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There are many indecent ways a computer shop can make money. For those unfamiliar with computers, they will be caught unaware and end up paying much more than necessary by the company. Can you call this cheating?

Schemes of some bad companies

  1. Taking longer than usual by pretending to do additional diagnosis after pin pointing the problem therefore paying more labor charges
  2. Misdiagnosing on purpose so that you have to replace a more expensive part in addition to the spoilt part therefore paying more labor charges
  3. Charging much more for the the part than what it would cost outside
  4. Billed full charges even for not being able to diagnose the problem

How we show you that we don't do these

  1. We explain to you what we are doing when diagnosing your computer. Our hourly schemes are priced such that the second hour onwards do not give much incentive.
  2. We're not going to claim that we always diagnose correctly as computer problems can be caused by many factors. But you can trust us that we verify every diagnosis by running additional tests.
  3. We inform you upfront of the service charges applicable for procuring a part. In fact, it is clearly stated at the Rates page. We even provide you with the supplier's sales invoice.
  4. Again, it is stated clearly at our Rates page. For telephone remote support, no charges if problem is not resolved. For onsite PC repair, pay only transportation charges if problem is not resolved.

Here are two videos that show how frauds can happen:  

And another

We fix with no reloading or reinstallation of the OS. No reformatting! (In Most Cases)
Did You Know?
Did you know that its best to bring a techie friend with you when shopping for a new PC?
Sales men may try to sell you stuff that you don't need. Like a powerful gaming card when you only play light games.

Know your requirements. Some examples of demanding applications in the PC are gaming, video editing, video capturing, software development and design. If you are not sure, consult a knowledgeable friend. Or us :)

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