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Ultima VII Supplementary Guide By Mitch Aigner

ULTIMA VII: The Black Gate - Supplementary Information
by Mitch Aigner

Walkthrough SUPPLEMENT - This is not a walkthrough. A great walkthrough 
has already been done by someone else. This is simply an informational 

No claim is made to the accuracy of this document. Feel free to modify or
add to it. I'm done with the game, and this is simply a copy of various
random and disorganized notes. The key words here are "random" and
"disorganized". "Incomplete" and "unfinished" are also applicable.

Anyone wishing to fill in some of the blanks is more than welcome.


Black   - Invisibility
Blue    - Magic sleep
Orange  - Magic Awaken
Purple  - Sheild
White   - Light
Yellow  - Heal
Green   - Poison
Red     - Cure poison


Axe, two-handed     10
Blowgun              1  can be poison or sleep
Bow                  8
Cannon              90
Club                 2
Crossbow            10
Dagger               1
Fellowship Staff     6
Fire Sword           8
Halberd             10
Hammer               4
Hammer, two-handed   9
Knife                2
Mace                 5
Main Gauche          2
Morning star         5
Musket               9 
Sling                3
Sword                6
Sword, two-handed   11
Throwing axe         4
Torch                3
Triple Crossbow     28
Whip                 4


Buckler              1
Chain Armor          2
Chain Coif           2
Chain leggings       2
Crested Helm         3
Curved heater        3
Gauntlets            2
Gorget               3
Great Helm           4
Greaves              2
Kidney Belt          1
Leather Armor        1
Leather Boots        1
Leather Collar       1
Leather Gloves       1
Leather Helm         1
Leather Leggings     1
Plate Armor          4
Plate Leggings       3
Scale Armor          2
Spiked Shield        2
Wooden Shield        2


Magic Armor          5
Magic Arrow         +4
Magic Axe            8
Magic Bow           12
Magic Gauntlets      3
Magic Gorget         4
Magic Helm           5
Magic Leggings       4
Magic Shield         4
Magic Sword          7
Glass Sword        127

STUFF TO DO (Quests, errands, and assorted good deeds)

Trinsic    - Identify a suspect for the murder (Hook)

Paws       - deliver grain to Thurston for Polly (earn 10 coins)
           - Get the two lovebirds together  (Thurston/Polly)
           - Volunteer to find thief for Morfin

Britain    - Take bill to Lord Heather in Cove for Miranda (castle)
           - Rescue baby for Lady Tory (Serpent's Hold)
           - Have Lord British free the prisoner Weston
           - Trail Patterson after the Fellowship meeting
           - Steal the Runestones from the Museum (Iolo not only does
             not object to this theft,.. he suggests it !!)
Terfin     - Talk to Draxinuson (gargoyle leader) about Inamo
           - expose plot to destroy the Altars

Minoc      - Get plans from Karl (ranger) and take to Julia, follow
             the instructions from there.

Empath Abbey - find the thief Kellin (aka Kleg)

New Magincia - Find the Locket for Henry

Serpent's Hold - Find out who vandalized the statue of Lord British
               - note the uncanny resemblance of some of the inhabitants 
                 to members of the crew of Startrek: The Next Generation.
               - Rescue baby for Lady Tory.

Jhelom    - Save Sprellic from the duel

Skara Brae - defeat the Liche

NOTE: You get experience points for finishing quests.


To make cloth - Use Wool on Spinning Wheel to make thread
              - Use thread on Loom to make cloth

To make bread - Mix flour with water, then bake on hearth

Hard work - The cook in Lord British's castle (Boots) will pay you
            to fetch mutton from Morfin in Paws. She'll pay 5 coins,
            while Morfin charges only 3.

Gems      - May be sold to the jeweler (Sean) in Britain for 30 coins

Venom     - The apothecary in Britain (Kessler) will pay 50 coins/vial

Gold      - Gold nuggets/bars may be exchanged for coins at the Mint
            in Britain ($10 per nugget, $100 per bar).

Gambling  - At Bucaneers' Den, some good games are:
            Rat Race - Pays 6 to 1, yet there are only 4 rats. The
                       odds are in your favor. Bet an equal amount on
                       each rat, and you can't lose.
            Triples  - Pays 3-to-1. Save your game, bet everything you
                       have. If you lose, restart old game. If you win
                       repeat the above process. Since your profits
                       grow exponentially, it shouldn't take long to
                       fill your pockets.

YOUR TEAM (choose up to 7 + you makes 8)

Gotta have:
Iolo    - (Trinsic) Your old buddy (lives in Yew)
Shamino - (Britain) Your old buddy
Dupre   - (Jhelom)  Your old buddy

Your choice:
Spark   - (Trinsic) young, but VERY trainable
Sentri  - (Britain) trainer in Dexterity (free training !)
Jaana   - (Cove)    mage (another old friend) (free healing)
Tseramed - (Yew)    woodsman
Julia   - (Minoc)   tinker (another old friend) (free repairs)

I would recommend limiting your party to Iolo, Shamino, Dupre, and
Spark (Spark starts out weak, but trains quickly to become a seriously
BAD dude). Less people to feed, and keep alive. DISCLAIMER: This is
MY opinion,.... get your own.

Location of mages:

Nystul     - Britain (in the castle)
Rudyom     - Cove
Mariah     - Moonglow (in the Lycaeum) (has the best prices, in general)
Nicodemus  - Empath Abbey (just south)
Wis-Sur    - Vesper (has the worst prices)


First, get out of Trinsic (hint: take the latitudes on the map and
      multiply them by 10)

Head for Britain and visit the castle

Talk to Chuckles the Jester (the "Game" involves only exchanging
      sentences containing words of 1 syllable).

Take the west road out of Britain. Once past the mountains, head north.
      Hug the west side of the mountain range and keep going north.
      Eventually you will find a river (Lost River). Follow that
      river east into the mountains. You will run across a Flying
      Carpet at the entrance to Dungeon Despise. "Use" the
      Carpet (handiest item in the game).

Head north to Empath Abbey, and talk to Taylor about Wisps and Emps.

Go to Minoc and have your fortune told by Margareta.

Head for Moonglow and talk to the astronomer Brion at the Observatory.


Smith the Horse - Yew
Frank the Fox - Moonglow
Sherry the Mouse - Lord British's castle


WISPS and EMPS - Go to the Empath Abbey and ask Taylor about Wisps
       and Emps (you must do this first). He will tell you that you
       need to get Honey to talk to the Emps. Go to the Bee Cave and
       pick up some honey (you may also happen across Honey in your
       travels, as it is a common food item). Go to visit the Emps.
       The head Emp (Salomon) will ask you to get a contract
       signed by the woodcutter. Go visit the woodcutter (Ben, who
       actually claims to be a logger, on the west coast by Yew).
       Return with the signed contract to the Emps. Trelleck's wife
       will back down on her promise to let Trelleck join your party.
       Tell her that you really weren't interested, you just need to
       talk to the Wisps. Trelleck will then make you a whistle. Find
       the nearest Wisp and use the whistle. The Wisp will ask you to
       fetch Alagner's notebook. Go to New Magincia and find Alagner
       (far north end of the island). Alagner will ask you to find
       the answers to the questions of Life and Death. Go to Skarae
       Brae and solve their Liche problem (outlined below). After
       this, you can go to Caine, and he will tell you that there are
       no answers. Go back to Alagner and inform him of this. He will
       then give you a key to his storage building (large building
       just south of his house). Go in and find your way to the area
       with the notebook (tricky, but have patience,.. lots of
       invisible walls, fake walls, and teleporters). The trick to
       getting up to where the notebook is, is to stack some crates
       on, and around, the table,.. then just walk up like they were
       regular stairs. Take the notebook back to the Wisps and they
       will tell you how to get in touch with the Time Lord.

SKARA BRAE     - If you need to take the ferry, cast "Seance" spell to
       talk to the Ferryman. Once there, talk to Mordra, Trent and
       Caine. Get some Iron Bars from the cemetery (or bring your own
       from the Blacksmith shop in Trinsic).
           Take the music box from Trent's house and take it up to the
       Tower. Play the music box for his wife. She will give you her
       wedding ring. Take the ring back to Trent. He will then ask
       you for the iron bars and finish building the cage.
           Go to Mordra's house and grab a Black potion, Red potion,
       and Mandrake essence potion (multi-colored). Go to Caine's
       shop and place one potion under each of the three intakes of
       the Alchemist's device. Grab the empty vial off the shelf (or
       use the one from Mordra's) and place it under the outlet of
       the device. Turn on the burner underneath the apparatus and
       wait. A light-blue potion should fill the empty vial. Note: this
       takes some time to work,... be patient.
           Take the Cage up to the Tower and "use" it on the Well of
       Souls (accessed through fake wall on left side of chamber).
       The cage should turn blue.
           Wait until after midnight and then "use" the prepared
       cage on Horance. Then "use" the light-blue potion on the cage.
       After a few moments, Horance will be cured. NOTE: Horance must
       be asleep on the center altar for this to work.
           Talk to Horance about destroying the Well. He will tell
       you to find a volunteer. Ask the Mayor first. Then go
       ask everyone in town (even the Ferryman) to volunteer. Only
       then will the Mayor finally give in. Lead the Mayor to the
       Well, and the rest will happen automatically.

Bee Cave - As you enter the cave, keep to the right. This will take
       you to the area where the hermits live (Mama and Papa). They
       will tell you the secret to getting through the Bee Cave (go
       in at night, and the bees will be much more tame. You will
       still have to waste a few, but it won't be as bad as taking on
       all of them). Also you should get a smokebomb from Taylor at
       Empath Abbey. Use it if the bees get to be too much to handle.

PENUMBRA'S HOUSE (Moonglow) - There is a plaque on the ground outside
       the front door. Put the following items on the ground beside it
       in the following order: Hammer
                               Gold Ring
                               Spindle of thread
                               Gold bar or nugget

       Each time you place an item, the plaque will change to indicate
       which item is required next.

       You may wish to bring 4 chunks of Blackrock with you beforehand.


Weapons - Give your team all swords, or other hand-to-hand weapons. If
          they use any type of projectile weapon (bows, wands, etc.)
          they will shoot YOU (or other party members) at least as
          often as they hit an enemy.

Training - Since you are the only one with magic ability, use all of
           YOUR training points to improve it. Your party members
           should concentrate on Strength and Combat (Strength will
           increase their carrying capacity, as well as Hit points).


In Lord British's castle, there is another storeroom with good stuff.
in the area underneath this room is a lever hidden under some things
which will open this door.

There is a cave on a tiny island just at the southern tip of 
Britain. There is lots of gold and other goodies inside if you can
get them. The island is just west of Serpents hold.

On the West side of Avatar Isle, there is a pirate fortress. Lots
of gold.

Directly west of Trinsic, on the other side of Britain is a small
island. There is only a small shack on it. In the shack is a key
which will open many things.

"use" mallet on parrot

West of Paws, on the other side of Britain, is a small mountain range on
the coast. On the east side of the range, just south of the entrance to
the Spirit Cave, you will be attacked by Palladins. Defeat the Paladins,
take their armor/weapons, save your game, walk south along the mountain
range for a few dozen steps, and then come back to the spot where you
were attacked. There will be more Palladins to attack you. This goes on
forever, and is a great way to get free armor/weapons for all of your party
members (as well as some quick experience points).

In the Fellowship Hall on Buccaneers Den, there is a lever in the cave behind
the rear wall. It opens a secret door to allow access to the cave. If you are
standing in the right spot,.. you can flip the lever with a Telekinesis spell.
This will get you into Hooks hideout, and the Black Gate Key. This key opens
a lot of doors throughout Brittania. Otherwise, you have to wait until you
have defeated all 3 generators before entering Hook's area.



Keep an eye out for the following items (grab one if you find it):

Honey (a couple of them)
Golden Ring (not magic)
Sextant (allows you to tell where you are on the map)
Spindle of Thread
Blackrock (4 pieces)

Don't ask why you need these (all will become clear later).


Dungeon Destard - NW of Trinsic, entrance on the west side of mtns.
Dungeon Despise - Mountains NW of Britain, entrance from Lost River.
Dungeon Deceit  - West side of Dagger Isle (two entrances)
Ambrosia Isle   - underneath the compass points at the top right corner 
                  of map (No wonder you couldn't see it !)

Compassion - SE of Cove
Humility   - Avatar Isle, North Central area, approach from the North
Justice    - far North of Deep Woods, on the coast
Sacrifice  - NE of Vesper, in the center of the desert
Honesty    - SE shore of Dagger Isle
Spirituality - ???? (I never did find this one)
Valor      - Small isle SE of Jhelom
Honor      - Southern tip of Brittania, SW of Trinsic


There is a secret area located a few feet SW of the pirates' campfire
on the Isle of Ambrosia (invisible wall into the mountain)

To kill Lord British (not that you would want to): There is a sign 
above the doorway at the north end of the central courtyard of the
castle, which LB has a bad habit of standing under. Look at the sign
while he is standing under it.


     Beef, Ham, and Mutton are the best things to feed your party.
Other foodstuffs require several items to satisfy their hunger, while
the above meats require only one portion to cease your friends ever-
nagging request for sustenance. The best prices are obtained from
Morfin in Paws.

WHERE TO BUY: (Best prices for stuff)

Food      - Morfin in Paws
Lockpicks - Dell in Trinsic (even if he is a royal jerk) ($8/each)
Hourglass - Beverlea in Paws ($5)
Sextant   - Beverlea in Paws ($20)
Ship      - Gargan in Trinsic ($600)
Spells    - Mariah in Moonglow
Reagents  - Mariah in Moonglow
Carts     - Petre in Trinsic ($60)
Rooms     - The Modest Damsel in New Magincia ($3/per person/per night)
Healing   - Lord British (free) also does Cure Poison and Resurrection


      In general, stealing is a no-no. If you steal too much:

A) Your party members will leave you (and you will have to get them to
   come back).
B) The endgame will change.

   It is OK to:

A) Take any keys that you find
B) Steal the Runestones from the museum in Britain
C) Look in chests, dressers, nightstands, barrels, crates, etc.
   But DON'T move anything.
D) Take anything from Spark's house (Trinsic), or Iolo's (in Yew).

GENERATORS (in the order that you need to destroy them)

TETRAHEDRON - Located in Dungeon Deceit on Dagger Isle. You need the
              Ethereal ring to get in. The Ring is on the Isle of
              Spektran, can be enchanted by Penumbra (Moonglow). If
              you haven't found a Glass Sword yet, you may want to
              spend the time to find one before you enter this generator.

SPHERE      - Located in Dungeon Despise, NW of Britain (Lake entrance)
              You need the Hourglass (from Beverlea in Paws) which 
              must be enchanted by Nicodemus (just south of Empath

CUBE        - Located in behind the Fellowship Retreat (island just
              NE of Serpent's Hold). Need Caddelite Helmets for each
              party member to get in. Caddelite ore from Ambrosia isle
              must be given to Zorn the weaponsmith (Minoc). One chunk of
              ore for each party member.

This review is Copyright (C) 1992 by Mitch Aigner.  All rights reserved.

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