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How to do a Full Install by Becker

Note from Ganesh: Many people recommend this guide for full installation.

  1. Make a directory called "ptdisk" or whatever. This step isn't really required, but it's nice to keep things organized.
  2. Place a disk (2, 3, or 4) into your CD-ROM bay. The first CD has already been copied onto your hard drive with the initial install
  3. Copy and paste the -entire- CD disk into ptdsik.
    • repeat 2 and 3 for the other disks as required. Do NOT put all disks in the same directory! There should be a c:\ptdisk\cd2\, c:\ptdisk\cd3\, and a c:\ptdisk\cd4\
  4. Using Notepad edit your torment.ini file. It should be something like: c:\program_files\blackisle\Torment\torment.ini
    • save the "torment.ini" file as "Tormentini.old". Again, you don't need to do this, but it's a wise precaution.
  5. edit the lines to point to the new location:

    DISK2 = D:\CD2
  6. Remember the game will *still* ask for CDs every now and then as a form of verification that you actually bought the game and aren't just trading disks with your cousin Stewie.

    Notice that the little light on the CD-ROM bay isn't going blinky-blink when new areas are being loaded.
    Thats a good sign.
  7. Bask in your own glory. You are a computer god!
  8. Play the game. Kill some cranial rats for me.

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Chaotic (1 posts) Chaotic How does the Full install thing work for people who got the game from gog? a Downloaded Digital copy? is there a way to use this mod. I hope :)
Sincerely Joe
posted 3 Apr 2014 - show 1 replies - Reply - Permanent Link
Admin Administrator Admin see http://www.gog.com/news/mod_spotlight_planescape_torment_mods_guide/?pp=a2e33d344f272e100d4a8efeabc7ae8a60a8ba7a
posted 3 Apr 2014 - Reply - Permanent Link
Ohako (1 posts) Ohako How do I perform a 'full install' on a GOG PST for Linux?

a) I am seeing the error

ERROR: BIFF [./AR0100.BIF] cannot be loaded: Unix.Unix_error(Unix.ENOENT, "stat", "./ar0100.bif")

so I know from reading the Widescreen Mod's 'Common problems' post that I should perform a 'full install'

b) great! the link above is just the 'GOG all the mods you'll ever need' link that I've been following in the first place.
posted 21 Mar 2015 - Reply - Permanent Link
Admin Administrator Admin Not familiar with Linux installations sorry. You may want to ask around at http://gibberlings3.net/forums/
posted 21 Mar 2015 - Reply - Permanent Link
Unregistered Anonymous Works fine for me. You have to put "\" signs to the end of the lines so it will look like this:
posted 14 Jan 2013 - Reply - Permanent Link
Unregistered Anonymous Hello. I guess it's a stupid question, but where do I put the ptdisk folder exactly? Do I put it in the installation folder?
posted 28 Oct 2012 - show 1 replies - Reply - Permanent Link
Admin Administrator Admin you can place it anywhere, or just "torment" in the C drive
posted 29 Oct 2012 - Reply - Permanent Link
Niklas (1 posts) Niklas Hi
Havent tried it yet but it shows 5 cd:s in the .ini directory.. ignore?
posted 26 Dec 2010 - Reply - Permanent Link
Unregistered Anonymous Remember- you aren't copying the ISO into a folder, but the actual disc folder. Should be like cd2 and you can open it and see all the disc files in there. I got stuck forever because I was directing the .ini to the iso files instead of the actual cd directory files.
posted 18 Nov 2010 - show 1 replies - Reply - Permanent Link
Unregistered Anonymous Ignore this guy. The steps work exactly as instructed.To those of you that are new to adjusting Ini configuration files, or mounting/modding in general, Please, please, please research all avenues or the process before complaining. It only misleads people who are trying to research for themselves.

Before you get angry, please make sure you identify which CD Version of the game you are using, aka, the 2-CD set or the 4-CD set. Both of these sets work just fine but require slightly different tweaks. The 4-CD version requires a "No-CD Fix" while the 2-CD version does not. If you're not sure how to obtain the CD fix, then simply google for "planescape torment no cd fix".
posted 13 Aug 2011 - Reply - Permanent Link
Unregistered Anonymous Oops, this reply was meant for the jackass below, not the dude above.
posted 13 Aug 2011 - Reply - Permanent Link
Unregistered Anonymous nONE OF ANY OF THESE STEP WORK!! :( STILL CANT GET PAST CD CHECK, NO MATTER WHICH CRACK OR WHICH TUUTORIAL USED.. I would suggest you modders do a little more testing before you put out faulty info...grrrrrr
posted 3 Jan 2010 - show 1 replies - Reply - Permanent Link
Unregistered Anonymous Don't feed the trolls, don't feed the trolls, don't feed theaaaaaaaggghhh! It says it needs the CD's from time to time for verification right there man!

Dang it, Got me.
posted 5 Jan 2010 - Reply - Permanent Link
Unregistered Anonymous no, said troll is correct. i followed these steps exactly and it still asks for the cd EVERY time.
posted 12 May 2011 - Reply - Permanent Link
Unregistered Anonymous This is just a way for a full isntall, not a nocd method. Gezzas people.
posted 4 Nov 2011 - Reply - Permanent Link

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