Ultima VII: The Black Gate

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NOTE : This document was modified to auto-fit in any resolution. This is the complete set of books present in Ultima VII. A total of 137 texts are included here. Note that scrolls and some logbooks from the game are included in a separate list..

by Morgan

An enlightening discourse on the enigma of blank tomes. Beginning with the heretofore unresolved mysteries of empty... (the rest of the book is blank)


Day 1: Subject (Tiery) seems friendly enough and willing to accept my company.
Day 2: Subject exhibiting strange sense of humor, very morbid.
Day 3: No contact with subject.
Day 4: Subject makes continual references to recent conversations with cemetery occupants.
Day 5: ...

by Alagner

These are my observations concerning the organization known as The Fellowship. Although The Fellowship portends to be a group of optimists with a philosophy called `Triad of Inner Strength', there are many fallacies which can be gleaned by careful examination of the group's `values'.

The first `value' is Strive For Unity. This implies that that we should all work together in harmony and towards one goal in life. However, careful examination of this tenet reveals that members of The Fellowship consider themselves an elite group, and a prejudicial one at that. They tend to believe that if one is not for them, then they are indeed against them! And if one is against them, then may fortune be with that person, for he/she may very well come to a bad end!

The second `value' is Trust Thy Brother. This implies that each member trusts implicitly other Fellowship members, and that each will do favors or deeds for another without question. On the other hand, this might mean that a member should do what another says REGARDLESS of the implications of the act. In other words, `do as I say and do not question it!' seems to be the underlying subtext of this tenet.

The third `value' is Worthiness Precedes Reward. If one does good deeds for The Fellowship, then one will be rewarded. The other side of the coin, of course, is that if one does NOT do good deeds for The Fellowship, then one will get his JUST reward! In The Fellowship, a `reward' can be either `good' or `bad'!

The Fellowship has been duping the masses of Britannia now for twenty years. They are becoming stronger and stronger. After careful study, I have come to the conclusion that the group is serving some higher, malevolent entity, referred to by the organization's inner circle as `The Guardian'. More information needs to be obtained about The Guardian, but I am certain that he is very dangerous.

The Fellowship seems to be organized into three distinct grades of members. Grade One consists of the general masses of naive innocents who have joined, thinking that their pathetic little lives will be helped in some way. Grade Two consists of the various branch leaders who make up the inner circle of Fellowship leaders.

There is also a Grade Three -- those Fellowship leaders who are in administrative positions within the group: men such as Batlin, and the mysterious couple Elizabeth and Abraham who travel the country distributing The Fellowship's funds. (Not much is known about these two -- it is said they are twins -- brother and sister.) I believe that the few Grade Three members are in direct communication with The Guardian and believe they will be serving as his lieutenants should The Guardian ultimately gain power in the land.

Already, The Guardian is promising to be a powerful threat. Magic in Britannia has taken a turn for the worse in the past few years. I believe that The Guardian has done something to cause this malady. Not many people have noticed that Britannia's problem with Moongates -- their being so unreliable -- occurred around the same time.

It follows that The Guardian is most likely responsible for this serious plague. The Guardian also possesses some kind of power which allows him to speak to and `charm' naive innocents so that they will gladly join The Fellowship and become Grade One members. These unfortunate lambs will most likely become The Guardian's slaves should he ever come into power.

After I have obtained enough proof of my theories concerning The Fellowship, I shall present this notebook to Lord British himself and rid Britannia of these very dangerous, lying fascists.

by Rudyom The Mage

The mysterious substance known as Black Rock is completely indestructible. Only by magical means can it be molded and shaped. Black Rock can be found in small quantities beneath the ground, sometimes near lodes of iron ore or lead. Black Rock can be excavated by conventional means, but melting it down into a malleable substance is impossible, except by magic. I have found that a combination of electrical energy and magnetic energy has a profound effect upon the substance. Together, these properties cause Black Rock to become permeable, that is, one can put one's hand through the substance as if it were water!

Further study reveals that Black Rock might work as a teleportation device if magic, electrical energy, magnetic energy, and the correct alignment of heavenly bodies act together upon the substance. This theory still needs to be tested. The Black Rock transmuter I created out of an old wand does not work. It was meant to shoot electrical and magnetic charges into Black Rock, but all it does is make the substance explode! (I must be careful not to let the transmuter get into the wrong hands. Pointing it at a large quantity of Black Rock might produce a devastating explosion!)

I must quit for the day. The headaches that have been plaguing me have gotten worse. I am forgetting more and more. Very soon, I am afraid, I will forget how to cast simple spells. I believe something might be affecting the magical ether. But I cannot be sure...

by Robert Heinlein (First Edition)

The struggles of an individual from another planet who finds difficutly assimilating into his new society and culture.

by Ian Fleming

This wonderful childrens's story of a car that could fly has been pleasing youths and adults alike for many generations.

by Frank L. Baum

The tale of a little girl, Dorthy, who, with her dog, Toto, travels through whirlwinds and magic to a fanciful land called Oz. Dorothy's search for ideals in this land win her three new friends. The first, a brainless scarecrow, whose ultimate wisdom teaches her the principle of Truth. The second, a heartless tin-man, whose undying devotion shows her the principle of Love. Finally, Dorothy encounters a cowardly lion, who, facing all perils to save her, demonstrates the principle of Courage.

by Bill Peet

Hubert the Lion was haughty and vain
And especially proud of his elegant mane.
But conceit of this sort isn't proper at all
And Hubert the Lion was due for a fall.
One day as he sharpened his claws on a rock
He received a most horrible, terrible shock.
A flaming hot spark flew up into the air,
Came down on his head and ignited his hair.
With a roar of surprise he took off like a streak,
Away through the jungle to Zamboozi Creek.
He leaped in kersplash! with a shower of bubbles,
And came bobbing up with a head full of stubbles.
At first he just stared with a wide-open mouth
At the cloud of black smoke drifting off to the south.
Then he felt with his paws just in back of his ears
And he suddenly realized the worst of his fears.
'I'm ruined,' he shouted, 'oh what'll I do!
I'd rather be dead or go live in a zoo!
And if anyone sees me, oh what a disgrace,
So I'd better discover a good hiding place!'


Hook -- Hook is known to be an extremely dangerous killer, a pirate who left his own band of scalliwags to become a freelance assassin for whomever might meet his price. It is believed that he is linked to at least fourteen murders in Britannia. All of the victims had been mutilated with a sharp object believed to be the handiwork of a hook-hand. It is not known where Hook resides, but many believe he has a secret hideout on Buccaneer's Den. His most recent sighting confirmed that he is travelling with a warrior gargoyle named Forskis.

Kellin... is wanted in several townships for thievery. He uses many aliases, including Tervis, Kreg, and Hodge. He was last seen near the forest of Yew and is believed to have gone into hiding...

Sullivan... is wanted in several townships for fraud, thievery, and other petty crimes. He is known to be a member of The Fellowship, though The Fellowship has denied any knowledge of such a member. In many reports of the man's crimes, victims have stated that he claimed to be the Avatar.

by Rusel DeMaria and Caroline Spector

Within the pages of this tome are the details of the many adventurous exploits of the Avatar, beginning with after the destruction of Exodus. The details within this book are amazingly accurate, and the descriptions should prove to be surprisingly vivid.


(all pages in this book are blank!)

Volume I. A - E.

Another volume in a long series of books detailing every known geographical location and historical personage. This work covers Aakara, the first mayor of Trinsic, through Exodus, the vile offspring of Mondain and Minax.

Volume II. F - L.

Here is another volume in a long series of books detailing every known geographical location and historical personage. This work covers Faalga, the ancient sage of reptiles, through Lyceaum, the reknowned library that is now a part of Moonglow.

Volume III. M - P.

Here is another volume in a long series of books detailing every known geographical location and historical personage. This tome covers Kanos, an historical tower in ancient Yew, through Pusmoran, the orginator of the rarely-used fourth person point of view.

Volume IV. Q - U.

Here is another volume in a long series of books detailing every known geographical location and historical personage. This book covers Quaaxetlornicom, the mythilogical snow beast of the North, through, Utopia, the proposed manifestation of the time-honored concept of a perfect society.

Volume V. V - Z.

Here is another volume in a long series of books detailing every known geographical location and historical personage. This tome covers Vargaz, contemporary storyteller and compiler of legendary parables, through Zyand, a prehistoric island.


The pages bound within this book contain well-documented clue information from the invaluable sources at Origin Systems.

by Raymundo

Housed inside this anthology of stage works are such greats as "Three on a Codpiece", "The Trials of the Avatar", "The Plagiarist", "Clue", "Thumbs Down", and several other prize-winning pieces. For convenience in production, several suggested costumes and make-up techniques are listed in the back.

by B.A. Morler

The wonderful depiction of the busy life of two industrious scholars, caught betwixt the demands of a forceful taskmaster and the pressure of time.

by I.M. Munk

The treatise on the monks of the Brotherhood of the Rose, including how they compare to their stereotypes.

...One common misconception is that monks still hold on to the outdated notion that "silence is golden." While this was, perhaps, a tenet they supported as late as 0103, no longer do the monks of the renowned Empath Abbey care to remain speechless...

...There is no doubt that monks love wine. Not only are there more monk stories centering on the creation of wine, but any visit to the Abbey will reveal just how much of the entire building is devoted to the formation the delicious mixture...

by J. Dial

This extraordianary work depicts an enthralling, but far too gory thriller. Chapter after chapter describes innovative and impressive ways to disembowel people and animals.

*by Pietre Hueman

Contained within the pages of this book is what seems to be an allegory for human familial relations. The work is obviously fiction, but the understones suggest extensive study on Hueman's part. Halfway through the work, the point of view shifts, permitting the reader to see multiple sides of each issue.

by Peter Munchley

Held between the covers of this book is an action-adventure novel about a man-eating sea creature who terrorizes a small coastal town for several months.

by Batlin of Britain

Good morning to thee, gentle friend and traveller! No matter what time of day it might be when thou art reading this- no matter what the hour of the clock- I say good morning to thee because this very moment brings to thee the coming of the dawn. The dawn, as everyone knows, is the moment when illumination comes. The dawn marks the end of the long dark night. It is the moment that marks a new beginning. It is my humble hope that these words may be for thee a dawning, or at least, a sort of awakening...

The biography of Britannia's longtime ruler
by K.Bennos

...While many may remember that Lord British was once but one of eight monarchs (back when the lands were known as Sosaria), few are aware that he is not even a native of our own lovely Britannia. His origin is from another world, one from which he entered ours by way of a red moongate (In fact, it is through this same type of gate that the Avatar of legend purportedly enters Britannia.) As ruler of one of the eight kingdoms, he was instrumental in selecting a champion to face Mondain, Minax, and Exodus. When the terrible machine, Exodus, was defeated, 'twas Lord British behind whom all the people of Sosaria rallied. The unified land become known as Britannia, with Lord British as the sole monarch.

Though never let it be said he rules with a tyrannical hand. His reign has always been one of Truth, Love, and Courage, supported by his utmost belief in the eight virtues. It was Lord British who had the insight to call forth a quest for the Avatar (whom also happened to be the champion from the days of Sosaria), and who gave prosperity and happiness unto the people.

Then came his mysterious disappearance, when the Stranger who became the Avatar was called by his companions to aid in the search for the lost monarch. Note how Lord Blackthorn, affected by the Shadowlords, quickly turned Britannia's fair lands into a place of terror. But find our noble Lord the Avatar did, and Britannia was restored its former, peaceful state.

Then came the gargoyles, and our honorable sovereign thoughtfully requested the return of the Avatar...

by Darok

Within this work lies a fascinating novel of a human who poses as a Gargoyle to view what life is like from the Gargish point of view. The story is a remarkable mix of historical and entertaining facts from encounters with many gargoyles. A particular emphasis of the work is the importance of the gargoyle family structure.

As there is no evidence of gargoyles having a gender, it is odd how close "father" gargoyles maintain a relationship with their (presumably) adopted sons. The attitudes seems similar to that of how the more intelligent, winged gargoyles treat the wingless. There is an air of condescension, but the feelings of care still exist, as if the wingless were children to be protect and watched over by the winged.

by Wislem

To be the words comprising the complete Gargish primer, designed to educate the young gargoyle mind, both winged and wingless.

by Naxatilor the Seer

An ancient prophecy tells of the final days. When the end of our world shall come. Three signs will precede the end. Thrice shall a being of great evil come into our land, and by this it shall be known that the end is nigh. This evil one is of another race, who consider the evil one a great prophet. Yet this false prophet follows not the principles of Control, Passion and Diligence.

One day the false prophet will come and desecrate our most holy shrine. And the false prophet will steal our most holy artifact, the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. This shall be the first sign of the end. Then, it is written, the false prophet shall descend deep into the bowels of the earth. And the false prophet will cause the underworld to collapse. This will cause great earthquakes to tear our world asunder, and there will be a time of plague and famine. This shall be the second sign of the end.

One last time shall the prophet come. This time, the false prophet will come with a band of warriors. And they will destroy all that remains of the gargoyle race. There is only one way that this prophecy may be averted: That is by the sacrifice of the false prophet.



by Gilberto

This tome is the fanciful story of a man who, along with several comrades, gains access to a flying vehicle -- much like a cart -- and uses his abilities to fight terrorists and despotic monarchs who employ mercenaries using their own flying carts.

by Margareta Mitchellino

This novel, purportedly written by a young gypsy woman, depicts the golden days of Britannia. Filled with short anecdotes Mitchellino claims came from her people, the piece is quite amusing.

by Karenna

Found within this plain-bound volume is a combat and exercise training manual. The work provides simple yet complete illustrations demonstrating a variety of steps that will not only disable an opponent, but also aids in good cardiovascular circulation.

by Karenna

Herein are many words of wisdom for use within the realm of combat and exercise for pregnant women. The drawings included perfectly illustrate in explicit detail how these forms differ from more conventional styles, and how pregnancy truly affects fighting skills.

by Karenna

Found upon the pages of this combat and exercise training manual are words that expand upon the original edition. Sadly, this work has recieved much less attention than Karenna's other two.

by A.P. Berk

This is the brilliant and witty depiction of the humorous antics of two young boys during one very hot summer in Britannia. From courting to practicing sword-play, the duo never seem to be able to avoid trouble. Though the boys grow up by the end of the story, they don't quite seem to lose all of their youthful instinct.

by B. MacDae

Within the pages of this tome are words that relate the story of how one man's life was changed by a woman, both during their relationship and after. The tale is bittersweet, but both survive to to become happier people with better outlooks on their lives.

by Perrin

This scientific journal describes, with examples, the process by which one studies plant life. The book is divided into multiple sections, one for the layman, one for the hobbyist, and one for the learned scholar, and includes a warning about the difficulties of gathering specimens from the poisonous swamps.

by Larry Niven

Herein lie the words that tell of adventures to be had in the space between Britannia and the heavens. The work, although fictional, preposes that there are many undiscovered lands that lie between Britannia and other suns.

by Fetoau

It is the author's expectation that thou art reading this to familiarize thyself with the effects of various potions based on their color. The first part of this work will discuss such aspects, with the remaining pages covering the materials and steps required to make such alchemal creations.

Black potion: Drinking this will render the individual invisible for several minutes.
Blue potion: This mixture will put the imbiber into a deep sleep.
Orange potion: This potion will awaken an individual who was magically put to sleep.
Purple potion: This concoction will provide magical protection for several minutes of hard fighting.
White potion: This potion will provide a small bit of illumination, much like a candle, for a few minutes.
Yellow potion: This powerful mixture will give healing aid to the imbiber's wounds.
WARNING: Green potion: This potion is a dangerous toxin, and will poison the imbiber, possibly killing the individual.
Red potion: This fabulous drink will cure most poisons, including those acquired from the slugs in the swamps and that gained from drinking a GREEN potion.

This next section details how one can best recreate these uncanny concoctions...


This lengthy tome contains wonderous jewels of wisdom concerning all aspects of life. The words exalt the value of basic, common pleasures and denounce the relevance that material possessions have to happiness. The philosophy is simple enough to be easily grasped, yet complete enough to be quite comprehensive. The main irony of the title is apparent to anyone who has ever cared for a horse, for, as any stablemaster or horse owner can attest, horses need no food or rest.

by Jesse

This anthology is filled with many performance art scripts. The author, a controversial and eccentric Britannian actor, maintains that many aspects of both acting and performance art are quite similar.

...Consider the actor. He uses dialogue, facial changes, and movement to convey his lines. His actions, called a PERFORMANCE, combined with the playwrite's script, express an emotion or a message. The performance artist uses the very same techniques. The one possible exception is that he is both the writer AND the performer. In fact, the practice of many facets of performance art can better an actor's skill...

by Perrin

Within these pages is found a treatise on the value of literacy and proper writing skills. The first few chapters briefly discuss the various elements of good literature. The subsequent text analyzes the qualities of the elements to determine -why- they are integral to quality literature. The essay ends with a description of the process by which a promising writer can apply what has been learned to construct better prose.

by Yongi

Found within are many a recipe for the most delicious of alcoholic beverages. Not only are the pages filled with descriptions of the various processes by which one produces these drinks, but also with a great number of suggestions for serving methods. In addition, the back index references each drink by type -and- color.

by Dell

While most suppliers will rave about the effectiveness of a good sword or specially fitted armour, I personally feel that proper exploring gear is much more necessary. Consider this, dear reader. While thou might happen to encouter a wild bear in thy travels, or, even less likely, a troll, thou art doubtless going to be in need of much more mundane equipment. With thou possibly be outside city walls when darkness comes? Then buy a torch. And how wilt thou carry thy provisions? A backpack wilt prove necessary. And what about a container for thy refreshment? Purchase a jug or bucket. As for...

by Legh

This book on heraldry not only describes various houses for ease of recognition, but also demonstrates elements used in their concepton. Thus, this book will also permit the reader to formalize an heraldric symbol of his own.

by Lady Leigh

Within this rather in-depth and complex look at healing are the ideas considered to be -the- definitive text on healing wounds, curing poison, and resurrecting the recently dead. Within can be found suggested remedies for any known sickness in Britannia, including the dreaded Zoradin's Disease, which causes a loss of vision followed by an extreme sensitivity to noise. In addition, the book lists a few of the after-effects of healing and curing, such as an increase in appetite, intense restlessness, and slight dizzy spells. Though not for good as an introduction to healing for beginners, the tome is perfect for the seasoned healer.

by Menion

The first step in effective sword-forging is to fill a crucible with metal. Then, with the bellows, the fire should be made extrememly hot When the flame no longer continues to grow in its glow, set the crucible on the fire to melt the metal. Afterwards, pour the molten metal into the blade mold and let it cool. Be warned! The crucible is at an extremely high temperature. Lift the cooled blade from the mold. Again heat up the fire and set the blade within. Be careful not to let it lose its shape though. Just set it in there long enough for the blade to become malleable.

When it is ready, finish shaping it on the anvil with the hammer. When thou hast formed a blade of the desired shape, use the quenching barrel to cool the metal. It will harden quickly, so make sure the blade is as sharp as thou dost want it to be. All that thou is left to do now is to put the pommel over the tang. It takes some doing to make a fine, sturdy sword, but the finished weapon is well worth it!

by Christopher

Within this book can be found the details of fine metal-working. The chapters are broken down into sections related to the specific type of smithy. Armourers need only read the chapters on armour, weapon smiths need only read the chapters on weapon forging, and blacksmiths have the remaining chapters which discuss horseshoes to iron gates.

by Euralyn

This epic details a long, fierce war between swords and spells in a fictional land called Corellethra. The story revolves around a family of sorcerers. In an attempt to usurp his father's power, the youngest brother forms an evil plot of patricide, and must be stopped by an outside group of sell-swords.

by R. Allen G.

This collection of essays details the difficulties in overseeing a group of well-meaning misfits in a mechanical environment -- especially when the overseer is a misfit, as well!

by R. Allen G.

The sequel to THE DAY IT DIDN'T WORK. This short tome offers insight to why new mechanical contraptions don't always function at the time agreed upon between mechanician and overseer, despite how constructed they may appear. In addition, the work discusses how to handle presenting the complaints to the tinkerers who worked on them, and how to persuade them to finish the work regardless of how tired they are and how late in the evening it is.

by B. Ledbetter

Herein one can find the descriptions of a plethora of rocks and gems.

...One can find lead in a variety of veins. While a common ore, lead is used with such frequency in items such as horse shoes that it is a valuable metal to procure.
...Gold is quite rare. Though generally without function, gold has maintained its worth by its very rarity. The refined form is so full of shine that many give it to their lovers as tokens of affection. It is a well-known rumor that one who loves enough to give gold loves enough to remain true.
...Blackrock is an odd substance, only recently discovered. The there seems to be little interest in it, and even less use for it, a small handful of experimenters have noticed it has a profound effect on magic (though these same researches refuse to comment on what, exactly, the material does)...

by Ben

Previously titled MY LIFE AS A WOODCUTTER, this classic volume pleased readers more than two centuries ago. Much of it reads like a journal, with humorous commentary added by the author between groups of entries.

Day seven: Today received yet another order for more logs.
Day eleven: I am amazed at how frequently people are requesting my services. There is no longer any doubt to the rumors of the rapid growth in Britannia's urban areas.
Day sixteen: Found new species of tree. Has silver looking leaves that sparkle and grow quite large. Size indicates that the trees live very long, but grow slowly.
Day twenty-eight: Had an odd request for a few of these new "Silverleaf" trees.
Day Forty: Number of requests for Silverleaf has nearly matched that of "ordinary" trees. Wonder what they could want them for.
I wonder why everyone has become so crazy for these special trees. I doubt even one so insane as Lord British's Chuckles would pass these off as any sort of precious metal, though if anyone would, we all know it would be the man who carries so much weight with Lord British (the weight of wine bottles, that is).

A.G. Fishmor

This illustrious tome depicts the life of the romantic pirate, Roguerre, as he sails the Northeast Sea. As he travels from port to port, his adventures become increasingly dangerous, and as equally lucrative. The climax of the novel finds Roguerre in the clutches of a despotic island ruler, from whom he must escape -and- save the beautiful native princess.

by Perrin

Within this work of fiction is written the renowned historical treatise that describes an intense and bloody civil war in the land of Britannia. The parable is designed to strike home the advantages the people of Britannia have by remaining unified under the rule of Lord British.

by Euralyn

This novel is set in THIRTEEN MONTHS IN A YEAR's Corellethra. The story describes an epic struggle of man against nature as shifting celestial bodies cause violent changes in the land. In the end, only the mighty, supernatural abilities of a sorcerous family can prevent global destruction.

by Morian

Herein lies a fable of treachery in the fair city of Britain. A despicable guild of thieves who seek political power in the government sends two of its best members to infiltrate the Royal castle. The true conflict arises when two of the Royal gaurds begin to bicker so violently with each other that they miss important pieces if evidence that lead to the two thieves.

by Taylor

Though once the large, prosperous city of Justice, Yew has been swallowed by the Deep Forest. However, let not it be said that this turn of events was not by the will of the people. As the cities grew throughout the land, many found it difficult to continue peaceful existances as simple farmers and herders. More and more it became necessary to learn trades involving the exchange of goods and services, and the was considerably less instances of of self-sufficiency.

While most Britannian found this pleasing, there were those who wanted a return to the less mechanical side of life. And those same people, many of whom came from Yew, began to populate the Deep Forest. Though it will not be long before the growing cities and towns catch up to them, for now, many are able to lose themselves amongst the trees, the deer, and the Emps.

Oddly enough, very few people have actually encountered these ape-like creatures. Little is known about them, they seem to shun human contact. However, observations have revealed that they are definitely herbivores, nevering eating meat. The Emps forge homes from the wood of dead trees, and built shelters high up in the limbs of Silverleaf trees. Of course, Emps are not the only creatures who...

by Owen of Minoc

This tome contains much more than just the fundamentals for building ships and other assorted sailing vessels, it has everything any shipwright could ever need. The text is aimed at amateurs (which is what most of thou are in comparison) but holds jewels of wisdom for even the almost skilled shipwright. The latter part of this fine manual is dedicated to the repair of damaged ships, and makes a distinction between working on one's own ships and those crafted by others.

by Morfin

Here, finally in one volume are the details of the skills necessary for butchering. The work discusses several contemporary styles, including the author's own. Be warned, noble reader, that Morfin leads into a graphic level of detail that would turn the stomach of all but the toughest meat carvers.

by Werdron

A warrior's handbook, depicting several esoteric fighting styles. Each step is accompanied by a short piece of fiction, permitting the reader better visualization of the detailed style.

by N. Flaims

Herein are the many essays covering an indepth study of the aftermath of a volcanic eruption. The work was extensively researched, and is filled with testamonials from many a survivor. The most interesting story is told by Fendora, a young woman from Minoc, who claims to have experienced a volcanic eruption near every one of the five towns in which she has lived.

by Plexes

The story within this novel relates the tale of Good King Kettle, who rules a great land without any troubles.

by Perrin

Within the pages of this book are descriptions of the various effects of Spring weather on plants and animals in Britannia, explaining that Britannia seems to see an increase in the amount of rainfall each year.

by Perrin

This detailed tome is filled with descriptions of the various effects Winter weather has on plants and animals in Britannia.

by Aleina

Found within is a description of the proper behavior for courtiers and courted individuals. The book reveals many different techniques for both polite and impolite seduction.

by Zaksam

This book is an in-depth manual of the fighting styles prevalent in Britannia. The author distinguishes between contemporary and historical styles, and comments on the value of each.

by Pebrogdy

This novel is about a knight's fight against the doctrines of his society to win the love of a common maiden.

by A.P. Berk

Herein is the sequel to THE FIVE STAGES OF LAWN CARE. This novel, which focuses on the same two men, is set ten years after the former work.

by Wetterson
Herein can be found the definitive word on chivalry and the duties to a knight's liege.

by Yuclydia

This tome of history tracks the geography of Britannia from the early centuries to more recent times. The included maps provide a level of detail never before seen in a work of this nature. In addition, the short chapter on the once-important virtues reveals their source from the broader tenets of Truth, Love, and Courage.

by For-Lem
Translated by Jillian

Within this diary is revealed the poor treatment of the gargoyle race since the return of the Codex two centuries ago.

"To have noticed that humans remain uncomfortable with us. They have given us our own island to populate, but is this gift designed to keep us segregated? To have wondered why so few gargoyles leave Terfin. To have no more doubts, having lived in Vesper. To see the hatred for our race. To see, to FEEL, the disgust. To understand not, for it was humans who destroyed OUR land, not gargoyles. To seek communication. To seek friendship. To seek trust. To speculate that none are forthcoming.

To ask the humans, "Why?" To see the terror and loathing and to know there will be no answer given. To hope for a future of harmony, but to realize that, with segregation, there can be none. To hope for education of both races, for our children and ourselves. To hope, and to live..."

by Madden

Within the pages of this anthology are many stories full of suggestive prose.

by Hobbs

This novel describes the life of an heroic warrior suffering from delusions of an alternate life as a rogue and cutpurse.

by Leepeartson

Compiled from the music of three master bards, this full volume contains a collection of songs for a variety of stringed and percussion instruments.

Written by Mondain,
with annotations by the enchantress Minax
and magical formulae by the hellspawn Exodus

To extend one's life is a complicated procedure, taking years to complete. However, there is an additional side effect: invulnerability. I have broken this work down into chapters based on each individual ritual. It is very important that these steps are performed in the order presented.

First, thou must procure a five stone's of the dust of crushed rubies. This must be mixed thoroughly with the ooze of a slime, enough to make the rubies into a thick paste. After thou hast created the paste, set it in an ivory jar and place the entire container in a bucket of olive oil for three years. The next step is too procure 10 newborn babes, none more than six days old. With a knife cut from the bone of a harpy, thou must remove of the blood from each newborn. To be kept fresh, the blood must be stored in an onyx flask, though mixing of each baby's blood is quite permissible. Now thou shalt seek out...

by Desmonth

Herein lies the compilation that discusses various elements found in adventure stories. In addition to an evaluation of their literary worth, one essay demonstrates how to apply such elements in other styles.

by Brianna

Kite-building techniques thou hast never seen before, from the simple box kite to the mind-numbing criscross butterfly. Each kite is presented in several forms, from beginning to end. At the end of the essay is a listing of wind variables and flying styles.

by Brommer

This large tome describes most of common plants indigenous to Britannia.

...The Greer plant is especially fascinating, for it spends most of its life huddled with its leaves wrapperd up in a tight ball. However, every so often, the leaves will unfurl, radiating out from the stem...
...The Reaper is unique in that it is both plant and animal. Resembling a large tree, the Reaper is able capable of self-animation as well as self-locomotion. Reapers have been known to attack those who cause harm to their home (i.e. the forests), but seldom reveal themselves otherwise...

by Brommer

Betwixt the covers of this book can be found details on the most prevalent animals that inhabit the lands of Britannia.

...Deer are quite prevalent in the forested areas of Britannia. They are shy creatures, generally shunning the presence of man, whom they know hunt them. Atop their head sit a pair of antlers...
...The fox is a small animal, akin to a dog or a wolf. It is an omnivore, and more than willing to make off with a farmer's chicken when it tires of other foods...

by Brommer

Betwixt the covers of this atlas is a detailed description of the entire continent of Britannia and the nearby islands.

by Goodefellow

Herein is discussed the most current theories on gravity and mass. After years of study and research, the author finally put the fruits of his labor down in the pages of this tome, which includes his discussion on falling apples.

by Carlyn

This is a complete sourcebook for a variety of patterns. Included are patterns for clothing, blankets, quilts, and sheets. The introduction even includes a section on weaving one's own cloth.

...take the bale of wool and stretch it out across the wheel to make the thread. Once that is done, pull the thread across the loom and begin weaving. Shortly thou wilt have a nice stretch of cloth from which canst make a variety of useful things. For variation, use different colored threads on the loom to create exciting patterns.

by Laurnen

This is a guidebook for navigation, with most of the pages illustrating various constellations and heavenly bodies. The final sections contain maps useful to any ship mate or captain.

by Maximillian the Amazingly Mean

Found within are the ravings of a deranged meglomaniac cleric, describing his plans for the domination of Britannia.

...and after I have acquired the Vas Corp spell, there will be no one to defy me, for all will fear my casting of the spell. Even the loft Lord Brit, himself, will offer his obeisance to me...


This autobiography, penned by the obtuse mage, reveals Tren's life in all of his incarnations as he continually strove to possess more powerful beings.


This novel details the rise of a shining white knight, driven to madness by the women in his life.

by Marseine

This illustrious volume holds many detailed instructions for neophyte vintners. The books even includes tips on selecting choice grapes and proper labeling techiniques. The tome lists several monks from the Brotherhood of the Rose as sources.


Held within these pages is the explaination of agriculture in detail, including the much misunderstood mulching process. The middle section is an illustrated guide to many gardening implements.

by Oswauld

Herein can be found the guidebook for druidic culture. Details on rituals, spells, and the organizational structure fill the rather large number of pages that make up this fine well-spring of knowledge.

by Gasreth

Betwixt the covers of this volume is invaluable reading for all soldiers. This manual details the tactics and strategies of siege warfare, from the point of view of the attacker -and- the defender.

...and remember, a soldier's best line of active defense is the cannon. After thy comrades have already loaded the cannon, simply aim the cannon at thy target and fire away!

by Equinestra

Not only does this extensive tome describe the many riding beasts in Britannia, but it also discusses riding styles and techniques. In addition, it addresses the reasons for the popularity of carts, explaining why so few people choose to continue riding horses. The final chapter covers flying carpets, and how they will ultimately replace all non-magical means of travel.

by Equinestra

An illustrated guide to jousting and barding. This work builds upon the concepts presented in the prequel, LANDSHIPS.

...a preferred tactic of veterans such as Hillard the Mighty was to center themselves atop their carts and fire missiles unto their foes who were unable to surmount the vehicle.

by Magus

Despite the rather frivolous title, this complete tome explains the value of applying magic for the benefit of society, as opposed to selfish, personal gain. The concepts presented herein mesh quite well with those exemplified by the virtues.

by Sabra

Herein can be found a novel relating the travels of a fledgling warrior, struggling to gain skill and respect in a treacherous world. As the warrior gains experience in dealing with opposition, he begins to notice how well the land is balanced in ideaology: for every evil, there seems to be a good, and vice-versa.

by P. Nolan

Within the pages of this book is the story of a bard, a blonde, and a bottle -- the perfect combination for a classic tale of the war between the sexes.

by Devonaillion
with foreword by the Master Bard, Iolo

Herein are the words penned by the illustrious master lute-player, himself. The voluminous work begins with a description of the building process and carefully leads into the music theory.

I heartfully and willingly share my title with this young and very talented virtuoso, and recommend that thee follow his words of wisdom well -- Iolo Arbalest

by Brother Wayne

Bound here is the comprehensive guide to the avian species, beautifully and colorfully illustrated by many different artists.

...Surprising to many is that the Silver-Winged Pharcelot is not the most prevelent bird in Britannia, though arguably the most visible. Far more popular is the Black-Tipped Grackle, but it's predilection for dark, cool areas make is considerable less visible.

by Thomson

Within these pages is a bawdy tale of Belnarth, fictional lord of Serpent's Hold. This volume is part one of a great trilogy involving the humorous exploits of the lord and his fellow knights.

by Perrin

Found almost exclusively in the dungeon Destard, dragons are an ancient race of large reptiles. They possess great intelligence, and a few also use magic, sometimes summoning other creatures to fight with -- or for -- them in battle. However, in combat, they are quite formidable without any aid, for in addition to their sharp claws and the rows of razor-like teeth that fill their maws, they are capable of producing large clouds of fiery death. That, combined with their ability to become invisible makes them more than a match for any foolish enough to cross one.

Shouldst one ever be found that is willing to bargain with thee, I strongly suggest doing so, for very few can survive a battle with one of these terrible lizards, and even fewer can emerge victorious.


Day 1: I arrived upon this forsaken isle.
Day 3: Found the ruins of an edifice. A tower?
Day 4: Need shelter. Beginning to rebuild the tower.
Day 7: Tower.
Day 12: Tower.
Day 21: Basic support foundation almost completed. Moving from temporary shelter tomorrow.
Day 29: Expanding tower. Began research and experiments to produce livestock breeds for food.
Day 45: Tower complete. Near miss with experiments. Life soon, I am sure of it!
Day 73: I have done it! A combination of cells that reproduce without my assistance! Self-sustaining life is not far away!
Day 97: I am near the answer, there is no doubt. But there are others who would see me fail! They change the sky to purple and hurl bolts of lightning towards me.
Day 111: The others still seek to thwart me! I hear their voices commanding me to cease. I will never rest until I am done!
Day 101: Again they come. They have sent a succubus to tempt me. "Kiss me, kiss me," is all she would say. "Nay" was my reply. I will be strong!
Day 40232: Hah! The voices now beg, but I will not finish until he is gone. The night is my haven and the dogs will bark!

by Karen Elizabeth Gordon

This richly-detailed tome is a "handbook of grammar for the Innocent, the Eager, and the Doomed."

by Suvol Shadowface

The crinkled pages of this book appear to be made of an odd sort of leather. It contains various essays concerning the treatment of the deceased, especially the bodily remains. One chapter is entitled 101 uses for the human heart. Another passage describes the method by which human skin is tanned and pressed for use as writing material...

by Mordra Morgaelin

Within the pages of this handwritten book are many references to devices of destructive power. Amongst them are Mondain's Skull and Gem of Immortality, Minax's Crystal Ring, and the Dark Core of Exodus' memories. More recent entries describe the Crown of the Liche King, the Well of Souls, and a mysterious Blackrock Sword which apparently has the power to slay even one so powerful as Lord British. A short essay, involving a metal plate hung above a door, explains what seems to be a far simpler method of dispatching the noble monarch.

by Drennal

Herein is the short book that discusses both moons of Britannia, Trammel and Felucca, in detail, explaining their orbits, approximate sizes, and expected compositions. In addition, there is a short essay about the possibility of people who live on these moons, and how to contact them. The work also includes a short story about a sorceress who discovers a way to change the color of Felucca. After testing her observations, she quickly learns that the changes have little affect on anything or anyone.

by Nexa

Within the pages of this novel is the parable of an usurping lord seemingly inspired by Blackthorn's tyrranical rule during Lord British's disappearance more than two hundred years ago.

by Nicodemus

The ability to combine one's power with that of another mage's is fundamental to the casting of enchantments. While standing in an outer triangle of a pentagram, up to five wizards may enhance the effects of their spells. The bloodletting from either a goat, sheep, or cat -- one per mage -- is necessary, in addition to the consumption of the secretion of a type three acid slug. Once all the materials are gathered, each mage must stand within one of the five corners of a pentagram drawn from the dust of a dragon's thigh bone...

by Nicodemus

Herein are the many complex formulae necessary for travel between and through the many diverse planes of existence. Each plane is accessed by a moongate, and even our very own Lord British came to Britannia from one of these planes via a moongate. However, this also leads to some concern. To this point, every individual who has entered Britannia from another plane has been benevolent (most notably Lord British and the Avatar). But if they have the ability to employ these gates, is there not the chance that other, evil beings might, too, be able to venture into our fair lands at their whimsy? A thought to be considered for the future.

by Nicodemus

Found upon the pages of this tome are many a recipe for the creation of "mundane" magic utensils and apparatuses, including such items as the SELF-PROPELLED BROOM, the GHOST WRITING QUILL, and the ALARM GEM. Toward the unfinished end of the book, the entries become erratic and almost unreadable, as if written down in a hurry. Many of the latter items seem a little demented: the GIANT OBSIDIAN FLYSWATTER, the EXPLODING CORNCOB HOLDER, and the COMB OF MANY BLADES. It would seem that this mage was not conjuring with all of his reagents.

by Anonymous

As the title says, this book describes the minor spells that fall into the bailiwick of charlatans and prestidigitators.

by Horance

The author of this poetic treatise attempts to show how necromancy has been maligned throughout the years and explains the beneficial knowledge that can be garnered by studying the effects of magic on a lifeless corpse, including the more recent art of returning life to a dead companion, known as resurrection.

by Smidgeon the Green

Found within is the complete dictionary of terms for understanding and translating runes. In addition, the work discusses in depth the relation between runes and magic. Based on the intense text within, it would seem that the author is either a profound dolt or a simple genius.

by Lady M, with love for Samantha Meng Ling

Within is the extensive guide for nannies, describing contemporary techniques and the latest in trouble shooting with children of all ages. A special chapter details the art of diaper changing, and adds a touch of humor by describing (for the more soldierly sorts who may be reading) the effects of hurling soiled diapers at one's enemies.


A compiled volume of items of interest both magical and mundane by Alagner. In this volume, compiled for easy reference, are some of the many fascinating constructions I have found during my researches. These items range from interesting uses for mundane items to fascinating miscarriages of magic. Please read and enjoy the varied realm of My Brittannia.

Potions: An historical point of interest from the last several hundred years. Circa 0207 there was a rather infamous case of a resourceful peeping-tom. One may ask what this has to do with potions, but the publicity generated from this trail about the use and misuse of magical potions of X-ray vision encouraged all honorable mages and alchemists to cease making the amazing potions. And, as these potions fell into disuse, the affectation of calling them white potions also slowly ceased, and a lesser known concoction (which, ironically, is appreciably more white than the original X-ray potion I was able to view (see Alagners Index of Treasures, entry 15, for more information), that of common illumination, became its replacement.

Flying Carpets: A recurring magic. As many of you undoubtedly know the Flying Carpet was essential to the Avatar in his legendary quest to save Lord British from the Three Shadowlords. However,few people realize that this fascinating piece of lore has been rediscovered and, according to my sources, hidden just inside the dungeon Destard, (or is it Despise, I always get those mixed up (NOTE: look this up before publication)).

This amazing carpet could fly over water and swamps with no adverse effects, a marvelous tool for the common adventurer and essential for the Avatar. (An interesting side note: according to an ancient tome, the carpet was actually believed a failure by its creater for its inability to rise more than a few inches off the ground)

Wands: A trio of terrible weaponry. The three identified varieties of magical wand all seem to have been made for the express purpose of changing the combat-weak spellcaster into a killing machine. And, for those with the ability to keep them from wearing out (no small feat of magic, mind you, but simple for anyone capable of crafting the wand in the first place), they are perhaps the most formidable weapons of their size.

Fire Wand: This wand fires a bolt of flaming death. According to all known texts on the subject, the carnage was called "amazing."

Lightning Wand: The effects of a bolt of lightning as it bursts forth from the wand is as devastating, as its counterpart, the fire wand. However, according to one of its proponents, "the corpses look and smell much less offensive."

Magicians Wand: While only slightly more lethal than the typical bow, this wand is rendered quite effective due to two interesting facets: Its damage is of a most magical nature and more than quite powerful against monsters likely to hassle a mage, and, it NEVER runs out of charges. If thou art interested in power and duration, this is the wand for thee.

Silver Serpent venom: mage's dream, youth's bane. Once upon a time, the ability to gather this reagent was heralded as the beginning of a new era of magicry. It was the epitome of High Wizardry, but alas, as frequently happens, the promise paid but little. While direct doses of this reagent give a boost to strength, the permanent damage done to the body far outweighs any temporary advantage.

Unfortunately, these adverse effects tend to carry over to the spells cast using this reagent. Before his illness, Garok Al-Mat, a mage of the high mountains, was experimenting with the vemom in conjunction with spider silk and giant bee pollen. His hope was to bind the qualities into an effective casting reagent for divination. But his work is now lost forever.

Hoe of Destruction: accidental glory. One of the most recent magic items created, this once ordinary hoe dates back to only a few years ago when one of the first mages (a bush mage of no real merit) to succumb to the illness that now plagues all mages, was asked to both repair a broken hoe for a local farmer and enchant a sword for a warrior. Unfortunately, his perhaps-never-to-be-repeated-enchantment has made this hoe one of the better melee weapons around today. This hoe can be distinguished by it distinctive red, glowing head. Be wary if thou dost ever face it.

(Items below this point need more research before publication.)

FireDoom Staff: lethality personified. This staff, which hurls exploding fireballs that actually seek out a target, is perhaps the most lethal of all magic weapons created in the era of human-gargoyle cooperation. But, as with most of the more powerful magic weapons, its limited life span means it may fail thee at the worst of times.

Great Dagger: A great idea but shy of a wonder. This dagger is perhaps one of the most ingeniously economical items ever produced. It appears to be naught more than an ordinary dagger, save for large, red stone for a pommel. However, when one strikes with it, it is magically transormed into a two-handed sword. It hides well, and is light on the belt, but no more dangerous that an ordinary two-handed sword (which, of course, is in no way feeble).

Glass Swords : A historical legacy of death. These single-use swords will almost always kill any creature in a single blow, but they are seldom useful for a second opponent. Other Miscellaneous Magical Weaponry. As a general case, any person with a modicum of magical talent can identify magical weapons, armour and other apparatuses by their pulsating glow. Often, however, the color indicates even more about the item than just the existence of the enchantment. For example, a green field often denotes a poisoning weapon.

Starbursts: clouds of flying death. Originally designed as a small transportable weapon, this magically laminated throwing star bursts into a cloud of similar stars upon contact with its target. Although not terribly devasting, it is the tiny size that makes it such an effective defence. Its small size also makes it a valuable backup missile weapon, for many can be carried together.

Burst Arrows: an area effect arrow. The arrow functions as a regular arrow, but upon impact, explodes into a thousand flying shards of death.

Magic Boomerangs: there and back again. These magical boomerangs are to the gargoyle race as the magical sword it to human warriors. Their most common weapon, boomerangs have the amazing ability to pass through walls and other solid objects and still return to the thrower. Excellent for hunting in the mountains.

Venom Dagger : the assassins tool. This shimmering green dagger is actually the enchanted tooth of a poisonous sea serpent, joined to the hilt of a regular dagger. Its envenomed blade injects the slow poison into its victim, but it frequently breaks. It is the perfect assassination weapon (see Alagners History, Assassination of Baron Johann IV (page 54)).

Stone Harpy: The Stone harpy is the creation of the twisted mind of the magus and paranoid lord of Spectran. It is reputed to be magically triggered by the approaching close approach of any creature.

by Shazle

The story of Stonegate Castle is, indeed, an interesting one. At one time the keep was occupied by the Shadowlords, during Lord British's disappearance and Blackthorn's evil rule. However, once the Avatar returned our noble monarch to his throne, eliminating the Shadowlords from Britannia, a family of cyclops made the castle their home. Not more than three decades from then the walls were abandoned.

This lasted but for a short time, however, for a small colony of wingless gargoyles found refuge within the confines of the keep. Three years later they were driven out by Lord Vemelon of Jhelom, who chose to retain the castle for his own purposes. For several generations ownership was passed down the Vemelon line until one day the very mountains nearby opened up, and the swamps engulfed the castle. Now, rumors purport that a colony of trolls have taken up residence amongst the ruins, along with an ancient wizard, but no one has ever confirmed their existence.

by Foiles

Within the pages of this tome lies the story of a mother who loved, and was deeply loved by, her family. Though the work ends sadly with the death of the mother, her family gains comfort in the knowledge that her inner spirit has found a better place to rest.

Their effectiveness and value

Here is listed, for easy comparison, the various weapons and their effect upon opponents:

Axe, two-handed: 10
Blowgun: 1, can be used with poison or sleep
Bow: 8
Cannon: 90
Club: 2
Crossbow: 10
Dagger: 1
Halberd: 10
Hammer: 4
Hammer, two-handed: 9
Knife: 2
Mace: 5
Main gauche: 2
Morningstar: 5
Powder keg: 16
Sling: 3
Sword: 6
Sword, two-handed: 11
Throwing axe: 4
Torch: 3
Triple crossbow: 28
Whip: 4

Armour and shields and their protection effectiveness are described here to permit the informed soldier the opportunity to select the armour best suited to his or her fighting style:

Buckler: 1
Chain armour: 2
Chain coif: 2
Chain leggings: 2
Crested helm: 3
Curved heater: 3
Gauntlets: 2
Gorget: 3
Great helm: 4
Greaves: 2
Kidney belt: 1
Leather armour: 1
Leather boots: 1
Leather collar: 1
Leather gloves: 1
Leather helm: 1
Leather leggings: 1
Plate armour: 4
Plate leggings: 3
Scale armour: 2
Spiked shield: 2
Wooden shield: 2

Here is a list of the better-known enchanted weapons:

Magic arrow: +4
Magic axe: 8, can be thrown
Magic bow: 12
Magic sword: 7, very accurate
Glass sword: 127, breaks

Enchanted armour:

Magic armour: 5
Magic gauntlets: 3
Magic gorget: 4
Magic helm: 5
Magic leggings: 4
Magic shield: 4

Rarities and oddities of Britannia:

Fellowship staff: 6
Fire sword: 8
Musket: 9
B.R. sword: unknown

All of the items listed in the final category are either unique items, or legendary items. Their usefulness in combat has not yet been explored fully.


Reasons why one should never build doors facing north or west. Many centuries ago, the prophet, Father Antos, foretold the coming of a plague of Locusts that would arrive from the lands to the north. He predicted that their source area was so important that it would indicate who would survive the attack, and who would not. He predicted that anyone living in a house having a door with a northern exposure would perish under the onslaught. Two days later, the locusts came, and in the aftermath, it was discoverd that only the houses with doors on the north wall were destroyed.

...The naturalist, Ergan, incorporating Algarth's discovery that the sun rises from the east, theorized that the nightly path of many dark-dwelling nasties could be traced. As the sun moves slowly to the west, Ergan contends, shadows increase in the east, forcing monsters to move that direction to stay out of the sun. Therefore, as denizens of the dark travel from the west, they are more likely to invade households with doors that directly cross their paths...

by Dr. Cat

Within the pages of this tome are all the many ways to earn supplementary gold by gambling at Nim. Written by the originator of the game, himself, this book covers in depth such strategies as, "claw first, question later" and "there are no ways to skin a cat."

by Francis Hodge

Within the pages of this highly respected textbook one can find the highly touted, and sometimes controversial, methods of staging a play. Written by an eminent Professor Emeritus from a university in a distant land, this book is considered by most thespians as the definitive source book on directing.

by Laurence Olivier

Within the pages of this tome are the theories and philosophies of acting, as well as personal anecdotes, written by a noted thespian of a distant land. Apparently this book was one of the many brought to Britannia by Lord British.

by Fordras

Within these pages thou wilt find the comparitive analysis of many of things we, humans, place in our bodies in the name of food. I will attempt to provide for thee information on what constitutes "good" food and what constitutes "bad," and will display the information by mentioning each type from best to worst, first in terms of nutritional value and second by taste.

A large chop of fine meat, including mutton, fowl, ham, or ribs, is by far the most nourishing. This does not include other forms of beef, however, for they are usually served in smaller portions. Pork and sausage are also lower on the proverbial "scale," for they are not quite as filling. In place of meat, I would recommend flounder, cheese, or potatoes, for they are also quite good for thee. In some instances, trout, fish and chips, and some breads will pass for a meal.

An egg and most any other fruit and vegetable, including: an apple, a banana, a carrot, a pumpkin, a bunch of grapes, and various cakes, will suffice in a pinch. However, despite its delectible taste and extravagant price, Silverleaf meals have absolutely no value on this chart at all. The moral is, my friend, never pass up meats when thou hast the chance to dine upon them!

Obviously, not everything that tastes good is nourishing. At the top of this list, I must put down Silverleaf. The taste is absolutely exquisite! Short of that, I recommend roast mutton with a lovely Minoxian glaze sauce. Add a potato as a side course, with the whole meal preceeded by a few raw vegetables, and thou truly hast a wonderful feast! For a second course, I would suggest...

by Aquastyr

Thou might consider fishing to be an activity designed simply to feed thy familty. Daily thou takest thy fishing pole and trod to the lake in hopes of catching thy dinner. However, say I, fishing is much more!

A fisherman is much like a knight, off to conquer the terrible dragon. Certainly, the terrain is familiar, just as the knight's homeland is to him, but the contest is where the real comparison lies. While a knight carries with him a great and powerful sword, and fisherman must arm himself with a sturdy pole. Of course, another important weapon for the fisherman is his mind. He will need a keen sense of observation to aid him in his struggle against the slippery opponents.

The first thing he must do is search for a body of water where the fish are so common that they are forced to jump above the water simply to have room for the others. A lake or pond filled with fish will provide the wise fisherman a better opportunity for an encounter. And how does a fisherman catch his prey. Not by sitting idly by and waiting for them to jump into his pail! For once the creature grabs hold of the bait, the fisherman must fight and thrash his way, as if attacking the very beast, itself. Minutes seem to turn to hours as the warrior battles with his fish, until finally, all energy spent from both sides, the fish is dragged unwillingly into the waiting bucket. And then, the process must begin anew...

by Nicodemus

This is a board game for two players. Each player begins with three pieces. The object is to move thy three pieces in concert in order to force the treasure from the center of the board to thine own side. All the while, thine opponent shall be attempting to do the same. Each turn consists of a player either "moving" or "pushing" a piece followed by a similar action by the opposing player.

A legal "move" consists of placing one's piece in any adjacent, unoccupied black or white square. A legal "push" is performed when a player forces a piece, either an opponent's or the treasure, one space directly away from his piece. The exception to the latter rule, making a "push" illegal, occurs when a player wishes to "push" a piece into the space from which it just left in the preceding turn.

If any piece, excluding the treasure, is "pushed" onto a blue square or off the board, that piece is considered lost, and is removed from play. The treasure may not be "pushed" off the board. To win the game, a player must "push" the treasure to the back row of squares on his side of the board.

by Mempto

Despite Felcrodan's theory of 0335, there are, indeed, rays of energy that constantly bombard Britannia. In fact, these very same rays permeate of all the known space between Britannia and the stars. Recent experiments have proven my theory that these rays, known hereafter as "Mempto Rays", are lethal to all non-living matter. In fact, Mempto rays have demonstrated their ability numerous times, once killing an entire boulder in a matter of a few hours. It is my recommendation...

Translated from Gargish to Britannian by Jillian

All begins with the three principles: Control, Passion and Diligence. From Control springs Direction. From Passion springs Feeling. From Diligence springs Persistence. But these three virtues are no more important than the other five: Control combines with Passion to give Balance. Passion combines with Diligence to yield Achievement. And Diligence joins with Control to provide Precision.

The absence of Control, Passion, and Diligence is Chaos. Thus absence of the principles points toward the seventh virture, Order. The three principles unify to form Singularity. This is the eight virtue, but it is also the first, because within Singularity can be found all the principles, and thus all the virtues.

A circle has no end. It continues forever, with all parts equally important to the success of the whole. Our society is the same. It, too, continues forever, with all members (and all virtues) equal parts of the unified whole.

by Daheness Gon

While handling chickens is a relatively easy task, as is collecting eggs, there are several pieces of information that will be of much use to the novice owner. For example, quite a number of hens have soft, delect fluff on their underside which they developed as chicks, but never outgrew. As a result, the coarse straw of the nest tends to irritate their hide. As a result, many hens will bury their eggs beneath a thin layer of straw. This provides warmth that the egg is missing because the mother will not fully set herself down upon the egg.

In addition, most hens do not lay their eggs at the same time as their sister hens. A hen must rest at the minimum three full hours before she will capable of producing another. And do not be concerned if more time is necessary for thy hens to create more of their offspring.

by Creston
Forward by Lady Leigh

Though I personally advocate the use of healing herbs and more sterile bandaging environments, the steps told in this treatise will suffice until better healing care becomes available. Follow Creston's steps carefully, and thou wilt have no trouble forming a reliable, if not perfect, way to prevent serious blood-loss. Remember, however, that there is no care as good as clean sheets, a sturdy bed, and proper attention! -- Lady Leigh of Serpent's Hold

As long as one has shears, cloth, and a conscious mind, thou wilt have little fear of bleeding to death on the corpse-littered fields of battle. Simply cut the cloth into strips and bandages. Quickly placing the center of the bandage over the wound, wrap the strip around and around the bleeding area. As the cloth begins to soak up the blood, it will combine with the natural healing aspects of the body to staunch the flow of blood and to quicken the healing process. In no time at all, thou wilt be ready to travel again (though I advise this travel to be to the house of a competent healer!).

by Mowze

(This text is a humorous diatribe, and should be taken as nothing more than such. Any of the following activities should only be performed when water is abundant enough to be in surplus. Droughts are serious business, and this work is in no way designed to indicate otherwise. -- The editor)

The using of a bucket to draw water from a well takes nothing more than common sense, however UPON what to use the water is often a more difficult question to answer. Cats are, of course, my personal favorite objects of such torture. But, thy friends will usually do quite nicely, providing they have no form of retaliation and are not quick to anger. Children are a little less choice, though considerably more deserving, for their parents DO often anger quickly when their offspring is threatened.

by Clayton

The hierarchy of the peoples of Britannia follows a traditional order. Though little here is meant to be law, the entire content was compiled from observartiions made throughout the land. All citizens of Britannia, obviously, owe alleigance to the just and noble Lord British. The next in line to receive our respect are the members of the Great Council, which comprises one citizen from each town or city in Britannia.

Members of the Great Council are followed by the winged gargoyles, for they are highly educated and well-versed in all matters of life. Many a winged friend has supplied words of wisdom to a traveler venturing through Terfin. Just below the winged gargoyles follow the wonderous masses of humanity, without whom the economic and governmental aspects would collapse. These, of course, are followed by the less worldly, but quite, quite strong wingless gargoyles. Much of the impact upon our economic system has come from...

by Settlar

The fundamentals for baking all come from knowledge of how to perform one simple task: baking bread. If thou art able to do that, thou canst bake anything, from meat pies to tarts for thy guests. It is important to set the flour first upon the table. Many bakers prefer to manipulate the dough on the hearth itself, but I prefer preheating the hearth (it makes for more thorough baking), so that is not possible. To the four, add water and mix until the two are well combined. The dough should be damp enough to be kneaded easily but is should not be runny.

Now is the time to place the dough on the hearth and bake it. After but a few minutes, thou wilt have quite tasty bread to eat. Now, the next item will prove a true treat for thy loved ones...


... I have grown lonely here on the island. Despite my golems, I have no one with whom I can converse, no one with any personality. Even the animals spend less time here than on the main island. Each day I look upon the horizon for a sign of someone. I have no fear of strangers, for either I will meet the Avatar, or the golems I created to protect the Shrines will fend off hostile visitors...

...I am exhilirated! Today, while on the main island, I happened by a tree. While this is not inherently odd, I noticed that the tree seemed to grow not out of the ground, but from a large rock. Equally unusual was the five stones surrounding it, each located the same distance from each other and from the center stone. They looked much like they could represent vertices of a five-pointed star. And then I realized to what I was a witness: the legendary Stone of Castambre. Even had I not noticed the Tree of Life springing forth from the boulder, the Pentacle of rocks gave all away...

...The first test was a success. I used a pick to chip away a bit of the stone. I was startled at first by the bleeding, but as I heard not a whit of any sound indicating pain, I continued. I am about to confer with the book to determine my next action...

...I am afraid I will have little time to continue this journal for the moment. I realize that a true scientist would record daily with the utmost accuracy what he has done and witnessed, but the amount of work each day requires leaves me long past the point of exhaustion...

...I have done it! My newest two golems can actually speak! And they offer original comments, not mere echoes of my own thought. The instructions in the book are correct. Bollux, my first attempt, succeeded, but my inexperience left him a little less intelligent than I would have preferred. However, his "brother," Adjhar, benefited from my mistake with the other, and has full speech capabilities. As I sit now, writing this, I can hear them discussing weather! I must go now and talk with them. Oddly enough, the sky no longer seems overcast...

by Castadon

Stone golems can be created from any hard rock. However, it is important to note that the enchantments require they be anthropomorphic in shape. Any other construct, or an incomplete one, will not be able to hold the creature together or permit locomotion. Once the sufficient amount of stone has been gathered and placed roughly in the shape of a man, thou must cast the Vas Rel Ailem spell (see appendix QQ for spell description) to form the rock into a person.

Needless to record, perhaps, the creature will barely resemble anything human, but will be able to function similarly. The next enchantment is Kal Mani (appendix QQ). This will "breathe life" into the newly created golems, or rather, breathe animation into them. Once created, each golem will have enough rudimentary intelligence to obey and respond to three single-word commands, or one extensive request of any length.

Appendix K: The Stone of Castambre. This mythological rock has legendary powers that permits one to shape and enchant stone -- and only stone -- to create golems by following only a single, short ritual instead of the lengthy and time-consuming process described in previous chapters. Though the Stone's existence has never been confirmed, there are also other purported powers that could make a risky investigation quite worth while. For additional information, see "The Stone of Castambre," by MacCuth.

by MacCuth

Legendary rock? Perhaps. Powerful relic? Definitely. The Stone Of Castambre -- named for the mage who is rumored to have enchanted and placed it -- is said to be located on the Isle of Fire, also the location of the Shrines of the Three Principles. Of course, since knowledge of the Isle has long since disappeared, knowledge of the infamous Stone is equally mysterious. However, through research and study of Castambre's diary I have brought to light a few clues to the Stone's whereabouts.

The major purpose of the Stone's power is to animate inanimate objects: statues, golems, tools, etc. In addition, shouldst the desired object be one already imbued with the power of conversation, the Stone will enhance such powers, giving the object, or rather, creature, independent thought. Historians claim that it is with this stone that Castambre concocted creatures of such deep personalities that, from behind a curtain, it was impossible to differentiated between a person and one of his creations.

But how do I capture this ability, I hear thee ask. First, assuming thou hast already discovered the Isle of Fire (no mean feat, I assure thee), thou must then search for the "pentacle of rocks" -- five boulders arranged as though they were vertices in a pentagram. In the center thou shouldst notice a sixth rock, from which grows a large, healthy tree -- the Tree of Life. This sixth rock is Castambre's Stone.

However, finding the Stone is only half the battle, for now thou must perform magicks beyonds the abilities of normal men. With a ... thou must.... ....... Once the "heart" has been placed within the "chest" of the creature, the ritual may begin. First, using perhaps the same pick, thou must strike the Tree hard enough to draw blood. Blood from a Tree, questions thee? Aye, I say, for this Tree is one of life and energy -- collected from the nutrients of the Stone, and bleed it does.

Some say thou wilt be able to hear the shrieks of pain from Castambre's Stone, but that rumor is waning. Thou wilt need enough of the Tree's life force to fill a bucket. After the blood has been properly contained, it must be spilled in five spots about the body of the stone creature as if the creature were Castambre's Stone and the puddles of blood the five rocks of the pentacle. In fact, it is necessary to set down five such small rocks to mark the location upon which the blood must be spilled.

Then must thou cast Vas Flam Uus (see detachable page at end of volume), setting fire to each of the puddles of blood. Following that must be chanted the sacred words gleaned from Castambre's journals (also on detachable page). Now that the creature is enchanted, of course, it will become necessary to instruct it, much as one educates a child. However, a stone golem will learn much more quickly...

by Erethian

Exodus was a mixture of etherial being and magical mechanism. Its living portion, or psyche, was comprised of its ambitions, desires, curiosity, in total, its personality. The subject matter of this tome, however, lies upon a part of its more physical manifestation. The Core was the receptacle of Exodus' memories and mental force. The psyche was almost like a parasite, feeding off the world around and depositing what it gained within the Core. What was Exodus' purpose? Who or what did it serve? This is matter of which I write. Exodus served none other than... (The text remains unfinished.)

by R. Allen G.

This handbook details a non-religous religion in which people live for the joy of living and make it their responsibility to keep the entire world out of disrepair.

by Erethian

Moongates come in four known varieties: blue, a gate across a land, red, a gate connecting worlds, black, a gate that traverses dimensions, and the theoretical silver, a time gate. These gates, to a lesser or greater degree, owe their power to the force exerted by large bodies of matter, moving through the space around us. Therefore, I postulate that if one can know what forces are being exerted, one can manipulate the destination of any given moongate by changing these forces...

The book goes on to describe certain methods of manipulation, and save for the prohibitively large amounts of power required to effect even the weakest of moongates, the logic seems sound.

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