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IRC Planescape: Torment Chat

IRC Planescape: Torment chat.
Held at #torment on May 26, 1999 at 6:00 - 8:00 pm PDT.
Chat log mixed and matched by MC Joshy Josh (aka, Bishop Sawyer)
Total number of times spinnin' is mentioned: 16

Interplay/BIS people in attendance were:
** Striding Dragon: Guido "German Hammer" Henkel, Project Director, Torment
* BIS_BKM: Brian "LL Cool-BKM" Menze, Artist, Torment
* BIS_Colin: Colin "Human Head on Dog Body" McComb, Designer, Torment
* BIS_Dan: Dan "I'm Spinning'" Spitzley, Lead Programmer, Torment
* BIS_EricStuntDouble: Eric "Episode 1 Sucked" Campanella, Artist, Torment
* BIS_Jake: Jake "Jagermeister? JagerMASTER!" Devore, Scripter, Torment
* BIS_Jim: Jim "Protector of Life" Gardner, Programmer, Torment
* BIS_Ken: Ken "Yakuza Oyabun" Lee, Line Producer, Torment
* BIS_Steve: Steve "David Hasslehoff Fanclub Prez" Bokkes, Designer, Torment
* BIS_Tim: Tim "Also Spinnin'" Donley, Lead Artist, Torment
* BIS_WTC: Chris "Nightwing" Jones, Artist, Torment

** KrysAtBIS: Krys "JoJo Fighter 2000" Card, Public Relations, BIS

** Big_Tuna: Greg "Big Tuna" Peterson, Head of Marketing, BIS
* BIS_Greg: Greg "Persimmon Leaping Dog" Bauman, Marketing, BIS
* BIShop_Sawyer: Bishop "Great Demon Hunting Hero!" Sawyer, Web Coordinator, BIS

** Chris[CreativeLabs] (aka "The Mysterious Stranger"):

<KrysAtBIS> Welcome to the Planescape: Torment chat! If you have a question for the team, here's how
to get on the list: If you are using an IRC client, type "/msg krys addme" without quotes.
<KrysAtBIS> there we go
<Bishop_Sawyer> Man, Patrick's listening to this weird ambient music. It's gnawing at my brain.
<KrysAtBIS> dammit
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<KrysAtBIS> Please do NOT ask when the release date is. The information is available elsewhere. Don't
ask questions that are answered on the website! Also, please refrain from profanity or vulgarity out
of respect for our younger attendees.
<BIS_Tim> hey Krys dan is here
<JFinite> KrysAtBIS: that should be /msg krysatbis addme
<KrysAtBIS> where, timmy?
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<JFinite> KrysAtBIS: or you can change your nick to Krys
<KrysAtBIS> The time is now 6:00pm Pacific
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* JFinite waves
*** BIS_Jim has joined #Torment
<JFinite> enjoy the chat, peeps
<KrysAtBIS> This is a moderated chat. You won't be able to talk until it's your turn. Please DO NOT
change your nick to make a comment or ask a question. Repeated nick changes will get you banned from
the chat.
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<JFinite> I'm outtie
*** JFinite has quit IRC (Quit: *bamph*)
<KrysAtBIS> Please do NOT ask when the release date is. The information is available elsewhere. Don't
ask questions that are answered on the website! Also, please refrain from profanity or vulgarity out
of respect for our younger attendees.
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<KrysAtBIS> You MUST be in #torment when your turn comes up or you will be skipped.
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<KrysAtBIS> If you're waiting in line to ask a question, now's a good time to type it into a text
editor like 'notepad,' then hit cntrl C to copy it to the clipboard. When it's your turn, hit cntrl
'v' paste it in.
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*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: +o Chris[Creative_Labs]
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*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: +o BIS_Jim
* BIS_Jim Smiles
<KrysAtBIS> Where's Dan?
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* BIS_Tim jumps up and down
* BIS_Tim jumps over Bishop
* BIS_Jim sings a song
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* BIS_Jim thinks happy thoughts
<KrysAtBIS> Please do NOT ask when the release date is. The information is available elsewhere. Don't
ask questions that are answered on the website! Also, please refrain from profanity or vulgarity out
of respect for our younger attendees.
<KrysAtBIS> This is a moderated chat. You won't be able to talk until it's your turn. Please DO NOT
change your nick to make a comment or ask a question. Repeated nick changes will get you banned from
the chat.
* BIS_Tim hands out free goodies
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* BIShop_Sawyer spins.
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: +o BIS_Colin
<BIS_Colin> When is the release date?
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<KrysAtBIS> Colin...
<BIS_Colin> #@$OI&(*&
<Sarevok> heh
<KrysAtBIS> If you're waiting in line to ask a question, now's a good time to type it into a text
editor like 'notepad,' then hit cntrl C to copy it to the clipboard. When it's your turn, hit cntrl
'v' paste it in.
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* BIShop_Sawyer pummels Colin.
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<KrysAtBIS> Ok, let's go, yes?
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<BIS_Ken> Yes!
* BIS_Colin dodges Sawyer handily with KUNG FU
<KrysAtBIS> 12 Members of the Torment team, please introduce yourselves.
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<BIS_Colin> I guess I'll start:
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: +o Striding_Dragon
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<KrysAtBIS> Hi, Guido
<BIS_Ken> My name is Colin McComb, I'm a mad dog designer on Torment!
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<BIS_Colin> I'm Colin McComb. I'm a designer on the project.
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*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: +o Pinchy
<Striding_Dragon> Hi, this is Guido Henkel, the Project Director for Torment
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<KrysAtBIS> Dan, please change your nick
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<BIS_Jim> Hello, I'm Jim, one of the team's programmers!
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<BIS_Tim> I'm Tim Donley, artist among the finest group of artists.
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<Pinchy> Krys: What should I change my nick to?
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<KrysAtBIS> Just wanted to let you all know - since I'm sure you're wondering...about the door prizes
this evening.
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<KrysAtBIS> How about BIS_Dan?
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<BIS_Ken> Darth Ken Lee at your service. I'm trying in vain to bring balance to the force... er, I'm
the Line Producer.
<KrysAtBIS> I'll be giving away the prizes later on this evening...Stay tuned,
*** Pinchy is now known as BIS_Dan
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<KrysAtBIS> We've got some great stuff to give away
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<BIS_Colin> And we've got Ken and Dan and Josh here too.
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Ken =)
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<BIS_Dan> I'm Dan Spitzley, lead programmer and superhero.
<KrysAtBIS> Is that everyone?
<BIS_Colin> None of whom are introducing themselves.
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*** Sarevok sets mode: +o TheRaver
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<KrysAtBIS> Bishop?
*** Sarevok sets mode: -o TheRaver
<BIShop_Sawyer> I make webpages but I'm not on the dev team.
<BIShop_Sawyer> So, word up.
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* BIS_Jim Spins in circles
* BIS_Tim spins with him
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<KrysAtBIS> I'm Krys, the PR manager for Black Isle Studios
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<KrysAtBIS> Ok, let's go!
* BIS_Jim waves at Ken
<KrysAtBIS> First question...
<BIS_Dan> * Dan spins with Tim and Bishop
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<BIS_Colin> We also have Eric and Jake.
<BIS_Colin> Who are not yet opped....
<KrysAtBIS> hang on
*** BIShop_Sawyer sets mode: +o BIS_Jake
* BIS_Colin spins too
*** BIShop_Sawyer sets mode: +o BIS_EricStuntDouble
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<BIS_Colin> Eric is a mad dog artist. Jake is a mad dog scriptor.
* BIS_Dan throws up from spinnin' too fast.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> I am opped!
<BIS_Dan> Dan is just a mad dog.
<BIS_Ken> And Colin just mad dogs people!
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<BIS_Colin> That's not an image I particularly needed of myself...
<BIS_Dan> Whoa! There's lotsa people here! You like us! You really, really like us!
<KrysAtBIS> Hang on, guys technical difficulties...
* BIS_Ken stops the spinning Colin and counter-spins him!
* BIShop_Sawyer spins Colin.
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<BIS_Dan> Does Not Compute!
* BIS_Colin staggers
* BIS_Jim peers over Kris's shoulder, inspecting the problem
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* BIS_Dan cannot determine his spin because of the Heisenber Uncertainty Principle
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* BIS_EricStuntDouble gets caught up in the vortex and gets sucked into the abyss.
<KrysAtBIS> Guys, be right back - talk amongst yourselves - I'm sure Colin will give you a topic...
*** KrysAtBIS has quit IRC (Quit: *bamph*)
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*** BIS_Colin changes topic to 'Planescape: Torment Chat IS ON!!'
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<BIShop_Sawyer> Hey! Colin's a crazy dude!
<BIS_Colin> Let
<BIS_Colin> 's talk about insanity.
*** Jonric was kicked by Striding_Dragon (| TeMPTaTioN |)
<Striding_Dragon> Oooppps
<BIS_Dan> Insanity sucks.
*** BIS_Colin sets mode: -o Striding_Dragon
<BIS_Colin> HA HA HA
<BIS_Colin> sorry, Guido.
*** BIS_Colin sets mode: +o Striding_Dragon
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<BIS_Colin> There ya go.
<BIS_Dan> Let's talk about why airplane food is so bad.
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<BIS_Jim> I like salad
<BIS_Ken> So Colin, what are your views about Factol Amnar and the lost Dabus' temporary manic
depression outbreak??
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<BIS_Colin> And slowly the chaotic threads congeal.
<BIS_Colin> Well, Ken, I think that this is a question that deserves careful study.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Uh, Ken, what has that got to do with airplane food?
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<BIS_Dan> Did somebody leave the cat in the oven?
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> stay on topic, man
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*** BIS_Colin sets mode: +o BIS_WTC
<BIS_Dan> What's goin' on Krys?
* BIShop_Sawyer listens to Ute Lemper.
*** BIS_Colin sets mode: +o BIS_Jake
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*** BIS_Colin sets mode: +o BIS_Steve
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<Striding_Dragon> Bishop: Ute Lemper? On Broadway or what?
<BIS_Ken> "Shall nOT even Tcian Sumere rEAliZe the TRutH??" IT is all over...
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<BIShop_Sawyer> Striding_Dragon: Nah. Just on CD.
<BIShop_Sawyer> Heh.
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<BIS_Dan> Uh, can we start chatting soon?
<Striding_Dragon> Bishop: Can you run that CD by moy office sometime?
*** BIS_Alex has joined #Torment
<BIS_Dan> We don't want to start hemmoraging fans.
<BIShop_Sawyer> Striding_Dragon: Sure.
* BIS_Jim peers at Jake
<BIS_Colin> Hi, everyone!
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*** BIShop_Sawyer sets mode: +o KrysAtBIS
<BIS_Colin> I guess you can't really say anything back, but... HI! Thanks for coming out tonight!
<BIS_WTC> >tik< >tik< is this thing on??
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<BIShop_Sawyer> Oh, ho. That Colin. He's a wacky guy.
<KrysAtBIS> We have reached the bottom of the queue.
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<Striding_Dragon> Krys: Which means?
*** k has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
* BIS_EricStuntDouble taps his fingers on the table
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<KrysAtBIS> 10 Please re-addme with your questions =)
<BIS_Dan> Only for those with spilt personalities.
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<KrysAtBIS> 3 Thank you for your patience =)
<BIS_Colin> Oh no! Hemmorhage!
<KrysAtBIS> Here we go (hopefully)
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: +v Greywolf
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Greywolf
<Greywolf> What will the pacing of the game be like? For example, although I loved Baldur's Gate I
found that in a few places the game dragged on a bit; but sometimes there was also a lot going on at
one time. Thanks! I'm really looking forward to this game! Hey, and when are you going to start
working on the "Real Reality" Infinity^2 engine? ;P
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Greywolf
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<BIS_Dan> Colin?
*** k has joined #torment
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<KrysAtBIS> 10 Wahoo!!
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Big_Tuna
<BIS_Dan> I am not aware of any plans for an Inifinity 2 Engine at this point.
<KrysAtBIS> If you're waiting in line to ask a question, now's a good time to type it into a text
editor like 'notepad,' then hit cntrl C to copy it to the clipboard. When it's your turn, hit cntrl
'v' paste it in.
<BIS_Tim> The game will be faster paced than Baldur's
<BIS_Colin> We're doing our best to make sure that it remains interesting throughout. We know that we
don't want it all-action, all the time, but we also know that we can't let it drag. We're testing the
pacing even as we speak.
<BIS_Colin> I'm done.
<BIS_Colin> Except:
<KrysAtBIS> 2 Torment team, please give me a "ga" when you're set for the next question. Thanks.
<BIS_Dan> GA
<Big_Tuna> uhhhh... better late than never.
<BIS_Colin> To say that you'll constantly have quests. You'll never be at a loss for something to do.
<Striding_Dragon> It's tough oftentimes to get the pacing balanced, because everyone is playing the
game so differently.
<Greywolf> Great, thanks!
<BIS_Colin> GA
*** MrFrost has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<BIS_Tim> I know we are taking pains to make it hum along at all times.
*** Dryden has left #torment
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Greywolf
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Greywolf Great_Wizard
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Great_Wizard
<BIS_Colin> (i heard one of you guys say "liar!")
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Great
<Great_Wizard> How many spells will there be in PT? and what type of them (offence defense etc...)?
*** MrFrost has joined #torment
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Not us!!
<BIS_Jim> Ken?
<Striding_Dragon> Currently our list contains 82 different spells...
<BIS_WTC> yes, you did
<Striding_Dragon> and the list is still growing...
<BIS_Colin> Ken?
*** PsYkOsFeAr has joined #torment
<BIS_WTC> no, its now 182
<BIS_Tim> Still being adjusted
<BIS_WTC> maybe 184
*** Archon has joined #torment
<BIS_WTC> +/-
<Great_Wizard> :)
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Last count it was 1820
*** Jinx has joined #torment
<Great_Wizard> thanx
*** Archon is now known as NoOoOber
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<BIS_Dan> GA
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Great_Wizard Dahok
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Dahok
<Dahok> The way the plot seems to be set up, it does not look likely that a sequel could be made.
Have you left any possibility for a sequel to be made? Also, the Nameless One is supposed to forget
things when he dies right? How does this affect game play?
*** MrFrost has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<BIS_Colin> We have other possibilities for sequels. They don't have to revolve around the Nameless
One, after all... :)
*** MrFrost has joined #torment
<BIS_Dan> There is some twist of plot that prevents the Nameless One forgetting things after the
outset of the game.
*** PsYkOsFeAr is now known as Quagmire
<BIS_Dan> You will not lose anything important when you die.
<Dahok> mort?
<BIS_Colin> And, for the first time in a long time, the Nameless One is finally not forgetting things
when he gets killed. Why? ::cue spooky music:: It's a mystery you'll have to discover.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Mortes not important
<Dahok> thanks!
<BIS_Colin> ga
<BIS_Dan> No problem!
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Dahok Sentience
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Sentience
<Sentience> Hi there, I'm Kevin Yank from Montreal. Having enjoyed Baldur's Gate and the subsequent
Tales of the Sword Coast immensely, I am wondering what big differences we'll see in Torment. It's
obvious the setting and tone of the game will be much darker and surrelistic, but what features and
innovations of the game *system* would you say are significantly different from BG that will keep
this from being "just another Baldur's Gate"?
<Striding_Dragon> It is hard to describe...
<BIS_Ken> We have Running!!
*** Chord has joined #Torment
<Striding_Dragon> what exactly makes the game different. Actually the way I look at it...
<BIS_Dan> Larger and more colorful spell effects. Character can run. You can add notes to the automap.
<BIS_Tim> And combat/ spellcasting is different
<Striding_Dragon> almnost turns it around. I tend to say, other than a code base there are...
<BIS_Colin> Closer views.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Very personality driven game
<Striding_Dragon> hardly any similarities between the games.
<BIS_Jim> You can talk to stuff. Doors, Items...
<BIS_Colin> Tracking alignment.
*** Lazursas has joined #torment
<BIS_Dan> Lots of pineapples.
<BIS_Jim> And salad!
<BIS_Colin> A larger variable database. <g>
* BIShop_Sawyer tracks Colin's alignment.
<BIS_WTC> hookers
*** Amenhotep has joined #torment
<BIS_WTC> plotwise
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> A floating skull is your freind what more could you ask for?
<BIS_Ken> We have a great Action Menu Interface system so that you can quickly maneouver to each
subscreen and get weapons quicker...
<BIS_Dan> A girlfriend?
*** Deliverer has joined #torment
* BIS_Colin 's alignment throws off the scent with pepper spray.
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<KrysAtBIS> 2 If you want to be added to the queue to ask a question, please ping me with /msg
addme, and do not send me the question directly. Thanks.
<BIS_Tim> we are still based of AD&D system though
*** BIS_BKM has joined #torment
<BIS_Colin> The interface can be moved around the screen for convenience.
<BIS_Dan> And it comes with a lovely cupholder.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Animated portraits
*** Jehannum has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
*** BIS_Colin sets mode: +o BIS_BKM
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Dan, thats the CD rom drivE, duh!
<BIS_Jim> Ping!
<BIS_Dan> GA
<Striding_Dragon> GA
<BIS_Colin> ga
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Sentience Draconis
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Draconis
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> gahahahah
<BIS_WTC> GAAAA my throat!
<Draconis> How much of the Planescape pen & paper game is going to be incorperated into playable
parts of Planescape: Torment? For example, will the player be able to join any of the 15 Factions?
<BIS_Dan> Yup. Colin?
<BIS_Tim> Good question. Yes
<Draconis> which ones?
<BIS_Dan> That's a designer question.
<BIS_Dan> Colin?
<BIS_Colin> I'm not telling. :)
*** sablefyre has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** Senti has joined #torment
<BIS_Dan> Thanks Colin.
*** armani- has joined #torment
<BIS_Ken> Mung...hahahahah
<BIS_Colin> We have several different factions you can join.
<Draconis> well not all of them then?
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> You sneaky guy, you.
<BIS_Colin> Which ones, we leave for you to discover.
<Striding_Dragon> Many parts of Planescape will be incorporated in Torment...
<BIS_Colin> Not all of them. But a significant portion.
<Striding_Dragon> You will be able to join a number of the factions in the game...
<Striding_Dragon> I would actually love to tell you which, but Dark Timmy never got the final list to
<Striding_Dragon> Tim... can you tell them?
<BIS_Tim> yah
*** Micah has joined #torment
<BIS_Tim> i got the list here
<BIS_Tim> ok
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> You can join a rogue faction of marauding clowns.
<BIShop_Sawyer> NOOOOOOO!
<BIS_Ken> No stop Tim Don't!!!
<Striding_Dragon> I say, TELL
* Draconis likes the Dustmen and the Guvners, himself
*** Solon_Gris has joined #torment
*** Sentience has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> oooh Colin has spoken
* BIS_Ken kick flips Tim out of the ring.
<BIS_Colin> I'm about to go over and beat Guido up if he persists... <g>
<KrysAtBIS> 2 If you would like to ask a question, please type /msg addme, and do not send me your
question directly or you will not be added to the queue. THanks.
<BIS_WTC> tattletales..
<Striding_Dragon> TELL !
<BIS_Tim> ok ok
<BIS_Colin> Tim... you want some money?
<BIS_WTC> maybe a few?
<BIS_Colin> Oh, okay. A few.
<BIS_WTC> but not the secret ones..
<BIS_Ken> Ok, ok, you can join a new Faction called the SITH!!
<BIS_Tim> ok the dustme
*** Eric_Landen has joined #torment
*** Eric_Landen sets mode: +n
<BIS_WTC> 'cause you know.. they're a secret
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> The Jedi Carpet Saleswman
<Draconis> mystery of the sith?
<BIS_Colin> No, even better... they're a FEATURE.
<KrysAtBIS> ga?
<BIS_Tim> mercykillers
* Eric_Landen acks.
<Striding_Dragon> Okay, forget it. .. GA
<BIS_Dan> GA
<Draconis> thank you
<BIS_WTC> baby slicers
<BIS_Colin> You can't actually join the mercykillers...
<BIS_Colin> They're just in the game.
*** Moebius has joined #torment
<BIS_WTC> no
*** Morph3us has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<BIS_Ken> Then there's the Wu Tang Clan...
*** Guest88017 has joined #torment
<BIS_Colin> ga
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Draconis NightHwk|
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, NightHwk|
<NightHwk|> how about that multiplayer system? i know Torment is supposed to be mostly single player,
but it would be cool if it had some kind of deathmatch...
*** Draven has left #torment
<BIS_Dan> Sorry.
<KrysAtBIS> More than mostly...
<KrysAtBIS> All single player =)
<NightHwk|> also.. hopefully it wont be like ultima8 was compared to 7.. where it had all the new
action stuff
<Striding_Dragon> There are plenty of games out there that have death matches... do we really need
another one?
<BIS_WTC> Can you really join the wu tang clan? that would be cool
<NightHwk|> like jumping, etc.. made it too video-gamish
<BIShop_Sawyer> I want to join Cube DCube's faction.
<BIS_WTC> well who doesnt
<KrysAtBIS> Think Fallout in D&D
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> I agree. Isometric is not a great perspective for acrobatics.
*** Spike has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<BIS_Dan> Don't worry much about action elements. They are not part of the game beyond normal combat,
and that can be paused.
<Striding_Dragon> Maybe we'll do a Death match plug-in sometime where you can challenge demons,
angels and Gods... how about that?
<BIS_Ken> NightHwk: Have no fear, there won't be any 'new age' merging of Mario + Baldurs
*** MrFrost has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<KrysAtBIS> The time is now 6:30pm Pacific
*** Xezus has joined #torment
<NightHwk|> heh, alright
<NightHwk|> ga
<Big_Tuna> Aye... many of these guys worked on Fallout and Fallout2
<BIS_WTC> oh thanks
<NightHwk|> i have to go for now anyway
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v NightHwk| Dethrone[GA-Rpg]
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Dethrone[GA-Rpg]
<BIS_Dan> Rest assuerd, though, that the bloodlovers will find a place to do their thing.
<Dethrone[GA-Rpg]> Your character is supposedly Immortal, correct? If so, how does your character
*** Coelli has quit IRC (Quit: ircN for mIRC)
<BIS_Dan> There are ways to "die" that are much more permanent than simple defeat in combat.
* BIShop_Sawyer looks at new Fiesta Torment entry.
* BIShop_Sawyer laughs.
<Striding_Dragon> Your companions are not immortal... and they're in trouble if you fall into a coma
during a combat...
<BIS_Colin> There are people who are essential to the quest. If they die, you're basically, umm...
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> We've just removed the need to reload the game alot. There are still plenty of
<Dethrone[GA-Rpg]> Ah, I see.
<BIS_Ken> Also, if you don't uncover who you are, you'll just wander the planes forever... that's
another way to fail.
*** Sage has left #torment
<BIS_Colin> ga
<Dethrone[GA-Rpg]> Thanks.
*** cosmo has joined #torment
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> tour scenic carceri!
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Dethrone[GA-Rpg] Pythius
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Pythius
<Pythius> Can we expect a linear game plot much like Baldur's Gate or will there be more opportunity
to deviate from the intended plot? Can you achieve the ultimate goal through a severely different
path? How does the game adjust to such choices?
*** Guest88017 is now known as John_OC
<Striding_Dragon> I like to look at the plot as lineraly unlinear...
*** Rydor1 has left #torment
<Striding_Dragon> I mean, we give the player options. Non-linear games...
<BIS_Colin> We have choke points that you have to go through. This is necessary to ensure game
balance. However, in the spaces between said choke points, you'll have all the freedom you want.
*** Rydor has joined #torment
<Striding_Dragon> usually have the problem that they leave the player completely clueless...
<Striding_Dragon> it's not really what non-linear has to mean.
<Pythius> So you don't have to follow the plot, but that's the only way to win?
*** MrFrost has joined #torment
<Striding_Dragon> We are trying to create an experience that gives the player plenty of freedom...
<BIS_Tim> The paths can vary on whether or not you play as an 'evil' or 'good' character
<Striding_Dragon> yet makes sure a plot is developing.
<BIS_Colin> You have to follow certain elements of the plot. Not all of them. Not even most of them.
<BIS_Ken> Yes, there are many ways to accomplish the tasks, similar to what you have in Fallout.
*** MrFrost has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Pythius> SO quests mostly?
*** MrFrost has joined #torment
*** Senti is now known as Sentience
<BIS_Tim> Roleplaying in addition to quests
<BIS_Colin> But, as in any game, you have to hit certain keys, or else there's no point in having a
*** kryptonite has joined #torment
<Pythius> I agree.
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<BIS_Colin> We've given as much freedom as possible. :)
<BIS_Colin> ga
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Dahok
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Pythius Dahok
<Dahok> How close are you sticking to the AD&D system? Are you guys using the same rules that the
Bioware guys did, or have you added some more rules or modified them? What are the differences? oh,
yeah... any cameos from the other settings, like Forgotten realms? Elminster?
<BIS_Ken> Elminster is in the game... not! Sorry.
<BIS_Colin> That kid with the dog might show up. :)
<BIS_Colin> We're sticking fairly close to the AD&D system. We're being faithful to Planescape's
<Dahok> not just from BG tho
<BIS_Dan> We've changed the round structure a little bit for combat.
<BIS_Ken> Yes, we're sticking to the AD&D system probably more so than BG in some ways.
*** Xavic has joined #torment
<BIS_Dan> We found that our larger characters needed a bit more time to play their attack animations.
<Dahok> rangers 2 hand and eveyrthoing?
* BIShop_Sawyer backstabs Colin and multiplies.
<BIS_Dan> Well, we don't really have rangers in Torment.
*** Xavic is now known as xavic
* BIS_Colin falls over twitching and bleeding from the mouth
<Dahok> didn't know... sorry
<KrysAtBIS> Such violence...
*** xavic is now known as Greg
*** Greg has quit IRC (Killed ( (xavic(?) <-[])
* Sarevok casts cure critical wounds on BIS_Colin
* BIS_EricStuntDouble pledges to avenge Colin's death
<KrysAtBIS> Do I need to separate you two??
*** Greg has joined #torment
<BIS_Dan> We've modified some of the bonuses that characters get as well, but for the most part we
are retaining Bioware's rules.
* KrysAtBIS rolls her eyes
<BIS_Colin> Oh, wait... sorry.
* BIS_Jim Takes Bishop's knife away
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Jim
<KrysAtBIS> Geez
<BIS_Colin> Thanks, Sarevok.
*** MrFrost has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Dahok> and I curse you back ;)
<BIS_Ken> Most importantly we've implemented the rules while maintaining a game that's fun to play.
* Sarevok nods
<BIS_Colin> Cursing ME?
*** Moebius has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** Greg is now known as greg2atBIS
* BIShop_Sawyer cries.
* BIS_Colin keeps an eye on Bishop
* KrysAtBIS consoles Bishop Sawyer
*** Micah has left #torment
<Dahok> yeah, you...
*** greg2atBIS is now known as BIS_Greg
<BIS_Colin> curses.
<Dahok> thanks
<BIS_Dan> GA
<BIS_Colin> I think Greg is telling us he wants to be opped.
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: +o BIS_Greg
<BIS_Colin> ga
<KrysAtBIS> Welcome, Big Bird
<BIS_Greg> yippie!!! I AM somebody now
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Dahok squick
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, squick
<squick> What is the expected recommended system for the game, or do you not know yet? Will it be
OpenGL accelerated? Also, will you be using the multi-mesh system?
<Striding_Dragon> First of all, Torment is not a 3D game!
*** Chord has left #Torment
<BIS_Dan> The base system is expected to be a P200 with 32 MB of ram.
<Striding_Dragon> Our system specs are rather low. We ask for a P-166 with 32MB or RAM and som
harddrvie space....
<squick> okay, thanks
<BIS_Dan> Torment is strictly 2D with no 3D acceleration for anything such as lighting effects.
<Striding_Dragon> That's about it. A good video board with 4MB will help things, but is not essential.
<Striding_Dragon> ga
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v squick ComradeX
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, ComradeX
*** Rydor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** Sky has joined #torment
<ComradeX> It's been mentioned that there will be intelligent weapons. Is this still planned? Has
anything interesting happened implementing it?
<BIS_Dan> Not sure what a multimesh system refers to.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> We DO have liting effects. Just not accelerated ones.
*** Ceros has joined #torment
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Multimesh? Had that for breakfast. Yum!
<BIS_Dan> You will be able to talk to certain weapons.
* BIS_Jim Checks on Bishop
<Striding_Dragon> It is still planned, yes.
* BIShop_Sawyer puts Jim through the MultiMesher(tm)
*** Cloud has left #torment
<BIS_Tim> adnt he weapons will talk back
<Striding_Dragon> ga
*** Cloud has joined #torment
<BIS_Ken> Yes the intelligent weapons are still in. The funny thing is that they started talking to
me when we put them in.
<BIS_Ken> In fact, I'm talking to Argoth Battle Ax right now!!
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Reeeaaallly? Did they tell you to DO things?
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v ComradeX Greywolf
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Greywolf
<Greywolf> Hi Again! Heh, will Torment support my new Ultimate Mofo RPG Accelerator Card? ;)
<Greywolf> Seriously,
<Greywolf> 1) Will resolutions other than 640x480 be supported? Also, how much bigger will the
playing area on the screen be (as compared to BG)?
<Greywolf> 2) Will there be more random random encounters?
<Greywolf> Thanks!
<BIS_Colin> Yes.
<BIS_Colin> Oh, wait, sorry. No.
*** Rydor has joined #torment
* BIS_Colin shrugs.
<BIS_Jim> Which BIOS version?
<Greywolf> <G>
<BIS_Colin> I don't really know. <g>
*** Rapha_ has joined #torment
<BIS_Tim> it still 640x480
<BIS_Dan> The playing area is about 20% larger than BGs.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> You almost get the entire screen to play on though!
<Greywolf> MOFO5RU5 V3.3
<BIS_Jim> I think we support it in 35bit color
<BIShop_Sawyer> Every one of those pixels is a quality pixel.
*** Cloud has quit IRC (Quit: I am Alpaha and Omega. The begin and the end. The first and the last.)
<BIS_Ken> It's Voxel Technology!!
<Greywolf> Excellent, BG was a little cramped :)
<BIS_Jim> 640x480.5
<Greywolf> Thanks!
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> WHere can I get my MOFO?!?
*** Cloud has joined #torment
<BIS_Dan> GA
<Greywolf> Heh heh contact me I'll hook you up:)
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Yippee!
<BIS_Jim> ga
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> ga
<BIS_Colin> Oh, great, Eric is channeling Anakin Skywalker again.
<Eric_Landen> Huh?
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> No! You know my secret!
*** MrFrost has joined #torment
*** Spike has joined #torment
<BIS_Colin> Sorry, I meant Eric Campanella... <g>
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Abhorent cuteness!
<BIS_Dan> Is there a new question?
<KrysAtBIS> Not you, Eric
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Greywolf Nameless_One
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Nameless_One
*** Solon_Gris has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Nameless_One> Props to you all to start!! Keep up the good work! I wanted to ask Chris a question
about the EAX extensions in PS. Just how do you expect this technology to enhance the setting? Were
there problems with implementation on BG and have these been overcome? What kind of environments
(how many different ones) can we look forward to?
<BIShop_Sawyer> Dan: Boxers or briefs?
<KrysAtBIS> Bishop...
<KrysAtBIS> Let's not go there
<BIS_Dan> Boxers.
<KrysAtBIS> I know and love you guys
<Striding_Dragon> Unfortunately Chris is not here...
<BIS_Dan> The EAX support from BG is still in there.
<Striding_Dragon> Anyway, as for EAX...
<Chris[Creative_Labs]> Fortunately, I am
<KrysAtBIS> Dunno if I want to *know* and *love* you guys
<Nameless_One> gone?
*** Rapha has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
<Striding_Dragon> We have added on the EAX support actually...
<Nameless_One> hi chris
<BIS_Dan> Darren, one of our programmers tried to add some occlusion to the sound effects.
<Striding_Dragon> We are supporting EAX 2.0, which is a version Creative Labs is currently working
*** John_OC has left #torment
<Striding_Dragon> It offers more capabilities, better ambiences, muffling and all sorts of tricks...
<Striding_Dragon> It's really cool and we hope it will help to bring the entire environment to life a
little more.
<Chris[Creative_Labs]> But Striding_Dragon has my bases covered. :-)
<Nameless_One> sounds cool <pun intended> thanx
<KrysAtBIS> 3 If you would like to ask a question, please type /msg KrysAtBIS addme, and you will be
added to the queue. Do not send me your question. Thanks.
<KrysAtBIS> If you're waiting in line to ask a question, now's a good time to type it into a text
editor like 'notepad,' then hit cntrl C to copy it to the clipboard. When it's your turn, hit cntrl
'v' paste it in.
<BIS_Dan> GA
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Nameless One
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Nameless_One Gohlan
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Gohlan
<Striding_Dragon> Sorry I thought you meant Chris Avellone...
<Gohlan> Can you give us a taste of what character improvement will be like?
<BIS_Colin> A little spicy.
*** TheGino has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Striding_Dragon> Can you elaborate on your question a little more? I'm not sure I understand...
*** Starbuck4 has joined #torment
<BIS_Colin> We'll be giving both the traditional experience awards and ultra-level-boosting jolts of
<Gohlan> Like what abilities we will have?
*** MrFrost has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<BIS_Dan> Leveling up will allow you to increase your stats (Str, Chr, Wis, etc.) as well as increase
proficiency with weapons.
<BIS_Dan> One of the abilities we showed at E3 was Morte's Litany of Curses.
*** Xezus has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<BIS_Colin> Does that answer it for you?
*** Rng_Zeta has joined #torment
<Gohlan> Inate spells, stuff like that...
<BIS_Dan> He basically swears at a target and gets them mad so they attack.
<Gohlan> :)
<BIS_Dan> GA
<Striding_Dragon> The Nameless One does not have realy special abilties at the beginning of the game.
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<BIS_Ken> We've also implemented design so that leveling up in certain Stats (Dex, Wis, Int, etc.)
will affect many things in the game - offering multiple solutions.
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Gohlan
*** Gavlin-Strife has joined #Torment
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Gohlan Bonox
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Bonox
<KrysAtBIS> Bonox?
<KrysAtBIS> You there, my friend?
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead =)
<Striding_Dragon> Bonox is not here any more
<Bonox> .Hi im Breno Colom from Lima, Peru. My question is: Will the main character Torment be able
to merge himself into the gameworld, i mean people recognizing him and not seeing him as a stranger
(like in Fallout 1 & 2). It would be nice to see more complex interaction between the characters and
non important NPCs, not just "llkmmhthing to the game but flavor, like little drunken dwarfs and
*** Spike has left #torment
<KrysAtBIS> There you are =)
<Striding_Dragon> Oh... he is...
<BIS_Steve> It's all about drunken dwarves
<BIS_Colin> Some people will definitely recognize the player. Some will love him. Some will hate him.
Some will be scheming against him.
<BIS_Colin> Some people don't care about the player at all.
<Bonox> will it be more complex interaction ?
<BIS_Dan> Since the Nameless One has been around for years, there will be MANY people that already
know him when the game starts.
<Bonox> not just "leave me alone " " do this quest"
*** BIS_Colin changes topic to 'Planescape: Torment Chat is all about drunken dwarves. :)'
<BIS_Dan> The trick is, the Nameless One doesn't remember them.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Remember, your character's been around along time. Lots a time to make
enemies. (and friends)
<Bonox> i love story development
<Striding_Dragon> Yes, the interaction is more detailed for a large part...
<BIS_Colin> There will be INTENSIVE interaction, then, if that's what you're asking. :)
*** KrysAtBIS changes topic to 'Torment Chat Now!'
<Bonox> will there be many NPC just to give the gam flavor ?
* KrysAtBIS smacks Colin
<Striding_Dragon> However it is impossible to flesh out ALL creatures i nthe world to the point that
you can literally...
*** Escend has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<BIS_Ken> Yes, there'll be major interaction... trust me, it's DEEP
<Bonox> i mean not important characters
<BIS_Dan> MANY NPCs to give the game flavor.
<KrysAtBIS> Colin: Last time I get you cheese pizza, mister.
<Striding_Dragon> talk to them on a philosphical level, I'm afraid. :-(
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<BIS_Colin> Aw, Krys...
<Bonox> yeah
<Bonox> thanks
<Bonox> ah
*** Zarth has joined #torment
<Bonox> one last thing
<BIS_Dan> We talked with the QA team today and they expressed their desire for more "flavor"
<Bonox> do TSR laws about content apply ?
<BIS_Dan> Yes.
<BIS_Ken> We've got all 31 flavors, including Capuccino Blast!
<BIS_Jim> Vanilla, Chocolate, Tutti-Fruity
<Striding_Dragon> Always!
<KrysAtBIS> Yes, indeed.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> We're working on a Mocha right now.
<Bonox> we will not be seeing fallout stuff
<Bonox> drugs and insane violence
<KrysAtBIS> Hello to Michael "Zarth" Geist from BioWare
* KrysAtBIS waves
<Bonox> i wanted to pimp my skull friend
* BIShop_Sawyer waves, breakdances.
<Bonox> i wont be able no ?
<BIS_Colin> Planescape has always pushed the envelope, but it won't be as intensive as F2, no.
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Bonox.
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Bonox armani-
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, armani-
<BIS_Dan> I don't think drugs are a part of things, but violence is a personality option.
<BIS_Colin> There is lots of mature content.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> No. But you can play a rousing game of baseball with him. Dont even need a ball.
<BIS_Dan> GA
* BIShop_Sawyer slides some smack to Dan under the table.
<armani-> Hi! The "choke points" you were talking about in the progress of the game, do you mean
that so far as character "stats" go? If so, what do you mean by the character has "All the freedom
he wants in between"?
* BIS_Dan smacks Bishop Sawyer back.
<Striding_Dragon> Choke points are plot devices...
<BIS_Dan> Choke points refer to quests that are necessary to complete in order to move onto later
sections of the game.
<BIS_Ken> The "choke points" are plot related, the stats and character development (spells, skills)
will all be up to you.
<Striding_Dragon> they are not to be mistaken with stats. It's a barrier in the plot that allows us
to channel the plot a little better.
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<armani-> Will the choke points also include "territory" like in Baldur's gate, or will the world be
open to you (as well as gaining experience)?
*** NoOoOber has quit IRC (Client exited)
<BIS_Dan> There are other totally optional quests that do not directly affect the plot, but still
flesh out the Planescape atmosphere.
<BIS_Colin> They will also include territory, I'm afraid.
*** Monitor has joined #torment
*** Starbuck4 has quit IRC (Quit: Leech Long and Prosper :))
* BIS_EricStuntDouble Challenges tim to a Thumbwar to the Death
<BIS_Dan> GA?
* BIS_Tim is on it
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Armani
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v armani- Draconis
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Draconis
*** Cloud has quit IRC (Quit: I am Alpaha and Omega. The begin and the end. The first and the last.)
<Draconis> How will the character's ability to replace severed limbs be implemented? For that
matter, how do they get severed in the first place? Oh yeah, and how can I join the Raiders in FO2
* BIS_Jim goes for a Dr.Pepper
*** IG-99 has joined #torment
<BIS_Dan> The interface hasn't been finalized, but you will probably be able to do it through dialog
with a certain character or through a button on the inventory screen.
<Draconis> sounds complicated
<BIS_Ken> People can remove limbs for you or you can do it yourself.
<BIS_Dan> The severing can actually be initiated by the player himself, if I know the designers.
<BIS_Ken> But trust me! It's fun!!
<Draconis> "people" as in enemies in combat?
* BIS_Greg thinks its much easier to scratch your back with one arm torn off
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Its alot of fun at parties!
* BIShop_Sawyer severs Ken's arm off, jokingly.
<BIS_Dan> No, not in combat (at least I don't think). More like "doctors" or "merchants"
<Striding_Dragon> ga
*** Rng_Zeta has left #torment
*** Lazursas has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<BIS_Dan> GA
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Draconis
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Draconis Star-Fyre
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Star-Fyre
<Star-Fyre> hello
<Star-Fyre> 1) Will all the portals work in the same way as p&p game (ie. find and do not drop the
<Star-Fyre> required "key")?
<Star-Fyre> 2) how many total npc's can join the party if there is open slot? (
<Star-Fyre> Ithink BG had 24 or 26 ..more or less)..
<Star-Fyre> 3) uhm..about non-linear play..anything like "at same time.u must do this OR
* BIS_Jim refuses to share his drink
<Star-Fyre> that..if u do THAT..then everybody at THIS dies..thus u lose anything from
*** FleaPlus has joined #torment
<Star-Fyre> them...but u gain stuff from what u did do..thus making many combos of
<Star-Fyre> ways to do things? uhmm that sounded confusing! :)
<KrysAtBIS> Whoa
*** d0G has quit IRC (Quit:
<Star-Fyre> theres more
*** Star-Fyre was kicked by Eric_Landen (Automatically kicked -- flood limit exceeded (
10/6 lines/sec > 1/2 lines/sec).)
*** Star-Fyre has joined #torment
*** Planet has joined #torment
*** k has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
*** kagain has joined #torment
<Striding_Dragon> Ad 1 - Yes that's pretty much how protals work.
*** kagain has left #torment
* BIS_EricStuntDouble tries to keep the room from spinning
*** d0G has joined #torment
<Striding_Dragon> Ad 2 - There are 8 NPS that can join the party...
*** k has joined #torment
<Striding_Dragon> We have less than BG mostly because we wanted to make sure we give them...
<BIS_Dan> 1) The portals should be visible only with the proper key. We may ensure that certain
keys cannot be dropped.
* BIS_Jim takes away Ecic's drink
<Striding_Dragon> much more personality instead. So now, we have those characters that can
<Striding_Dragon> 'act' within the game world and make your life easier... or harder for that matter.
* BIS_WTC buys eric a stronger drink
*** d0G has quit IRC (Quit:
<BIS_Dan> 3) This is a designer question. I expect there are situations like this that will add to
<Striding_Dragon> Ad 3 - Not that I recall
*** Mikal-is-now-away has joined #torment
*** king20 has joined #torment
*** Lazursas has joined #torment
* BIS_EricStuntDouble Chugs it and goes...frer anithher
*** Rydor has left #torment
<KrysAtBIS> The time is now 7:00pm Pacific
*** d0G has joined #torment
<BIS_Dan> GA
*** king20 has left #torment
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: +v Tindalos
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Tindalos
<Tindalos> Good evening. Will psionics be available for characters? Artifacts? Also, have you
included spells such as Levitation and/or Fly? And now... The obligatory suck-up... BG and TOSC
are the best bloody things to come down the pike!! You guys and gals ROCK!! (As do drunken
*** Asterix-AFK has quit IRC (Quit: Silence! <k13b>)
<BIS_Ken> No, not the drunken dwarves!!
<Striding_Dragon> No psionics in Troment!
<KrysAtBIS> I have no control over the clock thing (just in case any of you were worried - ahem, Greg)
* Chris[Creative_Labs] mmm dunken dwarves
<Striding_Dragon> Torment, I mean...
*** Mikal-is-now-away has quit IRC (Client exited)
* BIShop_Sawyer drinks some dwarves.
<BIS_Dan> No psionics, although some of our spells will probably act in a psionic fashion.
<Tindalos> And artifacts?
<BIS_Dan> What do you mean by Artifacts?
<BIS_Ken> It's a secret.
<BIS_Dan> There are going to be plenty of fun items around, but are you refering to specifics?
*** Snark has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Striding_Dragon> Yes, we do have artifacts, but we're not telling which... :-))
<Tindalos> ARTIFACTS... VERY special magic items with multiple powers (and usually consequences)
*** Gimli2 has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<BIS_Colin> No fly spells, as far as I know... VERY hard to do with a 2-d engine. :)
<Tindalos> Nothing specific
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<KrysAtBIS> Spam Spam Spam Spam (Monty Python - come on everyone!)
<KrysAtBIS> Please do NOT ask when the release date is. The information is available elsewhere. Don't
ask questions that are answered on the website! Also, please refrain from profanity or vulgarity out
of respect for our younger attendees.
<Tindalos> Thanks!
<KrysAtBIS> This is a moderated chat. You won't be able to talk until it's your turn. Please DO NOT
change your nick to make a comment or ask a question. Repeated nick changes will get you banned from
the chat.
<KrysAtBIS> Welcome to the Planescape: Torment chat! If you have a question for the team, here's how
to get on the list: If you are using an IRC client, type "/msg krys addme" without quotes.
<BIS_Colin> We've got LOTS of cool, specific magic items. No swords +1 or anything like that.
<KrysAtBIS> You MUST be in #torment when your turn comes up or you will be skipped.
<KrysAtBIS> Ok, I'm done
* BIS_Jim cooks Krys a Spamburger
* KrysAtBIS cracks her knuckles
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Tindalos G0DZI||A
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, G0DZI||A
<G0DZI||A> HI guys, beside the spells, weapons, etc. can u say that Planescape game is better then
Baldur's Gate, in a way that creating the characters (having more options or extras to create etc).
Planescape is there like a Battlenet type of game that u could play online? Is there many ways to
play the game too?
* BIS_Dan eats KrysAtBis's knuckles
*** Andrar has joined #torment
<KrysAtBIS> Oopsie
<KrysAtBIS> THanks, Silverdawn
<Striding_Dragon> Torment has no multiplayer elements, so Battlenet type is a "no go"...
<Striding_Dragon> As for better... hard to say... you guys will make that decision for us, I guess...
<BIS_Dan> Not better. Different.
<KrysAtBIS> Should be /msg KrysAtBIS addme, folks
<BIS_Tim> Better = Your opinion. Different then BG = Yes
<BIS_Ken> Baldur's Gate is in a class by itself. I'd like to think that Torment will be a cool game
as well, but in a different way. Seriously, it's like comparing the NBA to the NFL
<G0DZI||A> k then no multiplayer
<Striding_Dragon> We are trying to create a world, a game and characters that are interesting and
fun to play...
* BIS_WTC lips quiver
*** Squish has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<G0DZI||A> oh ok totally different game
<Striding_Dragon> Other than that, I believe everyone is perceiving 'better' very subjectively.
<BIS_Dan> Although we don't have as many initial options for the character, the options you choose
genuinely affect the outcome of situations in the game.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> And Jordan shoots! Touchdown!
*** Andrar has left #torment
*** Squidmaster has joined #torment
<G0DZI||A> k thanx guys
* KrysAtBIS high fives Eric
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks GOD
<BIS_Dan> Thanks.
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v G0DZI||A Judas
*** ]InS[Chao has joined #torment
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Judas
<Judas> What up. Have you done anything to ensure/enhance replayability, if so what and do you think
PS:T will have a greater replay value than BG? And do you like your chicken baked or fried?
<KrysAtBIS> Oooooh. Good questions
<BIS_Ken> Baked!
<KrysAtBIS> Fried
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Oh Fried definetley!
<Striding_Dragon> Replayability is KEY to Torment... and I'm glad you brought it up.
<BIS_Ken> Baked!!! Baked!!
<Judas> Baked? Come on man, fried is the way to go.
<Striding_Dragon> The story changes and develops as you go along. Every decison you make, every
action you take is...
<BIS_Dan> Replayability will be similar to Fallout and Fallout2 in that NPC interaction is very
dependant on your stats.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> You BAKE bread! You FRY chicken!
<Striding_Dragon> recorded and analyzed by the game - sort of. Then it uses that infromation...
<Judas> I thought BG was okay for replay, but the way PST sounds, it should be great
<Striding_Dragon> to change the game on the fly as you go along. As a result...
<BIS_Colin> Chicken? Ewwww.
<KrysAtBIS> Defintely, Judas
<Striding_Dragon> we will have a game that plays very differently, depending on what your character
stats are like, and...
<Striding_Dragon> how YOU play the guy.
<BIS_Colin> The game's like a story, actually. You can make your choices, and it will be like
changing a novel.
<KrysAtBIS> Colin, take your weenie veggie *&^% outside
<Judas> Good deal, you all are the bomb.
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks Judas
<BIS_Dan> Rad! I'm a bomb! BOOM!!!!!
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Judas MrNoah
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, MrNoah
<Striding_Dragon> Thanks, Judas.
*** trister99 has left #torment
<BIS_WTC> chees pizza indeed...
<BIS_Ken> Judas: There'll be many different ways to solve situations, and by leveling up certain
stats you can accomplish various quests in different fashions!
*** Planet has left #torment
<BIS_Colin> Krys: You're just jealous that I'm healthier. :P
*** Planet has joined #torment
<BIS_Dan> But balder.
<KrysAtBIS> Colin: Uh, no.
* BIShop_Sawyer explodes all over Dan.
* BIS_EricStuntDouble Trys to diffuse Dan
<MrNoah> We all realize (by now) that this first PS game is about one specific character, the
Nameless One. There has been a lot of interest expressed in a more free-form game set in the
Planescape setting -- make your own character, choose a class ala Baldur's Gate, etc. Multiplayer
would also add that air of meeting strange beings from far-away dimensions. If PS:T does well, do
you feel there would be the option of a game more along these lines?
<KrysAtBIS> Wait, Colin's bald?
<KrysAtBIS> Whoa.
<Striding_Dragon> Yes, that could be a possibiliy. Although one we are currently not exploring.
<BIS_Colin> Mr Noah, I'd love to see that happen.
<BIS_Dan> Sure. I think it would be a great place for interactionn.
<BIShop_Sawyer> Colin's not bald. He's top-of-the-head-follically-impaired.
<BIS_WTC> its a style
<MrNoah> i think folks would get a kick out of playing a tiefling or whatever
<BIS_Colin> Let's talk about the game, shall we?
<BIS_Dan> That's really what Sigil is, anyways. A big hub full of different kinds of people/things.
<Striding_Dragon> Planescape is a great unvierse for such on open game, though.
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<BIS_Ken> Mr Noah: The entire game will be your 'character creation' process. You can eventually
uncover various past experiences and change classes.
* KrysAtBIS giggles at Bishop Sawyer
<MrNoah> a persistent online PS would be pretty sweet...
* KrysAtBIS apologizes to Colin
* BIS_WTC shines his head
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, MrNoah
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v MrNoah Skive
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Skive
<Striding_Dragon> I agree, it would... but who would want to develop such an infinite world?
* BIS_WTC and ducks
<Skive> Aren't your promises that "thoughts and beliefs" will play greater role in the game than old
good combat just a some sort of trick for attract people with "something different"? I don't mean
that somebody in BIS lies :), I just cannot imagine how gameplay can be based on things like that.
Oh, and thanks for a great game!
* BIShop_Sawyer apologizes to Colin...and then backstabs him with a Shortsword of Backstabbing +2,
coated with Type N poison.
* BIS_WTC colin makes his saving throw
<BIS_Dan> Gameplay can't be based on something other tahn combat?
* BIS_EricStuntDouble Wonders how someone so small could be so maliceous
<BIS_Dan> That's news to me.
* BIS_WTC wonders if eric can spell
<Skive> In crpg like Torment I mean
* BIS_EricStuntDouble wonders that himself
<BIS_WTC> capt. spitzley has spoken
<BIS_Ken> Skive: Your thoughts and belief -DO- affect gameplay. If you believe enough things can
happen. People can come into existence.
<Striding_Dragon> There is really so much different in the game, that I think we don't need to
plucker people in with THAT promise. :-)
<BIS_Dan> After all, a game that's all combat would be considerably easier to make than a complex
game about characters.
<KrysAtBIS> plucker?
<KrysAtBIS> Is that German?
<Striding_Dragon> Plucker
*** Bazoo has joined #torment
* BIS_Jim goes for a dictionary
<KrysAtBIS> heh
<BIS_Ken> Skive, does that answer your question?
<Skive> Thanx, I almost understand :)
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Skive
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Skive hedgwe
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, hedgwe
<BIS_Dan> If we were taking the easy way out, we wouldn't have a complex game to begin with.
* BIS_Colin is crying quietly from the cruelty of his co workers.
*** Barney has joined #torment
<hedgwe> Any additional classes, races involved? Also, any diseases or curses thrown in? Last
question, is there a way to physically choose your stats, ie IQ, DX, etc?
* KrysAtBIS consoles Colin
*** Monitor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
* BIS_WTC laughs and points
* BIShop_Sawyer sends JoJo the Dancing Monkey Boy to play with Colin.
<BIS_Dan> You can modify your stats from the very beginning of the game.
*** MrNoah has left #torment
<Striding_Dragon> You chose your stats at the beginning of the game.
<BIS_Dan> There are plenty of new races in the game, as well.
<Striding_Dragon> Additional classes and races, yes, indeed...
*** ]InS[Chao has quit IRC (Quit: oFF to dIsTUrb sOmE cHILdreN)
* BIS_EricStuntDouble Is glad to see his old circus buddy Jojo again
<Striding_Dragon> We have some from AD&D and some really unique made-up ones....
<BIS_WTC> races? you mean like the LOOOONG one is star wars?
<BIS_Colin> Races, anyway. Classes are still pretty much the same.
<Striding_Dragon> Some of the guys you'll meet in the game are Nupperibos, Garolyths...
<hedgwe> great, that should add re-playability
*** Flea has joined #torment
<KrysAtBIS> Definite replayability
<BIS_Dan> I'm not sure about diseases/curses.
<Striding_Dragon> Cornugons, Bauriers from the AD&D world...
<KrysAtBIS> Endless options
<Striding_Dragon> and Gronks, Grilligs, Trelons and many many more...
* BIS_Jim is still looking up Plucker.....
<BIS_Ken> And a Capuccino Blast to boot!
*** FleaPlus has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
* BIShop_Sawyer likes Gelugons the best.
<Striding_Dragon> And... did I mention the Abishai?
* BIS_EricStuntDouble tries to use Plucker in a sentance
* KrysAtBIS looks over Jim's shoulder
<Striding_Dragon> Does that answer your question?
<BIS_Steve> Gronks, Grilligs, and Trelons -- oh my!
<hedgwe> yep, thanks and GA
<BIS_Dan> GA
*** DaBullll has joined #torment
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, hedgwe
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v hedgwe Chemical
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Chemical
*** Sentience has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
<Chemical> Since this is representing the Planescape Universe, is the game to include planar travel
to the outer planes, inner planes, and Astral plane and how devloped will they be? Does it include
the boarder towns in the Outlands? Will the portals change location in the city of doors? Does the
Lady of Pain have access to mazes for punishment?
* BIS_EricStuntDouble sets up a Slip 'n Slide in his office.
*** SandMan has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<KrysAtBIS> Bye, Greg
*** Squidmaster has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Striding_Dragon> We are going to the Outlands, yes.
<BIS_Colin> Yes, yes, fairly developed, yes, no, and yes.
<BIS_Ken> Oh yes, the Lady can punish you... oh yeah!
<BIS_Tim> you can go to the outlands
<Striding_Dragon> We also go to.... drumroll................ more drumroll..............
<Striding_Dragon> LIMBO!
<BIS_Tim> carceri too
<BIS_Colin> We have Outer, Inner, Outlands, gate towns, mazes....
<BIS_Dan> The Lady of Pain is my regular Saturday night thing.
<BIS_Greg> Well guys, gotta run. Krys, cover me!
*** RuLeR has joined #torment
<BIS_Colin> And that's about enough giving away secrets...
*** DaBullll is now known as SandMan
<Striding_Dragon> Says who?
*** CntrlRain has joined #torment
*** Krison has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Chemical> Great!
<BIS_Colin> Well, I want SOME surprises...
* BIS_EricStuntDouble fires cover fire while greg bolts for the door
<BIS_Ken> So do I!
<Striding_Dragon> Anotherplane we visit is the plane Negative Material Plane!
* KrysAtBIS covers Bauman
* BIShop_Sawyer surprises Colin with some flowers.
<Chemical> Dabus?
* BIS_Colin explodes
<BIS_Dan> Wait until you get in your car tonight Colin. That'll be a surprise!
<Striding_Dragon> Dabus, yes
<BIS_Ken> WTF!!!!!
<BIS_BKM> I'll cover Krys
<Striding_Dragon> Ken?
* BIShop_Sawyer uses Chow-Yun Fat 2-fisted death to cover Greg.
<Chemical> Thanks, and GA
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Chemical
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Chemical Great_Wizard
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Great_Wizard
<Great_Wizard> Are the quests having multiple solutions and not mainly combat like in fallout or they
are more like BG's :"I forgot my cloak in a wood kill 1000 demons and bring it for reward" ?and what
is GA?
*** LatexBard has joined #Torment
<KrysAtBIS> Ga is go ahead =)
<Striding_Dragon> GA means "Go Ahead".
<Great_Wizard> ok
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> GA is our Great Lord and Master
<Striding_Dragon> Many of the elements in the game have multiple solutions...
<Great_Wizard> got it
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> ALL HAIL GA!
<BIS_Dan> The quests will generally be more social than violence or FedEx based.
<Striding_Dragon> While comabt is one of them, dialog is oftentime another one.
* BIS_EricStuntDouble prepares an offering to GA
<KrysAtBIS> Enuf with the ga.
<KrysAtBIS> =)
*** Eep has joined #torment
*** Jizm_Djin is now known as uses
<Striding_Dragon> We try to give the player a multitude of options to meet his personal playing style.
<KrysAtBIS> Please do NOT ask when the release date is. The information is available elsewhere. Don't
ask questions that are answered on the website! Also, please refrain from profanity or vulgarity out
of respect for our younger attendees.
*** BIS_Greg has left #torment
<KrysAtBIS> This is a moderated chat. You won't be able to talk until it's your turn. Please DO NOT
change your nick to make a comment or ask a question. Repeated nick changes will get you banned from
the chat.
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<Great_Wizard> are the maps load like bg or are they bigger?
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Great_Wizard
*** uses is now known as Jizm_Djinn
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Great_Wizard Dahok
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Dahok
<Dahok> Quick question... are you considering adding A3D support? I believe it has almost all the
effects that EAX can do, if not more. please don't curse me again. oh, Star Wars or Star Trek?
<Striding_Dragon> Some of the are actually larger.
*** Bazoo has left #torment
* BIShop_Sawyer releases Planescape: Torment into the nature preserve.
<KrysAtBIS> Please don't make me warn you again =)
<BIS_Dan> the maps are generally the same size as Baldur's
*** ShadowD has joined #torment
<Striding_Dragon> No, we do not do A3D at this point.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Star Wars
<BIS_Dan> We don't have Dev kits.
<Dahok> Krys, warn me?
<Striding_Dragon> EAX is our API of choice.
* Chris[Creative_Labs] beams
<KrysAtBIS> not you, Dahok =)
<Dahok> oh... k, thanks, guys
<Striding_Dragon> Chris, I knew you'd like that
* Chris[Creative_Labs] cough cough
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks Chris!!
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Dahok =)
<BIS_Dan> GA
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Dahok Greywolf
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Greywolf
<Greywolf> One last question from me:) Is it possible to receive so much damage that you can no
longer 'resurrect'? I'm thinking total conflagration, dismemberment, ground to picoscopic bits type
of damage. Or will you be able to shrug off a gross of tactical antimatter nukes given enough time
to heal?
*** Storm-Killer has joined #torment
<Greywolf> Also, is navigation like BG?
<KrysAtBIS> Good question
*** Flying_man has joined #torment
*** Flying_man has left #torment
<Striding_Dragon> Yes, that is possible. If you burn for example. you go to Never-never-land...
*** Flying_man has joined #torment
*** Sentience has joined #torment
<Greywolf> Cool, thanks!
<BIS_WTC> kinda like wolverine...?
<Greywolf> And, thanks BIS for making the best games! And taking away so much of my in life the last
year! (It's time...I will never...regain) :P
<BIShop_Sawyer> And when you go to neverneverland, Metallica starts playing.
<BIS_Dan> Navigation will be very similar to BG, except you can run to speed through areas. The
automap will allow you to jump around to many places when certain game conditions have been met.
<BIShop_Sawyer> Just kidding.
*** Flyingman has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
<Planet> lol
<Greywolf> Sweet, Metallica rocks
<Greywolf> :P
<Striding_Dragon> The Navigation is in general identical to BG. We added running and such, but the
way you control and direct your ...
<Striding_Dragon> foes is the familiar way.
*** Eep has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** Sky has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** Barney has left #torment
<Greywolf> Excellent, thanks for answering my questions!
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<Striding_Dragon> Any time
<BIS_Dan> GA?
*** kornyguy has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Striding_Dragon> Krys?
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Greywolf Cyan_Griffonclaw
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Cyan_Griffonclaw
*** asdfgh has joined #torment
<KrysAtBIS> Sorry
*** cosmo has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<BIS_Jim> darn those peers!
<KrysAtBIS> Big responsibility here, my friends.
<KrysAtBIS> Lotsa people want a part of me here
<BIS_Colin> Cursed peers. Being judged by a jury of them indeed.
*** asdfgh is now known as cosmo
<BIS_Colin> Everyone wants a piece of Krys.
<Cyan_Griffonclaw> I'm Dave from Austin, Texas... and I wish to thank you for creating such a great
game. Almost all of my questions have been answered, except these two: Is there going to be cap on
experience? What bothered me about the cap is that Paladins and Rangers were unable to cast spells
after reaching certain levels. Also, will there be specialized weapons like a DragonSlayer
implemented to kill maybe a weak dragon or an item like a bag of holding?
* BIS_Jim chuckles
<KrysAtBIS> You MUST be in #torment when your turn comes up or you will be skipped.
<BIS_Ken> There is no level cap.
<Striding_Dragon> No cap on experience... :-)))
<BIS_Colin> No cap.
<KrysAtBIS> This is a moderated chat. You won't be able to talk until it's your turn. Please DO NOT
change your nick to make a comment or ask a question. Repeated nick changes will get you banned from
the chat.
* BIShop_Sawyer begins putting candles on Krys.
<BIS_Jim> no cap. At least, it's a real big one.
<BIS_Colin> And yes, specialized weapons will exist.
*** trister99 has joined #torment
<Cyan_Griffonclaw> Cool
* Cyan_Griffonclaw drools
<BIS_Colin> We have very very few generic items.
<Striding_Dragon> DragonSlayer... that spawns an idea in my mind....
<BIS_Colin> hmmm... mine too... <g>
<Striding_Dragon> Colin, we need to talk.... <g>
* BIS_Colin hides
<KrysAtBIS> Ew
* Cyan_Griffonclaw hopes for a holy avenger
*** Flea has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
* KrysAtBIS is feeling uncomfortable...
*** FleaPlus has joined #torment
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<Cyan_Griffonclaw> Thanks
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Cyan
<Cyan_Griffonclaw> : )
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Cyan_Griffonclaw Blackfist
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Blackfist
<Blackfist> When you got the rights to make the game, how much leeway were you given with the rules
system? Do you feel rushed now that the game is nearing completion, do you feel rushed or do you
fell you are getting the time you need to finish everything you want?i know you dont want to say but
are there ne easter eggs? Oh and what is the favorite junk food of the staff?(if you say beer you
get mad points)
<BIS_Colin> BEER
<Striding_Dragon> Easter Eggs are usually the last thing you think about...
<BIS_Ken> BEER!! Lots of it!!
<BIS_Colin> We have the leeway we need. :)
<KrysAtBIS> I would have to say...
<KrysAtBIS> yep, Beer.
<BIS_WTC> how many points?
<Striding_Dragon> Right now we don't have Easter Eggs, but maybe we'll leave some in the game... who
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Beer. Notice which order we answer the questions in.
<BIS_Dan> Orange Juice. Lots of it.
<Blackfist> mad points
* BIShop_Sawyer likes eating easter eggs.
<BIS_Jake> more like jager
<Striding_Dragon> I agree with Colin on the leeway... there's enough room to do what we want to do...
* KrysAtBIS is shocked
<Blackfist> no JD?
<BIS_Ken> No way, Sapporo Winter Brew!
<Blackfist> thanks
<Striding_Dragon> if we wanted to stary from the AD&D rules, there would be no need to pay money for
the license in the first place...
<Striding_Dragon> so I think it's fairly easy to saty within the boundaries.
<BIS_WTC> I only feel rushed when they have Igor put his foot on my neck at feeding time and make me
stay at my desk...
*** Skive has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
* BIS_WTC winces from the flail
<BIShop_Sawyer> I think I need to tell about the history of Hubert of Liege and Jagermeister on the
board sometime.
<BIS_Jim> I wouldn't say we are rushed, but there's always a certain anxiety near the end of a project
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Blackfist
* BIS_EricStuntDouble throws Igor some raw meat and scratches behind his ear.
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Blackfist Quagmire
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Quagmire
<Quagmire> I was wondering if the music will be avail for the public. We get asked alot about the
soundtract for BG on the Dev Corner.
<Striding_Dragon> We haven't thought about that really. It is also a legal issue...
<Striding_Dragon> there are many rights that need to be acquired in order to be able to make the
music available separately.
*** ComradeX has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
<BIS_Colin> But it would be cool if we did.
<KrysAtBIS> The time is now 7:30pm Pacific
<BIS_Ken> Colin's still asking Trent Reznor if it's cool or not. Hahahahahha....
<Striding_Dragon> Yes, it would be cool, as I said, we haven't really thought about that yet.
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<BIS_Colin> Trent is very picky, you know. People keep asking about the new NIN album, and what's he
going to say? "Sorry, I'm working on another computer game soundtrack"?
<Striding_Dragon> Like anyone would care....
<BIS_WTC> probably some wu tang tracks...
<Quagmire> Yeah, it is a highly requested item on the DC so I figure it would be the same for P:T
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Quagmire
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Quagmire Bellator
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Bellator
* Striding_Dragon is beaten to death by Reznor fans!
<BIS_Colin> WHAT THE??? Hey, Guido, Michael Schenker is touring again...
<Bellator> Are there any plans to come out with an AVI or demo of some kind from E3 or just plain
*** Sniper_18 has joined #torment
<Bellator> ALso what is Annah's race?
*** Planet has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
<Striding_Dragon> Who cares... He suckes big time life!
<Striding_Dragon> sucks I mean.
<BIS_Tim> More avi's are coming
<KrysAtBIS> ahem
*** Skive has joined #torment
<Striding_Dragon> Annah is a tiefling if I remember correctly.
<BIS_Steve> What about David Hasslehoff?
<KrysAtBIS> question at hand, gentlemen...
<BIS_Colin> Oh. I thought you cared, Guido. Damn. <g>
<BIS_BKM> Guido is more of a backstreet boys fan
<BIS_Colin> She's a tiefling.
<Striding_Dragon> Yeah, right.
<BIS_Dan> N'Sync is so dreamy!
*** Planet has joined #torment
* KrysAtBIS would like to point out that a question has been asked
<KrysAtBIS> Focus!
<Bellator> Can't wait for the game. THanks.
<BIS_Ken> The Spice Girls!!
<BIS_Colin> Tim said that there's more coming out!
* BIS_WTC notices the ' detail
<BIS_BKM> Hey i like the spice girls!
<Striding_Dragon> Give me some Van Halen and I'm happy!
<KrysAtBIS> <Bellator> Are there any plans to come out with an AVI or demo of some kind from E3 or just plain development
*** MadJester has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
<BIS_Tim> More movies of gameplay will be released
<BIShop_Sawyer> "This game is going to be so spinnin' that we should give out a free skein of blue
and orange yarn with each box."
<KrysAtBIS> thanks, Tim
<BIS_Tim> I know everybody will love that!
<BIS_Ken> Ice Ice Baby!
*** Seamus has left #torment
<BIS_Tim> especially Chris Jones aka BIS_WTC
<BIS_Dan> Split Enz, baby!
<KrysAtBIS> Told you Ken was outta control, Brian...
<BIS_Dan> GA
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Bellator...
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Bellator Nameless_One
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Nameless_One
<Nameless_One> What about the combat system, turn based i assume? Will there be scripts for your
associates like in BG? And Jim did you ever find pluker in that dictionary? Peace to Cyan - Ausin
*** ComradeX has joined #torment
<Nameless_One> Austin i mean..oops
<BIS_Dan> The combat system is pauseable realtime just like Baldur's was.
<KrysAtBIS> It was plucker.
<Striding_Dragon> There will be general scripts for the NPCs but they are less than in BG...
* BIS_WTC plots to evicerate dark tim DONLEY for revealing me true identity
<BIS_Colin> Combat will be like BG - real time, based on rounds, with pause option.
<BIS_Jim> PLUCKER: One who, or that which, Plucks. GO figure.
<Nameless_One> i know sorry i cant type
<Chris[Creative_Labs]> I've got to go I'm afraid. I'll talk to Greg tomorrow. Thanks for inviting
<Striding_Dragon> Bye Chris, take care.
<BIS_Colin> Bye, Chris!
<BIS_WTC> what are you afraid of...?
<Nameless_One> cool thanks
<BIS_BKM> pluck who?
<KrysAtBIS> Bye Chris
* KrysAtBIS waves
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> later, Chris
<BIS_Ken> pluck that!
<Nameless_One> props to Chris!
<Chris[Creative_Labs]> Later
<BIS_Colin> Someone's getting plucked.
*** Ceros has left #torment
*** Chris[Creative_Labs] has left #torment
<BIS_BKM> quit pluckin around
<BIS_Ken> Pluck you!
<Nameless_One> lol
* BIS_Tim waves at Chris (aka BIS_WTC)
*** LatexBard has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<BIS_BKM> pluck yo mama
<BIS_Steve> Plucker (vi) to make a sharp pull or twitch [Webster]
<BIS_WTC> you no pluck around no more
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<BIS_Colin> BIS_WTC is really Chris Jones?
<Nameless_One> thanx steve
<BIS_BKM> nightwin!
<BIS_WTC> thanks baldy
<BIS_Ken> What? Who's Chris Jones??
<KrysAtBIS> Leave it to Bokkes...
<BIS_Colin> ga?
*** youngB has left #torment
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Nameless_One k
<Striding_Dragon> Steve: See, just what I said... PLUCKER!
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, k
<BIS_Ken> You, you mean Chris Jones is BIS_WTC?? and NIGHTWING??
*** peasant has joined #torment
<k> hi
*** Jizm_Djinn has left #Torment
<Striding_Dragon> Next question please...
<BIS_Colin> Hi, K.
<k> Will there be any action in this CRPG which means you must have jink(currency)? The jink how
will it be
<k> used, and how will it affect the game (if at all) :)
* BIS_EricStuntDouble tells Nightwing to go back to the batcave.
*** Jizm_Djinn has joined #Torment
<Striding_Dragon> Oooouuuhhhh... jink!
<BIS_Colin> You have to have money to buy stuff from merchants. Or you can steal stuff.
<Striding_Dragon> He said the word...
<BIS_BKM> ask chris about nightwing!
<BIS_Colin> You will need money in some cases, but it's not going to be essential to the game. Your
personal attributes will generally be more important.
<k> ps send me a t :) please I hasve all the other stuff (except the bg gold)
<BIS_Colin> ga
<BIS_Ken> Ah, but do you have the Nameless One stuffed doll??
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, k
<k> so then quests will require jink?
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v k cosmo
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, cosmo
<cosmo> BG had massive slow downs (nearly unplayable) during area spells such as fireball or stink
cloud, or when alot of guys were moving around the screen, has planescape been graced with any
optimizations which would speed up the game in this area, or does planescape lack these situations?
also, how many people are usually in an area? whats your favorite movie/color and whats your sign?
also is there like a massive spell like COMMAND: Death spell? als
<BIS_Dan> Or the Mordon ice chest?
<BIS_Colin> k: Very few of them. Mostly not.
* BIS_WTC rolls his eyes and whistles
<BIS_Colin> Where's Dan?
<BIS_Colin> Dan?
*** Lazursas has left #torment
<BIS_Tim> Lets just say the spells will be big and as fast as possible
<BIS_Colin> Daaaaaaaan?
*** Sentience has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
<BIS_Dan> Since we are still using a debug build we do see some slowdown, but we've just gotten a new
programmer that may work on optimization.
<BIS_Jim> We are going to see about speeding things up a bit
<BIS_Ken> Will there be "massive spells"? HM, maybe not massive, but BIG and BAD. YOu ain't seen
nothing yet :)...
* BIS_WTC translates : don't know, but someone smarter might help me.
<cosmo> and how bout hte people, are some areas crowded?
<BIS_Dan> Optimization is definitely in the plans, however.
<BIS_Colin> I'm a "Yield" sign.
<cosmo> or are they all like bg
<cosmo> farely open
<BIShop_Sawyer> Dan achieves the fantastic speed of the spells by using a spinnin' algorithm.
<BIS_Ken> Massive is so 'small'... BIG IS much better than massive. The whole screen will shatter.
<BIS_Tim> I am sure our spell boys (EricStuntDouble and Chris Jones aka BIS_WTC) would love to talk
all about them
<BIS_Dan> I'm Spinnin'! Hey look! I'm Spinnin'!
<KrysAtBIS> Wahoo! Go, Ken!
<cosmo> wtc: talk a little bout the spells
<BIS_Colin> Chris Jones/Nightwing/BIS_WTC would be happy to address spell questions.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> We're taking a minimalist approach to the spells. You have to imagine the
effects because there are no visuals.
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> We're THAT lazy :D
<cosmo> no visuals :(
<KrysAtBIS> Eric....?
<cosmo> whats the fun then
<BIS_Ken> Favorite Movie? "Raiders of the Lost Doomguard!!"
<cosmo> heh
<BIS_Dan> The spells be rad! Lotsa cool translucencies and 'splosions!
<KrysAtBIS> Cosmo, he's kidding
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<KrysAtBIS> Lots of visuals
<cosmo> krys: i know ;)
<cosmo> heh
<cosmo> alright
* KrysAtBIS wishes Eric wouldn't joke about lack of visuals...
<BIS_Colin> Krys is just saying that to sell the game.
<cosmo> i guess thats everything
<cosmo> i hope your game does great
<BIS_Colin> This is really a text adventure.
<cosmo> looks good so far
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Ok, Ok. Bad time for sarcasm.
<BIS_Colin> With only two sentences designed.
<Sarevok> haha
<Striding_Dragon> Thanks, Cosmo
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Cosmo, we appreciate it!
<BIS_Colin> But they're GOOD sentences.
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v cosmo Pythius
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Pythius
<BIS_WTC> while we wouldn't dare attemtp to dethrone squaresoft's seat, we are planning an elaborate
graphical insurrection they will feel all the way in hawaii...
<Pythius> Andy Luedke - Redmond, WA : What updates to the AI have happened since BG? Do enemies
actively arrange themselves in battle to better attack or defend? Do NPC's remember previous
conversations beyond what the outcome was? Also, was the multiplayer removed because of cheating
online (duping items, etc.)? Lastly, what kind of realism as far as cities and locations go will
you add? For example, Beregost was barely a village's size,
<Pythius> while cities in Daggerfall were huge. Is there any attempt to balance this?
<BIS_BKM> have you seen his stuff i don't think he's joking
<BIS_Dan> We've added a lew of new AI functions that characters are making use of.
<Striding_Dragon> Multiplayer was removed because it did not make sense in the context of the game...
*** angelsboy has joined #torment
<BIS_Colin> We have many, many, many maps of Sigil.
<BIS_Dan> You should see a lot more variance in the way enemies behave.
<BIS_Colin> Many x10
<Pythius> Groovy.
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, Pythius
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Pythius beefalo
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, beefalo
<beefalo> Will I be able to change the color of my pantaloons like in BG? I wouldn't want to be
stuck in green pantaloons when red ones look so much nicer.... Assuming I'd be wearing pantaloons,
that is... I hope the Nameless One isn't also the Pantsless One...
<beefalo> (Sorry, all my other questions were asked already by other people, but (ObSuckUp:) the game
sounds great -- I can't wait to play it! [well, I'll have to, but I won't enjoy it]) Oh, and thanks
for making it single-player (I'm so very lonely).
<Striding_Dragon> Technical limitations or cheating were never real issues that affected the
decision. It was the story that didn't lend itself to multiplaer aspects.
<BIS_Colin> Multiplayer was never really considered for the game.
<BIS_Dan> Watching townies flee in terror as you wield huge axes is hilarious.
*** k has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<BIS_WTC> you wil be wearing the flyest pantalon EVER dont worry.
<BIS_Ken> But, he -IS- the Pantsless One!!
<KrysAtBIS> It's all about the loin cloth...
<BIS_Colin> Beefalo: Thanks! Ummm... any question at all?
*** Strider has joined #torment
*** k has joined #torment
*** angelsboy has quit IRC (Quit: Je suis Damian, fils du diable. Agenouillez-vous devant moi sous
peine de subir mon courroux.)
<beefalo> just the pantaloons, really...
<BIS_Tim> You can always change your pantaloons but the Nameless One likes his as they are
<KrysAtBIS> golly
<KrysAtBIS> pants-fixated
<BIS_Colin> Uh oh.
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks Beefalo!
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v beefalo Jinx
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Jinx
* BIS_Ken stares at Colins pants
<Jinx> Greetings!I'm Kevin from Montreal...
<Jinx> Game mechanic question: Will the spell effects alter in relation to the plane yer on.And will
spell keys be available to avert alterations??
<Jinx> Also you mentioned the neg mat plane as an area, I assume you will stick to 2D though the
plane is a void where you float around.
<Jinx> P.S.-I would love to see *Ruffie* and the *kid* again!
* BIS_WTC stop that ken i saw him first
*** SirPhread has joined #torment
<BIS_Ken> Yes, we'll be true to the Planescape. Spell keys are there.
<BIS_WTC> no we have a new chair that comes with the game (OEM) and you will actually float.
<Jinx> *laugh*
*** Wind_Wolf has joined #torment
* BIS_EricStuntDouble wants a floating chair of his own.
<BIS_Colin> Ken, Nightwing aka BIS_WTC, stop staring at my pants.
<BIS_Ken> Neg Material Plane: something like that.
*** SirPhread is now known as Ren_Elven
<BIS_Colin> Jinx: We were talking about this all just recently.
* BIS_WTC bats his lashes
<Jinx> thanx guys(and gals)
<Jinx> GA
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Jinx wiredbuddha
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, wiredbuddha
<wiredbuddha> How smoothe with the game be in terms of load times?... How will moving from area to
area work? Is there any effort in aquiring the Dragonlance license for use in future games?
<KrysAtBIS> Such impatience...
*** Retrieving #torment info...
<Striding_Dragon> Loadign times are a bit hard to predict at this point because during the
<Striding_Dragon> you usually don't play it off CDs. From harddrive it's pretty fast. :-)
*** BIShop_Sawyer changes topic to 'Torment Chat Now: It's a Spinnin' Thing!'
<BIS_Ken> Colin, about that portal that jumps you to Krynn...
<Striding_Dragon> Seriously, we'll keep an eye on loading times and also thought about improved
caching techniques
<wiredbuddha> how big will it be? possible for avg person to play off the drive?
*** _jinx_ has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
<Striding_Dragon> As for "Dragonlance", unfortunately we are not the right people to answer that
question. :-(
<BIS_Colin> Portal to Krynn? Geez! Will we never stop spilling secrets?
<Striding_Dragon> As I saidf during the last chat, I'd love to do Dragonlance and kill Raistlin. :-))
<BIS_Ken> But, but Tanis and Sturm...
<BIS_Colin> How big? 3 CDs right now.
<Striding_Dragon> No, it's too large to be played from harddrive alltogether, I'm afraid.
<Striding_Dragon> then again...
* BIShop_Sawyer reveals a trivia fun fact: he was once a model for the cover of a Dragonlance module
that Colin wrote.
*** ComradeX has left #torment
<wiredbuddha> Take care and dream well, friends
<BIS_WTC> Sturm is already dead.
*** ComradeX has joined #torment
<Striding_Dragon> Thanks buddha
<BIS_Colin> me reveals another fun fact: That was the first cover Robh Ruppel did.
* BIS_Colin thinks
*** Jizm_Djinn has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
* BIS_EricStuntDouble reveals that he was once a model for guns and ammo
*** Jinx has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
* KrysAtBIS asks Bishop Sawyer to check the message I sent him
<KrysAtBIS> ga?
* BIShop_Sawyer was young and needed the money.
<BIS_Colin> ga!
<Striding_Dragon> ga
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v wiredbuddha DirkDirty
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, DirkDirty
<DirkDirty> how much time do the programmers spend everyday writting code?
<BIS_Dan> Depends.
<BIS_Colin> ha ha ha ha about five minutes.
<BIS_Ken> All day, 24 hours a day.
<BIS_Ken> We chain them to their desks and feed them cabbage from time to time
<BIS_Colin> The rest of the time they're fixing the things the designers break.
<BIS_Dan> If we get a lot of questions, it can be around a few hours.
*** BlackAria has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<BIS_WTC> 6 hours ping pong, 1 hour foozeball 1 hour lunch
<BIS_Dan> On weekends, we can generally get a lot more done.
<KrysAtBIS> Too much
<BIS_WTC> no ping pong on weekends
<BIS_Colin> I think you're talking about a different team, Chris Jones.
<BIS_Ken> Ping ping? Hey, stop talking about S...
<Striding_Dragon> Colin - remember the meeting yesterday?
<BIS_BKM> sk2
<BIS_Colin> Oh, right.
<BIS_Colin> ;)
<BIS_BKM> justin?
<BIS_WTC> WELL nothing is a secret online...
<BIS_BKM> Vance?
* BIS_EricStuntDouble just got back from a game of Robotron
<BIS_BKM> Mike
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<BIS_Dan> Now boys. Be nice.
<BIS_Ken> Hey, let's do QIII Arena!!!
<BIS_WTC> GAH! gurgle spit
<BIS_Colin> Dude, I can't believe I hit you through that window!
<BIS_Steve> Anbody got any dice?
<BIS_Colin> Honestly: They spend as much time as they can writing code without us breaking their
<BIS_Colin> ga
<Striding_Dragon> Krys?
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v DirkDirty Gavlin-Strife
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Gavlin-Strife
<Gavlin-Strife> Most screen shots I have seen thus far have been set within Sigil. How much of the
game will actually take place out of Sigil and in the immensity of the Planes? Chemical pretty much
covered this question, but I'm wondering if the majority of the game will take place in Sigil or out
of it...
*** Cyberia2 has joined #torment
*** cosmo has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Striding_Dragon> Colin?
<BIS_Colin> The first... oh... half of the game is Sigil. Maybe a bit more.
*** Rimfire has joined #torment
<Striding_Dragon> ga
<BIS_Colin> And then you're on a whirlwind tour of the planes!
<BIS_Colin> In this zany madcap comedy!
<BIS_Ken> Well, like the Force, there is -balance-... some of it is in Sigil, some of it out.
<BIS_WTC> since sigil is at the end of an infinitly tall spire, we're not sure where it is.
*** NightHwk| has quit IRC (Quit: 1Get NEW 15,1°ShowDowN v9.5 PrO°1 At 15,1http://koti.icenet.
<Gavlin-Strife> That's a simple answer...nice.
*** Ren_Elven is now known as Ren_Elvens_Twin
<BIS_Colin> I aim to please. You aim, too, please.
<BIS_Colin> ;)
<Gavlin-Strife> <G>
<BIS_Colin> ga
*** Storm-Killer has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Gavlin-Strife Bonox
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Bonox
* BIS_WTC mental note: better aim next time chris tests me
<Bonox> I have read that the goal in the game is you and not saving the world , this leads to a more
complex game, but it may also confuse players, will eventually an objective appear after some time
maybe after discovering the truth of our past) or will the reality of the hero's identity be unveiled
towards the end of the game(being that the only final objective).
<KrysAtBIS> Yay!
<Bonox> yeah !
<BIS_Colin> Bonox: You'll have to see.
<BIS_Colin> :) But questions are answered and choices are made.
<Bonox> will there
<Bonox> be the possibilitie of an open life
<BIS_Colin> We're not like existentialist cinema.
<Bonox> such as daggerfall ?
<BIS_Colin> Bonox: You mean gameplay after the end of the game?
<Bonox> yes
*** Sniper_18 has quit IRC (Quit: excess COCA COLA)
<Bonox> maybe open your bar
<Bonox> and invite drunken dwarfs
<BIS_Colin> Well, the way we have it set up now... no.
* KrysAtBIS has a special request
<Bonox> and pervert elfs
<BIS_WTC> and then sit there and watch yourself fidget while others do the same...?
<BIS_Ken> Ah, the drunken dwarvess!!! NO!!!
<Bonox> i would like a bar on sigil
<BIS_Colin> We want to show the consequences of your final choice instead.
<KrysAtBIS> I can't seem to have the queue spit out this question, so I need to give it for him...
<Bonox> with boobed dwarfs
*** CHAOSKNIGHT has joined #torment
<BIS_Colin> You will see several different taverns in Sigil.
<KrysAtBIS> Paul from Rotterdam, Holland ---- I would like to know...if there are any changes
relating to art in Torment from the last chat, how about resolution, color depth and animations?....
any improvements to set the tone in any of the planes to be visited? ........and to win that 1st
prize the creature that dwells on the positive energy plane is the xag-ya.or wasnt that the
<KrysAtBIS> There you go.
<Bonox> thanks
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, bonox
<Bonox> yeah
<BIS_Tim> resolution , still the same
<BIS_Tim> animations.. still big and cool
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> We're continuing to add cool Monitor-shattering spell effects.
<BIS_BKM> and touch up
<BIS_Ken> Color depth?? I thought this was a Text Adventure?!
<BIS_Tim> HAHAHAAH.. and Brian is making it all look good
*** Planet has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Nick2)))
<KrysAtBIS> Go Brian
<BIS_Dan> Look. Go North. Use alarm clock on tent.
<BIS_BKM> you mean great!
<KrysAtBIS> ga?
*** Planet has joined #torment
<BIS_Dan> GA
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -v+v Bonox Dethrone[GA-Rpg]
<KrysAtBIS> Go ahead, Dethrone[GA-Rpg]
<Dethrone[GA-Rpg]> Will you be able to use your severed limbs as weapons? And will there be any
'secret' types of weapons like say...a double bladed lightsaber? Also, are there any things that
you've been forced to take out because of any limited developing time that you would bring the
unfinished things back through an expansion pack like BioWare did with Baldur's Gate?
* BIS_Tim says BIS_BKM = Brian Menze
<KrysAtBIS> There you are =)
<Dethrone[GA-Rpg]> Thanks Krys :)
*** Ren_Elvens_Twin has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** zynergy has joined #torment
<BIS_Tim> Yes you can use a limb as a weapon
<Striding_Dragon> We did not take elements out of the game, no.
<KrysAtBIS> 2 I'll be asking the trivia question a little after 8, so please hang tight
<BIS_Ken> Colin, the Double-bladed Light Saber that Darth Timmy has...
<BIS_Ken> Ooops..
<BIS_Colin> There will be secret weapons...
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Yep. Imagine how scary you'll be when you beat them to death with your own
<BIS_Colin> Darth Timmy... crushing... larynx... can't type...
<BIS_BKM> left butt cheek
<Dethrone[GA-Rpg]> Woohoo...hehe
<BIShop_Sawyer> That's _DARK_ Timmy.
<Striding_Dragon> ga
* BIS_Tim says there is a secret Colin in the game
*** Greywolf has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
<BIS_Ken> Vorpal Blade of McComb!!!
<Dethrone[GA-Rpg]> Thanks.
<BIS_WTC> sure is a lot of character development in this chat session...
<BIS_Colin> The VB of McComb cuts off all your hair.
*** MrFrost has joined #torment
<BIS_Colin> ga
* BIS_EricStuntDouble removes his hear and throws it at Colin
<BIS_Colin> His hear? WTF?
* BIS_EricStuntDouble meant to type EAR
<Striding_Dragon> Krys?
<KrysAtBIS> Ok one more for the road, guys
*** Greywolf has joined #torment
* BIS_EricStuntDouble really sucks at typing
<KrysAtBIS> Will the game run OK on NT4? Why can't we pick and run game in any res we want (hey size
matters! my 21" is going to waste...;))? Also, why not use openGL for enhanced gfx effects? (we
like pretty effects!) :) Oh, and fix the AI pathfinding, or ax the mazes! P.S can we do damage to
buildings and such? ;) And
<KrysAtBIS> finally, lets have more than the 4 canned responses for voices moen(sp?) was getting on
my nerves!
<KrysAtBIS> <SandMan> AND *PLEASE* have a PROPPER ENDING THIS TIME!! Not just QUIT! (grumbles!)Let
us walk around and talk, and hear them say THANKS!--or curse us because we killed their leader! :)
Oh, and A3D SDK can be downloaded. (it rocks!--sorry EAX!)
<KrysAtBIS> ok that's it
<Striding_Dragon> The game should run fine on NT.
* KrysAtBIS burps
<KrysAtBIS> sorry
<KrysAtBIS> too much text
<Striding_Dragon> There is no acceleration through OpenGL because there is no need to...
<BIS_Tim> I run it in NT
<Striding_Dragon> Many people believe it actually does magic on the pixels, but the fact of the
matter is that everything...
<Striding_Dragon> it really does can be done in software just as well - which is what we do. :-)
<Striding_Dragon> The upsside is, the game will run on any machine.
*** [Pea] has joined #torment
<BIS_Tim> Hey, on a 21" monitor you will see all our hard work so much bigger
<Striding_Dragon> You will not be able to do damage to buildings.
<BIS_Dan> We could download the SDK, yes, but we don't have any appropriate hardware to test it with.
<BIS_BKM> you pluck tim
<Striding_Dragon> The reason you cannot run the game in any resolution is of technical nature...
<BIS_WTC> you know the buttons on your monitor, just stretch it out REAL BIG
<Striding_Dragon> There is so much data going down the bus that it will bring every machine to its
knees eventually..
<BIS_WTC> before the EMPIRE
* BIS_Tim thinks you will see BRIAN's work so much better at 21"
<KrysAtBIS> 2 If it's ok with you guys, I'd like to go ahead with the contest - getting late for our
East Coasters
<BIS_Ken> Ending: don't worry, it'll be good :)
<BIS_Colin> Brian Menze?
<KrysAtBIS> Is the team ok with that?
<BIS_Steve> Torment's ending will be fantastic! Not better than Balgur's... but different
<BIS_Dan> Yup.
<BIS_Colin> Brian Menze aka BIS_BKM?
<KrysAtBIS> Team?
<BIS_Dan> Contest sounds good to me!
<BIS_Colin> Oh. Yes. Contest. Go ahead.
<BIS_Dan> Can I play?
<BIS_Jake> designers who can't type
<BIS_BKM> yes you bald plucker
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> I'f I'm not eligable, I'll be sad.
<BIS_Ken> Was this the one involving shooting Kenders into the Elemental Plane of Fire??
<KrysAtBIS> 3 What I will do is ask three trivia questions. To be entered in the drawing for the
prizes (which I'll list), you must answer all questions correctly and email them to
<BIS_WTC> we should really explore winpopup further in our spare time.
<BIS_Colin> Question 1: Who is the scriptor who doesn't have the little red squeezy ball?
<KrysAtBIS> Everyone got that?
<BIS_Jake> amen
*** MrFrost has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<KrysAtBIS> 3
*** MrFrost has joined #torment
<BIS_Dan> Don't believe Colin. He's a liar.
<BIShop_Sawyer> I made the questions. I'm cool.
<KrysAtBIS> 3 The prizes are as follows:
<BIS_Ken> Question 2: What is the name of Dan's favorite '80's band??
<KrysAtBIS> 3 We have TWO soundblaster live! systems graciously donated by Creative Labs
<BIS_Jake> I heard that colin
<KrysAtBIS> 3 Plus several t-shirts to give away
<BIS_Dan> Only I know the answer to that question!
<BIS_Colin> (answer 2: Olivia Newton-John)
<BIS_Ken> But I -also- know the answer!! ^_^ it's ...
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Curse you DAN! you slanted the contest!
<KrysAtBIS> 3 We also have full versions of Tales of the Sword Coast and Black Isle Studios t-shirts
and BG mousepads
*** MrFrost has left #torment
<BIS_Ken> Milli Vanilli!!
<BIS_Dan> I have a Jawa doll that we can give away!
<BIS_Ken> Girl, you know it's true!!
<BIS_Dan> How about some sputum>
<BIS_WTC> g-g-g-girl
<Sarevok> a jawa hehe
*** MrFrost has joined #torment
<BIS_WTC> ooh-ooh-ooh
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Girl, you dont have to front on me...
*** FleaPlus has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
<BIS_Colin> I can't believe you guys are singing that AND YOU KNOW THE WORDS
<BIS_Ken> Question: What group is CHUCK D a part of??
<KrysAtBIS> 2 In Baldur's Gate, what did Miner Gord say "jumped out of the very walls" to attack
Old Ruffie?
*** Sentience has joined #torment
<BIS_Jake> Colin where is the red ball
<BIS_Steve> Oh, oh... I know this one
<BIS_Dan> Old Ruffie? Is that a pill that's been under the couch for a month?
<BIS_WTC> how much wood could a woodchuck chuck
<BIS_Colin> Jake: ha ha ha ha ha
<KrysAtBIS> 2For how many days was Xan imprisoned in the Nashkel Mines?
* BIS_EricStuntDouble hums the Jeoperdy theme to set... the mood.
*** [Katz] has quit IRC (Quit:
<BIS_Colin> Steve! Jump in while you can!
<BIS_Steve> Amazing, I know this one too!
<BIS_Jake> You can't have the red ball in site all the time
<BIS_Ken> How many bricks is Baldurs Gate made out of?
<Planet> 200000000000
<KrysAtBIS> 2 Also from BG, What does Vail give you and what does it do?
<KrysAtBIS> That's all!
<BIS_Colin> Snow?
*** Flying_man has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** MrFrost has left #torment
<BIS_Dan> How many Gibbberlings does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
<KrysAtBIS> 2 Email your answers to
<BIS_Steve> The Pain!
*** Quagmire has left #torment
*** Cyberia2 has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<BIS_WTC> everyone is leaving
<BIS_Colin> How many arrows does it take to get to the center of a diseased gibberling?
<BIS_WTC> nobody likes us
<KrysAtBIS> 2 All entries must be received by midnight tonight (May 26) PACIFIC TIME, and members of
the press are not eligible.
<BIS_Colin> maybe we should allow them to talk...
*** Gavlin-Strife has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<BIShop_Sawyer> NO!
<BIS_Jake> no, nobody likes you
*** Great_Wizard has left #torment
<BIS_Ken> Thanks guys for showing up. May the Force be with you!
<BIS_WTC> >snif!<
<BIS_WTC> word
<Striding_Dragon> I have to run folks! Thanks a lot for coming by. It was great. Hope to see you all
again next time. :-)
<KrysAtBIS> 2 You must answer all questions correctly, and winners will be drawn at random from the
correct entries
<BIS_Colin> Thanks, everyone!
*** Grimnar83 has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** trister99 has left #torment
<BIS_Dan> Eat at Joes!
*** DirkDirty has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<BIS_Colin> Love from our family... to yours.
<KrysAtBIS> Thanks, everyone!
*** [Pea] has left #torment
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Word to ya Mudda
<BIS_Jake> Colin, get over here
<Sarevok> heh
*** AlexDC has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** Wycen has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Love you much
<BIS_WTC> you sending the fett? man, thats all you had to say!
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> toodles
* BIS_Colin hides from the wrath of Jake
<BIS_Steve> God Bless Drunken Dwarves!!!
<BIS_WTC> ta ta
*** Striding_Dragon has left #torment
<BIS_WTC> with miniskirts
*** Strider has quit IRC (Quit: FeSTiVA v3 - mIRC's Lamborghini)
*** BIS_Ken has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** peasant has left #torment
<BIS_Jake> I take offense at that
<BIS_Colin> and pervert elves. We love pervert elves.
*** Retrieving #torment info...
*** wiredbuddha has left #torment
*** BIS_Dan has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<BIS_BKM> na na na goodbyyyee
*** BIS_Jim has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<BIS_WTC> DARK pervert elves
*** Sentience has left #torment
*** Bellator has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** Skive has quit IRC (Quit: Torment is cool!)
*** Lupuz has left #torment
*** BIShop_Sawyer changes topic to 'BIS IS SPINNIN'!'
<BIS_Colin> mmmm dark elves
<BIS_WTC> can't... leave... console...
*** KrysAtBIS sets mode: -m
<Dahok> first to speak
<BIS_EricStuntDouble> Human Sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!
* blackEyEz still holds his breath
*** Gohlan has left #torment
<Nameless_One> ok
<Sarevok> and the channel shrinks
<Planet> man, these exits are gonna lag me offline
<k> thanksa and ...
<KrysAtBIS> Un moderated, friends
<SandMan> BG has no bricks! only pixels! ;) I WIN!!! :)
<BIS_WTC> must type more jibberish
<RabMan> C-Ya all
<Judas> Who the heck is Vail?
<Zarth> I guess I can't enter huh? ;)
* Bluknight grins
<armani-> h
<blackEyEz> Developers, stay with the gang plz..:)
<BIS_Jake> Enough, i get the picture
<BIShop_Sawyer> Jake is spinnin'.
<BIS_BKM> i hate doors
<Nameless_One> Thaks guys!
<squick> hey, why is it so tough? people that have not played BG cnanot enter
<k> WAAA i know not 1 answere to these questions BOO HOO
<Greywolf> Will there be a DVD version?
<IG-99> how about some of the critters? like dragons? githyanki and their silver swords? travel in
the etherial plane? Any bags of holding? how about the Draeden from the Immortals setting? any
trips to the demiplane of imprisonment? 8 gig of space available for install too =)
<Rapha_> guess many people are going to CHEAT in BG in order to find answers fast
<BIS_BKM> doors bad
<PJ_BGC> no entering for me.....
<CHAOSKNIGHT> i don't know any of the questions
<BIS_BKM> no more doors
<BIS_WTC> better get your copy TODAY!
<beefalo> you should try that new beer with candy floating in it... y'know, Skittlebraü...
*** squick has quit IRC (Quit: Doh! Must of Died)
<Planet> ummm u sure you wanna do a -m ?lol
<Judas> The first two are easy
<PJ_BGC> Grey not likely of Torment
<BIS_BKM> doors suck
<Draconis> zoom?
<SandMan> That is a loaded contest. I haven't played BG since I solved in MANY months ago, now I
can't install it back cause CD#2 is screwed (thanks interplay) :(
<blackEyEz> Well im off to bed, its getting morning here in holland...bye bye
<Star-Fyre> hehe
<BIShop_Sawyer> They're not impossible.
*** absolute_zero has joined #torment
<Greywolf> thanks
<Sarevok> those questions are not impossible :)
<Trumpfass> cu & gn8 guys *nap attack* (5:06am ;o)
<Star-Fyre> they r damn hard
*** absolute_zero has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Tindalos> if the questions are bg related... meaning you must have played... why are they giving
away a bggold?
*** Judas has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Blackfist> i have not played the game how do i answere them
<Star-Fyre> unles u have save game at each chpater of the gam,e
<Star-Fyre> :)
<Bonox> BISHOP I STUDIED ALL THE FACTIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
<Star-Fyre> blackEyEz...u dont
<Star-Fyre> doh
<BIS_WTC> dont worry, its an ugly shirt anyway
*** kryptonite has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Bonox> to answer this TRIVIA
<Star-Fyre> Blackfist..u don't
<Star-Fyre> hehe
<BIS_BKM> do not leave or i will have to do doors
<blackEyEz> u dont?
<Draconis> the factions in Planescape rule
<Star-Fyre> blackeyes..sorry
<BIS_WTC> all three of them..
<k> :p LESS PUBLIC FOR bi is all :)
<BIS_Steve> FOR SALE: ANSWERS TO BG TRIVIA QUESTIONS. Send -emails and a check for 12.95 plus
shipping and handling
*** absolute_zero has joined #torment
<k> no t for k :)
* Star-Fyre getting sblive! nex month
<BIS_BKM> ican't do anymore doors!
<Draconis> Doomguard are possibly the funniest
<Star-Fyre> :)
<BIShop_Sawyer> I'm leaving. I'm crazy. I'm a spoonhead.
<CntrlRain> i was the only person in this channel for weeks
<SandMan> I will give a BIS_* guy $400000 for all the correct answers... (The check is in the mail)!
<PJ_BGC> he he good one Steve..:)
<BIS_BKM> please for the love of god!
<BIS_Colin> I gotta go... I have doggies.
<CntrlRain> then all you crazy BIS people come in and make it +m
<k> ehe steve
<BIS_Jake> will give answers for 11.95
<CntrlRain> not very nice of you
<PJ_BGC> if Torment will not make you rich that will (Steve)
<PJ_BGC> :)
<CntrlRain> heheh
*** blackEyEz has quit IRC (Quit: See ya!)
* BIShop_Sawyer backstabs.
*** Rapha_ has quit IRC (Quit: IRC++)
<Draconis> well, I'm out...goodnight...those BIS people still here, keep up the good work
<Zarth> I'll give em for $10.95
*** BIShop_Sawyer sets mode: -o BIS_Colin
<G0DZI||A> do we have to answer all the 3 question to win ?
<BIShop_Sawyer> HA HA HA!
*** Pythius has left #torment
<BIS_Colin> Sawyer: Yeah, we'll see about that!
<BIS_WTC> thank you Draconis
<BIS_Colin> Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee everyone!
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Wed May 26 20:09:48 1999

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