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Singtel Suntec Christmas Fair

Here are the offers, brochures and pricelists for Singtel Suntec Christmas Fair 2009 held on 21st November to 22nd November 2009.

Looks like Singtel will not be at Sitex 2009, so they are having early promotions now. Click on images to enlarge!

UPDATE: Singnet broadband promotions are EXTENDED till 29th November 2009.

Singnet Broadband (Promotion extended till 29 November)

More details on 10Mbps plan, 15Mbps plan, 6Mbps and 3Mbps plans.

Specification of free Acer laptop promo

Acer Aspire One Ultra Slim 10.1" AO531h Netbook (non-embedded model)
Acer Aspire One Ultra Slim 10.1" AO531h Netbook (3G embedded model)
Acer Aspire AS1820PTZ-412G50n Notebook (touch and rotate)

Specification of free Lenovo laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad U150 (Black w/o sleeve)

Specification of free Apple laptop below

Apple MacBook

The following promotions may be expired.

Singtel Mobile Phones (includes iPhone)

Singtel Mobile BroadBand

Mio Home

Singtel Mio TV and Mobile Phones

Comment on the deals below!

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