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Cube Generator Walkthrough Source: Paul Ryan's Website

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The Defenses of the Cube

This Page shows a route through the Maze which protects the Cube Generator used by the Guardian to relay his messages to the Fellowship.  

Thou shouldst be warned that Magic doth not work within the Cube, and that traps doth abound. Thus a wise quester will carry as many Healing Potions and Bandages as he can gather together. Spells may be cast prior to entry, and spells of protection and light are both valuable within. Heed this warning!  

Simply walk north from the platform upon which you appear, and follow the arrow to the center. The Platforms, shown in green, only appear after a trigger is stepped upon. This is the reason for the convoluted route depicted upon the map. The Fire Fields shown in red only appear as you stand upon them, but remain thereafter to impede thy passage. The Barriers marked in Blue are invisible but block thy passage nontheless.

There are two points marked with a mauve circle. The first time thou doth pass these spots, thou must walk as far north as thou canst in order to trigger the platforms.

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