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   .           `
   `... `.....`         P  L  A  N  E   **   S  C  A  P  E                `
  `     `..  `                                                  `...`....`
        `..       `..    `. `...  `...``..``...``.....` `...`.  .  `..
        `..     `..  `..  `..   .  `..  `.  `.. `..      `..  `..  `..
        `..    `..    `.. `..`.`   `..  `.  `.. `.....`  `..  `..  `..
        `..     `..  `..  `.. `.   `..  `.  `.. `..      `..  `..  `..
       ``..`      `..    `...  `  `...  `.  `.. `.....` `...  `..  .`..
                                `.       :                           `

                            Planescape: Torment (PC)

                                April 24, 2009
                                 Version 2.01

                        Written by:  Dan Simpson

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  The most recent version of this FAQ can be found at:

  Planescape: Torment was released in the US on December 10, 1999.

  There are no current plans for a sequel to PS:T. Why? Lack of sales.

  Check out my Torment Items List FAQ, which is on GameFAQs.

  This FAQ looks best in Courier New at about 9 points.

  This Document is Copyright 2000-2009 by Dan Simpson
  Planescape: Torment is Copyright 1999 by Black Isle/Interplay

  I am not affiliated with Black Isle, Interplay, or anyone who had anything
  to do with the creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so
  long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting
  it.  You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.

What's New in 2.01:

    Some minor fixes.

  For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
  of the FAQ.

Table of Contents:

    To navigate quickly, double click the code, press CTRL-C, then CTRL-F,
    CTRL-V and ENTER!

    i.     [NTRDCT]  Introduction
    ii.    [TWKNGT]  Tweaking Planescape: Torment
    iii.   [CRTNGN]  Creating a new Nameless One
    iv.    [NPCMPN]  Companions
    v.     [LGNMNT]  Alignment
    vi.    [GNRLST]  General Strategies

           [FRQNTL]  Frequently Asked Questions

           [WLKTHR]  Walkthrough

    1.     [MRTRYY]  Mortuary
    2.     [THHVVV]  The Hive
      2.1  [HVMRTR]  Hive, Mortuary Area
      2.2  [HVSMLD]  Hive, Smoldering Corpse Area
      2.3  [HVMRKT]  Hive, Marketplace
      2.4  [HVNWSR]  Hive, Northwest Area
      2.5  [LLYFDN]  Alley of Dangerous Angles
    3.     [RGPCKR]  Ragpicker's Square
      3.1  [TRSHWR]  Trash Warrens
    4.     [BRDVLL]  Buried Village
    5.     [CTCMBS]  Catacombs
      5.1  [DDNTNS]  Dead Nations
      5.2  [DRWNDN]  Drowned Nations
      5.3  [WRRNSF]  Warrens of Thought
    6.     [PHRDSN]  Pharod's Answers
    7.     [LVNGTH]  Leaving the Hive
    8.     [THLWRW]  The Lower Ward
    9.     [THCLRK]  The Clerk's Ward
      9.1  [FNDRYF]  Foundry of the Godsmen
      9.2  [NMLSSN]  Nameless One's Maze
      9.3  [MDRNCB]  Modron Cube
      9.4  [NDRSGL]  UnderSigil
    10.    [RVLSMZ]  Ravel's Maze
    11.    [CRSTCR]  Curst
      11.1 [CRSTPR]  Curst Prison
    12.    [THTLND]  The Outlands
    13.    [CRSTRV]  Curst Revisited
      13.1 [CRCRZI]  Carceri
      13.2 [SGLRVS]  Sigil Revisited
    14.    [FRTRSS]  Fortress of Regrets

           [PPNDCS]  Appendices

    A.     [GLSSRY]  Glossary of Terms
    B.     [DKKNSK]  Dak'kon's Karach Blade's Many Forms
    C.     [CHRCTR]  Character Sounds
    D.     [NLNRSC]  Online Resources
    E.     [STRNGT]  Strange Things

           [FNLWRD]  Final Words...
                     Version History

    i.     [NTRDCT]  Introduction

  Torment is not your usual CRPG (Computer Role Playing Game).  Firstly, it is
  the very first game set in the Planescape Multiverse (and the last as well).
  The game is not set in one definite world, but rather, many worlds, or
  "Planes" of existence.  In the "Planes" belief is literally power, as when
  enough people believe something, it can become a reality.  This isn't always
  a good thing...

  Your character in Torment, the Nameless One, is also not your typical Hero.
  He has no name for starters.  And he can't die.  Sure he can be killed, but
  that doesn't really get him down, he just dusts himself off and gets right
  back up. (usually in the Mortuary)  And yet, he has no memories of himself,
  the only information he has is written on his back (in tattoo form) and from
  a chatty floating skull named Morte.

  The Nameless One's Quest is a personal one, rather than an Epic "Save the
  World" quest.  He wants to discover Who He Is, and Why Can't I Die?  In
  searching for the answers to these questions, he has run around the
  multiverse a multitude of times, and each time he has forgotten what he had
  managed to accomplish in his previous attempts.  Can he remember long enough
  to break the cycle?  Will the Nameless One ever be free of his cursed

  In the guide I use a coordinate system (x,y). To find out the coordinates
  located at your mouse cursor, press L.

    ii.    [TWKNGT]  Tweaking Planescape: Torment

    Yes, PS:T runs on Vista.

    The latest official patch can be found here:

    Torment is still a fairly buggy game, even after the official patch.
    Several efforts have been made at making an "unofficial patch." What would
    appear to be the best of these is the PS:T Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack by
    Qwinn. This incorporates many of the older "fixpacks" by Platter and
    SKARDAVNELNATE, as well as many new fixes. You can find it here:

    Also at the Spellhold Studios site you will find Qwinn's Tweak Pack, and
    the Unfinished Business mod that restores content that Black Isle cut from
    the game before release. These tweak packs include most restorations
    done by earlier modders, such as Platter.

      Note: If you do install the tweak pack or Unfinished Business,
            things will happen differently than I have written in the

            Qwinn was nice enough to send some of the fixpack and Unfinished
            business changes over, and those have been placed in the

    If you have a widescreen monitor, also try the Widescreen mod:

    Then there is GhostDog's fabulous new UI for PS:T, which you can find
    at the Spellhold Studios link above. Works great in conjunction with the
    widescreen mod.

    With all this, you'll get a shiny new game!

    iii.    [CRTNGN]  Creating a new Nameless One

  You don't really "create" a character here, you merely "add" as many stats
  as you can to do well in the game.  You start with a 9 in every stat, and are
  given 21 stat points to build with.  At every level you gain, you will get a
  new Stat point to place however you will.  There are also various items that
  increase your Stats, either by effect, or by permanently raising your stat.
  Finally, stats can also be increased through special dialogue options in
  the game.

  Strength:      In combat, strength influences both your ability to hit
                 (THAC0) and the damage that you can do, while outside of
                 combat it determines just how much stuff you can carry, your
                 ability to bash open doors and chests, etc.  Also there are
                 some Dialogue options that can only be successfully completed
                 with a high (15+ usually) strength score.  Strength is great
                 and all, but for a New Nameless One, it isn't that crucial.
                 But by the end of the game, be sure to have lots of it!

                 Most useful for:  Fighters, Chaotic, and Evil characters

  Dexterity:     In combat, Dexterity influences your ability to avoid getting
                 hit by an enemy.  Outside of combat, Dexterity is mainly used
                 for things like thievery.  For example, there are some
                 pickpockets around, and if you are Dexterous enough (oh, 13+)
                 you can catch them in the act (although you also have to have
                 a good Wisdom to know to look for it).

                 Most useful for:  Fighters, Thieves, and Chaotic characters

  Constitution:  Quickens your regeneration rate, adds more HPs per level, and
                 other fun things.

                 Most useful for:  Anyone

  Intelligence:  No combat effects.  Outside of combat the most notable thing
                 about Intelligence is how it effects Dialogues.  Smart
                 characters can think their way out of situations (again a 15+
                 Int is usually required for this).  However, some situations
                 are better solved by a high Wisdom than they are by a high
                 Intelligence.  Intelligence also greatly influences your
                 mages, not only in the % to learn a spell successfully, but
                 also in the number of spells that they can learn per Casting
                 Level.  Finally Intelligence increases your Lore skill.

                 Most useful for:  Mages

  Wisdom:        The best stat in the game, bar none.  Wisdom gives a great
                 bonus to experience, which in turn leads to the faster gaining
                 of levels.  Also has an effect on Priests, by giving them
                 bonus spells the higher Wisdom they have.  But since YOU can't
                 be a Priest, that doesn't help.  The best effect, however, is
                 in the Dialogues where you will get the BEST options, as well
                 as the most Recovered Memories, and your "inner voice" will
                 even warn you of dangerous dialogue options.  Also increases
                 your Lore skill.

                 Most useful for:  Everyone

  Charisma:      Charisma is useful, but not on the scale of Wisdom.  Charisma
                 has all its benefits in dialogues.  It brings up new options,
                 but these options usually aren't any better than what Wisdom
                 would get you.  Charming your way out of something works less
                 well than being Wise enough to get out of something.  Also can
                 increase certain rewards.

                 Most useful for:  Chaotic characters

  Here are your stats:        Here's where I'd add:       Here's your new Stat:

    STR      9                                                       9

    DEX      9            +            2                            11

    CON      9                                                       9

    INT      9            +            6                            15

    WIS      9            +            9                            18

    CHA      9            +            4                            13
          -------                   -------                      -------
            54                        21                            75

  You may be wondering why on earth am I neglecting the "most important" stats
  of Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution.  Well, this is just my opinion of
  what works best in Torment.  But here's the most important thing to remember:

    Wisdom is the most important stat in Torment!!

  Yep, you heard right: Wisdom rules.  With a high Wisdom, your character gains
  quite a good bonus to all EXP earned (either in quests, or defeated
  monsters), which REALLY adds up at the higher (21+) levels.  If you choose to
  place points elsewhere, don't rob Wisdom, or you'll be sorry.

  A Wisdom of 12 and lower, no bonus
              13 gives you about a 2% bonus to experience
              14                   5%
              15                   8%
              16                   10%
              17                   13%
              18                   15%
              19                   18%
              20                   20%
              21                   23%
              22                   25%
              23                   27%
              24                   30%
              25                   35%

              So, with a Wisdom of 25, if you get 1000 experience (assuming you
              have no extra companions to split it) you will actually get 1350

  Why do I recommend placing points in Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma?
  Because Torment isn't as combat oriented as other CRPGs.  A lot of
  experience (and other fun bonuses) can simply be gained in conversation, but
  only if you have good enough stats for it. I'll point out in the Walkthrough
  how much of each stat you need to get such bonuses. For example, if you are
  talking to someone who wants to kill you, if you have a high Charisma, you
  could charm them out of it, or high enough Intelligence, and you can
  out-think them to avoid combat. There's even one instance of being clever
  enough to get someone to *kill* themselves for you!

  Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution are important, but I wouldn't start the
  game with them.

  Constitution Note:

    Constitution is handled differently in Torment, than in previous AD&D
    CRPG's.  It's retroactive.  That is, if you increase your Constitution, you
    will gain all the Bonus HP's as if you had had that Constitution from the
    start of the game. (This is both good and bad, we'll get to the bad in a
    moment)  This means that you won't be punished by avoiding Constitution in
    the beginning of the game.  When you get it later, you'll get all those
    HP's that you missed.  This is especially sweet when you get an Item that
    increases your Constitution, as you'll see instantly your new HP's.

    So what's the bad side?  If you lose constitution, you lose all the bonus
    HP's that came with the high constitution.  Therefore you can't just give a
    CON+2 tattoo to someone, level them up for the bonus HP's, then give the
    tattoo to someone else.  As soon as the item is gone, so are the HP's.

    I think that the good points outweigh the bad points, though.

  The Nameless One starts the game as a Fighter. Later in the game, you can
  find trainers to switch your class to either Mage or Thief, or back to
  Fighter. This isn't multi-classing in the regular AD&D sense. You completely
  change over to that class.

Specialization Bonus

  The Nameless One also gets a Specialization Bonus at the 7th and 12th levels
  of whichever class he currently is.  You only get each bonus once, so if you
  take the 7th level fighter bonus, you can't get the 7th level mage bonus.
  You could, however, take the 7th level fighter bonus, then the 12th level
  mage bonus.  If you do THAT however, you will end out taking the 7th level
  mage, as you must have the 7th level specialization to get the 12th.


      7th            + 1  STR, able to have 4 proficiency in a weapon
      12th           + 1  STR, + 1  CON, + 3  HP, able to have 5 proficiency


      7th            + 1  INT
      12th           + 2  INT, + 1  WIS, + 5  Lore


      7th            + 1  DEX
      12th           + 2  DEX, + 1  Luck

    Note:  If you somehow end out gaining enough experience to the point where
           you would be gaining enough levels to get BOTH specializations at
           the same time, you actually will only get the first specialization.
           So, if you are a Fighter at level 6, and level up to level 12, you
           will only get the STR +1.

           And besides cheating how would you get into this situation?  I have
           no idea. There are no in-game cheats, you have to download a save-
           game editor (see for one).

  Other Places the Nameless One Can Gain Extra Stats:

    Mortuary, Starting Level       -- Ei-Vene               -- MaxHP +1
    Smoldering Corpse Tavern       -- O                     -- WISDOM +1
    Drowned Nations, Tomb          -- Tear of Salieru Dei   -- CONSTITUTION +1
    Lower Ward                     -- Sebastian             -- CHARISMA +2
    Mortuary, after Dead Nations   -- Xachariah's Heart     -- DEXTERITY +1
    Clerk's Ward                   -- Nemelle               -- MaxHP +3
    Clerk's Ward, Brothel          -- Vivian                -- CHARISMA +1
    Clerk's Ward, Vrischika's Shop -- Tear of Salieru Dei   -- CONSTITUTION +1
    Clerk's Ward, Festhall         -- Qui-Sai               -- AC +1
    Godsmen Foundry                -- Sarossa               -- WISDOM +1
    Ravel's Maze                   -- Ravel                 -- WISDOM +1
                                                               INTELLIGENCE +1
                                                               MaxHP +3
                                                               WISDOM +1 or 2
    Curst Prison                   -- Vhailor               -- STR +1,2 or 3
                                                               DMG +1,2 or 3
    Carceri Warehouse              -- Ancient Scroll        -- Any STAT +2
    Fortress of Regrets            -- Practical Incarnation -- WISDOM +1
                                                               INTELLIGENCE +1
    Fortress of Regrets            -- Paranoid Incarnation  -- STRENGTH +1
                                                               CONSTITUTION +1
    Fortress of Regrets            -- Good Incarnation      -- WISDOM +1

    Max Total Possible: (ancient scroll can give a +2 anywhere)

      Strength     +4 (6)
      Dexterity    +1 (3)
      Constitution +3 (5)
      Intelligence +2 (3)
      Wisdom       +7 (9)
      Charisma     +3 (5)
      AC           +1
      MaxHP        +7

  Some places to Lose Stats:

                          you get                               you lose
    Ignus            -- spells, fire resistance        --   -7 MaxHP (total)
    Pillar of Skulls -- answers                        --  -15 MaxHP
                     -- Morte returned                 --   -5 MaxHP

  Tattoos: (SPOILERS) mostly from Steve Bush

    As you know, there are a huge number of tattoos in the game of which
    virtually all are "unlocked" (allowing you to buy them) when you satisfy a
    certain condition, be it a conversation or particular event which occurs in
    the game, so naturally many are overlooked or cannot be obtained due to
    certain player decisions made earlier.

    If you're curious about the stats of the Tattoos, check out my item list

    [Existing tattoos - no prior conditions need to be met]

    * Tattoo of Action/of Greater Action
    * Tattoo of Might/of Greater Might
    * Tattoo of Health/of Greater Health
    * Tattoo of Warding/of Greater Warding
    * Tattoo of Presence/of Greater Presence
    * Tattoo of Insight/of Revelation
    * Tattoo of the Spirit/of the Soul
    * Tattoo of Enduring/of Greater Enduring
    * Tattoo of Accuracy
    * Tattoo of Bloodletting

    [Tattoos which require conditions to be met]

    * Tattoo of the Lost Incarnation
      Condition: Finding your severed arm in the dismembered crypt (Weeping
                 Stone catacombs) and take it to Fell.

    * Tattoo of Wasting Darkness
      Condition: Finding your severed arm in the dismembered crypt.

    * Tattoo of the Weeping Stones
      Condition: Finding your severed arm in the dismembered crypt.

    * Tattoo of Silent Coins
      Condition: Finding your severed arm in the dismembered crypt.

    * Razor Angel Ink
      Condition: Aid the Razor Angels in the Alley of Dangerous Angles.

    * Tattoo of Grosuk's Demise
      Condition: Kill Grosuk.  If you do this, you can't get "Sebastion's End"

    * Tattoo of Sebastion's End
      Condition: Tell Grosuk that Sebastion wants him dead. Opposite of
                 "Grosuk's Demise"

    * Tattoo of Justice's Eye
      Condition: (Quest) Get Byron Pikit arrested, and Trist freed.

    * Anarchist Tattoo
      Condition: Join the Anarchists.

    * Tattoo of Sensation
      Condition: Join the Sensates

    * Tattoo of the Restless Dead
      Condition: (Quest) Killing Strahan Runeshadow, the necromancer in the
                 Hive mausoleum, thus easing the restless dead.

    * Tattoo of Graves of Es-Annon
      Condition: (Quest) Finding a tombstone for the crier of Es-Annon, in the

    * Number of Ku'u Yin
      Condition: (Quest) Get the number back for Ku'u Yin (Buried Village)

    * Tattoo of the Bonesinger
      Condition: Learning the Stories-Bones-Tell ability from Stale Mary in the
                 Dead Nations.

    * Tattoo of the Warrior
      Condition: Obtaining the level 7 bonus in the fighter class.

    * Tattoo of the Supreme Warrior
      Condition: Obtaining the levels 7 and 12 bonuses in the fighter class.

    * Tattoo of the Art
      Condition: Obtaining the level 7 bonus in the mage class.

    * Tattoo of the Magi
      Condition: Obtaining both the level 7 and 12 bonuses in the mage class.

    * Tattoo of the Thief
      Condition: Obtaining the level 7 bonus in the thief class

    * Tattoo of the Master Thief
      Condition: Obtaining both the level 7 and 12 bonuses in the thief class.

    * Tattoo of the Skull [AKA Tattoo of Morte]
      Condition: Having Morte in your party.

    * Tattoo of Annah [AKA Tattoo of Annah-of-the-Shadows]
      Condition: Having Annah in your party.

    * Tattoo of Tenement Shadows
      Condition: (Quest) Escaping the tenement block of starved dog thugs, in
                 the Hive next to Fell's, with or without Sybil.

    * Tattoo of the Source
      Condition: Joining the Godsmen.

    * Tattoo of the Joining
      Condition: Matchmaking for Karina and Corvus - tell Corvus that Karina is
                 lonely. If you do this, you can't get the Tattoo of Spite.

    * Tattoo of Spite
      Condition: Deliberately scuppering Corvus' chances with Karina by telling
                 him that Karina spends time around "all her suitors". If you
                 do this, you can't get the Tattoo of the Joining.

    * Tattoo of Death-in-Life
      Condition: (Quest) Granting Dimtree a second death and thus freedom from
                 his zombie "slavery".

    * Tattoo of Saving Grace
      Condition: Having Fall-from-Grace in your party.

    * Tattoo of the Unbroken Circle
      Condition: Learn all the spells from Dak'kon.

    * Tattoo of Ignus
      Condition: Having Ignus in your party.

    * Tattoo of the Redeemer
      Condition: (Quest) Redeem Trias the Betrayer in Carceri - saying "The
                 Upper Planes are the home of justice, beauty, and goodness.
                 They are also home to forgiveness. Go home. Admit your error
                 and beg forgiveness"  Even if you do that, if Vhailor kills
                 him you won't get this one.  Opposite of the "Betrayer"

                 Note: You can get this even if Vhailor kills Trias.

    * Tattoo of the Betrayer
      Condition: (Quest) Kill Trias.  Opposite of the "Redeemer"

    * Tattoo of Avernus
      Condition: (Quest) Speaking to the Pillar of Skulls on Baator.

    * Tattoo of Ravel
      Condition: (Quest) Meeting Ravel (just speaking to her nets you this
                 tattoo) in the black-barbed maze.

    * Tattoo of Ravel's Kiss
      Condition: (Quest) Get kissed by Ravel.

    * Tattoo of the Silver Tongue
      Condition: (Quest) Be VERY flattering to Ravel.

    * Tattoo of the Black Barbed Call/Maze
      Condition: (Quest) Visit Ravel's Maze. Mage only.

    * Tattoo of Logik Cubed
      Condition: Having Nordom in your party.

    * Tattoo of the Tale-Weaver
      Condition: Hearing ALL of Yves' tales at the brothel (also includes
                 stories she tells after all your party members tell her a

  A quick note on Proficiencies:

           Unlike in Baldur's Gate where you choose where to place Proficiency
           Points when you gain them at your Level Up, in Torment you gain only
           Unused Proficiency Points.  From there you have to find a trainer to
           Use the points in one of the weapon classes.  I'd get at least one
           point in Axes, Fists, and Edged Weapons, as they have the best

  The Nameless One's Biography:

    I feel like I've woken up inside someone's dream.  I don't know who I am...
    I don't know how I got here... and I don't know how to get out.

    First thing I remember is crawling off a metal slab in some vaulted
    monstrosity called the Mortuary, and some floating skull asking me a bunch
    of damned questions.

    I've lost my memory, I've lost my possessions, and the only thing I seem to
    know is that I can get stabbed, beaten, burned... and I get better.  This
    regeneration of mine hasn't done much for my looks, but no one seems to

    I need to figure out who I am and how I got this way...  I feel like
    something's missing, something inside, but I don't know what.

    iv.   [NPCMPN]  Companions

  Here is a list of all the NPC's that can join you in the game, roughly in the
  order that you can get them to join (unless you skip one).  Morte, Dak'kon,
  and Nordom can be "upgraded", that is, their stats will be improved simply by
  activating a certain conversation thread.  As such, these three have a "How
  to Upgrade" section in their description.  Also, Vhailor can upgrade YOU, and
  as such he also has a "How to Upgrade" section, it just means something else
  then Morte's, Nordom's, or Dak'kon's.

    Morale Note:  Every character that joins you has what the game calls
                  "Morale."  This reflects how happy they are.  Mostly this
                  just affects their conversations, however, in some cases
                  (Dak'kon being the most notable) it affects more tangible
                  items, such as weaponry and skills.  Morale is an integer
                  value, the nicer you are to the person in question, the
                  higher this value will rise.

  Morte  (voiced by Rob Paulsens, Animaniacs "Yakko Warner", "Pinky"; from the
          Tick, "Arthur", and many other cartoon voices)

    Chaotic Good

    Stats:      HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              20/20      4       19    12    16    16    13     9     6

    Upgraded                           16    18    18    13     9     6

    How to get:  You start the game with Morte.  Just don't misplace him

    How to Upgrade:  Once you have Fall-from-Grace talk to her about Morte.
                     She tells you that he isn't a Mimir and that he has a
                     Baatorian smell.  Confront Morte about this and you will
                     recover a memory and upgrade Morte.

    Biography:  Of course you got questions about me -- you probably have
                questions about ALL sorts of things.  Let me boil it down for
                you:  when you've been as dead as long as I have... without
                arms, legs, or anything else, you spend a lot of time thinking,
                y'know?  I figure it's been a few hundred years since I got
                penned in the dead book, but time doesn't really tally up the
                way it used to... without that mortality thing pressing down on
                you, all the days and nights kind of blend together.  So you
                think about this, and you think about that... and the most
                important piece of wisdom I've learned over the past hundred or
                so years is this:  There's a LOT more obscene gestures you can
                make with your eyes and your jaw than most people think.
                Without even resorting to insults or taunting, you can really
                light a bonfire under someone just with the right combination
                of eye movements and jaw clicking.  Drives them barmy!  If you
                ever get beheaded and your skin flayed from your skull, I'll
                show you how it's done.  I got some real gems, chief -- they'd
                drive a deva to murder, they would.

                I know what you're thinking:  I'm dead.  I've lost so much.  It
                should have sobered me up to all that joy I missed, all those
                loves I've lost.  Some people get all depressed about death --
                they haven't TRIED it, of course -- but one thing they never
                seem to realize is how it changes your perspective on things;
                it really makes you take a second look at life, broaden your
                horizons.  For me, it's pretty much made me realize how many
                dead chits are in this berg and how few sharp-tongued men like
                myself there are to go around -- you spin the wheel right, and
                your years of spending nights alone are over!

                Shallow?  I'm not shallow.  I just don't get caught up in all
                that philosophy and faith and belief wash that every berk from
                Arborea to the Gray Waste rattle their jaws about.  Who cares?
                The Planes are what they are, you're what you are, and if it
                changes, fine, but things aren't bad the way they are -- and I
                should know.  Go on, ask me some questions about the Planes, or
                the chant, or the people, or the cultures -- when you end up
                like me -- without eyelids, that is -- you end up seeing a lot
                of things, and I can tell you almost everything you need to

                It's like this:  We're in this together, chief.  Until this is
                over, I stick to your leg.

  Dak'kon (voiced by Mitch Pileggi, Assistant Director Skinner on the X-Files)

    Lawful Neutral

    Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              33/33     6       18     17    16    16    13    13    13

    Upgraded                           18    18    18    13    13    13

    How to get:  You will find Dak'kon coolin' his heels in the Smoldering
                 Corpse tavern, which is one area south of the Mortuary area.

    How to upgrade:  Once you have become a Mage, talk to Dak'kon about
                     learning the Way of Zerthimon from him.  You must complete
                     all 8 circles and then Dak'kon will be upgraded. (see
                     the 'Ragpicker's Square' section for more information)

                     If you want more information on how Dak'kon's sword gets
                     upgraded, check out Appendix B.

    Tip:  Once Dak'kon is upgraded, give him a tattoo that gives at least +2
          CON. This will enable him to regenerate Hit Points, just like the
          Nameless One, though not as fast.

          Strange as it is, when both of them have exactly 20 CON, Dak'kon
          actually does regenerate slightly faster than TNO.  Weird, I know.
          TNO regens faster at all other CON values.               [from Qwinn]

    Biography:  My past is not known to you.  It is not my will that you
                should know it.

                Know that I bear the scars of one who has travelled the
                Planes.  Know that I have never rested long in any one place.
                Know that I bear the weight of one who has travelled far to be
                in this place.

                Know that I am a Githzerai.  Know that I am of the people of

                It was Zerthimon who knew the Githzerai before we knew
                ourselves.  He knew what had to be done to free us.  From his
                knowing, came action.  From his knowing, freedom was born.
                The Githzerai ceased to be slaves and became a people.

                Know that I follow the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon.  His words
                are known to me.  His heart is known to me.

                All that remains is that I know myself.
  Annah  (voiced by pop vocalist Sheena Easton)

    Chaotic Neutral

    Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              38/38     4       17     14    18    16    12    10    13

    How to get:  You gain Annah after you have found Pharod and given him the
                 Bronze Sphere

    How to upgrade:  Not as dramatic as the others, but you can teach Annah a
                     few thieving tricks.  If your main character is a Thief,
                     and has a thieving stat over 50, then you can teach Annah
                     a thing or two about thieving.  Each time you do that she
                     gains +3 in that thieving skill.

    Biography:  Aye, now what yeh be wantin' to know about me for?  Are yeh
                jest bored?  It's not some grand tale, it isn't, so if yeh're
                expecting some epic yeh'd best go rattle yer bone-box at
                someone else, jig?

                I seen the way yeh look at me tail -- if it'll keep yeh're eyes
                to yerself, then I'll tell yeh where it came from: it's a
                blessing from me Grand Da... or me Grand Ma, whichever o' them
                was the fiend.  I'm a tiefling, so I am, with just enough of
                the demon blood in me to sprout this tail outta me back.  That
                blood trickled its way from me Grand Ma n' Grand Da to me...
                after passing through me own Ma an Da, whoever they were.

                Pharod?  Me Da?  Ha!  Ol' stutter-crutch isn't me Da -- not me
                real one anyway.  He just fostered me, he did, dragged me outta
                the Hive and brought inta his stable.

                Don't get him wrong by thinkin' he had a kind bone in his
                body... he wasn't shedding no tear for me bein' an orphan -- he
                just needed someone to scarp deaders off the streets of the
                Hive, an' I'm small enough so I can get inta places his other
                boys can't.  Plus, most of the gullies in his pack are wee boys
                with the fear in 'em, so I end up finding most of the deaders
                in places they're too ascared to look.  The Dusties pay a nice
                bit of copper for the deadies I bring 'em, and Pharod don't
                take so much off the top that it leaves me a beggar, so he's
                not so bad, I spose.

                Enough of yer questions.  Now I got some things to say ta YEH,
                I do.

                I seen the way yeh act, an' yeh need to be told some things if
                we're goin' to be travelin' together... first -- don't go
                flappin' your bone-box and locking eyes with everyone yeh meet.
                That's a sure street to trouble, it is.  An' don't be takin'
                no one's name in vain or yeh'll be attracting the worst sort of
                attention, and right quick, too.

                An' one last thing.  Don't be thinkin' yeh can treat me like a
                cobblestone, neither -- yeh start doin' that, an' I'll take
                these blades an' carve yeh, I will.

                Me blades?  Aye, these dags are mine.  I like these punch dags,
                I do -- yeh can keep yer axes n' hammers n' clubs -- these
                dags are more me style.  Yeh just behave yerself, an' yeh won't
                be wearing 'em, aye?

  Fall-From-Grace  (voiced by Jennifer Hale, also did Dynaheir in Baldur's
                    Gate, and most notably she was Bastila Shan in KotOR)

    Lawful Neutral

    Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
             42/42      2       16     13    16    16    16    16    19

    How to get:  Once you get access to the Clerk's Ward, visit the Brothel,
                 talk to Grace and she'll have you talk to her 9 students.
                 Return when you've done that to get her.

    Biography:  My past is not a long one, at least by tanar'ri standards. I do
                not know if you are familiar with the tanar'ri, but we are a
                race of the Abyss, a staggered series of Planes filled with
                chaos and evil hearts.

                I am a tanar'ri, a fiend, a succubus...  I grew up upon the
                first plane of the Abyss.  My mother was a succubus herself --
                as I'm sure you are aware, succubi tempt mortals to bring their
                souls to the Abyss.  My mother was among the finest, seducing
                countless mortal men to their eternal damnation.  She now
                dwells in the Abyss, selling her children into slavery.

                She sold me to the baatezu, the blood enemies of the tanar'ri.
                I think she rather expected that they would kill me -- despite
                her knowledge of other subjects, she knows little of their
                culture and the delight they take in tormenting others.

                Fortunately, the baatezu are a proud species.  The thought a
                tanar'ri could best them at anything was something intolerable
                to them.  So I challenged one of the proudest of the balor to a
                contest of improvisation, and it was here that my tanar'ri
                heart allowed me to win the day.  The tanar'ri are chaotic
                creatures, wild and unpredictable.  The baatezu are more
                cunning fiends, with orderly hearts.  They understand
                improvisation, but they are not among its best practitioners.
                And thus, I won my freedom.

                That was a very long time ago.  I left the lower planes for
                Sigil.  I encountered the Society of Sensation, and my
                experiences upon the baatezu instilled in me a desire to learn
                more of the multiverse.

                Why?  I believe there is a truth to the multiverse... even if
                that truth is that there is no truth at all.  I believe that
                the Planes are meant to be experienced, and the more one
                experiences, in traveling, in joy, in pain, in merriment or in
                suffering, the more the multiverse reveals itself to you...

                And the more you are revealed to yourself.
  Ignus  (voiced by Charlie Adler, "Harold" from the Fallout games; "Buster
          Bunny" from Tiny Toon Adventures)

    Chaotic Neutral

    Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
             28/42      5       18     13    16    20    19    8     3

    How to Get:  You can find Ignus in the Smoldering Corpse Bar (SE Hive).
                 Getting him into the party is a little more work.  First you
                 need the Decanter of Endless Water (Drowned Nations), then
                 you get the Word from Nemelle (Clerk's Ward).  Finally you
                 can use it on Ignus to free him.

    Biography:  No more talk and wander... Ignusss wishesss to BURNNN...

                Ignusss burnsssss... sssooo long ago... yet...


                Once... Ignussss knew NOTHING of flamessss... ssset ssssmall
                firesss, tiny flamesss, tiny flickeringssss...

                The firessss grew... Ignussss ssset firessss in their
                streetssss... and lit the firessss of anger in their

                They sssought to punisssh Ignus, the ssmall fliesss from the
                Hive.  They wissshed to sssee Ignusss BURNNN after Ignusss
                ssset fire to their ssstreets...

                ...tiny magelingsss, hedge wizzardsss, runecasterssss... tiny
                sparks of magic came to PUNISSSSH Ignusss for hurting their
                loved onessss... they sssentenced Ignusssss to BURNNNN, made
                Ignussss a TORCH, a sssspitting FLAME, burning, burning...

                It wassss JUSSSTICE, they sssaid...

                ...but it was not a sentence...

                ...there is ssoooo much flamessss and painnn that there issss
                NO pain... there issss LIGHT, and HEAT, and the flesssh
                runsss as TALLOW acrosss my bonessss...

                ...and for the firssst time...

                ...Ignussss wasss PLEASSSSED...

                When the Planessss burnnnn and all life is torchesss, then
                Ignusss ssshall at lassst... be at peace...

  Nordom  (voiced by Dan Castellaneta, who also does Homer Simpson)

    Chaotic Neutral

    Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
             60/60      4       15     16    16    16    16    8     8

    Upgraded Stats:     2              18    17    18    18    8     8

    How to Get:      You'll find Nordom in the Hard level (somewhere) in the
                     Modron Cube.

    How to Upgrade:  Once you have Nordom, you must clear the Wizard Construct
                     out of the Modron Cube.  Then you tell Nordom that you
                     are the new Director for his first upgrade.  You get his
                     second upgrade by pointing out that his separation from
                     the Source is what makes him loopy.  His final upgrades
                     come when you give him direct orders as the Creative
                     Director.  Beyond what is listed above, there are also
                     class specific upgrades (depending on the Nameless One's
                     class). If you're having trouble getting the upgrades,
                     kick Morte and Fall-From-Grace from the party.

    Biography:  Backwards modron - Nordom. Queries? Chronology: Modron March.
                Destination: Limbo. (Original Destination: Mechanus -> reason
                for destination shift unknown. Reason: Lost?) New parameters
                dictated by superior: Shaped matter of Plane (Limbo) to test
                hypothesis. Rubikon dungeon constructed.

                Superior lost in field test. Superior = Nordom? After exposure
                to Plane, perspective has deviated from norm. Perceptions have
                become smaller and louder. Wings have been replaced with arms:
                reason unknown. Suspicion/hypothesis: not liked wings?

                Nordom was once "one" but am now smaller, louder "one."
                Processing information difficulties.

                Two spirits of Rubikon gears assist Nordom. Transformed these-
                selves into weapons to defend against Rubikon errors. Their
                query: leave this place and shoot other hostile sentients
                (goal: adventure?).

                Reason for Nordom deviation unknown. Primary function
                terminated when Rubikon disintegration reached three cubits
                inwards and increasing. Processing functions... functions
                re-defined upon arrival of new sentients. Nordom now gear in
                new hierarchy.

                Designated leader: Addressee. Attention: Nordom follows.
  Vhailor  (voiced by Keith David, "Apollo" in Disney's Hercules)

    Lawful Neutral

    Stats:      HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
             100/100     2       12   18/51   13    18    10    10    10

    How to Get:  After Trias tells you of the Portal out of the Curst prison,
                 instead of entering the portal, go around it to find Vhailor.
                 As long as you don't remind Vhailor that he wanted to kill
                 you, he'll join just fine.

    Biography:  I am Vhailor.  I am a Mercykiller.  I am justice.

                It is my past.  It is my present.  It is my future.

                All who are guilty shall be punished.  I shall not rest until
                the sentences of the condemned have been carried out.

                Mercy is for the weak.  Punishment breaks souls and makes them
                worthy of service to their superiors.  When the number of
                martyrs is great enough, rebellion crumbles.

                Know this, and know my heart:  There is only one truth in the
                multiverse.  The multiverse shall be sharpened upon the blade
                of justice.  With justice as its whetstone, the multiverse
                shall achieve perfection.

  Other Notable Voice Actors:

    Nameless One     - Michael T. Weiss (Jarod from the Pretender)
    Ravel            - Flo Di Re (minor character actor)
    Strahan/Fhjull   - Tony Bumpass (does a lot of tiny roles in many things)
    Transcendent One - Tony Jay (Kresselack in Icewind Dale)
    Trias            - John De Lancie (who played Q on Star Trek)

    (Voice over information from the Internet Movie Database,

    v.    [LGNMNT]  Alignment

  Unlike in every previous AD&D CRPG (that's Computer Role Playing Game), you
  do not select your hero's Alignment at the start of the game.  In fact, you
  don't ever get to choose the alignment.  Instead, the game decides what
  alignment you are based on your actions.  If you act Good, then you have a
  Good alignment, if you always tell the truth, then you have a Lawful
  Alignment, and so forth.

  All Alignment notes in the walkthrough are noted as *ALIGNMENT* and they tell
  you what you should do or not do to be a certain alignment.  (Such as "if you
  taunt Morte, you will be more Chaotic")

    Note:  There are 2 "Ultimate" weapons in the game (outside of items that
           you get only via cheating), one for a Lawful Good character
           (Celestial Fire), and one for an Evil character (Entropic Blade).

Alignment Types

  Lawful:   The lawful character always tells the truth, never lies.  So, if
            you see the "lie" option, don't use it.  Law is supreme.  If
            someone says that Chaos is the way to go, don't believe them.  And
            don't join up with the Anarchists or the Xaositects either.  And
            don't waste skeleton's time by bothering them with stupid

  Chaotic:  Say whatever pops into your head.  Make fun of Morte, and ask
            skeletons why they bother wearing smocks.  Be impulsive.  Act a
            little crazy now and then.  Lie to people.  If you told someone
            that you wouldn't do something, go ahead and do it anyway.

  Good:     Do the right thing.  Never ever kill people who don't deserve it.
            (But go ahead and kill any evil things that you want)  Help people
            out, and don't ask for a reward.  Don't threaten people either.

  Evil:     Threaten to kill people if they don't do what you want, then
            actually kill them.  Lie, cheat, steal, kill, hurt, and generally
            do everything that you shouldn't.  And do the worst thing you can
            do, give the Modron Cube to a giant Entropic Iron Golem.

  Here are the Alignments:

    Lawful Good      -- Lawful Good characters strongly believe in order and
                        the betterment of life for others.  Their definition of
                        "betterment of life" for others can vary, however.

    Neutral Good     -- Neutral Good characters believe in the balance between
                        law and chaos, but they lean towards performing good

    Chaotic Good     -- Chaotic Good characters aren't concerned with structure
                        or order.  They are individualists who tend toward
                        performing acts of kindness.

    Lawful Neutral   -- Lawful Neutral characters believe in order over all
                        other concerns.

    True Neutral     -- where you start the game

                        True Neutral characters believe in maintaining the
                        balance of law and chaos.  They don't tip the scales
                        between the two and tend to oppose anyone who does.

    Chaotic Neutral  -- Chaotic Neutral characters do not believe in order.
                        This is the alignment of lunatics, madmen, and
                        impulsive characters.

    Lawful Evil      -- These characters believe in organized evil and prefer
                        to further the causes of evil and villainy in an
                        orderly, hierarchial manner.  You believe in laws...
                        and the extent that they improve your
                        situation or undermine another's place.

    Neutral Evil     -- These characters believe in the balance between law
                        and chaos, but they lean towards performing evil
                        actions.  It's more of a selfish, egocentric evil in
                        which they're more concerned with making sure they're
                        taken care of first, and the rest of the planes can go
                        to their own hells-after they've been bled for all
                        their worth.

    Chaotic Evil     -- These characters are the epitomy of villainy.  They
                        care nothing about order, truth and justice and serve
                        their own selfish desires at every opportunity.  While
                        Neutral Evil characters tend to be selfish, Chaotic
                        Evil characters actively go out and promote evil, with
                        little regard for the consequences other than causing
                        dissent and harm to others.

    vi.     [GNRLST]  General Strategies

  Getting across hostile areas, without fighting:

    There are often many times in the game where you won't want to fight, or
    simply are too wounded to put up a decent fight.  Or maybe you're just
    tired of it, in any case you want out.  Well here's one strategy I have
    used a number of times (namely in the Modron Cube Maze, and in Baator) to
    get myself out of a mess.

    Say that you are in a relatively safe place at the moment, but if you move,
    you'll be attacked in a battle that you can't win.  And now you have to get
    across a very hostile area with some very nasty monsters in it, to get to a
    new area entirely across the way.  Here's what I would do:

      Send the Nameless One out alone, running to the new area.  Don't stop to
      fight anything, just run.

    It's a lot easier to move just one person out, and avoid fights, the more
    people out there, the more likely one of them is to pick a fight.  Plus the
    Nameless One has regeneration.  This strategy takes advantage of the fact
    that you only need one member of your party moving to a new area, either by
    portal or by walking, to get to that area.  In Baldur's Gate you had to
    have your entire party going to the new area, but in Torment, any one
    person can get to the new area, and your entire party will get there.

  Money Trick (from Tuxedo Mask)

    The really expensive stuff, take it to the Failed Shop in the Lower Ward.
    Before you talk to the owners, cast Friends or get your CHR up past 20, the
    higher the better.  Then talk to them, and you can sit there and buy, sell,
    buy, sell, repeat until kingdom come.  The higher your CHR, the better
    prices you get for buying and selling, and when you're over 20 CHR, you can
    sell for more than you pay to buy.  It only works on items that they don't
    stock though, so jewelry is bad.  The CHR thing actually holds true for
    most stores, but most stores don't buy, or are very selective about what
    they buy.  I often change to mage and cast friends right before I buy
    things (like scrolls, which can get really pricy.  The higher the value of
    the item you're selling, the more you can make each time.

    This was fixed in my Fixpack version 3.0. All stores that provided
    an infinite money exploit no longer do so. With very high CHR, the buy and
    sell price will be equal at best.                              [from Qwinn]

  Getting through the Modron Cube without a fight:

    Similar to the previous strategy, but this one takes advantage of a little
    bug in the Modron Cube to get out of every fight altogether.  When you
    first enter one of the Modron Maze pieces, a Modron Construct will talk to

    Here's what you do:

      When you first enter the area, PAUSE the game quickly, then find out
      where you want to go, and before the Modron Construct can talk to you,
      CLICK that.  Now the Modron will talk to you, ignore it, and once the
      conversation is over, you will be INSTANTLY transported to the new area!


  Making the Nameless One into a Fighter/Mage or Thief/Mage:

    Hello I've got a brilliant bug for you how to make The Nameless One a
    multi-class Fighter/Mage or Thief/Mage.  First you have to be either a
    Fighter or Thief with a spell caster in your party (Dak'kon,
    Fall-From-Grace or Ignus), then select one of them then bring up the
    "Quick Bar" (by right-clicking). Select spells then select the entire party
    (Note: must do this while "Quick Bar" is still on screen), and you should
    have the Nameless One's spells. (from Christopher Leigh Dodd)

      Note:  You MUST be trained as a mage.  Also you can still memorize spells
             if you are a different class. (i.e. sleep)

    Editor's Note:  I have yet to get this to work.  That either means that
                    this was corrected by the patch, or never worked to begin
                    with.  Anyone?

    From Aaron Denney:  I did get this to work, but he left out a step:
    Select caster, bring up quick bar, select spells, select entire party,
    _then select spells again_.  The button will be gray, but it will work.

    This exploit will be fixed in my Fixpack version 4.0.          [from Qwinn]

    TNO kept the best THACO of his 3 classes no matter what class he switched
    into.  In my Fixpack, this is no longer the case.  When he switches to
    level 3 mage, he has the THACO of a level 3 mage, even if he has 15 fighter
    levels.  "I wish to abandon the Way of the Sword" actually means something
    now, and no more munchkin level 15 fighters switching to level 3 mage,
    keeping all the advantages of a fighter and getting to use the much higher
    AC items of a mage, totally messing up class balance).         [from Qwinn]

  Save before talking to anyone!

    The place where you will most likely screw up in the game is in talking to
    someone.  As such, it is recommended that you save EVERY TIME YOU WANT TO

    For example, you may trip a flag that cuts out another dialogue option that
    would have lead to a great deal of experience, and possible stat increases
    for you or a character.  Or maybe you taunt Morte, and that drops your
    alignment from Lawful Good to Neutral Good, and you can no longer use the
    Drops of Salieru Dei (Permanent Con +1 for Lawful Good chars).

    So save before talking to anyone!  (In the Walkthrough, I try to point out
    every important NPC, and what to say to them, and what not to)

  Save before leveling up!

    This is most important when dealing with your NPC's and their levels, but
    this is equally true for everyone.  Before you click the "LEVEL UP" button,
    save the game.  If you don't like the number of HP's you receive, then
    reload and try again.  Don't worry about Bonus HP's, worry only about the
    main HP's.

    So what are good HP's to gain per level?

      Nameless One      -- 9 or 10 (class doesn't matter, he gets 1-10 no
                                    matter which class he currently is, but
                                    only for the class with the highest level)

      Morte             -- 9 or 10

        Fighter         -- 5
        Mage            -- 2

        Fighter         -- 5
        Thief           -- 3

      Fall-From-Grace   -- 7 or 8

      Nordom            -- 9 or 10

      Vhailor           -- 9 or 10

      Ignus             -- 4

    At level 10, your HP's gained will no longer be random, it will simply
    give you a fixed amount every level (for a fighter, you get 3 HP + CON
    Bonus), so then you would no longer need to save-level-reload, as it would
    be quite pointless.

    Two notes.  1. Thieves and mages actually get a full hit die until
    level 10 inclusive, fighters and clerics until level 9.  2. The fact that
    you continue to get a CON bonus after that is a bug, and contrary to 2nd
    edition AD&D rules.  This is a big reason why the later game appears too
    easy to many (my TNO had 325 hp when he confronted TO!) and will be fixed
    in my Fixpack v4.0.                                            [from Qwinn]

    In my Fixpack, as per the game manual, you gain 1-10 hp per level when TNO
    levels his highest class, regardless of what class it is.  (So, basically,
    TNO always gains hit points as a fighter).  He no longer gains 1 hp when
    leveling a class other than his highest.  Chris Avellone, incidentally,
    agreed that the way HP is gained in the unmodded game was a bug/not
    intended.                                                      [from Qwinn]

    I say "9 or 10" because sometimes it is just REALLY hard to get the full
    10 HP's.  If you manage to get it great, but don't spend all day trying.

              [FRQNTL]       Frequently Asked Questions

  Q:  Are there in-game cheats like there were for Baldur's Gate?

  A:  No.

  Q:  Can the Nameless One ever wear armor?  Or am I permanently stuck with
      just 'tattoos'?

  A:  No, you can't wear armor, but there are so many really cool tattoos in
      the game, that you don't really need armor.  Plus, you can't really
      DIE, so armor just isn't that important.

  Q:  But I really, really want armor! Where is it? Tell me!

  A:  Um...

  Q:  How can I read Fall-From-Grace's Diary?  Can I read it if she dies?

  A:  You can't.  A lady must have her secrets, you know.  Also if she dies,
      she takes her Diary with her into the afterlife, so no you can't read

  Q:  Who is this 'Adahn' fellow I keep claiming to be?  Is that the
      Nameless One's real name?

  A:  No, it's not his real name, just the name he likes to pretend to be.

      If you claim to be Adahn in conversation about 10 or 11 times (unique
      times, you can't just keep saying it to one person), then in the
      Smoldering Corpse Bar, Adahn WILL appear!  He's nothing more than a
      figment of your imagination given reality based on nothing more than
      you claiming to be 'Adahn'.  Weird.

      The best place to try this is in the Mortuary.  Each of the generic
      Dustmen will ask why you are there, and you can say that you are there
      to see 'Adahn'.

  Q:  I have the Unfolding Portal, but it says that I need the key. What is
      the key?

  A:  The key is Kessai-Serris's blood on a handkerchief, and you can get
      that in the brothel where you met Fall-From-Grace.

  Q:  How do I get into the Siege Tower?

  A:  Talk to the guy by the furnace in the Marketplace in the Lower Ward
      (his name eludes me) and he'll mention the tower eventually, and tell
      you that to get in, you must suppress all desire to enter.  Wander
      over to the right side of the tower, and there will be a drawbridge,
      go on it, and it will ask you a question, you respond by saying
      "suppress all desire to enter" and enter the portal.

                   [WLKTHR]        WALKTHROUGH

  Welcome the the Torment Walkthrough.  Throughout the walkthrough you will
  encounter situations in which your stats are checked.  If you have a high
  enough stat, you will get a better option.  For example, if you are being
  pickpocketed, and you are smart enough, then you can catch the thief.

  A summary of all treasures, and experiences is provided at the beginning of
  areas (an area is considered to be ONE map area), with in depth information
  contained in the bulk of the section.

  To find the location of something (you know, the X,Y coordinates), place your
  mouse over something, and press the L button.  I use the X,Y coordinates for
  just about everything in this walkthrough, so ... there.

    1.     [MRTRYY]  Mortuary

  Note:  I list the locations of zombies here, but they always wander around.
         So, if they aren't exactly where I say they are, try to find the
         nearest zombie.

  Area:  AR0202, Mortuary Second Floor

    Treasures:  - 2 bandages                        (x 1400 y 2100)
                - Scalpel                           (x 900 y 2300)
                - Preparation Room Key              (x 1250 y 2866, on zombie)
                - Receiving Room Logbook            (x 600 y 1000)
                - Fist Irons                        (x 700 y 850)
                  13 Copper Commons
                - Rule of Three Earring             (x 1080 y 950, on a zombie)
                - Bandage                           (x 830 y 1070, on a zombie)
                - Dhall's Quill Pen                 (x 1330 y 1250, on Dhall)
                - Receiving Log Page                (x 2090 y 930, on a zombie)
                - Bandage                           (x 3250 y 600)
                - Left Arm #985                     (x 2934 y 1290)
                - Embalming Fluid                   (x 3435 y 2145)
                - Bandage                           (x 3050 y 2000, locked)
                  Ancient Copper Earring
                - Embalming Fluid                   (x 3200 y 2215)
                - Some rags for cleaning            (x 2193 y 2656)
                  2 bandage

    Experience:  - Getting a Note            (x 1080 y 950, on a zombie)
                   One of the zombies in the third room (if you consider the
                   room you woke up in as the first room) has a note attached
                   to it, which you can remove for 250 exp.

                 - Using the Note to get the Rule of Three Earring
                   Once you have that note, use it, fold it the right way (see
                   below) to get an earring and 250 exp.

                 - Cut the Stitches of a Zombie  (x 3133 y 1033)
                   In Ei-Vene's room, there is a zombie to the south of her
                   that has some stitches that can be cut for 100 exp, and some
                   Needle & Thread.

                 - QUEST Fetch Embalming Fluid and Needle for Ei-Vene
                   (x 3150 y 790)
                   In the fifth room from where you woke up, you'll find a
                   strange Dustman tiefling woman named Ei-Vene, who mistakes
                   you for a zombie.  She asks you to get her Embalming Fluid
                   and a Needle, which can be found around the mortuary.
                   Return to her with the items, and play at being a zombie to
                   get her to upgrade your MaxHP +1 and get 250 exp.

                 - Remember placing an Item in Zombie '42' (x 3150 y 790)
                   When you return to Ei-Vene with the items, you may get a
                   memory returning to you about putting an item into a zombie
                   marked '42'.  The memory is worth 250 exp.

                 - Get Disguised as a Zombie      (x 3500 y 1650)
                   The Anarchist disguised as a zombie (Vaxis) in the room past
                   Ei-Vene's can make you look like a zombie (ask him how he
                   got to look like that, and ask if he can do the same for
                   you) if you give him Embalming Fluid and a Needle.  Return
                   to him and ask to be a zombie for 500 exp.  You can't run
                   while a zombie, so keeping the disguise isn't really worth

                 - QUEST Fetch Embalming Key for Vaxis   (x 3500 y 1650)
                   Vaxis, the Anarchist zombie impersonator, wants you to fetch
                   him the Embalming Key in exchange for information about the
                   portal out of the Mortuary.  Go talk to Ei-Vene for the key
                   for 250 exp.  Take it to Vaxis for another 250 exp.  Ask
                   Vaxis about a Finger Bone for another 250 exp.

                 - Turn Vaxis in to Dhall
                   Once you've discovered that Vaxis isn't really a zombie, you
                   can turn him in to Dhall for 250 exp.  However, if you
                   promised Vaxis that you wouldn't tell the guards, this will
                   negatively impact your alignment (make you more Evil).

    You start the game dead, on a table, being wheeled into the Mortuary.  In
    the movie, you watch some pretty bad nightmares before waking up from your
    death bed.  As soon as you are up, a floating skull named Morte floats over
    to you and talks to you.

    NPC:  Morte (No Race, joins you)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              20/20      4       19    12    16    16    13     9     6

      Morte quite helpfully tells you everything you need to know right now,
      how you got here, and what is written on your back.  He also points out
      a decent way of getting out of here, by attacking a zombie and stealing
      its key.

    Check the cabinet at (x 900 y 2300) to get the scalpel.  Morte will now
    offer you some advice on combat, and tell you to get rid of one of the
    zombies.  The zombie we want is at (x 1250 y 2866), go down there, press A
    and attack him.  Once he's down, search his remains to get the key.  Don't
    bother wasting the other two zombies in here, they aren't worth the

    Go to the northern door at (x 700 y 2300) and open it.  Once through, Morte
    will offer his last of his tips, and you get your first Stat Check!  Ask
    him about female corpses, and it being his "last chance", and if you get
    the option "You CAN'T be serious" then you have passed the Stat Check
    (which checks your INT to see if it is greater than 12).  These appear in
    the game all the time, and are often quite useful, getting you special
    abilities and whatnot.  Morte tells you to start a journal, and you'll hear
    the first of MANY "Updated my Journal" sounds.

      Note:  Your journal is one of the most useful tools in the game, so be
             sure to use it!  The journal is divided into three sections, but
             the one you will likely use most often is the "Quests" section as
             it shows you every open Quest you are on, as well as completed
             quests.  Also the main journal is very useful for getting analysis
             of conversations, or for just checking out what you have just been

    You can talk to one of the female zombies in here, but there isn't much of
    a point, although it does bring up ALIGNMENT.  How, you say?  Because of
    Morte.  As you talk to the female zombie, Morte will chime in, and you get
    all sorts of options to taunt Morte, but doing so will affect your
    alignment, by making it more Chaotic. (see the Alignment section above for
    more information)  If you want to be chaotic, then by all means, taunt
    away, just be sure to know what you are doing.  There's nothing else in
    this room, so continue on to the next room.

    In the second cabinet from the door (x 600 y 1000) you will find the
    Receiving Room Logbook, which has some interesting (if not entirely useful)
    information.  Check the zombies here, one of them has some bandages you
    can take, and another has an interesting Note that you can use your
    scalpel to get at (for 250 exp no less).  Use the note:

      Upper Right
      Lower Right
      Upper Left
      Upper Right
      Unfold the Pyramid

    And you get an earring and another 250 exp.

    Item:  Rule of Three Earring

      This earring has the power to create 99 copper commons, but only if you
      get it identified, which can cost 100 copper commons.  You can also sell
      this thing for 120 coppers.

    In the center of the room is a giant book (x 1265 y 1180) with a floating
    man named Dhall sitting at it.

    NPC:  Dhall (Githzerai, doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               4/4      10       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      This guy has a lot of information about your current situation, so be
      sure to talk to him (despite what Morte says to the contrary).  He
      mentions a great number of things, such as your having been to the
      Mortuary MANY times, that some of your companions are also buried here
      (including a woman, he says), and a bit of info on Pharod.  He also
      mentions how to leave the Mortuary.

      There is an INT check in his conversation.  If you can ask him "You say
      that I have been here more than once. How is it that the Dustmen do not
      recognize me?", then you have INT of at least 11.

      You can only ask if Dhall doesn't like Pharod much if you have WIS of at
      least 11.

      Dhall has one odd item on him, Dhall's Quill Pen, which permanently
      increases a Mage's Lore Skill, but you can only get it by killing him
      right now, so you probably want to pass it up.

    Once you are done with Dhall, go through the next door.

    Go to the zombie (#1664) at (x 2090 y 930) and talk to him.  He has a large
    book with a page sticking out.  Take the page and leave.  This page has
    your dead book entry on it, if you're interested in that sort of thing.  Go
    right through the next door.

    The zombie (#506) in the center of the room (x 3133 y 1033) has some
    stitches that can be removed via scalpel for 100 exp, and then you keep the
    stitches as Needle & Thread (an item used for healing).  Another zombie
    (#985) south of that one is wobbling, and no matter what you do, it topples
    over leaving an arm that can be used as a club. (x 2934 y 1290)

    NPC:  Ei-Vene (Tiefling, doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               4/4      10       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Talk to Ei-Vene (x 3150 y 790) until she gives you your first real Quest
      (Pharod doesn't count), to fetch her some thread (which you already have)
      and some embalming fluid.  When you get the items, return to her, and
      play zombie (that is, don't act suspiciously living) and she'll upgrade
      you (Max HP increased +1, 250 exp).  Also you may remember sticking an
      item inside a zombie marked '42', which is also worth 250 exp.

      You can talk to her all you want after this, but you'll never get an
      answer.  The only way to screw up here is to Push Her Away, which causes
      her to call the guards.  So don't do that.

    Go through the next door, and into the next room.  There is only one thing
    in this room, a zombie, who isn't a zombie (x 3500 y 1650).

    NPC:  Vaxis (Zombie, doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               6/6       8       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Turns out that this guy is an Anarchist who has infiltrated the Mortuary
      to spy on the Dustmen.  If you want, he can disguise you as a zombie (see
      Experience above) for 500 exp, but all you really need from him is a way
      to escape the Mortuary.  He mentions portals, but wants something from
      you in return for the info.  You could be nice and fetch him the
      Embalming Key from Ei-Vene, or you can just threaten him to get him to
      talk.  If you get the key, you get 250 exp from Ei-Vene and another 250
      for giving Vaxis the key.  He will tell you that you need a finger bone
      to activate the portal on the first floor in the northwest.  Ask him
      where you get a Finger Bone for another 250 exp.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you want to threaten Vaxis with death rather than give
                    him the key, you need at least 12 STR.  However if you do
                    this, your Alignment will be adjusted in an Evil direction.

      If you want to threaten Vaxis with exposing his disguise to the Dustmen,
      you need at least 11 CHR, or he won't find you convincing enough.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  You can also make a VOW to Vaxis that you will not expose
                    his secret to the Dustmen, and if you do reveal him to
                    Dhall, your alignment will be adjusted evilly.

      You can ask Vaxis about Dhall, Deionarra (he doesn't know her) and most
      importantly, he will tell you that Soego seems a little ratlike.

      Alternatively:  When you first confront Vaxis lie to him and tell him
                      that you are looking for him.  Then tell him you are
                      there to take his place.  He will turn over all the
                      information and items (3 bandages, needle & thread,
                      embalming fluid and a knife) he has.  He'll then proceed
                      to explain the portal and the finger bone key to you for
                      500 exp. (from Jopezu)

    Go to the next room, and up the stairs to the third floor.

  Area:  AR0203, Mortuary Third Floor

    Treasures:  - Charcoal Charm                    (x 3320 y 1250)
                - Needle & Thread                   (x 2150 y 850)
                - Bandage                           (x 1950 y 450)
                - Bone Charm                        (x 1800 y 500, locked)
                  Corpse Fly Charm
                  33 Coppers
                - Clot Charm                        (x 1650 y 500)
                - Mortuary Task List                (x 1400 y 500)
                  Dustman Embalming Charm (Lesser)
                - Mortuary Reminder Message         (x 730 y 925, on skeleton)
                - Junk                              (x 1400 y 950)
                - Needle & Thread                   (x 2800 y 1800)
                - Junk                              (x 2900 y 1850)
                - Iron Prybar                       (x 2050 y 2333)
                - Dustman Request                   (x 1900 y 2333)
                - 2 Clot Charms                     (x 1776 y 2363, locked)
                  33 Coppers
                - Green Steel Knife                 (x 1990 y 1300, skeleton)
                  2 Clot Charms
                - Iron Spike                        (any skeleton, really)
                  Leather Strap
                - Mortuary Sanctum Key              (x 850, y 2000)
                - Hammer                            (x 625, y 1475)

    Experience:  - Killing a Dustman
                   If you tell a Dustman that you are lost, or that you woke up
                   on a slab somewhere, they become suspicious, and you have to
                   put them down. (requires 13 DEX) Doing so gets you 15 exp for
                   a memory (not a strong memory it says), and 250 exp for the
                   first dead dustman.  Every dustman afterwards is a mere 15

                 - Skeleton #42              (x 1990 y 1300, wandering)
                   We know from the memory on the previous floor that we left
                   some things in a zombie #42, but that was quite some time
                   ago, and that zombie is now a skeleton.  Check out the
                   Dustman Request at (x 1900 y 2333) to learn of that.  Then
                   go find #42 (x 1900 y 1300) and talk to him, he's wandering
                   around the eastern part of this chamber.  You will think
                   that this is the skeleton that you remembered, and will
                   cross your arms and the skeleton will mimic you.  Reach into
                   its chest and pull out an item, examine that item to get
                   some coppers, a knife, 2 clot charms, and some rags.  You
                   get 250 exp for your trouble.

                   If you have a WIS of at least 13, you can puzzle this out
                   WITHOUT having gone through the memory at Ei-Vene.

                 - Opening the Ancient Copper Earring
                   Talk to the zombie in the southern room (#79, x 1670 y 2440)
                   and examine the "Fanged Circle", and you will notice the
                   similarities of that and the Ancient Copper Earring that you
                   possess.  Now, examine the Earring (right click it, and
                   press USE), and now you can open it.  You get 250 exp, and
                   can now use the Earring, and sell it for more coppers.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Bugging the skeletons will make you more Chaotic.  By
                  bugging, I mean asking them stupid questions about their
                  Smock, and whatnot.

    Welcome to the Third Floor.  If you get stopped by any Dustman, just claim
    to be visiting Dhall and they'll let you go.  Also, you can deconstruct the
    skeletons here for some useless items (trust me, these items suck), so
    don't bother unless you're bored.  Finally when you talk to a Skeleton the
    first time, Morte will wonder if he can "steal" the body of the skeleton.
    And in case you're wondering, he can't!  He's stuck as a head the entire
    game (sorry to spoil it for you, but there it is).

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you taunt Morte about being a simple skull, then it makes
                  you more Chaotic.

    Note:  You can deconstruct the skeletons if you have a Prybar, or a STR of
           at least 13.  It doesn't have any effect on your alignment.

    In the far northern room, you can pick up a finger bone at (x 1800 y 500),
    you will likely have to force the lock as you don't seem to be able to pick
    locks yet.  Find some junk, and take one.  You'll need it later. (if you
    must know, you use the junk to open a portal to get to Pharod)

    In my Fixpack v3.0, two relevant changes were made. Most locks
    were upgraded, as their difficulty in the original game was seriously
    trivial and easily bashed, making the thief open lock skill virtually
    useless. That includes the cabinet with the finger bone. TNO's with
    a high strength may still be able to bash it unaided, but for those
    with a low strength, they will -actually need- the prybar, which
    now provides a +10% bonus to Bash attempts as its description and
    several notes lying around the mortuary imply, to open it.     [from Qwinn]

    Find Skeleton #42, and retrieve your items from it (see Experience above),
    also check out Zombie #79 in the southern chamber to open the Ancient
    Copper Earring (also see Experience above).

    Go to the Southwest part of the room, and search the shelves at
    (x 850, y 2000) for the Mortuary Sanctum Key.  Use the key to open the
    doors there (x 450 y 1370).  If you've done everything you care to, go down
    the stairs.

    You'll be back on the second floor, so go down again to the first floor.

  Area:  AR0201, Mortuary Main Floor

    Treasures:  - Dustman Robes                     (x 1600 y 2600, Soego)
                  Bronze Bracelet
                  Jagged Knife
                  Mortuary Key
                - Rune of Armor                     (Giant Skeletons)
                  Rune of Warding
                  Rune of Lesser Warding
                  Rune of Greater Warding
                - Crescent Hatchet                  (x 2200 y 1100)

    Experience:  - Soego opens the Gate   (x 1600 y 2600)
                   If you get Soego to open the gate for you, you get 500 exp.

                 - Deionarra helps you out (x 1040 y 1070)
                   You can get 1000 exp from Deionarra for regaining your Raise
                   Dead Ability (ask her about yourself), you also get 500 exp
                   for having her tell you about the Portal out of the

                 - Giant Skeletons
                   In the center chamber there are 4 Giant Skeletons.  If you
                   can figure out how to deconstruct them on your own, you get
                   500 exp.  A zombie Southeast of them has a book that can
                   help you.  Each skeleton is worth 800 exp to deconstruct,
                   plus they give you a Rune, which is considered a Spell
                   Scroll.  You deconstruct the skeletons by examining them
                   carefully, examining the armor, then examine the symbols.
                   Then you Mar the runes maintaining the warding enchantment
                   first, then work backwards through the rune pattern.

    When you first get to this floor, you will be accosted by a Dustman.
    Either feign that you are lost, or snap his neck.  You can take his Dustman
    Robes to hide as a Dustman (so that other Dustmen don't bother you), but
    they aren't really useful.

    A little to the Southeast (x 1600 y 2600) you will find Soego, a weird
    Dustman with a secret.

    NPC:  Soego (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              16/16      6       17     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Soego is a Dustman with a secret, but you won't learn what that is until
      later in the game (though Vaxis gave you a hint).  Soego is the man to
      talk to if you want to go out the front gate (he has the key), and you
      can either kill him to get it, or talk him into opening it for you
      (which gives you 500 exp as well).  Tell him that you were here to see
      Dhall, but that you can do it another time and he'll open the gate for
      you.  You can also point out to Soego that Vaxis is hiding as a zombie
      for 250 exp.

      If you try to snap his neck, he won't die, and you'll have to attack him.
      You can only grab him if your Dexterity is at least 13.

      If you tell him that you are lost, he'll start to call the guards, but if
      your Charisma is at least 11 then you can talk him out of it.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you tell Soego that you woke up on a Slab upstairs,
                    you'll be more Lawful (but the reverse is NOT true, you
                    won't be more chaotic if you don't tell him).

      If you ask Soego to let you out, but you've already stolen the Key (to do
      that you would have had to already left and come back as a Thief), then
      he calls the guards.

    Don't leave the Mortuary yet, we still have one of the most important NPC's
    in the entire game to talk to!  Wander up the path to the left to (x 1040
    y 1070) and talk to the Ghost of Deionarra.

    NPC:  Deionarra (doesn't join)

      Stats:       HP        AC   THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              32000/32000   -20     10     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Deionarra was a love of yours some time ago, and travelled with you on
      your earlier journeys.  Now she's dead, and a little bitter about her
      fate.  Ask her who she is, claim that you feel the stirrings of a memory,
      and then ask if she knows who YOU are, and continue talking about
      yourself until you get the Raise Dead Ability and 1000 exp.  Then ask her
      if she can help you leave, then say that you are in danger, and you'll
      get 500 exp for her answer on how to leave (which is the same way as
      Vaxis' way to leave).

      Say farewell, then ask her what her sight sees that yours does not, and
      she'll give you a bit of a prophecy.

      If you have at least 11 Charisma, or 12 Intelligence you can ask "'My
      Love'?  Do I know you?" after she first talks to you.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you lie to her and say that her name sounds familiar,
                    then you become both more Evil and more Chaotic.

      Again if you have 11 Charisma or 12 Intelligence, you can pretend to feel
      the stirrings of a memory.

      If you simply ask to leave without explaining the danger you are in, she
      will curse you, and vanish.

    Now wander Southeast into the center of the area.  There are 4 Giant
    Skeletons here (don't attack them).  If you're smart enough, you can simply
    figure out how to deconstruct them on your own, otherwise continue to the
    Southeast to find a zombie (x 3600 y 2000), talk to him, and steal his
    book.  That zombie always seems to wander around, but he should be about
    where I said. (he's #732)

    If you figure it out on your own (which requires a 16 INT), you get 500 exp
    for figuring it out, and 800 exp for deconstructing the enchantment.  You
    deconstruct the skeletons by examining them carefully, examining the armor,
    then examine the symbols.  Then you Mar the runes maintaining the warding
    enchantment first, then work backwards through the rune pattern.  Each
    skeleton will give you 800 exp for taking them apart, and give you a Rune.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you ask Morte if he'd like to attach himself to one of the
                  giant skeletons, then change your mind because you are
                  worried about Morte's safety, it will increase your Goodness.

    We are done here for now, so either leave through the Portal (x 1400 y 450)
    or the Front Gate (x 1040 y 2650).  I'd recommend the Portal, but either
    way is about the same.

    Note:  Be sure to come back here when you get the "Stories-Bones-Tell"
           ability to talk to the zombies (I'll have another Mortuary Section
           after you get that ability showing you which zombies to talk to).

    Note:  Your disguise (if indeed you are wearing one) will disappear when
           you leave.

  Area:  AR0206, Crypt

    Treasures:  - 30 Coppers                        (x 440 y 600)

    We're here if we used the portal from the Mortuary.  Just grab the coppers
    (and take a look at the note if you want), and leave into the Hive.

    2.     [THHVVV]  The Hive

  Note:  The Hive is a set of 5 areas:  The Mortuary Area (NE Hive), Smoldering
         Corpse Bar Area (SE Hive), Alley of Dangerous Angles, The Market (SW
         Hive), and the NW Hive.  There are a lot of small things to be
         accomplished in these areas, and I would suggest doing all of it as it
         can be quite helpful.  This walkthrough will be hitting everything in
         the Hive in, hopefully, an efficient order.

      2.1  [HVMRTR]  Hive, Mortuary Area

  Area:  AR0200, Mortuary Hive Area

    Treasures:  - Cobblestone                       (x 1320 y 2800, zombie)
                - Copper Earring                    (x 975 y 1450, Sev'Tai)
                - 15 to 45 coppers                  (x 1000 y 2300, Baen)

    Experience:  - Learn the Dabus language
                   Find one of the Dabus in this area (the floating guys who
                   hammer on the walls), and talk to him.  If you are smart
                   enough (at least 13 INT or 13 WIS) then you learn the
                   language of the Dabus and get 1000 exp.

                   If you have 13 INT, but less than 13 WIS you only get 500

                 - Pretend to be dead for Pox                  (x 2030 y 1830)
                   One of the services Pox will offer you is to smuggle you
                   into the Mortuary.  One way to do it is to actually die, the
                   other is to simply pretend to be dead.  Pox, of course,
                   wants to see just how convincing you are first, so you
                   pretend to be dead.  If you have at least 13 Charisma, it
                   will work, and you get 500 exp.  If you let him smuggle you
                   in, then you get another 500 exp.

                 - QUEST Sev'Tai's sisters revenged            (x 975 y 1450)
                   You'll find Sev'Tai at the Dustmen memorial.  Talk to her,
                   and discover that her 3 sisters were murdered by some
                   Chaosmen in the area to the south.  You can lie, or kill the
                   Chaosmen to get 250 or 500 exp.

                 - QUEST Baen's message to Craddock            (x 1000 y 2300)
                   You'll find Baen the Sender just north of the Gathering Dust
                   Bar.  He wants your help in finding Craddock and giving him
                   a message.  You'll find Craddock in the Marketplace Hive,
                   one area to the south, then one area west (x 2100 y 1040).
                   Deliver the message to Craddock and return for your reward
                   of 500 exp (and some Copper, how much is determined by your
                   Charisma, see below).

                 - QUEST Ingress                               (x 626 y 1200)
                   You'll find Ingress running around this area, if she isn't
                   at those coordinates... well... she's the one running.
                   Anyway she's been trapped here for some 30 years and needs
                   some help to get out.  Agree to help her.  Now head to the
                   Smoldering Corpse Bar (one area to the south), go in and
                   talk to Candrian (x 570 y 1150) the semi-transparent guy.
                   He'll agree to help her.  Now go back to Ingress and tell
                   her about Candrian.  Finally go back to Candrian to get your
                   reward:  750 experience and Ingress' Teeth

                   Note that, without my Fixpack, Ingress's quest can
                   easily get bugged. If you interrupt your conversation with
                   her and then resume it, the quest can get reset to a
                   previous state and actually drop off your quest log without
                   being either completed or failed. So if you don't have my
                   Fixpack, make sure not to preemptively end any conversations
                   with her.                                       [from Qwinn]

                 - The Post's Cobblestone                      (x 1320 y 2800)
                   Examine the zombie near the Gathering Dust Bar, and pull
                   the stone out of its head for 250 exp (and you get to keep
                   the stone).

                 - The Post shows the way to Pharod
                   Examine the zombie's Notices to find out that he points the
                   way to places (such as the Smoldering Corpse Bar to the
                   south), and then check out the graffiti on him to find a
                   message from Pharod.  The Post will point to the west (and
                   down) and give you 500 exp.

                 - Harlot mentions Pharod
                   Talk to any Harlot here, and agree to pay their fee of 3 cp.
                   Ask them questions about Pharod, and get an answer for 250
                   exp.  The information costs an additional 9 cp.  Also, let
                   Morte have some fun with the harlot, and you'll have to pay
                   her again, but he'll get new taunts.  (Plus it makes him

                 - QUEST Angyar's Dead Contract
                   Go into Angyar's house and talk with him.  Be careful not
                   to provoke him, then talk to his wife.  Carefully talk to
                   her (you can check out her NPC notes below) and find out
                   that Angyar sold himself to the Dustmen after he dies.  She
                   asks for your help with this.  Head over to the Gathering
                   Dust Bar, and talk to Mortai Gravesend.  Convince him one
                   way or another (see the Gathering Dust Bar area below) to
                   give you the Contract (which is itself worth 500 exp) and
                   then take it to Angyar.  Don't tell Angyar how or why you
                   got the Contract, just rip it up in front of him for 750

                   *ALIGNMENT*:  If you tell Angyar "Consider this free" you
                                 become more Good.

                   Also ask Angyar about Pharod, and he'll tell you where you
                   might find him for 500 experience.

    One thing that you must worry about while in any city (Sigil or Curst) are
    the Thugs.  You will see them all over the place, "Hive Thugs", etc.  They
    will attack you occasionally, but are never that tough to beat.

    Talk to Pox (x 2030 y 1830) to find out where Pharod is hiding.  He'll also
    give you information about Pharod's competitor, which can be important
    later.  Pox is also your way into the Mortuary (besides simply getting
    killed somewhere in the Hive), and you can even get 1000 exp if you pretend
    to be dead to get smuggled in. (see Experience above)

    Wander over to the obelisk, and talk to Sev'Tai at (x 975 y 1450).  Also
    near the Obelisk are Quentin, and Death-of-Names.  If you want, you can
    talk to Death-of-Names and ask him to look up some dead people for you.  Be
    sure to try Adahn.

    NPC:  Sev'Tai (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               5/5       9       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Talking with Sev'Tai you'll learn that her sisters were killed by some
      Barking Thugs in the Hive, Smoldering Corpse area.  You can volunteer to
      help her out by killing 3 thugs to revenge her 3 sisters.  So after that,
      go south to the next area, and find the three thugs, kill them, and
      return for your reward of 250 exp.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you say that "their actions were unjust" you become more
                    Lawful.  If you ask for Coppers in exchange for killing
                    them you become more Evil.  If you lie and say that you
                    killed them when you didn't, you become more Chaotic.

      OR you could just lie to her and say you killed them when you didn't, but
      that makes you more CHAOTIC and get 500 exp.

    Somewhere to the south of the obelisk (he wanders) you'll find a Purple
    Dressed Man named Baen the Sender (x 1000 y 2300).

    NPC:  Baen the Sender (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               5/5       9       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Baen is a messenger, but hasn't had much luck finding his latest target.
      He asks you to look for Craddock and deliver him a message.  Agree to
      help him, and he'll give you the message to deliver to Craddock.  Return
      after you have delivered the message (Craddock is in the SW Hive section,
      in the marketplace) for 500 exp.

      Your monetary reward depends on how high your Charisma is:

        10 or less Charisma    -- 15 coppers
        11-13 Charisma         -- 30 coppers
        14 or greater Charisma -- 45 coppers

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you ask for money for finding Craddock you become more
                    Evil, but if you don't ask for money, you become more Good.

    Head north to find Ingress (x 626 y 1200).  She often runs around the area,
    but is usually found north of the obelisk (usually).

    NPC:  Ingress (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               8/8       8       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Ingress is having a bad... 30 years, as she has been stuck in this plane
      too afraid to go in any doorway for fear of being teleported in a portal
      to some new hell.  Offer to help her out.  She is probably your first bit
      of information on how this whole Portal System works.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you offer to help Ingress, you become more Good, if you
                    call her *mad* you become more Evil.  And if you tell her
                    to "die afraid" when you leave, you become more Evil.

    NPC:  Annah (doesn't join ... yet)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              38/38      8       17     14    18    16    12    10    13

      You can also find Annah here south of the Obelisk, but she won't join you
      yet, and will just insult you, so there's really not much of a point
      talking to her.  If you ask her about where Pharod is, she'll just point
      you in the exact opposite direction.

      When discussing the price of her information, you can "Turn on the charm"
      with her to lower the price, if your charisma is at least 14.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you've already been to the southwest (the Alley of
                    Dangerous Angles), you can accuse her of giving you
                    misinformation, but telling the truth here makes you Evil,
                    and bluffing makes you Chaotic.

    Just west, and a little to the south of Annah is a zombie called The Post
    (x 1320 y 2800).

    NPC:  The Post (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              12/12      8       19     9     9     9     9     9     9

      The Post is just a zombie that stands there and acts as a living (so to
      speak) bulletin board.  Examine the zombie, and pry out the cobblestone
      for 250 exp, and a cobblestone.  Next examine all the Notices on his
      body, and finish up by checking out the Graffiti.  He'll have a message
      from Pharod on him, and will point the way to Pharod, which also gives
      you 500 exp.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Pestering the corpse about how much worse it looks than you
                    makes you more Chaotic.

      You must have at least 12 INT or 12 WIS to notice that he points the way
      to various places. (although this isn't necessary to get the exp from
      finding Pharod)

    You can talk to one of the Harlots here if you want (see Experience above),
    then head into the southeast corner, and into the house (x 3190 y 3500)

  Area:  AR0103, Angyar's House

    Talk to Angyar here, but don't provoke him.  He won't have all that much to
    say to you right now.

    After you've talked to him, talk to his wife in the back.

    NPC:  Wife-of-Angyar (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               4/4       8       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Ask her politely to calm down and answer some questions, then ask her
      what is wrong, and she'll tell you about Angyar having sold his body to
      the Dustmen.  Find out where and who he sold himself to, and vow to help

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you tell her that "If you were going to call him, you
                    would have done so already." then you become more Evil.
                    And naturally if you threaten her life, you become both
                    more Evil and more Chaotic. (and she attacks you to boot!)
                    If you ask "If you tell me what's wrong, I might be able to
                    help.", then you become more Good.  Offering to help them
                    also makes you more Good.  When you return with the
                    contract if you demand payment, then you become more Evil.

    When you return here with the Contract, give it to Angyar.  See Experience
    above for more information on that.

    Now, go out, and head over to the Gathering Dust Bar (x 1100 y 3000).

  Area:  AR0205, Gathering Dust Bar

    Experience:  - Sign a death contract
                   For signing a death contract with any of the Dustmen you get
                   750 total experience, and whatever money you can convince
                   them to pay you.  I'd sign with Mortai as you can get him
                   to pay you 100 coppers (see his NPC note below).  If you
                   want to, you can sign with all three Dustmen, Mortai,
                   Emoric, and Coppereyes, and each will give you the 250 exp.
                   Due to a bug, Mortai still pays you 50 copper.

                   Note:  This bug was fixed in my Fixpack 1.0.    [from Qwinn]

                   *ALIGNMENT*:  If you sign more than one Dustmen's contract
                                 then you become more Chaotic.

                 - QUEST Find out where Pharod gets his bodies   (x 615 y 580)
                   Talk to Emoric about Pharod and he'll give you the quest to
                   figure out just how Pharod is coming up with so many corpses
                   to sell to the Dustmen.  Return here when you know, and then
                   tell Emoric what you know for 2500 exp and 300 cp.

                 - QUEST Clear the Mausoleum for Norochj       (x 1130 y 965)
                   Check out the ad on the zombie outside the bar to discover
                   that Norochj has a job for you.  Talk to Norochj, and agree
                   to help him.  Head out of the bar, and into the Mausoleum.
                   (see that section below for more information)  Clear the
                   area, and return to Norochj for a reward: 1000 experience.

                   If your Charisma is at least 16 then you also get:  300
                   coppers and 3 bandages.

                   If your Charisma is between 13 and 15 then you get: 200 cp.

                   Anything lower and you just get the experience.

                 - Join the Dustmen                              (x 615 y 680)
                   Talk to Emoric about the Dustmen beliefs and then ask to
                   join the Dustmen.  He will give you a task to perform, and
                   when that one is complete will give you another.  The tasks
                   are:  Talk to Norochj about the Mausoleum troubles, talk to
                   Awaiting-Death, talk to Sere the Skeptic, and find Soego.
                   Naturally these all can't be done right away (especially the
                   Soego bit).  Each of these are listed separately below.
                   For finally joining the Dustmen you get 2500 exp.

                   If you already were a member of a Faction before joining the
                   Dustmen, you get only 1000 exp.

                   If you tell Emoric that you are immortal (if you have a WIS
                   of at least 13 you will be warned not to do this) you will
                   have to renounce your Dustmen membership.

                   *ALIGNMENT*:  If you tell Emoric that you are immortal
                                 anyway you become more Lawful.

                   Once joined, you can buy things from Emoric.

                 - QUEST Find the Thief for Norochj              (x 1130 y 965)
                   The first task that Emoric gave you was to talk to Norochj,
                   do so, and he'll tell you about a thief pretending to be a
                   Dustman.  Head out of the bar, and go one area down, and one
                   area left.  There you will find Ash-Mantle (x 2230 y 1950),
                   who is your thief.  Stop his thieving ways, and return to
                   Norochj for your reward of 750 exp.

                   If your Charisma is at least 16 you also get:  300 coppers,
                   and 3 bandages.

                   If your Charisma is between 15 and 13 you get: 200 coppers.

                   Anything less and you just get the experience.

                   Go back to Emoric to continue your initiation. (he gives you
                   no extra EXP though)

                 - QUEST Talk to Awaiting-Death                 (x 1185 y 1075)
                   The second task that Emoric gives you is to talk to the
                   initiate Awaiting-Death.  Talk A-D out of his suicidal
                   leanings (see his NPC section below for more information) to
                   get 500 exp.

                   Return to Emoric for another 250 experience, and to continue
                   your initiation.

    First thing's first while we're in here, go talk to Mortai (x 1050 y 650)
    and ask him about Angyar's contract.  There are several ways to handle this
    quest, of course.  If you have a forged Dustmen Contract, you can ask to
    see Angyar's contract, then if you have at least 13 DEX or 36 Pickpocket,
    then you can switch the Contracts.  Or, if you have heard about the Dustmen
    Philosophy, you can ask to settle the contract, tell him that it is tearing
    Angyar's life apart, which will prevent him from reaching the true death,
    and that he must hold the Dustmen in contempt to do this.  Either way you
    get 500 exp.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you try to BLUFF Mortai by telling him that you will
                  slaughter him, you become more Chaotic.  If you TRUTH Mortai
                  that you will kill him, you become more Evil.

    Once you've done that, go give Angyar his contract (just rip it up in front
    of him, check out Experience about for more info on that), and come back.

    NPC:  Mortai Gravesend (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               7/7       8       19     9     9     9     9     9     9

      There are a couple more things to do with Mortai beyond simply forcing
      him to give you Angyar's contract.  Namely, you can sign a Dustmen Death
      Contract (the same thing that you just got Angyar out of).  The best way
      to go about this is to first ask Mortai about Pharod, and from there ask
      about Emoric.  Now tell Mortai that you were thinking of signing a
      Contract with Emoric, and Mortai will raise the rate of the Contract to
      100 coppers.  Also for signing the Contract you get 500 exp.  When you
      finish signing the contract you get another 250 exp.

    Now that we've mentioned Emoric, we should go talk to him.  He's the one
    at (x 615 y 680) with the zombie bodyguards.

    NPC:  Emoric (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              35/35      8       18     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Emoric is the man to talk to if you want to join the Dustmen faction, so
      ask him about the Dustmen, then ask to join. (trust me)  Tell him that
      you have no *desire* to join the dustmen, just that you believe what they
      believe (this option ONLY comes up if you already know the Dustmen's
      philosophy).  He will ask you to recite the beliefs of the Dustmen, then
      ask if you believe it.  You may want to say that Truthfully you don't
      entirely believe it, but that with time belief may grow (as that helps
      your lawful alignment).  He tells you to talk to Norochj for testing.
      You can sign another contract with Emoric if you want, but if you've
      already signed with someone else (either Mortai or Coppereyes), then that
      effects your alignment.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you lie and say that you believe the Dustmen philosophy,
                    then you will be more chaotic.  If you say truthfully that
                    you don't entirely agree with their philosophy you become
                    more Lawful.  If you sign more than one Contract, then you
                    become more Chaotic.

      Also ask Emoric all about Pharod.  He'll tell you that Pharod isn't very
      well liked right now, and that he is collecting very very dead corpses
      (you can only ask about the Bodies if you have at least 13 Int).  Offer
      to track down Pharod for him and he'll give you that QUEST.  Return later
      to pick up your reward of 2500 exp and 300 cp.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you tell Emoric the Truth after promising Pharod that
                    you wouldn't tell, then you become more Chaotic, otherwise
                    you become more Lawful.  If you lie to Emoric you also
                    become more Chaotic.

      Be sure to return to Emoric after you complete each task he gives you to
      join the Dustmen, as he'll give you extra EXP and eventually you'll join
      the faction. (which gives more EXP, see Experience above)

      Joining the Dustmen gives Nameless One a +4 AC boost vs. Undead, because
      of the Dead Truce. (from Platter)

    Next talk to Norochj at (x 1130 y 965).

    NPC:  Norochj (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               7/7       8       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Tell Norochj that Emoric sent you and he'll tell you that there is a
      thief running around posing as a Dustman.  You'll find the fake Dustmen
      in the SW Hive near the marketplace.  You can't miss him, he looks like a
      dustman, and his name is Ash-Mantle. (x 2230 y 1950, but he wanders)
      Take care of him, and return (you can check out that section for more
      information) for 750 experience.  With 16 Charisma you also get 300
      copper and 3 bandages, between 13 and 15 gets 200 copper.

      Also with Norochj you can take on his Mausoleum QUEST (see Experience
      above and the Mausoleum walkthrough below).  This comes up either through
      having seen his Ad on the Post outside or asking why he is troubled.

      Depending on your Charisma, you'll also get bonus rewards with Norochj,
      16 and above getting an extra 300 copper and 3 bandages, between 13 and
      15 getting 200 copper.

    Talk to Emoric again, and he'll point you in the direction of another
    Dustman, this time, Awaiting-Death (x 1185 y 1075).

    NPC:  Awaiting-Death (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               2/2      10       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Awaiting-Death is, you guessed it, awaiting his own death.  He wants to
      die.  Talk to him, and he won't say anything until you make as if to go,
      then he'll talk to you.  If you've signed a contract with someone, he'll
      ask you why you did it.  Whatever you tell him you'll get similar
      results, he wants to die.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If he asks why you signed the Contract you say 'Truth:
                    "Well, considering that death and I aren't on speaking
                    terms anymore, I considered it a no-lose proposition."',
                    then you become more Chaotic.

      Beyond this point there are a bunch of different ways to complete the
      Awaiting-Death subplot.  If you've died once already, you can tell him
      what lies on the other side.  Or if you want, you can kill yourself to
      show him the "power" of death.  You can even ask him why he hasn't killed
      himself yet, and he'll ask you to do it for him.  (If you refuse to kill
      him, he won't talk to you ever again)  He'll give you money, and you
      can strangle him.  He'll make as if he wants to live, free him.  Turns
      out he wants to live.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you ask for money in exchange for killing him, you
                    become more Evil.  If you take his money and run without
                    killing him (now THERE's a thought), then you become more
                    Chaotic and more Evil.  If you actually go through with
                    killing him you become more Evil and Chaotic. (also you
                    don't get as much EXP, and everyone in the bar attacks you)

                    If you keep his money after freeing him, you become more
                    Chaotic, if you give it back, you become more Lawful.

      For your trouble you get 500 exp.

    Go back to Emoric, and tell him that you completed the Awaiting-Death
    quest, and he'll ask for your thoughts on the boy.  Tell him what you will,
    it makes no difference.  Emoric gives you an extra 250 exp, and tells you
    to talk to Sere now (x 1230 y 635).

    NPC:  Sere (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               2/2      10       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Sere immediately thinks that you crawled out of a crypt. (well LOOK at
      you!)  Tell her you didn't and she will tell you of Hamrys.  Ask her
      about Hamrys and his father (it could come in handy later).  If you have
      at least 11 Charisma, you can joke with her instead.

      To get her to reveal her doubts, tell her that you are "fresh from the
      mortuary."  Ask her if she afraid of dying and she says that she is.
      Ask her what caused this crisis of faith (available if you have 13 WIS or
      talked to Emoric earlier).

      *ALIGNMENT*:  When she asks 'what do you see' in the bar, if you answer
                    'a bunch of fun-loving dustmen' then you are more CHAOTIC.
                    When she asks for you to tell her how old she looks, if you
                    say 'Truth: Old' you are more LAWFUL.  If you 'Let her down
                    gently' then you are more GOOD.  If you 'Lie out of
                    kindness' you are more CHAOTIC and more GOOD.

      Listen to her story.  Once you are done listening she asks for your
      advice.  Whatever you advise you get 500 experience.

      Later, if you have joined the anarchists you can try to convert Sere to
      your cause.  If you have talked with her before, and know of the Dead
      Contracts you can easily convince her to do it (1000 experience).

    Return to Emoric and apprise him of the results.  This gets you another
    500 experience.  He then tells you to find Soego, who has suddenly left the
    Mortuary, and find out what is wrong with him.  You won't find Soego for
    some time.

  Area:  AR0208, The Mausoleum

    Treasures:  - Rags                              (x 3690 y 590)
                - 2 Bandages                        (x 3620 y 700)
                - Clot Charm                        (x 3820 y 775)
                - 11 Copper                         (x 3875 y 1175)
                - 3 Bandages                        (x 2060 y 3100)
                - Heart Charm                       (x 1900 y 3000)
                - 2 Bandages                        (x 2600 y 2140)
                - Bone Charm                        (x 3600 y 1600)
                - Rags                              (x 3575 y 1470)
                - Bandage                           (x 3100 y 1150)
                - 7 Copper                          (x 1740 y 1540)
                - Silver Ring                       (x 333 y 2000)

    After talking with Norochj, you are given the assignment to clear out the
    Mausoleum of intruders.  In the slums, you will find the portal into the
    Mausoleum in the top middle of the map (x 600 y 1025).

    Enter and talk to the Guardian Spirit.  It would seem that you are not the
    first to enter the Mausoleum.  Agree to find this intruder for the Spirit.
    He tells you that the dead are restless and may attack you. (if you did
    choose to fight the Spirit, it is worth 1000 experience, but that is less
    than what you get if you complete its quest)

    Go right, there will be a Magic Missile trap along the passage, but don't
    worry about it.  You will quickly find 4 or so skeletons near some open
    graves (x 3700 y 600).  Kill them (65 exp each) and search the crypts.  Go
    down, there will be another crypt, keep going south.  Soon the passage
    turns left, go that way until you bump into more skeletons getting out of
    their crypts (x 2060 y 3100).  Again, search the crypts.

    Keep going left.  Just past the path that goes north you will find a giant
    skeleton (175 exp), (x 700 y 3030).  Further left is the passage to the
    Inner Chamber, which is where we want to eventually end out, but not right
    now.  Take the path north.  When the path splits in two, take the right
    path.  This path quickly splits again, take the northern path (x 2020
    y 2235).  Here are more skeletons crawling out of their graves, put them
    back in.  One of the graves has some items.  Continue up, then right. (you
    may see another Giant Skeleton here)

    A couple of open crypts here.  Further up you will find a passage that
    leads elsewhere on this level.  Go back down, and to the left, then take
    the passage up (x 2800 y 1600).  When you get the option of going up or
    down, go down to find more skeletons and a crypt.  Go left, down and then
    left again.  Search the final crypt, then head over to the entrance to the
    Inner Mausoleum.

  Area:  AR0209, Inner Mausoleum

    Treasures:  - Scroll of Ice Knife               (on Strahan)
                  Rusty Knife
                - Strahan's Diary                   (x 460 y 500)
                  Scroll of Strength
                  Scroll of Chromatic Orb

    NPC:  Strahan Runeshadow (hostile)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              25/27      7       18     9     15    9     17    13    16

      Strahan knows that you are an immortal, and seeks your blood for no doubt
      nefarious purposes.  Nothing you say to Strahan will prevent a battle
      from breaking out.  Do your best to kill him. (975 experience)  Once he
      is dead, all his skeletons die with him.

      Search his body to find his treasures:  Scroll of Ice Knife, Bracelet,
      Rusty knife.

    Search Strahan's podium over to the left to find some more treasures.
    Leave this area and the Spirit will reward you with 2000 experience.  You
    can then leave the entire Mausoleum.  Return to Norochj for a further
    reward (which varies based on Charisma, see the Norochj NPC above).

      2.2  [HVSMLD]  Hive, Smoldering Corpse Area

  Area:  AR0400, Smoldering Corpse Area (AR0400)

    Experience:  - Damsel in Distress       (x 2050 y 800)
                   When you run into the Damsel in Distress, if you have at
                   least 14 INT, then you can tell that she isn't really in
                   "distress," which gets you 500 experience, but makes you
                   either more EVIL or CHAOTIC.

                 - Mourns-for-Trees           (x 2220 y 570)
                   Talk to Mourns-for-Trees and agree to BELIEVE in his trees
                   to get 500 experience.  If you can convince 3 other people
                   (your companions) to believe as well you can get another
                   500 experience.

                 - Drunken Harlot              (x 1990 y 1840)
                   A Drunken Harlot near the Smoldering Corpse entrance will
                   attempt to pickpocket you.  If you have 16 Wisdom, 10
                   Pickpocket skill or Annah in the party you can notice.
                   Watch her technique for a range of experience:

                     Wis 13, Int 13 or greater -- 750 experience, +1 pickpocket
                     Wis 13 to 15 -- 1000 experience, +3 pickpocket skill
                     Wis 16 or higher -- 1250 experience, +5 pickpocket skill

                   Then if you catch her wrist (13 DEX required) you can snap
                   her neck for another 250 experience.

                 - Join the Chaosmen               (x 3530 y 1630)
                   This is not covered in the main walkthrough as I don't
                   recommend doing it.  Once you have become a Chaosman, you
                   will probably never become Neutral again (much less Lawful).
                   In order to get all the dialogue options to even appear, you
                   must be fairly CHAOTIC to start with.

                   Go up to Barking Wilder and Growl at him.  Then Snarl at
                   him.  Improvise a Song.  Then say "join the can I the
                   chaosmen" and he will let you join. (1000 experience if you
                   haven't already joined a faction)  Do that same thing again
                   (ask to join again), and when he points out that you already
                   are a member.  Say "Exactly" and you get another 2000

                   *ALIGNMENT*:  Doing pretty much anything with Barking Wilder
                                 will make you VERY, VERY CHAOTIC.

                 - Barking Wilder and your Journal   (x 3530 y 1630)
                   To the right of the Smoldering Corpse, you will find a crazy
                   Chaosman by the name of Barking Wilder.  Talk to him, and
                   avoid saying anything crazy (else your alignment becomes
                   more Chaotic)  Ask him about your journal for another 1000

    (x 2050 y 800)  In the northern part of this area you will find a Damsel in
    Distress.  She asks for your help, then lures you into a trap.  Fight off
    the goons and take their items.  The Damsel will run away.  (If your INT is
    at least 11, you will notice holes in her story when she talks to you, you
    can get 500 exp out of this, but you will change alignment)

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Once you have revealed the Damsel's treachery (with your high
                  INT), if you 'Truth' threaten her, you become more EVIL.  If
                  you 'Bluff' threaten her, you become more CHAOTIC.

    Further right (x 2900 y 850) you will find the Starved Barking Dog Thugs,
    whom Sev'tai wanted you to kill for revenge.  Each of them is worth 175 exp
    and have minor treasures.  Kill three of them, then return to Sev'tai for a
    reward. (250 exp and a copper earring)

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you start howling with the Barking Dog Thugs then you
                  become more CHAOTIC.  Snarling does the same thing.

    NPC:  Mourns-for-trees (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               3/3      10       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      At the top of this area you will find the ubiquitous Mourns-for-trees who
      is literally right now, mourning for trees.  (x 2220 y 570)  He asks you
      how you are.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you reply that 'it doesn't really matter', then you
                    become more CHAOTIC.

      Ask him how he is and he is very sad, his trees are dying, and there
      isn't much he can do about it... by himself.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you agree that it IS sad that the trees are dying, then
                    you become more GOOD.  If you say 'all things die', then
                    you become more CHAOTIC.  If you say that trees are useless
                    you become more EVIL.

      If you tell him that it is sad that the trees are dying, he wants to tell
      you something, but waits for you to ask questions.  Ask him what he was
      going to say.  Listen to him.  He says that if enough people CARE about
      the trees, then they will live.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you say that 'that makes no sense' then you become more

      He then asks if you will help him out and BELIEVE in his trees.  Doing so
      gets you 500 experience.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Saying 'Truth: I'll help' makes you more GOOD.  Lying that
                    you will help makes you more CHAOTIC.

      If you have more people in your party you can ask them to BELIEVE in his
      trees as well:

        Morte -- Says that he will help.  However, if you have a Wisdom of at
                 least 13 then you are suspicious and ask him again.

        Annah -- Getting Annah to care about trees requires that you have a
                 Charisma of at least 16.

        Ignus -- Don't ask Ignus to help, as he will want to burn the tree.
                 (letting him burn the tree makes you much more EVIL)

        Grace -- Does it when asked.

        Dak'kon -- If ordered to help the trees (if you discovered that he is
                 your slave), then his Morale will decrease.  Simply asking him

        Nordom -- Requires that you have 15 INT to figure out the way to tell
                 Nordom how to save the trees.

        Vhailor -- won't help the trees.

      Ask him how the trees are doing.  When you get 3 companions to believe
      for the trees you get 500 experience.

    Go right then down.  Talk to Barking Wilder (x 3530 y 1630) about your
    journal for a quick 1000 experience. (if you want to join his faction, the
    Chaosmen, then see the Experience above)  He mentions having seen it at the
    Sensates and in a tomb under the city. (the only non-chaotic way to get to
    that point requires you to have a Wisdom or Intelligence of at least 13)

    In the top right corner of the map is Fell's Tattoo parlor. (x 4000 y 1400)
    This becomes much more significant later, but right now, it is just a shop.
    We will be coming back here when we get a tattooed former body part of

    Go left.  Find the Drunken Harlot (x 1990 y 1840).

    NPC:  Drunken Harlot (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               3/3      10       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Talk to her shortly, but you won't get anything out of the conversation.
      Then as you are about to go, if your Wisdom is at least 16, your
      pickpocket skill is at least 10 or Annah is in your party then you will
      notice that she is stealing from you.  Bait her to keep doing it to
      observe her technique to get:

        Wis less than 13, Int of 13 or greater -- 750 experience, +1 pickpocket
        Wisdom between 13 and 15 -- 1000 experience, +3 pickpocket skill
        Wisdom at 16 or higher -- 1250 experience, +5 pickpocket skill

      Then if your Dexterity is 13 or higher you can grab her hand.  Then kill
      her to get another 250 experience. (no effect on alignment)  Once she is
      dead then you can get your 10 copper back.

    Enter the Smoldering Corpse (x 2300 y 1600).

  Area:  AR0402, Smoldering Corpse Proper

    Treasures:  - Old Eyeball                       (x 570 y 840)
                - Negative Token                    (x 570 y 1150, on Candrian)

    Experience:  - Dak'kon            (x 970 y 980)
                   Ask Dak'kon about the city being flawed, and if you have
                   a high Wisdom or Intelligence you can give him a bit of a
                   philosophy lesson which is worth 500 experience.  When he
                   joins your party you get another 1000 experience.

                 - Barkis and your Old Eye       (x 570 y 840)
                   Talk to the bartender and he knew you from before.  He has
                   one of your old eyes, which you can buy back for 500 copper
                   (or 300 if your Charisma is at least 13).  Dig out your
                   eye and put in the new one to get some experience (1000 if
                   you have 13 WIS, 750 else) and a Proficiency Point.

                 - Barkis and the Barfly          (x 570 y 840)
                   Talk to Barkis about the people in his tavern and he asks
                   you to help him settle one of their bar tabs.  Go find
                   Mochai (x 2020 y 1015) and demand that she pay the tab.
                   Solve that one way or the other, and return to Barkis for
                   1000 exp and full bar privileges.

    The first thing you will probably notice in here, is the burning man just
    ahead of you.  You can examine him, but nothing comes of it just
    yet.  To the left is a woman named Drusilla who was Ignus' lover.
    She has nothing important to say at the moment.

    Go left up the stairs.  There are many things to be done, but the first
    is probably to talk to Dak'kon (x 970 y 980).

    NPC:  Dak'kon (joins you)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              27/33      6       18     17    16    16    13    13    13

      Talk with Dak'kon until you can ask him some questions.  Then drill him
      for information on what he is, githzerai, karach blades, etc.  Then talk
      to him about the city.  He claims that the city does not *know* itself.
      If you have any combination of at least 13 WIS or 13 INT, then you can
      say various "Truth's" about the city.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you say that the city is *not* flawed as something need
                    not be ordered to have a purpose, then you become more
                    CHAOTIC.  If you say that the city is *not* flawed because
                    maybe he just doesn't see the purpose, then you become more

      Dak'kon will respond to your Truth with a question.  If you have at least
      14 Wisdom or Intelligence you can respond with another Truth that you
      suggest that Dak'kon himself is flawed.  This stuns him somewhat, follow
      this up by pointing out that we *know* ourselves through questions to
      get 500 experience.  Dak'kon recognizes these words as his own and offers
      to join you.  When he joins you get another 1000 experience.

      You can then ask him further questions.  Ask him about the Githzerai,
      then their language.  Get him to teach it to you for 600 experience.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  When you ask Dak'kon if he knows himself, he grows silent.
                    If you force the point, then you are more EVIL.

      Dak'kon is a very valuable member of the party.  He is one of the best
      fighters in the game, his weapon is first class, and IMPROVES as he goes
      up in level.  Plus he can cast magic.  Be sure to talk to him again when
      you are a mage.

    Next go over and talk to Candrian (x 570 y 1150).  He's slightly phased out
    and hard to see, but he's there.

    NPC:  Candrian (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              65/65      9       11     17    15    17    14    17    10

      Candrian is a Planeswalker.  That is, he wanders around the planes on a
      professional basis.  He knows where portals are, how to open them and
      where they go.  After a little speech in which he tells you this you can
      ask him some questions.

      If you met with Ingress near the Mortuary, tell Candrian about her and
      he agrees to help her out.

      Ask him about the planes and he mentions that he is "back from negation".
      Follow this question up by asking about that.  Ask him how he survived
      and he will give you a Negative Token, which equips as a ring and
      protects against Shadows.

        Note:  The negative material coin you get from Candrian actually has
               "charges" that must be used from the item register on the right
               click menu.  The description says it wards shadows if someone in
               the party simply carries the token; however, if you find
               yourself surrounded by shadows, right click and use the token
               like a charm -- all shadows will freeze in their "footsteps".
               (from Jopezu)

               Just having the Negative Token betters the party's AC vs.
               Shadows by 3. (from Platter)

      You can also pump him for information on the Planes in general, but he is
      VERY wordy. (You should do this anyway)

    Once you've talked to Candrian, return to Ingress (near the Mortuary) and
    tell her the good news.  Return to Candrian to get 750 experience and
    Ingress' Teeth.  These teeth are one of Morte's best weapons.  As he goes
    up in levels, you can tell the teeth to become more powerful.

      Morte Level 5 -- Teeth can become Magical (+1 to hit, +1 dmg)
      Morte Level 8 -- Teeth can become MORE magical (+2 to hit, +2 dmg)
      Morte Level 12 -- Teeth can be ultimate (+3 to hit, +3 dmg, paralysis)

    Next talk to Ebb Creakknees (x 530 y 1140) who is just to the left of

    NPC:  Ebb Creakknees (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              67/67      0       11     17    16    17    15    13    12

      Ebb is another good source of information about the city and things that
      happen in the city.  Nothing else happens with Ebb.  You will meet Ebb
      again, but not for some time.

    If you want to, go up and talk to Alais (x 475 y 1025).  Ask him about the
    patrons in the Tavern, and about Ebb Creakknees.  With an INT of 13 or
    more you can teach him a little about the planes, which is worth 250 exp.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Only one thing to note, that is, if you LIE to him, you are
                  more CHAOTIC, if you tell the TRUTH then you are more LAWFUL.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you talk to Ilquix (x 680 y 785), he'll mention that he
                  despises creatures of law.  If you agree with him you become
                  more CHAOTIC.  If you tell the TRUTH that you disagree with
                  him then you become more LAWFUL.  And if you LIE, then you
                  become more CHAOTIC.

    Also, Ilquix is a Demon, whom you can attack if you want. (70 HP, -7 AC,
    12,000 exp)

    Talk to O (x 1050 y 870).  Yes, that is his name, O.  As in the letter
    after N.

    NPC:  O (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
             200/200    -6        7     19    18    18    18    18    18

      O immediately says that he knows you.  He mentions that your quest to
      know yourself always ends in your amnesia.  You could challenge him to
      battle to tell you more, but, you really shouldn't.

      Ask him about who he is (and don't call him crazy).  Ask him WHAT he is,
      and then ask what that means.  Ask then if he knows the secrets of
      existence.  He knows parts of many.  Finally finish by saying that he
      DOESN'T know the secrets of existence and you get a:


      And O disappears.

    Next talk to Barkis behind the counter (x 570 y 840).

    NPC:  Barkis (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               5/5      10       20     11    15    12    12    10    12

      Barkis greets you with a "You again", meaning that here is yet another
      person who knows you.  Ask him about that and he says that you traded
      your Eye for 200 copper, which with interest comes out to 500 copper now.
      If you have at least 13 Charisma you can get the Eye back for 300 copper.
      Before buying it, make sure you have at least 16 HP (else you will die
      when you reinsert it).  Buy the eye, tear out your eye and put the new
      one in.

        Note:  Due to a bug, regardless of your Charisma, you can lower his
               price all you want. (from Platter) This was fixed in
               my Fixpack v1.0. [from Qwinn]

      If you have 13 or more Wisdom then you get 1000 experience and an extra
      Proficiency Point for this.  If not, you gain 750 exp and the

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you demand your money back, and threaten him you become
                    more EVIL.

      Ask him about the Patrons and he will ask if you want a way to earn free
      'Bub' (by which he means Alcohol).  Say yes.  He tells you that there is
      a person over to the right who is trying to flee the bar without paying
      her bills.  Agree to help him.  When you have solved this problem, go
      back to Barkis and get yourself a reward:  1000 experience and full
      bar privileges.

    You will find Mochai over to the right (x 2020 y 1015).

    NPC:  Mochai (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              35/35      2       16     11    12    12    12    16    12

      Mochai is pretending to be a Dustman, powers only knows why.  You can
      then accuse her of not being a Dustman and even threaten her unless she
      pays you off.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Needless to say, doing THAT makes you more EVIL.

      If you talked to Barkis, tell her to pay her Bar Tab.  She says that
      she doesn't have the money to do such a thing and wants you to chip in
      100 copper to help out.  At this point, you can either help her with the
      money, Distract her and poison her drink with Embalming Fluid (requires
      a Dexterity of 13) or simply attack her.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Lending her the 100 copper makes you more GOOD, poisoning
                    her makes you more EVIL.

      Then wait for her to wander over to Barkis and pay off her Bar Tab, then
      talk to Barkis again.

    That is it for the Bar, for the moment, so leave.

      2.3  [HVMRKT]  Hive, Marketplace

  Area:  AR0300, Marketplace Area

    Treasures:  - Clipped Copper                    (x 2650 y 1000, Reekwind)
                - Lim-Lim                           (bought from a merchant)

    Experience:  - Ash-Mantle the Thief             (x 2230 y 1950)
                   Talk to the false dustman and he will attempt to rob you.
                   If you have 13 Wisdom, 10 pickpocket skill or were warned
                   by Norochj about him, then you can catch him in the act.
                   Watch him to get:

                     Wis 12 or less, Int 13 or more, 750 exp and +1 pickpocket
                     Wis 13 to 15 gets you 1000 experience and +3 pickpocketing
                     Wis 16 or greater 1250 experience and +5 pickpocketing

                 - Reekwind's Story                 (x 2650 y 1000)
                   Ask Reekwind for a story and then proceed to tell him the
                   story of how you ended out talking to him.  (This requires
                   either 13 INT or 13 WIS)  Conclude your story with a
                   definite statement for 1000 exp.  If you ask him for an
                   ending you get only 500 exp.

                 - QUEST Reekwind's Curse           (x 2650 y 1000)
                   Talking with Reekwind, and hearing the story of how he was
                   cursed, you learn that a mage cursed him.  You find this
                   mage much later in the Sensatorium.  His name is Jumble

                 - QUEST Find Jhelai for Craddock   (x 2100 y 1040)
                   When you have delivered Baen's message to Craddock he wants
                   you to find one of his missing workers, Jhelai.  You will
                   find this fellow in front of the Smoldering Corpse Inn.
                   Go talk to Jhelai, who won't go back to work, and return
                   to Craddock.  Relay the message word for word to get 500
                   experience and some new Taunts for Morte.  You can then
                   fill in for Jhelai, and depending on your STR you get paid
                   10 copper (12 or less STR), 20 copper (13 to 15 STR) or
                   30 copper (16 STR).

                 - QUEST The Crier of Es-Annon      (x 575 y 1830)
                   Talk to the Crier of Es-Annon and learn that he mourns for
                   a dead city.  Offer to put the name of the city on a
                   tombstone to memorialize the city forever.  Go over to the
                   Obelisk near the Mortuary and have Death-of-Names bury the
                   name of Es-Annon (costs you 3 copper and you get 500 exp).
                   Return to the Crier to get another 500 exp.  Or you could
                   suggest that he give up his mournful lifestyle (requires a
                   14 INT, WIS or CHA) for 750 exp.

    NPC:  Ash-Mantle (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               7/7       8       19     9     9     9     9     9     9

      You will find this false Dustman wandering around the market near the
      SE corner of this area. (x 2230 y 1950)  His story of being a Dustman
      is very suspicious, especially if you have met with real dustmen before
      meeting him.  First off, he says 'sect' instead of 'faction', which is
      a dead giveaway.  He wants to know where the Dustmen's bar is located.
      If I were you, I would first tell him where the Bar is, then say goodbye,
      let him pickpocket you, and then leave.  Then talk to him again, this
      time reveal him, and get rid of him (tell to leave or kill).

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you tell him where the bar is anyway, you become more
                    GOOD.  If you tell him that you have heard of it, but want
                    money you become more EVIL.  If you LIE and tell him that
                    you know where it is, for a price, then you become more
                    EVIL and CHAOTIC.  Finally if you LIE and say you don't
                    know where it is, when you have already been there, then
                    you become more EVIL and CHAOTIC.

      If you talked to Norochj before coming here, then you can raise the point
      that there is a "Dustman" pickpocket around.  At which point, if you have
      at least 13 DEX you can grab his hand to stop him from running off.
      With him in your grasp you can ask him all the questions you want.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If he asks if you will let him go if he answers your
                    questions, and you VOW to let him, then you become more
                    LAWFUL.  If you LIE you become more EVIL.  If you emphasize
                    that you will let him *live* (either a TRUTH or a BLUFF)
                    then you become either more CHAOTIC or more EVIL.  However,
                    if you make the vow to let him go, you can only ask ONE
                    question, if you ask two then you become more CHAOTIC. (or
                    both CHAOTIC and EVIL)

      You also get to decide what to do with him afterwards.  Kill him, let
      him go, warn him sternly, etc.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you threaten him you become less good, if you bluff
                    him you become more CHAOTIC. (although he will give you 50

      If you haven't talked to Norochj, then when you say goodbye to Ash, he
      will attempt to pick your pocket.  If you have at least 13 WIS, 10
      Pickpocket skill, were warned by Norochj, or caught him using the word
      'sect' then you will notice this and have the option to grab his hand
      (requires 13 DEX) or better yet, watching him work:

        Wisdom of 12 or less, but Intelligence of 13 or more gets you 750 exp
        and +1 pickpocket skill.

        Wisdom between 13 and 15 gets you 1000 experience and +3 pickpocketing.

        Wisdom of 16 or greater gets you 1250 experience and +5 pickpocketing.

      After which you could then grab his hand, attack him, etc.

    Go north and then east to find Reekwind (x 2650 y 1000) who has an
    unusual problem.

    NPC:  Reekwind (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               5/5       8       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Talking with Reekwind he tells you that his name is lost to him, since
      he has been cursed with a Stench, he goes by Reekwind.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you say that the new name "fits you well" you become
                    more EVIL.

      He is a storyteller now, and the cost is 3 coppers a story.  Pay him and
      hear a tale.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you lie that you have no money you become more CHAOTIC,
                    however if you Truth that you have no money you become
                    more LAWFUL.

      He tells you the story of how he was cursed by a mage for no apparently
      good reason.  He has two other stories that he tells after that, one
      about the Alley of the Dangerous Angles, Pharod and another about Ignus.
      Pay him for all stories. (trust me)

      If your Wisdom or Intelligence is 13 or higher you can tell Reek the
      story of your life.  Reekwind asks how your story ends by saying that
      only you can answer it.  Choose an answer to your story to get 1000
      experience (if you have him answer it you only get 500).  Reekwind then
      wonders if the story will answer itself in time. (and gives you a
      Clipped Copper item)

      *ALIGNMENT*:  There are three "truths" you can say at the conclusion of
                    your story.  If you say "what happens will happen" you
                    become more CHAOTIC.  If you say "it must have an answer"
                    then you become more LAWFUL.

      Now you just have to de-curse him.

    Go left from Reekwind to find Craddock. (x 2100 y 1040) Deliver Baen's
    message to Craddock, who seems very irritated.  One of his workers has
    wandered off and won't work.  Jhelai has run off to the Smoldering Corpse
    Tavern and refuses to come back.  This is enough for Baen to give you
    experience, but you can get more from Craddock if you help out.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  You will become more GOOD if you agree to help him.  You will
                  become more EVIL if you want money to help him.

    Go back to the Smoldering Corpse area and find Jhelai (he is near the
    entrance to the Tavern).  Talk to him, and you will quickly get the
    impression that Jhelai won't be coming in to work. (250 exp) Return to
    Craddock and relay Jhelai's message word for word.  (500 exp)  This pisses
    Craddock off (such that Morte gets some new Taunts).  You can then offer to
    fill in for Jhelai.  You get paid based on STR. (if you need more STR, just
    have Dak'kon cast Power of One on the Nameless One)

      12 or less:  10 copper
      13 to 15:    20 copper
      16 or more:  30 copper

    Note:  In the unmodded game, you get paid those amounts twice due to a
           bug. My Fixpack corrects this. [from Qwinn]

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Relaying Jhelai's message WORD FOR WORD makes you more
                  LAWFUL.  Offering to help makes you more GOOD.

    Near Craddock is a Gith named Gaoha whom you can gamble with.  Whether you
    win or lose, he won't want to gamble with you again, says you have NO luck.

    Go left and down to find the Crier of Es-Annon (x 575 y 1830).

    NPC:  Crier of Es-Annon (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               5/5       9       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      The Crier of Es-Annon (another person who is named after what he DOES)
      mourns for a city that has died.  If he stops wailing out its name, it
      will be forgotten forevermore.  Ask if you can help.

      If you have 14 INT or WIS then you can suggest that a Tombstone would
      memorialize the city just as well.  Go to the Obelisk outside of the
      Mortuary and have Death-of-names bury 'Es-Annon'. (costs 3 copper and you
      get 500 experience) Return to the Crier to get another 500 experience.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you agree to do this for free you are more GOOD.  If you
                    want money you are more EVIL.  When he pays you, if you
                    laugh at him and leave, then you are both more CHAOTIC and

      If you don't think of a Tombstone then you can simply offer him some
      advice on what to do with his life.  You can tell him to forget the
      city or to go find his brothers.  Either way you need 14 INT, WIS or CHA.
      For these you get 750 experience.

  Area:  AR0302, Office of Vermin Control

    There's only one person in here to talk to, Phineas T. Lort the XXXIX.  You
    can rob him, but I wouldn't (for two reasons), one it makes you more EVIL
    and two it reduces a later reward.  You can sell him any Cranium Rat tails
    that you have for 1 copper each.  Not a terribly good rate.

    Once you have sold him 6 rat tails, he will become panicked.  Seems that a
    "giant rat" barged in and threatened him.  He gives you a key and tells you
    to enter his back room.  Enter and kill the Wererat (270 exp).  There is
    also a box of items in the middle of the room.

    Come back to get a reward of 200 copper and 1000 experience. (or if you
    robbed him earlier, 100 copper and 500 experience)  Due to a bug, the
    game doesn't actually give you the money.

    If you need a place to sleep, simply ask him how someone so "illustrious"
    ended out here... zzzz.

      2.4  [HVNWSR]  Hive, Northwest Area

  Area:  AR0100, Northwest Hive

    Experience:  - QUEST Deliver Mar's Box          (x 1100 y 1440)
                   Near the dead lim-lim's you will encounter a fellow by the
                   name of Mar who gives you a box.  Take this box to Ku'atraa
                   (250 exp), Brasken (250 exp) and Shilandra (250) and finally
                   to Aola within the Alley of Dangerous Angles Cathedral.
                   (x 2450 y 1300) He can break the curse on the box (1000
                   exp).  Return to where Mar was, except now you will find him
                   (x 1015 y 700), again with dead lim-lims around him.
                   Talk to him, and tell him that you destroyed the box.  Now
                   he thinks that you might kill him and exchanges his life for
                   1250 experience, a Hollow Axe and 500 copper.

                 - Fleece          (x 2050 y 590)
                   Talk to Fleece for a bit, and whether you help him out or
                   not, when you go to leave he will try to rob you.  You will
                   notice this if you have 13 WIS, 10 pickpocket skill or
                   Annah in the party.  Then you can watch him work to get

                     Wis 12 or less, Int 13 or more, 750 exp and +1 pickpocket
                     Wis 13 to 15 gets you 1000 experience and +3 pickpocketing
                     Wis 16 or greater 1250 experience and +5 pickpocketing

                   Then you can grab his hand (DEX 13+) and convince him to
                   give you all his money (CHA 11+).  What you do to him after
                   that is academic.

                 - QUEST Porphiron's Necklace        (x 1980 y 885)
                   Talk to Porphiron and he tells you that he had an item of
                   his stolen by some goons.  Go over to the Smoldering Corpse
                   area, and talk to the three goons in Red to the left of
                   the Bar.  You can get the Necklace however you want (buying
                   it gets you 500 experience, lying to get it gets you 250,
                   or you could just kill them for it) and return it to
                   Porphiron for another 1000 experience.  Plus he will train
                   you as a warrior.

    You will find Fleece in the upper right portion of this area (x 2050
    y 590).  Talk to him.

    NPC:  Fleece (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               7/7       8       19     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Talk to Fleece and he claims that he is looking for his Aunt Marguerite's
      house, who supposedly lives somewhere near the Mortuary.  Tell him you
      want to help, but there is no real way to help him.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you say "certainly" to him, then you are more GOOD.  If
                    you say that you don't have the time, then you are more
                    EVIL.  If you tell him the Truth that you don't know where
                    she lives then you are both more GOOD and LAWFUL.  If you
                    Lie that you will tell him for a price, you are more EVIL
                    and CHAOTIC.  If you continue to lie you become even more
                    CHAOTIC and EVIL.  If you tell him that what he really
                    meant was a local brothel you become more CHAOTIC.

      Regardless of that, when you are about to leave, if you have 13 WIS, 10
      Pickpocket, or Annah in the party you will notice that he is picking your
      pocket.  Bait him into doing it again so you can observe his technique,
      your reward is Stat based:

        Int of 13, Wis less than 13 -- 750 experience, +1 pickpocket skill
        Wis between 13 and 15       -- 1000 experience, +3 pickpocket
        Wis of 16 or higher         -- 1250 experience, +5 pickpocket

      Then if you have 13 DEX or higher you can quickly grab his hand.  Then
      with a Charisma of at least 11, you can convince him to shut up and
      return your money.  He gives you 38 copper, which is more than what he
      stole from you.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you return the extra money, you become more LAWFUL.  If
                    you attack him you become more EVIL and CHAOTIC.  Oh, and
                    if you simply keep the money... nothing.

    South of Fleece you will find Porphiron (x 1980 y 885), who needs a good
    talking to.

    NPC:  Porphiron (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              48/48      0       10     19    16    14    14    14    12

      Porphiron is angry.  He let himself be robbed because he didn't want to
      fight.  He is a warrior and a pacifist, a strange mix.  He tells you that
      3 thieves took his prayer beads and won't return it.  You can offer to

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you say that you will see if they will return it, you
                    become more GOOD.

      Although he can't do violence himself, he wants YOU to bring violence to
      these crooks when you find them.  They are 3 thieves, dressed in red and
      black near the Smoldering Corpse Inn.  Head over that way.

      You find the three thugs to the left of the Tavern (x 1160 y 1340).
      Talk to the Leader.  There are 3 ways to handle this, violently, lying
      and purchasing.  In order to purchase the necklace (you can talk them
      down to 10 copper) you must have 10 CHA.  If you purchase the necklace
      you get 500 experience.  If you lie to them you get 250 experience (and
      become more CHAOTIC).

      Return with the beads and give them to Porphiron.  He asks what methods
      you used to gain the beads.  No matter how you got the beads you get a
      reward of 1000 experience, and he will now train you as a Warrior if you
      want. (so you can use up those "Unused Proficiency Points")

      *ALIGNMENT*:  And, of course, if you LIE to Porphiron you become more

    Go down then left from Porphiron to find Mar (x 1100 y 1440).  He quickly
    wants you to deliver a box to Ku'atraa in the Smoldering Corpse area.  He
    gives you the box and runs off giggling.  Welcome to the Great Fedex Quest!
    Go south one Area, then east one Area.  Enter Ku'atraa's Warehouse
    (x 475 y 965).  Talk to Ku'atraa who refuses to take the box from you.
    (250 exp)   He mumbles something about EVIL and runs off telling you to
    take the box to Brasken in the SW hive.  Exit the building, then go one
    area to the left.  Enter Brasken's Kip at the leftern part of this area
    (x 300 y 1200).  Talk to Brasken, who again won't take the box.  He
    explains that this is Moridor's Box, a box of EVIL. (250 exp)  He suggests
    that you take it to Shilandra near the Mortuary.  Leave here, go up one
    area, and right one area to get to the Mortuary area.  Shilandra's Kip is
    right next to the mortuary wall at the top of the screen (x 1250 y 875).
    Enter her house.  Talk to her and find out how to remove the spells from
    the box so that it can be disposed of safely. (250 exp)  She tells you to
    visit a ruined cathedral in the Alley of Dangerous Angles.  Leave her
    house.  You can get to the Alley from here (x 50 y 3500). (see that section
    for more details)

    Once you've destroyed the box, return to this area and find Mar (x 1015
    y 700).  What is it with him and dead lim-lims?  Anyway, tell Mar that you
    got rid of the box and he bargains with you to spare his life.  He gives
    you 500 copper, a Hollow Axe and 1250 experience if you don't kill him.

    Note:  An important note here is that you need to complete this quest
           before you reach the Lower Ward, otherwise it will fail (and you may
           lose out on some great opportunities in the later game. [from Qwinn]

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you kill him, you become more EVIL.

    You can go visit with Brasken again and get drunk with him, if you want.

  Area:  AR0305, Flophouse

    Treasures:  - Obsidian Earring                  (from Nestor)

    You can enter the Flophouse at (x 1660 y 1200).

    Ask Arlo for a bed and he mentions a lunatic by the name of Nestor who
    is staying there for free.  Arlo doesn't WANT him to be there, but isn't
    able to get rid of him.  Agree to help him.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Offering to help for free makes you more GOOD, demanding
                  payment makes you more EVIL.

    Then go up and talk to Nestor who mentions that he is missing a Fork.  If
    he had his fork, he says, then he could leave.  Exit the Flophouse and go
    talk to One-Ear (x 1325 y 650).  You are pretty much going to have to fight
    him for the Fork.  Get it and return it to Nestor.  Nestor leaves this
    plane and you get 500 experience and an Obsidian Earring.  Talk to Arlo to
    get another 500 experience.  Then whenever you want you can rest here for

      Alternatively:  When you're talking to One-Ear to get Nestor's fork back,
                      you don't have to fight him for it. If your CHA is high
                      enough (I'm not sure how high is high enough; I'm
                      cheating so mine is 25), if you say "What happened to
                      your ear?", then "Just wondering, there's always a good
                      story behind scars," then listen to his story, follow the
                      path about him being haunted and don't mention that
                      Nestor is still alive (you might also have to pass an INT
                      check to get these options, I dunno), offer to get rid
                      of the "spirit" and you can Lie to him(makes you more
                      Chaotic, natch) that you need something the "spirit"
                      owned in life, and he'll give you the fork and 200 XP,
                      which is a good sight better than the 65 you get for
                      killing him. (from Stirge)

      2.5  [LLYFDN]  Alley of Dangerous Angles

  Area:  AR0301, Alley of Dangerous Angles

    Treasures:  - Charm of Infinite Recall          (x 1200 y 750)
                - Charm of Infinite Recall          (x 2700 y 1700)

    When you first enter here, a group of Darkalley Shivs will attempt to rob
    you.  Dispose of them.  Dash left, skip the other Darkalley Shivs, to get
    to Krystall and her gang of thieves.  Talk to her (x 675 y 650).  Ask her
    for information.  When you are about to leave she asks you for a favor,
    will you go kill the leader of the Darkalley Shivs, Rotten William, for
    her?  Agree to it.

    Go right and a little up to find Blackrose (x 1330 y 480).  Talk with him
    and he asks if you serve Good or Evil. (which you say affects your
    alignment) Depending on which you pick, he asks you to kill the leader of
    the group of thieves (if you choose Good, kill Rotten William; Evil,
    Krystall).  Agree to his proposal.

    Now exit Blackrose's little place, go right and down to find Rotten
    William. (x 2465 y 1875)  Kill him. (200 exp, 300 copper)  You will have to
    kill a lot of other Shivs too.

    Return to Krystall to get your reward of 1500 experience.  She then asks
    you to go slay Blackrose.  Agree to do this for money (no effect on
    alignment).  Then go over to Blackrose to collect the reward for killing
    Rotten William (another 1500 experience).  He then asks you to kill
    Krystall.  Now you have a choice of who to follow:

      You could refuse Blackrose's demand and kill him (420 experience) then
      go to Krystall for another reward: 1500 experience and 1000 copper.

      Or you can kill Krystall, then Blackrose gives you the 1500 experience,
      then wants to fight, if you point out that you are immortal, he leaves
      and you get another 1500 experience.  Of course, then you could just kill
      Blackrose anyway and get that 420 experience as well. (you do NOT get
      the 1000 copper this way)

      Note:  My Fixpack makes the assumption that, in most cases, if a creature
             has a quest reward to give you, they will have that money on them
             if they die. This has real (and in my opinion, beneficial)
             consequences in this area.  Krystall WILL drop her 1000 copper
             reward if you kill her, which means siding with her is no longer
             the obvious "best" route to take.  What the new "best" route to
             take is is left as an exercise for the player. [from Qwinn]

    Once that is taken care of, there are four tents for you to search, 3 near
    the Darkalley Shivs and 1 near the Razor Angels.

  Tent 1 (x 1725 y 1850):  AR3012

    Talk to Rauk who wants you to retrieve three rings from his tent.  Exit
    and enter the tent at (x 1840 y 1950).  Search the legs on the bench to
    find the bronze ring.  Exit this tent and enter the next tent to the right
    (x 2475 y 1590).  Ignore the person, and search the pile of wood to find
    the Silver ring.  Leave this tent.  Now go up and left to the tent near
    the Razor Angels (x 870 y 770).  Search the wooden bed to find the Gold

    Return to Rauk with the rings and give them to him for 500 experience.
    Rauk gives the Rings to the mages, who summon forth the Killer Lim-Lim of
    Doom!  It proceeds to kill the mages, but seems to like Rauk.  Be sure to
    search the mages:

      Gold Earring
      Silver Earring
      Scroll of Identify
      Scroll of Armor
      Ring of the Traveler (+1 to AC)

      Note: After the lim-lim with the really big fangs is summoned, your
            party can kill it for 130XP.  Rauk also joins the fight so after
            killing him you get 65XP and the rings back.  I haven't any idea
            if there is an affect on your alignment.  Personally, I can't see
            anything wrong with downing a viscous lim-lim. (from Steven

  Area:  AR3006D, Cathedral of a Dead God

    You can find the entrance to the Cathedral near the Darkalley Shivs area
    (x 2450 y 1300).  Inside you will find Aola.  Talk to him and give him the
    Box of Moridor (from the Fed Ex quest from the previous section).  He
    destroys it, and keeps the gem. (1000 experience)  He tells you that the
    demon was banished to some other realm (let THEM deal with it).

    If you want, you can buy the gem back for 300 copper, but you probably
    shouldn't do that.  Finally you could become a disciple of Aoskar, but if
    you do that then the Lady will Maze you. (which is bad)

    Note:  If Aola won't talk to you any more, which happens frequently, leave
           the Cathedral and enter again. [from Qwinn]

    3.     [RGPCKR]  Ragpicker's Square

  You get to Ragpicker's Square by going north from the Northwest section of
  the Hive.

  Area:  AR0101, Ragpicker's Square

    Treasures:  - Mempa's Biting Ring               (x 1850 y 1325, M-Friend)

    Experience:  - Yellow-fingers          (x 1975 y 2300)
                   Talk to Yellow-fingers for a moment, then when you are about
                   to leave, if you have an INT of 12 or more you will notice
                   that is picking your pocket.  Watch him work for 200 exp and
                   a Pickpocket +1.

                 - QUEST Find a Ruby for Jarym (x 1400 y 2500)
                   In one of the houses you will find a Mage who needs a ruby.
                   Get him the one from Moridor's Box (from the Great FedEx
                   Quest) for 200 copper and 500 experience.

                 - Ratbone trains you as a Thief   (x 2320 y 2340)
                   If you have at least 9 DEX you can get Ratbone to train you
                   as a Thief.  And frankly, how would you have less than 9
                   DEX?  You get experience based on your Dexterity:

                     DEX 12 or less -- 2500 experience
                     DEX 13 to 15   -- 3125 experience
                     DEX 16 to 17   -- 3438 experience
                     DEX 18 or more -- 3750 experience

                   Note:  My Fixpack renames this Ratbone to 'Carver'. This is
                          because a quest restored by my Unfinished Business
                          also has a character named Ratbone.  Details below.
                          [from Qwinn]

                 - QUEST Find Nodd's Sister (x 1300 y 2300)
                   Talking with Nodd, he wants you to track down his sister
                   for him.  You will find her just southeast of the Smoldering
                   Corpse Tavern.  She gives you 100 copper to give to Nodd.
                   Do so and get 750 experience.

    Go left, then up (x 1850 y 1325) and talk to Marrow-friend (another person
    who is named after what he is).  He thinks you are a 'deader' and takes a
    small bite out of you.  Let him touch you (1 dmg), then ask him about the
    Fingerbone that he gnaws on.  Tell him to take a bite out of you instead,
    as you are more fresh, then ask him for the fingerbone first.  Then let
    him bite you (3 dmg).

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you lie to him you become more CHAOTIC.  If you say you
                  will let him bite you and then DO, you become more LAWFUL,
                  if you DON'T you become more EVIL.

    Once you have the Finger, go to your inventory and Use it.  Bite off your
    finger and replace it with this one, and you will get the Mempa's Biting
    Ring (+2 AC). (4 dmg)

    If you enter the house at (x 1630 y 1425), then the only way out is to kill
    Vlask and take his Portal Key.  Use the portal key and then Crush it to
    open the portal out.  Once you have left, Nameless will destroy the

    Drop down to (x 1975 y 2300) and talk to Yellow-Fingers.

    NPC:  Yellow-Fingers (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              16/16      5       17     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Talking with Yellow-Fingers is a mostly fruitless endeavor.

      If Morte is around, he thinks that Morte is HIS skull.  Telling him flat
      out that he won't get the skull makes Morte happier.  If you tell him
      'Truth: take the skull', then Morte bites him, and then attacks you.
      You can also offer to buy Morte off him, he'll be happy with 5 coppers.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you ask for proof that he owns Morte, then you become
                    more LAWFUL.  If you offer to buy Morte from him, then you
                    become more GOOD.

      If you leave him on good terms, not attacking you, and alive, then he
      will attempt to pick your pocket.  The only way to notice this is if you
      have at least 12 INT.  You can observe his technique for 200 experience
      and +1 pickpocket skill.  Then you can Grab his Hand (DEX 12 or greater),
      but it will merely end in violence.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Doing a Bluff here makes you more CHAOTIC.

    Go up the steps to the right and talk to Ratbone (x 2320 y 2340).  He has
    some minor information on Pharod and Sharegrave, but what you want to do
    here is to Train as a Thief.  First you must duck his blow, which requires
    that you have at least 9 DEX.  Then he will train you to be a Thief.
    Depending on your DEX you get experience (in your new class):

      DEX 12 or less -- 2500 experience
      DEX 13 to 15   -- 3125 experience
      DEX 16 to 17   -- 3438 experience
      DEX 18 or more -- 3750 experience

    Enter the house at (x 2300 y 2200) and talk to Sharegrave inside.

    NPC:  Sharegrave (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              25/25      9       16     9     9     9     9     9     9

      If you met with Pox earlier and he told you about Sharegrave, this goes
      much easier.

      Talk to Sharegrave about Pharod, nothing else. (or he will attack you)
      He asks why you want to know about Pharod (do NOT say that you are
      Friends!), and say that he stole something from you.  He tells you that
      Pharod steals from us all, and after awhile you can offer to find Pharod
      for him.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Offering to do this for free makes you more GOOD, doing it
                    for money makes you more EVIL. (the best price you can get
                    is 200 copper)

      Once he tells you where Pharod is located, say farewell and leave.
      Talking to him after that point will result only in a fight.

    There is a house full of Cranium Rats to the left (x 2000 y 2500).  Their
    tails can be sold at the Office of Vermin Control.

    The next building to the left (x 1400 y 2500) contains Jarym, a mage who
    needs a Ruby.  The only one that will do is the one you gave to Aola from
    the Demon Box, which you can only buy for 300 copper.  Give it to Jarym for
    200 copper and 500 experience.

    Go left and talk to Nodd (x 1300 y 2300). (he wanders around)

    NPC:  Nodd

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               5/5       9       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Talk to Nodd, but he won't have anything new to say, really.  However,
      when you are about to leave he asks you for a favor.  Could you track
      down his sister, Amarysse for him?  He has a long story about why he is
      the way he is (which explains why he won't look for Amarysse himself).
      Agree to help him.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  As always, agreeing for free makes you more GOOD, for money
                    makes you more EVIL.

      You will find Amarysse just southeast of the entrance to the Smoldering
      Corpse (x 2675 y 2000).  Tell her that you were sent by Nodd to find her
      and she gets quite excited.  Are you his friend?  If you say yes then
      she asks that you deliver to Nodd 100 copper commons which she gives you.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you LIE then you are more CHAOTIC.

      Return to Nodd and tell him that you found his sister.  He asks how she
      is doing, and you can reply honestly, lie in a nice way, or lie in a
      nasty way.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Lying in either case is more CHAOTIC, however, lying in the
                    nice way makes you more GOOD as well.  Just as lying in the
                    nasty way makes you more EVIL.

      Give Nodd the money (750 experience) and he will be happy forevermore.
      You get the experience whether you kept the money or not.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you lie about the money you become more EVIL and much
                    more CHAOTIC.  If you spent the money, you become more

    Near Nodd you will find a ramp up to a house (x 1200 y 2100), enter the

  Area:  AR0102, Mebbeth's House

    Talk to Old Mebbeth.  She asks who you are, and you can Lie and say you
    are Adahn (which will eventually lead to there really being an Adahn, also
    makes you more CHAOTIC).  After a brief speech you can ask your questions.

    Ask her if she is a Witch, and then beg for her to teach you the Art.  She
    wants to know why you want to learn.

    Note: What you tell her here will affect a fairly powerful stat increase
          from Ravel later. If you say the following to Mebbeth, "Because I may
          need it to solve the mystery of who I am" you'll get WIS +1 from
          Ravel later. If you say "Because I just want to know" then you'll
          get INT +1 later. And if you say "Because I need power" then you'll
          get both INT +1 and WIS +1 (and more exp) later.   (thanks to Qwinn)

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you say that you NEED power, then you are more EVIL.

    Before she will teach you, she has a few errands for you to run.  First
    she gives you a Seed and tells you to take it to a merchant and get some
    herbs.  Leave and head to the SW section of the Hive.  Once there talk to
    the merchant at (x 1275 y 1150).  Tell him that you need herbs from this
    seed (500 exp).  He tells you to find someone good with seeds, and you
    think of Mourns-for-trees.

    Head over to the Smoldering Corpse area, and talk with Mourns-for-trees
    (x 2215 y 570).  Show him the seeds and he says that he can't help you.
    He tells you that perhaps if you CARED about the seeds growing, then they
    would.  Focus on the Seeds and *will* them to grow (500 exp).

    Return to Mebbeth and tell her you have succeeded.  Now ask if she can
    remove the branch from your arm, and she tells you to remove it by thinking
    it off. (500 exp)  Do so.  Then you can shape it into a frame, getting exp
    depending on your stats:

       INT & WIS 12 or less              -- no experience
       INT at least 13, but less than 16 -- 500 experience
       INT at least 16                   -- 750 experience
       WIS at least 13, but less than 16 -- 500 experience
       WIS at least 16                   -- 750 experience

    Now she asks you to retrieve some Rags that she had Giscorl clean.  Back to
    the Market.  Talk to Giscorl (x 1400 y 1020).  Ask him for Mebbeth's rags
    and he will give them to you (500 exp).  He has been washing these things
    for years and they are quite stiff by now.

    Return to Mebbeth and give her the rags (500 exp).  After telling
    you about Giscorl she wants you to pick up some Ingredients from Kossah-Jai
    back at the market.

    Return to the market and talk to Kossah-Jai (x 1600 y 1180).  She says that
    she knows of a fish that bleeds ink, but that only Meir'am sells it.  Then
    go right and down and talk to Meir'am (x 1975 y 1985) and ask her about the
    ink bleeding fish.  She tells you that you need a container for it.
    Go up to the woman (x 1580 y 1000) and buy the cheapest Tankard possible.
    Return to Meir'am to fill the tankard with Ink.

    Return to Mebbeth with the Tankard of Ink for 1000 experience.  She asks
    you if you really want to be a mage, say yes.  If your INT or WIS are 14 or
    higher, you can explain the purpose of the errands for another 2000 exp.
    She then gives you a 'recipe' (spell) to look at, and if your INT is 14
    you will instantly recognize it (if it isn't, then 'give up' and you will
    recognize it).  She seems amazed that you could read it, so just explain
    that it seemed to be known to you already.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you offer to help her with anything, you become both more
                  LAWFUL and more GOOD.

    She then paints up a recipe for you using the frame, rags and ink as
    materials.  She asks if you have questions, say no, but then ask questions
    anyway.  The answer to her question is TWICE.  Keep asking questions and
    she will give you 3 more recipes (5000 experience) as well as a set of
    Amber Earrings.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you thank her for everything you become more GOOD.

    Now that you are a Mage, talk to Dak'kon.  It's time to get him Upgraded
    (if you have the stats for it).

    NPC:  Dak'kon (already in party)

      Ask Dak'kon about his teachings, and ask to learn the Art, and the Way
      of Zerthimon.  He reluctantly agrees, telling you to look at the First
      Circle of Zerthimon.  Each circle read also gives you a spell to
      correspond to that circle.

      Use the Circle of Zerthimon and unlock the first circle.  Read the entire
      circle, then close it and talk to Dak'kon again.  Talk to him about your
      teachings and tell him that you have read the Circle.  If your Wisdom
      is at least 12, then you can tell him the right answer:

        "Strength lies in knowing oneself. I learned that once someone does not
        *know* themselves, they are lost. They become tool for others."

      For which you gain 300 experience.  He then tells you to read the 2nd
      circle of Zerthimon.  Read the circle and then talk to Dak'kon again
      Again you must have 12 WISDOM to tell him the right answer:

        "I learned that not *knowing* something can be a tool, just like flesh
        and steel, if upon encountering it, you attempt to *know* its nature
        and how it came to be."

      For which you gain 600 experience and a spell.  He then tells you to read
      the 3rd circle of Zerthimon.  Read the 3rd circle all the way to the end
      and talk to Dak'kon again.  Now you need 14 WIS to tell him the right

        "Endure. In enduring, grow strong."

      For which you get 900 experience and another spell.  He again instructs
      you to read the next, fourth, circle of Zerthimon.  Read the fourth
      circle all the way to the end, and talk to Dak'kon again.  Now you must
      have 15 WIS to get the right answer:

        "When one chooses to see only what is before them, they see only a part
        of the whole. They are blind. And just as Vilquar was blinded by his
        promised reward, so were the *illithids* blinded to the true Rising.
        For when they heard Vilquar's words, they turned their sight outwards
        again, didn't they? And the Rising was free to strike?"

      For which you gain 1500 experience and another spell.  Again you are told
      to read the next circle of Zerthimon.  Unlock and read the Fifth Circle
      all the way to the end.  Talk to Dak'kon again.  This time you need 16
      WIS to get the right answer:

        "There is great strength in numbers, but there is great power in one,
        for the strength of the will of one may gather numbers to it. There is
        strength not only in *knowing* the self, but *knowing* how to bring it
        forth in others."

      This gets you 3000 experience and another spell.  You are then told to
      read the next circle.  Unlock and read the Sixth Circle of Zerthimon all
      the way to the end.  Talk to Dak'kon again.  Now you need 18 WIS to get
      the right answer:

        "I know that Zerthimon's devotion to the People was such that he was
        willing to protect them from themselves. He knew the *illithids* had
        come not to *know* themselves in their obsession with control and
        domination. So he chose to stop Gith before she carried the People to
        their deaths. There must be balance in all things, or else the self
        will not hold."

      This gets you 5000 experience and spells for both you and Dak'kon.  This
      leads Dak'kon to a bit of a crisis of faith, and he yells at you and
      then goes silent.

      There are 2 more Circles in the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon.  Examine
      the Circle, and if you have an INT of at least 16 you will discover the
      7th circle.  Read this all the way to the end and talk to Dak'kon again.
      Tell him that there is a 7th circle and he will ask what it says.  If
      you have at least 19 WIS you can tell him the right answer:

        "It speaks of time as an ally, not as an enemy. It says that patience
        can sharpen even the smallest of efforts into a weapon that can strike
        the heart of an empire. Your victories may be small, but over time, a
        greater victory may be achieved."

      Then you unlock the circle (5000 experience) and both you and Dak'kon can
      get a new spell.

      Study the Circle one last time and if you have 18 INT then you will
      discover the final Circle (6000 experience).  Read this all the way to
      the end, then talk to Dak'kon again.  Tell him that there is an 8th
      circle, and he asks what it says.  You need 19 or more WIS to tell him
      the right answer:

        "It speaks of focus and discipline... about how not *knowing* oneself
        can physically divide the man. It also speaks of the weaknesses that
        division causes. It seems to me that it tells one to not only *know*
        themselves and take strength from that, but that your focus can reveal
        weaknesses in your enemy."

      Then you make circles for both you and Dak'kon to learn spells, and both
      you and Dak'kon gain 10,000 experience.  This also UPGRADES Dak'kon:

        +1 STR
        +2 DEX
        +2 CON

    Unfinished Business Only:  [from Qwinn]

      Up the side of Mebbeth's house is an alley. In it you will find a
      restored character named Ratbone. He will ask you to bring him some
      cranium rat tails. Do so, and he tells you about seeing a fiend in Sigil.
      This is the infamous restored Pendant Of Yemeth Quest! Talk to the two
      devils in the Smoldering Corpse Bar, and they will give you more
      information about that fiend. The fiend is disguised as a collector, and
      hangs out in an alley near the north side of the SE section of the Hive
      (the area just outside the Smoldering Corpse bar). During the day, he
      will have a companion (the "rake") that makes things difficult. Visit the
      collector at night instead. I won't spoil things further, except to say
      that other than returning the pendant to the devils (which gets you
      nothing), there's currently nothing else to do with it and it has no
      powers you can use. I have tentative plans to eventually create an
      Expanded Pendant of Yemeth quest that will add some closure, but as of
      this writing, that won't be anytime very soon. Think 2010.

  Area:  AR0101, Ragpicker's Square

    Leave Mebbeth's House and go left to the ramp (x 500 y 2100).  Go north
    up the ramp.  Continue as the path goes to the northeast.  Then in the
    archway (x 1325 y 650), you can put your junk in to get teleported to the
    doorway to the next area.  Enter the door when you are ready.

      3.1  [TRSHWR]  Trash Warrens

  Area:  AR0108, Trash Warrens

    Treasures:  - Dustman's Lesser Embalming        (x 1250 y 700)
                  Rusty Dagger
                - Junk                              (x 1880 y 600)
                - Cranium Rat Tail                  (x 1150 y 1300)
                  High Quality Stiletto
                  37 Copper Commons
                  Dirty Rat Charm
                  Cranium Rat Charm
                - 314 Copper Commons                (x 4140 y 1630)
                  Sadistic Frame
                  Club of Nettles
                  2 Clot Charms
                  Scroll of Magic Missile

    Experience:  - Convince Bish that you are no Threat
                   Just before the entrance to the Buried Village is a man
                   named Bish.  If you have an INT of at least 13, you can
                   convince him that Pharod mustn't like him to put him there.
                   This is worth 1200 experience.

    As you enter, you will be confronted by a Collector by the name of Anamoli.
    This fellow REALLY wants to fight you, and talking him out of it requires
    some cleverness.  If you have a CHARISMA of 12 or more, you can say "I
    don't believe I've made your acquaintance either", but that won't solve
    anything.  Then you can threaten him -- "if you don't let me pass" -- but
    that requires a STR of at least 14 for that to work.  Elsewise him and his
    buddies attack you.  You can also, if you have a WIS of 13 or more,
    intimate that killing people for their bodies is a good way to meet the
    Lady, which also stops him from attacking.

    Past him go right, get the items on the Shelves.  Continue right, then
    down.  Go down the Southwest passage (x 1600 y 1750), then when it forks
    (x 1100 y 1900), take the path that goes left.  Follow that, then take it
    up.  Take all the items from the box, then go back down, right and
    up to the main passage.

    There will be a villager running up a passage to the northeast (x 2800
    y 1450).  Follow her up to an ambush of sorts.  Kill these fools.  Go up
    to the archway (x 3280 y 1080) and a portal will appear (if you took the
    Cranium Rat Tail from the box I mentioned).  Enter the portal.

    This is the Secret Cranium Rat Room.  Kill the Cranium Rats (they can cast
    spells until you decrease their numbers), then search their box for
    treasures.  Return back through the portal, and get back to the main

    Go south (x 2600 y 1800).  Then when you get the option (x 3150 y 2350),
    go right. (there are more Thugs downwards, if you want to fight)  Soon
    you will bump into a fellow named Bish.

    There are two non-violent ways to handle Bish.  If you have an INT of
    at least 13 you can say that you heard Pharod lived around here, or tell
    him that Pharod must not have much confidence in him to leave him there.
    (1200 experience)  If you have a CHA of 13 you can say that you don't want
    any trouble, just to pass through. (no experience)

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you say that you have no name, and then confirm it again,
                  you become more LAWFUL.  If you say your name is 'Adahn' you
                  become more CHAOTIC.

    Go to the trap door (x 4200 y 2600), open it, and enter the Buried Village.

    4.     [BRDVLL]  Buried Village

  Area:  AR0109, Buried Village

    Treasures:  - Quint's Poison Charm              (x 1050 y 1680)
                - Battle Axes                       (x 1375 y 1415)
                  13 Copper Commons
                - Fist Irons                        (x 1640 y 1140)
                - Poor Quality Stiletto             (x 2700 y 1050)
                - Punch Daggers                     (x 3080 y 1733)
                  3 Bandages
                - Leg Bone Club                     (x 3500 y 1820)
                  23 Copper Commons
                - Bone Charm                        (x 3030 y 2275)
                - Tarnished Silver Bracelet         (x 2125 y 2100)
                  Silver Earring
                - Gauntlets of Teeth                (x 1200 y 1500, Marta)
                  3 Needle & Thread
                  Twisted Ring

    Experience:  - Marta and your Intestines      (x 1200 y 1500)
                   Have Marta remove your intestines and she will find a
                   Twisted Ring (+1 AC), which is also worth 500 exp.

                 - QUEST Find Quint's Poison Charm  (x 2540 y 930)
                   Quint wants you to find a charm that Gris had.  You will
                   find this charm just south of Marta's house (see above).
                   Take it over to Quint for 7500 experience. (although the
                   game claims to give you money, it doesn't)

                 - QUEST Retrieve Ku'u Yin's Number    (x 2020 y 1485)
                   Talk to Ku'u Yin and he wants you to get his Number back
                   from Radine.  Talk to Radine, then Ku'u Yin, then Radine
                   again to get the Number.  There are several ways to get it,
                   some non-violent, one violent.  Take the Number to Ku'u to
                   get 2500 experience and his Old Number (Tattoo).

    Enter the house at (x 1200 y 1500) and talk to Marta. (you can also find
    some Needle and Thread in here)

    NPC:  Marta (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               3/3      10       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Talk to Marta, but she won't notice you at first.  Watch her work, then
      ask what she is doing.  She thinks that you are the corpse that she is
      working on.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you 'throw your voice' you become more CHAOTIC.

      Again, ask her what she is doing.  She tells you about 'stitchies' and
      'teethies', ask about those as well.  Ask if you can buy some needle and
      thread from her, and for a moment she thinks that you are the person
      she is supposed to give those items to.  If you lie and say that you are
      you get 3 Needle & Threads and a Gauntlets of Teeth (neat weapon).

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Lying to her about that makes you more CHAOTIC.  If you
                    offer instead to buy them off her you become more GOOD and
                    more LAWFUL.

      If your INT is at least 15, then you can ask Marta to look inside YOU
      for things.  Tell her to check your intestines and you get the Twisted
      Ring and your Intestines (which are now OUTSIDE of your body). (500 exp)
      Keep the Intestines, you will use them later.

      You can also rest here, and buy items if you wish.

    Exit Marta's house, go right and talk to Ku'u Yin. (x 2020 y 1485)  He
    tells you that a woman named Radine stole his 'number.'  Leave him and go
    find Radine (usually to the southwest).  Talk to her and ask for Ku'u's
    number.  She doesn't really want to give it up.  If you offer to buy it
    from her, she won't sell, but then you can threaten her and she'll give it
    to you (becoming more EVIL, of course).  Otherwise you have to go back
    to Ku'u.

    Talk to him again and he begs for you to get it for him.  Talk to Radine
    and she offers to pay Ku'u money for it.  Return to Ku'u who refuses this

    Finally return to Radine and convince her to give up the Number.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you tell her that she has no Right to it, you become more
                  LAWFUL.  If you tell her that she doesn't need a Number to be
                  successful you become more GOOD.  If you threaten her you
                  become more EVIL and if you tell her to make her own number
                  you become more CHAOTIC.

                  Also, if you give her money for her trouble (30 copper) you
                  become more GOOD.

    Give the number to Ku'u for your reward:  2500 experience, the old number
    of Ku'u Yin (a tattoo that protects against Chaotic monsters).

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you LIE to Ku'u you become more CHAOTIC.  If you demand
                  payment for getting the Number you become more EVIL.  Giving
                  him the number makes you more LAWFUL and GOOD.

    Go up, then right, and enter the house (x 2540 y 930), there talk to Quint.

    NPC:  Quint (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               6/6      10       19     9     9     9     9     9     9

      The first time you talk with Quint he is VERY suspicious of you.  He
      thinks you might be trading with everyone around, so convince him first
      that you are only trading with him.  Get him to answer you some questions
      and ask him about himself.  He will offer you the job to find a trinket
      that Gris had, a Poison Charm.  You can find this Charm just south of
      Marta's house (see Treasures).

      Give Quint the Charm for 7500 experience and 250 copper.

      Once that is done, you can shop here.

    Exit Quint's shop, go right and talk to Uhir.  He is missing a Knife.  Be
    sure to keep your eyes peeled for Uhir's Knife. (or a ghoul with a knife)

    That is about it for the village, so go enter the large guarded door
    (x 3300 y 1100).

  Area:  AR0110, Pharod's Domain

    Go northeast until you find Pharod sitting on his Palm Shaped Throne
    (x 2180 y 840).

    NPC:  Pharod (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               3/3      10       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Well, we finally found this loser.  The guy so important you tattooed his
      name onto your back.  Talk to Pharod and tell him that you have come for
      information, that only he can provide.  Ask him to provide information
      about yourself.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you say 'truth: I have forgotten myself' you become more
                    LAWFUL.  If you tell him about the tattoos on your back
                    you become more LAWFUL.

      He tells you of a trinket that he wants you to find (if your WIS is at
      least 13, you can describe the Sphere to him before he tells you about
      it).  Ask him where the Sphere is and then agree to get it for him.

      You can then ask him some questions.  For example, when last you two met,
      you demanded to be taken into the Mortuary, Pharod doesn't know what you
      intended to do in there.  Ask him about the Village and he tells you that
      it was created when the Dabus buried this section of the town.  He
      doesn't know where your journal is (figures).  If you heard Reekwind's
      story about Pharod, you can repeat it to him, although that just angers

      Ask him where he is getting the bodies, and he will tell you if you
      promise not to tell anyone.  If you have a CHA of at least 14, then you
      can insult his comparison to a *mage*, and how his finding bodies hardly
      compares to magic (500 exp).  Then he will spill the whole scheme without
      you having to VOW or LIE or anything.  If you don't have the Charisma for
      that you can either VOW or LIE.  He is actually simply digging up bodies
      that the Dustmen already buried.


      After this point, you can go to Sharegrave back in Ragpicker's Square and
      reveal Pharod's source for 750 experience as well as 100 copper (plus
      another 100 if you asked for money, and you can get more if you reveal
      where Pharod lives).  Also you can go visit Emoric back in the Gathering
      Dust Bar for another 2500 experience and 300 copper.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you made a VOW to Pharod, then went and told Emoric
                    anyway you become more CHAOTIC.  If you Truth Emoric, then
                    you become more LAWFUL.  If you LIE to Emoric, you become
                    more CHAOTIC (but you still get the reward).

                    Oddly, telling Sharegrave doesn't seem to change your

    Leave Pharod's house.

  Area:  AR0109, Buried Village

    Go to the Southeast gate (x 3650 y 3000), and tell Barr to open the
    gate for you.  Go to the next area.  Be warned, if you don't have the
    Bronze Sphere with you, they won't let you back in without a bribe.
    You can get away with not paying the bribe, however.  Say that you suppose
    that you can pay his "toll", then have him reach for it.  If you have at
    least 10 DEX or 10 STR you should be able to catch his arm and have him
    let you back in for free.

    5.     [CTCMBS]  Catacombs

  Area:  AR1400, Catacombs

    Treasures:  - 6 Copper Commons                  (x 540 y 1720)
                - 3 Copper Commons                  (x 3200 y 2330)
                - Bandages                          (x 1700 y 1520)
                  Rusty Dagger
                - Copper Common                     (x 2650 y 1025)
                  Antler Axe
                - 4 Copper Commons                  (x 1550 y 370)
                - Leg Bone Club                     (x 830 y 1500)
                - Shamanic Rod                      (x 700 y 1040)
                - Jar of Embalming Fluid            (x 3200 y 2200)
                  2 Bandages
                - Tears of Sorrow                   (x  y )
                - Gold Ring                         (x  y )
                - Skull                             (x 2040 y 800)
                - Punch Daggers of Moorin           (x 3200 y 650, Shattered C)
                  510 Copper Commons
                - Severed Arm (yours)               (x 333 y 877, C. Dismemb.)
                - Enchanted Hammer                  (x 230 y 1550, Mosaic C.)
                  212 Copper Commons

    These Catacombs connect to several other significant Catacombs, tombs and
    other such places.  We will be doing all of the crypts and things here, but
    the major areas (the Dead Nations, Warrens of Thought and the Drowned
    Nations) are done in the next sections.

    Go right, then up.  This leads to two crypts, the Shattered Crypt and the
    Crypt of the Embraced.  Enter the Crypt of the Embraced (x 2400 y 360).  In
    here you will find one big crypt surrounded by several smaller ones.  Open
    the big crypt and three Ghouls appear.  Take them out.  Investigate the
    corpse in the crypt and it appears to be a horrible way to die.  If only
    he could talk...  Leave this crypt.

      Note:  You can talk to Gris once you get the Stories-Bones-Tell special

    Now enter the Shattered Crypt (x 3200 y 650).  When you reach the center of
    this room you will be ambushed by Lesser Vargouilles. (200 exp each)  Then
    search over at the bone pile to find the Punch Daggers of Moorin.  A box
    above it has 510 copper commons.

    Go down, and then up-left to get to the Crypt of Dismemberment (x 333
    y 877).  I would send ONLY Morte over to the crypt at the end of this hall.
    Just to the left of the coffin, open up a door to the lower level.  This is
    a big pile o' guts here, just to the right of the pile is a corpse, search
    it to find your previous Severed Arm.  Once you have the Arm, you can

      Note:  One of the bodies in the blood in the Crypt of Dismemberment is
             actually Lowden who you can talk to once you get Stories-Bones-
             Tell, though it can be difficult to initiate the dialog sometimes
             because the trigger is overlapped by the blood puddle's info
             trigger. (from Platter)  The trigger is no longer difficult
             to activate with my Fixpack. Great credit to SKARDAVNELNATE for
             doing the detailed work to resolve this issue. [from Qwinn]

    Go back down, then left, and look at the Faces. (x 1115 y 1590)  Here a
    face named Glyve asks for your help in getting himself freed.  What he
    needs is a Flask of Endless Water, and to get it you need to talk to a man
    named Chad, but to do that, you first must visit either the Dead Nations
    or the Many-as-One catacombs.  Agree to help him.

    Go left and enter the Mosaic Crypt (x 230 y 1550).  There are several traps
    around this area, the most notable one being in the center of the mosaic.
    Go down and open the coffin to find some treasure.  That's it.  Exit.

    Go right, then down-right to (x 2350 y 1980), then go down-left to the
    entrance to the Dead Nations (x 1400 y 2500).

      5.1  [DDNTNS]  Dead Nations

  Area:  AR1500, Dead Nations

    Treasures:  - Scroll of Blood Bridge            (x 1075 y 600)
                - 500 Copper Commons                (x 1680 y 340)
                - 2 Battle Axes                     (x 1740 y 385)
                  Battle Axe of Quality
                - 10 Bandages                       (x 2600 y 580)
                - 3 Bone Charms                     (x 1840 y 1270)
                - Rusty Dagger                      (x 1960 y 1290)
                  Bone Dagger
                - Charcoal Charm                    (x 2000 y 1830)
                - 324 Copper Commons                (x 2525 y 1770)
                - 2 Clot Charms                     (x 2525 y 1685)
                - Wooden Club                       (x 2500 y 1600)
                - 3 Bandages                        (x 1900 y 3250)
                - 2 Rusty Daggers                   (x 1015 y 1850)

    Experience:  - Convince Hargrimm you mean no Harm
                   Discover that Soego is a rat and tell Hargrimm for 3750
                   experience.  Then beg to see the Silent King again and he
                   asks you to kill rats.  Do so, and return for another 3750
                   experience + 7500 experience.

                 - The Puzzled Skeleton           (x 2330 y 1700)
                   Talk to the Puzzled skeleton and he has a riddle for you.
                   "Think of words which end in '-GRY.' Angry and hungry are
                   two of them. There are but three words in the Common
                   Tongue... what is the third word? The word is something that
                   one uses every day. If thou hast listened carefully, I have
                   already told thee what it is."  If you have an INT of at
                   least 18 you can solve this for him, the answer is 'Tongue.'
                   For this you get 6250 experience. (however, the Riddling
                   Skeleton won't talk to you)

                 - The Riddling Skeleton      (x 2012 y 2900)
                   After talking with the puzzled skeleton, but not solving the
                   riddle you may want to go over to the Riddling Skeleton to
                   try him on for size.  Now if you don't have the 18 INT
                   required to solve the riddle, then you can try to stump him
                   (if you DO have the 18 INT, you can simply solve the riddle
                   for the 6250 exp).  You will then trade riddles back and
                   forth, he gets your first one easily.  You can answer his
                   first riddle ('he is your son') if you have 12 INT. (625
                   exp)  He gets your next riddle.  Answer his ('wrong') if
                   you have 14 INT (1250 exp).  He gets your next riddle, then
                   asks his own which you get if you have 16 INT ('tomorrow',
                   1875 experience).  Then you give a riddle that he CAN'T
                   answer.  Demand the answer to his riddle (the 'tongue' one)
                   for 2500 experience.  Either way you do it, you get 6250

                 - QUEST Uhir's Knife pt. 2    (x 2940 y 2840)
                   Talk to the 'Knifed Ghoul' near the entrance to this place
                   and ask him for the knife.  You can then trade 6 rat tails
                   for the knife and get 600 experience as well.

                 - Stories Bones Tell     (x 570 y 2840)
                   Talk to Stale Mary and ask her how she talks to the undead.
                   She will then teach you that skill (3750 experience).

                 - QUEST Get a Name for the Nameless Zombie   (x 1875 y 1940)
                   Talk to the Nameless Zombie (only if you have gotten the
                   Stories Bones Tell skill from Stale Mary) and she wants a
                   name.  Tell her to get a new name for 5000 experience.

    You will be immediately captured by the living dead who rule here.  Submit
    to them and you will be taken to a small room.  There you will find Soego.
    Ask him all the questions you can, then say farewell.  You can also use him
    to rest if you want.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you refuse to be captured by the Undead, you become more
                  EVIL and CHAOTIC.

    Go left and open the door (x 1300 y 720).  Find and talk to Hargrimm the
    Bleak.  Ask him about everything:  Soego, the Silent King, Acaste, Ghouls,
    Zombies, Stale Mary, etc.  Then drop down to find the Doubtful Skeleton.
    (x 1450 y 2400)  He is having a crisis of faith.  He thinks that maybe the
    True Death is for him.  Return to Soego and tell him of the Doubtful
    Skeleton and he runs off excitedly to find his new convert.  Wait until he
    leaves, and search the Metal Slab near where he was. (not until he leaves
    the area)  There you find his journal which reveals that he is an evil
    Wererat. (2000 experience)  Catch up to Soego and confront him about this.
    He turns into a Rat and must be put down.  Be sure to take his head, it
    comes in handy later.  Tell Hargrimm about Soego (3750 experience) and he
    will trust you just a little bit more.

    Ask Hargrimm to see the Silent King again, say that you need his permission
    to leave, then ask if there is anything that you can do.  He wants you to
    find the Cranium Rats that have snuck in and kill them.  You will find the
    rats in the small alcove (x 550 y 2000) just south then left from the
    chapel.  Kill them.  Return to Hargrimm and tell him (3750 experience) and
    he will now let you leave at your leisure. (7500 experience)

      Alternatively:  Talk to Stale Mary and ask to see the Silent King.  If
                      you have at least a 16 CHA, then she will tell you to
                      go to the Northwest Alcove (in the chapel) and think of
                      the Silent King.  (3750 exp) This portal takes you to
                      the Silent King, who is long since passed into oblivion.
                      Hargrimm and Mary appear and tell you about it, then
                      let you go (7500 experience).

                      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you go tell Acaste that the Silent King
                                    is really dead, then you become much more
                                    EVIL and CHAOTIC.

                      This is the ONLY non-violent method to see the Silent
                      King.  If you need to discover his secret for Many-As-One
                      and didn't learn it here, you will have to fight your
                      way in.

    South from the Doubtful Skeleton is a small room to the left.  Inside are
    a multitude of Zombies, and their leader, Stale Mary (x 570 y 2840).

    NPC:  Stale Mary (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              12/12      8       19     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Stale Mary is the most important of all the undead here, as she teaches
      you the most valuable skill.

      First off, ask her how she can speak with the other zombies there.  Let
      her touch you (eww).  Then have her teach you to Speak with the Dead.
      (3750 experience)  From now on you have the Special Ability, Stories
      Bones Tell, which allows you to talk to corpses. Getting this requires
      an INT of 16.

      Also ask her about the other creatures around here, such as Acaste and

    Once you have talked to Mary, go out and find the Nameless Zombie (x 1875
    y 1940).

    NPC:  Nameless Zombie (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
              12/12      8       19     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Just like you, this zombie has forgotten her name.  You can ONLY talk to
      her if you have learned the Stories-Bones-Tell from Stale Mary.  She
      wants to know her name.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you ask 'is that why you're so distressed' you become
                    more GOOD.

      Now you could go out to the Drowned Nations and find her tomb, but the
      name has vanished from there as well.  So ask why she doesn't just pick
      a new name, and then she asks you to pick one.  Think of a name for her.
      (5000 experience)

    Around the same area, you will find the Puzzled Skeleton (x 2330 y 1700)
    Talk to the Puzzled skeleton and he has a riddle for you:

      "Think of words which end in '-GRY.' Angry and hungry are two of them.
      There are but three words in the Common Tongue... what is the third word?
      The word is something that one uses every day. If thou hast listened
      carefully, I have already told thee what it is."

    If you have an INT of 18 or more you can solve this for him, the answer is
    'Tongue.'  For this you get 6250 experience.  If you DON'T have an 18 INT,
    but DO have a 16 INT, find and talk to the Riddling Skeleton, who gave this
    riddle in the first place (x 2012 y 2900)

    Again, if you have the 18 INT, you can simply solve the riddle for the 6250
    exp.  If you don't, you can then trade riddles back and forth.  He solves
    your first riddle easily.  If you have 12 INT you can answer his first
    riddle ('he is your son', 625 exp).  He gets your next riddle.  His next
    riddle requires you to have 14 INT ('wrong', 1250 exp).  He gets your next
    riddle, then asks his own which you get if you have 16 INT ('tomorrow',
    1875 experience).  Then you give a riddle that he CAN'T answer.  Demand the
    answer to his riddle (the 'tongue' one) for 2500 experience.  Either way
    you do it, you get 6250 experience.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you promise not to tell his riddles, then you become more
                  LAWFUL.  If you go and tell anyway you become more CHAOTIC.

    Go down to where you first came in, then turn right and talk to the Knifed
    Ghoul.  You can trade 6 rat tails for Uhir's Knife (600 exp).

    Go out the right doors, and talk to the corpse on the ground there (x 1640
    y 2480).  He asks you to kill some Vargouilles so that he doesn't become
    one of them.  Agree to do that.  Go up, then left, kill the Vargouilles and
    return (3750 experience).  He tells you about the Decanter that we need for
    Glyve.  Return to the Dead Nations.

    When you are ready to go on, open the big doors at (x 2260 y 3200), go left
    and out to the Drowned Nation.

      5.2  [DRWNDN]  Drowned Nations

  Area:  AR1700, Drowned Nations

    Treasures:  - Blood Charm                       (x 2050 y 420)
                  27 Copper Commons
                  Abyssal Pipe
                - Blood Charm                       (x 3790 y 1515)
                  31 Copper Commons
                  War Hammer
                - 28 Copper Commons                 (x 1325 y 2400)
                  Gold Bracelet
                  Spiked Knuckles
                - 24 Copper Commons                 (x 1915 y 2700)
                  Silver Earring
                  Bone Charm
                  3 Charms of Infinite Recall
                  Enchanted Punch Daggers
                - Blood Charm                       (x 1600 y 2200)
                - Copper Earring                    (x 700 y 450)
                - Copper Earring                    (x 3200 y 2675)
                  Tarnished Silver Bracelet
                  2 Needle and Thread
                - 4 Bandages                        (x 575 y 1150)
                  Gold Ring
                  Enchanted Hammer
                - 371 Copper Commons                (x 3100 y 830)
                - Bronze Sphere                     (x 4140 y 2160)
                  47 Copper Commons
                  Battle Axe
                - Decanter of Endless Water         (x 3700 y 1275)

    Not much strategy to this place, just wander through and take all the
    treasures.  Be sure to get the Decanter of Endless Water and the Bronze
    Sphere.  There are only two types of enemies here, Vargouilles and the
    Trocopotacas.  Make your way down to the bottom of the area.  (x 4100
    y 2800) Open the doors here and go through.  Be SURE to have plenty of free
    inventory slots on the Nameless One.  He will need them.

  Area:  AR1800, Tomb of the Nameless One

    I'm not listing the treasures here as you can't get them whenever you want.
    I will list them as you get them.  This area is HEAVILY trapped, with the
    worst traps being on the symbols on the floor (those are the symbols of
    Torment, by the way).

    Go left (x 2550 y 950) and get the treasure on the corpse:

      10 Copper
      3 Bandages

    Further left is a giant pot (x 2200 y 710).  Ignore it, it's trapped and
    empty.  Just below that and to the left is another corpse (x 2000 y 850):

      22 Copper
      Antler Axe

    Now sneak by the symbol on the floor into the passage and into the next
    room.  You will be teleported elsewhere.  Above you is a corpse (x 1075
    y 890):

      Punch Daggers
      Charm of Infinite Recall
      Silver Bracelet

    Go down, avoid the Symbol, and search the final corpse (x 500 y 1400):

      Silver Earring
      Abyssal Pipe

    Now search the big obvious coffin for the Tomb Key1.  Step onto the Symbol
    and get yourself killed.  You will be back at the beginning.  Go back into
    the passage to get teleported to another room.  Search the coffin here for
    Tomb Key2.  Step on the symbol and get yourself killed again.  Back into
    the passage and be teleported yet again.  Search this coffin for Tomb Key3.
    Get killed again, then back into the passage.  This time you won't be

    There is a Coffin in the center of this room, and 8 writings on the walls.
    Click on each of the writings, examine the panel, then push in the wall.
    Also, one of the panels will read like the tattoos on your back.  Be sure
    to read that one again as it says 'don't trust the skull' at the end.  Go
    to the Coffin in the center and take the Final Key.  Go down the bottom
    passage to be teleported to the final room here.

    Search the coffin here:

      Enchanted Battle Axe
      Corpse Fly Charm
      Tear of Salieru Dei
      Knot Charm
      Heart Charm
      Scroll of Ax of Torment

    Take the items and a portal will open above you.  Exit.  Once out, get your
    party members back.

    NPC:  Morte (already joined)

      Talk to Morte again and ask him to read the Tattoo on your back.  All of
      it.  At the end ask him about the part of not trusting the skull and you
      get 1000 experience.  He says that that wasn't important and that you
      really can trust him.  Honest.  But he offers no more on the subject.

      5.3  [WRRNSF]  Warrens of Thought

  I have never liked the Warrens of Thought.  To me, it just seemed like a big
  pointless area. (for those of you wondering why it took so long to update
  between 0.3 and 0.4, this area is why)  There's no particular need to go
  here, so you can just skip to section 6. Pharod's Answers right now if you

  Area:  AR1400, Catacombs

    You can get to the Warrens of Though at (x 3790 y 920).  You will find some
    Wererats skulking about, finish them off.  Enter the Warrens of Thought.

  Area:  AR1600, Warrens of Thought

    Treasures:  - 27 Copper                         (x 630 y 940)
                - 22 Copper                         (x 1465 y 500)
                  Copper Earring
                - 4 Bandages                        (x 2535 y 580)
                  31 Copper
                  Leg Bone Club
                - 14 Copper                         (x 2550 y 1270)
                - 3 Bandages                        (x 2500 y 1380)
                  4 Copper
                  2 Needle & Thread
                - Leg Bone Club                     (x 3030 y 2460)
                  Scroll of Ball Lightning
                - Blood Fly Charm                   (x 4370 y 2280)
                  Gold Ring
                - 47 Copper                         (x 2025 y 2210)
                - Mace                              (x 4100 y 2320)
                  2 Heart Charm
                  3 Corpse Fly Charm
                - Mace                              (x 4200 y 2250)
                  Baatezu Mace
                - Battle Axe                        (x 4585 y 2030)
                - Crescent Hatchet                  (x 4660 y 1990)
                - Murk (invokes Blacksphere spell)  (x 2085 y 325)

    Experience:  - Escape from Prison
                   Without Annah in your party, you must convince the rat
                   guards to let you go.  There are several different methods,
                   each gets you 3750 experience.

    Note:  Try to avoid killing any Cranium Rats while here, it affects how the
           Many-As-One treats you.

    Immediately a very large wererat by the name of Mantuok asks you politely
    what you are doing here.  Tell him that you are from the Buried Village,
    that you are there to see him personally, that Soego sent you (available
    only if you discovered he was a Wererat back in the Dead Nations) and that
    you must talk to the Many-As-One personally.  This will get you instantly
    teleported to the Many-As-One (see below).  If you do anything else
    you'll get captured or Mantuok will fight you. (not preferable)

    Note:  If you make a deal with the Many-As-One, all the rats here will be

    Assuming you got captured, walk over to the door and talk to the guards.
    There are several ways to convince them to let you out.  With a STR of 13
    or more, you can threaten them with their lives (3750 exp), with a CHR of
    13 you can promise that no one will ever know what happened (3750 exp), or
    with an INT of 13 you can ask him to "think about it" (3750 exp).  If you
    have NONE of those stats, there's always bribery (3750 exp, and you lose
    100 copper).

    However, if Annah is in your party, Shaddeus (the other guard) will simply
    kill his companion and let you out.  What you could do is drop Annah as
    far away from the door as possible, then go up to the door and get out
    using one of the above methods.  That way you get more experience.

    Note:  If you weren't captured, and go by the prison doorway anyway, the
           Wererats will still behave as though you were captured (ONLY if
           Annah is in the party), so one will still kill the other and "let
           you out".  This is the only way to open that doorway to get the
           treasure within if you weren't captured.

    After getting out like that, you only have about 5 seconds before the
    Wererats turn hostile.

    In my Fixpack, the wererats that actually let you out of the jail
    no longer attack you the moment you leave, because that makes no sense.
    Other wererats and rats, however, will still do so.            [from Qwinn]

    Besides getting the above treasures, there's only one place to go here,
    and that is to see the Many-as-One (x 3930 y 940).

  Area:  AR1601, Many-as-One

    NPC:  Many-As-One (doesn't join)

      When I say "Many-As-One" what I'm referring to is the collective
      consciousness of the cranium rats (very Borg-like, if you are familiar
      with Star Trek).

      As soon as you enter, you must talk with the rats.  Avoid telling them
      that you came here by accident, they don't like that and will attack
      (sending dozens of Cranium Rats at you, once you kill the rats, they'll
      talk to you again).  They ask why you came here, if you have 14 INT you
      can ask why mind reading rats don't already KNOW why you're here.  Then
      think of anyone OTHER than the Silent King and you can prove that they
      can't read your mind.

      Most conversation threads from this point lead to the rats asking you to
      infiltrate the Dead Nations and learn what you can about the Silent King.
      You must convince Many-As-One that you would make a skillful assassin.

      Once you've learned the Silent King's horrible secret, return here and
      tell the rats.  For your efforts your party gets 7500 EXP.  Then the
      Nameless One gets a bonus exp (1000 if your WIS is 13 or less, 2000 if
      it is 14 or more) and a new memory.  The memory depends on the class of
      the Nameless One at the time.  If you're a fighter you get 1000 exp,
      while thieves and mages get 2000.

        Note:  If you killed too many Cranium Rats while in the Warrens of
               Thought, you can get the 7500 exp, but not the recovered Memory.
               Many-As-One will attack you before it gets to that.

        *ALIGNMENT*:  Revealing that the Silent King is TRULY silent makes you
                      more CHAOTIC and EVIL, IF you promised Hargrimm that you
                      would keep their secret, otherwise nothing happens.

      If you BLUFF the Many-As-One into believing that the Silent King is too
      powerful (no alignment effect) nets your party the same 7500 experience,
      but no recovered memory for the Nameless One.  Also if the Ghouls went
      wild and killed everyone else in the Dead Nations, you only get the 7500

    6.     [PHRDSN]  Pharod's Answers

  Area:  AR1400, Catacombs

    Go talk to Glyve again (x 1115 y 1590) now that you have the Decanter of
    Endless Water.  Give him a taste from the Flask (5000 experience) and he
    will tell you to seek out Nemelle in the Clerk's War (this doesn't make it
    into your journal for some reason).  Nemelle will allow you to use the
    flask to free Ignus from the Smoldering Corpse bar.

    Head back to Pharod.

  Area:  AR0109, Buried Village

    Talk to Uhir and give him back his dagger for 5000 experience.

    Enter Pharod's Castle and talk to him again.

    NPC:  Pharod (doesn't join)

      Give him the Bronze Sphere for 15,000 experience.  He wants you to
      promise not to kill him before he gives you the answers.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  VOW makes you more LAWFUL, LIE makes you more CHAOTIC and
                    more EVIL.

      After he tells you that all you wanted was a Simple Boon, depending on
      your stats you can see a hole in his story.  If you have 14 WIS, 13 CHA,
      or 14 INT then you can wonder why he did it.  Press him on that to
      discover that you slaughtered his collectors until he saw you.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you say 'Truth: "I'm sorry about your people, Pharod.
                    That wasn't me... but if I can make up the loss to you, I
                    will."' then you become more GOOD and LAWFUL, if you say
                    'Truth: "I'm sorry about your people, Pharod, for what
                    that's worth."' you become more GOOD.

      Next question, you ask Pharod what he took off of you.  He says that he
      took nothing and that his daughter, Annah, might have.  If your INT is
      14 or higher you can demand that he give you what he took from you.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  After that you have to TRUTH or BLUFF him into getting your
                    items, and most of these make you more CHAOTIC or EVIL.
                    If you didn't promise not to tell anyone about his secret
                    earlier, then you can safely threaten to tell the Dustmen.

      You get 1000 experience for that.  What items you get depends on your

        10 or less:  Note from Pharod
                     200 Copper
        11 to 14:    Note from Pharod
                     Gehraise's Ring (+3 save vs. poison)
                     250 Copper
        15 or more:  Note from Pharod
                     Gehraise's Ring
                     3 Bandages
                     350 Copper

      He then introduces you to Annah.  At the end of her conversation, you
      have the option of having her take you directly to your next destination,
      or sticking around here.  It is up to you.

    Immediately talk to Annah again.

    NPC:  Annah (joins)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                38/38     4       17     14    18    16    12    10    13

      Ask Annah what she found on your body, then you will demand the item
      back.  It is a Ring of the Traveler (+1 AC).

      Then have her switch you back to a Thief.  Then ask her about Thieving
      skills again and ask to be trained.  You can then train in the four major
      thieving categories for 1000 exp each and a +3 to each of the skills.
      (total of 4000 experience)

      You can also teach her a few things depending on your thieving skills.
      If you have at least 50 in any of the categories you can teach her how
      to be better in that category.  Each time you train her, she gains 1000
      exp and +3 in that thieving category. (total of 4000 experience)

      Ask Annah about Pharod until she tells you why he was searching for the
      bronze sphere. This nets you 2500 exp. (Steve Bush)

    We found Soego, so go back to the Mortuary Area of the Hive and enter the
    Gathering Dust Bar.

  Area:  AR0205, Gathering Dust Bar

    Talk to Emoric and tell him about Soego for 2500 experience.  Then tell him
    that yes you DO want to join with the Dustmen.  Take your oaths.  Once you
    have joined you get another 2500 experience and can buy things from him.
    (If you have already joined a faction you only get 1000 experience)

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Lying while taking your Oaths makes you more CHAOTIC.

    Head out to the Smoldering Corpse area, and then enter Fell's Tattoo Parlor
    (you DO remember the Severed Arm, don't you?).

  Area:  AR0404, Fell's Tattoo Parlor

    Talk to Fell and ask Dak'kon to translate.

    NPC:  Fell (doesn't join)

      First Annah gets very paranoid about hanging out with Fell around.  Ask
      her what is wrong, and tell her that no harm will come to her while you
      are there (that makes her happier).  Then PROMISE her that no harm will
      come to her (she becomes more happy).

      *ALIGNMENT*:  PROMISING Annah makes you more LAWFUL.  Lying makes you
                    more CHAOTIC.

      Ask Fell about the Arm you found, and he will tell you a bit about it.
      However, Dak'kon doesn't translate all the message (you must have 15 INT
      or have learned the Dabus speech earlier).  If you have 15 WIS you will
      *know* that Dak'kon is lying to you.  Call him on it. (but don't ORDER
      him to tell you, or he becomes unhappy)  If you demand answers or you
      will lose your temper you get 250 experience.  If you have 14 CHA or 15
      INT you can convince him for 500 experience.  If you have 13 WIS you can
      convince him and get 750 experience.  You will learn of your four
      previous companions:

        The woman who loves you (Deionarra)
        He who sees what other don't
        The Slave (Dak'kon)
        A Familiar (Morte)

      And then you are told of the Symbol of Torment which bound these 4 to
      you.  Ask Dak'kon about the 4, and he tells you to talk about it later
      when you are alone.

      Ask Fell about the Tattoos and he will relearn some old tattoos to sell
      you.  That Tattoo of the Lost Incarnation will net you 1500 experience
      when used.

      You can also ask him all about what he knows of you, how you died, etc.
      He tells you not to sign anything, but it may be too late for that.

    Talk to Dak'kon.

    NPC:  Dak'kon (already joined)

      Ask Dak'kon about your Travels, then ask about the Fell Tattoo.  Ask
      about the Four who Traveled with you.  If you have 15 INT or 15 WIS then
      you can ask if he was the Slave and get 3000 experience.  He will then
      tell you the story of how that came to be.

      If you have 13 WIS then this story leads to a Memory for you of how you
      rescued Dak'kon from destruction.  Surrender to this memory.  The memory
      is worth 6000 exp.

      Ask about your travels, your 4 old companions, what he can tell you about
      the four, who the Archer was, and what his name was.  This leads to a
      recovered memory (3000 exp) of the name Xachariah.

      After your memory you know that you gave Dak'kon the Unbroken Circle of
      Zerthimon.  If you have studied the Circle all the way through, then you
      can ask him if it really helped him.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you tell Dak'kon that he need serve you no longer, then
                    you become more GOOD.  If you VOW to help him you become
                    more LAWFUL. (although he doesn't seem to like your VOW)

      Ask him another question, ask him about your previous Incarnation.  He
      tells you that he vowed to stick with him until you were no more, not
      realizing that you are immortal.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you say that you don't consider Dak'kon a slave, you
                    become more GOOD (and he becomes more Happy).  If you are
                    happy that he is your slave, you become more EVIL (and
                    Dak'kon becomes more Miserable).

    Go back to the Mortuary.  To get back in, either talk to Pox at the
    entrance or get yourself killed somehow.  If you're a member of the Dustmen
    you can simply ask one of the guards to let you in.

  Area:  AR0201, The Mortuary, Main Level

    Dak'kon mentioned earlier your 4 companions.  You know where 3 of them
    are (Morte, Dak'kon and Deionarra) so let's find the fourth.  We're
    looking for a Zombie Worker in the top right room here, at about
    (x 3845 y 1100).

    NPC:  Xachariah (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                 8/8      8       19     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Number 331 has seen better days.  But then, you could say that about most
      the zombies here.  Use your Stories-Bones-Tell on the corpse.  Xach asks
      who's there.  With an INT of at least 17 you can say "It is I",
      which won't get you anywhere unless you already know his name is
      Xachariah.  (You should have learned his name from Dak'kon)  Pump him
      for information.  Be sure to ask about your previous companions, and
      learn about Deionarra.

      Be sure to ask Xach about yourself, and keep asking about that until he
      tells you that you LEFT something inside of him.  Get it out (having a
      scalpel is helpful, but unneccesary).  You get:

        Xachariah's Liver (Ew)

      Not quite what you were after, so you try again.  This time you get:

        Xachariah's Heart (increases DEX +1, and AC vs. Missiles +1)

      When you're done with him, he requests that you kill him.  Do so and

    Head back to the Smoldering Corpse area.

    7.     [LVNGTH]  Leaving the Hive

  Area:  AR0400, Southeast Hive

    Just left of Fell's tattoo parlor, you will find a Painted Door (x 3625
    y 630).  Go up and click it.  Ask Annah if this REALLY is the door and
    she'll tell you how to open it.  Go on in, if you're ready.

  Area:  AR0403, Starved Dogs Barking Lair

    Treasures:  - 220 Copper                        (x 550 y 1415)
                - 2 Bandages                        (x 1450 y 1510)
                - 5 Copper                          (x 1320 y 1030)
                - Blood Fly Charm                   (x 1400 y 2930)
                - 147 Copper                        (x 1780 y 2200)
                - Silver Bracelet                   (x 2230 y 1980)
                - Iron Prybar                       (x 2500 y 2500)
                - 75 Copper                         (x 3480 y 2280)
                  Bone Dagger
                - 4 Clot Charms                     (x 2550 y 480)
                  95 Copper
                - 46 Copper                         (x 610 y 2040)
                  Tarnished Silver Bracelet
                  Gold Ring
                  Knot Charm
                - 121 Copper                        (x 2340 y 2600, trapped)
                - Tenement Key                      (x 2940 y 340, on a mage)

    As you enter, you see the end of Pharod.  You'll have to go back there soon
    to see what Pharod left for you. (check the end of this section for more
    details on that)  Anyway as you first enter, there is a Tiefling Painter.
    Ignore her and continue to the next hallway.  At the end of this hallway
    is a barrel with some copper and a Thug.

    Next there are 2 rooms, one to the south and one to the north.  Hit the
    north room first (x 600 y 1185).  In here several "painted" Thugs battle
    it out ... for some reason.  Either wait for a victor, or take them both
    on.  (I've always wondered if these "Painted Thugs" were paintings that
    came to life, or were thugs that got painted on by a thoughtless tiefling)

      Vlad has the answer to this:  One of the two (very chaotic) thugs
      painted both himself and the other thug. The other thug says something
      to the effect of "this will teach you to pain people while they're
      asleep" as they begin fighting.

    Then go to the south door (x 900 y 1230), go through the small room to the
    next door and go through.  The next door on your right leads to a blind man
    named Tiresias.  I wouldn't bother talking to him unless you are a member
    of the Chaosmen already.

    NPC:  Tiresias (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                8/8       4       8      9     9     9     9     9     9

      Only talk to Tiresias if you have already joined the Chaosmen (otherwise
      you'll have to kill him.  You can snap his neck if you have 13 DEX).
      He gives much the same information as Sybil, so I don't think he's very
      important.  You also have to bribe him to get the info out of him, and
      he won't take less than 20 copper (or you could turn Sybil in to him).

      *ALIGNMENT*:  You can turn Sybil in to Tiresias, but this makes you more
                    CHAOTIC and EVIL.

    Open the door just to the left of that one (x 1480 y 1840) to find Sybil.

    NPC:  Sybil (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                5/5       8       17     9     14    9     9     9     9

      You'll find Sybil skulking about in the shadows.  She warns you that
      through the next door are more than a dozen Chaosmen.  However, she does
      know of an alternate route, going through a side door.  Problem is, that
      it is locked.  Guess you'll need to go upstairs to get the key.

      Ask "who are you" and she'll say that she is looking for food.  If you
      have 12 INT you can ask what is in the pouch.  Or, with 14 INT & 12 WIS
      you can flat out accuse her of stealing.  She then turns the tables on
      you and asks what you are doing there.  With 13 CHA you can be nice
      and say that you don't really belong there.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you tell her that you will turn her in to the Barking
                    Dogs you become more EVIL.

      After you get out of this area she'll give you 1000 experience and an
      Adder's Tear.

    Go back to the hallway, and take the south door (x 1900 y 2020).  This room
    has 3 new doorways.  The southwestern door (x 1770 y 2470) leads to a large
    new room with some thugs (and the north door is the locked door Sybil was
    talking about) going further south from there leads to another thug and
    a Blood Fly Charm in the toilet.

    The southern door (x 2135 y 2530) can be lockpicked by either the Nameless
    One or Annah. (right-click, special abilities, Thieving skills)  Within is
    a Trapped and Locked chest.  Use your thieving skills on it twice to get
    the treasure.

    The only other door you can open is the Eastern door (x 2400 y 2360).  Go
    up the stairs.

    There are rooms to each side, and a doorway to the north.  The left room
    has some treasure, get it, and go north.  Kill the two thugs and go up the
    next stairs.

    When you're ready for a battle, open the north door and fight the thugs
    there.  If you stay out of the hallway you can fight the mage later.  Once
    the thugs are dead, go up and take on the mage (650 exp).  Once he's dead,
    search him for the key.  The left room has some treasure, and the right
    room has another thug.  Go back down to the first floor.

    Take the southwestern passage, then use your key on the northwestern door
    you find (x 1320 y 2380).  Remember keys are automatically used when you
    click the door.  Once inside, run left then down to get out (x 400 y 2500).
    (There is some treasure in this room, however, in order to get it you'll
    probably have to kill all the thugs)

    From Qwinn:

      The Starved Dogs Barking Lair is COMPLETELY revamped by my Fixpack.
      Originally, it was a completely trivial and easily bypassed area. It is
      now what it was meant to be:  a thieves' playground! Here is a list of
      the changes.

      1) In the unfixed game, in the southwestern room (not counting the
         bathroom), there is a "secret" door (which isn't secret at all due to
         a broken mechanic, it appears easily to anyone in range) near the
         (x 400 y 2500) exit that allows you to bypass this entire area easily.
         This door will now ONLY be useful if you are a Chaosman and you have
         convinced Tiresias to tell you where it is.

      2) In the unfixed game, all thugs in the area are initially hostile (red
         circle) and thus cannot be pickpocketed. They will now only go hostile
         if they actually -see- you. This means that you or Annah can get the
         key from the mage on the top floor via stealth and pickpocketing, so
         there is still a way to get through the area without much combat. The
         hostility fix also fixes the annoying problem that you couldn't save
         your game anywhere in this area until most thugs were dead.

      3) As part of a larger fix, the thugs in the big room can now actually
         run after you. Previously, they were so slow that you could also evade
         the entire area by opening the big main doors and then just running
         someone to the exit while they waddled after you. You won't find that
         nearly as easy anymore.

      The net effect of these changes is that getting through this area now
      requires a modicum of thought and effort, and in my opinion it's a lot
      more fun now.

  Area:  AR0401, Alley of Lingering Sighs

    Once outside, Sybil should show up and give you 1000 exp and an Adder's
    Tear (assuming you agreed to help her, and didn't turn her in to Tiresias).

    Go west, then south, and follow this path along to the building (x 1015
    y 1425).  Enter. (AR3005C)

    There is the body of a dead Dabus here, go up to it and click it.  If you
    learned how to Speak with the Dead, use that option in the "conversation."
    You will learn how the Dabus died, plus for the memory (though not yours)
    you get 1000 experience.  Be sure to take his Hammer as well.  Go back out.

    Continue east down the path, open the gate (x 3440 y 1440) and go to the
    next area.

  Area:  AR0405, Alley of Lingering Sighs 2

    Annah shows you where she found your body, when a face forms in the wall
    and talks to you.  Ask how it recognizes you and you get treated to a
    cutscene of how your previous incarnation died, and how Annah found you.
    It then tells you that it needs to "Divide" and that it can only do that if
    someone (say, YOU) removes that Dabus out there.

    Before we do that, talk to Annah.  Ask about how she found your body, and
    keep after her until you learn that she felt compelled to search the alley.
    This is worth 2500 exp.

    Go back and talk to the Dabus. (to get back to the alley quicker, only send
    the Nameless One to talk to the Dabus, then to return to the alley, have
    anyone else leave the area)  Tell him of the dead Dabus in the building.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you lie to him about how the Dabus died, you become more
                  CHAOTIC.  If you tell the truth, you become more LAWFUL.

    The Dabus goes to investigate and gets trapped in the building.  Return to
    the Alley.

    Having "removed" the Dabus, the alley gives you 11,500 experience.  If you
    killed the Dabus you get only 1500 experience (and the Alley isn't happy
    with you either).  It now asks you to undo the damage that the Dabus had
    been causing.  He vaguely tells you where you should be going.  Return to
    the previous area again.  The repairs require a Hammer and a Prybar.  You
    should have taken the Hammer from the dead Dabus, and hopefully you still
    have a Prybar (if not, you can find one in the Starving Dogs building).

    Note:  With my Fixpack, you can tell the live dabus about the dead dabus
           before the Alley asks you to do so. If you do that before talking to
           the Alley, when you do talk to the Alley, you will get 15000 xp
           instead of the 11,500 xp reward. [from Qwinn]

    The two places to repair are at (x 2800 y 1290) and (x 820 y 1120, near
    where the live Dabus was standing).  Return to the Alley.

    Once you've reversed the changes, the alley can divide (and more
    importantly you get 16,250 experience).  The divided alley provides the
    method you use to get to the Lower Ward (it will automatically take you

    8.     [THLWRW]  The Lower Ward

  Area:  AR0500, Lower Ward

    Treasures:  - 9 Copper                          (x 966 y 2450)
                - 15 Copper                         (x 490 y 2420)
                - 9 Copper                          (x 1460 y 1820)
                - 1 Clot Charm                      (x 1575 y 1800)
                  3 Bandages
                - 25 Copper                         (x 2400 y 1670)
                - 7 Copper                          (x 2490 y 1620)
                  11 Bandages
                - 1 Bandage                         (x 3020 y 2265)
                  5 Copper
                - Poor Quality Stilleto             (x 3450 y 1800)

    Experience:  the experience summary is being discontinued.  You can still
                 use the walkthrough to find all the experience.

    Your party gets distracted by a clothes merchant, allowing some Wererats to
    skullnap Morte. (hence why you remove all his items before this!)  There is
    no way to catch or stop this from happening.  Now you must keep your eyes
    open for a skull that seems to be a little too chatty.

      Note: There may be a pile of stuff where Morte was abducted. This will
            be Morte's equipment.

    If you need training as a Warrior, you can talk to Korur (x 490 y 2200).

    Go up and talk to the mage, Sebastian (x 860 y 1600).

    NPC:  Sebastian (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               32/32      4       16     10    12    10    18    12    14

      First thing's first, ask him some questions.  Ask about the locale, and
      the ward in particular.  Ask why it is called the Lower Ward, then ask
      about the "incident."  Follow up on this until you recover the memory
      (500 experience).

      Also be sure to ask about Morte, and he'll mention the Master of Bones,
      who lives in a ramshackle house in the ward somewhere.

      Next ask if he can do something about your scars.  In exchange for making
      you appear more attractive, you must off one of his enemies, an Abishai
      called Grosuk.  He tells you to find Grosuk over by the Siege Tower.
      Kill him and return to Sebastian. (If you have trouble killing Grosuk,
      remember to surround him first, then if someone gets wounded, pull them
      out of the fight)  Sebastian then rewards you with 4000 experience and
      CHA +2.

      Grosuk's Stats:   HP   AC  STR  DEX  CON  INT  WIS  CHA    EXP
                        71   -1   17   12   17   14   12   9     8000

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Taunting Grosuk makes you more CHAOTIC.  Also, if you tell
                    Grosuk that Sebastian is out to kill him (to the point that
                    you are doing it in exchange for your own life), you become
                    more EVIL.  (and, of course, you won't get Sebastian's
                    reward... dead mages tell no tales)

    Go over to Giltspur and buy some Poisoned Cheese. (x 1840 y 2250)

    Now let's get Morte back.  Enter the house at (x 2400 y 2930).  Once
    inside, descend to the lower level.

  Area:  AR0508, Lothar the Master of Bones

    Treasures:  - Grimoire of Pestilential Thought  (x 1050 y 3020, on Mantuok)

    Lothar will pop in and talk to you.

    NPC:  Lothar (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP        AC    THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
            32000/32000   -10      1      18    18    18    18    18    18

      Judging simply by his stats, you don't want to fight Lothar.  Tell
      Lothar that you want Morte back.  He won't give him back, however, he
      is willing to make a trade for a greater skull.  Ask where you might
      find a greater skull and he tells you how to get to YOUR tomb (the one
      we found in the catacombs).  If you've already been there (and you should
      have been) tell him that to get 30,000 experience.

      Note:  If you have the poisoned cheese, and intend to use it on Mantuok
             do NOT give Lothar the skull just yet.

      Talk to him again and give him Soego's skull for 15,000 experience.  If
      you don't HAVE Soego's skull, you'll have to get another one somewhere.
      The following other skulls also work:

        Silent King
        Stale Mary

      Next ask Lothar why you are immortal and he mentions Ravel, the night
      hag.  Ask about her and how you might find her as well.

    Click the big object in the center of the room to open the passage, go in.

    Drop down to (x 1047 y 3021) to find Mantuok.  If you happen to have some
    Poisoned Cheese you can give it to him for 5000 experience. (which you can
    buy from Giltspur)  In any case, you want him dead, so fight him if
    you have to.  When he's dead take the Grimoire of Pestilential Thought off

    Note:  You can only poison Mantuok BEFORE you give Lothar the skull.

    The Grimoire is one of the more interesting items in the game.  It is also
    one of the most EVIL inducing items as well.  When you talk to it, it tells
    you to do something for it in exchange for more power.  The things that it
    asks you to do start out small, but eventually he asks for worse and worse
    things (such as killing a companion).  If you're up for some EVIL, right
    click and talk to it.

    ITEM:  Grimoire of Pestilential Thought

      The Grimoire tells you that it can grant you power, for a price.  It
      also will give you "advice."  Personally I don't recommend doing anything
      the book tells you to do, but that is up to you, really.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  The more you listen to his advice, the more EVIL you
                    become. (It takes about 3 advisings for any effect to take
                    place)  If you ask for ALL his advice, you'll likely have
                    switched alignments to something EVIL.

      Next ask it about its powers.  First it asks for a drop of your blood
      on its pages.  If you do so, you get the spell:


      *ALIGNMENT*:  Doing that makes you more EVIL.

      For the next power, he needs you to sell one of your companions into
      slavery.  Go to the Clerk's Ward, and enter the Curio Shop.  There talk
      to Vrischika and sell one of your companions.  Talk to the book again and
      get the spell:

        Adder's Kiss

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Quite a bit more EVIL comes from selling a friend into
                    slavery.  Makes sense.

        Note:  Even with my Fixpack, trying to sell Annah will incorrectly
               cause Vrischika and her servant to go hostile. This will be
               fixed in my Fixpack version 4.0. [from Qwinn]

      Finally the last task is to KILL one of your companions.  Doesn't matter
      who you kill.  Once they're dead talk to the book again to get the spell:

        Power Word, Kill

      *ALIGNMENT*:  I believe this to be the single most EVIL act in the game.

      And with that, the book is silent.  You'd probably better sell it.

    Return to the surface and reclaim Morte.

    Also, you can talk to four of the skulls on the huge shelves in Lothar's
    laboratory. Two of them warn you about Mantuok and the Pestilential
    Grimoire, one claims to have hidden some stuff near Carceri but won't say
    where, and finally, if asked about Ravel Puzzlewell the skull of the
    Sensate Ocean-Before-The-Storm reveals one of her riddles, giving a
    recovered memory and 2000 EXP.  (from 4Fold)

    If you are an Anarchist, Grimscalp the skull WILL tell you how to get his
    stash.  If you get this information out of him, later on you can tell
    Devore, the warehouse manager in Curst (before Carceri), and he will give
    you the skull's stash:  1000 xp, 250 copper and the Spiked Gauntlets of
    Ogre Power. [from Qwinn]

    Note:  Morte now has the new Skull Mob ability.  When invoked, he can
           summon a horde of skulls from off-screen to come and bite an
           opponent multiple times. The strength and damage of the skulls
           varies according to Morte's level, and the power can only be used a
           limited number of times per day.

  Area:  AR0500, Lower Ward

    Next talk to Xanthia just to the right of Sebastian (x 1140 y 1640).

    NPC:  Xanthia (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               37/37      3       15     12    12    12    14    10    14

      Ask Xanthia what she is doing here, and she tells you that there is going
      to be a fight soon.  She points you to three Thokola who will very soon
      be taking on an Abishai.  However, Abishai require magical weaponry to
      be killed, which the Thokola do not possess.  Ask her how she knows this
      and she reveals that she set the whole fight up in the first place.
      (they ruined one of her dresses)

      Go over to the Thokola named Thorp and talk to him.  Warn Thorp that
      Xanthia is plotting his doom to get 6000 experience and 600 copper.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Telling Thorp that your name is Adahn makes you more
                    CHAOTIC. (and increases the likelihood of Adahn actually
                    appearing in the Smoldering Corpse Bar)

                    Warning Thorp makes you more GOOD.

      Return to Xanthia and she'll hate you quite a lot.  Take full credit for
      warning Thorp to get another 2000 experience.  She then leaves. (if you
      deny credit for telling them you get no experience and she leaves anyway)

      Alternatively:  Go talk to Thorp, but don't warn him.  Then return to
                      Xanthia and she'll reward you with 500 copper and 500

                      WARNING: Without my Fixpack, make sure to do this
                      quickly, there's a 10-15 second window after they're
                      dead but before she leaves where you won't actually
                      get the copper reward. [from Qwinn]

      *ALIGNMENT*:  And doing that makes you more EVIL.

      If you're curious, if you let the Thokola's get attacked by the Abishai,
      then go up and kill the Abishai for them, you get their thanks, but
      nothing else.

    Continue right and find the a Githzerai woman in robes (she looks like a
    Dustie) named An'azi.  Dak'kon translates her speech for you, telling you
    her name and that she is dying.  Ask if there is anything you can do, and
    Dak'kon tells you that he can put her out of her misery.  Let him do so,
    but mercifully and you get 4000 experience. (if you have Dak'kon kill her
    mercifully he is more HAPPY, make him do it painfully and he is less HAPPY)

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Killing her makes you more GOOD.  Refusing to kill her makes
                  you more EVIL.

    Leave Dak'kon near Sebastian.  He doesn't need to be ejected from the party
    just left behind.  Using only the Nameless One, search for a Githyanki
    named Yi'minn (x 2645 y 980, or thereabouts).  Do NOT talk to him with
    Dak'kon in range! (if Dak'kon is nearby they end out fighting)

    Note: In my Fixpack v3.0, their initial meeting is no longer inevitably
          disastrous. As was intended, you will be warned by Dak'kon once not
          to talk to Yi'minn with Dak'kon around, and you'll have one
          opportunity to leave the conversation peacefully and drop Dak'kon off
          somewhere. [from Qwinn]

    NPC:  Yi'minn (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               36/36      6       15     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Talk to Yi'minn and he offers to recover some of your memories for you.
      Isn't that nice.  The only catch is that you must go with him alone.
      Agree to go with him.

      You end out in an ambush, let them kill you (trust me).  They will
      discuss their plans to raid a Githzerai base called Vristigor.  Sounds
      like useful information to me.  Don't worry, you'll get right back up
      once they leave.

      Note:  With an INT of EXACTLY 14 you can detect the trap before setting
             off for it.  You can then insult Yi'minn and have him simply
             attack you.  This is worth 1000 experience. (and not recommended)

    Now let's find a market for our information.  Search for the Githzerai
    woman named Kii'na (she moves from x 800 y 1800 to x 1200 y 1950 to x 800
    y 2195).  Tell her of the Vristigor and that some Githyanki are planning to
    raid it and you get 8000 experience.  She then leaves to deal with the
    raid.  If you have Dak'kon with you, she'll mention Shrak'at'lor, which
    you can then ask Dak'kon about. (nothing really important, and if you've
    followed my walkthrough you should have already learned about it)

      Note:  With the Restored Lower Ward Encounters component of my Unfinished
             Business mod, Ki'ina will return to the Lower Ward after about a
             week of game time for a follow up. There's no reward for it or
             anything, other than the satisfaction of knowing the consequences
             of your actions. [from Qwinn]

    Near the entrance to the market is a crowd of people listening to a man
    named Giltspur.  Talk to him (x 1840 y 2250).

    NPC:  Giltspur (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               35/35      8       18     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Besides buying and selling (at ripoff prices), Giltspur also offers
      employment.  Ask him about jobs he needs doing and he'll give you one.
      He gives you a letter to take to Scofflaw Penn for printing.

      Penn's office is up at (x 3400 y 1030) in the same area.  Enter and talk
      to Penn.  Give him the letter and leave (the only other reason to talk to
      Penn is if you are an Anarchist).  Return to Giltspur with the good news.
      He gives you 50 copper and 6000 experience.  Now he gives you a note to
      deliver to Keldor at the Great Foundry.

        Note:  In my Fixpack, if you have previously angered Penn, you will no
               longer be given this quest, which means you'll miss out on all
               of Giltspur's quests. [from Qwinn]

      Go up to the big gates, and have the guards let you in (you are, after
      all, delivering a note).  Enter the foundry, go up to the doors at
      (x 2320 y 2000) then go up into the Hall and find Keldor (x 1325 y 1045).
      Give him the note and return to Giltspur.  This time you get 100 copper
      and 6000 experience.

      Finally he gives you a Handbill to post at the Smoldering Corpse.  Go
      back to the Hive, enter the bar and give it to the barkeeper.  Return for
      200 copper and 8000 experience.

      And that is that.

    Go up, then right, then up to get to the slave auction.  Once there talk
    to the woman named Trist (x 2430 y 660).

    NPC:  Trist (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               10/10     10       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Trist needs a mercenary to help her out.  Since you've been helping
      people for money lately, that would be you.  She tells you that her
      husband's financial dealings before his death have left her in debt.
      However, she believes that debt was already paid, but doesn't have the
      documents to prove it.  She needs you to find that missing loan document
      to prove her innocence to set her free. (she complains about the air in
      the Lower Ward)

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Asking "what's in it for me" makes you more CHAOTIC.
                    Saying "Truth: you've been found guilty" makes you more

      Tell her that you will help out.  Now pump her for information.  Learn
      the lender's name, Byron Pikit, and about his associate Lenny.  She also
      tells you to talk to Deran the auctioneer once you get the documents.
      With an INT of 12 or more, you can suggest that Byron stole the documents
      to get Trist to pay the loan twice. (no real effect there)

    You could talk to Deran right now, but it won't help at the moment.  So,
    let us find Byron Pikit.  He is standing just south of where the Thokola
    are (or were, if you got them killed) at (x 1650 y 1930).

    NPC:  Byron Pikit (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               33/33      8       16     11    11    12    15    12    15

      You could try convincing Byron that you need a loan, but he won't believe
      you.  Ask him some Questions, namely about Trist.  Say that you are
      looking for her missing documents and that the Mercykillers could have
      missed something.  With an INT of 12 or more you can point out that
      someone could have destroyed the documents to make Trist pay the loan
      twice.  This is worth 1000 experience and pisses Byron off.  Ask why he
      would sell Trist into slavery, then bid him farewell.

      Note:  Do NOT tell Byron that you "intend to find the proof" as you won't
             be able to talk to him again if you do.

      Note:  If you do say that you "intend to find the proof", you can ask
             Byron about Trist first, then say you had some other questions
             and he anwsers them willingly enough. (from Tanatie)

      Talk to Byron again, this time ask about the area.  Ask about the Lower
      Ward, and ask why he is there.  Follow this up through his thieves
      dialogue.  Ask for training and you get 2000 experience and Byron tells
      you about Lenny.

    Time to talk to Lenny.  Drop down, then right and you'll find him standing
    all alone (x 2850 y 2370).

    NPC:  Lenny (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               32/32      4       16     10    18    11    14    10    11

      Talk to Lenny and tell him that Byron Pikit sent you.

      Tell him that you want the papers that he stole from Trist.  This makes
      him VERY uncomfortable.  At this point you can Smile Wickedly, Truth, or
      Bluff him.  Of the three, I'd Smile Wickedly.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Saying "TRUTH, I'll kill you" makes you more EVIL.  Saying
                    "BLUFF, I'll kill you" makes you more CHAOTIC.

      For saying that you think he's lying about the papers you get 1000 exp.
      Of course, then Lenny tries to bolt.  If your DEX is 12 or higher you
      can grab him before he gets away.  (don't tell him "hand them over", or
      you'll end out getting a lesser option later)  Ask him why he kept the
      papers, and he mentions that he did so he could "turn stag" on Pikit.
      Tell him that Pikit is NOT your boss, and that you want to get the
      papers.  He tells you that the Warehouse where he stuffed the papers is
      experiencing "problems".  Tell him that you will look into this yourself
      and he'll give you 4000 experience and tell you how to get the Papers and
      some Evidence against Pikit.  The two key commands are:

        "I'm here for a loan" -- Trist's Papers
        "I gave Pikit the laugh" -- Evidence

      Then have him train you as a thief.  You get 2500 experience, various
      thieving bonuses and the Punch Daggers of Zar'Anun.  This works ONLY if
      you have not stolen the Punch Daggers from him.

      Note:  The thieving bonuses he gives you is a bug - what he gives you
             there was only supposed to be given if his training was the first
             time you'd -ever- been trained as a thief (and all thief trainers
             will give you the same bonuses upon that initial training). He
             will no longer give you the skill bonuses if you've ever been a
             thief before. If you have him switch you back to thief, though, he
             will still give you the Punch Daggers. [from Qwinn]

    Go up to the Warehouse (x 2900 y 650), the building just right of the
    auction block.  Talk to the floating head here, and tell him that you want
    to claim something, and that you want to "give Pikit the laugh."  This gets
    you both the Loan Documents and the Evidence.  Also if you have an INT or
    WIS of 15 or higher you can pick up a bag of coins (if you guess 1123

    We now have enough to free Trist.  Exit the warehouse and go left and talk
    to Deran (x 2300 y 770).  Ask him about Trist, and then show him the Loan
    Documents.  This is worth 4000 experience.  Now talk to Trist and tell
    her that you were happy to help.  She'll give you an additional 4000 exp
    and 1000 copper.

    Now to get Byron Pikit thrown in the big house.  Enter the market
    (x 1750 y 1600).

  Area:  AR0504, The Lower Ward Market

    Treasure:  - Charm of Infinite Recall           (x 700 y 1100, locked)
                 Clipped Copper

    Find the woman named Karina (x 1140 y 930) and talk to her.  Keep talking
    to her until you get the option to say "you like to talk a lot."  Tell her
    that you don't think she's a bad person for 2000 experience, she asks for
    your name and says farewell.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Telling her that you think she isn't a bad person makes you
                  more GOOD.  Saying "well I can understand why" makes you
                  more CHAOTIC.  Telling her your name is Adahn makes you
                  more CHAOTIC (and increments the Adahn counter).

    Go up to the Harmonium Guard, Corvus (x 730 y 420) and talk to him.  First
    try to see what he is looking at, then tell him her name.  Tell him that
    she is lonely to get 2000 experience. You can talk to Karina again to get
    another 500 xp.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Doing that makes you more GOOD.  Telling him about "all her
                  suitors" makes you more CHAOTIC.

    You now have a friend in the Harmonium!  Now ask him about Byron Pikit and
    give him the Evidence.  This is worth 2000 experience and gets Pikit

    Now talk to Lazlo in the right corner (x 1300 y 1020).  Talk to him about
    the Ward, Portals and why he's nervous.  He'll mention the Siege Tower.
    Talk to him until you learn that the way to get in is to not WANT to get
    in.  Once you've got that, bid him farewell.  You can now enter the Siege
    Tower. (which we'll do in a moment)

      Note:  With Lazlo if you start asking about the city of Sigil it brings
             up an option to ask about the lady of pain. This brings back a
             memory that is worth 500xp. (from g money ness)

    Exit the market, and drop down to (x 1100 y 3000) and enter that building.

  Area:  AR0505, The Failed Store

    Treasures:  - Charm of Infinite Recall          (x 500 y 500, locked)

    Talk to Miccah with Morte in the party, and take the conversation to a
    natural conclusion.  She'll start arguing with her husband, allowing Morte
    to learn some new Taunts.

    You can also buy from them if you wish.  Exit the store.

    Now head right several buildings (x 3100 y 2800) and enter.

  Area:  AR0506, Tomb Maker

    Treasures:  - Silver Bracelet                   (x 320 y 340)
                - 4 Bandages                        (x 750 y 475)
                - 27 Copper                         (x 600 y 350)

    First talk to Dimtree, and you'll learn that he's a zombie.  He asks that
    you find his master and get him released from service.  Agree to help him.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Helping Dimtree makes you more GOOD.

    Now talk to Hamrys.

      Note: If you didn't tell Sere that you "did not crawl out of a crypt"
            and have her tell you about Hamrys, you won't be able to get all
            the dialogue options with him.

    NPC:  Hamrys (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               37/37      8       15     16    12    12    10    10    9

      Hamrys asks your name, you can reply either Adahn or that you don't know.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  As always, saying that you are Adahn makes you more
                    CHAOTIC, and increases the likelihood that Adahn actually
                    appears in the Smoldering Corpse Bar.

      Ask about your Journal and Hamrys will start reading from his.  Ask him
      about his father disappearing and you can recover a memory that is worth
      500 experience.  Ask about his father, and how he disappeared, then ask
      about plans for the tomb.  Describe the tomb for him, and he'll tell you
      that the plans are in the warehouse.

      Go to the warehouse and talk to the floating head.  Ask him for the tomb
      plans and he'll give them to you.  Return to Hamrys.  Tell him that you
      got the plans and you'll get another 2000 experience.

      INFINITE EXP BUG:  Talk to Hamrys again and he'll give you the 2000 exp
                         again and again.  In fact, he'll keep giving it until
                         you retrieve the Coffin Pillow.  If you really want to
                         take advantage of this, leave your mouse over Hamrys,
                         click, press 1,2 quickly, then click again.  Repeat.

                         This one works whether you have the patch or not.

                         This was fixed by most fixpacks out there, including
                         my own. [from Qwinn]

    Now to deal with the Dimtree situation.  Leave the building, and head back
    to Sebastian.  Ask him to release Dimtree, and he'll wonder if Hamrys put
    you up to it.  Since he didn't, it's an easy question to answer.  Tell him
    that you could release Dimtree yourself.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you say 'Truth: "I understand your dilemma and agree with
                  you. Could I release him instead?"' you become more LAWFUL.
                  The other TRUTH leads to a CHAOTIC alignment.

    He then describes how you could free Dimtree, while pretending that he
    isn't in fact doing it.  For this you get 4000 experience.

    Return to Dimtree and release him.  This is also worth 4000 experience.

    Now to hit the siege tower.  Head up to where you killed Grosuk (x 3540
    y 1630) and a dialogue will pop up.  Suppress all desire to enter the Tower
    and you'll open the Portal in.  Go inside.

  Area:  AR0501, Siege Tower

    The only thing to do here is to talk to the giant metal man, Coaxmetal.

    NPC:  Coaxmetal (doesn't join)

      Greet the giant golem, and ask it WHAT it is.  Follow that up by asking
      what his purpose is.  Ask if Forging Weapons is its purpose.  At this
      point if you ask if he can do anything with your weapons, it opens up
      his store.  Ask first who it makes the weapons for, and he mentions
      Entropy.  Follow this line for a moment.  When you get the option, say
      this:  "So you're saying immortality is just a different kind of death?"
      Then ask if he can make a weapon to kill an immortal and follow that
      line for a moment.  Ask "what if enemy strikes from the shadows" and
      follow this line until he offers to make a weapon that can kill YOU.
      This is worth 10,000 experience.  You get the Blade of the Immortal.
      He also mentions that you can't use it here, only in some place outside
      of the normal flow of the multiverse.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Saying Truth: "Except the death you seem to offer is
                    violent and senseless -- without meaning." is LAWFUL.  The
                    other Truth is CHAOTIC.  If you say his method's are
                    NEVER necessary you become more GOOD.

    Head back to Pharod's.

  Area:  AR0110, Pharod's

    Pharod is now quite dead.  Search him to get his Crutch and the Bronze
    Sphere.  Walk left to the giant Arch (x 1600 y 600), and you can now
    teleport here, the crutch is the key.  This takes you to AR0105.

  Area:  AR0105, Pharod's Secret Treasure Room

    Treasure:  - Scroll of Chromatic Orb            (x 910 y 675)
               - Scroll of Magic Missile            (x 910 y 610)
               - Blood Charm                        (x 1280 y 400)
                 Blood Fly Charm
               - 45 Copper Commons                  (x 660 y 1350)
               - Scroll of Swarm Curse              (x 635 y 1220)
               - Jar of Embalming Fluid             (x 2750 y 1580)
                 3 Needle and Thread
                 7 Bandages
               - Angle-Less Eye                     (x 3585 y 2215)
               - Stinger Earring                    (x 3180 y 2175)
               - Cheese

    To get out, go to the lowest level, then left to (x 1300 y 2170).  There is
    a small arch under the walkway, go there to activate the portal back to

    QUEST:  Kill Vorten [from Qwinn]
            Once you have the anarchist password (either by becoming an
            actual Anarchist, or by selling your petrified Lim-lim to
            Giltspur), you can get a quest from Leena to kill a
            Harmonium Officer named Vorten in the Lower Ward (this is
            the only journal quest that is completely missing from your
            walkthrough, I think).  Note that without my Fixpack, due to
            a bug, if you talk to Conall before you talk to Leena, that
            can permanently cut off Leena's quest, so either use my
            Fixpack or make sure to talk to Leena first.

            Anyways, you can then go and kill Vorten for her (8000 xp),
            or you can tell your old Harmonium buddy Corvus in the Lower
            Ward Market about it.  Corvus may not be willing to listen
            to you if you haven't previously helped him with Karina, but
            if you have, he'll take you seriously.  Without my Fixpack,
            this will only get you 2000 xp, and nothing ever seems to
            come of it.  The Anarchists won't seem disturbed at all, and
            it does not affect your relationship with them.  With the
            Fixpack, if you report the murder plot to Corvus, you will
            be evicted from the Anarchists (if you belonged to them),
            Scofflaw Penn will no longer speak with you and the three
            Anarchists in the warehouse will no longer be there
            afterwards.  However, much later, in Curst in Carceri, if
            you "turned stag" on the Anarchists via this method (whether
            you ever formally joined them or not), Ebb Creakknees will
            be aware of it, and your encounter there with him will make
            a LOT more sense than it does without these fixes (in a
            positive manner).

    Time to move on to the Clerk's Ward. (don't worry, we'll get to the Foundry

    9.     [THCLRK]  The Clerk's Ward

  Area:  AR0600, Clerk's Ward

    Let's get that password for the Decanter of Endless Water first, so that
    we can awaken Ignus.  Drop down to the exterior bar and talk to Nemelle
    (x 380 y 2590).

    NPC:  Nemelle (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                4/4       0       20     9     9     9     9     9    9

      Ask her first for the command word to the Decanter, and she'll
      give it to you.  Then ask her if she is looking for someone, and she'll
      reply in the affirmative, she is looking for Aelwyn.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Offering to find her friend makes you more GOOD.  Offering
                    to do it for a price makes you more EVIL.

      Now go over to the right, to the next exterior bar and talk to Aelwyn
      (x 3615 y 2450).  Tell her that Nemelle is looking for her, and she'll
      tell you to go back and talk to Nemelle again.  Agree to do so.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  That makes you more GOOD.  Asking a price makes you more

      Return to Nemelle and tell her the good news.  She wants to reward you,
      and you get 8000 Exp and:


      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you are modest and say that you don't need a reward, you
                    are more GOOD. (and she rewards you anyway)

    Since we have the Word for the Decanter, back to the Smoldering Corpse.

  Area:  AR0402, Smoldering Corpse Bar

    Go up and talk to the burning man, Ignus.

    NPC:  Ignus (joins)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               28/42      5       18     13    16    20    19    8     3

      Use your Decanter of Endless Water on Ignus (only works if you got the
      Word from Nemelle) and you'll get 5000 experience.  When it's done, Ignus
      joins up and says "I know you..."  You now have another Mage, this one
      a Fire Mage (he's also immune to all forms of fire).

      I'd have Dak'kon switch you over to a mage, then talk to Ignus again.
      If you swapped stories with Reekwind, and learned about Ignus, ask him
      who *taught* Ignus, this is worth 10,000 experience. (Oh, and YOU taught
      Ignus)  Ask him if he is SURE that it was you, then keep asking about
      yourself to recover a memory.  This memory tells you quite a lot about
      your past relationship with Ignus (supplicant) and is worth another
      10,000 experience. (on a sidenote, NEVER call Ignus "supplicant")

        Note:  Actually, depending on which of a few identical dialogue paths
               you took, you'd get either 6,000xp or 10,000xp. I standardized
               them all to 8,000. [from Qwinn]

      When you try to ask him more questions, he gets quite enraged at you.
      With a 16 INT or 11 CHA you can convince him that all you want to talk
      about are flames and burning (1500 exp).

      Ask Ignus to teach you, but you must be willing to suffer.  You'll have
      to repeat yourself, but he'll teach you.  The first lesson costs you

        -1 to MAX HP

        and gets you

        +3% fire resistance
        6000 experience
        Item:  Ignus' Charm (spell, Seeking Flames)

      Tell him you wish to learn more, and have him teach you again.  The
      second lesson costs you:

        -3 to MAX HP

        and gets you

        +5% fire resistance
        12,000 experience
        Item:  Ignus' Hand (spell, Infernal Orb)

      Next Ignus will need to burn your eye.  Not the removable one, the "good"
      one.  Give Ignus the Eye, which costs you:

        -2 to MAX HP

        and gets you

        +3% fire resistance
        12,000 experience
        Item:  Ignus' Eye (spell, Ignus' Terror)

      In order to go any further, you need to have gotten the intestines from
      Marta in the Buried Village.  Give Ignus the Intestines.  This time you
      don't get hurt at all.  You get:

        24,000 experience
        Item:  Ignus' Innards (spell, Infernal Shield)

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you apologize to Ignus for your past mistreatment of
                    him, you become more GOOD. (still, don't call him

      Personally, I'd ditch Ignus here.  You don't really need another Mage
      (Dak'kon is quite sufficient), and he's kinda annoying.

    Back to the Clerk's Ward.

  Area:  AR0600, Clerk's Ward

    There's quite a number of other thing's to do here, however, we're going
    into the Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts (x 1500 y 1500) now.

  Area:  AR0605, Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts

    Treasures:  - 96 Copper                         (x 2000 y 1500)
                  Love Letter
                - Silver Ring                       (x 2240 y 1250)
                - Handkerchief                      (x 2300 y 1200)
                - Gold Earring                      (x 2500 y 1180)
                - 46 Copper                         (x 2700 y 1000)
                - Handkerchief                      (x 2685 y 850)
                - 27 Copper                         (x 2245 y 400)
                - Silver Earring                    (x 1900 y 215)
                - 12 Copper                         (x 1730 y 200)
                - Handkerchief                      (x 815 y 320)
                  Silver Bracelet
                - Gold Earring                      (x 790 y 350)
                - 102 Copper                        (x 600 y 430)
                - Copper Earring                    (x 450 y 820)
                - Handkerchief                      (x 270 y 780)
                  3 Copper
                - 233 Copper                        (x 150 y 830)
                - Gold Ring                         (x 450 y 1200)
                - 1 Copper                          (x 720 y 1520)
                  Finam's Book
                - Gold Earring                      (x 1100 y 240)
                  43 Copper

    Go up and talk to the winged Succubus, Fall-from-Grace.

    NPC:  Fall-From-Grace (joins)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               28/42      2       16     13    16    16    16    16    19

      Greet Fall-From-Grace and she'll say that you must be new to Sigil.  Ask
      about the Brothel and she'll give you the little speech about her mission
      with the Brothel.  Ask why she founded the Brothel.  Also ask about the
      Sensates if it comes up.  You can also ask about her wings to learn that
      she is in fact, a Succubus.  Then ask if she can help you and follow this
      conversation to its end.

      Next ask if she will join you on your travels.  Tell her "You mean you
      wouldn't be interested in traveling with an immortal amnesiac who is
      searching the Planes for himself?" that gets her excited.  She tells you
      to talk to the TEN students of the Brothel and return with your thoughts.

      Go talk to the 9 students of the Brothel and return to Grace.  (you can
      see more about the students below)  If you have an INT of 15 or a WIS of
      at least 14 you can tell her that you are the tenth student.  If you
      don't have either of those stats there are two more options.  Go to the
      secret door in the back of the brothel (x 1350 y 100), once down there,
      look at all 10 stones, and return.  Or enter the first room on the left
      (x 800 y 1500) and talk to the Armoire.  Then return to Grace.  Pretty
      much anything you say after this gets her to join and gets you 20,000

      Talk to Grace again.  Ask about your companions, and Morte in particular.
      She mentions his Baatorian smell and some info about Mimirs.  She
      doesn't believe that he is really a Mimir (which is what he claims that
      he is).  There are other things you can say to Grace, but nothing
      terribly important (although you can learn about her background).

      Also, you might want to talk to her about Ravel and learn what she has to

    Now talk to Morte.

    NPC:  Morte (already joined)

      Ask Morte if he is indeed a Mimir, then accuse him of lying (after all,
      Grace didn't think he was a Mimir).  Mention his Baatorian smell.
      Continue pestering him about this (12,000 experience) until he cracks
      and admits the truth.  He tells you that he was on a pillar of skulls
      but that someone pulled him off.  If you have a WIS of 14 you can say
      that it was YOU that pulled him off.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you tell him that being sentenced to Hell is worse than
                    lying you become more LAWFUL.

      He explains how you struck a deal with him, when you get a memory.
      (12,000 experience)  The memory explains how you and Morte met.  Then
      Morte tells you that once off the Pillar, he lost all his memories,
      which leads to another memory.

      Follow this conversation thread.  Ask him why he stayed with you, then
      mention that he must feel Guilty.  Follow this to its conclusion and
      you'll get Morte upgraded (12,000 experience):

        Permanent +4 STR for Morte
        Permanent +2 DEX for Morte
        Permanent +2 CON for Morte

    Now to deal with the Brothel Patrons more in depth.  We'll deal with them
    in a clockwise manner.  Let's start with the talking Armoire, Luis.
    (x 800 y 1500)  Ask him whatever questions you can, just don't bother
    demanding anything from him.  You'll need to get back to him later.

    Next room, (x 500 y 1330) talk to Juliette.

    NPC:  Juliette (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                4/4       8       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Juliette is sad.  You can offer to spice up her life a bit, but that
      doesn't help her.  Her relationship just isn't working out.  When you get
      the option to suggest some solutions, suggest some fake love letters.
      She wants you to makes some letters.  Since you aren't exactly into that
      sort of thing, you'll have to outsource it.  Agree to help her.

      Go back to the Lower Ward and visit Scofflaw Penn.  Talk to him, ask him
      some questions, and ask him for a Love Letter.  He wants 100 copper for
      it.  With a CHA of 16 or more you can get a discount to 75 copper.

      Alternatively:  Find the Love Letters in Yves Room and use those.
                      (x 2000 y 1500)

      Take the Love Letter and go.  Go to the Clerk's Ward, and enter the
      Festhall (x 3000 y 800).  Go up and talk to Montague (x 1890 y 600).

      Talk to Montague about Juliette and tell him that she is having an
      affair.  As proof, show him the letter.  At this point, he becomes
      despondent and is quite willing to let her go.  Tell him that it was all
      a ruse and explain that she wanted him to be more passionate (5000
      experience).  Tell him that turnabout is fair play, and that he should
      pretend to be bored with the relationship (another 5000 experience).

      Return to Juliette and tell her the news. (10,000 experience)  She'll
      answer your questions now, so be sure to ask about everything you can.

    Next talk to Vivian (x 1400 y 1325, or in the left hallway).  Vivian is
    missing her personal "scent" and needs you to find it for her.  Offer to
    help her find it.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Asking for a reward makes you more EVIL.

    We'll have to keep our eyes... er... nose open for her scent.  Up to the
    next room, and the next prostitute, Nenny Nine-Eyes (x 300 y 950).

    NPC:  Nenny (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                4/4       8       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Nenny seems quite shocked by your scarred appearance.  She then realizes
      that you have tattoos as well.  Let her touch you.  Tell her that you
      can't do much about the scars, and that your wounds are not the physical
      variety.  She offers to help, accept and let her touch you again.  She
      heals you by 1 HP.

      Time to ask some questions.  Ask about Vivian's scent, and tell her that
      it isn't bad to point out a thief.  Tell her to TRY to say something not
      nice, and tell her that she wasn't very convincing.  Then get her to
      practice being angry at YOU.  Then give her some helpful advice (such
      as hitting you).  Let her get through her rage for 5000 experience.

      Ask again about Vivian's scent and she'll tell you to ask Marissa about
      it.  If you ask about Ravel, she'll tell you to talk to Yves.

    Go to the next room up, and talk to Ecco.  Not much you can do with her
    right now.

    In the middle of the Brothel you'll find Dolora (usually).

    NPC:  Dolora (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                4/4       8       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      She needs you to talk to a Merriman in the Festhall before she'll answer
      your questions.  Agree to help her.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  As always, demanding a price makes you more EVIL.  Agreeing
                    to find Merriman without a reward makes you more GOOD.

      Go to the Festhall.  You'll find Merriman in the passages to the right
      somewhere (he wanders).  Talk to him.  Ask about Dolora, and he'll tell
      you that the Keys to her Heart are literal, she's a construct.  What he
      wants is something that will allow him to forget.  Go right to the doors
      (x 3550 y 1250) that lead to the dorms.  There find Unfulfilled Desire
      (x 445 y 1175) and talk with her.  When you tell her a desire, she steals
      it, so your safest thing to desire is HER.  Leave the Festhall and go
      down to the mage at the left bar (x 460 y 2475).  He wants to stop
      drinking, so tell him to go visit with Unfulfilled Desire.  This is worth
      10,000 exp and you get his mug.  Now go to the museum (x 2025 y 2460).
      Look at the sculpture (x 410 y 510) and capture one of the "birds" in the
      mug.  Talk to Yvana about the pieces, and the Dark Birds of Ocanthus.
      You'll learn that it wipes out memories.  Return to Merriman and have him
      drink the forgetful brew. (12,000 experience)  He then gives you the

      Return with the Keys to her Heart for 30,000 experience.  If you demanded
      a reward from her earlier she'll give you a couple silver bracelets.

      Dolora has 2 other features.  Talk to her again and ask how she can serve
      you.  She will debate you, or play a game.  Whether you win the debate is
      based on your INT.  If your INT is 16 or 17 then while debating you get a
      recovered memory (3000 experience) although you still lose the debate.
      If your INT is 18 or higher the memory is worth 5000 experience and you
      beat her debating.

      If you want to play a Game with Dolora, she picks the game, and again how
      well you perform is based on your INT.  Again with a 16 or 17 INT you
      recover a 3000 experience memory, and still lose the game.  With 18 INT
      or greater you get a 5000 experience memory and you win.

      Ask about the Silent Prostitute to learn that her voice was stolen.

    Up to the next room (x 580 y 560) and talk to Ecco.

    NPC:  Ecco (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                4/4       8       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      If you've learned from Dolora that Ecco's voice was stolen, you can ask
      if it was, then VOW to help her get her voice back.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  That vow makes you more LAWFUL and GOOD.  Asking a price to
                    return her voice makes you more EVIL.

      Leave the Brothel and go to Vrischika's shop (x 3000 y 3060).  Once there
      buy the Fiend's Tongue (66 copper).  Also look at the Deva's Tears, but
      don't buy them yet.  Return to Ecco.  Give her the Fiend's Tongue, which
      produces some interesting results.  Tell Ecco about the Deva's Tears and
      that they're expensive.  She'll give you a 1000 copper promissory note.
      Go back to the shop and get the Deva's Tears.  Return to Ecco and give
      her the Tears (30,000 experience).  Once her voice is back she can answer
      your questions.  Be sure to ask about Ravel and she'll tell you that
      Kessai-Serris is a child of Ravel.

      ALTERNATIVELY: [from Qwinn]
      Actually, there's a more profitable way to go about this.
      Buy the Deva's Tears at the same time as you get the Fiend's Tongue,
      and you'll get them at a much reduced price (100). Vrischika, fiend
      that she is, jacks up the price after the tongue has done its damage.
      You should still be able to get Ecco to compensate you for the full
      1000 copper price after you've cured her, though. (Alignment hits
      may apply, but nothing drastic)

    Go back to Dolora and ask if Kessai-Serris is REALLY the daughter of Ravel.
    She tells you to talk to Juliette.  Do so.  Juliette tells you that
    Kessai and Kimasxi are half-sisters, so Kimasxi may know more.

    Go up to the room at the top right (x 2050 y 330) and talk to Marissa.
    Talk to her until you learn that her veil is missing as well.  Talk to
    Nenny about the Veil and she'll say that Kimasxi might have taken it.  Time
    to talk to Kimasxi (x 2500 y 1340).

    NPC:  Kimasxi Adder-Tongue (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                4/4       8       20     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Kimasxi likes to say that she is a practitioner of abuse, and that is
      fairly accurate.  Once you start talking to her, let Morte argue with her
      for a moment, and when you get the option, have her train him to be more
      abusive.  Once that's done Morte gets some new Taunts.

      To get her to answer questions, first you must be a bit abusive to her,
      then she'll relent.  Ask if she is related to Kesai-Serris (and that
      Ravel is Kessai's mother) and she'll tell you to ask her father. (or
      more accurately, have Kessai ask her father)  You'll probably have to ask
      this again after talking to Kessai-Serris.

      Next ask about Marissa's veil, and it is fairly obvious that she took it.
      However, someone stole it from her.

    Back to Nenny and ask her who has been stealing from Kimasxi.  Nenny says
    that she saw a MAN taking things from her room.  But that she never once
    saw the man leave.  Now who does that sound like....

    Go talk to Luis the Armoire.  Accuse him of stealing the Veil from Kimasxi
    and he gets indignant.  Guess you're just going to have to take it from
    him.  If you have a DEX of 16 you can swipe it from him quickly.  If you
    don't have that, but have a 16 STR then you can muscle the drawer open and
    get it.  And if all else fails, beg and whine.  Beg and whine.  Beg and
    whine.  Eventually he gets bored enough to let his guard done.  Get the

    First take the veil to Vivian.  She pulls her scent out of the veil.  For
    this you get 25,000 experience and Marissa's veil.  Then she offers to
    reward her, approach her and get your reward:

      Permanent CHARISMA +1

    Now take the veil to Marissa for your reward there.  25,000 experience.  If
    you ask for a reward you get a Gold Bracelet.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Asking for a reward from Marissa makes you more EVIL.  Not
                  asking for a reward makes you more GOOD.

    If you have a Lim Lim on hand, you can have her turn it to stone (provided
    you figured out that she is a Medusa).  What good does this do?  Well you
    can sell a stone Lim Lim to Giltspur (he'll give you a password for the
    Anarchists in the Warehouse, or 75 copper).  Otherwise I see no point in
    petrifying the poor creature.

      Note:  Because of a bug you will only be able to get Marissa to turn your
             Lim-Lim to stone if when Marissa says:

               "Hmm... describe yourself for me."

             you respond with:

               "You first, Marissa."

             If you do that instead of the "Truth:" or "Lie:" option there, you
             should be able to ask her about petrifying your Lim-Lim once she
             gets her veil back. If you've already gone through this dialog
             with her another way, it's too late and will not work. (from

             This bug is fixed in Qwinn's fixpack.

    Last room, talk to Yves (x 2030 y 1590).  At this point we don't need any
    of the information Yves can teach you.  Talk to her about Yvana, her mother
    to learn that they aren't speaking to each other. (You can reunite them,
    but it doesn't get you anything) Then you can trade tales.  Each tale you
    tell her gets you one in return, as well as 500 exp.  Here are the tales
    you can tell:

      The Story of waking up in the Mortuary
      The Story of the Alley of Lingering Sighs
      The Story of the Silent King
      The Story of the Dreambuilder
      The Story of Reekwind's Curse
      The Story of the Alley of Dangerous Angles
      The Story of Pharod
      The Story of Ignus

      Also your companions can share tales:


    Finally, there is Kessai-Serris herself.  Actually there is no good reason
    to talk to her yet (except for clearing the Grace quest above), at least
    until we get the Portal.  We'll be back for her soon enough.

    Leave the Brothel.

  Area:  AR0600, Clerk's Ward

    Go up to the clothes shop and talk to Malmaner (x 970 y 780).

    NPC:  Malmaner (doesn't join)

      Malmaner wants you to go in the shop and fetch him some clothes, a
      costume if you will.  Say that you'll do it, but not for free and he'll
      give you 10 copper.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Taking the money has no effect on alignment, however,
                    taking the money and LEAVING makes you more EVIL.  Later
                    when you give him the costumes, if you lie you become more

      Go inside and talk to Gonclaves.  He won't listen to you at first, so
      wait quietly until he does. (then wait some more)  Ask him for a Dustman
      costume, pay the 30 copper, and leave.

      Return to Malmaner and give him the costume.  He gives you 30 copper and
      8000 experience.  Tell him that many people are already going as Dustmen,
      and he'll want a new costume.  Tell him once more that this will cost him
      and he throws 20 copper at you.  Go back in, buy the new costume for 50
      copper and leave again.

      Return with the second costume to get 50 copper and 6000 experience.  And
      with that, Malmaner leaves forever.

    I'd also be sure to upgrade Annah and Grace's armor in the clothes store.
    And no one ever said you had to BUY the armor... Annah should be able to
    steal it.

    Find Jolmi's Messenger (x 1650 y 1880) and talk to him.  He is looking for
    the man who can't die.  That's you.  He tells you to go to the Festhall.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Lying makes you more CHAOTIC, telling the truth more LAWFUL.

    Go right over to the Festhall, and talk to Salabesh the Onyx (x 2660
    y 780).  Ask him about Reekwind to learn that it was Jumble Murdersense who
    cursed him.  Also talk to him until you learn that he wants to be the
    future mage-tutor, and learn the name Lady Thorncombe.  Enter the Festhall.

  Area:  AR0601, The Civic Festhall and Sensorium

    Treasures:  - Scroll of Force Missiles          (x 1180 y 340)

    Since Jolmi wanted to see you so badly, I suggest you talk to her first.
    What she wants is to murder you.  Say "sure" and depending on your CHA,
    you will be paid for the privilege of dying.

      CHA 12 or less -- 1000 copper
      CHA 13 to 15   -- 1500
      CHA 16 or more -- 2000

    She kills you, is disappointed, and you get your money.

    Next find and talk to Jumble Murdersense (he moves around, but should be
    near the main room).  Ask him about Reekwind, then ask him to remove the
    curse.  You're going to have to threaten him here.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Truth in this case makes you more EVIL, Bluff makes you more
                  CHAOTIC.  Pick your poison.

    Instead of removing Reekwind's curse, you end out cursed yourself.
    Typical.  Time to leave.  Go outside and talk to Salabesh about your curse.
    Although he can't remove your curse, perhaps he could teach you a curse to
    place on Jumble.  You could pay him, however, you're better off just
    insulting his cursing abilities.  He teaches you the curse.  Go back inside
    and talk to Jumble again.  Throw the curse at him and he loses all ability
    to speak.  After a while he'll remove your curse (10,000 experience) in
    exchange for you removing his.  Ask him to remove Reekwind's curse for
    another 1000 experience.  Return to the Hive and talk to Reekwind for
    another 5000 experience, and any story that he hasn't already told you.
    Return to the Festhall.

    Time to join up with the Sensates.  Talk to the big guy near the entrance,
    Splinter.  Ask how you might buy something from the Vaults and he tells you
    that you need to become a Sensate to do that.  With a 16 CHR you can BLUFF
    him into believing that you already are a Sensate (no ALIGNMENT change
    here).  Or you can join up with the Sensates.  First you must give up any
    Faction you are already a member of, then you must give them several
    sensations to record.  Joining up is worth 10,000 experience.  Next ask him
    about Ravel, and he tells you to take it up with Quell in the Private
    Sensoriums.  Later we'll want to hit both the Public and Private
    Sensoriums, but not right now.

      Note:  Sensates get the Sensory Touch special ability.  What it does is
             transfer HP's from you to your target.  A decent way to heal your

    Talk to Mertwyn the Headless and learn that he is missing his head.  Go
    back outside.  Go down near the Curiosity Shop, and just to the left you'll
    find the Thug Boss (x 1950 y 3650).  Talk him into fighting you, then
    search his body for the Steel Box.  Have the Nameless One talk to the box
    and agree to return him to his body.  Back to the Festhall, and talk to
    Mertwyn again.  Return the head to the body for 8000 exp and 200 copper.

      Alternatively:  First, place Annah some distance away as she'll provoke
                      the thug boss to a fight. Tell him to calm down and ask
                      him what's in the box. He'll offer to sell it to you for
                      100 copper commons, but don't buy it. Ask him where it's
                      from, then follow the conversation by asking if he got
                      the head from Mertwyn. At which point he'll become angry
                      and you can offer to challenge him to a contest for the
                      box. The challenge is to allow him to plunge his axe
                      into you to see if you'll live. To soothe him, say:
                      'are you worried that I'm some sort of immortal being
                      that your axe can't hurt? Just look at me.' You get
                      1000xp, and the box containing Mertwyn's head. (from Goh
                      Jun Hian)

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Agreeing to help Mertywn find his body makes you more GOOD.
                  Wanting a reward to do it makes you more EVIL.

    Go up to the room just right of the throne, and talk to Qui-Sai (x 2140
    y 640).

    NPC:  Qui-Sai (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               60/60      1       14     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Talking with Qui-Sai, at first, is like talking to a statue.  Touch him.
      Then try to strike him, and he'll come alive to ask why you would do
      that.  Tell him that you just wanted to see if he was a statue.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you say "Serves you right" then "Too bad" you become
                    more EVIL.

      Apologize then try to ask some questions.  He'll ignore you for a time,
      so be patient and wait.  When he responds again, ask him about himself.
      Specifically ask what he is meditating about, and learn about the Way
      of the Stone.  Ask to learn about the Way of the Stone and he'll attempt
      to teach it to you.  You need a WIS of at least 16 to learn the Way of
      the Stone, which is worth:

         PERMANENT +1 AC. (which actually lowers your AC)

      Ask more questions about him, and ask what he does here.  He trains berks
      for combat.  Ask to be trained and he wants you to break a stone for him.
      With 9 or greater STR you break it (how could you get less than 9 STR?).
      He then wants to know why you want to be trained.  No matter what you say
      he tries to tell you that you don't need to be trained.  Want to Defend
      Yourself?  Well why not be a thief and steal their weapon?  If you have
      13 or higher INT you can tell him that the battle must STILL be fought.
      Following this, he comments that you could just hide.  With an INT of 14
      or higher you can poke holes in that too saying that you can't hide
      forever.  Finally he says that you could just blast your foes with magic,
      this one requires a 15 INT to refute.  When all that is done you get
      10,000 experience and he'll agree to train you.  He goes over to the
      fighter's room (x 1950 y 1570).

      Alternatively:  What do you do if you don't have the INT for that
                      conversation?  Well it takes a little longer... After he
                      first mentions Thievery as an alternative to fighting,
                      you need to find the Festhall Thief Trainer, who is not
                      in the Festhall.  Leave.  You'll find him over near the
                      Brothel (x 2000 y 1520), his name is Eli Havelock.  Talk
                      to him about Qui-Sai to learn the answers (250

                      Return with the answer, and he'll tell you that you could
                      always hide.  Tell him what Eli told you.  Qui-Sai then
                      goes on about Mages this time and you will need to find
                      the Mage Trainer.

                      Find Lady Thorncombe and talk to her.  She is located in
                      the Sensoriums (the public ones).  Get her to tell you
                      the answer to Qui-Sai's riddle for 250 experience.

                      Return with the answer for your 10,000 experience and he
                      will then train you.

    Despite whichever method you used above with Qui-Sai, we need to get the
    other two trainers back to the Festhall.  Go outside and talk to Eli
    Havelock. (x 2000 y 1520, near the Brothel)  Ask him some questions, and
    he tries to get rid of you.  Ask him why he is there and he lets slip that
    he is a thief trainer.  Ask him if he can train you.  At this point there
    are 2 options:

      1. If you have a WIS of 14 or more you can talk him into training you
         ("Perhaps because by teaching others you make them aware of your own
      2. Pay him 500 copper.  With a CHR of 13 or more you can get him down to
         300 copper.  If you try to go with 200 copper first, it will take a
         16 CHR to get him down to 300.

    Convince Eli to return to the Festhall to train once more for 12,000
    experience.  If you pickpocket him and fail, he might train you for +5
    pickpocket (or he might get mad at you and threaten to attack, I've seen
    both).  Of course, if your pickpocketing succeeds, you don't have to worry
    about it.

    Note:  Actually, the failed pickpocket thing never worked prior to my
           Fixpack v3.0. It now will. Oh, and the threaten to attack thing is
           what happens if you fail to pickpocket him while he's still outside
           the Festhall, the skill bonus is what you get if you fail to
           pickpocket him in the Festhall. [from Qwinn]

    Go to the final training room, with all the mages, and find the mage who
    actually talks and learn that Lady Thorncombe is in the public sensorium.
    (x 3250 y 1950)

    One of the lectures is held by Ghysis the crooked. This name sounds
    familiar after you have examined the stained glasses in Vrischika's shop.
    Ask him how he survived the Blood War, then mention what you learned from
    Vrischika to blackmail him for two Clot charms and one Blood fly charm and
    200 coins.  Ask him how you might survive the Blood War and how the fiends
    do their recruiting and you will get memories and 1,500 exp. (Nils)

      Note:  If you see 2 text options with the "Recall the Memory" choose the
             lower one.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Blackmail is EVIL.

    Talk to Splinter and ask to go to the Public Sensorium.

  Area:  AR0603, The Public Sensorium

    In order to use any of the Sensory Stones, you must first talk to one of
    the Sensates behind the counter.  They'll tell you where to go.  Then use
    the stone, get your experience and talk to them again to get to the next
    one.  Each of the Sensory Stones has an odd name, such as Unavoidable Pain.
    Try to get to all of them.  There are 7 "small" senses on the first list,
    each worth 750 exp.  Ask if they have any more and you get another list of
    7 small sense, again worth 750 exp each.  From the second list ask if there
    are any more to get the list of the 6 "big" memories.  Each of these are
    worth 1500 experience.  The total experience from all 20 sensory stones
    here is 19500.

    Now find and talk to Lady Thorncombe (she wanders around).  Ask if she is
    indeed the Lady Thorncombe, and tell her that the Mages-in-Training told
    you. (requires a 14 or better WIS)  Pester her to train you and she'll tell
    you that she can't, because she is pretty well addicted to sensory stones.
    Time to play some hardball.  Go outside the Festhall and talk to Salabash.
    Ask about him being the future mage-tutor, then tell him how Thorncombe is
    addicted to Sensory Stones.  He sure liked that bit of news.  Go back to
    Thorncombe and tell her the good news, that Salabash is going to replace
    her as mage-tutor.  This convinces her to return to her duties, and you get
    12,000 experience for you troubles.  Now when you talk to her again in the
    training room, she will sell you spells.

    Exit, talk to Splinter and go to the Private Sensorium (you MUST be a
    Sensate to get there... or at least have bluffed Splinter into believing
    that you are).

  Area:  AR0604, Private Sensorium

    Unlike the previous sensorium, this one doesn't require talking to anyone
    before you can use the stones.  There are only 3 sensory stones here,
    anyway.  We'll call them the Ravel Stone, the Paranoid Stone and the
    Deionarra Stone (and based on those names, you can probably guess their

    Let's hit the Paranoid Stone first (x 267 y 515, the leftmost stone).  As
    you get into the memory, you discover that this is the memory of one of
    your previous incarnations.  And this one is completely insane.  Talk to
    him for a bit.  If you have an INT of 16 or more, you can point out that he
    has only trapped HIMSELF in the stone, then you WILL yourself out for 500
    exp.  (There are other ways out that don't give experience)

    Now for the Deionarra Stone (x 1050 y 320, the rightmost stone).  Follow
    this memory until you learn about the Legacy she left for you with her
    father (2000 experience).  She mentions it again and you get another 2000
    experience.  Follow it further, you'll intimate that you yourself made a
    legacy (which would make two, one for her and one for you).  Eventually
    you must end the memory, which is worth another 2000 experience.

    Finally the most important, the Ravel Stone (x 900 y 885).  Follow the
    memory for a moment, and when the opportunity comes, try talking to the
    memory of Ravel.  (6000 experience)  Ask her any questions you can, and
    then end the memory. (before the patch this EXPERIENCE was infinite... you
    could do it as often as you wished, but the patch fixed that)

    One more thing left to do, go talk to Quell.  Discover that he likes Sweet

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you eat his candy, you become more CHAOTIC.

    Leave the Festhall and venture to the Curiosity Shop, talk to Vrischika and
    buy the Chocolate Quasit (with her more fanciful items).  Return to Quell
    and give him the candy for 8000 experience.  Now ask him about Ravel.  Ask
    how you might find her, and after a LOT of convincing, he'll tell you.
    All you need to open the portal (which he doesn't talk about) is a Piece
    of Ravel.

      Note:  If you are a mage, Quell will also sell spells. (Christo)

    Return to the main level of the Festhall.  Then go to the far right and
    enter the living area (x 3590 y 1285).

  Area:  AR0602, Festhall Living Area

    Treasures:  - Scroll of Chromatic Orb           (x 2310 y 815)
                - High Quality Stiletto             (x 2450 y 730)
                  3 Needle & Thread
                  Embalming Fluid
                - Bone Charm                        (x 2600 y 700)
                  Corpse Fly Charm
                  Charcoal Charm
                  Knot Charm
                  Cockroach Charm
                  Thrice-blind Charm
                - 333 Copper                        (x 3425 y 875)
                - Scroll of Fire and Ice            (x 2800 y 700)
                  Dodecahedron Journal
                - 187 Copper                        (x 2080 y 380, locked)
                - 28 Copper                         (x 960 y 450, locked)
                  Silver Bracelet
                  Silver Ring
                - 117 Copper                        (x 850 y 500, locked)
                - 34 Copper                         (x 160 y 1150, locked)

    Go up and talk to the Clerk, and ask her what she means by "waiting for
    my return."  She gives you a key that belonged to one of your previous

    Warning:  Do NOT ask to rest here until she gives you your key!  If you
              rest first, you won't be able to get your key!

              If you do ask to rest first, you can have Anna lockpick
              the cabinet.

    Go over to the right door (x 2275 y 1030), and open it.  Gather all the
    treasures here (see above) then open the cabinet.  Be sure to get the

    Go to your inventory and use the Dodecahedron.  Begin fiddling with it.
    The first trap you should detect and avoid automatically.  After that one
    you need 13 INT or greater to "keep working" at it. (or take a loss of 25
    HP)  Next you need an INT of 16 or more (5000 experience) to open it.  But,
    of course, the journal is in an unknown language.  Have to get to it later.

    Note:  You can open the journal without the INT, but you will take 25 HP
           damage at each wrong turn.  You still get the experience for opening

    Now to get the blasted thing translated.  Head out of the Festhall, and
    down to Finam's House (x 2000 y 3400).

  Area:  AR0706B, Finam's House

    Treasures:  - Gold Bracelet                     (x 500 y 200, locked)
                - 2 Copper                          (x 770 y 310)

    Talk to Finam.  Show him the Dodecahedron, and he'll say that he can't
    translate it, but that his notes were lost.  Ask about the notes again and
    ask where he last had them.  He'll say he left them in the Brothel. (You
    might already have gathered them, don't give it to him just yet)  Then ask
    him about his murdered father.  He keeps the ashes of  his father on the
    mantle.  Go over to the mantle, and click on the ashes.  Use your
    Stories-Bones-Tell on the ashes.  Ask him who he was, then ask about the
    Journal to get him to teach you the language. (8000 experience) This also
    brings up a memory. (4000 experience)  You remember that it was YOU who
    murdered the linguist so that he couldn't teach the language to anyone

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you apologize to the ashes you become more GOOD.

    If you don't have the book, go up to the Brothel and get it, then talk to
    Finam and give it to him for 25,000 experience.

    Now that we can understand the journal, open it up again and read from it.
    (10,000 experience)  Read everything there, especially about Ravel and the
    Legacy (giving you a code: 51-AA).

    Alternatively:  Don't have Stories-Bones-Tell?  Just use Fin's Notes to
                    learn the language, although you get no EXP from it.

    Leave Finam's House, and go over to the Advocate's house to the left
    (x 840 y 2800).

  Area:  AR0607, Deionarra's Father

    Go up and talk to the Advocate, Iannis-in-Mourning.

    NPC:  Iannis (doesn't join)

      He seems sad.  Anyway, ask about what he does and he will mention
      Legacies.  Ask about YOUR Legacy and give him the code of 51-AA.  Ask to
      see if the Legacy still exists, and he'll return with it.  Ask to collect
      it for 8000 experience:

        731 Copper
        Godsmen Receipt
        Kaleidoscopic Eye (casts Chromatic Orb)
        Stone Gullet of L'Phahl the Gross (permanent +1 save vs. poison, +15%
           res. to acid)

      He then tells you where the Godsmen are located.  Next you get to ask
      some more questions.  Ask him about Legacies again, and ask to collect on
      a young woman's legacy.  The code is 687-KS.  Turns out that Deionarra
      was his daughter.  Small multiverse, eh?  Tell him that you got the
      legacy from a sensory stone, and that it was intended for you.  Then tell
      him to get the legacy and that it should answer his questions.  He brings
      it (8000 exp and another 8000 exp):

        Note:  The double xp reward here was a bug, I fixed it. [from Qwinn]

        A Letter from Deionarra
        "Healing Scroll"
        Wedding Ring
        Heart Charm

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you immediately show Iannis the legacy, you become more
                    GOOD.  If you demand that this is a PRIVATE matter you
                    become more EVIL.

      He appears comforted by the legacy.  Anyway, ask him about Deionarra, and
      about her being a Sensate.  Mention that you found the Sensory Stone of
      her in there, and promise to try to find a way to let him in to use it.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Doing that is a GOOD thing to do.  Also if you mention that
                    you don't want to break the Sensate Laws, but will do it
                    anyway, you become more LAWFUL AND GOOD.  Asking for a
                    price makes you more EVIL.

      Return to the Festhall, and convince Splinter to let Iannis view the
      Sensory Stone.  Then go back and tell Iannis the good news for 8000 exp.
      If you were EVIL and demanded a reward, he will also give you:

        500 Copper
        Clot Charm
        Maslow's Pyramid (Reduces Fatigue, Intoxication & Heals 9 HP, 33

    Now's the time to get the Portal and the Key.  Go back to the Brothel.

  Area:  AR0605, Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts

    Talk to Kessai-Serris.  No time to be diplomatic, ask her straight out if
    she is related to Ravel and she'll deny it.  Go talk to Kimasxi about it.
    Ask if Kessai is related to Ravel, then mention that Kessai and Kimasxi are
    supposed to be half-sisters.  She refers you to their shared father, a
    Cambion, and tells you to have Kessai ask him.  Go back to Kessai.  Tell
    her what Kimasxi told you, and then ask for a PIECE of her.  All you
    require is a drop of blood on a handkerchief (convenient how there are so
    many of those around here).  This is worth 40,000 experience.

    We are now halfway to getting to Ravel.  There are just a few more things
    to do in this general area.  Head out to the Clerk's Ward, and enter the
    Curiosity Shop (x 3020 y 3050).

  Area:  AR0609, The Curiousity Shop

    Here is a list of Vrischika's "exotic" items:

      Middle of the Store:                                                cost:
        Fiend's Tongue -- Used on Ecco, Brothel quests                       66
        Gorgon Salve -- Used on Statue in the Museum                        100
        "Metallic Cube" (Modron Cube) -- Used to enter the Modron Maze     1500
        Monster Jug -- Creates a hostile Gehreleth at your feet             100

      Front of the Store:

        Baby Oil -- n/a
        Chocolate Quasit -- given to Quell in Private Sensorium             199
        Codex of the Inconceivable -- gives you 1000 exp                   1000
        Deva's Tears -- Used on Ecco's Fiend's Tongue                      100*
        Elixir of Horrific Separation -- Used on Alchemist                  200

        * Vrischika raises the price to 1000 copper after you've given the
          Fiend's Tongue to Ecco.  It doesn't matter, as Ecco will then give
          you a promisary note worth 1000 copper, giving you the Tears for

      Back of the Store

        "Stained Lens" (Beer Goggles)                                       149
        Yevrah's Ring -- +1 to AC                                           349
        Rune-covered Ale Stein -- Alternate mug for holding the Styx ice    299
        "Tattered Rag Doll" (Lady of Pain Doll) -- To get to Player's Maze   99

        *ALIGNMENT*:  Saying the "Joke:" or "Awwww..." option to the Lady of
                      Pain Rag Doll is CHAOTIC. (from Platter)

      Once you've read the Codex of the Inconceivable once, you should sell it

    After purchasing all you can afford, time to leave.  Head over to
    the Art and Curio Gallery (x 2020 y 2440) and enter.  Go over to the
    statue at (x 830 y 580) and click it.  Read the plaque and examine the
    statue.  If you have a Forge Hammer you can break off a piece for 4000
    experience.  Talk to the curator about the statue, then return and use the
    Gorgon Salve to free him.  Make sure that Morte is nearby so that he learns
    some New Taunts.  You get 4000 exp and die.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Using the Salve is a CHAOTIC thing to do.  As is breaking off
                  a piece of the statue.

    Finally, the Gray Hag of Oinos painting (x 1060 y 420) gives a memory and
    300 exp. (Nils)

    Time to head to the Godsmen's lair.  Back to the Lower Ward, then enter
    their massive complex.

      9.1  [FNDRYF]  Foundry of the Godsmen

  Area:  AR0502, Foundry of the Godsmen

    Go around to the right, and find the Clerk, Nadilin (x 2900 y 2625).  Ask
    to pick up an item, then give him the receipt you got from the Legacy.  For
    this you get 40,000 experience and the Portal to Ravel's Maze.

    WARNING:  Although you can now get to Ravel, I would recommend staying in
              Sigil a while longer, to finish up all the quests.

    Also, you need to pick up some gear for the Forge from Nadilin, which costs
    you 40 copper (although he adds it up to 50 copper).  There are no
    alignment costs here.

      Note: You can pickpocket Nadilin for another receipt. Give that to him
            to receive the Justifier (hammer +2, increases regen). (from
            Aleksandar Savatic)

    Go left and up to the door. (x 2300 y 2000)

    Per the request of Colin McComb, original designer of the Foundry,
    my Fixpack makes some important changes to aggro within the Foundry. The
    Foundry always had two "alarm" levels, but they didn't work as intended.
    If you were to activate either alarm level, the entire Foundry would go
    permanently uncooperative or even hostile. It now works as intended: the
    first alarm level, which is set by annoying certain people within the
    Foundry, will cause people to stop cooperating with you and they will
    just tell you to leave. Leave the Foundry and come back in to make them
    cooperative again. The second Alarm level is more serious. It can happen
    if you directly threaten, or actually attack, a Godsman. You will
    actually have to leave the Foundry for at least 2 game days to get
    the Godsmen to cooperate again. That is, unless, you actually -killed- a
    Godsman in cold blood. Don't expect forgiveness for that, ever.
    [from Qwinn]

  Area:  AR0503, Foundry of the Godsmen 2

    Go in a diagonal up-right direction and talk to Keldor (x 1325 y 1050).
    Ask about the faction, then ask to join.  If you are already a member of a
    faction, renounce it.  He tells you that you will have 3 tasks, the first
    is to create a weapon.  Return to the previous area.

  Area:  AR0502, Foundry of the Godsmen

    Find and talk to Alissa first, and tell her that you need to use the forge.
    She'll give her blessing to it, and tell you that you need Supplies (from
    Nadilin) and Iron (from Thildon).  Next find and talk to Thildon.  Ask him
    for Iron Ore and he'll give it to you.

    Now wander over to the Empty Forge (x 1100 y 2000) and click on it to get
    to work.  Use the forge.  First "Ready the Tongs" then "Pick up the ore
    with the tongs and hold it in the flames" and finally "Place the softened
    ore on the forge and work it into shape."  You then get a choice of 3
    different weapons to forge:  a Stiletto, a Hammer and a Battle Axe.
    Choose whichever.  The quality of your forged item depends on your INT:

      9 or less - poor quality
      10 to 13  - normal
      14+       - high quality

    Return to Keldor.

  Area:  AR0503, Foundry of the Godsmen 2

    Show Keldor the weapon you made and you'll get EXP.  6000 exp if you made
    a poor quality weapon, and 8000 exp if you did a normal or high quality
    weapon.  This time a murderer has struck at a godsman in the forge, and you
    are needed to discover the truth of the matter.

    Return to Alissa. (after watching a brief cutscene...)

  Area:  AR0502, Foundry of the Godsmen

    Talk to Alissa about the murder.  She saw a "shadowy figure" and believes
    that only 3 people could have done it: Saros, Bedai-Lihn and Thildon.  You
    can then ask where to find these three.  Let's start with Thildon as he is
    in this area already. (He wanders around)

    Talk to Thildon.  Ask him where he was the night of the murder.  He doesn't
    have an alibi (unless you count the bread), and suggests that maybe Saros
    did it.

    Back to the other area...

  Area:  AR0503, Foundry of the Godsmen 2

    Go up the stairs (x 530 y 1360), then up and talk to Bedai-Lihn.  She has
    very little information, mostly just telling you to go back and check with
    Keldor.  Drop back down the stairs, enter the main room, go up and find
    Saros (x 760 y 730).  Talk to him about the murders and he'll give you an
    Awl with Thildon's name on it.  Looks bad for Thildon, eh?

  Area:  AR0502, Foundry of the Godsmen

    Back to Thildon, and show him the Awl.  He redirects your attention by
    saying that Saros is a thief, and stole the Awl from him months ago.  Back
    to Saros, who merely tells you that this isn't proof of anything.  Back
    to Thildon.  Tell Thildon that this time Saros actually SAW Thildon commit
    the murder (that gets his attention).  He then tells you that Saros AND
    Bedai-Lihn are Anarchists and are therefore responsible.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Lying "If that were true" makes you more CHAOTIC, telling the
                  truth makes you more LAWFUL.  If you say that you will turn
                  him in anyway, then say that you were joking you become more
                  CHAOTIC.  And if you say that you will turn him in anyway,
                  and the next you see him will be at his execution, you become
                  more EVIL.

  Area:  AR0503, Foundry of the Godsmen 2

    Talk to Saros one last time, and he'll finally admit what happened.  He
    says that Thildon killed the man, and that he, Saros, was also there and
    did in fact plant the Awl.  He is quite specific that Bedai-Lihn had
    nothing to do with it.

    Finally talk to Keldor and tell him that Thildon did it because of his
    "problems with Avildon".  For this you get 10,000 experience.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If you present your case for one or the other of Thildon or
                  Saros before learning all the facts, you may become more EVIL
                  and CHAOTIC.

    Keldor then tells you that one of their members, Sandoz, is feeling
    suicidal.  Agree to help with him.

    Note:  If you left Saros alive, go talk to him, ask him about the
           Anarchists.  Then if you have 14 INT or more, you can tell him this:
           "That defeats the entire point of anarchy, Saros. You're supposed to
           be your own person."  Which gets you 200 exp.  Wow.  This also makes
           you more CHAOTIC.

    Drop down to the foyer, and talk with Sarossa.  Ask her about her father,
    and mention that he will kill himself if she can't think of a way to stop
    him.  She tells you something to tell him.  Now go to the top right
    door (x 1860 y 1260).  Go up this hallway, and up the stairs. (Ignore
    Nihl Xander for the moment)  Talk to the guard to talk to Sandoz.  Tell
    him what his daughter told you.  He feels better.  Go back to Keldor to
    get your reward: 12,000 experience.  Then join the Godsmen for another
    8000 experience. (If you have to renounce a faction NOW, you only get 6000

    Welcome to your 3rd faction of the game! (if you've followed this
    walkthrough and didn't join the Anarchists, that is)  The main benefit is
    their store of items, of which the best are the 3 weapons at the bottom.
    Remember that these items can ONLY be used by Godsmen, so if you renounce
    this faction later, you won't be able to use them.

    Now talk to Nihl Xander (x 2367 y 800).

    NPC:  Nihl Xander (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               25/25      5       19     9     9     9     17    15    9

      Ask Nihl who he happens to be and he'll (eventually) mention that he has
      completed your Dreambuilder.  Agree to help him finish it.  The first
      thing he'll need is a bit of your blood in a blue-green bottle.

      Head out of the Godsmen Foundry, and back to the Clerk's Ward.  Enter the
      Curiousity Shop and check out the Exotic Items.  What you want is the
      Elixir of Horrific Separation.  Buy it.  Head out and go to the
      Apothecary Shop.  There you will find Pestle Kilnn, the dual
      shopkeeper.  Talk to him and find out what happened.  Offer to help.
      Talk to him again and offer him the Elixir (6000 exp).  Then ask him for
      the skin/blood/bottle thing that you need.  You can also get a reward of
      10 clot charms if you wish.

      Return to Nihl with the bottle of flesh/blood and give it to him.  Now
      he needs a razor birdcage.  Exit again, and go to the entrance to the
      Siege Tower (x 3767 y 1485).  If you haven't entered here before, you
      need to talk to Lazlo inside the market.  Once inside the tower, get the
      birdcage from Coaxmetal and return to Nihl.

      The final step is a Coffin Pillow.  Exit.  Return to the Lower Ward and
      enter Hamry's Shop (x 3200 y 2840).  Talk to Hamrys and he'll eventually
      tell you that you need to get the pillow from the warehouse (x 2900
      y 700).  Go to the warehouse and claim the pillow.  Return to Nihl and
      complete the Dreambuilder. (Don't Peek!)  For building the Dreambuilder
      you get 16,000 experience.

        Note:  In order to remove the "Get Coffin Pillow" quest from your
               quest lists, you MUST show it to Hamrys BEFORE giving it to
               Nihl. (Christo)

      Drop down to the main foundry level, and enter the door at (x 500
      y 1450).  This takes you to your dream.  Enjoy!

    Go back and talk to Saros.  Ask him about himself and learn that his sister
    Sarossa has some interesting abilities.  Find Sarossa and ask her about her
    "special talent."  Ask to be taught her skill, and she'll ask if you
    believe the Godsmen philosophy.  Reply with a 'Truth: Yes' to get:

      WIS +1

      Note:  This ONLY works if you let Saros off the hook.

             Also, if you LIE to Sarossa, not only will you not get the WIS +1,
             she'll drain you -1 STR!  And you become more EVIL to boot!  If
             you threaten her after that, she'll lower your STR, DEX and CON
             then attack you.

             This never actually happened in the unmodded game, I finally got
             Sarossa's curses working correctly in my Fixpack version 3.0.
             [from Qwinn]

    If you're up for a little CHAOTIC EVIL adventures (nothing TOO chaotic or
    evil), then go up and talk to Bedai-Lihn.  Actually, if you've been doing a
    LOT of Lawful Good things, you can get away with this quest without losing
    your good alignment.

    NPC: Bedai-Lihn

      Go up and talk to Bedai again.  This time she asks if you are happy as
      a Godsmen.  Say: "No, not really", she'll ask why not to which you should
      reply: "Because I'm coming to realize that it's an empty title."  She
      asks if you are DEVOTED to the Godsmen, tell her that you are NOT, and
      she'll say that you've come to the right person.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Despite all the LYING that can happen here, there are no
                    alignment shifts.

      Bedai wants to know if you are up for sticking it to the Godsmen by
      sabotaging that war machine they are building.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Saying "I'll do it" makes you a little more CHAOTIC and
                    EVIL.  Conversely, saying that you won't do it makes you
                    more LAWFUL and GOOD. (although why would sabotaging a
                    device that is being made for DEMONS make you more EVIL?)

      Once you've agreed to this, don't act weak (by which I mean, don't sound
      too concerned about innocent lives being lost), or she'll kick you out
      of the project.  She wants you to sabotage the machine in some fashion,
      then return when you've done that.

        Note:  At any time, you can turn Bedai in to Keldor... no reward, and
               no particular reason to do it.  Also if you turn Bedai in for
               a deed that YOU committed, you become more EVIL.

      To get to the machine you'll need to talk to Keldor for permission.
      He'll think you trustworthy and give you the token.  Go to the main
      foundry, up to the big doors, and show your token to the guards.  They
      let you in.

      Talk to the Gith, Kel'lera, and ask her about the weak spots on the
      device.  She'll tell you that the firing controls would destroy not only
      the device, but kill everyone involved in creating the device.

        Note:  Not important, but I just -have- to mention it. In the unmodded
               game, Kel'lera and the workers all just stand there. There was a
               -ton- of scripting that really made the work area come alive
               though, but none of it worked due to a missing area file that
               was supposed to set it all in motion. I managed to reconstruct
               it and get it all working. Just take a moment to watch Kel'lera
               walk around the room and interact with the workers, it's really
               cool. This is one of my favorite fixes. [from Qwinn]

      Now at the back of the cannon, you'll find the "weak spot" she talked
      about.  Click on the controls and sabotage it.  Return to Bedai for your
      reward (8000 exp).  She offers you a new job, this time to kill the
      factol, Sandoz (the man you talked out of killing himself).  You'll find
      him where he was before.  Just go up to him and force-attack him (650

      Return to Bedai again for your reward (8000 experience).  Now all Bedai
      wants is to get out of this place.  She needs you to get her some Smith
      gear as they are the only ones who can get out of this place.  Drop back
      to the Foundry level and talk to the Clerk, Nadilin.  Ask for a disguise
      and he'll sell you one for 60 copper.  He knows precisely what you want
      it for as well.

      Give the disguise to Bedai for another 8000 experience.  You then follow
      her out to the warehouse where she explains her deeds to you.

    Remember that at any time you can use the portal you received from Nadilin
    to teleport to Ravel's Maze.  There's just 3 things left to do before that,

    The first involves irritating the Lady of Pain until she Mazes you.  There
    are a few ways to do this, the easiest is to buy the Lady of Pain doll and
    worship it.

    Second we have the Modron Cube maze to deal with (also purchased in the
    Curiousity Shop).

    And finally there is the small matter of Undersigil.

      9.2  [NMLSSN]  Nameless One's Maze (AR 1900)

  Again the easiest way to get here is to simply pray to the Lady of Pain
  doll a dozen or so times.  When you get the icy chill, put the doll away. The
  other way is to start killing random villagers.  Either way, eventually the
  Lady shows up and mazes you good.  If you want to skip any of this game's
  fine subquests, this is the one to skip.  It is almost completely not worth
  the time and frustration to do.

  The maze itself is in the center of a ring.  Once you get outside of the maze
  and onto the ring, you'll find that there are many archways, each of which
  could be your teleporter out of here.  Go all the way right, then up and left
  to find your previous incarnation's camp (x 3333 y 380):

    Brimstone Sledgehammer
    Bone-Framed Journal

  Use the Journal.  Open it and try to decipher the symbols, then give up.  As
  you do that you should realize that the journal is meaningless, and discover
  a piece of paper inside with the answer to how to get out (essentially go
  through an arch, then back through it again).

  So, pick any of the archways and go through it.  It will teleport you to a
  similar arch across the circle.  Run back to the arch you were just at and
  go through it again.  This teleports you to the ACTUAL portal out.

  Paul M. Victorey has more on this:

    There are 3 things the player must figure out prior to being able to leave:

    1) Arches in the player's maze will normally teleport you to the arch
       diametrically opposite to it.
    2) There is one "missing arch" -- the rubble in which you find the journal
       is diametrically opposite to an arch (which cannot be reached by foot).
       This arch, which has no "twin", is the exit.  But you can't reach it on
    3) If you use the same arch twice, using no other arches in between,
       instead of moving you to the arch on the opposite side of the maze, you
       are moved 3 arches clockwise.  Learning this is the secret to the maze
       that the journal helps uncover.

    So, the real way out of the maze is to reach the exit arch, which cannot be
    reached on foot.  Because this exit arch has no twin, it cannot be reached
    using the arches in the usual fashion.  But, if you use the arch that is 3
    arches counterclockwise to the exit arch (the more upper of the 2 arches on
    the island in the lower right corner), then walk back to the same arch and
    do it again, you will be teleported to the exit arch, and can leave.

      9.3  [MDRNCB]  Modron Cube

  In order to use the Modron Cube, we must first learn that it is, in fact, a
  portal.  To do that head to the Brothel and talk with one of the Modrons
  there about the Cube.  They tell you that it's a portal.  Now use the cube
  and try to find some sort of effect:

    Extend the Left Wing
    Extend the Right Wing
    Rotate the Right Arm

  And away we go!

  *ALIGNMENT*:  Oh, and if you play with the cube like a child, then you are
                more CHAOTIC.

  Note:  While in the maze, leave no party member, or item that you don't wish
         to part with.

  Welcome to the only randomly generated maze to ever grace an Infinity Engine
  game.  You can talk to the Modron here, but he isn't much help.  Enter the
  maze.  As you kill each Construct, be sure to search it for treasure.
  Although they mostly carry worthless junk, they occasionally have goodies.
  I found the Portal Gem on one of them.  What you need to do is:

    1)  Find the Control Room.
    2)  Talk to the Modron on the circular platform and convince him to make
        you the new Director.
    3)  Set the maze on its Hard mode.
    4)  Once the dungeon is on Hard, search it again to find Nordom.
    5)  Once you have Nordom, search again to find the "evil" Wizard construct
        and defeat it.

    Tip:  Although the place is randomly generated, it holds its form until
          you reset it again.  Therefore you may want to make a little map.

          The entire maze is an 8 x 8 block of rooms.  The way that it is
          "randomized" is for certain doors to close, thus making for a
          different maze.  Each room is considered a completely separate area,
          with 1301 in the top left and 1364 in the bottom right.  You always
          enter the maze from AR13FY which connects to any room between AR1364
          and AR1357.

          The "Wizard Room" will always be entered from the "top" door (in the
          isometric perspective the "top" entrance is the one in the upper
          right), and Nordom's room will always be entered from the left.

  NPC:  Nordom (joins)

    Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
             48/60      4       15     16    16    16    16    8     8

                        2              18    17    18    18    8     8

    Nordom gets his name when Morte tells you that he is a backwards Modron,
    and Nordom just happens to pick up on that.  After a small amount of
    talking you can easily convince Nordom to join you for 36,000 experience.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Telling the Truth that you have no name is LAWFUL, lying that
                  you are Adahn is CHAOTIC.

    Next ask Nordom about Mechanus to learn about the SOURCE.  Then ask Nordom
    how he is doing and wait for his analysis to complete.  With an INT of at
    least 16 you can say: "Do think your separation from the Source is what
    caused your perspective shift from that quieter, broader 'one' to the
    smaller, louder 'one?'" which will upgrade Nordom:

      +1 INT
      +1 CON

    This is also worth 36,000 experience.  (and this can ONLY be done BEFORE
    you tell him that you are the director)

    Talk to Nordom again after you have dealt with the Wizard Construct.  You
    MUST learn from the Rubikon Wizard that he disintegrated the previous
    Director, if you don't learn that from him, you can't upgrade Nordom.

    Ask how Nordom ended out on Rubikon, then when you get the chance ask about
    the Field Test, then ask about the Creative Director.  Tell Nordom what
    you learned from the Wizard Construct and Nordom seems a little down.  Then
    tell Nordom that YOU are the new Director and he perks up so much that
    he gets some extra stats:

      +1 INT
      +1 DEX

    As well as 36,000 experience.

    With an INT of 16 or a WIS of 18 you can ask Nordom what your duties are
    as Creative Director.  Ask him next about what the last Creative Director
    had him doing, and then ask about the Wayward Item recovery to get:

      333 Copper
      Stinger Earring
      Gold Bracelet
      Glass Eye
      Fanged Mirror

    Now it's time to give Nordom some orders.  Once you've figured out that
    he must do what you tell him to do you can make him a better fighter: (the
    Nameless One must be a fighter and have 17 STR or better)

      36,000 experience
      -2 INT
      +1 DEX
      +1 CON
      +2 AC

    Or, you can order him to do a "memory dump" (if you are a mage and have a
    17 INT or higher):

      36,000 experience
      +2 INT
      Creates the Twisted Gear of Enoll Eva (spell)

    There is also the sneakiness upgrade (if you are a thief with at least
    17 DEX):

      36,000 experience
      -2 STR
      +2 DEX

    And finally if you have a CHA of 17 or higher there is the motivational
    speech.  You go through your motivational speech, then get this option:
    "Come on, Nordom... Strength. Speed. Power. Focus."  However, due to a bug,
    there may be 2 of these to choose from, one gives a larger bonus than the
    other.  If you see 2 at the same time, choose the BOTTOM one.  For this
    Nordom gets a pretty good upgrade:

      +2 AC
      +2 STR
      +1 CON
      +1 Luck

    And everyone gets 60,000 experience.

    After that all the orders are just bizarre and not worth the trouble.
    Here they are anyway, in case you're curious: (Steve Bush)

      * With 16 or higher intelligence, you can ask him about item
        identification when you get to the part about wayward item recovery.
        This will earn you a magnifying lens.
      * Regarding his crossbows - go through Nordom's duties and ask him about
        better weapons when you come to the part about extermination of errors.
        You can then suggest different types of bolts based upon your

          - Intelligence greater than 16 - you can suggest bolts with a feather
            decoration and increased accuracy to gain 10 Winged Bolts.
          - Intelligence greater than 16 (evil choice) - you can suggest
            vicious bolts to obtain 10 Bolts of Wincing.
          - Intelligence greater than 17 - you can suggest bolts with pyramidal
            heads which can split into three to obtain 10 Rule-of-Three Bolts.

  When you're done here, use the Portal Lens to teleport out.

      9.4  [NDRSGL]  UnderSigil

  There are two entrances to UnderSigil in the Clerk's Ward.

  There are two things down here, monsters and treasures.

  Treasures:  - Whispering Flask                    (x 3150 y 450)
              - 43 Copper                           (x 3300 y 540)
              - Blood Charm                         (x 3450 y 650)
              - Magnifying Lens                     (x 3750 y 750)
              - 4 Bandages                          (x 4050 y 1550)
              - Adder's Tear                        (x 4420 y 1550)
              - Crimson Sphere Earring              (x 3680 y 1080)
              - Green Steel Dagger                  (x 3470 y 1840)
              - Gold Bracelet                       (x 3270 y 2080)
              - 52 Copper                           (x 3470 y 2160)
                Heart Charm
              - 41 Copper                           (x 1020 y 960)
                Heart Charm
              - Shackles of Light                   (x 2160 y 950)

  Note:  If you return here after your period of travelling the planes, you
         will find that Greater Glabrezu are now spawning. These are very
         powerful and can net you a large chunk of experience per kill.

         Random item drops will occur here, in particular the rare and highly
         coveted Bell's Shield and Ring Zero. These won't appear anywhere else
         in the game. (Steve Bush)

    10.    [RVLSMZ]  Ravel's Maze

  Whenever you're ready, use the portal and teleport to Ravel's Maze.  Careful,
  you won't be back this way for a long long time.

  Area:  AR0610, Ravel's Maze

    Only one thing to do while here, and that is to go to the center of the
    maze (about x 2400 y 1950) and talk to Ravel.  (And yes, you will want to
    SAVE IT before talking to her)

    NPC:  Ravel (doesn't join)

      Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               87/87     -4       13     16    13    23    23    21    9

      The first time you talk to Ravel you have to sit through her little
      cutscene.  Remember that you do NOT want to attack Ravel, as there is lot
      to be gained by being friendly to her.  Just talking to her is worth
      90,000 experience.  While talking with her, how nice you are to her gets
      you a better bonus later... and having a high charisma is almost
      essential here.  I mention this everytime there is a "NICE" answer.

      With a 13 CHA you can say: "How could I forget you, Ravel?" Which is
      NICE.  Next let her touch you, and if you have an INT or WIS of 16 or
      more you can reach out and feel her, which leads to a memory.  Next she
      mentions your scars, and offers to tell you how you got them.  You then
      get to ask her some questions about it (Balanced Imbalanced, etc.).  Ask
      all you can.

      Next she analyzes all of your companions, one by one.  After quite a bit
      more talking she wants you to answer her some questions.  Agree to it.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you say "your rules are fair" you are more LAWFUL.

      First she wants to know why your companions are with you.  With a CHA of
      at least 16 you can flatter her with: "Of course they knew. Who would
      *not* want to travel here to meet with you, beautiful Ravel?" which is
      NICE.  Otherwise you just have to say that they chose to walk your path
      with you.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Saying "Truth" here makes you more LAWFUL.  And the reverse
                    is true.

      She asks for confirmation on this, and you must say "yes".  She then
      points out how each of your companions had no real choice but to come
      with you.  She follows this up by asking if they MATTER to you, then
      asking specifically what your companions mean to you.  Say what you will,
      just remember that your companions have feelings too.  When asking about
      Fall-From-Grace you can Lie/Truth and say that Grace is nothing next to
      Ravel, that is NICE (to Ravel anyway and requires a CHA of 16).  Ravel
      follows your flattery up by asking what you would do if she struck Grace
      dead right there.  You can retract your words without losing anything
      (and if you don't, you'll really lose a lot of respect with Grace).  The
      same situation holds true for Annah.

      Next she asks why you took so long to return to her.  With a CHA of 16
      you can do the Flattering answer, which she'll find NICE. ("the way
      was difficult, beautiful Ravel")  This can be followed up with another
      NICE line:  "Nay, it is *your* charms that persist, beautiful Ravel."

      And then her most famous question... What can change the nature of a man?
      There are a lot of right answers here, so answer what you will (just
      DON'T say that you can't answer the question, she doesn't like that).
      Turns out she didn't care for THE answer, just YOUR answer.

      This finally brings us to your questions for Ravel.  Ask about how she
      made you immortal (and follow that line for a while).  Then ask about
      your Mortality and if it is still intact.  She (eventually) tells you
      that an Angel named Trias may have more information on that.  This
      information is worth 180,000 experience.

      Next ask about HER specifically.  Ask who she is and she'll talk about
      the Night Hag's.  But then she wants to know how you view her.  The
      NICE thing to do here is to Lie that she is beautiful (CHAOTIC).  If
      any women are in your party, she'll then change herself to look like
      them.  You then have the option to kiss Ravel (in her form as Grace or
      Annah).  If you do so, whomever you kiss (Grace or Annah) will become
      more happy, while the other becomes less so.

      After that ask what OTHER forms she has taken, and she'll reveal that
      she was Mebbeth, Ei-Vene and Marta.  Ask about Mebbeth and tell her that
      Mebbeth was kind to you, therefore Ravel was kind to you.  What reward
      you get from this depends on what you told Mebbeth when she gave you
      mage training. If you told Mebbeth "Because I may need it to solve the
      mystery of who I am" you get:

        WIS +1
        90,000 experience

      If you told her "Because I just want to know" you get

        INT +1
        90,000 experience

      Best of all, if you originally told Mebbeth "Because I need power", you

        INT +1
        WIS +1
        120,000 experience

      Next ask about her being Ei-Vene, and mention that Ei-Vene helped you as
      well (in an odd way).  Then stand your ground and let her work on you
      again to get:

        +3 MaxHP

      Finally ask about her being Marta, and mention that she was not unkind
      to you as well.  Again, stand your ground, and she'll pull out your
      intestines again... this time turning it into a pretty neat item:

        Intestinal Phylactery (+9 HP, +2 AC)

      Next you need to ask more questions.  Ask why she was imprisoned here,
      and she'll give her reasons.  When you get the option to agree with her,
      the NICE thing to say is that you think she did the right thing.  With
      an INT or WIS of 16 you can ask if that was what she was attempting to
      do with you... set you free.  She'll then give you:

        Ravel's Hair
        90,000 experience

      Following the previous NICE answer, with a CHA of 13 you can be NICE
      again by saying:  "So you are at fault, Ravel? At least you *tried* where
      others would have lacked the courage. I see no fault in your intentions -
      in fact, I see only strength." which she likes a bit.

      Next ask if she will teach you some of the Art.  If you are not a Mage
      then you need a CHA of 13.  The experience you get from her depends on
      your INT:

        11       - 30,000 - 1 Black Barbed Seed
        12 to 16 - 60,000 - 3 to 6 Black Barbed Seeds
        17+      - 90,000 - 6 Black Barbed Seeds, 1 Black Barbed Charm

      Also, if you advanced past level 7 as a mage you get the 17+ bonus.  If
      you advanced past level 12 as a mage you get the best bonus: (these ONLY
      apply if you got the specialization bonus(es) AS A MAGE!)

        120,000 experience (same items as the 17+ above)

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Ravel tells you that one day the planes may bend to your
                    will.  Saying that you want that to happen is EVIL.  Saying
                    that you don't want that to happen is GOOD.

      At this point, you may want to go back through all the questions and
      make sure you've done all the NICE answers.

      Tell her thanks for the information but that you have to be going.  She
      then mentions that you have forgotten the most important question of all.
      With an INT or WIS of 14 or higher you can figure out for yourself: How
      to get out.  She tells you how to leave.  Time to go.  If you have been
      NICE to her (see why I mentioned it?) she will offer you a BOON before
      you go ("You have done me a great service, beautiful Ravel"), you will
      want to accept this.  There are 3 options depending on how NICE you were
      to her.

        Nice:          WIS +1
                       90,000 experience
        Very Nice:     WIS +1
                       120,000 experience
        So Very Nice:  WIS +2
                       180,000 experience

      After this, a fight becomes inevitable, so don't worry about what you say
      beyond this point.

    Ravel isn't nearly as tough an opponent as you might think.  Ravel will
    first call forth a small army of Trigits, and depending on the Nameless
    One's stats, he can call forth several as well.  Kill her for:

      32,000 experience
      Fiendish Eye of Kalem'Dar
      Ravel's Fingernail
      Spell - Blacksphere
      3 Black Barbed Necklaces
      3 Heart Charms

    If you got Ravel's Hair earlier, one of the archways in the center will
    teleport you to a special part of the maze.  There you will find several
    dead patches.  On these dead patches, you can "hum" and use several of
    the seeds to create Black Barbed Wands (which have the effects of both
    the seeds and the necklaces).  How many charges the wands have depends upon
    your INT and Ravel's magic teachings:

      15 or less - 9 charges
      16 or more - 33 charges
      15 or less & Ravel Taught - 66 charges
      16 or more & Ravel Taught - 99 charges

    Find the arch and use the teleporter to get back.

    Now all that remains is to get to the portal in the upper right and go on
    to Curst.  Many different types of Shadows appeared everywhere, so if you
    are wounded, you may want to just run up to the portal and get out.  The
    portal is at (x 4250 y 850).  Remember that you don't enter the portal
    directly, when you get near it, a dialog should open up.

    Go in and on to Curst. (after a cutscene anyway)

    11.    [CRSTCR]  Curst

  Area:  AR0700, Curst

    Treasures:  - 134 Copper                        (x 2180 y 550)
                - Blood Fly Charm                   (x 1820 y 1980)
                - 213 Copper                        (x 760 y 820)
                - 72 Copper                         (x 500 y 1730)
                  1 Clot Charm
                  1 Adder's Tear
                - Whispering Flask                  (x 2800 y 350)
                  Displacer Ring

    Just appearing in Curst is worth 10,000 experience.  Go up and find the
    woman named Roberta.  Talk to her until she decides that she wants her
    husband dead.  Interesting woman.

    Head up to the next area.

  Area:  AR0701, Upper Curst

    Treasures:  - Bronze Ring (3)                   (x 2880 y 1700)
                - Silver Ring (2)                   (x 3175 y 1500)
                  Silver Earring
                - Copper Earring                    (x 3500 y 1750)
                - Ring of the Traveler              (x 3200 y 2070, locked)
                  Gold Ring
                  Serpent Ring
                  Greater Embalming Charm
                - 5 Bandages                        (x 1825 y 3090)
                  2 Charms of Infinite Recall
                  Heart Charm
                - Scent of the Storm                (x 900 y 2800)

                In the warehouse at (x 3820 y 1550):

                - Gold Bracelet                     (x 1000 y 260)
                  Gold Earring
                  Gold Ring
                  Gold Ingot
                - Spiked Gauntlets of Ogre Power

    Go up a bit and talk to the Harlot, Kiri (she should look like a Female
    Townsperson).  She's willing to do almost anything for money, so talk her
    into killing Roberta's husband.  When that is done return to the previous

  Area:  AR0700, Curst

    Talk to Roberta again to get 2000 experience and 500 copper.  If you so
    desire, you can get her turned in to the guards.  You get nothing from
    this, so it is up to you.

    Note:  If you heard about the stash from Grimscalp, you can tell Devore,
           the warehouse manager in Curst (before Carceri), and he will give
           you the skull's stash:  1000 xp, 250 copper and the Spiked
           Gauntlets of Ogre Power. [from Qwinn]

    Enter the bar at (x 2600 y 1350).

  Area:  AR0704, Curst Bar and Grill

    Treasures:  - Frosty Mint Candy                 (x 650 y 370)
                - Cheese (2)                        (x 2900 y 840)
                  Steak Knife
                - Cheese                            (x 3070 y 2200, "upstairs")
                  75 Copper
                  Heart Charm
                  Frosty Mint Candy
                  Minaurosian Chocolate
                - 33 Copper                         (x 2100 y 2200, "upstairs")
                - Hairpin                           (x 1780 y 1950, "upstairs")
                  4 Copper
                - Magic Punch Daggers               (x 2130 y 1715, "upstairs")

    We're on the lookout for Ravel's Deva (angel).  What we're going to be
    doing is solving a load of quests for everyone here (although there is an
    alternative route or two to get to the Prison) so that we can enter the
    prison.  We're doing it this way to get a LOT of experience.  Before we get
    into it, I'll just list the two alternatives (again, you DON'T want to do

      Alternative 1:  From the junkyard in Curst, enter the "secret" entrance.
      Alternative 2:  After agreeing to any of the murder plots, have a guard
                      arrest you and send you to prison.

    Key Part 1:  <------------------------------------------------------------>

    Anyway, we're not doing those.  Go up to the barkeep, Tainted Barse (x 640
    y 470) and talk to him.  Ask him what's wrong, and he'll say that his
    daughter is being sold on the slave trade, and that if you help him out,
    he can tell you about the Deva.  Talk to Marquez (x 280 y 930) for more

    Exit the bar, go up to the top and over to the next map of Curst (AR 0700,
    x 500 y 300).  Once there, go to (AR 0701, x 3020 y 1140) to find the
    Harmonium Officers that are holding the girl, Jasilya.  You won't get out
    of this one without a fight, so kill all the goons here, then talk to her.
    She thanks you, and takes off.  Head back to the bar and talk to Marquez
    again.  Tell him the good news for 65,000 experience.  Marquez also gives
    you the first part of the key, and tells you to get the next part from

    Marquez is the fighter trainer for Curst.

    Key Part 2:  <------------------------------------------------------------>

    Kitla is over in the "shark" dining area (x 1200 y 715).  Talk to her about
    the next part of the key.  What she wants you to do is to deal with some
    brothers who are feuding over their departed father's legacies.

    The first brother can be found just outside in the Blacksmith's Shop
    (AR 0700, x 1280 y 1420).  Go inside and convince him to give you his

      Note:  There are some interesting items in Crumplepunch's shop, however,
             even opening the containers will make him hostile.

             To get the items, simply have Annah disarm the trap (which is
             what makes him hostile) and lock pick it as well. (Nils)

    Head out to the upper area of Curst, and enter the Distillery (AR 0701,
    x 2500 y 2550).  Talk to Kester and get his copy of the Legacy as well.
    Go back to Kitla and give her both of the Legacies for 150,000 experience
    (the best exp possible).  She gives you her piece of the key as well as
    the Abyssal Fury spell.  She then tells you to talk to Nabat for the next
    piece of the puzzle.

      Alternatives:  Killing either Kester or Crumplepunch (or both), then
                     returning to Kitla is worth 131250 experience.  Also if
                     you give her only ONE of the legacies you get 131250 exp.

    She is also the Mage trainer for Curst.

    Key Part 3:  <------------------------------------------------------------>

    Nabat is nearly directly down from Kitla (x 1300 y 1160).  He wants you to
    defend the dump caretaker Kyse from some ruffians.  Exit the bar and head
    over to the dump.  You'll find Kyse in there somewhere, you can't miss him.
    He wants you to talk to the leader of the "ruffians," a weasel named
    Wernet.  Head up to "inner" Curst.

    You'll find Wernet down and to the left (AR 0701, x 2070 y 3140).  You can
    talk to him about Kyse, but he just makes some vague threats.  Back to
    Kyse.  This time the thugs appear when you enter the junkyard.  Defend
    Kyse!  When this is over, Kyse offers to heal you when needed.

    Return to Nabat for 43,750 experience.  He tells you to head over to Dallan
    for the next part of the key.

    Nabat is the thief trainer for Curst.

    Key Part 4:  <------------------------------------------------------------>

    Dallan is over to the right, then down (x 2200 y 1015) chatting up some
    young girl.  Talk to him.  He tells you that An'izius is having a bit of a
    political problem that you should deal with.  Head out of the bar, and up
    to the center of town.

    Way up top you'll find the Githyanki, An'izius (AR 0701, x 775 y 740).  Ask
    him about the political situation, and he'll say that he wants his rival,
    Siabha, dealt with.  What he proposes is that you tell the captain of the
    guard that she hired you to attack An'izius.  Interesting proposal, but
    we can do better.

    Go talk to Siabha (AR 0701, x 1670 y 550), tell her that you just spoke to
    An'izius and she'll double his offer if you reverse it.  Back to An'izius,
    where he'll increase it.  You can go to Siabha one last time and she'll
    increase it again.  Time to go to the captain of the guard, who is all the
    way back at the gate to the main section of Curst (AR 0701, x 3150 y 2340).
    Tell him that the officials here are attempting to kill each other, then
    turn in BOTH An'izius and Siabha for 200,000 experience.

      Alternatives:  If you turn in only An'izius OR Siabha (rather than both)
                     your reward from the other will be 3000 copper and 100,000

    Back to Dallan for 87,500 experience and the 4th part of the key.  He tells
    you the last part of the key can be found on Dona Quisho.

    Key Part 5:  <------------------------------------------------------------>

    Dona Quisho is in the shark room right by Kitla.  Talk to her, and agree to
    help her with her fiendish problem.  Exit the bar.  Head up to the grain
    silo (AR 0700, x 2450 y 670) and enter.  Go upstairs and find the
    Pentagram.  The fiend appears and you get 60,000 experience.  Talk to him.
    Ask him what he might give you if you free him, and he'll agree to give you
    the mighty axe, Heartgrinder.  Free him. (there is no ALIGNMENT shift here,
    so why not?)

    Return to Dona to get your reward: 131,250 experience and the final piece
    of the key.

    We now have the completed key.  Whenever you want to go find the Deva, go
    talk to Barse and have him send you down.  You won't be returning to Curst
    once you do, however.

    Note:  If you failed to keep Jasilya alive (when rescuing her from the
           slavers), Barse will require that you kill Chek'ka Plute before
           he sends you on your way.  Chek'ka has 77 HP and 2000 experience.
           (with thanks to Winston Jen)

      11.1 [CRSTPR]  Curst Prison

  Area:  AR0708, Curst Underground

    Treasures:  - Ring of Fallen Stars              (x 930 y 2300)
                - Whispering Flask                  (x 2230 y 3300)
                  3 Blood Charms
                  Blood Fly Charm
                  Silver Ring
                - Scroll of Ice Knife               (x 2080 y 3240)
                  Scroll of Hold Undead
                  1021 Copper
                  Scroll of Remove Curse
                - Ring of the Traveler              (x 3080 y 1140)
                  333 Copper

    When you first appear you'll be attacked by several Trelons (2500 exp).
    There is a bootlegger wandering around down here, he'll ask you to kill
    a Gehreleth for him, but when you do all he does is attack you for your
    efforts.  There is also a chatty Baatezu named Tek'elach, but beyond giving
    you some information, he has no real point.

    If you need healing or a place to rest, simply talk to the Hermit (x 1100
    y 1200).  He'll also tell you that the Deva can be found to the west.

    The exit to the next area is just down and left (x 150 y 2080).

  Area:  AR0702, Curst Prison

    Treasures:  - Heart Charm                       (x 4080 y 2040)
                  Scroll of Call Lightning
                - Cockroach Charm                   (x 2575 y 667)
                  Charcoal Charm
                - Silver Ring                       (x 2920 y 2270)
                  Gold Bracelet
                  90 Copper
                - Dread Bond                        (x 1480 y 3450)
                  Blood Charm
                  Clot Charm
                - 500 Copper                        (x 315 y 775)
                  Adder's Tear
                  Scroll of Greater Embalming
                - 3 Heart Charms                    (x 3720 y 650)
                  2 Clot Charms

    Head up quite a bit, then left to the next passage and take that one down
    to find Trias, the Deva (x 2580 y 3260).  Talking with him won't get you
    very far, as all he wants is to be freed.  The only thing that will free
    him is his own sword, the Celestial Fire, which is hidden somewhere in the

    Head all the way back up, then left.  Once you can't go left anymore, go
    down and enter the actual prison (x 775 y 1350).  You'll have to fight
    through these guards.  Head right.  One of the guards here will have the
    Finger Bone Key, which you'll need.

    Open the next door (x 1650 y 2100), and through here to the next door.
    The next room has a LOT of Curst Guards in it, and may require some
    strategy (such as luring some guards into the previous room and killing
    them there).  If you follow this room down to the right, you'll trigger
    an acid trap which is worth 87,500 experience.

    When you're ready, open the last door (x 300 y 2400).

    NPC:  Cassius (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
             150/150    -5       5      22    15    16    13    16    9

      Not much to Cassius except the fact that he is guarding Trias' sword,
      Celestial Fire.  Tell him that you want the sword and he'll give you
      three options to get it back:


      Let's start with wit.  He'll ask you 3 riddles, answer them correctly
      to get 5000 experience and the sword.  With a high INT, you'll figure
      the riddles out automatically (the top option), otherwise these are the

        A Man

      Or perhaps you favor speed.  When you choose that, he tells you to steal
      some bandages from him.  Do so, then talk to him again for 5000 exp and
      the sword.

      Last of all there is Strength, which is very straightforward, as he then
      attacks you.  Killing him is worth 10,000 experience and gets you the

    Once you have the sword, there is a bit of a jailbreak... or prison riot,
    whichever you prefer.

      Bug:  When you are about to save Trias (the Deva) in the Curst Prison
            just after you've found his Celestial Fire, ask him about what
            Ravel have tould you and then free him from his chains (press 1
            till dialogue is over). Talk to him again and press 2
            ("Ah well. Farewell"). Talk to him again, keep pressing 1:s then
            a 2 and so on. You get 300k exp each time. (from Hannes)

            This was fixed in the official patch.

    Return to Trias, and use the sword to free him for 306,250 experience.
    Once he is freed, ask him for knowledge and ask how you can reclaim your
    mortality.  He tells you that there is a creature in the Outlands who can
    help you, and the portal to him is located right in this prison.
    Convenient.  When you're done with Trias, head up and to the right to the
    door at (x 4200 y 700).  This is the portal.  However, if you want Vhailor
    in your party, don't enter the portal, instead go through the door as
    normal to find the walking suit of armor known as Vhailor.

    NPC:  Vhailor (joins)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               100       2       12   18/51   13    18    10    10    10

      Vhailor was at one point the most vigilant Mercykiller of them all.  At
      least until someone (*cough*) left him to rot in this prison for all
      time.  Instead of simply dying and having done with it, Vhailor simply
      had too much still to do, and lived on... as a suit of armor.

      With a WIS of 18 or more, you will recall his name right away "Vhailor?"
      which leads to a memory worth 60,000 experience.  Then tell Vhailor to
      Awaken, which he will.  Ask him who he is, then WHAT he is.  He tells you
      that he is a Mercykiller mostly.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Saying Truth: mercy is weak makes you more LAWFUL and more
                    EVIL at the same time.  Lying about it makes you more
                    CHAOTIC.  Truth: I disagree makes you more GOOD.

      At this point, if you really want to, you can convince Vhailor to kill
      himself.  Start with "Truth: I disagree".  If you have an INT of 16 you
      can follow with: "By your own words, you are not innocent, either. Should
      *you* be punished?" then "So if you had ever let a criminal escape
      punishment, then you yourself would be punished?" and "Well, while you
      were imprisoned beneath Curst, thousands..." and "If you do that, then
      you will no longer be able to punish the living. Which is it, Vhailor?"
      Finally with a CHA of 21 or more you can convince him that there are more
      DEAD criminals than living ones, after which he kills himself and you
      get 90,000 experience.

        Note:  You can also convince Vhailor that LAW itself is meaningless,
               the result is the same, he kills himself.  Useful if you don't
               want to take him with you in your party.

      Next ask him how he serves Justice, and ask about the Strength of justice
      to learn about his special Judging Vision.  Ask him what he sees when he
      looks at another.  Ask him to look at you, the Nameless One, to recover
      a memory worth 90,000 experience.

      Vhailor then asks if you have ever killed.  If you want, you can just lie
      to him repeatedly until he shuts up.  Even if you do admit to a crime,
      you can still get out of Vhailor attacking you, if you have an INT or
      WIS of 16, you can tell him that you have already BEEN punished.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Lying makes you CHAOTIC, truthtelling makes you LAWFUL.
                    Nothing surprising there.

      Tell Vhailor that you seek justice too to get him to join up.  You get
      90,000 experience when he joins.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Saying TRUTH you seek justice makes you more LAWFUL & GOOD.
                    Lying merely makes you more CHAOTIC.

      Once Vhailor has joined up with you, talk to him again and ask him to
      teach you the Axe. (you must be a fighter at the time)  He wants to know
      how strong your WILL is, and depending on how LAWFUL you are, he will
      believe you.  Ask him to show you what he sees, and depending on the
      level of LAWFULNESS you get the bonus:

                          +1 DAMAGE BONUS
                          90,000 experience
        VERY LAWFUL     - STR +2
                          +2 DAMAGE BONUS
                          120,000 experience
        SUPER LAWFUL    - STR +3
                          +3 DAMAGE BONUS
                          150,000 experience

    Once that is done, enter the portal and begone.

    12.    [THTLND]  The Outlands

  Area:  AR1100, Outlands

    Head over to the giant skull (x 1170 y 1700), and enter.

  Area:  AR1101, Fhjull Forked Tongue's Home

    Once inside, drop down the stairs, and talk to the cornugon, Fhjull.

    NPC:  Fhjull (doesn't join)

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                55      -2       11     9     9     9     9     9     9

      Fhjull is an interesting sort of Baatezu, he must perform "good deeds"
      due to some trickery on Trias' part.  Ask him some questions.  You can
      learn all about how he ended out like this, as well as learn just what
      kind of creature leaves giant bones like the ones he lives in.

      Ask him about your mortality.  He tells you that it is probably in the
      "fortress of regrets", but he has no idea how you might get there.  He
      tells you that if you head over to Avernus you can talk to the Pillar of
      Skulls... perhaps they know.  This revelation is worth 350,000
      experience.  Ask him how to get to Baator and he'll tell you there is a
      portal under one of the bones above.  With an INT of 18 or WIS of 16 or
      more you can ask him how you might LEAVE Baator once there, which is
      worth 100,000 experience.

      Once you've learned about Trias' trickery, you can request some aid from
      Fhjull.  Look at-- and take -- each of the items that he has:

        Hatred's Gift
        Gordion's Knot
        Adder's Tear
        Green Steel Knife
        Green Steel Dagger
        Kesseg, Cerebral Parasite (you can get more than 1 of these)

      He also has some spells for you to take:

        Remove Curse
        Globe of Invulnerability
        Chain Lightning Storm
        Acid Storm
        Blade Storm
        Stygian Ice Storm

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Stealing his items like this makes you more EVIL.

      Fhjull will also let you rest here if you ask him.

    Head out.

  Area:  AR1100, Outlands

    The portal to Baator is located at (x 1675 y 1900) underneath the armbone.

  Area:  AR1000, Baator

    Everything here is a Baatezu, whether it looks like a damsel in distress
    (your classic D.I.D.) or not.  There are a LOT of monsters here, which
    could make this place fairly tough to get through.  Unless, of course, you
    don't fight anything.  If you are up for running (rather than fighting)
    simply send the Nameless One to the bottom right corner to the next area.

  Area:  AR1101, Pillar of Skulls

    Leave EVERYONE in the party where they are, and have the Nameless One go up
    ALONE to the Pillar of Skulls (it's important).  I also cast Friends on
    myself before talking to him... that way I can Lie about the location of

    NPC:  Pillar of Skulls (doesn't join)

      Ah, the infamous pillar.  This is where your previous incarnation picked
      up Morte.  Talk to it.  Every question you ask it must be PAID for, so
      ask only important questions.  Ask how to get to the Fortress of Regrets,
      and after paying your price (see below), it will tell you that you have
      already been by the portal, although they don't know where it is, and
      that the key to it is Regret.  Further they tell you that only 3 know
      where this portal is, and one of them is Trias.  He lied to you, in other

      Only one other question matters at this point, how to get out of Baator.
      (not necessary if you got the answer out of Fhjull earlier)  Once again
      you must pay their price (see below) to learn how to get out.  You must
      return to the previous area, find the obsidian pile, cut your tongue with
      a piece, to activate the portal out.

        Note:  If you ask "who am I" and learn the answer with Vhailor present,
               he will attack you.

      Now for the prices that must be paid:

        Modron Cube (which is lost forever... therefore you can't give it to
        Location of Fhjull (who really cares about him anyway?)

          *ALIGNMENT*:  Giving up Fhjull makes you more EVIL.  Lying about his
                        location makes you more CHAOTIC (and can only be pulled
                        off if you have an 18 CHA anyway).  I found Lying about
                        Fhjull to be the easiest price to pay.

        Morte (whom you can get back... see below)
        Fall-From-Grace (whom you can NOT get back)
        Annah (whom you can NOT get back)

          *ALIGNMENT*:  Casting in Morte, Grace or Annah makes you more EVIL.

        Drop of your Blood (lowers your MaxHP by 15)

      If you gave up Morte, the next time you talk to the Pillar you'll see him
      and have the option to attempt a rescue.  In order to get Morte out of
      there, you must have gained BOTH of the "specialist" bonuses in the same
      class.  So, you must have BOTH the level 7 and level 12 bonuses.
      Getting Morte out costs you:

        -5 MaxHP

    Back to the previous area.

  Area:  AR1000, Baator

    The portal out is way over to the left, in the bottom corner. (x 770
    y 2300)  When you get close, you get the Portal Dialog that gets you out.

    Once there, go back in and talk to Fhjull again.

  Area:  AR1101, Fhjull

    Ask Fhjull how you might get out of this cursed place, and he'll tell you
    that there is a portal back to Curst under the tailbone of this massive
    skeleton.  Exit.

  Area:  AR1100, Outlands

    The portal is over at (x 2530 y 1650).  Enter.

    13.    [CRSTRV]  Curst Revisited

  Area:  AR0800, Curst Ghost Town

    Treasures:  - 9 Copper                          (x 3400 y 2240)
                  Cockroach Charm
                - Silver Bracelet                   (x 3720 y 2020)
                - 14 Copper                         (x 2900 y 2300)
                  Blood Charm
                - 6 Copper                          (x 3560 y 2280)
                  Corpse Fly Charm

    Yes, this is Curst, but it has definitely seen better days.  You'd think
    the whole town was sucked into Hell or something.

    If you solved the Moridor's Demon Box (the big FedEX quest) by having the
    priest send the demon to another plane... that demon is now here, wandering
    around somewhere.  He's pretty tough, too.  I found him over to the left.

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               600     -10       11     19    14    16    12    10    9
               Requires +2 enchanted weapons to hit

    When you kill him you get a whopping 500,000 experience, and some items:

      1000 Copper
      Aegis of Torment (+3 CON, +15 HP, +3 AC, best ring in the game)

    Head over to the Gate to Carceri (x 2130 y 1830) and talk to the heads
    there.  Ask them about what happened to the town, etc.  Ask what happened
    to the head itself, and if you have an INT of 21 or more, you can say:
    "Is it just me, or are there far too many talking, disembodied heads
    around these days?"  for 3000 experience.  Have the heads teleport you into

      13.1 [CRCRZI]  Carceri

  Area:  AR0900, Curst in Carceri

    Treasures:  - Silver Ring                       (x 2400 y 1600, locked)
                  10 Copper
                - 9 Copper                          (x 2450 y 1800)
                - 11 Copper                         (x 2550 y 1750)
                - 2 Blood Charms                    (x 2350 y 1650)
                - Clot Charm                        (x 2400 y 1700, locked)
                  Dirty Rat Charm

    Curst was sucked into Carceri when its people lost their way.  They lost
    their way when Trias returned.  Thus, in order to defeat Trias later,
    you'll want to help the people return to law and order.  Also, this area
    is crawling in high EXP monsters, such as the 14,000 exp Gehreleth.  These
    monsters will also respawn if you leave and come back, making for some
    useful experience gaining.

    The dump caretaker should quickly find you, explain what happened here and
    give you:

      Spell - Meteor Swarm Bombardment

    While in Curst, your GOOD DEEDS are counted, and effect how powerful Trias
    is when you attack him later.

    Good Deed 1: Gehreleths  <------------------------------------------------>

    Just to the left of where you appear (x 2620 y 2845) are some monsters.
    Although there are Gehreleths all over this place, these are going out of
    their way to kill everyone here.  Take out the Gehreleths before they kill
    too many people.  When the Gehreleths are dead you get another 225,000
    experience.  You ONLY get the Experience if the Gehreleths kills LESS THAN
    8 people.

    Good Deed 2: The Cart, Berrog and the Burgher  <-------------------------->

    Just to the right from where you started (x 3750 y 2900) you'll find a cart
    that has landed on Berrog and the Burgher.  Talk to Berrog both of them
    will each make their plea.  Berrog tells you to try to save the Burgher
    first, and the Burgher agrees.  The best solution is to free Berrog, which
    gets you 125,000 experience and is a Good Deed.  The Burgher dies, so
    search his body for:

      Spell - Deathbolt

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Freeing Berrog (or both of them) is GOOD.  Freeing just the
                  Burgher is EVIL, but still considered a Good Deed.

    Alternatively, saving the Burgher is EVIL, but he gives you the Spell (and
    you still get the 125,000 experience):


    Freeing both of them requires an INT of 14, and gets you no EXP.  You also
    get the Deathbolt spell this way.

    Note:  The various rewards for this quest were horribly, terribly bugged.
           I standardized them so that identical dialogue paths will no longer
           yield drastically different rewards. The "best" solution, post-fix,
           is to free them both. [from Qwinn]

    Good Deed 3: Jasilya  <--------------------------------------------------->

    Head up to find Jasilya being accosted by Thugs (x 3030 y 1850) yet again.
    Kill all the thugs, then talk to her for 75,000 experience.  Careful, if
    you kiss her, it might irritate any other ladies who are in love with you.

    Killing the thugs is a Good Deed.

    Good Deed 4: The Execution  <--------------------------------------------->

    Head over to the left (x 830 y 2940) to find an execution going on.  The
    official about to be executed will beg you to save him.  Hurry and talk to
    the Judge.  With an INT or WIS of 15 you can say: "If you execute him,
    it'll add to the chaos that threw this town into Carceri in the first
    place. Put an end to this madness so we can get the Curst back where it
    belongs... before we're *all* killed."  This stops the execution and gets
    you 225,000 experience.

      Note:  Without my Fixpack, the Execution can get bugged to the point of
             totally broken. This occurs if you entered the UnderCurst prison
             area more than once (say, you went to the Hermit for
             resting/healing and returned) and you had An'izius arrested
             (because if you did, An'izius is the official to be executed.) If
             you do that, both executions (yes, there are actually two of them)
             will occur simultaneously and will begin the moment you enter
             Curst in Carceri, rather than when you get in range to see them.
             So, if you're playing without my Fixpack, you might want to avoid
             leaving the Curst Prison area more than once. [from Qwinn]

    Alternatively, with a CHA of 15 you can persuade them not to kill him.
    This is also worth 225,000 experience.  Finally, if you have NEITHER of
    the two other conditions, with Vhailor in your party he can get them to
    stop.  You get no EXP for this.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Halting the execution makes you GOOD.

    This is, of course, a Good Deed.

    Good Deed 5: The Angry Mob  <--------------------------------------------->

    Go up to (x 1270 y 940) and talk to the Official there.  He wants you to
    help convince the mob not to kill him.  Next talk to the "Angry" guy here,
    and with an INT, WIS or CHA of 15 you can convince him to let the official
    go.  This is worth 150,000 experience, and another good deed.

    Good Deed 6: The Slave Ring  <-------------------------------------------->

    Go right to find a man selling townspeople as slaves (x 2130 y 580).  Go
    further back and talk to Hezobol.  Although you could just attack him
    (an EVIL action even if it counts as a Good Deed), we're going to attempt
    to be more subtle.

    With 15 INT, CHA or WIS you can convince him that slaving is bad, and has
    lead Curst to where it is right now.  This counts as the Good Deed and
    gets you 150,000 experience.  You then tell him to use his forces for good
    instead of evil and he does so.

    Alternatively, you could just say "I'm here to stop you" which works just
    as well without the Stat Check.  It's also worth 150,000 experience.

    Good Deed 7: Looters  <--------------------------------------------------->

    Head over to the warehouse (x 3330 y 1260) down and to the right.  Talk to
    the big guard there, Jujog.  They're looting out the warehouse, which of
    course, isn't good.  Again with a 15 INT, CHA or WIS you can talk him out
    of it.  This is worth 150,000 experience and a Good Deed.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  This also makes you more GOOD.

    Enter the Warehouse.

  Area:  AR0902, Carceri Warehouse

    Treasures:  - 733 Copper                        (x 570 y 470)
                  Charcoal Charm
                  Magus Shield
                - Scroll of Ball Lightning          (x 740 y 720)
                  Scroll of Ice Knife
                  Scroll of Cure Critical Wounds
                - Ancient Scroll                    (x 395 y 286, hard to find)

    Find and talk to Ebb Creakknees.  Ask him what he's doing there, and he'll
    tell you that he's fighting against the system.  Convince him that he
    shouldn't be doing that, and should be helping to find the MONSTERS.  This
    is a Good Deed and gets you 225,000 experience.  He'll also give you:

      Spell - Desert Hell

    Also in here is the Ancient Scroll.  This is only really usable by a level
    12 mage or greater.  This is a Wish Scroll, and is pretty damn powerful.
    You get ONE and only ONE wish with it:

      Increase in Abilities (STR,DEX,CON,INT,WIS or CHA +2)
      An Item of Power (creates the Ring of Thex, +20 HP, +4 AC, +2 saves,
         mages only)
      Wealth (10,000 copper)
      Heal Party
      Arcane Knowledge (creates several spells:  Stygian Ice Storm, Meteor
         Storm Bombardment, Power Word: Kill)

    I'd go for either the Item of Power (that ring rules) or the Increase in

      Trick:  (from Kyriell the Minstrel)  If you put the wish scroll in
              Dak'kon's inventory, it will be red, but you can STILL
              right-click it and use it... and because Dak'kon cannot use the
              item, you get your wish, but the scroll isn't used up.

              This is fixed in my Fixpack. Sorry to disappoint. [from Qwinn]


  Area:  AR0900, Curst in Carceri

    Go over to the Distillery (x 2200 y 2200) and enter.

  Area:  AR3016, Distillery in Carceri

    Save Kester from the thugs in here.  If you can kill them before they kill
    the Distiller, you have done a Good Deed.  He thanks you, and that is
    pretty much that.  Also, you can rest in here if you choose.

  Area:  AR0900, Curst in Carceri

    That's it for Curst in Carceri, now head all the way up to the big building
    and enter.  Before you enter, the Hermit will offer to heal you.  Take him
    up on his offer, and keep healing your people until they don't appear on
    the menu any more.

  Area:  AR0901, Headquarters

    Treasures:  Level 1:

                - 2 Blood Charms                    (x 4550 y 750)
                  Heart Charm
                  Charm of Infinite Recall
                - 3 Bandages                        (x 3340 y 840)
                  2 Needle & Thread
                  Clot Charm
                - Needle & Thread                   (x 4000 y 1120)
                  2 Clot Charms
                - Clot Charm                        (x 3940 y 1450)
                - Bandages                          (x 3800 y 300)
                  Bone Charm
                  Knot Charm
                  Cockroach Charm

                Level 2:

                - 3000 Copper                       (x 1930 y 830, trapped)
                - Adder's Tear                      (x 2030 y 750, trapped)
                  Knot Charm
                  Thrice-Blind Charm
                  2 Heart Charms
                - Blood Charm                       (x 1070 y 200, trapped)
                  Clot Charm
                  Charcoal Charm
                  Corpse Fly Charm
                - Blood Charm                       (x 1390 y 350)
                  Heart Charm
                  Fiend's Blood Dagger
                  Charcoal Charm
                - 2 Heart Charms                    (x 1025 y 1300)
                  Scroll of Deathbolt

                Level 3:

                - Heart Charm                       (x 3090 y 2400)
                - "Edge of Oblivion                 (x 2460 y 1920, trapped)
                  Vrock Club
                  Enchanted Stuff
                  Mark of the Savant
                  Porphatys Dagger

    Although this building is divided into several "levels", it is all
    considered to be one area.  After getting the various treasures on this
    level, go up the stairs (x 4200 y 460).

    Search the side rooms first for treasure, then enter the large main chamber
    to see a bunch of guards fighting Gehreleths.  Kill the guards first, then
    take on the Gehreleths.  The stairs to the next level are in the small
    passage to the right (x 1230 y 1560).

    Once here, just go forward to the next room, and again.  In the cluttered
    room be sure to get the treasure.  And, if you want to, talk to the dying
    guard.  When you're ready, open the 2 sets of big doors, and go confront
    Trias, the Betrayer.

    The battle with Trias depends a LOT on how many Good Deeds you did back in

    Couple of Good Deeds:

      Hard Trias --
         Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                  230      -5       8      17    17    16    13    13    13
                  3 attacks/round
                  High resistances as well.

         Allies:  6 Trelons

    Some (not All) Good Deeds:

      Medium Trias --
         Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                  208      -4       9      17    17    16    13    13    13
                  3 attacks/round
                  Medium resistances as well.

         Allies:  3 Trelons

    Most or All Good Deeds:

      Easy Trias --
         Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                  190      -4      10      17    17    16    13    13    13
                  2 attacks/round
                  Low resistances as well.

         Allies:  3 Sohmien

    *ALIGNMENT*:  If, after defeating Trias, you attack him again, you become a
                  LOT more EVIL.

    Once you have defeated him, he will yield to you.

    NPC:  Trias

      *ALIGNMENT*:  If you taunt him by saying that he couldn't have beaten you
                    even in his full glory, you become more EVIL.

      Now we need some information, ask him how to get to the Fortress of
      Regrets.  He requires a promise from you, that you will not kill him.
      You can say that you won't, or you can vow it (saying that you'll make no
      promise is futile).

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Vowing is LAWFUL.

      Once that is done, he tells you.  The portal is located within the
      Mortuary (where you STARTED the game) and a key is a Regret.  You must
      strip off a piece of flesh when you get near it, and write a regret on
      the flesh.  This will lead to the Fortress.  Also learn about the Keeper
      of the Fortress.

      Now we must decide what to do with Trias.  You could decide to kill him
      anyway, which will get you 375,000 experience.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Killing him regardless of what you said earlier makes you
                    more EVIL.  However, if you also Vowed not to kill him,
                    you also become more CHAOTIC.  Also, if Vhailor is in your
                    party, he'll kill Trias for you.  You get the EXP but have
                    no alignment shifts.

      Or you could ask what he'll do when you leave, and he'll say that he'll
      try this whole mess over again.  With a WIS of 16 or more you can ask if
      he's forgotten about his Father.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  This is the only GOOD path here.

      Next say:  "The Upper Planes are the home of justice, beauty, and
      goodness. They are also home to forgiveness. Go home. Admit your error
      and beg forgiveness."  This line only works if you have a CHA of at
      least 14.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  This is one of the most GOOD actions in the game.

      For his Redemption, Trias will give you:

        Spell - Celestial Host
        375,000 experience

      And again, if Vhailor is in your party, he'll kill Trias before he can
      leave.  And once again this is worth 375,000 experience.  Therefore, you
      can Redeem AND Kill him!

    If you killed Trias (at any time), you can pick up his sword:

      Celestial Fire

    The best feature about Celestial Fire is that you can change what type of
    weapon it is.  Just right-click and talk to it, then have it change to
    whatever weapon you would like.  You can only do this once, but it is
    mighty powerful.

    Head up to the portal (x 2230 y 2500).

      13.2 [SGLRVS]  Sigil Revisited

  Area:  AR0200, Mortuary Hive

    Well, we're now back where we started, just outside the Mortuary.  We now
    have everything we'll need to get into the Fortress of Regrets, however,
    there are a couple things left to do.

    If you've been telling everyone that you are Adahn, you will want to head
    over to the Smoldering Corpse Bar to find Adahn there.

    NPC:  Adahn (doesn't join)

      Try not to reveal that you made Adahn up.  Ask him if he knows who you
      are and he'll say that you're an old friend.  Say your farewells, and
      Adahn will stop you saying that he has some of your stuff.  With an INT
      or WIS of 14 you can have him check his left sleeve again:

        250 EXP
        Adahn's Ring (sell for 50 copper)

      If you have to ask "did you lose it" you get the ring but nothing else.

      With an INT or WIS of 16 or more you can ask if there was some money
      that went along with this:

        500 EXP
        100 Copper

      Lastly, with an INT or WIS of 17 or more you can ask for that old magic
      item he was to give you:

        Adahn's Dagger +1
        1000 EXP

      After which, Adahn vanishes.

    After that, head back to the Lower Ward and talk re-enter the Siege Tower
    to talk to Coaxmetal.

    NPC:  Coaxmetal

      Say farewell to Coaxmetal and he'll ask you to help him get out of his
      prison.  All he needs is the Modron Cube that you have (or can get from
      the Curiousity Shop).  If you give him the cube, you get a pretty good

        Entropic Blade
        12,000 EXP

      *ALIGNMENT*:  This makes you a LOT more EVIL and CHAOTIC.  Saying that
                    you can't give the cube up because it's "too precious to
                    me" makes you a little more EVIL.  Refusing to give it to
                    him because the planes are better off with him here makes
                    you more GOOD and LAWFUL.

                    That being said, by the end of the game, if you've done
                    most of the GOOD and LAWFUL events, you can give the Modron
                    Cube and STILL be Lawful Good!  Save it beforehand and try
                    it anyway.

      If you refuse to give him the cube, you get the 12,000 experience anyway.

      Entropic Blade          vs.       Celestial Fire
      All Alignments                    Lawful Good Only
      3-23 Dmg                          3-18 Dmg  +10 Fire Dmg = 13-28 total
                                        +2 AC
                                        +10% weapon resistance
      +2 THAC0                          +2 THAC0
      Speed: 1                          Speed: 3
      Fighters/Thieves                  All classes (depending on alteration)

      Note:  Remember, you can only alter the Entropic Blade once.  Further,
             you must have a Proficiency Point in the weapon you want it to
             alter to.  So, you can't change it to an Axe if you don't have any
             Axe points.

    After all that, you might just want more training for the Nameless One, or
    perhaps to buy any new tatoos that have appeared.  There are some good
    tatoos dealing with Ravel and Trias.

  Area:  AR0101, Ragpicker's Square

    Return to the mage-teacher Mebbeth in Ragpicker's Square, she's dying
    when you arrive but she lives long enough to discuss being Ravel and
    She'll ask you for one of the black barbed seeds she gave you in the
    maze.  Give her one and she'll die peacefully and give you 120,000xp,
    refuse her and she dies anyway.  I'm not sure what effect this has on
    alignment but I imagine refusing her dying wish is evil and granting it
    is good. (from Lord Xeen)

    Once all that is done, re-enter the Mortuary.  Either kill yourself, or
    have Pox get you in.

  Area:  AR0202, Mortuary

    Once at the Mortuary Table where you always appear, just go up and a
    dialogue should appear.  Pull off a piece of skin, write a regret, and
    wait for the portal to open (250,000 experience).

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Depending on the Regret you pick, you change alignment.  If
                  you regret doing an evil deed, you become more GOOD.  If you
                  regret NOT doing an evil deed, you become more EVIL.

    You will then ask your
    party if they're ready to go through, and Morte and Dak'kon will start
    spilling a LOT of information about the Fortress.  Turns out they've been
    here with you before, and it didn't turn out so well the first time.  And
    for some mysterious reason, you left Deionarra there to die.

      Note:  Since you'll be separated from your companions, you might want to
             take all significant items (such as all your Heart Charms) with
             the Nameless One.

             Be SURE to have the Bronze Sphere & Blade of the Immortal on the
             Nameless One.

    Step into the portal... but you won't be coming back!

    14.    [FRTRSS]  Fortress of Regrets

  The more often you die during the course of the game, the more shadows you
  will encounter in the Fortress.  The number of shadows increases at 5, 10 and
  15 deaths.  When I discovered this (after version 3.0 of my fixpack came
  out), I found that there are some instances that should count as a death but
  don't, such as dying while in dialogue with Jolmi, Yi'minn and Death's
  Advocate.  Those will be fixed in version 4.0.  It's been decided that Marta
  never actually kills you, and all other ways of dying in dialogue (e.g. the
  petrified mage, Pox, replacing your eye if your HP is low, etc.) always have
  and will count toward your death count. [from Qwinn]

  Area:  AR1200, Fortress Entrance

    Head over to the right and talk to Deionarra (x 3960 y 2100).  She warns
    you to get out of here, but we can't do that even if we wanted to.  Ask her
    anything you can, but she isn't terribly helpful.  Before you go, show her
    the wedding ring you got from her Legacy, and she'll upgrade it for you:

      Before                         After

      Wedding Ring                   Super Wedding Ring
      +1 to all Saving Throws        +3 to all Saving Throws
      +1 AC                          +3 AC
      +3 AC vs. Piercing             +3 AC vs. Piercing

    Head over to the large door to the left, and enter (x 640 y 1020).

  Area:  AR1201, Fortress of Regrets

    When you enter, you'll see a cutscene with Ignus summoned by the
    Transcendent One.  Also, this area is crawling in shadows, including the
    brand new Greater Shadow, which is pretty powerful (especially since you're
    all by yourself at the moment).  Each are worth 10,000 experience.  Finally
    this area has several traps on the floor.

    Click on the War Machine (x 2900 y 1950) to see the death of Dak'kon.  This
    also teleports you to a new section of this area.  Head left, then
    down/right to the next war machine (x 1750 y 1750), click on it to see the
    death of Annah.  Head back down to the main level.  Head right, up the
    stairs.  There will be a giant clock here with writing from your previous
    incarnation on it.  Neat.  Continue right to the next War Machine (x 4450
    y 2700).  Click it to see the death of Fall-from-Grace.  Back to the main
    level again, then go up to the final platform.  The War Machine is a little
    hidden (x 3800 y 550), but it's there.  Click it to see the death of

      Note:  If you didn't have any of the party members above, the machine
             will simply teleport you.

    Having clicked all 4 War Machines (Relics), the key to the portal has been
    opened.  You will also be teleported away.  Return to the portal (x 3450
    y 380) and go through it.

  Area:  AR1202, Fortress of Regrets 2

    Time to deal with Ignus.  You'll be in a room with a giant crystal in the
    center, and just past that, will be Ignus, ready to betray his former
    master.  Go up and whack him, he should be no challenge for you. (32,000

      Note: If for whatever reason Ignus didn't make it to the end of the
            game, you may find yourself facing Vhailor.

    Over to the right (x 1180 y 930) behind one of the statues is the Sounding
    Stone.  Get it and use it.  There is a small stash of charms by the far
    left statue.  Now, the only other thing to do in here is to click the
    crystal in the center.  This teleports you...

  Area:  AR1203, Incarnations

    You'll awaken surrounded by your significant previous incarnations.  The
    Good Incarnation, the Practical Incarnation and the Paranoid Incarnation.
    Practical will talk to you first.

    NPC:  Practical Incarnation

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
               128       0       8      25    14    19    25    16    20

      Practical wants to merge with you... by him stealing your body.  Ask him
      what he is talking about, then point out that he's been here before and
      was defeated.  Time to ask him some questions.  You can ask him about how
      he gave the Circle to Dak'kon and saved him for his Karach Blade.  He is
      also the one who killed Deionarra and imprisoned Vhailor.  Be sure to
      ask WHY Deionarra had to die.

      *ALIGNMENT*:  Saying that he didn't have to kill her is GOOD.  Agreeing
                    with him that it was good for her to die is EVIL.

      Ask about the Tattoos on your back, and why they had you looking for
      Pharod.  This brings up the Bronze Sphere.  Ask him what the Bronze
      Sphere is supposed to do to learn that it is a Sensory Stone of your
      FIRST incarnation (96,000 experience).

      If you have 21 INT or WIS tell him that you want to merge with him, and
      when he gets to it:  Lock gazes with him, try and force him to merge with
      you.  If you don't have 21 INT or WIS you'll have to fight him.  When you
      absorb him like this you get:

        96,000 experience
        +1 INT
        +1 WIS

        Note:  If you don't have 21 INT or WIS and try to merge with him, he'll
               take over your body, and the game ends.  Remember, if you don't
               have the stats, choose the option to fight it out instead.

    Time to talk to the Paranoid Incarnation.

    NPC:  Paranoid Incarnation

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                93       5       10     21    25    20    11    11    13

      Paranoid accuses you of being a thief; mostly because you are living in
      what he considers to be his body.  You can point out that he was the
      one whom the Lady mazed for killing all those people, or that he killed
      Fin, or any number of other things, but he isn't very conversational.

      There are several ways to deal with Paranoid (besides simply fighting
      him).  If you've choked anyone during the game, you can Lock your hands
      around his throat and choke him.  Then with a STR of 21, Paranoid will
      realize he can't win, and he'll merge with you:

        64,000 experience
        STR +1
        CON +1

      Or you can talk to him in the language of Uyo (you must have learned it
      earlier, or have an INT of at least 16).  Then you simply must convince
      him that you are one in the same, and that he should merge with you.
      The reward is the same as above.

    Finally talk to the Good Incarnation.

    NPC:  Good Incarnation

      Stats:    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                33      10       19     17    18    18    21    21    11

      Ask Good some questions.  Namely, ask this:  "Before you said that when
      we die, traces are left in the mind. That's what caused you all to
      emerge. Right?"  With an INT of 17 or more you can ask about the First
      Incarnation, which is worth 96,000 experience.  You will also learn that
      he is the First Incarnation.  He essentially became immortal to avoid
      going to Hell.

      Not much else to do, and the Good Incarnation will merge with you fairly

        32,000 experience
        +1 WIS

    After that, Deionarra will appear.

    Before talking to her, right click the Bronze Sphere and Use it.  Clasp it
    and feel regret, then follow this conversation.  For this you get the
    largest experience bonus in the game:

      2,000,000 experience
      Symbol of Torment

    Talk to Deionarra.  If you want to, you can tell her how she died.  Tell
    her the truth and she should forgive you.

    *ALIGNMENT*:  Telling her how and why she died is a GOOD and mostly LAWFUL

    Ask her to teleport you out and she will.

  Area:  AR1204, Transcendent One

    Go forward to find all your dead companions and their items.  Walk forward
    some more and the Transcendent One will appear and threaten you with
    another death.  Talk to him.

    NPC:  Transcendent One

      Stats depend on the Nameless One's Level:

      18 or less:   HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                   320      -3       5      19    18    14    25    25    25
      19 to 33:    350      -4       4      19    18    14    25    25    25
      34 to 66:    500      -5       3      19    25    14    25    25    25
      67 to 89:    750      -7       2      19    25    14    25    25    25
      90 or more:  999     -10       1      19    25    14    25    25    25

      Ask him what he's done to your companions, and he attempts to explain
      himself about them.  After which, if you have 21 INT or WIS you can tell
      him that you know that he is your Mortality.  Follow this for a LONG
      while, then ask him some questions.

      From this point, there are a great many different ways to handle this
      situation.  With an INT of 16 tell him what Ravel told you about the
      ritual being flawed (or if you don't have the INT tell him that you
      were not meant to be divided) to learn of the link between the two of
      you.  Following this line, you can also learn that the shadows kill you
      to make you FORGET, not to kill you.  Further, he wanted you to kill
      Trias because Trias knew how to find him.  Once no one knows how to get
      to the Fortress, he simply kills you until you forget, and kicks you out

      Back to the questions list.  Time to choose how to end the game.  Pick
      whichever of the following options appeals to you the most.

      If you have 24 CHA, then follow this path:  Ask why he's done everything
      in his power to prevent a meeting, then point out that he uses shadows
      rather than go himself.  With an INT or WIS of 18 or more, you can tell
      him that he is afraid to confront you.  Follow this for awhile.  Then
      point out that you are linked, and that as you die, he dies as well.
      With a 24 CHA you can then convince him to merge up with you. (Ending:

      If you have 24 WIS follow this path:  Ask him Ravel's question, what can
      change the nature of a man.  He says that nothing can.  If you have 13
      WIS, or have killed Vhailor by talking him to death, or created Adahn,
      you can tell him that Belief can change the nature of a man.  Follow this
      until you get the option to try to unmake HIM.  With a 24 WIS, focus your
      self inwards and follow this until you succeed and he gives up. (Ending:

      If you have the Blade of the Immortal:  ask why he sent Ignus out to kill
      you (or Vhailor).  He'll say that you can't actually die, which brings
      up what HE is if he is your mortality and you are immortal.  Tell him
      that he is still your mortality, and that you now have a weapon that can
      kill yourself.  Show him the Blade of the Immortal.  Threaten to use the
      blade on yourself and he'll be forced to merge with you again. (Ending:

      If you would rather just fight him, you can trick him into resurrecting
      one of your companions (or even remembering how to do it yourself).

        Annah - no bonus
        Dak'kon - If you completed Dak'kon's teachings, when you raise him he
                  will gain:

                    2,000,000 experience (Dak'kon ONLY)
                    +1 STR
                    +3 DEX
                    +3 CON

        Fall-from-Grace - no bonus
        Morte - no bonus (and he isn't really dead either)
        Nordom - no bonus
        Vhailor - tell him about the great injustice that has been done to have
                  him get:

                    2,000,000 experience (Vhailor ONLY)
                    +3 STR
                    DEX set to 25
                    CON set to 25

      There are 3 endings to this game, the best one you get when you convince
      the Transcendent One to merge up with you (any of the options above),
      a lesser if you simply best him in combat. Finally the 3rd ending comes
      if you kill yourself with the Immortal Blade. (or even unmake yourself
      by skill of thought)

    The Endings: (from Platter)

      Merge with TTO:
      1. Threaten him with the "Blade of the Immortal."
      2. Threaten to unmake yourself with your will (min. WIS of 24).
      3. Threaten him with your true name (must have used the Bronze Sphere).
      4. Convince him things will be ok if you merge (min. CHA of 24).

      Kill yourself:
      1. Use the "Blade of the Immortal."
      2. Unmake yourself with your will (min. WIS of 24).

      Kill TTO:
      1. Kill him by normal combat alone.
      2. Resurrect one of your companions while talking to him. Pick Morte
         first as he is not really dead, then you can pick someone else too.
      3. Resurrect all your party members by tricking him to go check the
         Shadows (need to have found the "Sounding Stone" in the room with the

                        [PPNDCS]  APPENDICES

    A.     [GLSSRY]  Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Torment Terms (partially based on the Glossary of Planespeak at
Planet Baldur's Gate,

General Terms

  Anarchists    -- the Revolutionary League Faction, believes in the tearing
                   down of all order, and all government.

  Barmy         -- Crazy

  Berk          -- a foolish idiot, an insulting term, the opposite of cutter

  Blood         -- an expert in his field, the best at what he does

  Bone Box      -- the mouth, used as "quit rattling your bone box" to mean
                   "shut up"

  Bub           -- liquor

  Cage, the     -- another name for Sigil, meaning that the place is like a

  Chant, the    -- the news, or most recent developments in the multiverse, so
                   if you want to know what's going on you ask "what's the

  Chaosmen      -- the more common name for Xaositects, they are literally
                   bound by chaos, and as such, usually can't even talk

  Collector     -- any man or woman who collects dead bodies to be sold to the

  Cutter        -- a complimentary term for a person, often used by berks to
                   ingratiate themselves upon persons greater than they

  Dead Book     -- since the Dustmen literally have a Dead Book, it has become
                   another term meaning "to die", and when you die you are
                   "penned in the dead book"

  Deader        -- anyone who is dead, but not undead

  Dustmen       -- a faction of Sigil, they believe in the True Death, that is,
                   that life is meaningless and we should cleanse ourselves of
                   passion to achieve nothingness, also known as "Dusties"

  Gate          -- a portal to another plane/prime world

  Gate town     -- a town built on a gate to another plane, usually takes on a
                   lot of the characteristics of the nearby plane, and if it
                   gets too much like that plane, it SLIDES into that plane

  Godsmen       -- a faction also called the Believes of the Source, they
                   believe that everyone, Powers and People, spring from the
                   same tap (the "Divine Source"), and that anyone can become a

  Graybeard     -- can mean any mage or other intelligent person, but from
                   Morte's perspective, it means old skeletons

  Harmonium     -- a faction of Sigil, sometimes called the "Hardheads", and
                   believe that it's their way, or the highway

  Indeps        -- a faction of Sigil, also called the Free League, basically
                   are a loose organization, with its members not having all
                   that much to do with each other

  Jink          -- money, copper commons, etc.  Sometimes used as "Jink-jink"

  Kip           -- a common term for a place of residence, or even just a place
                   to sleep for a night, usually has a cheap connotation

  Mazes         -- places the Lady of Pain places troublemakers in Sigil,
                   literally creating Mazes out of unused portions of the city
                   to trap ne'er-do-wells.

  Mercykillers  -- a faction of Sigil, believe that there is only Justice,
                   nothing else, and that Mercy is for the weak

  NPC           -- non-player character, or anyone who ISN'T the Nameless One.

  Petitioner    -- a mortal who has died and been "reformed" on another plane
                   somewhere, but without their memory.  This would be similar
                   to dying and going to hell, except now you have no memory of
                   it.  A petitioner's ultimate goal is to become "one with
                   their new plane"

  Pike Off      -- a very insulting term telling a berk to "get lost"

  Planewalker   -- anyone who knows their way around the Planes

  Portal        -- a gate from somewhere to anywhere

  Prime         -- a World, like Earth, that is connected to the Planes, and is
                   located in the Prime Material Plane

  Rule of Three -- Idea that everything in the multiverse happens in threes

  Sensates      -- faction in Sigil, also called the Society of Sensation.
                   They believe that the Multiverse must be experienced

    B.     [DKKNSK]  Dak'kon's Karach Blade's Many Forms

  UPGRADING DAK'KON'S KARACH BLADE (from Steve Bush, corrections from Qwinn)

  Dak'kon's swords will upgrade based on 2 factors, his level and how you
  treat him, his morale. The chart of possibilities is below.

  1st stage (Dak'kon must have a minimum fighter level of 4):

  Morale: Less than 6 - Kinstealer (1)
             6-14     - Chained Blade (1)
          15 or above - Streaming Blade (1)

  Weapon stats:

  Low morale (Kinstealer): 3-10 damage, no AC bonus, one 1st level spell
  Mid morale (Chained):    2-9  damage, +1 AC bonus, one 1st level spell
  High morale (Streaming): 2-9  damage, +1 AC bonus, two 1st level spells

  2nd stage (Dak'kon must have a minimum fighter level of 7):

  Morale: Less than 6 - Kinstealer (2)
             6-14     - Chained Blade (2)
          15 or above - Streaming Blade (2)

  Weapon stats:

  Low morale (Kinstealer): 4-16 damage, +1 AC bonus, one 1st level spell
  Mid morale (Chained):    3-12 damage, +4 AC bonus, two 1st level spells, one
                           2nd level spell
  High morale (Streaming): 3-12 damage, +2 AC bonus, double 1st level spell,
                           one 2nd level spell

  3rd stage (Dak'kon must have a minimum fighter level of 10):

  Morale: Less than 6 - Kinstealer (3)
             6-14     - Chained Blade (3)
          15 or above - Streaming Blade (3)

  Weapon stats:

  Low morale (Kinstealer): 6-24 damage, +2 AC bonus, double 1st level spells
  Mid morale (Chained):    5-20 damage, +6 AC bonus, double 1st and 2nd level
  High morale (Streaming): 5-20 damage, +3 AC bonus, double 1st and 2nd spells,
                           one 3rd level spell

Qwinn sent this note:

  It's almost impossible to achieve these upgrades in the unmodded game.  The
  game resets the NPC's morale every 8 game hours, so unless you did the Circle
  of Zerthimon within 8 game hours of Dak'kon reaching one of the fighter
  levels that triggers an upgrade (highly unlikely), it's not going to happen
  for you.  And if you did it before the level 10 upgrade, it'll reset the next
  time you hit an upgrade.  My Fixpack fixes this problem as of version 3.0,
  and your NPC's morale will remain stable throughout the game.  Note that I
  also adjust the stats on the blades slightly so that they are more in line
  with the description of the blades (it shouldn't be a BAD thing to get
  Dak'kon's morale to 20, but in the unmodded game it really is).

    C.     [CHRCTR]  Character Sounds

All sounds here are listed based on the filename of that sound.  For example,
'ana005' is the filename of the sound 'Ach, I've never seen somethin' so ugly,
I've not'.  Next, I provide a very brief description of what this sound is, and
in this case it would be 'Random, Pre-joining'.  And then, of course, I list
the sound itself.  (Some sounds I have no idea about, so I just put a ?? by

Also there are some sounds that are spoken in a "conversation chain", that is
one character will say something to another character, who will reply, and so
on.  In these cases, I note the next sound in the chain.


  ANA005  - Random, Pre-Joining - "Ach, I've never seen somethin' so ugly, I've
  ANA006  - Random, Pre-Joining - "Ah, Looks like the Dusties lost one o' their
  ANA007  - Random, Pre-Joining - "Ah, no Deaders today except walking ones,
                                  looks like."
  ANA008  - Random, Pre-Joining - "Aye... slow Sigil day it is."
  ANA009  - Random, Pre-Joining - "Um... old stutter crutch will be tallying
                                  his copper about now."
  ANA010  - Random, Pre-Joining - "I can't find any Deaders... maybe I could
                                  gut a Dustie."
  ANA012  - Leaving             - "Ach, I want no more o' this, I don't."
  ANA017  - Leaving             - "I'm for leaving, while I'm still in one
  ANA022  - Re-joining (?)      - "Awright then, where to next?"
  ANA040A - Unhappy (?)         - "I don't know why I keep company with the
                                  likes o' you."
  ANA043A - Very Unhappy (?)    - "Right, ye're goin' too far."
  ANA074B - Tired               - "Right, we need to say our Kip now."
  ANA098A - Bored               - "If ye need me, I'll be over here... bored."
  ANA107A - Bored (?)           - "Oh, adventure... glory... aye, this is the
  ANA127C - Badly Wounded       - "Oof, is this what I get for gettin' into a
  ANA128C - Hit                 - "Dammit, nicked me good!"
  ANA138F - Hit                 - "Unh."
  ANA141B - Hit                 - "Ow!"
  ANA144C - In the Hive         - "Oh, I grew up here.  Not a pleasant
                                  childhood mind you."
  ANA155C - ??                  - "Ever get the feeling ye're bein' watched? Ye
  ANA166E - In the Clerk's Ward - "Old Ward, also known as, Wanker City."
  ANA171B - In the Lower Ward   - "My lungs feel like a chimney!"
  ANA178A - ??                  - "Ooh... from bad to worse we go!"
  ANA179A - In Fell's           - "We shouldn't be here... the Lady'll put us
                                  in the dead book for sure!"
  ANA189E - ??                  - "The sooner we're gone from here, the
  ANA193A - In Rubikon          - "Ooh, this place stinks o' oil!  Ufh!"
  ANA199D - In Fortress/Regret  - "Oh... so cold here."
  ANA200A - Fortress of Regrets - "Feel dead already."
  ANA201A - Fortress of Regrets - "I donnae think we'll be leavin' this place."
  ANA202D - Fortress of Regrets - "Better stay close, I don't want to be alone
  ANA204D - ??                  - "I won't let ya down."
  ANA205A - ??                  - "I'm gonna stand by ye."
  ANA206I - ??                  - "Oh... see... I ... love you."
  ANA207F - ??                  - "...hafta stay, ya see ... I love ya."
  ANA208E - ??                  - "I don't care what ya say to this, I don't,
                                  I don't want ye to say anythin'... but I
                                  can't let ya die here."
  ANA209E - ??                  - "Oh please don't let me die here."
  ANA210D - ??                  - "It's alright... I trust ye."
  ANA210E - ??                  - "Do what ye hafta... I trust ye."
  ANA211D - ??                  - "I forgive ye..."
  ANA211E - ??                  - "It's alright... I forgive ye..."
  ANA218D - ??                  - "Don't you trust anyone here, ya got me?"
  ANA221D - Final Battle        - "Right.  Get the work done, get out o' here."
  ANA224C - Selected            - "Aye?"
  ANA225B - Selected            - "Hmm?"
  ANA228D - Selected            - "Ready."
  ANA229B - Selected            - "Oh, what now?"
  ANA234A - Selected            - "I'm here."
  ANA235D - Selected            - "Aye.  What?"
  ANA238D - Repeated Selected   - "Well?  What is it?"
  ANA238F - Repeated Selected   - "What ye be wanting now?"
  ANA242B - Given orders        - "Why not?"
  ANA245A - Given orders (?)    - "I'll sort it out."
  ANA247A - ??                  - "Aye (?)"
  ANA247E - Given orders        - "Right."
  ANA251C - Given orders        - "Might as well."
  ANA287C - Repeated Selected   - "Would you stop it?"
  ANA292A - Repeated Selected   - "Oh, I'm not that sort o' girl."
  ANA304A - Repeated Selected   - "Cut it out, I'm not deaf!"
  ANA305B - Repeated Selected   - "Get yer eyes off me arse."
  ANA305E - To Morte            - "Stop staring at my tail, ya skull."
  ANA305F - To Morte            - "Ye like my wee tail?  I'll wag it at ya."
  ANA308B - To Fall-From-Grace  - "Are you ready to leave yet, Fiend?"
  ANA309A - To Fall-From-Grace  - "Ye want to leave?  Go ahead!"
  ANA310A - To Fall-From-Grace  - "Ye might want to strike out on yer own."
  ANA310D - To Fall-From-Grace  - "Oh no, ladies first."
  ANA311B - To Fall-From-Grace  - "So just how many souls have ye taken into
                                  the Abyss?"
  ANA313A - To Fall-From-Grace? - "Oh, sizing up our necks for a feast are ye?"
  ANA314B - To Fall-From-Grace? - "Never trust a tanar'ri, that's what I always
  ANA315A - To ?                - "And what do YOU want from our leader?"
  ANA316A - To Morte            - "Back off, Skull!"
  ANA317A - To Morte            - "If you keep bobbing about, Skull, I'm gonna
                                  mount you on the end of a Pike!"
  ANA318B - To Nameless One     - "We need to get rid of Ignus, he's a burning
                                  crackle house!"
  ANA319C - To Nameless One     - "Don't like the armor, he's nuts."
  ANA320B - To Nameless One     - "Are you listenin' to me?  We need to lose
                                  this Mercykiller before he pens us all in the
  ANA321B - To Nameless One     - "What do we need the Succubus for?  She'll
                                  turn on us, she will!"
  ANA326C - On Nameless Death   - "No matter, he'll be up in a bit."
  ANA327A - On Morte's Death    - "Ah, Morte, ye may not be so daft."
  ANA328A - On Dak'kon's Death  - "Poor gith, he seemed like a right enough
  ANA329C - On Grace's Death ?? - "Ah, thank the powers."
  ANA330A - On Vhailor's Death  - "Damned Mercykiller."
  ANA331A - On Ignus' Death     - "'bout time somebody blew him out!"
  ANA332B - On Grace's Death    - "She should have been more careful."
  ANA333B - To Morte            - "Try it and ye'll be spittin' teeth for a
  ANA334A - To Morte            - "Try it, and I'll grind ye to powder, ye
                                  floating bone box."
  ANA335A - Repeated Selected?? - "Aye, what?"
  ANA338A - Level Up            - "Ye know I've learned some new tricks."
  ANA366D - Try to take weapon  - "Touch my blades again, and I'll put them in
                                  your skull."
  ANA367A - Try to take armor   - "Watch the leather."
  ANA367B - Try to take armor   - "Hey!  Watch the leather."
  ANA369B - Try to take armor   - "Get yer mitts off, ye dirty wee rat!"
  ANA369C - Try to take armor   - "Mitts off, ye lecherous filth."
  ANA370E - ??                  - "Don't want that."
  ANA372D - Cursed Item         - "Oh, aye, equip that cursed item on me."
  ANA375A - In Fell's           - "Are ye daft?  We'll draw the Lady's gaze if
                                  we stay here, we will."
  ANA377A - ??                  - "Pike off!"
  ANA390A - Shadows             - "Shadows!"
  ANA390C - Shadows             - "Shadows!"
  ANA421C - Shadows (?)         - "Like a shadow, I am."
  ANA445A - Hit (?)             - "Haa."
  ANA448A - Critical Miss       - "Dammit!"
  ANA452D - ??                  - "Eh, I have something to say."
  ANA454A - Rejoin              - "So, uh, need my help yet?"
  ANA456D - Removed             - "I won't wait here forever."
  ANA457B - Removed             - "A'right, I'll leave then."
  ANA457C - Removed             - "Right, I'm off."
  ANA458A - Removed             - "I'll be right here... waiting fer you."
  ANA458B - Removed             - "A'right, I'll be here if you need me."
  ANA462C - Try to take ??      - "I'm not giving that up."
  ANA463D - Try to take ??      - "There's no way in hell that's getting taken
                                  away from me."
  ANA464A - Try to take ??      - "Keep yer mitts off that.  Hey!"
  ANA464B - Try to take ??      - "Keep yer mitts of it."
  ANA465B - Try to take ??      - "Oh no, I cannae part with that."
  ANA466H - Can't use ??        - "Cannae use that."
  ANA469A - Identified ??       - "Identified."
  ANA474C - Inventory Full      - "I couldnae carry it, so I had to drop it."
  ANA481C - Found Trap          - "Hey... I spotted a trap."
  ANA481D - Found Trap          - "I spotted a trap."
  ANA485D - Found Locked        - "Thing's locked."
  ANA487G - Picked a Pocket     - "Got it."
  ANA490A - Picked Empty Pocket - "Sod's got nothing on 'im."
  ANA506D - ??                  - "Creepy rising from the dead you are."
  ANA507B - ??                  - "Didnae really think you were deadless,
                                  cursed you are" ???
  ANA508D - Nameless Alive      - "Just seein' ya crawl back to life like that,
                                  gives me the shivers."
  ANA509B - ??                  - "Are you alright?"
  ANA509F - ??                  - "You're alright now, aren't ye?"
  ANA510E - Nameless Alive      - "Oh... thought we'd lost ye."
  ANA510F - Nameless Alive      - "Oh... I thought we'd lost ye."
  ANA511G - Nameless Alive      - "Phew... thought I'd lost ye that time."
  ANA512C - Nameless Alive      - "Hmmm, thought I'd lost yet that time.  Not
                                  that I care, mind you."
  ANA518A - Failed              - "Failed."
  ANA520F - Battle Cry ?        - "Time to kick some back."
  ANA522A - Backstab            - "Backstab."
  ANA522D - Backstab            - "Backstab."
  ANA523B - ??                  - "Left yerself exposed, ya eejit."
  ANA524B - ??                  - "Left yerself wide open."
  ANA525F - Disarmed Trap       - "Disarmed it."
  ANA526C - ??                  - "Oof, dolt thing." ???
  ANA530C - Encumbered          - "Cannae run with this stuff."
  ANA533C - Encumbered (more)   - "Carrying too much to move."
  ANA542C - Left Shadows        - "Left the Shadows."
  ANA545B - Bash                - "Bashed it inna half, don't know my own
  ANA550B - Failed to Bash      - "Can't force it!"
  ANA551A - Failed to Backstab  - "I can't backstab with this clumsy thing."
  ANA552A - ??                  - "Already ??????? that one is."
  ANA554E - ??                  - "Ach, messed up."
  ANA555A - Failed to Steal     - "Not this time."
  ANA559E - Failed to Steal     - "My pack's too full to pick his pocket."
  ANA560B - Ineffective Weapon  - "My dagger's not workin' on this thing."
  ANA565A - To Nordom           - "No, it's for scratchin' my back, ye soddin'
  ANA565BC - To Nordom ?        - "Uhh."
  ANA566C - To Nordom           - "What kinda stupid question's that, ya pikin'
                                  sod box?"
  ANA567E - To ??               - "What?!?"
  ANA568C - To ??               - "Leave 'im alone already, ya don't know 'im."
  ANA569A - To Morte ?          - "If you shut your trap, then I'll stop waving
                                  my tail."
  ANA570C - To Morte ?          - "Oh yeah, you trying to sit in my lap would
                                  make a grand tale.... a short one."
  ANA571B - To ??               - "Oh, aye, it could... hurt ya, that is."
  ANA572C - To ??               - "Oh, aye, up your bone box to rip out your
  ANA573A - To ??               - "No, only to you."
  ANA574A - To Morte            - "Keep up yer chatter skull, and I'll be
                                  seein' what you have in yer veins."
  ANA575BD - To Morte           - "Find a way, skull."
  ANA575F - To Morte            - "Stand away from me, Morte."
  ANA576B - To Morte            - "What are you looking at, skull?"
  ANA576BA - To Morte ?         - "That tongue o' yers is gonna get yer nose
  ANA577A - To Morte ?          - "That tongue o' yers is gonna get yer nose
  ANA578A - To Morte ?          - "Oh, if I were you, I'd be prepared to pick
                                  up yer teeth."
  ANA578AA - To Morte           - "Hey Morte!  Ya want the good news?  Yer goin'
  ANA579A - Repeated Selected ? - "Aye?  What is it ya want?"
  ANA579B - Repeated Selected ? - "Aye?  What is it ya wanted?"
  ANA583A - ??                  - "What can change the nature of a man?"
  ANA583D - ??                  - "What can change the nature of a man?"
  ANA583G - ??                  - "What can change the nature of a man??"
  ANA583I - ??                  - "What can change the nature of a man?"
  ANA583K - ??                  - "What can change the nature of a man?"
  ANA583M - ??                  - "What can change the nature of a man?"
  ANA583O - ??                  - "What can change the nature of a man?"
  ANA584B - About Nameless One  - "He matters more to me, than my life."
  ANA585D - About Nameless One  - "He matters more to me, than my life."
  ANA586A - ??                  - "Ach, I hope a hound litters in your
  ANA588A - To ??               - "Why don't ye go rot with an Aoskan (?)
  ANA591A - Torment             - "Torment."
  ANA591B - Torment             - "Torment."
  ANA591C - Torment             - "Torment."
  ANA592A - Torment             - "Torment."
  ANA592B - Torment             - "Torment."
  ANA593A - To Morte ?          - "How'd ya even get a chance to take a breath,
                                  when yer talkin' so much?"
  ANA594A - To ??               - "Donnae be fooled by that Succubus.  She's
                                  interested in you, cause of the shape of yer
                                  neck.  It's just right for her to sink her
                                  teeth into.
  ANA595A - To Morte            - "If ye need to go somewhere, skull, don't let
                                  us keep ye."
  ANA595BA - To Morte ?         - "I've several names for you.  None of them
                                  fit for polite company."
  ANA597D - To Morte            - "Huh.  I wonder how much copper ye'd be worth
                                  to the Dusties, Skull."
  ANA599A - To Morte            - "Death's too good for you, Skull."
  ANA600A - To Morte            - "Those eyes rest on me one more time, Skull,
                                  and they'll be resting on the ground."
  ANA600BB - To ??              - "Oh now (?) you're one to talk."
  ANA601A - To Morte            - "Skull, if you don't keep yer eyes to
                                  yerself, I'm takin' 'em."
  ANA601BB - To ??              - "Yer a right wee skunner (?)"
  ANA602A - To ??               - "I donnae trust that succubus, she's a fiend
                                  so she is.  Ah, they're all alike, waiting
                                  for ya to drop yer guard before sinking her
                                  teeth into yer neck.  Don't ye be takin' yer
                                  eye off dat slat.  She'll turn on ya as
                                  faster than ya can blink.  All fiends are
                                  like that, so they are."
  ANA602BA - ??                 - "Oh, aye, but the good part.  She looks like
                                  she's got a bad part, she does."
  ANA603A - When Grace joins    - "Oh Mistress High and Mighty'll be joining
                                  us?  What'll we be needin' her for?"
  ANA603BA - About Grace        - "I wish she would Fall from great height.  I
                                  might even bump her off mahself."
  ANA604A - To Grace            - "So... how long will you be travelling with
                                  us Succubus?"
  ANA604BA - To Grace           - "Well, yer not permitted.  I don't trust ye."
  ANA605A - To Grace            - "So, uh, when are ya headin' back to yer
                                  knockin' shop, Succubus?"
  ANA605BA - To Grace           - "Well...?  It's where ye belong, so maybe ye
  ANA606A - To Grace            - "You'd better watch yerself Succubus.  You
                                  step outta line, start huntin' for souls,
                                  you'll catch me blades."
  ANA606BA - To Grace           - "Well, I would take you at your word, but
                                  since you Succubi are all perfumed, lying
                                  harlots... I won't."
  ANA606CA - To Grace           - "You just keep away from me.  Fact, maybe you
                                  should keep away from all of us."
  ANA607C - To Morte            - "Ya know, Skull, yer gonna be doin' yer
                                  grinnin' on the tip of a pike, one of these
                                  days.  Aye, and that will be the least o' yer
                                  worries when I'm through with ya!"
  ANA608A - To Grace            - "How much longer are ye gonna be draggin'
                                  yerself with us, Succubus?"
  ANA608BB - To Grace           - "Jealous?  I'm not jealous!  I don't even
                                  know how to spell 'jealous.'  I don't trust
                                  ye... none of us do."
  ANA609A - Leaving /Grace      - "I've had enough o' you and her.  Go on,
                                  travel with her then, if ye like her company,
                                  I'll have nothin' more to do with ye."
  ANA609BA - To Grace           - "Oh don't you, 'Annah look' me, ya black
                                  hearted harlot!  I'll carve ye so I will!
                                  Always puttin' on yer airs with yer fine
                                  clothes and yer nose up in the air.  Had
                                  enough o' ye!  Ye can burn fer all I care!"
  ANA610A - To Morte            - "And if ye weren't yerself all the time, ye
                                  might be a fine skull too!"
  ANA611A - To Morte            - "Play the wise fellow with me again, skull,
                                  and I'll shove yer head up yer arse!"
  ANA613C - To ??               - "Oh listen to ye, not hard to see why ya up
                                  an' left."
  ANA614B - To ??               - "Accent?  What are ye on about?"
  ANA616B - To Morte ?          - "If I were you, I'd learn to latch my Bone
  ANA617A - To Morte ?          - "I'd stop now, if I were you."
  ANA618A - To Morte            - "Many a man's tongue's broke his nose,
  ANA619 - To Morte             - "Oh sweet sufferin'!  Powers, skull!  Don't
                                  you ever get tired of hearin' yerself
  ANA620B - To Morte            - "It lets my skin breath, ya eejit."
  ANA621B - To Morte            - "I'll never tell him how I feel, nor shall
                                  you prattle on to him about it.  There's a
                                  mark o' doom on 'im, and I'll not sway him
                                  from his path.  D'you hear me skull?"
  ANA622B - To Morte            - "Watch yer bone box, skull, don't be takin' a
                                  name in vain like that!"
  ANA622CA - To Morte           - "Are you tryin' to get us all carved to
                                  pieces?  Don't you be temptin' fate with
                                  that, skull!"
  ANA624A - To Morte            - "Ah, serves ya right, skull, ya sure irritate
                                  the rest of us enough."
  ANA625A - To Grace            - "I've got nothing to say to you, Succubus."
  ANA626A - To Grace            - "Mind yer own business, Succubus, I've
                                  nothin' to say to ya."

  The rest of the "sounds" were unfinished, and therefore removed.  I doubt
  they'll return.

    D.     [NLNRSC]  Online Resources

General Sites:          -- where this FAQ can be found         -- the official site, what's left of it

Torment Fan Sites:  -- home of Qwinn's fixpack, tweak pack and
                                       the Unfinished Business mod         -- Sorcerer's Net -- the former BGChronicles site, now
                                       called PlanetBaldursGate             -- TeamBG, a great Editor site

    E.     [STRNGT]  Strange Things

  How precisely can Morte hold anything?  His inventory is as large as
  anyone's, but that just leaves the question of where he's putting these

  Here's one odd thing to consider about the Alignment System.  In the
  Gathering Dust Bar, if you agree to kill Awaiting-Death, take his money, and
  run (thereby not killing him), your alignment is adjusted worse than if you
  had just killed him!

  When you talk the looters out of stealing from the warehouse, they all
  leave... and enter the warehouse anyway!

  Spelling Mistake:  Click on a statue in the Fortress of Regrets to learn:
  "This loos like a statue of you... its arms are crossed, and it glares
  straight ahead."

  In the end credits, they misspell Deionarra as "Deinarra"

                          [FNLWRD]  Final Words...

ASCII Art created using the Figlet Server (and then heavily modified by me)

This FAQ was written entirely using the GWD Text Editor:  (shareware)

Special Thanks: (Credits)

  Winston Jen for the Evil alignments
  Stirge for One Ear and Nestor's Fork alternatively
  Nils for lots of stuff (corrections and new info)
  Christo for some missing experience
  Steve Bush for a whole lot of stuff
  Paul M. Victorey for the updated Player's Maze
  Jimbo31415 for information regarding Sarossa's WIS +1
  Tuxedo Mask for his CHA money trick
  Jopezu for mentioning the Negative Token has charges
  4Fold for a missing Annah EXP in the Alley of Lingering Sighs and the Skulls
  Andrey Yemelin for notes on Dak'kon's regeneration
  Aaron Denney for a note on the Fighter/Mage trick
  g money ness
  Steven Matejcek
  Lord Xeen
  Aleksandar Savatic
  Goh Jun Hian
  Qwinn for telling me how to get INT & WIS from Ravel, and many other things
  CJayC for posting this FAQ
  Anyone who emails me with nice things to say, you are appreciated!
  Black Isle for making such a great little game!

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Version History:

Preliminary Version 0.1 (6-15-00, 90k)
Preliminary Version 0.2 (6-22-00, 131k)
  Added the new Appendix, E. Glossary of Terms
  Added some new General Strategies
  Added new Frequently Asked Questions
  Created the new Appendix, F. Character Sounds (similar to the NPC Sounds
    section in my Baldur's Gate FAQ), which currently only has the Annah sounds
    filled in
  Found what I think is a really cool STINGER, check it out at the very bottom
    of the FAQ
  Some other small changes (but nothing added to the walkthrough...yet)

  Version 0.3  November 1, 2000  217k

    After a VERY long absence, the Torment FAQ is back on the air! (or
    something like that)  Filled in the walkthrough up to the Weeping Stones

  Version 0.4  April 6, 2001  255k

    Filled in the walkthrough section on the Warrens of Thought, Dead Nations,
    Drowned Nations and through to Pharod's Answers.

  Version 0.5  April 9, 2001  292k

    Filled in the walkthrough sections on Leaving the Hive and the Lower Ward.
    Removed several sections from the Appendix as they probably won't ever be

  Version 0.6  April 13, 2001  323k

    Filled in the about half of the Clerk's Ward.  Also added the Siege Tower
    to the Lower Ward section.  Filled in Ignus's NPC information.  Completed
    the Wisdom > Bonus EXP chart (in the Creating a New Nameless One section).

  Version 0.7  May 6, 2001  352k

    Got the walkthrough up to the Godsmen Foundry.  4Fold sent in some
    information regarding some missing EXP.

  Version 0.8  May 24, 2001  381k

    Filled in the walkthrough up to and including Ravel.  Added a money trick
    from Tuxedo Mask.

  Version 0.9  May 26, 2001  399k

    Updated the walkthrough up to and including the Curst Prison.

  Version 1.0  May 30, 2001  431k

    Finished the walkthrough!  Also, finally went through this thing with a
    spellchecker.  Added a small note from Winston Jen concerning Tainted Barse
    and Curst.

  Version 1.1  June 4, 2001  431k

    Added a trick from Kyriell the Minstrel for unlimited Stats (using the
    Ancient Scroll).

  Version 1.2  June 8, 2001  432k

    Updated the Player's Maze, with help from Paul M. Victorey.

  Version 1.3  June 10, 2001  443k

    Steve Bush sent in a goodly amount of information, which has been digested
    into various places around the guide.

  Version 1.4  June 15, 2001  443k

    Christo has a few more EXP's that I missed (Angyar & Alais).

  Version 1.5  June 18, 2001  446k

    Added more information from Christo.  Also added stuff from Nils.

  Version 1.6  July 15, 2001  448k

    Winston Jen sent in the missing alignments, and the Stirge had an alternate
    way to deal with One Ear and Nestor's Fork.

  Version 1.7  February 3, 2003  450k

    Some small additions (Dak'kon and regeneration and the Fighter/Mage trick
    for the Nameless One).

  Version 1.8  February 10, 2003  451k

    Added some new information from Platter.

  Version 1.81  January 19, 2005  450k

    Changed my email address.

  Version 1.9  April 16, 2009  458k

    Added the CTRL-F codes for easier navigation. Added a Trias bug from
    Hannes. Added a Tweaking PS:T section. Added symbol's tip for using
    the Monster Jug as payment to the pillar of skulls. Lots of other
    additions as well.

  Version 1.91  April 21, 2009  459k

    Lots of corrections from Qwinn. Cleaned up the Online Resources section.

  Version 2.0  April 23, 2009  476k

    Many more additions from Qwinn. He has also sent in various notes on his
    Fixpack which I have integrated into the guide as well.

  Version 2.01  April 24. 2009  477k

    Some minor fixes.

Misc Facts about this FAQ:

  This FAQ was started on June 11, 2000 and released on June 15, 2000
    However, it wasn't finished until May 30, 2001


  Morte:  "Psst. Hey Nordom. Calculate the easiest way for me to 'snuggle with
           Annah's pillows,' okay?"
  Nordom: "Annah! Morte wants to 'snuggle with your pillows.'"
  Morte:  "Shut up! Shut up!!"
  Annah:  "Oh, I'll give yeh somethin' to snuggle up to! Eejit!"

This Document is Copyright 2000-2009 by Dan Simpson
Planescape: Torment is Copyright 1999 by Black Isle/Interplay

I am not affiliated with Black Isle, Interplay or anyone who had anything to do
with the creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so long as
NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it.  You
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