Ultima VII: The Black Gate

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Ultima VII

Forge of Virtue



You should see the screen shake upon running the game with Forge of Virtue installed. A party member will interject that Lord British may know the cause of the tremors. Solve the Trinsic murder, if necessary. Travel to Britain and speak with Lord British. He will tell you of the Isle of Fire, home of Exodus, and that he erected three Shrines to the Principles there, and that these shrines were only to be used by an Avatar.

Get the equipment Lord British has put aside for you, if necessary. Lord British will also give you a ship, the Golden Ankh, which is anchored in Vesper. Travel to Vesper. Board the Golden Ankh and sail due south of Vesper until you run into mountains. Follow the shoreline until you can sail north between two peaks. You should come to a beach. This is the only place on the Isle of Fire that you may disembark. Do so, and go north into the ruined castle.


Go into the northwest corner of the castle. There you should meet Erethian, the blind mage. Talk to him. Nice guy, isn't he? Read every book and scroll in Erethian's room to learn about Exodus, the evil entity that once controlled this Isle, and the Dark Core that was the source of his power. Pick up the Scroll of Infinity (the scroll is a fun read if you are a programmer). Go into the northeast corner of the castle and examine the Dark Core ( a tall black cylinder). Examine the mirror, and talk to the demon Arcadian who is trapped inside. Agree to help Arcadian. Go into the north hall of the castle.


Talk to the center statue (it should look like a wise old man). Agree to take the statue's test. You will be teleported to a small room with two plaques on the west wall. Go south through the illusion wall. The passage will bend west and come out into a large room with a dead body in the center. Do not touch or walk over the body or you will be struck by lightning from the four corners of the room. Go west out of the room. In the hall you should find a hood on the floor.

Stand on the hood and walk north through the illusion wall. The passage will bend east, then north and come out at a small room. Flip the switch to lower the door. Walk into the next room and pick up the real Talisman of Truth (black semi-circle with a blue ribbon). You will be teleported back to the main hall and your Intelligence and Magic stats will be raised to thirty each. The statue will tell you that the Psyche of Exodus is attempting to return to the Core.


Talk to the left statue (it should look like a beautiful woman). Return to Erethian's room and double-click on the east wall of the northeast corner. A secret door will open. Go through it and walk into the moongate. You will emerge in a small glade ringed by mountains. Pick up the bucket next to the well. Walk southwest to the hut. Go inside the hut and read all the books. To the west of the hut is a mine shaft that contains several powderkegs and a pick, none of which is necessary. Go east to the sandy part of the island.

There you should meet Bollux, a sentient stone golem, and his brother Adjhar, who lies broken on the ground. Talk to Bollux and agree to help Adjhar. Bollux will give you the book The Stone of Castambre. Read it. A scroll (the Vas Flam Uus scroll) will fall out, make sure you pick it up right away. Go north of the sandy area to another mine shaft. As soon as you enter, turn east. At the first opportunity, turn south. You should emerge into a small open patch of ground. Pick up the pick lying there (and the backpack, if you need it) and step into the center of the patch.

You will be teleported. Go south down the hallway, then west, then south. You will emerge at the Stone of Castambre (believe me, you can't miss it). Put the bucket on the ground next to the south face of the stone. Open your character sheet. Put the pick in your hand and double-click on it. The character sheet will disappear. Click on the tree growing out of the stone and the bucket should fill with blood. Pick up the bucket and return to the Golems. Use the bucket of blood on each of the five stones surrounding Adjhar. Read the Vas Flam Uus scroll.

A party member will interject that a "heart" stone is still needed. Bollux will pull his own out, drop it on Adjhar's body, and fall over dead. Open Adjhar's inventory (double-click on him). Put the stone into his inventory. Read the Vas Flam Uus scroll (make sure none of your party members are standing on the rocks). Lightning will strike the five rocks, and they will catch on fire. Adjhar will return to life. Talk to Adjhar and tell him what happened (say "sacrifice"). Adjhar will ask you for the book The Stone of Castambre. Give it to him. He will then tell you that Bollux' sacrifice, though extremely noble, was unnecessary. He will send you back to the stone to collect a heart for Bollux, as well as more blood.

Return to the Stone and place the bucket as before. Put the pick in your hand and double-click on it as before. Click on the stone to cut a new heart. Double-click on the pick again and click on the tree to collect more blood. You will see the tree die. Return to the sandy area and perform the ritual again, putting the heart into Bollux' inventory and the blood on the rocks. Read the scroll. Bollux should return to life. Talk to Adjhar. He will thank you. Ask him about the Talisman of Love and he will give it to you. It's a black semi-circle with a yellow ribbon. When you have it you will be teleported back to the Isle of Fire. The statue will congratulate you and raise your Dexterity and Combat stats to thirty, and then tell you that Exodus will soon threaten Britannia again.


Talk to the right statue (it should look like a fierce warrior in a greathelm). Return to the room with the Dark Core in it, go through the passage to the northwest, and go through the moongate. Go south out of the room you appear in. Pick the first gate you come to (there is no key to it). Go south, the passage will turn east, and you will come into a grotesque room full of skeletons and headlesses. In the center is a mage that is about to summon a liche. Let him summon it, then kill him and everything else in the room except the liche. It can't get to you, and you don't want to mess with it anyway. Open the mage's inventory and get his key (he WILL NOT have the key on him if he didn't summon the liche).

The key opens the gate to the east, which is guarded by two stone golems. Fight them, or run through the gate and lock it behind you. The passage will turn north, and then come to a four-way passage. You will notice that the west passage is blocked by two stone walls. Go north. The passage will turn west. Kill the dread spiders and flip the lever at the end of the passage. Return to the four-way junction. Go east. The passage will turn north. Kill the giant scorpions and flip the lever at the end of the passage. Return to the four-way junction. The west passage is now clear. Go west.

This is a good place to save your game. The passage will turn north. There will be two side passages, a lower one to the west and a higher one to the east, and a door at the end, which happens to be locked. Go into the west passage. The passage will turn north, a door will drop as you approach, and you will walk into a room with a crystal ball. Look into the crystal ball and note where you see the glass sword. Return to the north hallway. Go into the east passage. Did I forget to mention that this is a dragon's lair? Run past the dragon, open the chest and get the glass sword.

Do NOT use the glass sword on the dragon unless you have another one! Return to the west passage and put the glass sword on the floor just where you saw it in the crystal ball. The crystal ball will turn into a key. Use the key on the door at the north end of the hall. If you did not kill the dragon, use the key to lock the door behind you. Go north, then east through the doorway. Go north in the inner hall and you should come to a small room with a magic helm on a pedestal. Get it, then head south. Kill or evade the stone golem and follow the passage as it turns east. Double doors will drop as you approach, and you will have to deal with another golem. Once past the doors, go south. The passage will turn east, and you should run into slimes, gremlins, and rats. As the passage turns north again, you should run into a gazer.Kill it, then go through the doorway to the west.

Go north from the doorway to another small room, this time with a normal helm on a pedestal. Get the normal helm, and leave the magic helm on the pedestal. Return to where you got the magic helm and put the normal helm on the pedestal. You should hear grinding noises. Go south, then west through the doorway. Go north and you should run into a family of trolls with their cyclops buddy. Let them have it, then head east. You should see where the doors were that you dropped by swapping the helms. Go north through the doorway. Did I fail to mention that you just stepped into another dragon's lair? I've GOT to start remembering to tell you these things. Talk to the dragon Dracothraxus, and he will tell you that you cannot kill him, for he has been made immortal by the Keeper of the Test of Courage. Defeat Dracothraxus in combat; do NOT use any magic on him. A glass sword is your best bet. Once you've done it, he will tell you that you have merely bested, not truly defeated him, and that you will not pass the test until you find a way to kill him. He will offer you a present for besting him. Accept it. Go back the way you came into the dungeon, and leave through the moongate in the first room.


Talk to Erethian about Dracothraxus. In the course of the conversation, he will mention that one of his hobbies was attempting to create a powerful sword made of pure blackrock. He will not mention this sword if you defeated Dracothraxus with magic. Agree to continue his work. He will teleport both of you into the center of the south hall, and, after a few mishaps, create blacksmith tools for you to use to forge the sword. Use the bucket on the well and then on the trough three times to fill the trough. Put the hammer in your hand. Place the sword blank for the black sword (it should be a mottled gray all down its length) on the center of the forge, and use the bellows continuously until the center of the sword is almost white. Quickly move the sword to the anvil and use the hammer on it.

Continue heating the sword on the forge and then hammering it on the anvil until the Avatar remarks that the blade is as well-worked as it can be, but that it is still too heavy to be used as a melee weapon. Use the blade on the water trough to cool it. It should now be an even gray, fading into black at the hilt. Talk to Erethian again, and he will tell you that a powerful magic force could make the blade into a workable weapon. Mention the gem you got from Dracothraxus and he will tell you that it is a portable demon prison, and that using the power of Arcadian might indeed fix the weapon. Return to Arcadian's mirror and talk to him. He will see the gem and beg you to free him. Put the gem in your hand and use it on the mirror. Arcadian will be freed, and begin to gloat that he will soon kill Lord British and rule Britannia. Then the gem will trap him. Hold the gem in one hand and the sword in the other. Talk to the gem and say "bind".

Arcadian will bind the gem to the sword and the Black Sword will be created. Return to the Courage dungeon and go back to Dracothraxus' lair. Talk to the Sword and say "powers" and "death". Click on Dracothraxus. After a short conversation Dracothraxus will die. Walk north through the now-open door. Ignore the golems and take the Talisman of Courage (black semi-circle with a red ribbon). You will be teleported out of the dungeon and the statue will raise your Strength and Hitpoint stats to thirty each. The statue will then tell you of the need for the Talisman of Infinity.


Talk to Erethian about the Talisman of Infinity. He will tell you what he knows and that more information can be found in the Scroll of Infinity. Give him the scroll. He will begin to tell you what it says, then stop when he sees what the Talisman will be used for. He won't talk to you again. Fortunately, Arcadian knows a little more about how to make the Talisman, including the fact that it requires the two lenses used to view the Codex. Return to Britain by ship or with the moonstone. The lenses should be in the Royal museum, just south of the Conservatory.

Take them. Return to the Isle of Fire by boat or by using the Black Sword's "Return" power. Go to the Dark Core room. Place the three Talismans that you have on the Dark Core so that they make a three-quarter circle with the missing quarter at the top. Place the lenses on the right and left side so that they are one space sway from the core. The best way to do this is to place them right next to the Core, then move them one space away. If everything is in place, the Talisman of Infinity will appear automatically. It should be silver with a white ribbon. Before you can pick it up, Erethian will teleport in. He will attempt to destroy the Talisman of Infinity, miscast his spell badly, and end up destroying the Dark Core, all four Talismans, and himself.


Return to Britain and speak with Lord British. He will tell you that Exodus has fully passed from the world, and reward you by raising your Strength and Hitpoints to sixty each. The Forge of Virtue is now complete.


  1. In the Test of Love, there is a hidden lever just above the Stone of Castambre. Keep clicking just above the stone until you see the Avatar walk over and bend down. Go north into the hall, then east. There should be a new south passage. Walk into it to find a Death Scythe, a Firedoom Staff, and a dead body with nine Glass Swords on it. These are invaluable in the Courage Dungeon.
  2. In the mage's room in the Courage Dungeon, one body in the southeast corner has Magic Armor and a Magic Gorget on it. A body in the southwest corner has Magic Gauntlets. The door just north of the dragon's lair has a barrel behind it with food in it.
  3. The spell Erethian attempts to use to destroy the Talisman of Infinity translates as "Great Negation of Magic Matter". A common name for it would probably be Destroy Artifact.
  4. The Black Sword is the first weapon in the Ultima series that is intentionally capable of killing Lord British. You should try it once, just to read Lord British's will.
  5. The Black Sword's full powers:
    1. It is the strongest melee weapon in the game.
    2. It can cast Explosion anywhere in the room at no cost to you.
    3. Arcadian can replenish your Magic Points at almost any time.
    4. It can kill very powerful beings at once using the Death power.
  6. Its drawbacks:
    1. It must be charged by killing, so the sword forces you to kill even when you don't really have to. Its Death power has a limited range, which means you have to get very close to a very powerful monster to use it.


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