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Guide to hex editing by Voldenuit

First, you need a Hex Editor. I'm using Uedit32, which you can download from

Secondly, I recommend you have a savegame where your main character is carrying a spell scroll or a heart/blood/clot charm (anything with a number)

OK, now you need to edit the savegame. It will be found in the ..\Torment\Save\name of your savegame\ directory (natch)

The file you're after is Torment.gam

Now the following is a bit tricky since Torment uses a dynamically resized inventory savegame. (Bear with me)

Once you have the file open, switch to HEX mode (the H button) so you have HEX codes ( 00,01,-FE etc) on one side and ASCII (text) on the other.

Run a Find looking for Nameless in ASCII (you can also search for the other NPC's too)

From here, you can edit your stats, XP, inventory etc. But let's just concentrate on Inventory and Spell Editing and leave Stats to Editor prgrams, OK?

Further down from your name you will see DWORD in ASCII, followed by words like SPWI101 SPWI107 etc. These are the spells in your spellbook. You can edit them directly, but you can only overwrite spells, not add new ones (that damn dynamic resizing again). However, a canny cutter can place Level 9 spells in the Level 2 slots (just overwrite spells beginning with SPWI2..), and memorise them as if they were L2 spells!

After this, there is a gap and then a second run of SPWIxxx's, these are the spells you have memorised. Ignore them for now.

Finally, we get to the money. After the second run of spells, you will see two rows of 's. Then you will see words which sort of make sense - AMBEAR, RING02 etc. This is your inventory.

Find the spell scroll (it will be the HEX code of the spell; e.g. SPWI207 for Ice Knife) or the charm (HEARCHRM for Heart charms, CLOTCHRM for clot etc)

Go to the ASCII side of the screen (press TAB) and position your cursor at the end of the phrase (e.g. SPWI207cursor here). Switch to the HEX side and you should see a number like 01 (if you have one scroll) or 1A(if you have 26 charms) further on. Remember that Hex is in base 16, so 10Hex = 16decimal. the sequence goes like this: 00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,0A,0B,0C,0D,0E,0F,10,11,12... and so on.

Now edit this number to the number of scrolls for the number of spells you want. For example, enter 08 where the 01 used to be and you will get 8 Ice Knife spells. (We'll change that in a second).

Save the file and load your savegame. You should now have more scrolls in a single slot than you had before. Now move the scrolls one at a time to fill up your inventory slots:


| Scroll | Scroll | Scroll | Scroll |
| Scroll | Scroll | Scroll | Scroll |  etc.

Save the game and switch back to the Hex editor.

Open the appropriate Torment.gam file and go back to where your inventory was (see above). You should see a whole series of the spell. You can edit them to whatever spell you want using the list. Make sure they are in UPPER CASE. You can also edit their number so you can have 2 scrolls -that way, both you and Dak'kon have a scroll to copy each. Happy fireball-flinging! (No, there are NO fireball spells here!)

CAUTION: Some spells do not have corresponding scrolls! Do not enter these spells in the inventory or they will crash the game. If you really want these spells, you can overwrite another spell in your spellbook, and then re-copy the lost spell back in.

The "scroll-less" spells are:

Tongues of Flame  SPWI116
Seeking Flames    SPWI117
Scripture of Steel   SPWI118
Submerge the Will SPWI119
Vilquar's Eye         SPWI120
Reign of Anger      SPWI121
Missile of Patience SPWI113
Black-barbed Curse SPWI202
Black-barbed Shield SPWI203
Ignus' Terror            SPWI217
Infernal Orb             SPWI218
Power of One          SPWI219
Zerthimon's Focus    SPWI311
?Infernal Shield        SPWI312 (not sure about this one -just play it safe)
Fiery Rain               SPWI313
Balance in All Things SPWI314

I'm pretty sure Ignus' Fury (SPWI804) does have a scroll, but I could be wrong.

There you go! As Always, Hacking does carry some risk - always make sure you have backup savegames or a backup Torment.gam! (I personally will only hack my Quicksave file).

Finally, I have a little bonus for all the patient little munchkins who made it so far: A few miscellaneous items Hex list!

RING01    Gehraise's Ring   +3 Save vs. Poison
RING02    Twisted Ring  +1 AC
RING03    Traveller's Ring   +1 AC
RING04    Displacer Ring    +2 AC
JRING      Mempa's Biting Ring (cursed) +2 AC
DWEDRING    Deionarra's Wedding Ring  +1AC +1 Saving throws
WRING    Thex's Ring   +4 AC +2 Save vs spells +20 HP! usable only by mages
AMBEAR    Amber Earrings +2 AC +2 1st level spells
MAGE4    Magus Guard  AC5 or 4

Finally (again) DO NOT add in inventory items! Only overwrite existing items! (This is 'coz of the dynamic save file size again!)


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