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Ultima VII Tips and FAQ by Jeff Abramson

Ultima 7 - the Black Gate - Tips

Some general hints to get you going

  • There are a lot of neat things in this game. It really is worth it to explore everything and talk to everyone. There are some annoying things that makes this hard. But I played U7 both before and after playing U8, and I liked U7 much much more both times!
  • Keys are a pain in the rear. Don't hold on to too many keys or you will get confused. Unfortunately, it is not until U7.5 with the Silver Seed where you get a nice device called a key ring. Drop keys nearby the chest/door that they open.
  • Food is a pain in the rear. You can sometimes tell who is whining for food by the location of the text. Usually it is Iolo, who seems to eat double everyone else. Otherwise, just hit "Z" several times to see who is hungry.
  • Keep only meats for food. Don't bother with anything else because you'll have to feed more often.
  • With Silver Seed installed for U7.5, you can feed with the hotkey "F". Just hit the hotkey, then click on the character who is hungry. Be careful, because you may eat or drink that one item you want to save (like the bottle of Ice Wine).
  • Combat is a pain in the rear. Read the reference guide on how to best configure for combat. I just let everyone do their thing, which may not be the best thing.
  • Try to be as organized as possible. Unfortunately, items in your backpack do not stay where they are, so use bags to organize. Keep all food with one person, and all gold with another.
  • Be careful when looking at items. Even if you just move items around, you may be accused of stealing. If you get thrown in jail and you are stripped of all your items, you are stuck. (The jail is in Empath Abbey and you can probably go there and unlock the cell so when you are thrown in jail you can walk out.) Note that you CAN just move an item into your inventory without being seen. This must be an oversight and allows you to pretty much steal anything.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My keys are disappearing!

    First, if you have version 3.4 of Black Gate (hit the "V" key to see), or Forge of Virtue installed, then this bug is fixed. The bug is a problem where if you go to an inn, and stay the night, you may lose some keys. To avoid the problem, simply don't sleep in Inns, or drop all your backpacks before going to sleep.
  2. I once got stuck on a mountain.

    This bug happens if you go into combat mode while on the flying carpet. If you are close to a mountainside, you can actually get stuck on the mountain side. I don't know how to recover from this other than going back to a save game.
  3. I heard about a bug with the Isle of the Avatar and doors that won't open.

    If you take the magic carpet to Avatar Isle, flying over a certain trigger point may cause a door to close and you'll be stuck. I don't know the specifics. When I played through the first time, I don't remember if I hit this problem, but I did cheat in one or two places. When I played through the second time, I took a boat to make sure I didn't hit this problem. I'd recommend you take the boat to the Isle.

    It is possible that you haven't hit this bug, but are just having a hard time. If you are near some chain levers, you can fiddle with them until the one with a woman opens and she attacks you. Then get the key from her, move a barrel in the room, then throw the lever.

    Don't go in a room marked Ex Por - it teleports you outside.
  4. I need the map coordinates to get out of Trinsic.

    The mayor will not give you the exit password until you have satisfied him that you are interesting in solving the murder. Read the scroll in Christopher's house. Ask Spark about it. Go find Johnson the guard and ask him. Go find Gilberto the wounded guard and ask him. Talk to the sailor.

    Finally, the mayor will give you a test - which is some copy protection. The numbers on your cloth map are hard to read, but easy to figure out once you find the 0 and see that the numbers increase by 30. If you don't have your map anymore, then you may have to call Origin to see about getting a new one.

    I will not give out the coordinates.
  5. Where's the cheat room?

    In Trinsic. You need 15 crates to build a stairway on to the roof of Christopher's shop (Southwest corner). Once you get on the roof, walk behind the chimney, and you will appear before 8 chests. Each chest has fully loaded magic armor and some rings. Also some chests have weapons: Hoe of Destruction, Death Scythe, Juggernaut Hammer, and Lightning Whip. There is also a bag with 100 of each reagant, and a fully loaded spellbook. There is an invisible bag with Rudyom's wand and the three prisms.

    After going thtough the next teleporter, you have a set of teleporters that take you to each of the 8 cities, and 16 other places in the game. There are also other required items there (Ethereal Ring, Soul Cage, Caddellite Helmets, etc.).
  6. What is the deal with that parrot?

    There are several parrots. Each one will give you the clue about a treasure if you hit it with a mallet. Note that nearby each parrot you will see a mallet.
  7. Chuckles drives me crazy - how do I play his game?

    Do you notice a certain way he talks. For example, if you have the following responses, which one is different?

    Hi Chuck
    Hi Chuckles
    Hello Chuck
    Hello fool

    The first one is the only one where all words have only one syllable. Eventually Chuckles will give you a scroll which has a tip for you.
  8. Where is the key to the shed with the Hoe of Destruction?

    On the NORTH side of the lake, you will find lots of trout. One of them is dead, and the key is inside it. You will pass near here on your way from Britian to Vesper.
  9. Jaana won't heal for me anymore?

    Once Jaana joins your party, you get one free healing and that is it. This may be a bug in the game, or intentional.
  10. I go into the mill in Minoc and there is no murder!

    This is a bug. Leave and come back and see if that helps. If not, then go back to a save game and see if that helps. If not, it is no big deal, you don't need to get the dagger which should be there.
  11. How do I get into Penumbra's house?

    You need several items based on what the plaque reads. All items are available on the island. The items are hammer, gold ring (not a ring of protection or invisibility), lockpick, thread spindle, gold coin.
  12. Where are the Emps?

    Look for silverleaf trees and treehouses east of abbey. There are three Emps (small monkeylike figures). You do not need to climb into the tree houses. Location is 60N, 12E
  13. I cannot make that potion in Skara Brae! First talk to Mordra. Also talk to Caine and Trent. Mordra will give you the ingredients to the potion - all three requirements are in her home. Then go to Caine, and use the apparatus to make the potion - it is a sparkling blue potion.
  14. How do I get Trent to make the cage?

    Grab his music box and take it to the tower. If you play it (double click), then Rowena will be able to give you her ring. Go back to Trent and talk to him. The ring will break him out of his "spell" and he'll finish the cage.
  15. Who do I sacrifice in the well?

    Talk to the mayor. Then talk to EVERYONE else, including the Ferryman. Then go back and talk to the Mayor.
  16. Where is the Flying Carpet?

    The carpet is near an entrance to the dungeon Despise. From Britain, head NW and go in between two mountain ranges. Now stay against the left mountain side and follow it counterclockwise until you reach a river. Continue following the mountain next to the river and you will find the dungeon entrance and the carpet.
  17. Is there a cheat mode?

    Yes, when you start the game, type ultima7 ABCD 255 where the 255 is using the numeric keypads. One the game begins, hit for a menu. You can also us to teleport using the map.

    Question: does this cheat work if you have the U7 Complete CD? I had thought it did, but one person reports it doesn't.

Created by Jeff Abramson

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