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Daily Radar's Walkthrough

Planescape: Torment -- The Daily Radar Walkthrough

If you've ever been out drinking and crossed paths with a shot called the Mind Eraser (Kahlua, vodka and water, layered in a shot glass and drunk with a straw; if you slurp it fast enough, you don't taste anything except the water), you may know this scenario. You just wake up on an embalming table in a mortuary. You can't remember who you are, how you got there or what the hell you're trying to accomplish. The only one around to talk to is a floating skull who would rather comment on your overwhelming stench than dish out advice. Maybe you should just go back to sleep.

Unfortunately, in Planescape: Torment, you weren't out drinking. You weren't asleep at all. You were dead. You could probably just kill yourself, but you have this haunting feeling you'd just wake up again. It looks like you'll have to get up and figure out what's going on. What do you do next? Why, you read DailyRadar's excellent walkthrough and tell all your friends to read it, too! Check it out: this walkthrough takes you through the game in the most direct way possible. If you follow it word for word, you'll miss most of the sub-quests, secrets, weapons, treasures and other goodies. It's best used to get you past a puzzle that has you stumped cold. NOTE: This article contains spoilers! (Duh) If you don't want vital plot points spoiled for you, don't read beyond this point! You've been warned, now we don't want to hear whine that we blew the game for you.

The Mortuary

When you wake up, you're on a slab in the second floor of the Mortuary. First, talk to the floating skull, whose name is Morte. Get him to read the tattoo on your back, which will tell you of a guy named Pharod who might know something about your past, and also of a journal that you'd been keeping that's been misplaced. Your main quest lies in finding Pharod and the journal, but for now you have to get out of the Mortuary. You'll need the Preparation Key, which is being carried by a zombie in the southeastern area of the room. Search the tables on the west side of the room until you find a scalpel. Arm it, find the zombie with the key (he's labeled "Zombie 782"), kill it and grab the key.

Head to the door in the northwest corner of the room. Unlock it. Make your way through clockwise from room to room until you reach the southeastern room, speaking to every zombie and character you encounter along the way. Find the stairway leading up to the third floor and head up. Avoid the Dustmen on the third floor. They won't be pleased to discover that you're alive. If you must speak to one, tell him you're lost. Search the shelves on this floor until you find the Mortuary Sanctum Key. Also, be sure to grab a piece of junk. Head to the westernmost room, and take the stairs in that room back down to the room in which you started.

Make your way clockwise once again to the southeastern room. Unlock the door next to the stairs leading up to the third floor. Go through it; you'll go downstairs to the first floor. Head southwest to the Mortuary Gate. Find Soego, who paces near the gate, and ask him to let you out of the Mortuary. He'll open the gate for you. Head through it and into the Hive.

The Hive

The Hive is split into four sections, each of which is bustling with characters. Some are nameless residents, harlots and thugs, but others have names. Characters with names can often offer you good information and/or sub-quests. Talk to as many as you can about the location of Pharod and your journal. Bear in mind that you can pick quite a bit of experience by performing sub-quests. The fastest way to finish the game lies to the west of the Mortuary's gate. Head to the next section of the Hive, and continue west to Ragpicker's square.

Ragpicker's Square

This area is where the Collectors tend to gravitate. There's a house here called the Midwife's hut where you can get healing and, if you wish, become a mage. Head west through this cluttered locale until you come to the portal; toss your junk into it and pass through.

Trash Warrens

This seedy place is full of thugs to beat the crap out of. Head through to the southeast to find the bell tower. Talk the guards into letting you pass, and climb down into the Buried Village.

Buried Village

This is where Pharod lives. Go to the guarded building in the northeast. The guards will let you through the gate; head on in and talk to Pharod. He'll be happy to reveal what he knows about you, Nameless One, but you'll have to embark on a quest for him first. Wouldn't ya know it? You'll have to get him a bronze sphere from the catacombs. Leave Pharod's palace and head southeast. You'll have to talk to the guards to get them to open the gate; convince them that Pharod has sent you on a quest. If you wish to pass back through the gate before you've found the sphere, you'll have to bribe or threaten them.

Weeping Stone Catacombs

This dank dungeon is chock fulla undead goons and cranium rats. Individual rats are not dangerous, but if more than a few of them gather in a group, they're powers are multiplied and they cast spells at you. Head southwest until you find the entrance to the Dead Nations. Search the crypts as you travel; there are all kinds of goodies to be found.

Dead Nations

As you enter this area, you'll be taken prisoner by Hargrimm and his minions of undead creatures. They won't take your stuff and you'll be given free reign of this locale, but you won't be able to travel beyond its gates. You'll be released into Soego's chamber--the Dustman has taken up residence in the Dead Nations as a missionary. There are several ways to escape.

The best one is this: There is a skeleton wandering the halls that's thinking about letting go of its undead existence and seeking True Death. It's called the Contemplative Skeleton. Find it and talk to it, and then Head back to Soego's chambers and tell the Dustman that you've found a skeleton who may be interested in "converting." He'll leave his chamber to find it, and you may then search the room. Find his journal, read it, and then go find Hargrimm. Talk to Hargrimm and tell him that Soego's a spy for Man-As-One. You'll earn his trust, which you can reinforce by taking out a pack of cranium rats. Wander about until one shows up, kill them, and speak to Hargrimm again. He'll talk to the Silent King and allow you to leave the Dead Nations. Two gates will open: the gate through which you entered, which leads back to the Weeping Stone Catacombs, and next to it the gate to the Drowned Nations. Go through the latter one.

Drowned Nations

You'll find the bronze sphere that Pharod wants in the southeast corner of this locale. You'll have to battle your way past JEDs, but you're not alone: ghouls, sent by the Dead Nations, are exploring this region and decimating the creatures as well. Get the sphere and head back to the Buried Village.

Buried Village

Return to Pharod's palace. He will tell you where his daughter, Annah, found your corpse. She will, if you wish, lead you to the site. Allow her to do so, and you'll find yourself in the Tenement of Thugs. If you don't tell Annah to lead you, you can explore the Buried Village further. To get to the Tenement of Thugs yourself, make your way back to the Hive. Head for the southeast location of the Hive, and look in the northeast portion of that area to find the Painted Door. Annah will reveal the secret of how to open it.

Tenement of Thugs

You'll have to get through this building to get to the alley where your body was found. Make your way toward the southeastern area of the map, but search the area as you go. You'll need to find a pry bar and a hammer Find Sybil - she can tell you how to get through the last room past the thugs inside. Alternately, you can just kill them all. Head through the door in the south to the Alley of Lingering Sighs.

The Alley of Lingering Sighs

Work your way through this alley, and be sure to search each open building as you go. Eventually you'll come to a gate in the southeastern extremity of the map; go through it and talk to the stone face in the wall. It will need your help in order to give you access to the Lower Ward. First, it will need you to stop the daebus from altering the alley any further. Return to the alley and either kill the daebus, or, if you found the other daebus trapped in the nearby building, talk to it and tell it of its counterpart's predicament. Then, return to the face.

Secondly, the alley will need you to reverse the repairs the daebus' have made. Head back to the alley and search it carefully. You'll come upon two areas that, if you have a hammer and a pry bar, you can revert to their original state. Once you've done this, go back to the stone face. You'll have access to the Lower Ward.

Lower Ward

If Morte is still in your party, he'll be kidnapped by an insane skull collecting magician right when you enter this locale. To get him back, head for the Wrecked House in the southeast. Go down the ladder. Talk to Lothar. You can't kill this magician. He'll consider returning Morte to you if you get him a skull of great value which lies in a mysterious tomb in the catacombs. To get there, move the divan in the center of the room and step down into the Wererat Caverns.

The Mysterious Tomb

Head through the Wererat Caverns to the southeast corner. Pass into the Weeping Stone Catacombs, through the Dead Nations and into the Drowned Nations. Go through the tomb door into the Mysterious Tomb. Any companions in your party will be left behind while you explore this area. This tomb is rigged with several deathtraps, and to get through it you'll have to die a few times. The central chamber in this area houses the tomb which you must open. Three of the four antechambers have tomb keys (the fourth one is the entrance vestibule to this area). You'll need each key. Note that, as you walk from an antechamber into the central chamber without stepping into the trap, you'll simply be teleported back into the antechamber. The only way past this is to die!

Proceed through a hall to an antechamber. Open the coffin within and take they key. When you head out of the chamber, step into the middle of the metallic symbol; you'll be killed (if you're not, walk away and step back in until you are). When you awaken, you'll be in a different chamber in the area. When you've collected three tomb keys, make your way into the central chamber (killing yourself if you need to). In the central chamber, examine each panel of the walls around the chamber. Press each one. Be sure to read each inscription for valuable clues to your overall puzzle.

When you've pressed all of the panels, open the central tomb. The skull Lothar wants is gone. Exit the mysterious tomb, and speak to anyone from your party awaiting your return (otherwise, they won't rejoin you). Head back through the Drowned Nations, the Dead Nations and the Weeping Stone Catacombs to the Wererat Caverns. Lothar will require skull of great value. Soego's head will do, if you collected it after he was killed by the undead. If not, kill Mantuok, the leader of the Wererats. His skull will satisfy Lothar. Climb back up into the Wrecked House. Talk to Lothar and offer him the substitute skull. He'll return Morte to you, and he'll tell you that Ravel, a Night Hag, made you immortal. She might be able to offer insights into your predicament. Speak to Morte and ask him to return to your party. Then, leave the Wrecked House.

Clerk's Ward

Go through the Lower Ward to the east, where you'll find the entrance to the Clerk's Ward. Find Vrischika's Shop in the southeast. If you want to buy everything you need to solve every puzzle in order to find Ravel, get the following items: Deva's Tears, a Fiend Tongue and the Chocolate Quasit. Then, head to the Civic Festhall in the northeast corner of the ward.

The Civic Festhall

You'll need access to the Private Sensorium. Talk to Splinter and ask him to allow you to become a Sensate. Share your experiences, and you'll be allowed to join the sect. Ask Splinter to show you to the Private Sensorium. Once there, find the mage Quell talk to him. Offer him the Chocolate Quasit, in return for which he'll answer your questions. Ask him about Ravel. Quell will tell you what the key to her imprisoning maze is.

Before you leave, touch each of the sensory stones and pay attention to the experiences they relate. Head back to the Festhall proper and wander east, past the lecture halls. Go to the dorm area and talk to the girl at the desk. She'll hand you a key to your private chambers, which is the easternmost suite. Go on in. Search the cabinets to the north and find the dodecahedron. Play with it until it opens. You won't be able to read the language.

Finam's House

Exit the Festhall and go to the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts, which is in the center of the Clerk's Ward. It's not important to speak with any of the prostitutes at this time (as if you could resist). Search the dressers and cabinets in each room until you find Finam's book. Also, grab a handkerchief; you'll need it later. Leave the Brothel (don't worry--you'll be back later) and find Finam's House, which is in the southern portion of the map. Talk to Finam and ask him to translate the dodecahedron. When he refuses, ask for his father's notes. Give him his book, take the notes, and use them to translate the dodecahedron, which turns out to be your old journal. Read it until you find the number of your legacy at the Advocate's House.

The Legacy

Leave Finam's House and go to the Advocate's House, which is in the southwest. Talk to the advocate and ask him for your legacy. He'll give you a receipt that will let you pick up something you commissioned at the Great Foundry. That's back in the Lower Ward, so leave the Advocate and go there. The Foundry gate is in the northwest of the Lower Ward. Show the receipt to the guards and they'll open the gate. Head on in and enter the Foundry through the doorway north of the gate. Find the Clerk's office in the eastern portion of the Foundry. Hand him the receipt and he'll give you the Unfolding Portal; this is the portal to Raven's maze. Return to the Clerk's Ward to find the key to the maze.

The Brothel

You'll need a piece of Ravel, to get through the Portal and into her maze, but since she's trapped in the maze you can't get a piece of her. You'll have to settle for the next best thing: a piece of her daughter! No, not like that. Her daughter's blood is part of Ravel. Go into the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts and find Dolora. Talk to her, and she'll tell you she needs the keys to her heart from Merriman. Go back to the Festhall and find him; he's usually wandering near the lecture halls. To get the keys, you can kill him, pickpocket him or go on his sub-quest. While you're there, find Montague and kill him. Alternately, you could spare his life, but you'll have to return here yet again. Return the keys to Dolora in the Brothel.

Talk to her, and she'll tell you of Ecco, one of the other prostitutes. Go find Ecco and talk to her; give her the Fiend Tongue to restore her voice and the Deva's Tears to calm the tongue. Ask her about Ravel, and she'll tell you that the prostitute Kesai-Serris is Ravel's daughter. Go talk to Juliette. She's sad because her relationship with her boyfriend Montague is boring. If you killed him, tell her; she won't be bored anymore. If not, go back to the Festhall, find Montague and make him jealous. Talk to Juliette again and ask her about Kesai-Serris' relationship with Ravel. She'll suggest you speak with Kimasxi Addertongue, Kesai's half-sister and fellow Brothel employee. Find Kimasxi, talk to her about Kesai, and then visit Kesai and tell her to ask her father who her mother was. She'll offer you a few drops of blood, which she'll dribble into your hankie. Now, you can enter Ravel's maze.

Ravel's Maze

Use the Unfolding Portal to enter this creepy place. Find the Night Hag in the center of the maze. Talk to her; this will be a looooong conversation. Eventually, she'll admit she made you immortal, but it was at your own request. She'll tell you that there's an deva in Curst who knows about your mortality. Do not refuse to answer any of her questions! Eventually, the conversation will end. She'll attack you; you'll have to kill her. She's one tough Night Hag and she summons a bunch of shades to help her, so you may die a few times during the battle. When you've finally kicked her ass, head to the northeast corner of the maze and hop through the portal. You'll wind up in Curst.


Find the Traitor's Gate Tavern. Speak to the bartender and ask him where the deva is. He'll tell you that ht's in a prison; you'll need a verbal key which you'll have to get by performing five quests, required by five different people. The bartender will point you to the first person to talk to. Each quest is given to you by someone in the bar, and they are rather simple. None of them will require you to leave Curst (except to go to Inner Curst, which is through the entrance in the north of the Curst map). After you perform each quest, return to the bar and talk to the person who give you the quest; he or she will give you part of they key and point you to the next person. When you've gotten all five portions of the key, talk to the bartender again. Be sure you're rested up before you ask him to send you to the prison.

Under Curst

Head through this area to the Southeast, where you'll find the doorway to the Curst Prison.


Find Trias. He's in the center of the map. There are many, powerful guards in this area, so watch your bottom. Trias will give you a verbal key to the Outer Ring of the cellblock to the west. Use it to open the guarded door. In the Outer Ring, kill the guards until you find a bone key. Open the door to the middle ruin. Use Nameless to lure all of the guards in this ring to the extreme southeastern wall. Let them kill him. When you reunite with your party, return to the middle ring and head for the next door in the northwest. The guards won't bother you. In the center of the ring, find the chubby guy. He'll offer you a challenge in return for the sword. Take him up on it, and choose from strength, speed and wit based on whichever attribute (strength, dexterity, intelligence) you excel in the most. When you defeat him, he'll free Trias. Go and talk to him, and ask him for knowledge. He'll send you to Fhjull the Forked-Tongue, who lives in the Outlands. Head for the portal in the northwest corner of the map and hop through it.


Find Fhjull's house - it's in the head of the dinosaur skeleton. Talk to him. Ask him about your mortality. He'll tell you to speak with Baator who lives on the Tower of Skulls. Fhjull will activate a portal in the dino skeleton's hand that will take you there. Ask him for aid. He'll give you any weapons and spells you ask for. In addition, you can rest at his place.


Make your way through Baator to the southeast corner. There's an exit to the Pillar of Skulls here. Before you go, use the Reform Party option in the character menu to leave Morte behind. Go talk to the Pillar. Ask it about the your predicament; it will tell you the key to the Fortress of Regrets, the place where you can finally find out everything. If you ask it how to get there, it will tell you that you've already spoken to one who knows. Ask it about deva. He is a betrayer. Return to Baator, have Morte rejoin the party, and head for reddish rock in the southwest. Pick up obsidian and let it cut your tongue. A portal will appear; go through it to return to the Outlands.

Head back to Fhjull's house and talk to him. If you betrayed his whereabouts to the Pillar, he'll be pissed. You'll have one chance to ask him as many questions as you need to before he turns hostile. His enemies may arrive to kill him. Bug out and head for the gigantic skeleton's butt. That's where you'll find the portal leading back to Curst...or so you think.

Curst Gone

Curst, however, is missing. The town has up and vanished. The buildings, the walls, everything is just...gone. The good news is, you can rest here until your party is healed, and you can search various containers and stock up on stuff. Hop through the portal in the center of town. You'll end up in Carceri, which is where Curst ended up. You must return Curst to the Outlands. Trias, the deva, is responsible for the calamity. He is somewhere in the town, which is in shambles. To save it, you'll have to influence its citizens to think happy thoughts, and you can do this by helping them. The more folks you help, the weaker Trias will be when you attack him. Yes, you must kill him. Rest up in the barracks or the distillery before you try to take him on. He's in full badass mode so it won't be an easy battle.

You can find him in the Administration Building, which you can access through the door in the northwest. Head north to the stairway and climb to the second floor. Go to the stairway in the south corner, and climb up to the third floor. It's worth noting that, as you travel through this area, you're going to run into about a zillion very powerful monsters. They are nothing compared to Trias. He's in the southern room of the third floor. You will die many times before you defeat him. Hurt him enough and he'll concede; find out how to enter the enter the Fortress of Regrets and then either kill him, or convince him to cease his attack. Curst will be returned to its place in the Outlands. A portal will appear in the doorway to the north. Enter it, and you'll be whisked back to the Hive.

The Fortress of Regrets

Go north to the Mortuary. Speak with the gate guard and convince him to let you in. If you can't, there's always the old reliable way in - find someone to pick a fight with and let him kill you. Wander around the second floor of the fortress until a dialog appears -- Nameless will know the portal when he encounters it. Talk to Morte before you go. Note that the Fortress is full of Greater Shadows. Make sure you're loaded with powerful weapons, charms, and spells. Even on the easiest level, it's difficult to survive for more than a minute at a time here. When you pass through the portal, the party will be split up. You'll be on your own near the fortress entrance. Head west and go through the doorway. When you enter the Fortress proper, you'll quickly be surrounded by shadows; don't try to fight them all.

Note also that you can only be killed and resurrected a few times here, depending on how many people are in your party. Get to the platform in the center of the room and find the machine. Pull the lever marked X. Find three similar machines and pull their levers. A portal will appear in the room to the east. It leads to the Trial of Impulse If Ignus was among your party, he will attack you. If you have any resist fire charms, use them now and kick his fiery ass like you've always wanted to. Touch the crystal in the center of the room. You'll emerge in the Maze of Reflections.

There are three other incarnations of you here that you must convince to merge with you. The Good Incarnation is easy. You'll have to bluff the Practical Incarnation, and fool the Paranoid Incarnation into merging by speaking to him in the Language of the Uyo. Deionarra will appear. Talk to her. You've now come far enough to finish the game on your own. Do you recover your mortality? Fight the mysterious adversary? The choices from here on are yours.

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