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Ultima VII Tips and Easter Eggs by Hokie Dragon

Ultima VII - The Black Gate 

Easter Eggs

  • Kill Lord British and read his will (found on his body).
    There are a number of ways to do this:

    In the castle when he is standing under the sign which says "The Throne Room of Lord British" double click on the sign. You can use the Hack Mover to put him under the sign which is above the doorway into his Throne Room. If you have speech the try this method. Halifax Dragon says he will always be under the sign at 12 noon.

    Finish the Forge Of Virtue add-on and you will have the Black Sword. Use it's Death power to kill him.

    How about a cannon? I'm told they dont retaliate if you use this method. Thanks to Sean O'Neil for that one.

    Last, you can use the alt-4 cheat to extract LB's will
  • Talk to the girl at the Shrine of Compassion in Cove. (You need to speak to someone else in Cove about her before she will say much) To find out about her father you need to talk to the monks at Empath Abbey *and* the Emps
  • Solve Chuckle's game and read the scroll he gives you. (Chuckles is the jester in Lord British's castle). The solution is: *SPOILER* Ylno yas sdrow gniniatnoc eno elballys *END SPOILER*
  • Get the cube (either from the generator or from the cheat room) It forces people to tell you the truth. For example, try asking Klog (in Trinsic) about the murder while you have the cube
  • Go to the Farm just east of Britain. Talk to the farmer there take a look in his field and double click on the object there - recognise the music? (Coords 17S 21E Hex 47f, 51b,0). If you want to get his hoe of destruction you can either hack move the shed door out of the way, blow the door up or find the key. (Coords 22S 26E Hex 4a9, 551, 0) The key is it is on the northwest shore of Lock Lake (sextant coords 2 N 48 E Hex 587, 457, 0. Under the cattails, inside the fish. You need to move a small piece of green garbage out of the way.) Apparently you can also put a chunk of Blackrock next to the door and use Rudyom's wand to blow it away.
  • In Spark's house in Trinsic (North West) there is a Parrot. Use the gavel on him and he tells you something.
  • Get and cast the Armageddon Spell!! After you have cast it go and talk to Lord British!! Also talk to Batlin.
  • West of Britain there is a lake surrounded by mountains. Along the north shore of the lake you will come across the enterance to a dungeon and the flying carpet. Coords 8N 31W Hex 269, 41e, 0
  • Visit the nudists in the Bee Cave at 56N 54W (Hex 189, 239, 0). Make sure Spark is in your group (from Trinsic). Talk to the naked lady and watch Spark's reaction.
  • Go to the tower in Ambrosia (it is on it's own surrounded by water). Coords 81N 187E (Hex af8, 144, 0). Read the diary there.
  • Just west of Lord British's castle in Britain there is a tiny fair with one of those strength test things. Coords 10S 10W Hex 339, 4da, 0. Make the bell ring and see what you get Note: I could only get it to ring after completing the FOV and receiving 60 Strength from LB.
  • Go to Serpent's Hold on one of the islands of the southern tip of the Brittanian mainland. The people there bear a stiking similarity to certain TV characters. Coords 165S 53E Hex 5c9, ab7, 0.
  • Bake Bread!!! I am not sure how many places there are where you can do this but one place is in Britain - Coords 28S 3W Hex 384, 586, 0. Start by using the flower after that it is pretty straight forward.
  • Use dirty diapers on people. (Not the triangular diaper). One place where diapers are is in the nursery in LB's castle.
  • Visit the house of the dead (not much to do here). Hex coords 5a8, 508, 0
  • Talk to the Unicorn about your virginity in the dungeon at Coords 113S 10W Hex 338, 8da, 0
  • Mine for Blackrock, or iron ore, or lead. (Anybody know of any others??). You can mine for Blackrock in the dungeon Northwest of Vesper Coords 20N 121E Hex 868, 3a5, 0. For those in a hurry the blackrock mining machine is at Hex 764, 435, 0. One for mining Iron ore is at 5be, 2c4, 0 and one for mining lead is at 807, 39a, 0.
  • Here's one from Mike Wilson (Morgul Dragon): If you are using a musket then you can find bullets by double-clicking on the large dinosaur bones scattered throughout the game. The first set you are likely to encounter is in the swamps between Trinsic and Paws. Note: A musket can be found in LB's castle on the upper storey in the room over on the northeastern corner. You need to throw a switch down near the kitchen to open the door.
  • There is a secret room in the mountains west of Britain. It is on the western side of the mountains just south of where the stream enters the lake surrounded by mountains. (Near where the Magic carpet is). You will need to cheat to enter it. Go inside and see what happens (IMHO this is one of the funniest things in U7). Talk to Batlin and Lord British afterwards. Also try interacting with things and pressing F2 to bring up the cheat menu. For the impatient types you can teleport to hex coords 1f2, 407, 0 then make yourself etheral and walk east or otherwise teleport straight into the room by going to coords 209, 407, 0.
  • In one of the dungeons (not sure which one) there is a room with 4 mirrors in it (Hex coords 23a, 396, 0) I think it is the dungeon with the enterance next to where you find the magic carpet. Anyway the room with the four mirrors in it is hard to get into (blocked by a table.. anyone gotten in here without cheating??) The second and fourth mirrors will teleport you. One sends you into Selwyns tower where you can get some potions, a firedoom staff, heaps of magic rings (regeneration, invisibilty, protection) etc. The other telports you to some building with some pirates. Some useful items there too.
  • Check out the Knight's Bridge board at Sextant coords 71N 54W (near Empath Abbey) Hex coords 185, 1ab, 0

The following things were contributed by Matthew Ross:

  • Somewhere to the south of Dungeon Wrong (well, ex-dungeon wrong I guess) there is a large field of poppies. Walk into it and you should fall asleep.
  • In the swamp north of Lock Lake, you should find the remains of stonegate Castle. You can get to it via boards placed on the swamp, and it contains a MageBane - prevents enemies from casting spells, so it's great against dragons.
  • The unicorn will give you two different responses. If you go to him without visiting Buccaneer's Den, he will pronounce you a virgin and elicit guffaws from your party members. If you go to the Baths on Buccaneer's Den and dally with the wenches, he will declare you an un-virgin. IMO the pre-wench response is funnier.
  • On one small island (I think it's to the west of Trinsic), there will be a hut with (I think) a dead chicken and a large skeleton key. The key will function like a multi-use lockpick, enabling you to throw those annoying lockpicks away! No breaking picks either!
  • Dirty Diapers will immobilize any enemy. I always kept a bunch of them around for emergencies.
  • Several glass swords can be gotten in the tropic area near Vesper. there should be a large black X on the ground among the palm trees. There are 3 glass swords here, and a chest full of junk. There is a key in this chest, but I never figured out what it did. The Guardian says something backwards here, and I think he is saying "I Am The Pagan Lord". Probably referring to U8.
  • In serpent's hold, there is a key under a pile of clothes in a western room. This opens the weapon vault. Strangely, I don't think it counts as stealing to take these weapons, but one should always be careful.

How about this one from Lord Xavion:

  • Trying to use the Black Sword's DEATH power on the Ferryman or Batlin is pretty cool too.

Piles of Treasure

  • In Spark's house in Trinsic (North West) there is a Parrot. Use the gavel on him and he tells you something. Go to where it says and there is a small cave inside is a ghost and some treasure including 4 Glass swords, a lightning whip, magic boots, magic gloves, invisibility dust and ring, regeneration ring, some lockpicks, a whole stack of gold bars and coins, some venom, Food, Flaming oil etc. Coords are 169S 28E. Hex Coords (4bc, b07, 0)
  • Just south of Trinsic there is a chest hidden underneath a maple tree. It is at coords 128S 3W (Hex 37b, 972, 0). Just keep hitting the chest and it will break open. Inside is magic armour and weapons and gold. (Useful when you are just starting! Especially for people who do not want to cheat). Anybody know if there is a key to this chest??? Where is it??
    • (UPDATE 9 Nov 2015: A reader named Lemuel Wilson has advised that:  It's the key to Farmer Mack's shed (the same one that has the Hoe of Destruction locked inside).  - Bootstrike
    • (UPDATE 22 May 2016: A reader named Lemuel Wilson has advised that: There is a key that is clearly meant to be used with the chest south of Trinsic under the maple tree.  It's a brown key slightly to the south and east of the tree under a movable rock that reminds me a bit of pumice.  This key, though physically different, functions  identically to the key to Farmer Mack's shed, which, as we all know, houses the Hoe of Destruction.  So, if you -really- don't want to scour the trash of Lock Lake, Good News!  Now you don't have to!  At 129s 1w you should be able to see both the chest and the rock that hides the key.- Bootstrike
  • In the test of Love in the Forge of Virtue add-on there is a lever behind the Stone of Castambre. You can only see a few pixels of it (it is on the right). Throw this lever and it opens a doorway in the passage ways to the north of the stone. Go through the doors and you end up in a set of passageways where you can find a Death Scythe, a Firedoom staff, a Main Gauche and about 10 glass swords in a body to the south!!
  • Go to the cemetary in Skara Brae. There is a small building there with two statues on either side of the enterance (throw the switch). Left of the building is a Statue on a pedestal. Behind and to the left of this statue is a lever (practically impossible to see) Throw this lever and the side of the building opens up. Inside is a nightstand. In the nightstand is a Soul cage, Wedding ring, Magic Armour, vial, Two handed hammer, Death Scythe, regeneration, protection (x2) and invisibility rings, etc. Sextant coords 54S 65W (Hex 117, 68a, 0). The cage and vial are major quest items!
  • On a small island near Serpent's Hold there is a building with a couple of pirates in it. There is also some food, Alchemists stuff, iron ore, blackrock, Maces, 2 handed axes, morning stars, swords, powder kegs, spell reagents and a crate with 9 sextants in it. There is also a locked chest. Doesn't seem to open using the bashing method. Don't know where the key is but when I alt-4 it nothing comes out (??). Sextant coords 161S 8E (Hex 3fc, abc, 0)
    • Update 25 Mar 2019: If you want the key to this chest, it is in the same building you originally found the chest in. Over in the southeast corner, very hard to spot, is a bag containing 1 set of magic boots, 17 magic bolts, 2 starbursts, in two separate items, and a green key. The key will unlock the chest. It is empty. - Adam Jurin (Ajjxxxt@gmail.com)
  • On another small isle just north of Jhelom there is a small room inside the mountains. Walk west into the mountain (even though there is no visible enterance) to get in. Inside is a sextant a couple of rings **The Deeds to THREE ships!!!**, pocket watch, the key in the desk unlocks the chest. Also to be found is a regeneration ring, a protection ring, an invisibility ring, some black pearls, clothing, gold bars, jewellery. Sextant Coords 117S 43W (Hex 1f7, 907, 0)


  • First of all the Cheat mode. Start the game by typing: ultima7 ABCD(alt-255)
    If you like to read debugging info you can add (space)SPAM S on the end.
    Note: The (alt-255) is done by holding down the ALT key and typing 255 on the *KEYPAD* and then letting go of ALT. It comes out looking like a space.
  • In cheat mode there are several keys which do things:
    • F1 tells you what the keys do
    • F2 goes to the cheaters menu where you can create items and teleport to coords and power up the Avatar etc. etc.
    • F3 Brings up a map of Brittania. Click anywhere to teleport there
    • F9 to identify an item (Useful if you want to use the creator to make one)
    • alt-4 lets you click on any container (Person / chest / etc) and empties their contents for you (useful if locked or you can take objects from people)
    • In the F2 menu you can use Hack mover to move *ANYTHING* which means you can move those pesky locked doors out of the way!!
    • You can also modify NPC's from the F2 menu. To find an NPC's number use the F2 menu and put Number ID on.
    • etc. etc. etc. Just try it out and enjoy!
  • The cheat room! Go to the Blacksmith shop in south - west Trinsic. Build a staircase onto the roof of the smithy building using crates and the anvil (you need to get a couple more crates to finish the stairs). Climb the stairs up to the roof and walk around behind the chimney (You will need a light source here). Alternatively you can save the hassle of building the stairs by pressing F2 and Teleporting to Hex Coords a8, 986, 0. Or simply Hack Move yourself up onto the roof. You will be in a cheat room with chests containing magic armour and weapons and rings. The room also has an invisible crate with some major quest items in it (Rudyoms wand etc). There is also a bag full of gold, another bag full of spell components and a fully loaded spellbook!!
    When you are finished step on the teleporter and you will go to another place. There are some more major quest items here as well as teleporters to a whole heap of places. Hex coords (768, 4b4, 0)
  • Wanna finish the game in a couple of minutes??? The bottom right teleporter in the above room will take you to the final room at the end of the game. Go through the discussion then go into combat mode and fight (this is a tough fight). When you are finished use Rudyoms wand (from the cheat room) to destroy the Black Gate!! (Hack move the stuff out of the way) or walk through the gate to go back home (Earth). The Hex coords for the room with the Black Gate in it are a2a, a36, 0.
  • Another thing you can do with the cheat mode is Hack Move yourself which is a really easy way to get past walls, locked doors, etc.

by Hokie Dragon

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