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Free Web Hosting for Planescape: Torment Related Web Sites

Do you have a Planescape: Torment related website? Let us host it for you. No Ads. No Popups. No Linkbacks required. Free. Geocities is closing this October 2009. Archive your site at Bootstrike.Com now!

What do I get?

For no cost, you get

  • Unlimited space and bandwidth (well, there's a limit, but it is virtually unlimited)
  • No links or adverts required.
  • No linkbacks required, but it will be appreciated.
  • You can also request for a free Sub domain at or join your domain with us but of course,you will need to pay for the yearly domain fee.

The catch?

No FTP account. Why? I cannot risk my account to be closed if someone decides to upload his personal MP3 music collection and gets my whole account terminated, which includes too.

So how do I update my pages? You will need to e-mail me the pages and I will upload it for you. However, if this is done frequently, I would advise you to stick to your current hosting as this is more for archiving sites.

Why are you doing this?

The host I am with (DreamHost) currently gives me loads of bandwidth and space for free.

The main intention of doing this is to archive Planescape: Torment sites.

If you have a Planescape: Torment related site, why not move it to Bootstrike.Com? Especially if you have not been updating it...

Current Sites Hosted

  1. Geocities Planescape: Torment sites

Great! Where do I sign up?

Drop me a mail through the Contact Us form with your Site URL and I will revert back to you.

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