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Bugs of Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Serpent Isle by Ganesh


This document aims to list out all the bugs of Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Serpent Isle. Many of the bugs should apply to Serpent Isle as well, but it has not been tested.

This document was created on November 3 2001, as I was bored and was looking at ways to improve my website ( Ganesh's Website, ). Work in Progress. I will be searching many sources for bug reports, so hang on there!

For now the list will be short, as it has been just begun. People like Joseph Morris (visit his website) have used these bugs to illustrate humor to the readers.

WARNING: Contains EXTREME MAJOR spoilers ahead. Do NOT read the below if you plan to complete the game like a good guy. The information below can be given another name . . . CHEATS.

The contributor of the bug is listed before the bug description.

Common Bugs


Simulated Hack Mover (contributed by Nathan Brown<>)


There is one major bug missing from your list of bugs in U7.  This is an engine bug and does not exist in Exult.  It duplicates some of the functionality of the hackmover. 

Take any object with the following properties:

  1. Its icon stretches beyond its footprint to the north or west.  (chests, crates, barrels, backpacks, bags, and bodies work, though dead children are tricky.  Many other things also work.  Many things that don't work can be made to work if you place them on top of something)
  2. It is movable by you.

Place it so that its icon overlaps your foot or the foot of someone in your party.  Grab it by the portion overlapping your foot.  Move it somewhere illegal.  It is now in your inventory.  Hands or armor slots are preferred.  In SI belt pouches are preferred over backpacks.  If you have no containers on your person it may drop back to the floor or wind up on the roof.  This bypasses both weight and bulk limits. 


Bugs of Ultima VII: The Black Gate


Joining the FellowShip (contributed by Chris Mathieu <iprovemurphyslaw@aol.comNOSPAM>)


When you first ask Batlin about joining the Fellowship and take his "test", he will ask you to perform an errand for him. In order for any of this to work, you HAVE to say "no" to him when he first asks you this.

Talk to him again, and he'll ask you to run the errand again. When you say "yes", everyone in the party will get 100 Experience Points. The Avatar will be handed a sealed box to take to Minoc.

As long as you do NOT take that box to Minoc, you can talk to Batlin again and be asked to run the same errand again. Saying "yes" nets another 100 XP. You can do this as often as you like, but once you take the box to Minoc, you end this loop.



Once you've triggered the "Batlin Bug", move something out of your inventory before talking to him. It doesn't matter what you move, as long as it has a quantity. Arrows, gold pieces, spell reagents, anything -- as long as the quantity check-box appears, it's valid. After moving the item, talk to Batlin and get your free 100 XP. Look in your inventory and you'll find that the item you moved is back in its original place -- while the item you moved is ALSO in the place you moved it.

Example: Put 87 gold pieces in the Avatar's hand. Then drop them on the floor. The Avatar's hand is now empty, and the gold's ruining the carpet. Talk to Batlin, and the Avatar will have 87 gold in his hand -- a duplicate of the pile that's on the floor.

There's no limit to this, as long as you don't deliver that sealed box. When I accidentally found this part out, believe me, I stocked up! If it weren't for a set of barrels on the back of my flying carpet, I'd have had no hope of schlepping all that stuff around.



Weapon Damage Through Walls (contributed by Amarande <>)


You can attack through walls with Morning Stars and Halberds. Yes, you can even eliminate Wisps lurking in walls this way



Too Many Items Bug (contributed by John Wikström)(30th Sept 2006)


The first one is simple, it's about Mac the farmer. you can choose to pick eggs (1 gp/each). Anyhow, collecting to many eggs and trying to get paid for them will make the game crash. I suppose this apply to the pumpkin guy too. I suppose this is due to the game creators didn't think anyone would farm eggs/pumpkins. =)



Next bug is for the baker in Britain. Don't remember his name right now. Anyhow, this bug is two-fold.

First off, I spent an entire night (ultima night) baking bread, filling all containers in the area with bread (simple since you can put flour on the stove directly instead of mixing it with water). anyhow, I also put stacks of bread on the floor. Then at sunset and the baker came I turned in his bread for 5gp/5 bread. So far so good.

One word of caution here, you can't have to much bread since the game will crash. Anyhow. I noticed that I got paid for the bread on the floor as well (and it didn't disappear like the bread in my backpack) so I picked it up and then I was able to sell it to him again. A small bug to make some extra cash if you feel like being the honest guy and try a honest job.

Anyhow, the thing is, you can't bake to much bread since the game will crash. I have tried this many years ago playing "the real thing" and also with Exult.


Bugs of Ultima VII: Serpent Isle


Invulnerable Avatar


Joesph Morris posted this in the RGCU board:

IT-HE labs has recently discovered a severe vulnerability with the
Silver Seed.  This may lead to malicious local Avatars becoming
trans-mortal and gaining root privilege for the entire system.
We are currently working with Ophidian Inc to try and implement a
fix for this problem, in the meantime it is recommended as a
workaround, that you prevent local Avatars from entering the
Silver Seed by confiscating and/or destroying the Amulet of Balance.

To see if you are vulnerable to this issue, try the following steps:

1. Enter the Silver Seed as a normal user.
2. Kill Suthos the Healer.
3. Engage in combat with Isstanar.  Your Avatar should die.
4. You will probably find that your Avatar, having been resurrected
   in an abnormal fashion has become trans-mortal and can not die.

Under normal circumstances this is only a nuisance problem, since
the trans-mortality only takes place within the chroot jail and
the user will lose this privilege once they log out of the Silver Seed. 
However, when combined with another exploit, it becomes possible for
the user to escape the Silver Seed and thus gain root privilege for
the entire system:

5. Enter Isstanar's chamber and double-click on any one of the grey
   pillars.  If your Avatar has not yet left Moonshade, it should appear
   in the Test of Purity.

6. On completing the Test of Purity, regardless of the outcome
   the Avatar will have exited the Silver Seed abnormally and their
   enhanced priveleges have not been rescinded.  An Avatar in this state
   has permenant trans-mortality and superuser access to the entire game.

JP Morris - aka DOUG the Eagle (Dragon) -=UDIC=-
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