him for help.  He tells you to go talk to Sir Richter.  Richter will give you
  some stone chips to help with your investigation.  Now go talk to Leigh, the
  healer, and ask her to examine the stone chips that you just got.  There is
  Gargoyle blood on the chips, and there is only One Gargoyle on the island,
  Horffe.  Talking to Horffe will reveal that he didn't do it, but that his
  blood was spilt defending the statue from an unknown vandal.  Tory then
  directs your attention to Jordan.  Jordan says that the night of the incident
  he heard Lady Jehanne cry out during the night.  Go to Jehanne now.  She
  tells you that it was Pendaran who did the heinous deed.  Confront Pendaran
  with your knowledge, and he will eventually confess.  Finally go tell John
  Paul of your findings. (100 xp)

  Tory's Baby
  Talking with Tory, you will discover that her baby Riky has been taken away
  by Harpies, and that the knights have given up.  Agree to find Riky.  Riky
  is on the shrine of honor (151S, 9W) south of Trinsic.  Kill the harpies
  and take Riky home. (100 xp)

k. New Magincia:
  Three Pirates and a Locket:
  A trio of Pirates were shipwrecked on the island recently.  Also Henry lost
  the locket that he was going to give to his true love, Constance.  Could
  these 2 events be related?  (by the way... their ship was built by the
  great Owen of Minoc!  Ring a bell?)  Talk to Henry to learn his tragic story
  of his lost locket, and consequently, his lost love.  Seems also that he lost
  the locket after talking to the 3 pirates.  Agree to help him find it, and
  then go talk to Sam about the locket.  Now go talk to the three pirates.
  Robin, the well dressed pirate, tells you that he lost a locket, his own
  locket.  One of the other pirates says that the last time they saw the locket
  was back in the pub.  Go talk to Boris, the pub owner, and he will confess
  that he stole the locket from Robin.  Seems his wife Magenta found the
  locket and assumed it was a gift to her.  Tell her that Boris stole it, and
  she will give it to you.  Go talk to Robin again and he will reveal his plan
  to kidnap Constance and sell her in Buccaneer's Den.  Don't reveal where your
  boat is and he will attack you to keep his secret.  Return the locket to
  Henry.  And finally go inform Constance of all that has happened. (Show
  locket to Robin, 100 xp, Give locket to Henry 50 xp)

l. Buccaneer's Den:
  The Pirate Friends
  Talk to Mole and find out that he misses his friends Blacktooth; they had a
  falling out.  Talk to Blacktooth and he will say he misses Mole too.  Tell
  both of them the other's feelings and they will be friends again.  Isn't that

  Note: This one gives you 20 exp every time you complete it, with no limit to
        the amount of times you can do it.

|                                APPENDICES:                                  |

| A. Isle of Fire Walkthrough                                                 |

Before going to the Isle of Fire, make sure to have at least 6 companions with
you, and that they are all reasonably well equipped.  You may also want to buy
some spells, like Telekinesis.

The Isle of Fire is located at (42S, 125E).
It is a _very_ good idea to mark the entrance to the Isle of Fire, for 2
reasons.  One, if you die you can teleport back, and Two, you can leave at any
time and come back instantly.  I marked my Red Stone, because its called Isle
of Fire.

  Talk to Erethian.  He'll mention a great many things.  Do not mention his
  blindness.  Or he'll get mad at you.  In the very back of the castle are 3

Test of Truth:
  Talk to the very back statue (he's an old man, possibly a wizard) and you'll
  be teleported to the test.  Walk down, then into the large chamber (avoid
  the middle of the room with the X), then go to the hallway to the left.  You
  should see a small article of clothing in the hall.  Go north through the
  wall from that point.  The illusionary hallway forks to the right and up
  to a chamber.  Flip the switch and get the Pendant.

  Your INT and MAGIC will be raised to FULL now.  He also tells you that the
  Psyche is returning to the Core.  Hmmm...

Test of Love:
  Talk now to the statue of the woman.  Then go through the Blue Moongate that
  is in the room to the south of her.  The entrance to it is in Erethian's
  room, click on the wall to open.  Go through the moongate.

  Take the bucket.  Go to the small desert and talk to the Golem standing
  there.  Agree to help his friend.  He also gives you a book.  Read the book
  and a page will fall out.  Pick it up (it's the spell you'll need to cast).
  Go into the cave north of there.  Take and equip a pick.  Go through the cave
  until you are outside, step onto the small clearing to be teleported.  Now
  go out from this new place.  Put the bucket by the rock with the tree on it,
  now use (double click) the pick on the tree itself so that the bucket fills
  with blood.  Go back to the Golem, put blood on the circle of rocks, and cast
  the spell.  The Golem will dramatically sacrifice himself for the fallen
  Golem.  And the other Golem will be revived.  Of course now he wants to save
  his companion, and rather than sacrifice himself (that could go on for awhile
  if they kept sacrificing themselves) he asks you for the book that the other
  Golem gave you, give it to him.  Again take the pick and the bucket and go
  back to the tree.  Use the pick on the tree to get the heart, then get the
  blood as last time.  Take the heart and the blood back to the Golems.  Put
  the heart in, the blood on the stones, and cast the spell.  Talk to the smart
  Golem after the other one has been Raised, to get the Talisman.

  Your DEX and COMBAT will be Maximized!

Test of Courage:
  Talk to the Paladin Statue, then go into the room on the right with the
  Mirror that seems alive.  Talk to it.  It is a Daemon named Arcadian who is
  trapped in the mirror.  Agree to help him out, and he'll ask you to find a
  small Gem in the Test of Courage.

  Mind you well that this test is not the cake job that the last 2 were.  This
  one requires a lot of fighting.  Once you're good and ready go through the

  The first room contains a Mage, and some skeletons.  Did I mention that the
  Mage is summoning a Liche?  I suggest you don't let him.  The mage has a key
  on him.  Also get the Magic Gauntlets off one of the corpse's, and another
  corpse has a Magic Armor and a Magic Gorget.  A dead female mage has another
  key, the exact same key that the other Mage has.  The 2 Red Moongates here do
  nothing so ignore them.

  Going to the right you'll be attacked by 2 stone golems.  Not an easy battle.
  Unlock the right door with either key you just got.  Once you're past them
  you need to flick 2 levers to go to the next room.  One lever is north, the
  other east.

  Go west and into the next room.  Kill the Drake here.  The female corpse here
  has a Magic Shield.  Pick the locked chest, and take the Glass Sword.  Go
  to the room on the left side with the crystal ball in it, and place the
  Glass Sword on the Black Area to get the next key.  Go through the north
  door.  Go to the right, then up and get the Magic Helm (but don't equip it
  yet).  Now go down fight the Golem, then right and fight another Golem and
  some slimes.  Go down here, then right, and then up.  Kill the Gazer, and
  then go to the left and up.  Get the Great Helm, and put the Magic Helm in
  its place.  Go back to where the Magic Helm was and put the Great Helm on the

  Now go to the room with the trolls in it and go right from there. The passage
  to the north leads to the BOSS, but first search that blackened corpse for
  a Magic Axe.  Go into the room.  A corpse on the left has a triple crossbow.
  The blackened corpse in the center of the room has a Glass Sword.  Get it
  and equip it.  Dracothraxus will talk to you, then attack him with your
  Glass Sword.  Then he offers to give you a Gem, and take it.  Mark the
  location, then cast Recall to go back to the entrance of the Isle of Fire.

  Talk to Erethian about a "powerful artifact" to defeat Dracothraxus with.  He
  then summons some Blacksmithing equipment, and gives you a Blackrock sword to
  forge.  It's easier to work if you ditch your party to the side.

  First, use the well and bucket to get water to fill the trough. Now equip the
  hammer in your hand, and place the Sword on the coals. Push the bellows until
  the sword is white hot, quickly move it to the anvil, and use the hammer
  (double click) on the sword.  After awhile of this you'll discover that the
  sword, although finished, is too unwieldly to use as a weapon.

  Talk to Erstam about it and he tells you to bind a Magical Source to it.
  Remember the Daemon?  Go to the mirror and talk to Arcadian.  Then you must
  use the Gem on it.  The Daemon is now trapped inside the Gem. Talk to him now
  about the Black Sword, and then tell him to Bond himself to the sword.  You
  now have the Demon Blade!

  Cast Recall to go back to Dracothraxus's chamber, then talk to the Demon
  Blade, and ask him to kill Dracothraxus.  Dracothraxus dies, and tells you to
  go on the moongate to the north.  Go up there, and get the last pendant.

  The last statue will MAX your STR!  And he tells you to get the Talisman of
  Infinity, and that the scroll of infinity will tell you how to find it.

Talisman of Infinity:
  Pick up the scroll in Erethian's room and talk to him about the Talisman of
  Infinity, and then talk to Erethian.  He says that you will need the Convex
  and Concave Lenses.  Teleport (using Help) to Britain, grab the lenses and
  teleport back.  Go to the room with the Dark Core, and place the lenses to
  the left and right side.  Then put the Talismans on top of the Dark Core.
  The Talisman of Infinity will appear and start to expunge the Dark Core to
  the Void.  Erethian will appear to try to stop this and get destroyed.

  Go back to Britain, and talk to Lord British.  He will reward you by doubling
  your STRENGTH all the way up to 60.  Wow.

| B. Orb of the Moons                                                         |

The Orb of the Moons is very useful.  But unfortunately it doesn't always work
and even when it does work, it doesn't work very long.  Anyway here's a chart
of where to use the Orb:

    Moonglow/           Britain          Jhelom
    Time Lord

    New Magincia        Avatar           Yew

    Skara Brae          Trinsic          Minoc

Placing the Orb isn't easy, and takes practice.  If it doesn't work, you
could try putting it out farther, or taking it in closer.

Note: Once you destroy the Sphere the Orb ceases to function.

| C. Almanac                                                                  |

This Almanac covers only the Towns of Britannia, large and small.

  Grayson - weapons and armor, range from 20 to 300 gold
  Fred - mutton (3 gold) and fowl (3) best values
  Kelly - vegetables
  Willy - bakery
  Gordon - Fish and Chips (8)
  Blue Boar - Jeannette is slightly cheaper, but still more money than Fred
  Lord British - FREE!
  Csil - Healing (40), Cure (30), Resurrection (450)
Inn: Wayfarer's Inn (10)
  Kessler - also buys Venom at 50 gold
Spells: (listed are recommended spells, since they are cheapest here)
  Nystul - Black Pearl (10), Blood Moss (6), Ginseng (4), Mandrake Root (10),
           Sulfurous Ash (8)
         - 5 Spells at optimal price
  Denby - Dex, Int, Magic (75)
  Sentri - Dex (30)
  Zella - Dex, Combat (45)
  Ship - The Beast, 800 gold
  Sextant - 100 gold
  Cart - 120 gold

Buccaneer's Den
  Budo - weapons and armor from 20 to 325 gold
       - also sells lockpicks (10) and torches (5)
Inn: The Fallen Virgin (10)
  The Fallen Virgin - range of 5 to 50, Mutton (6) best value
  The Baths - Admission (300), Ale and Wine (5)
  House of Games - Rat Race (4 to 1, 6 to 1)
  Lucky - Int (35)
  Ship - The Lusty Wench, 800 gold

  The Emerald - 2-30, Mutton (3) best value
  Jaana - Healing (30), Curing (15), Resurrection (400)
Inn: The Out 'n' Inn (8)
  Rudyom - Black Pearl (5), Blood Moss (3), Ginseng (2), Mandrake Root (5),
           Sulfurous Ash (4)
         - 19 Spells at optimal prices
  Rayburt - Int, Dex, Combat (60)

  Kliftin - weapons and armor from 5 to 150 gold
  The Bunk and Stool - 2 to 25, Fish (3) best value
Inn: The Bunk and Stool (5)
  De Snel - Combat + 2 (40)

  Zorn - 12 to 300 gold
  The Chequered Cork - 2 to 35, no good values here
  Karenna - Dex, Combat (20)
  Jakher - Str, Int (20)
  Ship - The Excellencia (1000)
  Sextant - 150 gold

  The Friendly Knave - 2 to 25, trout best value (2)
  Elad - Healing (25), Curing (10), Resurrecting (425)
  Mariah - Awakening (15), Invisibility (90)
  Mariah - Black Pearl (8), Garlic (1), Ginseng (2), Mandrake Root (7),
           Nightshade (6)
         - 23 spells at optimal price
  Chad - Dex, Combat (45)
  Jillian - Int, Magic (35)

New Magincia
  The Modest Damsel - 1 to 12, Fish (5) best value
Inn: The Modest Damsel (3)
  Ship - The Nymphet (600)
  Sextant - 40

  Beverlea - Hourglass (5), etc.
  Thurston - Flour (12)
  Morfin - Beef (2), Ham (4), Mutton (3)
  Andrew - dairy
  Camille - carrots (1)
  The Salty Dog - 1 to 12, no good values
Inn: The Salty Dog (5)

Serpent's Hold
  The Hallowed Dock - 1 to 16, Trout is best value (3)
  Leigh - Healing (25), Curing (8), Resurrection (385)

  Menion - Str, Combat (45)
  Ship - The Dragon's Breath (600)

Skara Brae
Although no one outside of this sad town mentions it, this town is dead, and
has been for some time.  If only the Avatar would appear and free its sad
spectre's from their eternal torment.

  Tavern (nameless) - 1 to 12, flounder best value (2)
  Inmanilem - Healing (25), Cure (10), Resurrect (430)
  Inforlem - Str, Dex, Combat (50)
           - Int + 2, Magic (50)

  Dell - 10 to 80
  The Honorable Hound - 2 to 30, Mutton (3) best value
  Chantu - Healing (30), Cure (15), Resurrect (400)
  Markus - Combat (20)
  Ship - The Scaly Eel (600)
  Sextant - 80
  Cart - 60

  The Gilded Lizard - 1 to 20, Flounder (4) best value
  Gargoyle Tavern - 2 to 14, no good values
  Wis-Sur - 10 to 150
  Wis-Sur - Black Pearl (34), Blood Moss (16), Mandrake Root (32), Spider
            Silk(20), Sulfurous Ash (25) - you can haggle these
          - 4 spells at optimal price

Yew (and Empath Abbey too)
  Reyna - Healing (30), Cure (10), Ressurect (400) - Half price if you give her
          flowers (SUBPLOT)
  Nicodemus - Blood Moss (3), Garlic (2), Mandrake Root (5), Nightshade (5),
              Spider Silk(3)
            - 21 spells at optimal prices
  Bradman - Dex + 2 (30)
  Penni - Str, Combat (35)
  Perrin - Int + 2, Magic (45)

| D. Secret Locations                                                         |

Here are some of the out of the way places that hold some treasure of some sort

  X Marks the Spot: 2 Glass Swords, Key (48N, 138E)
  Pirate Fort: Gold, etc. (39N, 158E)
  Burnt out Fort: Nuthin' (81S, 202E)
  Chest South of Trinsic: Full set of Magic Armor (128S, 4W)
  Abandoned Keep: Magebane (16N, 37E)
  Crypt: Full set of Magic Armor, Death Scythe, Soul Cage (53S, 65W)
  Island Treasure: Gold Bars, Gold (117S, 42W)
  Island Cave: Magic Helm, Gold Bar, Gold, Key (125S, 73W)
  Forest Altar: Magic Shield (55N, 32W)
  House in Woods: Gold (34N, 27W)
  Another Island Cave: Gold Bars, 4 Glass Swords, Magic Boots, Magic Gauntlets
                       Gold, Lightning Whip, etc. (168S, 27E)
  Island W of Serpent's Hold: Blackrock, Reagants, Lockpicks (162S, 8E)
  Desert Cave: Magic Armor, etc. (43N, 118E)
  Skeleton Key: Near Trinsic (111S, 26W)

| E. Cheating                                                                 |

Debug Menu Cheat:
This cheat must be activated before you even start the game.  At the command
line type:

  ultima7 abcd

 is a character code, that looks suspiciously like a space.  If you've
never done "Alt Codes" before this is how they work:  Press and hold the ALT
button, press 2 5 5 on the numeric pad (its on the right side of your keyboard)
and let go of ALT.

In the game, press F1 to bring up a list of Commands for cheating
                   F2 to bring up the Debug Menu.
                   F3 to bring up the Teleport Map
                   F5 casts any spell (hit F5, push number of the spell, select
                      who gets to cast it, and if needed select what to cast it
                    4 - dumps contents, used to see what someone is
                      carrying.  Try it on Lord British.

The Debug Menu should look exactly like:
  [b]usiness schedule  [h]ack mover...: No
  [d]o Schedule.: All  [l]ocation.....: Off
  [g]ame flags         [i]nspect
  [n]umber ID...: Off  [m]odify Npc
  [t]eleport           [u]nk BugChkin : Yes
  [p]ower Avatar: Off  [q]ueue Toggle.: Off
  [s]et time           [c]reate item
  [+-] Time Rate:   1  [a]ctivity dump
  [f]ollowers...:* No* [X]it

For the purposes of this debug menu, the avatar is considered NPC 0, with
everyone else in the game numbered as well.  Choosing "Number ID" will show
all the NPC numbers.

-- "Hack Mover" allows you to pick up all objects, including the scenery.
Nothing is more fun that picking a mountain apart to see how it ticks.  Also
you can pick yourself up.
-- "Followers" brings in everyone that can join your party.  (up to the maximum
number of followers anyway)
-- "Game Flags" will show you the flags.  For example, if you walk into a room
and something is supposed to happen, what actually happened was that you
tripped a game flag that told the computer to do something.
-- "Create Item" is just what it says.  You can create EVERYTHING, including an
Avatar Corpse!  Creepy!

Now a little bit more on the "m"odify NPC option.  You can modify every NPC in
the game, including all enemies.  You can affect their (or your) stats, status,
and make them do things, called a "business activity".  Typical business
activities are "preaching" (what the Fellowship people do) "baking", "follow
avatar", etc.  If you set yourself to preach in a Fellowship Hall, you will do
exactly what Batlin (or the others) does.  Creepy.  The best "status" change
you can do is to make yourself Ethereal, which is essentially a walk through
walls option.  Very fun, but remember you cannot go up stairs, or go up in any
way at all while ethereal; instead you will walk through the stairs.  To go up
a level while ethereal use the Hack mover and pick yourself up.

**WARNING!!!** Doing any of the above cheats can result in a corrupted
savegame.  You may not be able to pass the game if you cheat!  So don't save it
if you cheat and don't cheat unless you don't want to pass the game.  You
shouldn't cheat anyway... what kind of Avatar are you?

Exp Trick:
  Talk to the 2 pirate friends (see SUBPLOTS for Buccanneer's Den) and get 10
  exp, there is no limit to the amount of times you can do it.  Although this
  isn't a very efficient way to gain experience.

Lord British Catches you Cheating:
  One funny thing to do is to teleport to 209,407,0 (Hex coord).  It is a room
  in the mountains that can only be reached via cheating.  And it really pisses
  Lord British off!  The time I did it, he teleported there and started
  attacking me, calling me a cheater, and whatnot.  Then if you access the
  cheat menu, all it will say is "Oink".

Every Item, In Trinsic: (a7,978,0) and (73b,477,0)
  Go to the Blacksmith house, and stack the crates to form a ladder to get onto
  the room.  Climb up there and walk behind the chimney.  You will be
  teleported to a room that has every item in the game (including PLOT items
  like the Rudyom's Wand, the 3 Blackrock pieces, etc), and teleporters to
  every major location in Britannia.  Another way to get to the teleporter room
  is to place an object (anything that you can climb on) to the left side of
  the bottom tree to the right side of the Gargoyle's house in Britain.  Then
  climb on and it will teleport you to the room.

Isle of Fire, Secret Chamber:
  On the Isle of Fire in the Test of Love, at the Stone of Castambre, right
  next to the Stone is a lever.  Flick the lever to open a passage in the
  previous dungeon to a room with 9 Glass Swords, a Death Scythe, and a
  Firedoom Staff.

Maybe We Could Just Censure the King:
  Lord British is hiding a secret.  He's having an illicit love affair with the
  chambermaid of the castle.  Sounds suspiciously Clintonian.  The only way to
  get evidence of this, is to kill Lord British, and read the Will on his body.
  He can be killed very few ways.  One is to use the Demon Sword on him, Two is
  to use a Cannon on him, and Three is to cheat him dead, and lastly, everyday
  around noon (i think) he stands underneath the sign "Lord British's Throne
  Room" double click the sign, and it will behead the king.

What if They're Dead, Sir?
  Where do people go when they die?  Why, the House of the Dead, of course!
  There is only one way to get here, and that is to use the Debug Menu
  Teleport.  It is located at 5a8,508,0.  However, it's empty around the start
  of the game.  So, say you kill someone, and then you teleport here, you will
  find them here lying down.  So what is left back in the real world?  Their
  corpse is considered an item, not an NPC, and all NPC's have to be somewhere
  in the world, so they are stuffed here.  Resurrecting them will destroy the
  corpse-item and bring them back.

Troll Doll:
  One of the actors in Britain has a Troll doll in his possession.  To see it
  either kill him, or 4 him.

Alagner's OTHER Study:
  Remember looking into the crystal ball at Alanger's place and seeing him
  murdered?  It's actually a place!  Teleport to a82,974,0.  Of course if you
  teleport in on someone getting murdered, you're likely to get attacked
  yourself!  And just to the south of this study, is another study!  Wow,
  that's three!  In that one Alagner is working (it's what you see if you look
  in his crystal ball _before_ he is murdered).

  Everything anyone says in the entire game is stored in the file called
  "usecode".  To change what someone says, merely open it up and change it.
  NOTE:  This is not recommended, plus you cannot change the LENGTH of what
  someone says, just the message.  If the text starts out 10 letters long, it
  has to end out that long.

Those Wacky Programmers:
  If you sit through the entire credits sequence (at the title screen there is
  an option to "View Credits", don't you ever pay attention?), then a new
  option will appear, "View Quotes".  You will get to see what was on the
  programmers minds when they made this game.  Oink.

| F. Monsters                                                                 |

  There are a great many evil and vile creatures to be slain in Britannia.  The
  following is but a simple list of them.  Stats and Exp may vary from creature
  to creature.  Also Exp is based on you doing all the damage to the creature.

  Name:             STR:  DEX:  INT:  COMBAT:  EXP:   NOTES:
  -----             ----  ----  ----  -------  ----   ------
  Acid Slug          13     6     3       9     16
  Alligator          18    11     3      15     27
  Brigand            19    21    15      17     31
  Corpser            16     2     9      12     20   underground tentacle
  Cyclops            19    15    11      15     27   often has gold nuggets
  Dragon             40    12    23      18     59   *MAGICAL*
  Drake              21    10    11      17     48
  Emps               14    13    19       1     11   *NON EVIL*
  Gargoyle           16    15    10       7     15
  Gazer               5    20    12       8     25   *MAGICAL*
  Ghost              11    11    16      11     20   *ETHEREAL*
  Giant Bat           1    15     1      10     10
  Giant Bee          10    26     4      20     24
  Giant Scorpion     12    13     5      16     17   poisonous
  Giant Rat           5     8     4       6      9   poisonous?
  Giant Spider       13    19    11      13     14
  Gremlin             6    16    11      10     16   turn into food when killed
  Harpy              11    14     7      17     36
  Headless           14     9     8      15     23   often has gold nuggets
  Hydra              24    20    24      16     42
  Kraken             14     7    10      14     24   *SEA*
  Kissme             10    22     9       4     44   *MAGICAL* *NON-EVIL*
  Liche              16    15    23      18     37   *MAGICAL*
  Mage               12    16    20      16     32   *MAGICAL*
  Mongbat            12    14     4      13     18
  Paladin            20    16    14      21     29
  Pirate             16    18    16      22     29
  Reaper             15    16     9      17     24   *MAGICAL*
  Sea Serpent        23    16    15      15     24   *SEA*
  Skeleton           14    12     5      11     20
  Slime               1     2     2      10     10   *REPLICATES*
  Snake               8    14     7       3     11   poisonous
  Stone Harpy        28    28    25      26     55
  Swarm               1    17     2       2     --
  Troll              17     7     8      12     26
  Unicorn            30    30    30      30     38   *NON EVIL*
  Wisp                6    27    26      17     --   *MAGICAL* *ETHEREAL*
  Wolf               11    14     7      15     18

| G. Keyboard Commands                                                        |

i - opens your item screen, each subsequent "i" opens each member of the
    party's item screens.
z - opens your stat screen.
c - combat on/off
s - save/load screen
v - version
h - left/right handed mouse
ESC - gets rid of all windows on screen

| H. Gameplay Issues                                                          |

  If your computer is Pentium or better, then you will most definately want to
  use Mo'Slo when running Ultima 7.  Mo'Slo will cut your top of the line
  processor down to size.

  Mo'Slo can be obtained from:

  Using Mo'Slo is as follows:

    "moslo.com /50 ultima7.com"  or
    "moslo /50 ultima7" may also work.

  The '/50' will cut the processor speed in half.  A P200 will be a P100, etc.
  Just remember, the lower the number the slower it goes.

Saving Conventions:
  When you save your game, it is best to number the save, give a location and
  to say what's going on there.  If you don't, then you don't play it for a
  month and you forget which save was the one you used last.

  I have personally encountered a lot of bugs in this game.  One way to see the
  most bugs is to cheat (this happens to me a lot in the Cube maze) and try to
  play the game that way.  Sometimes you can just go back to a previous save,
  and other times your whole game is lost.

  The final version of this game was 3.4.  To check which version you have
  press the "v" button in the game.  If you have version 3.0 you should
  probably download the upgrade at:


| I. Online Resources:                                                        |

  Here is every online resource that I have ever found, some useful, some just
  for fun.

  http://www.gamefaqs.com/ - Gamefaqs
  http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/faq/ultima_vii_a.txt - This FAQ
  http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dungeon/1350/ultima.html - Good Ultima
  http://www.surfing.net/ultima/ - nice Ultima Site, with Music Archive

  http://www.origin.ea.com/ - Origin's Official Site
  http://www.owo.com/archive/ - Ultima Web Archive
  http://www.owo.com/archive/ultima7/index.html - Ultima 7 page on Web Archive
       Includes a Map, weapons locations, coordinates, and a patch

Exult - http://exult.sourceforge.net/ - an open source engine for Ultima 7 and
        Serpent Isle, supports both Windows and Unix.

Online Utilities:
  General Midi Upgrade:

  Shapes Viewer:

  Speech Extractor:

  Add On, Kataba Aja:

  Ultima 7 Wizard:

  Ultima 7 In Windows:  (allows Ultima 7 and Serpent's Isle to be run directly
                        from Windows, with sound even!)


Technical Files:
  Origin Tech Support:

  Ultima and the Soundblaster AWE 32:

  How to Edit Ultima 7:

| J. Final Words...                                                           |

Weapon Locations from "The Void" - http://www.cyberus.ca/~wolf2/weapons.shtml
Some Brittanian Locations from the Ultima Web Archive -

Special thanks to:

  Nathaniel Dolynchuk for information on getting gold from Batlin, etc.
  Jeff Tham for telling me where the Serpent's Hold key is located
  Linda for helping with tax dodging nudists. Smelly hippies!
  Johan Vestergaard Paulsen for the xp rewards.
  Linda Shaw for being the key master.
  Matthew Orrte
  Marzo Sette Torres Jr

                           Shameless Self Promotion:
  I am Dan Simpson (dsimpson.faqs@gmail.com) and have also written FAQs for:

    NES:      Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
              Final Fantasy -- Magic FAQ
              The Legend of Zelda
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              Aerobiz Supersonic
              Utopia: Creation of a Nation
    Genesis:  StarFlight
    PSX:      Thousand Arms -- Walkthrough
                            -- Forging/Dating FAQ
    PS2:      Madden NFL 2001
    XBOX:     Star Wars: KotOR II: The Sith Lords -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                  -- Influence Guide
    PC:       AD&D Rules FAQ, 2nd and 3rd Editions
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                                                          Creature List
              Baldur's Gate II & Throne of Bhaal -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                 -- Items List
                                                 -- Class FAQ
                                                 -- Creature List
              Civilization III (incomplete)
              Colonization -- the Single Colony Strategy Guide
                           -- the Cheat Guide
              Drakan: Order of the Flame
              Dungeon Hack
              Icewind Dale & Heart of Winter -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                Items List
                                                Kresselack's Tomb Map (JPG)
                                                Burial Isle Map (JPG)
                                                Shattered Hand Map (JPG)
              Icewind Dale II                -- Items List
              Master of Magic (revision)
              Pharaoh (currently being edited by Red Phoenix)
              Planescape: Torment  -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                      Items Listing
              Rollercoaster Tycoon
              Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
              The Sims
              Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar
              Ultima 7: The Black Gate
              Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent Isle
              Ultima Underworld -- Keyboard Commands
              Ultima Underworld II -- Keyboard Commands
                                   -- Spell List
  All of my FAQs can be found at:


the ASCII art was created by me, and that is why it doesn't look as good as
some of the other ASCII arts' in my other FAQ's.

This FAQ was writen mostly using the GWD Text Editor:  (shareware)

I'm now an Ultima Dragon!  Tasumusu Dragon, UDIC (http://www.udic.org)

Version History:
Original Version (2-22-99, 104k)
Changes in 1.1:  (2-2?-99, 106k)
  fixed the lettering in the Appendix (there were 2 "F."s before)
  fixed the Contents
  added to "food" and "spells" sections
  other small and sundry changes
Changes in 1.2:  (3-2-99, 108k)
  added new money making scheme
  added to the cheat section
  fixed a rather embarassing error
  added note on SNES version
  various small and sundry changes
Changes in 2.0:  (3-7-99, 123k)
  Completely revised, reviewed, and rewritten
  redid the ASCII art
  added Almanac section to appendix (ugh...)
  redid the monsters section
  redid the Spells section
  new online resources
Changes in 2.1:  (4-12-99, 123k)
  Fixed some spacing problems
  Changed "Erstam" to "Erethian" (oops!)
  Added Shameless Self Promotion
Changes in 2.15:  (5-25-99, 125k)
  Added trick to Pirate Friends Sub Plot and Cheats
  Small Format Changes involving the Contents
  Small Format Changes involving "Other things to do" in the Walkthrough
  Small Changes
Changes in 2.16  (7-20-99, 126k)
  Added another online resource
  Generally cleaned things up a bit
  Small Changes
Changes in 2.2:  (9-29-99, 135k)
  Format Changes Mostly
  Small Changes
Changes in Version 2.3:  (2-12-00, 138k)
  Format Changes (again)
  Other Small Changes
Changes in Version 2.31 (4-26-00, 140k)
  Updated the Format
  Other Small Changes

  Version 2.4  August 21, 2000  141k

    Changed over to the newest format.  Updated the Shameless Self Promotion,
    and most excitingly, added a new Utility!  Check it out, it allows Ultima 7
    to be run directly from Windows 95/98!  You can find it in "Online

  Version 2.41  September 6, 2000  143k

    Added some new information from Nathaniel Dolynchuk, which has been placed
    in the General Strategies section under the heading "Money".

  Version 2.5  February 4, 2001  143k

    Jeff Tham found the key that opens the chest in Serpent's Hold.  Edited the
    format a little.

  Version 2.6  May 30, 2001  144k

    Added an infinite exp/item cheat from Cao Cao.

  Version 2.61  January 22, 2005  144k

    Changed my email address.

  Version 2.7  April 18, 2009  148k

    Added the tax dodging nudist sub-plot solution from Linda. Added xp
    rewards from Johan Vestergaard Paulsen. Linda Shaw sent in the location
    of the key for the chest south of Trinsic and the Skeleton Key. Added some
    notes from Matthew Orrte. Added Marzo Sette Torres Jr's note on the Death

  "Know that you too shall kneel before me, Avatar."

This Document is Copyright 1999-2009 by Dan Simpson
Ultima 7 is Copyright by Origin and/or Electronic Arts

I am not affiliated with Origin, Electronic Arts, or anyone who had anything to
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