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Torment Unimplemented Files By Platter - Source here

Unimplemented Files

These are dialogs, items, images and sounds that are in the game's files but were not used in the game. You can view them with Infinity Explorer and Near Infinity.

Pendant of Yemeth Quest
Candlestick Quest
Curst Prisoners
Other Curst Dialogs
Miscellaneous Dialogs
Miscellaneous Items
Character Animations
Item Images
The Rest

Pendant of Yemeth Quest;

Weight: 1

The Pendant of Yemeth is constructed of some silvery metal. Six crystals radiate from the skull in a circle, forming a crown of sorts. A leather lanyard is looped though an eyehole attached to the top of the skull.

The item is named for its creator, a sorcerer of a by-gone age. Though Yemeth's power was great, time began to take its toll on him; he began to grow weak and sodden. The Pendant was commissioned by the dying wizard to serve as a vessel for souls -- souls which Yemeth himself would draw from dying mortals, and later use to power his waning life-force. Yemeth was eventually slain in a battle, destroyed utterly, and the Pendant was lost. Sages said that, even if the Pendant were to be recovered, no mortal knows the secrets of its use.

Candlestick Quest;

Weight: 0

This ring belongs to Arkin, Sheryl's father.

Weight: 2

This candlestick has seen much use. Dents and nicks adorn the tarnished surface.

Curst Prisoners;
Other Curst Dialogs;
DADMINAS.DLG (Carl Parfidor)
Howl of Pandemonium

Range: 50 feet
Duration: Special
Speed: 6
Area of Effect: 30 ft. radius or 60 x 20 ft. cone
Saving Throw: Special

The Madness from the Howling Land - Pandemonium's Noise screams forth and bathes everyone in its cacophony.

The Winds of Pandemonium shoot forth from the caster's body to stun any enemies on screen. The spell can also nullify all sound-based attacks and deflect normal missile weapons. Creatures of 2HD or less who fail a saving throw vs. spell are incapacitated for 10 - 60 minutes. Those creatures with greater than 2HD but less than the caster's who fail their saving throw become confused (as if a Confusion spell was cast on them).

Miscellaneous Dialogs;
Miscellaneous Items;

(Cursed Artifact)
Doubles all 1st Level Mage Spells
Doubles all 2nd Level Mage Spells
+35% Resistance to Magic
+4 Save vs. Death Magic
-3 to Wisdom
-3 to Intelligence
Weight: 0

Many tales are told of the arch-lich Vecna.

It is said that Vecna was one of the Planes' mightiest sorcerers, able to draw life from dust and send it back again, extinguish lives with a glance, and make the earth shudder beneath his touch. He was said to be so powerful that when the end of his life drew near, death refused to take him into its kingdom.

And so Vecna died, yet lived on.

Abandoned by death, Vecna became the master of a vast kingdom on a prime world called Oerth. Neither kind nor just, Lord Vecna's rule was one of great horror and suffering, and it is said his reach was so great that even the Powers of Oerth feared to cross him for fearing of drawing his eye.

Yet, while Vecna's gaze traveled ever outward in search of new conquests, he failed to see his own end when it came for him... in the form of his lieutenant, Kas.

As was fitting for Vecna's left hand servant, the arch-lich had fashioned a terrible weapon for his lieutenant as a symbol of his authority. Vecna made this weapon with such skill it is said that part of the sorcerer entered the blade, and it was this sliver of Vecna that gave the blade its life and its treacherous nature. Where once there was lifeless steel, there became thought, intent, and, perhaps most horrible of all, a voice.

The sword whispered treacheries to the ambitious Kas, night upon night, month upon month, year upon year, until one night, the remains of Kas' discipline was seduced by the rippling edge of the blade. Convinced by his blade that he was Vecna's superior, Kas confronted his dread master upon his Dessicated Throne, and the two of them fought a terrible battle.

During the battle, Kas was killed, but before he fell, his blade had dismembered his former master, scattering his remains so that no one may draw them together again. And so it has come to pass that pieces of Vecna have made their way across the Planes... one of these is the Eye of Vecna. It carries with it a bloody, violent history, so much so that many scholars refuse to speak of its treacheries, for fear the eye will come to them, seeking to add another victim to its bloody chronology.

The Eye of Vecna was instrumental in the extermination of the House of Hyeric, once the ruling dynasty in Nyrond. It is said to have been behind the sundering of the Conclave of Tyssis-on-the-Sea, which led to the three-cycle war that poisoned the seas of Malhatai and left the oceanic world barren of life. On the ashen Plane of Ghalentir, it possessed the gentle father of Sasaran, a babe with the potential to lead his suffering people from their shadowed lands to the Gates of Paradise... had not the eye drove Sasaran's father to murder his son as he lay sleeping in his crib. All these kingdoms, all these futures, the Eye of Vecna laid waste.

The Eye's powers are said to shift with each new owner, but one thing is certain: no good ever comes from whoever has the misfortune to possess it. It is destined to betray its wearer at a critical moment, failing him when he needs its power the most.

(Unique, Artifact, Cheat)
Damage: 4-80 + 20
+20 to hit
+20 to Armor Class
Sets all Stats to 25
Weight: 0
Speed: 1
Proficiency: Edged

This unholy weapon is obviously intended for Quality Assurance to massacre any creature in their path as quickly as possible.

Invokes: "Anti-Magic Shell"
Weight: 0

Carved of human bone, the Whistle of Warding is a favorite artifact of the practicing Necromancer. The enchantments placed upon the item allow its possessor to invoke its magic simply by blowing a tune on the whistle. The whistle can only be blown one time, for once its enchantment is released, its power is spent and the item crumbles to dust.

Weight: 1

This holy symbol used to belong to the Dustman Soego. The symbol is of heavy iron, designed to be wrapped around the wearer's wrist with a series of small, tightly linked chains. The symbol itself reminds you of a screaming face.

Weight: 1

This is a chunk of rough obsidian, recently burnt by Avernus' fires.

Armor Class: 5
Weight: 10
Usable only by Annah

This armor has been woven from the hides of various Abyssal vermin. The stitching thread appears to be a single white hair (though the type of creature is unknown). There are no metal fixtures, studs, or buckles anywhere on the armor... it is composed solely from the remains of living creatures.

(Cursed Artifact)
Damage: 1-2 Slashing
Enchanted: +3
Speed: 10
Weight: 1
Proficiency: Edged
Not usable by Priests

This small dagger looks fragile, but a series of jagged teeth line the edge of the blade. The hilt itself is covered with dried blood, most likely the blood of the users who held the weapon and were unable to release their grip.

Research indicates that this cursed dagger has had many names, the most prominent of which was "Last Resort." When equipped, the user cannot release the grip until death, or until the curse is lifted by spell or divine intervention. Although the dagger is slower than most two-handed weapons and the damage it inflicts is comparable to a scratch, it is rumored to be able to hurt almost any creature it strikes, no matter what the creature's plane of origin or its defenses. One planewalker who had freed herself from its curse actually chose to travel with it, figuring that in any instance where she *had* to use it couldn't be worsened by having it in her possession.

Damage: 1-4 Piercing
Speed: 1
Weight: 2
Proficiency: Fists
Usable only by Fighters and Thieves

A ridge of spikes bristle along the knuckles of these gauntlets, allowing the wearer to perforate any target they punch.

Weight: 0

This thick metal key looks like it may unlock the vaults in the advocate's office.

Damage: 2-7 Slashing
Enchanted: +1
THAC0: +1
Speed: 1
Weight: 1
Proficiency: Fists
Usable only by Fighters and Thieves

These leather gloves give the user the ability to use his hands like claws. When the wearer attacks a foe with his hands, long black talons lance forth from the fingers of the gauntlets and allow the user to rake an opponent for additional slashing damage. When the wearer is not attacking, the talons recede back into the gauntlets...although they seem to do so reluctantly. When the talons are not extended, the gauntlets appear to be nothing more than stiff leather gloves.

Damage: 3-8 Crushing
Enchanted: +1
1-6 Acid Damage to target
1-6 Acid Damage to self
+2 to Armor Class vs. Piercing
THAC0: +2
Speed: 4
Weight: 4
Proficiency: Clubs
Usable only by Fighters

This weapon has a black metal handle that seems to have grown into the narrow skull that is affixed to its top. The metal looks as if it has grown out from the skull, and spikes pierce through the eye sockets, jaw and from the skull cap itself.

The "metal" is not metal at all, but the remnants of a creature's forearm that punched through the base of the fiendish skull that now bedecks the head of this weapon. The spikes that have pierced through the skull actually appear to be some sort of quills from the creature's forearm.

When this weapon is used in combat and the spikes of the club penetrate a creature's skin, acid oozes from the quills into the target, doing additional damage. This acid also burns the hands of the user, doing some damage to the wielder every time he strikes someone else.

The common name of this weapon is "Devil's Due." To who or what event it refers to is unknown, but it was obviously a painful experience for the two parties involved.

(Unique, Artifact)
Damage: 2-7 Slashing
THAC0: +1
Speed: 1
Weight: 1
Proficiency: Edged
Not usable by Priests

The Sword of Why'nn - also known as the Cheater's Blade - looks more like an ornamental dagger than a combat-worthy blade. Though not particularly well balanced, it has been enchanted with powerful magicks and is thus more effective in battle than a more 'common' knife. The Sword of Wh'ynn's greatest power, however, lies in its ability to let its bearer cheat: by merely holding the 'sword' aloft in a suitably melodramatic pose, its owner will beat whatever game the artifact's been found in.

Weight: 3

This is an urn full of ashes and charred bits of bone. Etched into the base of the urn are the words 'Fin Andlye - Beloved Husband, Father, and Scholar of One Hundred Languages.'

Damage: 2-5 Piercing
Enchanted: +1
Panics target
Fragile, Breakable
THAC0: +1
Speed: 2
Weight: 1
Proficiency: Edged
Not usable by Priests

This feather is ash-gray, fading to black around the edges. It is much larger than a bird feather, and it creates an unpleasant tingling sensation when held for more than a minute.

Examination of the feather reveals that is the feather from a Vrock, one of the many races of tanar'ri that fill the Abyss. The Vrock resemble huge vultures, and they are often used as socuts for the tanar'ri forces in the Blood War.

This particular feather is believed to have been taken from a Vrock shaman, who is reported to have died by simply disbelieving himself. Possessed of a certain mental imbalance and with an odious habit of devouring his followers to gain strength, this barmy Vrock was rumored to be capable of causing others of his flock to behave erratically -- much more so than for a normal tan'nari. He convinced many of his flock to tear off their wings and take up burrowing in the ground. Other times, he preached the virtues of honesty as being more evil and destructive than any lie. When he disintegrated, only the feather was left behind as testament to his fevered existence. Some of the shaman's residue is believed to reside in this "Chaos Feather."

The Chaos Feather, when used in combat as a dagger, inflicts a minor amount of damage (about the same as a conventional dagger) and has the power to confuse any target it strikes. Creatures struck by the feather may be stunned, run away, or attack their allies.

Most tan'nari consider the feather to be a sacred object. Vrocks will kill anyone possessing it in order to retrieve it.
Morte's Bite (Sharpened)

Damage: 1-6 Crushing
18/30 Base Strength
+50% Resistance to Cold
+10% Resistance to Fire
+10% Resistance to Electricity
+10% Resistance to Poison
Speed: 4
Weight: 1
Proficiency: Fists
Usable only by Morte

These teeth are short, dull and radiate a feeling of unease. They appear to have been taken from a fiend of the lower planes, but their exact origin is unknown. Using the teeth grants the wearer certain benefits normally possessed only by fiends.

Weight: 1

This small, ceramic inkwell and quill pen are common tools among scribes and scholars.

Weight: 0

This is an ordinary charcoal pencil used for writing and drawing.

Weight: 0

This is an ordinary blank sheet of parchment.

Weight: 0

You obtained this blank contract from Copper-Eyes, and it has a faint metallic smell about it. From what you can make out from the tiny, cramped writing, this document seems to be a contract between two parties: The Dustman faction and an as-of-yet unnamed signer. In exchange for thirty copper pieces, the signer gives away the rights to his corpse to the Dustmen, presumably so that they can use him as a worker in the Mortuary.

Weight: 4

This is the infamous Tome o' Cheats, a massive libram of sleazy little loopholes and the like written through the collaboration of dozens of dastardly power-gamers.

As soon as it's decided exactly how much of its possible functions can be implemented in the short amount of time we want to allot to it, you'll be able to cheat, cheat, *cheat* like mad with it. Hoody-hoo!

Weight: 0

This symbol of Baator is inscribed upon a piece of human flesh. It smells burnt, and it is frayed around the edges. As long as you carry it on your person, it will prevent your spells from going awry while on the plane of Baator.

Weight: 0

This symbol of Carceri is inscribed upon a piece of human flesh. It has a rose-colored tint about it, and it feels cold to the touch, almost like a sheet of ice. As long as you carry it on your person, it will prevent your spells from going awry while on the plane of Carceri.

Weight: 0

This symbol of the Negative Material Plane is inscribed upon a piece of human flesh. It smells of dust and corpse rot, yet it feels dry to the touch, like a serpent's tongue. As long as you carry it on your person, it will prevent your spells from going awry while on the Negative Material Plane.

Weight: 4

This is a rather unremarkable book. Its pages are blank.

Invokes: "Haste"
Weight: 0

This tattoo is created from the four symbols of the Revolutionary League. Wearing this openly is not a good idea.

The Revolutionary League believes that all power structures should be overthrown, and they have devoted themselves to seeing that this occurs. They are the natural enemies of nearly all the other factions, and so they must move quickly when identified.

The problem with this tattoo, of course, is that it immediately identifies its wearer as an Anarchist. Authority figures have a problem with this.

+1 to Armor Class
+1 to All Saving Throws
+1 to Save vs. Spells
Immunity to Confusion
Weight: 0
Usable only by Indeps

This barbed earring marks the wearer as a member of the Indep faction. This earring is the home of an independent spirit which accompanies the wearer and does its best to protect him from harm. Whenever possible, the spirit gives its wearer a mental nudge to get them out of harm's way... the tiny counseling spirit provides the user with +1 to all Saving Throws, and its mere presence gives the wearer an additional bonus to avoid spells and confusion effects.

Many of these enchanted items were made in the bazaars of Sigil by a silversmith from Oerth, who had found a way of shaping metal in such a way that it attracted 'free spirits' to the metal and caused them to take up residence there. The spirit is not bound to the earring by any means; from what scholars have determined, there is something about the earring that the spirits find "cozy."

Weight: 0

This false 'Dead Contract' is similar to a standard Dustman Dead Contract, but the tiny cramped writing on it hides the fact that the signer in fact does not owe his corpse to the Dustman after death at all... essentially, any Dustman who signs the contract will essentially be paying the signer for doing nothing but putting his signature to paper.

Weight: 2

This small leather bag holds a number of teeth, ranging from human molars to fiendish-looking fangs. It rattles when shaken, like a maracca.

Special: +3 to Damage with all Attacks
THAC0: +3
Weight: 0

This tattoo seems to have the mark of the Deceiver upon it... it represents someone who wants to accomplish something with ease, rather than work for it.

Invokes: "Zerthimon's Focus"
Weight: 0

This tattoo recognizes your knowledge of Zerthimon's teachings and marks you as a friend to the githzerai people. It allows you to summon the discipline and focus of Zerthimon, giving strength and accuracy to your strikes against your enemies.

This tattoo has only a limited number of uses before it vanishes.

Damage: 3-6 Piercing
THAC0: +1
Speed: 5
Weight: 0
Proficiency: Missiles

These head of these bolts have been carved to resemble a pair of feathered wings. The bolts are extremely light and look more like arrows than crossbow bolts. Although not magical, they are more accurate and do more damage when they strike an opponent than standard crossbow bolts.

Character Animations

"Graphics (BAM)" --> "CA_lop.bif"
An avatar for the Lady of Pain.

"Graphics (BAM)" --> "CA_gst.bif"
An avatar for Lothar's Stone Golem. The Golem's CRE file is GHOULSG.CRE. You can read more about this Golem from "In The Cage: A Guide To Sigil"

Item Images ("Graphics (BAM)" --> "items.bif");

Note that many of these sounds may be very similar to sounds actually used in the game. Thanks to Ash for finding most of these sounds.

The Transcendent One:
TRA001A - "I will no longer play with you. Prepare to suffer."
TRA003A - TTO Death
TRA007 - "How dare you come to this place, my home, again?"
TRA020 - "I don't know how you're managing to click on me so many times during our encounter, but it's probably because... you're cheating."
TRA021A - "The loss of a thousand lifetimes make up this fortress."
TRA031 - "Ahh... the skull."
TRA033 - "Ahh... the spirit."
TRA036 - "Ahh... the succubus."
TRA038B - "Arise Ignus."
TRA042 - "After I have torn you apart I shall feed you to the Shadows of those you've murdered."
TRA043 - "After I have torn you apart I shall feed you to the shades of those that died in your place."
TRA045 - "Impossible!"
TRA046 - "How is this possible?"
TRA047 - "Very well... it seems there is no other resolution to this matter."
TRA048 - "There shall be an ending between us, Broken One."
TRA049 - "This shall be the end of matters between us."
TRA050 - "Where did you get that? Give it to me!"
TRA051A - "Do not play with that which you do not understand. Surrender it to me."
TRA052 - "Pain."
TRA056 - "You shall not escape me again."
TRA062 - "Are they dead? Yes. Unlike you, they have but one life."
TRA065 - "Defiance will hurt you more than any wound in this place. Anger me and the twist of a knife through your heart will be a fond memory in what remains of your consciousness."
TRA067 - "Among the many lessons taught in the house of pain is that the body is a shell: intense pressure may fracture it. Shall I continue?"
TRA068 - "There is nothing that I cannot do here. Every stone, every regret that makes up the walls of this fortress obeys me."
TRA074 - "Pain shall teach you!"
TRA078C - "I was building this fortress through force of will while you were dying in bar fights and contracting diseases in Sigil's brothels. There's nothing I cannot do."
TRA079 - "What?! What are you doing here?!"
TRA080B - "Then you shall die again!"
TRA082 - "Ahhh... the love torn spirit."
TRA083 - "Have you come to die again, child?"
TRA086 - "Shadows: to me..."
TRA088A - "Torment"
TRA088B - "Torment"
TRA088C - "Torment"
TRA088D - "Torment"
TRA089A - "Torment"
TRA089B - "Torment"

DEN005A - Dies
DEN029 - "Shadows."
DEN030 - "No... no, it cannot be!"
DEN031 - "Such is the way of all things flesh and bone."
DEN032 - "You will pay for harming him creature."

RAV001 - "Well... hello my pretty."
RAV003 - "Well, now, my pretty thing, have you returned at last?"
RAV004 - "You were a-gone so long, I a-feared you forgot poor, lonely Ravel."
RAV010A - Unknown... hit?
RAV010C - Unknown... hit?
RAV012 - "You have become strong."
RAV053 - "Pander your flattery elsewhere."
RAV056 - "Half-man? Your attention Ravel needs."
RAV071 - "Coming events cast their shadows before them."
RAV072A - "Kill me you will, your will shall kill me, it is no matter."
RAV076B - "Come, hollow man." ::Laughs:: "Do you fear me?"
RAV077 - "Your bones and blood will blanket my garden."
RAV078 - "I shall test your immortality this day, half-man!"
RAV080B - "Only this, a question I ask... What can change the nature of a man?"
RAV081 - "No... where did all these Shadows come from?"
RAV082 - "Dahh! Pesky Shadows!"

TTB099 - "What are these shades?"

FFT056 - "Feh! You'll regret attacking me!"
FFT095 - "Distill, else a chamberpot you'll be! Feh!"
FFT097 - "Feh! Thrice-cursed bottle!"
FFT098 - "Feh! Thrice-cursed foot rash..."

ANA012 - "Ack! I want no more of this, I don't."
ANA107A - "Oh adventure... glory... aye, this is the life."
ANA179A - "We shouldn't be here! The Lady'll put us in the Dead Book for sure!"
ANA200A - "I feel dead already."
ANA201A - "I donnae think we'll be leaving this place."
ANA202D - "Would yeh stay close? I don't want to be alone here."
ANA204D - "I won't let yeh down."
ANA206I - "Oh, see... I... love yeh."
ANA207F - "I hafta stay, yeh see... I love yeh."
ANA208E - "I don't care what yeh say to this, I don't want yeh to say anything... but I can't let yeh die here."
ANA210D - "It's alright. I trust yeh."
ANA210E - "Do what you have to. I trust yeh."
ANA211D - "I forgive yeh."
ANA211E - "It's alright, I forgive yeh."
ANA245A - "I'll sort it out."
ANA247A - "Right."
ANA287C - "Would you stop it?"
ANA308B - "Are you ready to leave yet, fiend?"
ANA309A - "If yeh want to leave, go ahead."
ANA310A - "You might want to strike out on yer own."
ANA310D - "Oh, no. Ladies first."
ANA311B - "So just how many souls have yeh taken into the Abyss?"
ANA313A - "Oh, sizing up our necks for a feast, are yeh?"
ANA314B - "Never trust a Tanar'ri, that's what I say."
ANA315A - "And what do you want from our leader?"
ANA316A - "Back off, skull!"
ANA333B - "Try it, and yeh'll be spittin' teeth for a week."
ANA334A - "Try it, and I'll grind yeh to a powder, you floating bone box."
ANA390A - "Shadows."
ANA390C - "Shadows."
ANA452D - "Eh, I have something to say."
ANA462C - "I'm not giving that up."
ANA464A - "Keep yer mitts off that. Eh!"
ANA464B - "Keep yer mitts off it."
ANA481D - "I spotted a trap."
ANA574A - "Keep up yer chatter, skull, and I'll be seeing what you have in your veins."
ANA577A - "That tongue of yers is gonna get your nose broken."
ANA578A - "Ooh, if I were you I'd be prepared to pick up your teeth."
ANA578AA - "Hey Morte, you want the good news? Yeh're going bald."
ANA579A - "Aye, what is it you want?"
ANA583A - "What can change the nature of a man?"
ANA583D - "What can change the nature of a man?"
ANA583G - "What can change the nature of a man?"
ANA583I - "What can change the nature of a man?"
ANA583K - "What can change the nature of a man?"
ANA583M - "What can change the nature of a man?"
ANA583O - "What can change the nature of a man?"
ANA585D - "He matters more to me than my life!"
ANA586A - "I hope a hound litters in your bed roll."
ANA588A - "Why don't you go rot with an Aoskan hound?"
ANA591A - "Torment."
ANA591B - "Torment."
ANA591C - "Torment."
ANA592A - "Torment."
ANA592B - "Torment."

FFG007 - "I cannot allow your evil to continue. Prepare yourself."
FFG008 - "There is nothing you can say or do that will change what has happened. I will leave."
FFG011 - "It is good to be journeying again. The brothel was a learning experience, but I think it was time I moved on."
FFG045 - "Forgive me."
FFG053 - "The Hive changes so rapidly. It has changed a great deal since I was here last."
FFG054 - "Fell has a studio down here, does he not?"
FFG068 - "I fear that not all of us shall return."
FFG072 - "I don't think anything has walked on these flagstones for several lifetimes."
FFG135 - "You may be scared Morte, but I would be afraid too if I were to hold you."
FFG136 - "I'm afraid my pack would be quite stuffy, Morte."
FFG137 - "Oh Morte, do you ever tire of being improper?"
FFG138 - "I appreciate your energy Morte but, perhaps you might direct it inwards."
FFG139 - "I think it's time for a swim in lake you."
FFG140 - "Actually, I was planning to stay for a while if that does not offend, Annah."
FFG141 - "Actually, I was planning on staying for a while if that does not offend."
FFG142 - "Actually, I enjoy the company. The resentment directed toward me makes me feel quite brisk."
FFG143 - "Have you ever thought about doing something with your hair?"
FFG144 - "Actually, none. It made my adolescence rather difficult. But I am sure you are no stranger to that."
FFG145 - "I agree. Tanar'ri by their nature are unpredictable."
FFG193 - "I think you hide from yourself by dying. Do you hate life that much?"
FFG231 - "Shadows."
FFG245 - "I would speak to you a moment."
FFG246 - "Listen to me. I don't have much time."
FFG312 - "What can change the nature of a man?"
FFG315 - "Torment."
FFG316 - "Torment."

VHA008 - "Defend yourself."
VHA023 - "You have broken your word! You are a liar, a traitor to truth and an enemy to all honest men!"
VHA027 - "Executing sentence."
VHA041 - "I continue the battle beyond the Eternal Boundary."
VHA162 - "Shadows are upon us."
VHA163 - "These shades mean us harm."
VHA176 - "I would have you hear me."
VHA260 - "What can change the nature of a man?"
VHA261B - "Torment."
VHA261C - "Torment."
VHA262A - "Torment."
VHA262B - "Torment."
VHA262C - "Torment."
VHA262D - "Torment."
VHA262E - "Torment."
VHA262F - "Torment."

NOR087 - "Sense of closure: imminent."
NOR148 - "You intend to harm him. Nordom will stop you. Prospect of success: slight."
NOR150 - "You wish harm upon one who has aided Nordom at cost to his selves. Nordom will attempt to stop you."
NOR158 - "Shadows in vicinity have achieved mass and threatening trajectory."
NOR169 - "Nordom wishes to speak."
NOR302 - "What can change the nature of a man?"
NOR303A - "Torment."
NOR303B - "Torment."
NOR303C - "Torment."
NOR303D - "Torment."
NOR304A - "Torment."
NOR304B - "Torment."
NOR304C - "Torment."

Nameless One:
NAM029 - "So cold here I can feel it."
NAM030 - "This place stinks of death and shadow."
NAM042 - "Memories returning."
NAM045 - "I feel more experienced."
NAM077 - "I've remembered something."
NAM150B - "Shadows?"
NAM202 - "Gained an ability."
NAM208A - "Torment."
NAM208F - "Torment."
NAM208G - "Torment."
NAM208H - "Torment."
NAM209A - "Torment."
NAM210B - "What can change the nature of a man?"

MRT002 - "Hey... are you alright? Heh... I thought you were a deader for sure."
MRT041 - "It's almost like the master of our destinies got up for some coffee."
MRT088 - "This ward's usually just home to a bunch of scribes, but this section's got the Festhall in it so it's a little more lively."
MRT101 - "Chief, let's forget this. Let's go."
MRT103 - "I've got a bad feeling about this place."
MRT106 - "You know, this place looks like Mechanus but it feels all wrong."
MRT108B - "Chief, this is it. Be careful."
MRT110 - "I won't let you down chief."
MRT111 - "I won't fail you, chief."
MRT112 - "I won't let you down again, chief."
MRT114 - "Don't listen to 'em chief. They're not you."
MRT133 - "You got it, chief."
MRT157 - "Annah, could you stop flicking that tail for a few seconds? It's really irritating."
MRT163 - "Grace, I'm scared. Hold me?"
MRT177A - "Ooh. Looks like death's come for the bill."
MRT182 - "Rest easy, Dak'kon."
MRT196 - "I'm not staring! I'm drooling."
MRT223 - "If you wanna give me something, give me Annah's vest, huh?"
MRT224 - "If you wanna give me something... why don'tcha give me, uh... I don't know, Grace's bodice?"
MRT229 - "Chief, what are we doing in here? Let's say we just give this place the laugh, alright?"
MRT244 - "Shadows."
MRT311B - "Hold up chief. I've got something to say to you."
MRT458D - "Ow, your comments, they sting me like, uh... like stinging things."
MRT459A - "Even fifty swigs of brandy wouldn't make you look good."
MRT460A - "Your words are like whips across my naked shoulders."
MRT475CA - "Chief, we really oughtta ditch this guy before he remembers something the last you did."
MRT476Z - Annah and Morte bickering.
MRT481 - "Do you have ice water in your veins?"
MRT487 - "Hold up a moment chief."
MRT488 - "Hello deadly and delicious."
MRT489 - "What can change the nature of a man?"
MRT490 - "Hello my sweet cadaverous beauty."
MRT491 - "Ooh, look at this sweet cadaverous flower."
MRT492 - "You don't need an identify spell to know what she wants."
MRT493 - "Ah, Chief, if I don't come back, it's 'cause I'm gonna be dying the little death with that zombie chit."
MRT494 - "Ooh... I want to be buried with her."
MRT495 - "I sooo want to lie in her coffin."
MRT496 - "Do you want to get buried together?"
MRT497 - "Want to trade death experiences?"
MRT498 - "Your coffin or mine?"
MRT499 - "Hello my beautiful grave angel."
MRT500 - "Enough about me, ok? What do you think about me?"
MRT501 - "I think I'm in love."
MRT502 - "I think I'm in lust... uh... love."
MRT503 - "So what was your death like?"
MRT504 - "You know, I really like the way the grave mold highlights your cheekbones."
MRT505 - "Your skin is a lovely shade of ghoul green."
MRT506 - "You are the most succulent shade of ghoul green."
MRT507 - "Oh... now that's a sight for dead eyes."
MRT508 - "What is this rotting vision I see before me?"
MRT509 - "Oh... this one has almost all her parts!"
MRT510 - "Hey chief... this zombie chit is scouting my territory, you know what I mean?"
MRT511 - "Hello. I'm Morte. And your name was uh...?"
MRT512 - "Rigor mortis has never looked so good."
MRT512D - "Oh... did you hurt yourself when you fell out of heaven?"
MRT513 - "Psst... Hey chief, you see the way she was looking at me? Huh? You see that? You see the way she was following the curve of my occipital bone? Yeah baby."
MRT514 - "Oh my sweet dirtiness."
MRT528 - "Ten times more than you I'll bet."
MRT529 - "I bet you get asked that a lot."
MRT534 - "You couldn't *possibly* understand."
MRT535 - "Been there, done that fiendling. Pain: yeah, it's old hat."
MRT536 - "Torment."
MRT537 - "Torment."
MRT538 - "Banshee."
MRT539 - "... little witch..."
MRT540 - "Great. I finally meet a succubus, and she's a puritan."
MRT543A - "You know, sometimes I sure miss having a body."
MRT543B - "It probably went looking for you."
MRT545 - "Fiendling, if that accent was any thicker you wouldn't be able to breathe."
MRT552A - "If things get any worse I might as well go dance in the Lady's shadow."
MRT552B - "Oh! I'm sorry... you know, what I meant to say was that I might as well go dip my pen in the Lady of Pain if things get any worse."
MRT552C - "Sheesh... you women all stick together."
MRT567A - "Is Fall-From-Grace still wearing clothes?"
MRT567B - "Then the answer is yes."
MRT570B - "Tell it to the gods, Nordom."
MRT571B - "Not as I see it."
MRT574 - "Fall-From-Grace scratching the back of my skull while singing the Sonata of Lights in my ear."

IGN001 - "I live."
IGN013 - "The flames will consume you."
IGN114 - "The skies shall be flames and all life shall be as torches."
IGN140 - "Shadows."
IGN147 - "Ignus would speak with you."
IGN250B - "What can change the nature of a man?"
IGN251A - "Who have I become?"
IGN252A - "What have I done?"
IGN253 - "Master, I am sorry. I know not what I did."
IGN255 - "Torment."
IGN256 - "Torment."
If you talk to "The Justifier" while it's in a party member's inventory (besides Nameless One's) it will recognize you. The reason for this is that it is supposed to recognize you after talking to it a certain number of times, but items can't use that trigger. When you talk to it in, say, Dak'kon's inventory it will go by how many times you've talked to Dak'kon.

There is a conversation you can't get with Sere the Skeptic which involves convincing her to become an Anarchist.

That guy in Curst who is being beaten that you can't initiate dialog with actually has a small dialog but there's nothing in the trigger so even Infinity Explorer won't show it. You can see it (DJANSEN.DLG) with Near Infinity.
This is what it says;
Curst Citizen: This man is bruised and bloody. His face is puffed, swollen from the savage beating administered by Curst's guards. He does not speak, but spits out a tooth and a mouthful of blood.
Nameless One: "Farewell, then."

Here is a dialog you can only see in Near Infinity, where Ingress' Teeth first go onto Morte. I'm guessing this was meant as an introduction to Morte's teeth-switching ability.
You can't get this in the game.

DMORTE.DLG; starts at State 137 and Response 339;
Morte: Morte floats over. "What's the chant, chief?"
Nameless: "You see these teeth?"
Morte: Morte glances at your palm. "Yechhhh." He seems morbidly fascinated. "Ugly little berks, aren't they?"
"Bar that." Morte shudders. "Would you want those things in *you?*"
Nameless: "Come on, Morte, they seem to like you. Look at the way they're staring at you."
Morte: "Those little pikers better not come anywhere near me, or I'll..." Morte pauses. "You know, I have no idea how to threaten teeth."

And then the dialog would continue two different ways, depending on whether you wanted to take a Good or Evil path;

Nameless: Examine the teeth.
Morte: "What's wrong?" Morte floats in closer and glances at your palm. "Hey... they look like they're planning something, don't they?"
Nameless: "They sure do, don't th --"
Morte: What happens next is difficult to describe... and painful to watch. Faster than you can close your palm, the teeth hop out of your hand and swarm onto Morte's jaw. Morte howls as Ingress' teeth promptly rip out his old teeth and then jump into the exposed cavities.
Nameless: "Morte!"
Morte: Morte continues howling. The teeth settle in, adjusting themselves and planting their roots with a horrid drilling noise.
Nameless: "Morte? You okay?"
Morte: Morte doesn't seem to hear you... he keeps howling and howling, then suddenly starts smashing his teeth together. He gets in three powerful bites before the upper and lower teeth lock together and prevent him from opening his mouth.
Nameless: "Wow."
Morte: Morte mumbles something at you, his eyes wide.
Nameless: "Morte, are you okay?"
Morte: They teeth suddenly unlock, and Morte takes a deep breath. "I will *kill* you for this! You planned that! I know it!"
Nameless: "Look, I didn't mean that to happen... I even warned you. Uh... how do they feel?"
Morte: Morte moves his jaw around experimentally. "Odd. But not bad." Suddenly, the teeth extend into fangs. "Ooooooh! They change!" They shrink down to normal, then fangs again, then normal... "I think I'm going to like these."
Nameless: "I'm sorry, Morte. I didn't mean you any harm."
Morte: "Oh, I'll still get you for this," Morte replies. He grins, his teeth turning into fangs again. "Just you wait."
Nameless: "Uh... revenge never helped anyone, Morte... uh, let's go."

Nameless: Grab Morte, shove the teeth in his mouth.
Morte: The struggle is brief. You catch Morte in a headlock -- the only move you can really do -- and as he attempts to bite his way free, the teeth hop out of your hand and swarm onto his jaw. Morte howls as Ingress' teeth promptly rip out his old teeth and then jump into the exposed cavities.
Nameless: "There, Morte. That wasn't so bad, was it?"
Morte: Morte doesn't seem to hear you... he keeps howling and howling, then suddenly starts smashing his teeth together. He gets in three powerful bites before the upper and lower teeth lock together and prevent him from opening his mouth.
Nameless: "Wow."
Morte: Morte mumbles something at you, his eyes wide.
Nameless: "So... you like them?"
Morte: The teeth suddenly unlock, and Morte takes a deep breath. "I will *kill* you for this," he says. "That was a dirty thing to do."
Nameless: "How do they feel?"
Morte: Morte moves his jaw around experimentally. "Odd. But not bad." Suddenly, the teeth extend into fangs. "Ooooooh! They change!" They shrink down to normal, then fangs again, then normal... "I think I'm going to like these."
Nameless: "See? Wasn't I right?"
Morte: "Oh, I'll still get you for this," Morte replies. He grins, his teeth turning into fangs again. "Just you wait."
Nameless: "You'll thank me later. You'll see."

String Reference 2844 and 2845;
String Reference 2844: I'm Dak'kon. A githzerai. One of the party members. I don't have anything to say right now. You should check out my cool combat animations, though. Too bad there aren't any Chambara movie death animations for monsters I kill...
Dak'kon: "Watch my sword: koroshicharu!"
Hive Thug: "Gaaahh... munen nariiii..." *Sssssssss* <--- arterial blood spray *thud*
Dak'kon: "Fmm." *sching* <-- *karach* blade being sheathed
(Cherry blossoms fall from top of screen.)
String Reference 2845: Later, Dak'kon. Can't wait until you're a part of the group.

When they disabled the LUA console in Torment.exe they replaced it with some funny stuff.
Starting at 0x53B85C of Torment.exe (four CD version);
MOVETOPOINT: %s does not exist Error File does not exist Error File does not exist Error File LUA INIT: Torment has had LUA Lobotomy! No more LUA!!!!!! LUA UNINIT: Torment has had LUA Lobotomy! No more LUA!!!!!! Invalid variable %s::%s == %d Invalid variable %s::%s == %d Don't you go messin' with my Stats! MORTE DMORTE DMORTE1 Morte's dialog is now set to DMORTE1 DMORTE Morte's dialog is now set to DMORTE Sorry, fresh out of MORTEs Nameless stats: %d %d %d %d %d %d protagonist %s motrale set to %d No creatures found matching %s Nameless PickPocket skill: %d drizzatt drizzdef scrlzz misc78 scrl2k scrl3F potn08 potn20 scrlpet chickdef chickdef chickdef chickdef chickdef chickdef chickdef chickdef chickdef chickdef does not exist Error File does not exist Error File ,) CONSOLE: (= movetopoint No matter where you go, there you are... tra076 shazam Lua Lua, we gotta go now.... MM createcreature It's ALIVE!!!! createitem Look, something shiny..... setvar setglobal explorearea Have a nice day Mr. Columbus unexplorearea Holy $%@!, I can't see! exploremapchunk enablecheatkeys addtime strrefon strrefoff cpuid queryvideomode checkvar :: GLOBAL armageddon World ends at 10:00, Film at 11:00 setwalkscale setrunscale fixengineroom reputationinc givepartygold givepartyexp playsound savevars mortedialog restorevars triggernometry setnamelessclass Only Mage (1), Fighter (2), or Thief (4). Invalid class. Have a nice day. Class Changed. changestats ERROR: 6 params needed ERROR: 6 params needed setpickpockets ERROR: Missing param setmorale ERROR: Need string and int param ERROR: Need string and int param Command not recognized Lua You talking to me?

There is an unused Bestiary entry for the alu-fiend;
String Reference 3643: The child of a tanar'ri and a human father, the alu-fiend is akin to a succubus in appearance. Some of them try to repress the evil within them; far more attempt to outdo their fiendish forebears in sheer evil and cruelty. You should know better than to trust a tanar'ri.

String Reference 3522 is a Bestiary entry, of sorts, for Torment's Project Director Guido Henkel;
String Reference 3522: The Henkelmonster is a tall German creature with long. flowing hair.

Nordom's Crossbows and Bolts have descriptions for when they are not identified but you never see them because they require 0 Lore to identify.
String Reference 233;
Damage: Varies According to Ammo
Speed: 10
Weight: 7
Proficiency: Missiles
Usable only by Nordom

These crossbows make about as much sense as Nordom does. Despite their apparent complexity, these crossbows don't seem to have any actual moving parts; it is as if the crossbows were carved from a single piece of metal... even the drawstring looks to be made of some metal wire that blends seamlessly into the crosspiece.

The crossbows occasionally make small clicking and rattling noises, as if they are talking to each other.
Damage: 2-5 Piercing
Speed: 10
Weight: 0
Proficiency: Missiles
Usable only by Nordom

Nordom's crossbow bolts seem to rise up from the centerpiece of the crossbow itself and automatically arm themselves. Where they come from is a mystery, but he seems to have an infinite supply of them.

Where they go is also a curiosity... you can never find the crossbow bolts once Nordom has fired them. It's like they vanish after they hit a target.
This is the string reference associated with the sound Ignus plays when you kill him in the Fortress when he says "Master, forgive me. I have betrayed your teaching."
String Reference 61893: Ignus Fortress Becoming slightly sane, suddenly realizing who he's become and what he's done, apologizing to player 2

There is an unused description for a set of lockpicks.
String Reference 137;
+5% to Open Locks
Weight: 0
Usable by Thieves only.

These metal instruments are used to open stubborn locks.

There is an unused string reference for the inscription in the Nameless One's tomb in the Drowned Nations with the list of some of his previous names. The name "Yemeth" is missing and "Bigby" and "Hero" are in its place.
Bigby is a powerful and well known Mage in D&D.
String Reference 37568;
An inscription: So they said - You have been divided. You are one of many men. You bear many names, and each has left their scars on your flesh:

Lost One
Immortal One
Incarnations End
Man of a Thousand Deaths
The One Doomed To Life
Restless One
One Of Many
The One Whom Life Holds Prisoner
The Bringer of Shadows
The Wounded One
Misery Bringer

I grow weary.

There is an unused string reference for a Blood Fly Charm with Troll's blood instead of the blood of an Abishai.
String Reference 30483;
Heals 3 hit points.
Grants/Bolsters Regeneration

Blood flies are used by some healers to draw forth diseased blood from an individual. On occasion, swarms of blood flies are used to siphon off rare types of blood and are then paralyzed with powders or spells and kept in storage for future use. This particular blood fly charm seems to hold troll's blood within its food sac.

When this paralyzed fly is consumed, the user heals a small amount of damage immediately and also gains the ability to regenerate for a certain period of time. If the character is already able to regenerate, then the regeneration rate is increased.

String Reference 32068: Hi Dr. Nick!

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