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We can fix all kinds of spyware and worm problems. Here are some common symptoms of malware, spyware and viruses. See a video on how easy it is to get infected.

Common Symptoms

Pop-up windows coming out randomly without stopping. If the user were to leave the computer alone for a moment, the desktop might look something like this:


Windows XP Normal Desktop

to this!

XP Desktop flooded with Pop-up Windows

Cursor keeps changing to a "busy in background" type cursor.

Computer performance is sluggish, and pauses many times.

Error messages when opening up certain programs - "This program requires administrative privileges", "The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect for this computer. Please contact your system administrator. "

Trying to change wallpaper or display settings gives this message - "Your system Administrator disabled the Display Control Panel".

Homepage changed by a malicious program. Attempting to change it back has no effect, it defaults back immediately.

Detected SPYware! Your computer is full of evidences!

Specific Symptoms

Yazzle Sudoku program suddenly appearing as a program group in the Start Menu.

Icon in system tray with tool tip "Your Computer is Infected" when mouse is hovered over. About every 15 seconds, this message pops up.

Your computer is infected!

Right-clicking the icon produces this message: "..Windows has detected spyware infection! Click here to protect your computer from spyware.."

Your computer is infected!

Suspicious files (keyboard16.exe, sss.exe, wallpap.exe, newname16, drsmartload2.dat, winres.dll, etc) appearing in the Windows folder, Documents and Settings and the root of the C Drive.

Attempting to delete the files give "Cannot delete <filename>. Access is denied." errors.

Cannot delete mousepad16: Access is denied.

Other Symptoms

Blue question mark with a red X flashing in system tray, popping up malware warnings every time and then.

When you try to visit any Symantec website or open any window with the window title containing Spyware or Symantec, the window automatically closes by itself without any warning.

We fix with no reloading or reinstallation of the OS. No reformatting! (In Most Cases)
Did You Know?
Did you know that malicious software is actually installed by your actions unknowingly?
Have you used any Peer-to-Peer software? Visited any underground sites or pornographic websites? Opened any mail attachment with an attractive subject / name?

Now you know how you got that virus.

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