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Tim Wilton's Walkthrough Source: Tim's Website (http://members.xoom.com/timmycool2/index.html - Site Gone) - Formatting by Ganesh (Bootstrike.Com)

Ultima VII Walkthrough

Ok, first off I want you to know that this and Serpent Isle are my ABSOLUTE favorite of the Ultima series and I hate to have to degrade them like this, but some people are pussies and don't know how to play on their own. Makes me sick really...Honestly, I've beaten the game, including all the quests, in a total of four days.

Now, I'm sure I could do better, but I DO have a life and spent most of the time doing it at night. The basis of this walkthru will be the chase of Elizabeth and Abraham, so keep your eyes out for their names. Anyways, without further ado...

Oh, P.S. I wrote this myself, so if I see it anywhere else, I WILL punish you to the full extent of the law. (Can you say Copyright?)

BEFORE YOU START: If you have the Forge of Virtue Add-On, that may be accessed HERE (http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Lair/5502/fovcheat.html - Link Broken).

TRINSIC: You exit the moongate in Trinsic. A fat bald guy and a blacksmith are having a conversation, the fat guy, you find out, is your pal Iolo and he kind of latches on to you. He's useless really, all he does is bitch throughout the game, but I use him to lug around all my gold and such. You screen will start to shake, but it will eventually fade. So after it does, search the stables. Pretty picture...anyways, you can scavenge around here. (There isn't just a dead guy here, there's an impaled gargoyle, named Inamo in the back...) Maybe toss your dagger for a trusty...rake.

But make sure you get the key. Now, feel free to explore a bit and talk to people. Be sure to meet the Fellowship. They play a somewhat large role in the game. Especially talk to Gilberto, who is at the healers and Spark, who will become the next step in your mission. Go to Spark's house on the NW side of town. Beat his parrot with the gavel and see what happens. (Trust me...) Talk to the runt and get him going about the key.

Open his chest upstairs and nab the gold and the scroll. The scroll says some spooky stuff about the Fellowship. Little use it does you, but you made out with 100 gold. Not bad. Spark will also start whining about joining your group. He often provides a bit of entertainment, and I use him to carry food. However, he's not REQUIRED for the game. Go to the center of town and talk to the Mayor. Give him your "report" and get the password, Blackbird, to leave the city. Uh oh, did you forget to pay for this game? If you did, tough shit. Hope you enjoyed the game. I'm not playing pirate for any of you. If not, answer the questions and head out the north gate. One last thing, cheaters suck.

BRITAIN: Just pass on by the Peasant People of Paws for now and head to Britain. First order of business, get drunk. Well, not really. Go to the tavern and who do you see? An old guy in a green shirt. HEY! ITS SHAMINO!! YAY! Pick him up and make sure he gives you your pocketwatch back.

Then head over to the castle. Stop and chat with Chuckles, (do you know how to play the Game? I do...) Then, go talk to Lord British. Make sure to get him talking about his ship, the storeroom, the earthquakes, and the moongates. He'll tell you where to get a free boat, (don't buy one..) a spellbook, some armor, and he'll give you the Orb of the Moons. Don't lose this. He'll also talk about the messed up magic and tell you to go to Cove and find Rudyom. Leave the castle and go to the Fellowship hall.

Talk to Batlin and tell him you want to join the Fellowship. You'll take an unpassable test and then be given a package. You're instructed to deliver it to Elynor in Minoc. (You can open it, but there's nothing important in it.) You'll also learn that Elizabeth and Abraham are on their way to Minoc, how convenient. After that, the rest is up to your discretion.

SIDE NOTE: Along the way, there are tons of little quests that are optional in the game. I recommend doing them for maximum enjoyment, but most are optional. I will try to remember where all of them are... In Castle British, talk to the woman in blue (I forget her name) she will give you a note to take to Cove. (You're going there anyways...)

Lastly, in Britain, you can go to the strip on the east side, that's where the shops are. Make sure you talk to the Mayor, Clint, Gordon, and Sentri. Sentri is an optional member of your team, but I usually leave him behind. Also, go to the Museum and pilfer the moonstones. (The colored ones, not the runes.) If anyone gives you crap, blame it on Iolo. Also talk to the mayor, Millie, Gordon, and Clint, the shipwright. Leave Britain via the East Bridge and head to Cove, you cheater.

COVE: Ok, I have to show you this. On your way out of Britain, you will pass a farmers house. Talk to him and find out why everyone thinks he's a wacko. Go the NE side of his field and find out maybe he's not so wacko. THE KILRATHI HAVE LANDED!!! (Not that that has anything to do with the game.

SIDE NOTE: Also, at this guys house there is a locked shed. Find a fishing pole and go fishing south of his home. You will catch a fish with a key inside him. Use the key in the shed and find THE HOE OF DESTRUCTION!

Ok, go to Cove and find Rudyom. His house has two candles in front. As you can see, he's a little...strange. Anyways, get him talking about blackrock then get his Wand and at least four pieces of blackrock.

SIDE NOTE: If you get seasick, Rudyom speaks of a Flying Carpet. That is located south of Dungeon Despise.

Also, before you leave Rudyom, make sure you buy the spells, MARK and RECALL. Now you have a use for the moonstones. Whenever you're at a place that you want to get back to quickly, use MARK on a moonstone. Then when you want to come back, use RECALL on that moonstone.

Saves time, saves effort. That's all that's required in Cove. However, the fun way is to also go to the Mayors home and get that note signed. You should go to the Healer's and meet Janna. She will offer to join your party. I recommend her because she will heal you for free. Finally, you can go to the Shrine of Compassion located on the west side of Cove and meet the woman of your dreams, Natassia. Find out what's bugging her and offer to help.

That's all for Cove, time to get on Elizabeth and Abraham's trail. Ok, you pathetic, wussy cheater, time to go to Minoc.

MINOC: Ok, first things first. If you got a clue from Chuckles, it will tell you to stop and get your fortune told. BIG GAME CLUES HERE so do it. Then, go to the Sawmill. ALL RIGHT!

Just in time for lunch, two gruesome, gory murders. How nice. Wait, what's that, CLUES! A dagger and a candelabra. Snag the dagger and go talk to people. Question everyone, ESPECIALLY Mrs. Unfriendly Elynor. Drop off her package, (if you opened it, she will just be a little pissy, but nothing will happen.)

She will also tell you that Elizabeth and Abraham have gone to Paws. That's all that's important that happens here. However, I would talk to Julia the Tinker. She can join your party. (but she's USELESS!!) Also, in the Artist's Guild, if you go the NW corner and look in the barrels, you'll find a dead rabbit.

Look inside IT and find some blue shiny things. Grab them, they're GREAT weapons called Starbursts. Ok, time to get back on the case. You can finally associate with the pathetic peasants like yourself you cheater. Onto Paws.

PAWS: Stop in at Castle British to deliver that note and go south to Paws. Head to the Fellowship Hall and meet Feridwyn. He will clue you in that Elizabeth and Abraham have gone to Jhelom. Also, to save time, visit the House of Items and purchase the Hourglass. You'll need it later. (AND DON'T STEAL IT!

Just because she's blind gives you no reason. It only costs like 5 gold.) That's all for Paws. If you want, there is also a mini quest involving some stolen Serpent Venom. That's a fun one...) Ok, next stop, the City of Valor (which you have none of cheater), Jhelom.

Jhelom: Ok, there are three ways to get here. 1. Run to Vesper, get the ship (or buy one) and sail there. 2. Go to Lost Lake, under Dungeon Despise, and get the Flying Carpet. 3. My favorite, go east of Britain. Follow the path and watch north. You should see a moongate. 90% of the time, it will take you to Jhelom. 10% of the time, it will kill you.

Anyways, however you go, when you get there, talk to the Mayor, Joseph. He says Elizabeth and Abraham are on their way to Britain. (DAMMIT!) If you notice there seems to be a bit of trouble here. Maybe you should stop in at the tavern to find out what the scoop is. Surprise! Its Dupre, or should I say, Sir Dupre.

Get him to join your party. Besides you, he's the best fighter. Also, talk to the barmaids to find out what's going on. Evidently, someone stole somebody's flag. Go up to the NE part of town and meet Sprellic. He will fill you in on what REALLY happened. Evidently, he "borrowed" the fighters Honor Flag and now they want to kick his ass. However, the flag is gone and will never come back.

Agree to help him out and go to the shop across the bridge. Talk to the guy and ask him to knit you a fake flag. May not solve the problem, but it will shut the fighters up. Then go to DeSnel's Fighting School and look around. See anything familiar? Ask DeSnel about the dagger you found in Minoc. (Notice he's a Fellowship member...hmm) Then ask to see his demonstration. This is really fun! Trust me! (Remember, if someone attacks you first, you have the right to whomp him.)

That's all you need here. If you want, you can sleep for a few hours, (at least 30 paces away from the provisions shop) and give the fighters their pseudo-flag. That should clear things up in Jhelom. SIDE NOTE: Just north of Jhelom is a small island. It's the really little one on the right. Go there and look for a secret entrance to a cave. It's on the right side of the mountains. Inside is TONS of booty. Back to your main quest, chasing Elizabeth and Abraham. Onto Britain!

BRITAIN: Ok, return to Britain (I would Mark/Recall Jhelom first) If you traveled via moongate, then cast HELP from your spellbook. Neat huh? Go down to the Fellowship Hall and talk to Batlin. Tell him you delivered the package and also ask about Elizabeth and Abraham. He will say that they've gone to Vesper.

He will also give you another task to prove your worth to the Fellowship. He will ask you to go to the "deserted" Dungeon Destard to find some Fellowship gold. Make this your next task. Cheating scum....

DUNGEON DESTARD: Ok, this dungeon is located NW of Trinsic. It's a little hard to find, but you have to go west of where the mountains tip off.

SIDE NOTE: If you go due west of Trinsic and hug the mountainside, you'll notice a cave at the tip of the mountains. (Dungeon Destard is NW of this) Go inside and you'll find a virgin-detecting Unicorn (useless) and a fountain. Drink the water from the fountain and you'll become temporarily invincible!

Once you reach the entrance to Dungeon Destard, you don't actually have to go in. But inside, are gems, spellbooks, armor, gold, and HUGE, RED FIREBREATHING DRAGONS!!! Is it worth it? Yep. Dragons are pussies. I usually use a sleeping potion or cast sleep on them, then PILLAGE AND RUN!

If you're really brave (or should I say...stupid), you can go hand to hand with them, but I wouldn't recommend it. If you want, you can grab the Fellowship staff from inside. It makes a pretty formidable weapon. Time to return to Batlin.

BRITAIN: Tsk, tsk, tsk. You returned to Batlin empty-handed. But it's ok. There really weren't any funds there to begin with. He will forgive you and tell you to come back at 9:00pm to be initiated into the Fellowship. Yippee freaking skippy. Everytime I play, I just go use his bed for a few hours and wake up, fresh and ready to join the Fellowship. Head to the podium and begin the ceremony.

You'll hear a lot of pathetic stories before you are initiated. Your friends will try to stop you from joining, but you have to be strong! Ignore them. Join the Fellowship (Hope you paid for your game!) and receive your medallion. Make sure you wear it at all times. (It WILL affect some responses from people, but it IS important.) Ok, back to following Elizabeth and Abraham. On to the desert city of Vesper. (Someone should ship YOU to the desert you CHEATER!!)

VESPER: What a fun town. Since this place doesn't have a Fellowship hall, do like you did in Cove and talk to Austin the Mayor. He will tell you should talk to Cador. Cador is a miner for the Britannian Mining Company. He can be found either in the mine during the day, at the tavern in the evening, or his home at night. He will tell you that Elizabeth and Abraham have gone to Moonglow (isn't this FUN!) That's pretty much it here. If you notice,

Vesper is VERY segregated and prejudiced. Humans stay on the right of the oasis, Gargoyles on the left. Be careful what you say to some of the wussy wingless gargoyles, they are prone to violence. You can also buy some spells from Wis-Sur here, but you could buy a Porsche at his prices. If you haven't already, you can use Lord British's ship to travel to Moonglow. It's waiting at the docks south of the tavern. Take it and sail to Moonglow. I hope your ship sinks and everyone lives except you, you cheater.

MOONGLOW: As usual, head to the Fellowship Hall and meet Rankin. He will tell you that Elizabeth and Abraham have once again eluded you and moved on to Terfin. This island offers many important things. First and foremost, is Penumbra. Evidently, she put herself to sleep when you last came to Britannia and has been asleep for the last 200 years. Go to her house at the northern tip and read the plaque. Kind of a game really. By reading it several times, you'll discover that you open the door by placing various items next to the plaque. Visit my Britannian Languages Page (http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Lair/5502/language.html - Link Broken - Alternate Link).

You can read the runic writing with my chart. Once you get the door open, cast AWAKEN on the sleeping mage and she will start to trip out. Before she will help you, you have to block the painful ether by surrounding her with Blackrock. If you still have the pieces, place one on each pedestal. One you've done that, Penumbra becomes much more cooperative. She will tell you that you need to find the Ethereal Ring, owned by Draxinusom. Hmm, sounds Gargish. Good thing you're on your way to Terfin. Before leaving, however, I recommend visiting the Lycaeum and visiting Mariah. (She's a little loopy.)

Also, you can meet Brian in the observatory on the NE corner of town. He needs a crystal to finish his orrery. Now, this will seem to be useful to the game, but in reality, I don't think I ever found a use. Still, it's nice to have. I recommend doing this mini-quest. There's also the little love affair between the twin brothers and some bitch at the Lycaeum. That one's always fun. I think there is one other quest on this island, but it's not mandatory to the game. This is also one of those places that it would be best to MARK/RECALL a moonstone. I would advise you to do it near Penumbra's home. Once you're done, head to Terfin.

TERFIN: Ok, once you talk to Draxinusom, you will find out that he was forced to sell his Ethereal Ring. Nuts. Looks like you have to work again. Turns out he sold it to a, how do I put it...INSANE man who live on the island of Spektran. However, your focus is on Elizabeth and Abraham. Go to the Fellowship and talk to Quan.

You will find out that Elizabeth and Abraham are now nicely meditating at the Fellowship Meditation Retreat. That's it for this place. There is also a plot to destroy the Gargoyle's physical representations of their Virtues, AKA three green statues. You can stick around to solve that if you want. OK! Let's meditate. (You'd better meditate ALOT you stupid cheater.)

INTERMISSION: Ok. Now it gets kind of weird. Time for a total shift change. If you stop at the Meditation Retreat, you find out that Elizabeth and Abraham are on Buccaneer's Den. Ok, simple right? Wrong. Remember what the fortune teller said? You should be looking for the Time Lord. Maybe he can clue you in onto what's going on in Britannia. Hell, its better than continuing to follow Elizabeth and Abraham. If I recall, the Fortune Teller said to seek out the Emps to find the Time Lord. Hmm...Emps. What the hell are they? Maybe Taylor up at EMPath Abbey knows. Lets ask him.

EMPATH ABBEY: Holy crap, pretty long hike. Maybe this would be a good spot to MARK/RECALL. Once you've talked to Taylor, you will discover that the Emps live deep in the forests of Yew. However, one cannot approach them without honey. Even you, a cheater, should BEE able to guess where to go next...SIDE NOTE: There is a woman here who wants some flowers to take to her dead mother. Another optional mini-quest.

THE BEE CAVE: Leave Empath Abbey and head south. South of Empath Abbey lies a small, U-shaped mountain range. The bee cave entrance is on the south side of the NW part of the mountains. Its really easier than it sounds. Head inside and go the left. If you ignore the bees, they'll ignore you. If they really become a problem, use a smoke bomb. Snag the honey and head out. For fun, you can go to the far right side of the Bee Cave. There you will find a couple of...interesting characters. Time to find some Emps.

YEW: Ok, Yew is a HUGE place. Actually, it's mostly trees. The creatures you are looking for, Emps, live in trees. More specifically, Silverleaf trees. They are really easy to spot. They are silver with blue leaves. You know you've found the spot when you see little stairs leading up into the Silverleaf trees. With the honey, you have the ability to talk to Trellek. Ask him about finding the Wisps. He will tell you that he has the ability to talk to the Wisps, but to go adventuring, he will need permission from his mate, Saralek.

When you find Saralek, ask her for permission to take Trellek adventuring. She says that she'll agree only if Soloman, the Emp Leader says OK. When you ask Soloman, she will make you get Ben the Woodcutter to stop cutting Silverleaf trees. Then she will give her permission. Jeez, nothings free around here. Personally, I would MARK/RECALL the Emp home because it's a bit of a walk to Ben's home and back. Head over to Ben's home, (its a red brick place) and ask him to sign the agreement. He's glad to, which I'm sure makes you glad as well.

Get back to Soloman's home and give her the agreement. She will now give you permission to take Trellek adventuring. However, now Saralek changed her mind. She expresses that she DOES NOT want Trellek to go. But she will tell you that Trellek can make a whistle that will enable you to contact the Wisps. Go back to Trellek with this news. He will make you a whistle and send you on your way.

At this point, you now have the option of finding about Natassia's father. Trellek will tell you the whole sad story and you can put Natassia's heart to rest. (She gives you quite a reward too!)SIDE NOTE: Also, somewhere in this forest is another companion of yours Tseramed. I usually don't have him in my party either. If you haven't noticed already, there is a large stone structure in the middle of the woods! What is that? That, my friend, is the home of the Wisps.

THE ABANDONED FORTRESS: The Abandoned Fortress is the name given to this big ABANDONED structure. When you go inside, you'll notice a little blue ball floating around the place. Giving it no notice, you blow the whistle. Suddenly, the ball approaches you and begins to pulsate. The Wisp begins talking to you, demanding to know who you are. When you tell it you're looking for the Time Lord, it offers you a trade. (Figures.)

The Wisps are always on a quest for knowledge and information, and humans are the best place to get it. In return for audience with the Time Lord (AND information on the Guardian), the Wisps want you to retrieve Alagner's Notebook. They tell you his home is on New Magencia. So my cheating friend, its time for a trip.

NEW MAGENCIA: This would be a good time to get the Flying Carpet, if you haven't done so already. As I said before, its right in front of the south entrance to Dungeon Despise. Take it or your ship to New Magencia. It's in between Buccaneer's Den and Moonglow. Alagner's home is on the northern tip of the island. It's the only thing of real importance on the whole island. I think there is another mini-quest here, but it's not vital to the game.

When you talk to Alagner, he starts babbling about his quest for knowledge and he will only lend his notebook to someone on a similar quest. So if you want his notebook, and you do, you have to go on his little quest. Your quest, to find the answers to Life and Death. You will find your answers by talking to the Tortured One in the home of the dead, Skara Brae. So that's your next stop, where you belong you cheater, in the land of the dead.

SKARA BRAE: Though most will tell you otherwise, there are THREE ways to get on Skara Brae. Not two. The first, and most obvious is a moongate. The second, is a little harder. Because Skara Brae is surrounded by a rock wall, you can't sail to it. However, you can pay The Ferryman to take you across. Doesn't cost much, just an inconvenience. (BTW, the Ferryman looks a bit like the Grim Reaper. Even has a scythe.)

Lastly, there is ONE spot in the cemetery, where you can land your Magic Carpet. Its VERY hard to find and almost not worth it. Fly your carpet to the Ferryman's dock, leave it there, go over and MARK/RECALL. That's all you have to do. Then go back. Also, before entering Skara Brae, you MUST have the Seance spell. No exceptions. Bring plenty of reagents too. Once you get to Skara Brea, search out Mordra. She's really easy to find. Just look for a ghost woman north of the cemetery. She will clue you in on how to talk to the townsfolk. She will also tell you of a little "problem" with the city's evil liche, Horance. Next, go to the armorer, Trent. Talk to him a bit to find out what his problem is. Then take his music box and head over to the Dark Tower.

SIDE NOTE: If you a sadist, check out what's behind the Dark Tower. (Nothing like a dead skull shrine to brighten the day. LOOK AT THOSE FLAMES!)

Once inside the tower, find the wandering woman ghost. Notice she won't say anything to you? Maybe a little music would help. Play the music box and Viola! She comes out of her trance (temporarily) and says that she DOES love Trent. Then, since you seem to be playing delivery boy more than Avatar, she gives you a ring to take to him. SIDE NOTE: Is it just me, or does everyone in Britannia seem LAZY!?

Take the ring to Trent and his disposition will brighten and he will be more apt to talk to you. He will say that he is building a Soul Cage and he needs an iron bar to complete it. Run down to the cemetery and get one for him. He'll be most appreciative. Then, pick up the finished Soul Cage and go to Mordra's place. Talk to her about the potion that Forsythe the Mayor goofed up. She will give you the ingredients to create the needed potion. Mandrake Root (sparkly red and yellow stuff), Invisibility potion, and Curing potion. Hey! How convenient. They all seem to be in Mordra's home.

Snag all three and go north. There lies Caine the Alchemist's home. (or what's left of it.) Wow, try talking to this guy. He is FREAKING out. He looks like he's being tortured! LOOK! It's the TORTURED ONE! However, like all Britannian's, living or dead, he won't help you until you help him. He, and the rest of the town, want Horance dead. You need to make the potion Mordra spoke of and use it on him when he's trapped in the Soul Cage. To make the potion, connect the three potions, (red, black, and red/orange sparkly) to the FRONT of the glass, swirly thing.

Then put an empty vial, (there's one on his shelf) at the other end of the glass, swirly thing. Turn on the glass, swirly thing and voila! A sparkly blue potion. Now, take that and the Soul Cage up to the Dark Tower. Go to the left and right and beat up his two skeletons. Yay, two Magic Axe's. Now head to the back of the tower. See that well inside those walls? Its called the Well of Souls. Walk through the fake wall and use the Soul Cage on the Well of Souls. Sparkly. Ok, now go back into the throne room and wait until midnight. When the Liche lays down, trap him in the Soul Cage and use the potion. He will tell you that you need to find someone to sacrifice. Hmm, who should we ask?

Not the Tortured One, we need him. Not Mordra, she's too helpful. Not Trent, he just found a reason to "live." How about Forsythe? Damn, he's such a wussy. Well, if not him, how about someone in the bar? No, none of them should have to give up their "life" to save everyone. Go ask Forsythe again, really nicely. He will finally agree. SIDE NOTE: You must ask everyone before asking Forsythe again. Take him to the Well of Souls and destroy it. Congratulations. Now everyone can be at peace. Go back to Caine and ask him the answers to Life and Death. He will tell you that there are NO answers to Life and Death. (figures) Oh well, back to Alagner's place.

TIME LORD: MARK/RECALL back to New Magencia and tell Alagner his answer. He will give you the key needed to retrieve his notebook. Go get it and then MARK/RECALL back to the Abandoned Fortress. Trade information with the Wisp and then use the Orb of the Moons that Lord British gave you to meet the Time Lord. Ooooh! Neato! He will tell you that there is a Generator deep inside Dungeon Despise. You will have to destroy it.

But, naturally, you can't do that without an Enchanted Hourglass. Nicodemous is the only one who can enchant it. Since the ether is made all the mages go insane, you will have to destroy the Tetrahedron Generator that is destroying ether waves. It is inside Dungeon Deceit. However, in order to get anywhere near this Generator, you will need the Ethereal Ring. Now, where did Draxinusom say that was?

SPEKTRAN: The door to this place will open as you move to it and once inside, you will meet a very...curious character. Seems he and his invisible girlfriend have the ring in his vault. That's the room behind him. Proceed to the back and face one of the hardest advisaries in the game. A Stone Harpy. She's not too tough though.

Just use a Glass Sword, or my favorite spell MASS DEATH. Once you've extinguished the birdwoman, search her body and snag the key. Use it to open the vault and procure the Ethereal Ring. MARK/RECALL back to Moonglow and have Penumbra enchant the Ring. Time to start saving the world.

DUNGEON DECEIT: The Dungeon itself isn't too tough, but once you reach the Tetrahedron, your troubles will start. Now, me being stupid, took my whole crew towards the Generator. Since, I was the only one with an Ethereal Ring, I was the only one who didn't die. Trust me, leave the team behind for this mission. Wearing the Ethereal Ring, you must now enter the Tetrahedron.

Inside the Generator, you will find one big, ugly, snarling, red, did I mention ugly, monster. He looks tough, but he's a wussy. Glass Sword him or corner him and whomp the hell out of him. Once he's dead, click on the glowing mini-tetrahedron. Suddenly, you'll be transported out of the Generator and you'll get to see some neato effects. Congratulations, you've collapsed the Tetrahedron Generator. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE MINI-TETRAHEDRON ON THE GROUND and leave.

DUNGEON DESPISE: Now that the ether is repaired, Nicodemous can enchant your hourglass. Take it to his home in Yew, (its south of a REALLY big chessboard.) After he enchants it, you can proceed to Despise. The easiest way through the Dungeon is to begin at the South Entrance where you found the Flying Carpet.

This Dungeon is kind of a bitch. Just avoid the teleporters and make your way to the SW side of the lake and you will find the Sphere Generator. Once again, leave your pals behind and enter the Sphere. Oh boy, a puzzle. The correct answer to the moongate puzzle is Red, Blue, Blue, Red. Once you make it to the platform, click the Mini-Sphere. Again you're teleported out, again you see a big explosion, again MAKE SURE TO GRAB THE MINI-SPHERE! Two Generators down, one to go.

MEDITATION RETREAT: Ok, that guy in the blue must have piqued your curiosity by telling you about that cave in the back, so start there. Make your way through the cave, (yes, you'll have to kill the woman) and find the Cube Generator. Lets review. You had an Ethereal Ring to get into the Tetrahedron. You had an Enchanted Hourglass to get into the Sphere. You will obviously need something to get into the Cube. Hmm, who would know what? Boy, that Hourglass sure is glowing brightly.

Use it to contact the Time Lord. He will tell you that you need an artifact called a Caddelite Helmet to enter the Cube. He will also tell you its found on the Isle of Ambrosia. Where the hell is that? Look at your map. Look at the NE corner. See that compass. It's cleverly hidden under the compass. MARK/RECALL the Cube location to save time and go to Ambrosia. Again, I hope your ship sinks on the way there.

AMBROSIA: The Isle of Ambrosia is pretty basic. Just make your way around the place until you see this green three-headed hydra. It will want to snack on you. At this point, kill it. Then, go past it and out the cave exit. There, you will see the remains of a meteor and little blue chucks of rock. Just pick up one chunk and leave the island. You will need to fashion this into a helmet. Where do you think the best place to do this is? Probably where the artists live, Minoc.

MINOC: Go up to Zorn in Minoc and tell him you want a helmet made out of the Caddelite. He will be more than glad to. Once you have your helmet, MARK/RECALL back to the Cube.

MEDITATION RETREAT: Drop your friends off again and put on your Caddelite helmet. Wearing the helmet, you can now enter the Cube Generator. This one is probably the most time-consuming one. If you notice, when you walk in certain places, little bridges appear. However, sometimes there are invisible walls stopping you. Basically, you have to make your way into the center so you can grab the Mini-Cube.

I could go on forever about how to get there step by step, but its not really that hard. Just watch out for the fireballs and such that are being shot at you. When you finish the puzzle, grab the Mini-Cube and watch the teleport-out/explosion scene. As before, make sure you get that little Cube. This is probably the best of all the little objects you received. With this cube, nobody can lie to you. And where do most of the liars in Britannia, as well as pirates such as Hook, hang out? Board your Magic Carpet (or boat) and go to Buccaneer's Den.

BUCCANEER'S DEN: Ok, since we are back on the trail of Elizabeth and Abraham, we should probably start at the Fellowship Hall. Goodie! You've finally reached them. Thanks to that wonderful Mini-Cube, he will tell you everything you want to know about the Fellowship, Elizabeth and Abraham, and even Hook. Then you'll want to go to the House of Games. Talk to everyone to find out how to reach Hook's place. After getting the truth out of Sintag, you will get the key to Hook's secret hideout and you can finally finish putting the pieces together.

SIDE NOTE: When I played, I went to Buccaneer's Den early in the game and found a secret room in the Fellowship Hall. On the other side of the wall is a lever to open the wall to get into Hook's Underground Hideout. Even though it looks like you can't reach it, I used Telekinesis (my 2nd favorite spell) to move the lever and open the gate. However, I wouldn't recommend doing it because it may screw up the timing of the game. (The game will think that certain things have already happened, basically destroying your game.)

Inside Hook's place, you will find a locked chest. Once you get the chest open, you will discover two scrolls and a key. The first scroll is a hitlist, telling you who Hook's killed and who's next on the list. (Looks like he killed poor Alagner.) The second, tells you that they've all gone on the Crown Jewel to the Isle of the Avatar. Time to set sail. Also, before you leave, you can check out the Torture Chamber. There, you'll find that Avatar Wanna-be who has been causing all the trouble. (I killed him =) And another wimpy prisoner.

Also, you can go to the Baths, if you're feeling the need for a prostitute. My recommendation, for maximum game enjoyment, is to go through Hook's Caves to the Torture Chamber, then head west. Kill the dragon and steal his booty. (Lots of magic armor, weapons, and gold here.) Then go back to the Torture Chamber, head south, and pull the lever behind the crates. This will open the door to the Baths. Not only will you be able to pillage all the gold and magic stuff in this room, but you will avoid the 600gold price it takes to get in. Once you're done, leave the island, for good.

SERPENT'S HOLD Optional:This part of the game is optional, but strongly recommended. Once you get to Serpent's Hold, proceed into the town. Notice the broken statue of Lord British. Hmm, seems like there's trouble amidst. Go in and question everyone, especially the barkeeper. They will tell you that someone defaced the statue and they will ask you to find the culprit. This is not vital to the game, but it's a fun back and forth chase.

The real reason you came here though, is the armory. If you go to the north end of the hold, you will see a locked room with about seven magic swords. The key, most people cannot find, but I found it. It's a room at the SW side of the hold under a pile of clothes. Take it and pillage. Sure, its not the most virtuous thing to do, but some big battles are ahead. Also, on the east side of town is a pair of magic boots and in the middle of town there is a locked chest. Bash it open for some reagents. That's everything important in Serpent's Hold, now aren't you glad you visited? SIDE NOTE: Lady Tory also has a mini-quest for you, to find her baby Riki. The baby is located at the Shrine of Honor, south of Trinsic. Save the baby for her and she'll be very appreciative. Now, back to the quest, and onto the Isle of the Avatar!

THE SHRINE OF HUMILITY: This is a on big island on the SE part of the map. If you go into the bay on the west side, you will find a hut occupied by a bunch of pirates. I recommend stopping here and killing everyone. Not only will it build experience, but there is one guy in the hut with a full suit of magic armor and a Sword of Defense. Definitely worth the time. Once you finish there, go to the very south of the Isle and head towards the Shrine of Humility. It's really easy to find because there are two huge statues in front of the door.

Using they key you took from Hook's chest, unlock both doors and go to the west part of the shrine. There, will be a cave entrance. Again, using Hook's key, open the door and enter the cave. You will see a large throne and a sign that says "The Throne of the Guardian." You will also see a metal wall. Shoot, this one doesn't lower by walking towards it. If you notice in the NW part of the room, there seems to be a bit of spillage. Head over that way and what do you discover? A secret room! Go in and flip the switch. You are now on your way to meet your destiny!

THE ISLE OF THE AVATAR: As you are walking around in this maze, you will eventually find a room with lots of metal walls and a lever in the middle. My recommendation, TELEKINESIS!!! Use telekinesis to move the lever and open the two secret walls. If you go to the top, where the man and the woman are, kill them and proceed east, you will find a Dragon. Kick its ass and grab the glass sword. Then go back to the other room with the gargoyle and whomp him as well. Follow the cave and all the teleporters. This is a time-consuming maze.

Basically, you should use the Purple teleporters whenever there's an option. Eventually you will see The Chair of Change. Sitting it in will teleport you to one of three different locations. Look all over the place in these locations. There are secret walls and hidden goodies everywhere. When you find the Throne of Virtue, sit in it and return to the Chair of Change. Sit in it again and it will take you to a fourth location, necessary to reaching the Black Gate. Keep going throughout the maze until you find a paladin guarding a door. This is another one of the biggest bitches in the game. My advice, glass sword his ass. He is fully loaded with magic armor. Also, if you haven't got all the spells already, there is a spellbook in the mage's room that is fully loaded. Take that as well. Here comes the moment you've been waiting for....

THE BLACK GATE: Congratulations, you have finally caught up with Hook, Elizabeth and Abraham, Batlin, and the Guardian. The Guardian will order Batlin to kill you. Batlin will ask everyone what their opinions are. As you can probably guess, you will then be attacked. This is one major league battle, so I recommend pulling out the spellbook. Use 8th level spells like MASS DEATH or DEATH VORTEX. Those two are room clearers. Once you kill Hook, Batlin will flee for his life. (That pussy.)

After everyone dies, take the three mini-pieces you received. Place the Cube in the Cube slot, the Sphere in the Sphere slot, and the Tetrahedron in Tetrahedron. The barrier will fall and it will be you, the Guardian, and the Black Gate. Now, you have the option. Do you run through the gate and return to Earth? Or do you destroy it and prevent the Guardian from coming through? As your last act, before you finish the game, use Rudyom's wand on the Black Gate and get prepared for a spectacular ending scene!

Congratulations, you've completed Ultima VII, The Black Gate.


These are things in the game that won't help you in any way, (in fact, they'll probably ruin the game) but they are fun. Remember to save before trying any of this.

Did you try:

  • Casting Armageddon
  • Killing Nicodemous
  • Clicking the plate above the Throne Room in Castle British at noon
  • Attacking the wisps
  • Hitting the parrot with a gavel
  • Stealing ANYTHING while Iolo is around
  • Attacking Smith the Horse
  • Attacking the Unicorn
  • Attacking Batlin
  • Getting on the roof of the blacksmiths in Trinsic (and walking behind the chimney)
  • Drinking ale after ale
  • Walking around in poppy fields
  • Hunt for gold east of Vesper
  • Take Spark to the east side of the Bee Cave
  • Running through the Black Gate

Remember: Save your game before trying this stuff.

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