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IT Show 2009 PriceLists Experience Wrap-Up

Bootstrike.Com tried to handle the demand for pricelists again for IT Show 2009. The site received almost a MILLION hits for the event held on 12 March to 15 March 2009 at Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre (Suntec City).

During the previous Sitex 2008, the site went down due to high traffic. This time, we took several measures to reduce the bandwidth usage which apparently has paid off:

  • Providing several mirrors for the download of the ZIP
  • Allowing visitors to browse through the ZIP file contents without downloading the ZIP file

Despite being able to provide over 390 pricelists, the crowds at Suntec City did not improve. In fact, I would say it was the crowdest ever. Michael Tan from cNet claims this is due to the economic crisis, and I believe he has a very valid point.

IT Show 2009 Crowds
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Check this blog's post out for worse ones

For the next event, PC Show 2009, Bootstrike.Com will continue to provide pricelists. What's more, we will strive to achieve the following

  • No-Registration required comments posting - Yea the registration was a huge turn off for many visitors so we'll try to fix this
  • Friendlier URLs
  • Providing Booth Numbers

In case you did not know, most of the pricelists were provided by external parties. Some were sourced myself from the manufacturer's sites. Some were submitted by the vendors themselves. Some were sourced from the various members posting in the VR and HWZ forums.

Once again, I would like to thank the following sites/people for allowing us to host their scans.

  1. Coldfreeze Pricelists (VERY BIG contributor)
  2. VR-Zone Forums (BIG contributor)
  3. tclong vr-zone (BIG contributor)
  4. Hardwarezone Forums (contributor - very active forum with a few contributions)
  5. The many anonymous submitters
  6. The people who bumped my HWZ thread
  7. The people who bumped and stickied my VR thread
  8. The people who blogged about the URL - especially Joesph Ang and TechnieLobang

Thanks to you all! See you again in PC Show 2009!

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