Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Ganesh's Ultima VII Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Ultima VII By G.GANESH
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Started in October 1997, Completed in June 1999.
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- Disclaimer and Revisions - Thou shouldest read this! Revisions.
- Introduction - Introduction to this Walkthrough 
- General Guidelines - Some tips to follow to avoid becoming a bad Avatar.
- Answers - Answers to the questions asked
- Guide to Spells People selling spells and reagents listed
- Trainers - What all trainers teach
- Companions - Who and Where Your companions are, answered for you!
- Money - Earning $$$ in a cheating manner / Stealing (Added More)
- How to Get WORK! - How to find work for money
- Walkthrough
	- Step 1 The Crime Scene
	- Step 2 Getting to Britannia
	- Step 3 Going to Lord British's Castle
	- Step 4 Lord British's Secret Castle Puzzle
	- Step 5 Getting the Flying Carpet 
	- Step 6 Getting Enchanted weapons and armor 
	- Step 7 How to join the Fellowship. 
	- Step 8 Getting the Guardian's Enemies 
	- Step 9 Finding Elizabeth & Abraham 
	- Step 10 CUT! Finding the Time Lord 
	- Step 11 ACTION! Back to the Chase 
	- The Black Gate The Ending Part 
- The Cheat Room How to cheat in Ultima VII 
- The Cheat Starter
- Links
- The code to start the Cheat System
- Resources for the hardcore Ultima VII Gamer


Every document has to be accompanied with a disclaimer. So here it goes. THIS 
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One more thing, this document is created from MANY, hey, that's MANY sources. My 
thanks goes out to them. Includes Jeffin, Scounge, Micro Dragon, JP Morris, and 
James Abraham.

The core of this walkthrough came from Scounge's walkthrough. His walkthrough 
was good, but had me stuck in some points, that's why I'm making a new one here.
Also to Jeffin, Micro Dragon, JP Morris, and James Abraham whose works are also
available at my website.

Give them the applause for a excellent contribution to the Ultima community.
My thanks goes out to them.

23 January 2001
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21 January 2001
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25 November 2000
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This walkthrough is made easy to use. Please remember though, by using this 
walkthrough from the start and not knowing ANYTHING about the game, it may be a 
bit misleading. Try playing the game until you have got stuck and then read 
this. It is best to read from the first page to the last. This walkthrough will 
not tell you how to play the game. If you want to know how to play the game, go 
to my homepage and read my on-line manual. 
In this walkthrough, the north point is UP. Solving the town mysteries is not 
really required to complete the game! Solve them if you're longing for some kind 
of fun and maximum game entertainment. From what I know, there are many ways to 
complete this game. I chose chasing Elizabeth and Abraham. One more thing, feel 
free to do anything you want in the game. For example, when you come across 
Paws, you can talk with the people there or even kill then though you are not 
advised to do so.

***General Guidelines and Tips***

- Solve Town Mysteries to enjoy the game more and to get experience points. 
- Avoid killing townspeople unless they attack you first, or if it is a decision 
  made by your companions. ( For example, try going into Combat Mode when you are 
  near Goth the jailer in High Court in Empath Abbey) 
- Many people suggest you finish the Forge of Virtue add-on first then proceed to 
  the Black Gate because it will make the game easier. 
- Train your companions regularly. Divide the weapons and armor you get evenly. 
- Always check to see they have sufficient crossbolts/arrows if they use a 
  crossbow/bow. You can get a triple crossbow at a cave near a restaurant in 
  Jhelom for free, allows the bearer to shoot three bolts a time. Enchant 
  bows/arrows to give them more damage. You can get the Enchant spell from Nystul 
  in Lord British's Castle. 
- Use the Magic Carpet. If you want to use a ship, make sure you get a sextant 
  before you go. A sextant will enable you to see where you are in the map. 
- Try "using" the cloth map when you have a sextant. The "+" symbol on the map 
  will indicate where you are. Make sure you are standing outdoors, not in 
  dungeons, houses, etc. 
- Potions CAN be used in other living things. Double-click the potion, and target 
  it on the creature you want it. Very useful for putting dragons to sleep (Blue 
- EVERYONE needs training in strength. It also determines hit points. 
  Dexterity is good for people who use range weapons such as bows, crossbows, and 
  slings. Dexterity with Strength will let you hit a target in the right place 
  with lots of force. IOLO and TSERMEND need the more dexterity training than 
  others. Dexterity and Strength determines hit points (Strength more than 
- Intelligence measures how quick you learn. It also determines Spell Points. Thus 
  the higher intelligence the more likely a spell will be cast successfully. Only 
  the AVATAR really needs Intelligence training. 
- Strength and Dexterity are used through combat. If you have high strength and 
  dexterity but low combat, your fighting skills will be poor.  Combat teaches you 
  how to use Strength and Dexterity together for best fighting. EVERYONE needs 
  combat training. 
- The AVATAR is the only one who needs magic training since he is the only one who 
  can use magic. Magic and Intelligence determines Spell points. 
- If you like to use guns, you can generate unlimited ammunition by double-
  clicking on any dinosaur bones you see. 
- The Fountain in Lord British's Castle is the Water of Healing. 
- Use a gravel on a parrot. It will tell you the path to Treasure. 
- It is a more or less well known fact that waiting through the credits at the 
  beginning of the game (or anytime by clicking on the credits item in the menu) 
  will give you a new QUOTES menu item with funny quotes of the makers of U7. 
  Similarly, beating the game gives you the VIEW ENDGAME item that lets you do 
  just that. 
- There is only a limited number of possibilities to kill LB. One is with the 
  Black Sword from the Forge of Virtue add-on. The other is somewhat more 
  interesting: Every day at noon, LB stands in his court yard under the plaque 
  that says "Lord British's Throne Room" or something similar. Read it while he 
  stands under it, and it will fall and crush his head. Richard Garriot was hit in 
  the head by a metal plate falling off the Origin building. Get LB's last will 
  from the corpse and it'll say that our noble Lord British is the father of 
  Nell's child. Now this would explain her strange behaviour when you ask her 
  about her child, wouldn't it. Both ways to dispose of LB are hinted at in 
  Mordra's book about things with destructive powers. It can be found in Mordra's 
  house in Skara Brae and in Erethian's study in the Forge of Virtue add-on. 

***Magic: Spells and Reagents***

Here is a list of all reagents and spells and where to get them cheap. 

1st row : Mage Name
2nd row : Location 
3rd row : Regent (at Selling Price) 

 Pearl(34), Blood Moss(16), Mandrake Root(32), Silk(20), S.Ash(25)
 Pearl(8), Garlic(1), Ginseng(2), Mandrake Root(7), Nightshade(6)
 Pearl(5), Blood Moss(3), Ginseng(2), Mandrake Root(5), S.Ash(4)
 Blood Moss(3), Garlic(2), Mandrake Root(5), Nightshade(5), Silk(3)
 Pearl(10), Blood Moss(6), Ginseng(4), Mandrake Root(10), S.Ash(8)
 Blood Moss(2), Garlic(1), Ginseng(1), S.Ash(3)
NOTE:      Sarpling does not sell spells.

Following is a list of spells and where to find them listed from cheapest to 
most expensive. Price for that spell they charge is stated in brackets for the 
specified person. Arranged in cheapest to expensive.

***First Circle***

Awaken All  	Rudyom(25) 
Create Food  	Nystul(35), Mariah(60) 
Cure  		Nicodemus(25), Rudyom(25), Mariah(80) 
Detect Trap  	Nicodemus(25), Rudyom(25), Mariah(100) 
Great Douse  	Wis-Sur(30), Nystul(35) 
Great Ignite  	Nicodemus(25), Wis-Sur(30) 
Light  		Rudyom(25), Wis-Sur(30), Nystul(35), Mariah(40) 
Locate 		Nicodemus(25), Wis-Sur(30), Nystul(35) 

***Second Circle***

Destroy Trap  	Nicodemus(45), Rudyom(45), Wis-Sur(50), Mariah(100) 
Enchant  		Nicodemus(45), Wis-Sur(50), Nystul(55) 
Fire Blast  	Rudyom(45), Wis-Sur(50) 
Great Light  	Rudyom(45), Wis-Sur(50) 
Mass Cure  		Nystul(55) 
Protection  	Nicodemus(45), Nystul(55), Mariah(80) 
Telekinesis  	Rudyom(45), Nystul(55), Mariah(60) 
Wizard Eye  	Mariah(40), Nicodemus(45) 

***Third Circle***

Curse  		Rudyom(65), Wis-Sur(70) 
Heal  		Rudyom(65), Mariah(40), Nystul(85) 
Paralyze  		Nicodemus(65), Rudyom(65), Wis-Sur(70) 
Peer  		Mariah(60), Nicodemus(65) 
Poison  		Nicodemus(65), Rudyom(65), Wis-Sur(70) 
Protect All 	Nystul(85), Mariah(100) 
Sleep  		Mariah(80), Nystul(85) 
Swarm  		Nicodemus(65), Wis-Sur(70), Nystul(85) 

***Fourth Circle***

Conjure  		Wis-Sur(90), Nystul(95) 
Lightning  		Rudyom(85), Wis-Sur(90) 
Mark  		Mariah(40), Nicodemus(85), Rudyom(85) 
Mass Curse  	Wis-Sur(90), Nystul(95) 
Recall  		Mariah(60), Nicodemus(85), Rudyom(85) 
Reveal  		Wis-Sur(90), Nystul(95) 
Seance  		Mariah(80), Rudyom(85) 
Unlock Magic  	Nicodemus(85), Nystul(95), Mariah(100) 

***Fifth Circle***

Charm  		Mariah(60), Rudyom(115) 
Dance  		Mariah(100), Rudyom(115) 
Dispel Field  	Nicodemus(115), Wis-Sur(120), Nystul(125) 
Explosion  		Nicodemus(115), Rudyom(115), Wis-Sur(120) 
Fire Field  	Mariah(80), Wis-Sur(120), Nystul(125) 
Great Heal  	Rudyom(115), Nystul(125) 
Invisibility  	Mariah(40), Nicodemus(115), Nystul(125) 
Mass Sleep  	Nicodemus(115), Wis-Sur(120) 

***Sixth Circle***

Cause Fear  	Mariah(80), Nystul(145) 
Clone  		Mariah(40), Rudyom(135), Wis-Sur(140) 
Fire Ring  		Nicodemus(135), Wis-Sur(140), Nystul(145) 
Flame Strike  	Nicodemus(135), Wis-Sur(140), Nystul(145) 
Magic Storm  	Mariah(100), Rudyom(135) 
Poison Field  	Nicodemus(135), Rudyom(135) 
Sleep Field  	Mariah(60), Rudyom(135), Nystul(145) 
Tremor  		Nicodemus(135), Wis-Sur(140) 

***Seventh Circle***

Create Gold  	Rudyom(155) 
Death Bolt  	Nicodemus(155), Nystul(165) 
Delayed Blast  	Nicodemus(155), Rudyom(155) 
Energy Field  	Mariah(100), Nicodemus(155), Nystul(165) 
Energy Mist  	Mariah(60), Nicodemus(155), Nystul(165) 
Mass Charm  	Rudyom(155) 
Mass Might  	Mariah(40), Nystul(165) 
Restoration  	Mariah(80), Rudyom(155) 

***Eighth Circle***

Armageddon  	Rudyom(185) 
Death Vortex  	Nicodemus(185), Nystul(195) 
Invisible All  	Mariah(100), Nystul(195) 
Mass Death  	Nicodemus(185), Nystul(195) 
Resurrect  		Mariah(40), Rudyom(185) 
Summon  		Nicodemus(185), Rudyom(185) 
Swordstrike  	Mariah(80), Nicodemus(185), Rudyom(185) 
Time Stop  		Mariah(60), Nystul(195) 

***Weapons and Armour: Co-ords of finding Any of them***

Here is a list of where to find the weapons and armor you want to find.

1st row : Item name
2nd row : Coordinates of that item
3rd row : Place Description

2nd and 3rd rows will have multiple listings if that item can be found in more 
than one place.

Magic Armour:          
 Camp in Deep Forest.
 Cave near desert.
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Paladin.
 Dungeon Shame, chest room.
 Dungeon Deceit. Dragon Room.
 Dragon Treasure. Isle of The Avatar.
 Paladin. Isle of The Avatar.
 Crypt, Skara Brae.
 Pirate's Cove, Isle of The Avatar. Fighter.
 Chest SW of Trinsic.
 Caves east of Hook's hideout. Buccaneer's Den.
 Mage at Throne of Change. Isle of the Avatar.

Magic Helm
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Paladin.
 Dragon Treasure. Isle of The Avatar.
 Paladin. Isle of The Avatar.
 Crypt, Skara Brae.
 Pirate's Cove, Isle of The Avatar. Fighter.
 Chest SW of Trinsic.
 Fellowship Caves, Buccaneer's Den.
 Cave on small island north of Jhelom.
 Pirate's Camp, Ambrosia.

Magic Leggings

 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Paladin.
 Dungeon Shame, chest room.
 Dragon Treasure. Isle of The Avatar.
 Paladin. Isle of The Avatar.
 Crypt, Skara Brae.
 Pirate's Cove, Isle of The Avatar. Fighter.
 Chest SW of Trinsic.
 Cyclops's Cave, north of Cove. In barrel.
 Mayor's Office, Jhelom. In drawer.
 Deep Forest. North of Emps.
 Island, middle of Lost Lake. In chest.

Magic Gauntlets
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Paladin.
 Dungeon Shame, chest room.
 Pirate's Treasure.
 Dragon Treasure. Isle of The Avatar.
 Paladin. Isle of The Avatar.
 Crypt, Skara Brae.
 Dungeon Despise.
 Pirate's Cove, Isle of The Avatar. Fighter.
 Chest SW of Trinsic.
 Under rubble, southwest of Paws. (Near river)

Magic Shield
 Dungeon Shame, chest room.
 Dragon Treasure. Isle of The Avatar.
 Deep Forest
 Crypt, Skara Brae.
 Dungeon Despise.
 Pirate's Cove, Isle of The Avatar. Fighter.
 Chest SW of Trinsic.
 Caves east of Hook's hideout. Buccaneer's Den.

Magic Gorget
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Paladin.
 Dungeon Shame, chest room.
 Dragon Treasure. Isle of The Avatar.
 Paladin. Isle of The Avatar.
 Crypt, Skara Brae.
 Pirate's Cove, Isle of The Avatar. Fighter.
 Chest SW of Trinsic.
 House in Jhelom.
 Mage at Throne of Change. Isle of the Avatar.
 Dungeon Covetous. (Near lake entrance).
 Deep Forest. In backpack.

Magic Boots
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Paladin.
 Avatar Supply Room. LB's castle.
 Dungeon Shame, chest room.
 Pirate's Treasure.
 Dragon Treasure. Isle of The Avatar.
 Paladin. Isle of The Avatar.
 Crypt, Skara Brae.
 Pirate's Cove, Isle of The Avatar. Fighter.
 Chest SW of Trinsic.
 Drawers, Vesper.
 Serpent's Hold. In chest.
 Vesper. In drawers. (Trainer's house).

Magic Sword
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Paladin.

 Serpent's Hold Armoury.
 Dragon Treasure. Isle of The Avatar.
 Dungeon Despise, Invisible Chest.
 Dungeon Wrong. In chest.
 Pirate's Camp, Ambrosia. In Chest.

Magic Bow
 Camp in Deep Forest.
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Pirate.
 Dungeon Despise.
 Alagner's Storehouse.
 Forest. Near Spiders.

Lightning Whip
 Cave near desert.       
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Chest.
 Pirate's Treasure.
 Dungeon Despise, Invisible Chest.
 Cave southwest of Dasterd.
 Fellowship Caves, Buccaneer's Den.
 Dungeon Shame.

Sword of Defense
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Chest.
 Serpent's Hold Armoury.
 Pirate's Cove, Isle of The Avatar. Fighter.
 Chest SW of Trinsic.
 Dungeon Shame.
 Bath House, Buccaneer's Den.

Fire Sword
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Fighter.
 Serpent's Hold Armoury.
 Chest SW of Trinsic.
 Dungeon Dasterd.

Fire Wand
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Chest.
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Table.
 Dungeon Despise.
 Alagner's House. In basket.
 Selwyn's Tower.
 Fellowship Caves. In chest.

Lightning Wand
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Chest.
 Dead Mage/Dungeon Shame.                       
 Cyclops Cave, near Cove. In Chest.
 Backpack. Deep Forest.
 Alagner's Storehouse.
 Mage at Throne of Change. Isle of the Avatar.
 Mayor's House, Buccaneer's Den. In drawers.

Glass Sword
 Dungeon Shame, chest room.
 Dungeon Deceit. Dragon Room.
 Guardian's "X". (2)
 Pirate's Treasure. (4)
 Dragon Treasure. Isle of The Avatar.

 Dungeon Shame, chest room. (15)
 Karl's House. In barrel (15)
 Minoc Artist's guild. In dead cat, bag, barrel.

Magician's Wand
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Nightstand.
 Nicodemus' House. Yew.
 Stonegate Ruins. In swamp.
 Mage at Throne of Change. Isle of the Avatar.

Great Dagger
 Selwyn's Hideout/Dungeon Shame.Chest.
 Serpent's Hold Armoury.
 Krayg the Thief. Empath Abbey.
 Dragon Treasure. Isle of The Avatar.
 Pirate's Cove, Isle of The Avatar.
 Shrine of Sacrifice. (Midnight).
 Hook's House, Buccaneer's Den.
 Mage's Bedroom. Isle of the Avatar. In chest.
 Skara Brae. Behind staircase.
 House, Buccaneer's Den. In chest.

Poison Dagger
 Stonegate Ruins. In swamp.
 Pirate's Treasure.
 Krayg the Thief. Empath Abbey.
 Dragon Treasure. Isle of The Avatar.
 Dungeon Despise.
 Pirate's Cove, Isle of The Avatar.
 Hook's House, Buccaneer's Den.
 Island, middle of Lost Lake. In chest.
 Fellowship Caves. In chest.

 Stonegate Ruins. In swamp.
 Serpent's Hold Armoury.
 Dungeon Despise. In chest. (Teleport from 45N/2E).

Magic Axe
 Serpent's Hold Armoury.
 Skeletons, Horace's Keep. (2)
 Building, Skara Brae.
 Dungeon Despise.
 Dungeon Despise.

Juggernaut Hammer
 Serpent's Hold Armoury.
 Paladin. Isle of The Avatar.
 Hook's House, Buccaneer's Den.

Firedoom Staff
 Selwyn's Tower.
 Horace The Mage.
 Fellowship Caves, Buccaneer's Den.
 Mage at Throne of Change. Isle of the Avatar.
 Nicodemus. Yew. (Kill him :)

The Death Scythe
53S/64W-Crypt, Skara Brae.      

Magic Boomerang
 Dungeon Despise. In Backpack.

Hoe of Destruction

22S/25E-Mack's Shed, Britain.

***Trainers: Skills They Teach***

Here is a list of all the trainers I found and what they specialize in.

(*)    =     Marks trainers that give you more training for your buck.

1st row : Place
2nd row : Name
3rd row : Provides Training In..
4th row : Cost Of Training

Place		Name		Training		Cost
Britain		Sentri		DEX				30 GP (free if in party)
Britain		Denby		DEX,INT,MAGIC	75 GP
Britain		Zella		DEX,COMBAT		45 GP
Buc's Den	Lucky		INT,Luck(?)		35 GP
Cove		Rayburt		ST,DEX,COMBAT	60 GP
Jhelom		De Snel		COMBAT*			40 GP
Minoc		Karenna		DEX,COMBAT		20 GP
Minoc		Jakher		ST,INT			20 GP 
Moonglow	Jillian		INT,MAGIC		35 GP
Moonglow	Chad		DEX,COMBAT		45 GP
Serpt Hold	Menion		ST,COMBAT		45 GP
Terfin		Inforlem	ST,DEX,INT*,
Trinsic		Markus		COMBAT			20 GP
Vesper		Zaksam		ST,COMBAT*		40 GP
Yew			Perrin		INT,MAGIC		45 GP
Yew			Bradman		DEX*			30 GP
Yew			Penni		ST,COMBAT		35 GP 

Listed below are the companions you can have with you in the game. The brackets 
beside the name indicate where they can be found.

Name 	 City found	  Location in City 		Information 
Iolo     Yew, Trinsic Abandoned house		Fellow buddy 
Shamino  Britain 	  Afternoon @ Blue Boar Tells names of known caves nearby 
Dupre 	 Jhelom 	  Almost always at pub 	High strength 
Spark 	 Trinsic 	  Christopher's house 	Excellent with whip 
Sentri 	 Britain 	  West of pub 		    Free Dexterity Training, High Dex 
Jaana 	 Cove 		  South Healers Shop 	1 Heal free daily, Poor stats 
Tseramed Yew 		  South of Bee Cave 	Excellent with Bow. 
Julia 	 Minoc. 	  Tinker's Shop		    Fix things for free, High Dex 
Kartina  New Magincia Sheep field or Pub 	OK Stats 

I would recommend limiting your party to Iolo, Shamino, Dupre, Spark, Tseramed 
and Sentri. Jaana is optional though, just remember to set her combat mode to 
Attack Weakest.

***Ways of getting MONEY ($$$)***

Gambling: To get UNLIMITED amount of GOLD COINS!

It's very easy to get lots of money. First, get the carpet (see section on 
getting the magic carpet) or find the way to Buccaneer's Den. Go to Buccaneer's 
Den (East of Swamp. Swamp is at North of Trinsic). Go to the gambling den. Now, 
you've to play The Triples game. Put any amount of coins (more better) on one of 
the numbers. Roll the wheel. While the wheel is going to stop spinning, guess 
what the number will be and QUICKLY grab the coins and replace them at the 
guessed number. Do this again and again to get LOTS of money! My suggestion is 
to keep about 5 to 7 crates on your carpet and store arrows, bolts, money, rings 
and so on. The guard over there is a dummy, he doesn't mind even if you empty 
the den -- they seem to have unlimited money! Or try . . .

Rat Race, simply bet on ALL of the rats on the table (say 100 gold each) you'll 
get back nearly a 100% profit.

Virtue Rolette, simply bet on ALL of the colors on the roulette table (say 100 
gold each) you'll get back nearly a 100% profit.

TIP: Being a fellowship member doubles your rewards of winning.

Bet! In Jehlom, you can bet with Ophelia and get twice the betted amount, 
because you will win. To win, be the champion for Sprellic and talk with the 
people with De Snel.

Hmm . .you can steal from the Mint too. Simply kill the Mint clerk, take the 
key, open the mint door enjoy the wealth, bring her to Lord British, resurrect 
her back and sell it all back to her. It's funny how the Mint can still operate 
while you have the things. You can repeat this over and over again, this time, 
getting the gold from her body. This is tedious.

TIP : You can pile 100 gold coins on top of each other on the gambling tables.

***Finding Work!! (Not Recommended)***

Finding Work? No way to earn money? Want to live honestly without following the 
above tip?? Sure, but not advisable! You earn about 5 - 50 gold coins per 
minute. The first way I knew of getting money.

In Paws, you can buy mutton from the merchant Morfin and sell it to the cooking 
master in Lord British's castle making a profit of 2 gold coins per mutton.

In Lord British's Castle, you can sell mutton at 5 gold pieces making a profit 
of 2 gold piece per mutton. Sell it to the master cooker.

Also, you can deliver grain to Thurston for Polly and earn 10 gold coins.

If you visit the baker in Britain, he gives two types of jobs, baking bread and 
getting flour from the flour man. You can bake bread and make money or get flour 
for him from the miller in Paws.

If you come across any serpent venom, sell these to Kessler in Britain for 50 
gold coins a piece.

You can collect eggs for Mack, earning 1 gold coin per egg.

You can collect pumpkins for Brownie and earn 1 gold coin per pumpkin.

Free food is also provided in Lord British's castle! Just get it from the Master 
Cooker at the appropriate time. Not advisable though. I always go to the stables 
in Britain where there are two or one cows and horses. There, I kill the cows 
for food and keep them in a crate in my carpet!!

Kill beasts and foes for their MONEY.

You can enter dungeons and kill dragons for the gems they have and sell it to 
the jeweler, Sean, in Britain. Dungeon Destard has dragons that guard gems and 
gold. You can also kill monsters, like headlesses, and search their bodies for 
gold nuggets and sell these to the Mint at 10 per nugget. Some paladins and 
fighters, who are normally hostile, have lots of amour in them, including plate.

Stealing : A Crime

Taking Things Straight

What you are not allowed to do is pick something up and drop it again. This will 
bring out the cops, who will denounce you and restart the game (if you're still 
in Trinsic). 

If, however, you take the item and put it straight into your pocket, you will 
get away with it, although Iolo will get a bit upset, and the Guardian will 
probably scold you. 

Rule Number One:  
		  -Always drop the stolen goods into Iolo.
              -Iolo will be less likely to leave if he commits the deed.
              -Once Iolo has been 'inoculated' against theft, switch to the
               next newest party member, and get them to steal instead.
              -Thus, each member of the party becomes Inoculated. 

Eating food off the table is also a great sin, and Iolo or Dupre will get most 

(In abbey, there is a huge crate of grapes. Once, I fed the entire party on the 
grapes. When I closed the crate, the Guardian said "You had best not do THAT, 
Avatar!", All of them shouted "Is that virtuous?" at once, Iolo left, Dupre 
started attacking me and the room was full of guards, because all the thefts had 
stacked up) 

Like the First Rule, start by making Iolo/Dupre eat the Forbidden Fruit first, 
as this will get them used to the idea of eating stolen food. 

Rule Number Two:
If you are going to eat a large quantity of Forbidden Fruit, perform the  
following consecration ritual.
         -First, get Iolo to pick the food up, and dip it into his sack.
         -Now, take the food out again and lay it in the floor.
         -The food is now 'Your Property'.
         -Eat the food.


Step 1: The Crime Scene

You come out of the red moongate while Iolo and Petre are talking. After 
finishing the conversation with the Mayor (make sure you agree to the reward), 
Iolo and Petre, head north where the stables is. Go in. You should see a dead 
body on the floor. Take the key that is by the body. Now head to the room where 
Inamo the dead gargoyle is. There is a bag near him. Look inside the bag and 
take the things you need on your journey ahead. Talk to Petre who is either near 
a horse or near the stable door about the murder. Talk to Iolo. Use all options 
given to you except the 'leave' option. You will learn that he has an abacus 
(Useful for calculating how much money you have). He knows some of your  
companions, Dupre and Shamino. 

Ask Mayor Finnigan about the key. Then go and find a double-floored house in the 
NW and go in. A boy named Spark will be in. Talk to him. He will give you some 
information about the murderer, for example that the man has a hook. Take him as 
your companion. He trains fast. After this go to the second floor of the house. 
You will see a locked chest. Use the key you got from the stables to unlock the 
chest. Look inside. You will find 100 gold coins, a scroll and a Fellowship 
medallion. Take the 100 gold coins. Ask Spark about the contents. Now find the 
healer's workshop. That's somewhere in South-West of Trinsic. Go in. Talk to the 
guard named Gilberto. He will give you information like the murderer is Crown 
Jewel and heading to Britain. Talk to Johnson at the gate (exit). After talking 
to him, head to the Mayor's house. Talk to the Mayor and select the option 
'report'. Answer the questions referring to your copy protection Answer Sheet. 
After questioning, the Mayor will give a password as 'Blackbird'. Before you get 
out of Trinsic, open the wall leading to the Mayor's secret room, and take the 
sword. You can also steal the Great Dagger at Dell's shop at night. There is a 
hidden lever in his shop which will open a wall to his storage room. Buy some 
mutton for your companions and you from The Honorable Hound Inn south of the 
stables. I found out that in Trinsic, things are VERY cheap. Get your bolts, 
arrows cheaply in Trinsic. Also, not advisable though, you can get a Great 
Dagger from Trinsic (useful weapon; turns into 2 handed sword temporally when 

Step 2: Where to go first?

You need to go to Britain first to get some useful things. As you have 
interviewed the guard in the healer's house, he said that Crown Jewel is heading 
to Britain. Don't buy a cart or a ship, you will find the carpet more useful. 
Now go to the North Gate. Get out of Trinsic. You will find a dark brown path. 
Follow the path. If you are traveling on the correct path the first time, the 
Guardian should appear to inform you that the path you are traveling is correct. 
Or if you travel on the wrong path, the Guardian will inform you that that is 
the wrong path. Just go along the path until you come to the house where three 
people are acting on stage. You can either pay three gold coins pieces to watch 
the act or continue going. Now run along the path through the swamp. Beware of 
alligators and kill them. Experience Points are valuable. Anyway go along the 
path, passing the inns and shops. 

There is a mystery of who stole the serpent venom. You will know of this when 
you first speak to Morfin or any other people in Paws. Morfin can be found at 
the co-ordinates of 69 South, 0 East. After you learnt of this news, head to 
Morfin's shop. There will be a bucket of blood near the west wall. Move it to 
another place. There is a key underneath it. Take the key. Go to Morfin's house 
located North of the Antiques shop. Use the key from Morfin's shop to open the 
chest and take that key you find in the chest. Go back to Morfin's shop. Use the 
key you got from Morfin's house to open the door and use the key you got from 
under the bucket to open the chest inside. Read the ledger inside the chest. Ask 
Morfin about the ledger. 

Next, talk to everyone in Paws. Make sure you use every option given to you. 
Most importantly, you must talk to Tobias and Garrit. After this, go to the 
FellowShip Shelter and Feridwyn will approach you and tell you that he saw 
Tobias with the venom and you should do something. Inquire about this accusement 
with Camille. After this, go back to Morfin and talk to him. Hmmm, wrong 
suspect. He will give you a bright green key which Garrit dropped. 

Go to the FellowShip Shelter and use the key on the chest with the whistles in 
front of it. In the chest, there is a bag. In the bag, there will be the stolen 
snake venom vial. Take the vial, and inquire about this with Garrit. When you 
are finished with him, talk to Feridwyn. Then talk to Camille and Tobias. Pity 
Garrit . . . End this plot by returning to Morfin the vial.

Now go along the path till you come to a tiled (grey) floor. You have reached 

Step 3: Lord British's Castle

Run North till you pass the market and a house. Find the castle of Lord British 
somewhere in the north. It is very easy to find. The gate is like the North Gate 
in Trinsic but it does not require a password. If you find such a gate in 
Britain (You should!), go through straight. Go straight until you come to a hall 
where a clown is dancing. He will give you your first quest but you need to win 
The Game. After finishing with him, open the two doors north. Go north. You 
should come to a fountain and Lord British in his blue cloak may be there. If he 
isn't there, look for him in the Lord British's Throne or dining room (beside 
the Throne) or the business-discussing place. Talk to him. Get from him the Orb 
of the Moons(Very Useful).

Step 4: Lord British's Castle Puzzle

Lord British has kept a spellbook and other equipment in a storeroom of his. 
It's a puzzle to get into the storeroom. First go to the study room (where there 
are lots of books there) and take the key from the drawer. Now head to Lord 
British's bedroom (right side of the throne). Go to the small spot where there 
is wine of the table in the ruler's room. With your sharp eyes, try to find the 
lever near the tapestry. Once you use it, two walls will open. Go to the North 
wall opening another wall and then another wall and then another two walls. When 
you reach the passage right side of the kitchen, find another lever hidden near 
the barrel or crate. This level opens the wall to the room of armor (Wait! Don't 
search for the armor. Just continue following these steps). Now go South opening 
the walls UNTIL you come to the stairs. Go up. You can talk to the prisoner. 
Explore the place. You should find 4 rooms in the four corners. Of these, one of 
them are locked. Use the key to open that door. Now content yourself. Check out 
all the containers. After finishing, the other corner (Armor Room) is also for 
you. Now help yourself with the armors. You have solved the puzzle! Before 
leaving, talk to Batlin about Elizabeth & Abraham in the FellowShip Branch. You 
will find out that they have gone to Minoc. If you want to use Recall or Mark 
spell, get the stones from the Museum.

Step 5: The Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet is a carpet with eight chairs on it which will let you fly 
over mountains, swamps, buildings and the seas. However, if you fly the carpet 
over a door in the Isle of the Avatar, it will permanently lock a door thus 
preventing you from completing the game. To get the carpet, go to Dungeon 
Despise. To get there, outside Lord British's Castle, at the gates, run west and 
find a dirt path. If this is your first time, you should see some paladins 
fighting. Join them and grab the armory in the bodies. Follow the dirt path 
until you come across a bridge. Cross the bridge AND DON'T WALK BEYOND. Under 
the bridge, there should be a river running. Run south ALONG the river. When you 
reach the bank, find a mountain at the east and walk along it. Follow the narrow 
path until you reach a dungeon. You should also see a blue carpet. You've found 
the carpet!!!!

Step 6: Enchanted Weapons and Armor

We'll get the Hoe of Destruction first. Get a sextant from any shipwright. Using 
the sextant, locate yourself into 2 North 47 East and get a key from the green 
fish by the cattails. Use this key to open Mack's Shed (22 South, 26 East).

Go to the spot you found the carpet. You should see the dungeon. Get the Unlock 
Magic spell. Make sure you are ABLE to cast it. Equip yourself and your 
companions as tough as you can, for you are going to fight with the people who 
have the weapons themselves. Hard huh? Yeah, it is! With good use of spells and 
fighting system, you can gain absolute victory with no deaths. Well, to begin 
with, go north. There are lots of hidden teleporters. When you're teleported 
twice, try to find a metal door which is magically locked. NEVER go extreme west 
of the cave. . .you'll meet fireballs. I found a monk there, locked metal doors 
and NOTHING else. You have to unlock 3 magically locked doors. If you don't have 
enough Mana, walk around for a while and they'll soon come back. When you walk 
inside the room, a mage should appear. SAVE your game before doing anything. 
Good luck with the fighting! Use spells such as Protect All and Heal. Get the 
keys to open the chests from the dead bodies. Also, you can get the magic armor 
and weapons from the bodies too.

Step 7: Joining the Fellowship

Find the Fellowship Hall in Britain. Join the fellowship by talking to Batlin. 
Get the package from him and deliver it. To get there, you should go the place 
where the blue moongate near Britain is. It's located somewhere east of Britain. 
Follow the dirt path east near the moongate till you come to a circular path. 
Going east here will lead you to Cove. Go north through the swamp until you come 
to another circular path. Go north. Going east will lead you to Vesper. At the 
end of the path, you would have come to Minoc. Get your fortune told at the 
gypsy, Margareta, over there. There is a murder over there too! Grab the dagger 
at the murder site. Ask about Elizabeth and Abraham. You'll learn that they have 
gone to Paws. 

There is also an event going on here, Owen's Monument. This is a Town Sub-Plot. 
Learn from the Elynor from the FellowShip, that there is an event called Owen's 
Monument. If you scan the area properly, there will be a green ranger in a hut 
Southeast of the Caravan, near the Troll Bridges. He will behave very rudely. 
Talk to the two trainers, Karenna and Jakher, who charge 20 coins each for their 
training. Enquire about the ranger with Jakher. Confront the ranger with the 
information you got from Jakher. The ranger will tell you to get the design 
plans from his house. Do so. Take the plans to Julie and let her examine them. 
Bring it to the Mayor, and he will stop the monument of Owen. Tell Owen the bad 
news, and see how he plunges the dagger into his heart.

With that solved, just deliver the package, go back to Batlin and find out your 
second mission. Dungeon Destard is just southwest of the Paws shelter. Go in, 
have a PEEK at those dragons and go back to Britain. If you want fight those 
beasts, use a Magebane. They prevent the enemy from casting spells once struck. 
Join the fellowship at night. There is also some copy protection here. Even 
though your friends stop you, just go on. Not necessary to wear the Fellowship 
Amulet. It even causes some folks to attack you. (Like the guy, Thorn, near the 
bridge over the Lost River)

Step 8: Getting the Guardian's Enemies

Go to Cove, a place located east of Britain. By following the dirt path EAST of 
Britain, you should find it in no time. Cross the bridge, follow the dirt path 
along the polluted river. Go to the house of Rudyom's. Talk to him, get the wand 
and 4 pieces of blackrock. Also, read his notebook.

Step 9: Finding Elizabeth And Abraham

Firstly, you have to go to Cove. It is located East of Britain. Just walk along 
the dirt path East and you'll find it in no time. There, find Rudyom. Talk to 
him and get 4 blackrock pieces and his wand. You will need this later in the 
game. Also, read his notebook.

Go to Paws. Talk to Feridwyn in the Fellowship Shelter. Ask him about Elizabeth 
and Abraham. Buy the hourglass from Beverlea in the Antique Shop.

Go to Jhelom and talk to Joseph the mayor.  You can use a moongate to get here. 
Just stop when you see coconut-like trees and go north and east when the chance 
comes. He will say that Elizabeth and Abraham have gone to Britain. Also, talk 
to De Snel about the serpentive dagger you found in Minoc. Sometimes, the 
townsfolk may attack you. If they attack you first, go ahead and finish them! 
But if you attacked them first, guards will come and . . . you should know. You 
can help Sprellic to win the duel, and earn money in the same way by betting 
with Ophelia. You can go to Sprellic's house (142S, 68W) and talk to him about 
the trouble he is in for taking the banner from the Library of Scars. You can 
have another made by talking to Klifton, the armorer, and have him sew another, 
or you can fight the duel for Sprellic by being his champion and beating up 
Vokes and Timmons. Either way, you win, so don't worry if you had a bet with 

Go to Britain and talk to Batlin. You will find out that Elizabeth and Abraham 
have gone to Vesper.

Go to Vesper. Find Auston and ask about Elizabeth and Abraham. He will say that 
they have gone to Moonglow. Enter the mines and talk to Cador about Elizabeth & 

SUB-PLOT: If you go into the Gilded Lizard and talk to Yongi, he will tell you 
how Blorn hates gargoyles. Blorn will ask you to go on a mission for him (it is 
pretty un-avatar like, but say you will do it. You are supposed to go and rough 
up a gargoyle, named Lap-Lem, for this bigot.) Lap-Lem will tell you that Blorn 
attacked him and stole his amulet. Go get the amulet from that schlep Blorn and 
take it to Lap-Lem.

Go to Moonglow (37 South 184 East). Talk to Rankin in the Fellowship Hall about 
Elizabeth and Abraham and you'll find out that they have gone to Terfin. First 
find Penumbra in the house with a gold sign plate outside and creepy music, and 
place a hammer, lockpick, gold ring,  spindle of thread and a gold coin. If 
you're successful, the sign should disappear, and a key should appear in its 
place. You can open the door. Use a Awaken spell or a potion to wake her up. 
Place the 4 blackrock pieces on the pedestals in her room and talk to her again. 
Well, she'll tell you to find the Ethernal Ring. Cast a Mark spell so you can 
return here instantly after finding the Ring. Not necessary if you have a magic 
carpet with you so long you know how to get here.

Go to Terfin (167 South, 110 East). Talk to everyone especially Draxinusom and 
Quan. You'll find out that Elizabeth and Abraham have headed to the Meditation 
Retreat. You'll also find out that the Ethernal Ring is at Spektran, which is 
North-east of Terfin. Teregus will also tell you that someone is trying to 
destroy the altars of Control, Passion, and Diligence. He wants you to solve the 
mystery. Talk to Betra (Co-ord -181S, 117E) and learn that he and Sarpling have 
access to the kinds of stuff needed to do this deed. In Sarpling's shop (Co - 
ord - 174S, 125E) you will find a powder keg and a scroll. Read the scroll and 
ask Sarpling about it. Sarpling will spill his guts to you. Now take the scroll 
to Teregus and he will tell you to go to Runeb. Do it, but get ready because 
Runeb will attack you.

Go to the Meditation Retreat, located south east of Serpent's Isle. Serpent's 
Isle is located at South-east of Trinsic. Fly over the walls and talk to Ian if 
you want and you'll find out Elizabeth and Abraham have gone to Buccaneer's Den. 
Don't enter the cave for now. Now to find the Time Lord before we pursue them 
any further.

Step 10: CUT! Finding the Time Lord.

Go to Empath Abbey. Just follow the path described on how to find the carpet. 
This time, after crossing the bridge, just follow the path and you'll find it in 
no time. Talk to Taylor the monk in the BIG building. He will tell you about the 
Emps and Wisps that live in the woods. For honey, go to Bee Cave (57 North, 54 
West). If you don't know where it is, retrace your steps back where you saw two 
houses, one house built of sticks with a ranger inside or maybe somewhere near, 
another with a wood-cutter inside. The Cave is North West of the Ranger's house. 
Get some honey from them. When you've grabbed a honey, just run like hell out of 
the cave without stopping. Smoke bombs from the monk are also effective against 
the bees.

Now to find the Emps (55 North, 9 East). Fly your carpet on top of the hunter's 
house. Go directly East from there. It's quite a distance. Fly not walk! The 
area has lots of giant Silverleaf trees. With the honey you have, you can 
communicate with the Emps. Talk to Trellek the Emp about finding the Wisps. 
Trellek will need permission from Saralek who needs permission from Solomon, the 
Emp leader. Solomon will give you a written agreement to have Ben the woodsman 
sign to stop the destruction of the Silverleaf trees. Just go to the hunter's 
house near the ranger's house and get it done. After that, go back to the Emps. 
Then Solomon will grant you permission to take Trellek to the Wisps but Saralek 
changes her mind. Talk to Trellek after talking to Saralek and Trellek will make 
you a whistle. Find a wisp. They can also be found in the abandoned fortress 
they've inhabited somewhere near Yew woods. Use the whistle near a wisp and it 
will talk to you. They'll tell you that they will offer you information if you 
bring them Alagner's notebook. 

Go to New Maginicia (78 South, 129 East, Alagner's House). Find her in the BIG 
house. She'll ask you to find the answers to the questions of Life and Death. 
Cast the Mark spell and acquire a Seance spell . . . It's a MUST.

Now to Skara Brae. Located West of Britain, can also be reached by moongate 
travel, it is home of the Dead. You can identify the Moongate Arrival place by 
the very close stones near the gate. Simply go west and find the Ferryman. He 
will teleport you there (through Misty Channel). You can identify the island by 
its scary look and everything is burnt and brown. Talk to everyone especially 
Mordra. Get the Mandrake Essence, the glowing potion, an empty vial, a curing 
potion(yellow) and a potion of invisibility(black) at Mordra's house. Go to the 
Smith and talk to Trent hammering at something. Get the music box and go to the 
Dark Tower in the North-West of the isle. Use the music box near Rowena. Take 
her ring to Trent. Take the finished cage and go to the Alchemist's. 

Caine won't answer the questions until you destroy the Liche. Plug the three 
potions and the empty vial into the alchemist instrument and turn the burner on. 
If you did it right, a sparkling blue-and-white potion should fill up the vial. 
Take that and the cage to the Dark Tower. Go to the back of the Tower (through 
the fake wall by the stairs) and use the cage on the Well. Go to the throne room 
and wait for midnight. When Horance sleeps, use the cage over him and use the 
potion. Horance says you need to find someone to sacrifice. Talk to Forsythe the 
Mayor. Now you have to find and talk to EVERYONE in the town, including those 
who you've talked to already. After everyone refuses to sacrifice themselves, 
Forsythe will agree. Take him to the Well and destroy it. Go to Caine and learn 
that there are NO answers to Life and Death.

Go to New Maginicia and to Alagner's house. Get the key from her and find the 
notebook in the BIG house just south of her house, and here comes the detailed 

Open the storeroom's doors and go to the one on the left. It will teleport you 
near the right door. Now unlock the door in front of you and enter the room. 
Flip the switch on the upper left and pick the lock (use lockpick) to the door 
in the hallway. Now go inside and flip the southern switch and get the magic bow 
(if you want), and flip the northern switch. Step on the teleporter in the newly 
opened room, and you will be teleported to the Left side of the storeroom. Walk 
near the door, and you will be teleported to the right side of the storeroom. 
Walk around the wall and step on the right teleporter, and you will be 
teleported to the left side. Flip the switch on the wall and step on the 
teleporter to the left. Get back to the center teleporter, walk around it, and 
walk north through the illusionary wall. Now, take the chairs off the table, put 
a crate down to climb on the table, and get up on the table. Once you are on the 
table, create a staircase of crates that is 3 steps high. Climb the steps and 
unlock the door. Get Alagner's notebook and read it. It tells you the Fellowship 
is a bad thing.

Find a wisp. One such wisp should be located in your path to Empath Abbey. Use 
your Orb to the North-West and go to the Time Lord. He will ask you to go to 
Dungeon Despise, where you found the magic carpet, to destroy the ether-screwing 
generator. You will need the Ethereal Ring in Spektran. If you go to Alagner's 
to return his notebook, you'll find him dead (very dead, actually). (I had this 
bug that after visiting Alagner a couple of times, I see her dead body and 
another Alagner too!!) Use his crystal ball and you'll get your first glimpse at 
the much-sought Elizabeth, Abraham, Hook, and Forskis. 

Go to Spektran located north east of Terfin. When you approach the door, it 
should open automatically. Get a glass sword (48 North, 137 East, Guardian's X) 
and use it to kill the harpy inside the room. Stack the crates to get inside the 
room above and take the ring. Recall/Go back to Moonglow and get Penumbra 
enchant the ring.

Go to Dungeon Deceit ( 3 North, 177 East). Follow all the hallways and find the 
false walls (try walking into the dark areas and you'll see what I mean). You 
can talk to the Cyclops if you want, but it's not necessary. Before you approach 
the generator, drop all your party members and put on the Ring. Inside the 
generator is the ugliest, toughest beast in the whole game (he's the one you've 
been saving the glass sword for). Click on the box in the middle of the room and 
watch as the generator collapses. There should be a miniature tetrahedron 
sitting on the ground. GET IT and get out of Deceit. Now Nicodemus (in the 
"chessboard house" in Yew, near Empath Abbey) is able to enchant your hourglass, 
which is needed to approach the next generator in Despise. Enchant the hourglass 
at Nicodemus.

Go to Dungeon Despise, the dungeon near the spot where you found the carpet. Go 
to the first magically locked door, where you got the magical weapons. Don't go 
in, instead go east and south along the way passing through poison fields, sleep 
fields . . . You'll find a moongate puzzle inside. The correct sequence is RED, 
BLUE, BLUE, RED. Pick up the small Sphere and leave (via Recall if possible) One 
more generator to go!

Go back to Meditation Retreat. This place is pretty much a bore, except for the 
cave that you're not allowed to enter (ooo! are you shaking??). By this point in 
the game you should have gotten a feel for what the Fellowship is about (nothing 
good, that's for sure...). In the cave is the Cube generator. You won't be able 
to approach it, but you should cast the Mark spell so you can beam back later. 
After reaching the Cube, contact the Time Lord by using the hourglass. He will 
tell you to find a mineral called Caddellite. This is found on the Isle of 

Find Ambrosia (94 North, 187 East, Cave) and go there. If you've been using the 
map from the game package or the one found in the game itself, you won't be able 
to see Ambrosia because it's under the little compass icon in the upper right 
corner. It's a large island and shouldn't be too hard to find. Inside a cave on 
this island is where the Caddellite is found. A three headed Hydra guards it. 
Surprisingly the Hydra is a huge wimp and croaks quickly in combat. You'll need 
one chunk of Caddellite per party member (or just one if you plan on approaching 
the Cube alone. You can't take your party members inside anyway...). Take the 
Caddellite to Zorn in Minoc and he will fashion helmets for you.

Go back to Meditation again. You may need some healing potions in the Cube. 
Approach the Cube wearing the helmets. The puzzle inside involves walking on 
certain spots of the walkway that trigger the bridges to other parts. Trouble 
is, some spots remove other bridges as well. This could take a page or two on 
how to solve it, but it would be easier just to tell you to save the game a lot 
and do it yourself. It's hard, but not impossible. Just look out for the fire 
fields and fireballs. Another hint: you'll cover almost 100% of the walkways 
before you're able to get to the center. After the Cube crumbles, take the 
little cube and head to Buccaneer's Den.

Step 11: ACTION! Back to the Chase

Go to Buccaneer's Den. It's located East of the swamp. The swamp is located 
North of Trinsic. Possession of the Cube forces the truth out of people who 
would normally lie to you, most of them from Buccaneer's Den. Talking to Danag 
at the Fellowship Branch will reveal much about Hook, Elizabeth, Abraham, and 
the lousy Fellowship. Talk to Sintag the Guard at the House of Games and get the 
key from him. The door in the Games leads into the mountain passages where 
Hook's hideout is. 

In his hideout, you'll find the navigational plans for the ever elusive Crown 
Jewel, and the Black Gate key used to get past the barrier on the Isle of the 
Avatar. GET the key. Also in his hideout is a list of people the Fellowship has 
eliminated (with you and Lord British yet to go). There's nothing much else in 
those tunnels, except for some torture chambers used by the Fellowship and a 
couple worthless prisoners. But . . you can find some magical armor and a 
magical hammer. Off to the final place . . . THE BLACK GATE!

If you're not 8th level by this time and able to cast some major kickass spells, 
you might want to do some experience collecting before going here. Go to the 
Isle of the Avatar. The key from Hook's place will allow you to pass the barrier 
on the south side of the island and get into the dungeon. Go north. You should 
see a double metal wall. There's a hidden room just west, go in (pass through 
the wall) and use the lever to open the door. This dungeon is rather long and 
hard. A couple of tips:

* It is not necessary to kill the dragon. Lots of cool goodies though! (Example: 
  a Glass Sword that will be handy soon)  
* The Chair of Change teleports you to one of 3 places in the dungeon if you sit 
  in it. At each location it takes you, examine all the walls for hidden passages.  
* Sitting in the Throne of Virtue (or whatever its called) will make the Chair 
  of Change take you to a fourth place, necessary to get to the Gate.  
* In the "Fellowship Hall" try fiddling with the medallion.  
* Watch out for the Paladin guarding one of the last doors, he's an asskicker 
  (use a Glass Sword if you have one...).  
* Take the mage's spell book from his room. It's fully loaded!  
* If you still can't find the Black Gate room, try looking for any keys you 
  might have missed. Also poke on every wall you see, there's lots of illusionary 
* To get to the Black gate, there's a hidden room in the fourth place which the 
  Chair Of Change teleports you. In the room, is the transport (circular 7 sided 
  shape) which teleports you to the BLACK GATE!!!! 

The Black Gate

Ah, the gang's all here! After some little bickering, they will attack you. I 
had troubles winning this battle hand-to-hand until I found a useful little 
spell called Death Vortex. If you use it, DON'T cast it on an enemy. Cast it on 
YOURSELF. This spell is useful to say the least. After everyone croaks (except 
the little weasel Batlin) you'll be left with the choice of returning home, or 
using Rudyom's Wand (you still have it I hope!) on the Gate. To remove the force 
field around it, you should see three pedestals surrounding the gate. Put each 
item you collected, The Cube, Prism and the Sphere on each of the pedestals. The 
shape should fit on the stones and the field will be taken out. If you are evil, 
simply enter the gate. Or do a good deed to Britannia and use Rudyom's Wand on 
the Gate. The animated sequence at the end of the game is kind of short, but 
completely amazing.

***The Trinsic Cheat Room***

There is a cheat room in Trinsic allows you to get every good stuff and lots 
more! Experience it yourself!!!!! Just go to Christopher's house which is South-
West of the city. Stack crates from inside the house to get to the roof. Go 
inside the chimney from the north of the chimney, then walk right in! Get more 
crates. . maybe 5 more. Inside, you'll find lots of stuff, teleporters . . .find 
out yourself!!! If you need more info, check out my website on the teleporters
locations and other stuff.

***The Path to Start the Cheat***

Usually you type ULTIMA7 to start the game right? To use the cheat, simply type 
ULTIMA7 abcd(ALT+255). The key (ALT+255) looks like a space. Pressing F1 will 
give you the help file. Anyway the cheat offers Hack Mover, the most fun one, 
which allows you to move anything blocking your way including walls, roofs, 
doors and even people!!! Other features include teleporting you to any location 
on the map, getting your companions together instantly, finding out a NPC 's 
attributes and creating any item.

***Too Fast??? Not enough memory? Compatibility problems with Win9x?***

For the above solutions, my website has all the utilities and help needed. Check 
it out:


I was satisfied with its performance in my Pentium II 300MHz with 64 MB SDRAM 
system. If you are getting trouble getting the game to run with satisfying 
memory requirements, you can also get the zip file at my home page. 


Official Website for Ganesh's Ultima VII Walkthrough. Check often for updates. 
Includes LOTS of resources for the fellow Ultima gamer. 

Like the name says: Official Origin Site 

***The End . . is the beginning***

Try playing the game again. There are lots more to discover in the World of 
Britannia. Dungeons, secret places, mysterious monsters and new people to talk 
and meet. The magic carpet made the game real easy. Go to my web page 
http://bootstrike.com for extra information like how to solve town 
mysteries (from Mitch Aigner's Ultima VII Supplementary Guide) or read the 
original version of the walkthrough and more! But, as time goes on, I will add 
on more and more information to this walkthrough including those from Mitch 
Aigner. So check often.

The "Ganesh's Ultima VII Supplementary Guide" project has been combined with 
Ultima VII Walkthrough by G.Ganesh as you would have noticed the big change. Go 
for my other works as well: Ultima VII Manual typed out plain and simple! Also 
visit my other Ultima Sections, Planescape - Torment and Jokes sections.

Get the add-ons for Ultima VII, and continue the story. There is also a 
Ultima VII Map Making Help Guide available. It is up in my site.

By the way, if there is any GREAT fan of Ultima VII there, please try out Ultima 
UnderWorld: The Styian Abyss and Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth Of Worlds. 
Then, go up to the 3D age and play Dark Earth, an excellent RPG game. Also, try
out Planescape - Torment, another EXCELLENT RPG game. If I have left out anything 
or you find any errors, please inform me! Thanks for reading this Walkthrough! I
hope it has helped you!


This document Copyright 2001 G.Ganesh

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