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Our trained Singapore IT Professionals provide computer repair services, network support, home computer services, office network services, software diagnostics and other IT Support services! No carrying back to a service center and waiting for weeks.

Our onsite PC repair services:

  • At Your Service Wherever™!
    Get a first hand view of how our IT Professionals service your computer ON-SITE. Feel free to ask questions - we will be more than happy to help.
  • Privacy of Your Data
    We do not bring your PC or notebook back to our office hence your information in the computer is kept totally private. With the recent data compromises going around, it pays to keep your personal data within your sight.
  • Virus / Trojan Horse / Spyware Removal
    Pop-ups / Ads appearing out of nowhere, Internet connection problems, unusually slow computer? We are experienced in these problems and more. See a video on how easy it is to get infected. Read more about common malware symptoms.

    Pop-ups, Pop-ups and more Pop-ups!
    A popup-filled Windows desktop
  • Corporate / Office Network Setup and Configuration
    We have certified network consultants and field engineers who can assist to setup an office network, cable wiring and relocation services. View more details.
  • Worms / Zombie / Malware Malicious Software Removal
    Symptoms such as unusual network activity (blinking LEDs), system crashes, disappearing of files and a slower-than-usual performing computer may be an indication of its existence. We can install free anti-virus and free anti-spyware software.

    Fake malware alerts. Do not fall prey for these online scams!
    Fake malware alerts. Do not fall prey for these online scams!
  • Documents and Settings Transfer
    Move/Copy documents, Outlook e-mails, photos, pictures, iTunes, favorites, save games and other personal files from your old computer to your new PC.
  • Hard Disk / Flash Data Recovery Services
    Important E-Mails? Documents? Contacts? Can't retrieve them even when mounted in an external enclosure? We're here for you! No need of large four figure costs at expensive data recovery centers when the hard disk has no physical damage.
  • Upgrade/Reinstall to Genuine Original Windows XP from Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
    We can reinstall your drivers, software, desktop icons, favorites, Microsoft Outlook [Express] e-mails, personal documents, cookies, photos and other personal media from your previous operating system.
  • Wireless Network Security
    If your wireless network is not protected, then anyone outside can access your network without you knowing! And their activity may not be legal! We can assist to secure and protect your wireless network using standard security wireless encryption technologies (WEP / WPA / WPA2).
  • Flexible Appointment Times
    Late Evening Appointments? No problem. Weekends? Not a issue! Public Holidays? No sweat! Contact us!
  • And More..
    We are specialised in many computer problems. View more of our services.

No Risk Guarantee

  • If we do not resolve any of your problems, pay only transportation charges.

We Support Most Brands and Models Computer and Notebook/Laptop Repair

  • Dell / HP / IBM / Gateway / Compaq / Toshiba / ASUS / Lenovo / LG / Fujitsu LifeBook / Acer Aspire / Sony Vaio / Panasonic / Samsung / Gateway / Axioo / LG / Benq / MSI
  • Dell Dimension, Precision, XPS, Latitude, Inspiron. Vostro, Alienware
  • Lenovo (IBM) Thinkpad, Thinkcentre, Netvista, IdeaCentre
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP) Pavilion, Slimline, Omnibook
  • Compaq Presario, Compaq Evo
  • Toshiba Satellite, Tecra, Portege
    (the above names are trademarks of their respective companies)

WARNING: Be wary of the various underhand methods employed by some companies. We highlight some common schemes (with videos).

We fix with no reloading or reinstallation of the OS. No reformatting! (In Most Cases)
Did You Know?

Fake Malware Alerts
The main goal of most malware is to obtain your money, not your personal details. By attempting to scare with fraudulent alerts, they try to get people to buy their software.

If you have paid for such software, to be in the safe side, we advise customers to request for a change of credit card number if you submitted such details to them.

Our Recommendations
We've compiled a page of our hardware and software recommendations. Don't give it a miss!

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