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Nokia NSeries Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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This FAQ is created for people to explore the vast possibilities of their Nokia NSeries phone, a Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition phone. It is a consolidated list of many tips and tricks scattered around the web.

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Proceed at your own risk! The information here is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I will not be held responsible if this document causes your computer to explode or burst into flames. In real serious terms, if any corruption of data, hardware damage or any other kind of damage/losses/etc. arises from the use of this document, I will not be responsible for it. If you don't like this, please don't read any further.

Nokia Phones that this FAQ also applies to

Mainly Nokia N95 8GB, as that is the phone I own now.

Most of the FAQs also apply for other Nokia NSeries phones, as they use Symbian 3rd Edition as well. A few use the Symbian 2nd Edition, such as the N70, which software has to be specifically designed for, so all the software links below will not work for N70.

We Need Your Help

If you notice something written incorrectly or found out something different, please inform me. We appreciate your help to help fellow NSeries users

The N-Series Line-up

Here are the links to Nokia's official specs page for all the NSeries phones! See the N-Series official product page for animated information. Phones marked by a * may not be compatible with some software/answers in this FAQ.


  * Not S60 3rd Edition, which this FAQ covers

Great Links for Singapore Readers


Themes, Wallpapers, Games, Power Savers (Screensavers) and other cool stuff to personalize your phone


Good Nokia Series 60 Blogs to read

Frequently Asked Questions On the NSeries N-Gage 2 Platform

The Number One FAQ

Will existing first generation N-Gage games be compatible with the new N-Gage ready devices?
Due to evolution in the underlying technology, the original first generation N-Gage games will NOT be compatible with next generation N-Gage compatible devices. Similarly, the next generation N-Gage experience will not be compatible with the original N-Gage game deck or N-Gage QD devices. However Nokia is bringing a wide range of content to the next generation mobile gaming platform, including select N-Gage franchises.

All of the answers below come direct from http://www.n-gage.com/support/faq.html

1) What is the next generation of N-Gage?
N-Gage brings you exceptional, made-for-mobile gaming, now on a range of powerful Nokia devices. Download best-in-class titles from top publishers to your device or compatible PC. Try any game for free so you only buy the ones you want. Track and share your scores, and play with friends from across the street or around the world. Join the new wave of mobile play.
2) When will the next generation N-Gage experience be available?
The full N-Gage experience will go live in November 2007. At that time, the free N-Gage application will be available for download from N-Gage.com either via your compatible mobile device or PC. Nokia's lineup of great N-Gage games to try and buy, as well as expanded features on the website, will also go live at that time. Compatible devices that come to market after N-Gage goes live will include the N-Gage application pre-installed on the device. Sign up to be notified when the N-Gage experience goes live and the N-Gage application is available for download.
3) Which Nokia devices will be N-Gage compatible at launch? The current launch roster of N-Gage compatible devices includes the Nokia N73, Nokia N81, Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N93, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95, and the Nokia N95 8GB. See the Get N-Gage section of this website for more information on these devices, including pictures and features that support gaming. Please note that Nokia will continue to announce N-Gage compatibility with a wide range of S60 Nokia devices on an ongoing basis. N-Gage compatibility is not limited to Nokia Nseries devices. Sign up for the N-Gage newsletter to keep up with the latest N-Gage device announcements.
4) Are these the only Nokia devices that are N-Gage compatible?
These are only the first devices that are announced as N-Gage compatible. Additional devices will be added to Nokia's roster of N-Gage compatible on an ongoing basis as new Nokia products are announced and released.
5) Will N-Gage compatible devices require 3D graphics capability in order to support the next generation of N-Gage games?
While in the future some games may be specifically designed for a dedicated 3D graphics chip, all of Nokia's announced next generation N-Gage games should be fully playable on the full range of N-Gage ready devices. N-Gage compatible devices are chosen for their ability to support a high quality mobile gaming experience and therefore include many powerful features that support gaming. See the Get N-Gage section for more information on devices and features.
6) Will existing first generation N-Gage games be compatible with the new N-Gage ready devices?
Due to evolution in the underlying technology, the original first generation N-Gage games will NOT be compatible with next generation N-Gage compatible devices. Similarly, the next generation N-Gage experience will not be compatible with the original N-Gage game deck or N-Gage QD devices. However Nokia is bringing a wide range of content to the next generation mobile gaming platform, including select N-Gage franchises.
7) What independent publishers and developers will support the next generation of N-Gage games?
Nokia has announced nine publishers to date, including: Capcom
Digital Chocolate
Glu Mobile
THQ Wireless
Vivendi Games Mobile
Nokia expects more publishers to support the next generation of N-Gage gaming and will be announcing new partnerships on an ongoing basis.
8) Which next generation N-Gage games will be available at launch?
There are approximately a dozen games that have been announced and many more are in production for the next generation of the N-Gage experience. Drop by the Showroom to view dedicated game pages, including screen shots and descriptions of each of Nokia's games. You can also sign up for the N-Gage newsletter to keep up with the latest news on N-Gage games.


Are additional games planned?
Absolutely! The new N-Gage experience will see exciting new games and franchises joining Nokia's line-up through the remainder of the year, throughout 2008, and beyond. Stay tuned, Nokia's only getting started. Sign up for the N-Gage newsletter to keep up with the latest news on N-Gage games.

Nokia NSeries FAQs

To find an question/answer quickly, utilize your browser's Find function.

1) What are the major highlights of the N95 8GB?
8GB built-in flash memory, 160MB internal memory, 128MB SDRAM, 2.8" screen, 5 MP camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar lens, Wi-Fi, miniUSB connector, 30fps 640 x 480 video recording, MP3 player.

For the full specifications, I recommend looking at GSMArena's page.

2) After I formatted my SD using the PC connected to the N95, it starts complaining that the SDCard is corrupt?
You may have performed the format incorrectly. Use the built-in Format utility found in Menu > Tools > Utilities > Memory > Options > Format mass memory.
3) Can I play Nintendo NES games on my NSeries Device?
Yes! Free - NESCube java based, Visit homepage, which is under construction, Paid - Vampent vNes and iNes are the current popular choices - my personal favorite being vNes.
4) Can I play Super Nintendo games on my NSeries phone?
Yes and No. Vampent vSun is the only existing emulator for Super Nintendo and the current version manages barely any game with sound. Without sound, the game works fine. You also have to pay as the platform is emulated. My advice: Wait.
5) Can I play Sega Master System / Game Gear / Sega Genesis (Sega Mega Drive) games on my NSeries phone?
Yes! However, you have to pay as the platform is emulated. MasterGear is the current available emulator. For Sega Genesis - Picodrive. Its free.
6) Can I play Gameboy (Advance) games on my NSeries phone?
Yes! Free - MeBoy, java based. However, you have to pay as the platform is emulated. You can try Virtual Gameboy Advance, WildPalm's Super GoBoy and Vampent vBoy are the available emulators.
For GameBoy Advance GBA emulators, the current choices are vBagX and Virtual Gameboy. All require payment for full use.
7) How do I put Mp3 files in the NSeries phone?
Connect the NSeries phone to your computer a compatible USB cable. A new drive should show up with the Ding Ding sound (If it doesn't, try restarting your device and computer). Place the Mp3 files in a folder (I name it Mp3), and safely disconnect by left clicking on the USB icon in the bottom right. This should clear the cache.

Disconnect the cable, wait 10 seconds for the NSeries phone to refresh its menu, access Music Player > Options > Refresh.

8) How comfortable is the NSeries phone for playing NES games?
This is in my opinion. It's not really like playing the actual system. In Super Mario 3 where Mario has to run continuously in order to fly, the timing is easy to slip because of the arrangement of the buttons. Twin Cobra presents problems where control is very precise and I find my fingers slipping off the directional pad in the heat of the moment or not able to do a North-West or South-West direction control.
9) What are the differences between the Classic N95 and the N95 8GB version?
N95 Classic: SDCard slot, Lens cover, Video Editor
N95 8GB : Bigger screen, 8GB built-in memory, 128MB SDRAM
10) Does the NSeries phone have Infrared?
N95s have it. For other NSeries phone, only some of them have it.
11) Does the NSeries phone support Diagonal (8-way directional pad) movements?
For the N95s, No. As far as I can see, Which is a pity.
12) Can I play games from the SDCard while using Music Player?
Yes. However, I find that the N-Gage games automatically stop the music player when starting the demo games. Other applications work fine though.
13) How do I send a file/image/ringtone/song/video from my NSeries phone to another user via Bluetooth or Infrared?
Use the built-in File Manager (Tools > File Manager) to send any file to a user. Select a file > Options > Send > Bluetooth. Note that DCF files are files that have DRM protection, which means that there is no guarantee that your friend can play such formats.
14) Is there any way to speed up the first page of the menu?
Move all applications that link to the SDCard to one folder so that the phone will not look for them in the slow SDCard.
15) Is there any way to speed up the phone?
Ensure that all running applications are closed. Press and hold the menu key, you should see a box come up on the top left. For best efficiency, there should only be the Standby application. Depending on the application, running programs in the background can slow down the phone. Ensure that WLAN scanning is off.
16) Why does my NSeries phone keep asking for the Date and Time everytime I change the Battery/SDCard/SIM Card?
This is normal. You only have a few seconds to insert back the battery before the NSeries phone loses track of time and you will have to input the date/time. Yes, this means that most of the time you change your battery/SDCard/SIM card, you have to reenter the time.
17) What can the 3.5 mm connector on the NSeries N95 phone be used for?
Besides using it for headphones, you can use a special cable to output video signals. You can also plug in the provided AD-54 headset and use it to answer calls.
18) Is there any software that can cut MIDI files?
Anvil Studio has the ability to do that and it is free. Use the Truncate options in the File menu after installing to cut a file.
19) Is there any software that can cut Mp3 files?
Yes. And it's freeware. Check out Mp3Cutter 4.0.
20) How do I convert my videos/movies in the computer to play in the NSeries phone?
Use Nokia Video Manager that should have come with Nokia PC Suite.
21) I just got the NSeries phone and want to migrate my contacts from my old Series 60 phone. How do I do it?
First Way: Use the Switch utility in Tools > Utilities > Switch. This is the easiest way, but it works only for Nokia devices.
Second Way: Use Outlook as the middle man and synchronize your contacts FROM your old phone TO Outlook address book and then synchronize FROM Outlook to New phone using the PC Suites that accompanies each phone.
Third Way: Move the contacts to the SIM card using the old phone, transfer the SIM card to the new phone, open up Contacts > Options > SIM Contacts > SIM directory > Mark All > Copy to Contacts.
22) I just got the NSeries phone and want to migrate my contacts from my old Non-Series 60 phone. How do I do it?
The best way would be to move the contacts to the SIM card using the old phone, transfer the SIM card to the new phone, open up Contacts > Options > SIM Contacts > SIM directory > Mark All > Copy to Contacts.
23) I just got the NSeries phone and want to migrate my SMS from my old phone. How do I do it?
Never personally done this. Try backing up the messages to the PC instead. Use Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian Phones, Message Saver or Best Message Storer to save the messages. All are not free.
24) What is the number one program that everyone should have?
YBrowser. Or FExplorer. Or ActiveFile. Or X-plore. All free! Allows you to browse / delete / send any file via MMS, Bluetooth, And many other explorer like functions that you can manipulate with your files.
25) How do I reset my phone to the factory defaults WITHOUT all SMS/contacts being erased?
Make really sure you have backed up whatever ringtones/photos/SMS/contacts/videos/etc on your phone to your computer as this procedure may cause the files to be lost. Your SIM card will not be touched though. With the phone in at least 3/4 charge, enter *#7780# and follow instructions. If security code is prompted, enter 12345 unless you changed it.
26) How do I reset (format) my phone to the factory defaults WITH all SMS/contacts erased?
Make really sure you have backed up whatever ringtones / photos / SMS / contacts / videos / etc on your phone to your computer as this procedure will make your phone reset to factory state. Your SIM card will not be touched (contacts IN sim card will remain but contacts IN phone will be erased). Neither will your memory card be touched - but I recommend manually deleting installed programs inside using a card reader (or via Mass Storage mode). With the phone in at least 3/4 charge (without plugging in charger), enter *#7370# and follow instructions. If security code is prompted, enter 12345 unless you changed it.
27) How do I transfer SIS/Mp3/JPG/etc files to the NSeries phone?
3 ways: 1) Via USB, place the file in the root of the SDCard drive, 2) Send the file via bluetooth (or bluetooth adaptor for PC) to the phone, and simply open the message to install (delete message after installation) 3) Use a Card Reader to read your SDCard, place the file in the root (not inside any folder), and reinsert back to the NSeries phone. For placed SIS files in the root, install the programs via the Manager.
28) Can I setup my NSeries phone and Bluetooth Adaptor such that I can use the NSeries phone to surf the Internet using my home connection using Bluetooth and not GPRS?
Yes - it is possible. Be wary that this involves a lot of configuration. I have not tried this personally - See GNUBox (free) and this guide for N70 (2nd edition) or for 3rd edition phones. this guide or this guide (3rd edition)
29) Is there any shortcut keys to access menu items?
All the numbers 0 - 9 as well as * and # act as shortcuts in the main menu. Beyond the 12 items, you have to go manually using the directional pad.
30) Why does a Contacts on the left selection key take some time to open as compared to pressing the directional pad?
The phone delays some time as it waits for a "*" key press in case you want to perform a Keypad Lock. Use the directional pad center button for quick contacts access, assuming you are using Active Standby with the Contacts as the first icon.
31) How do I check the time on the phone with the lights when my Keypad is locked?
Press the Power button, the display will light up and the keys will remain locked.
32) How do I check the version of the firmware that is running?
In the standby screen enter *#0000#
33) How do I obtain the IMEI of my NSeries phone?
In the standby screen enter *#06#. You can analyze it here as well.
34) Can I start my device without loading the automatic programs - i.e. Safe Mode?
When switching on the phone, press and hold the pencil key until the display is in standby mode or at the PIN request screen.
35) How do I copy and paste text?
Press and hold the pencil key, use the scroll keys to select and press the left selection key to Copy. Move the cursor to the desired position, press and hold the pencil key and press the right button for Paste.
36) Any shortcut to mark multiple items on a list?
Press and hold the pencil key, and scroll as desired to mark.
37) How do I see background running tasks (Task Manager)?
Press and hold the menu key. To terminate a particular program, select it and press the Cancel key. For more detailed tasks, use FExplorer's Processes. You can also use TaskSpy to view all running tasks and terminate them.
38) What is the maximum SDCard size that the NSeries phone can support?
Officially, it is 1GB (N71/N93/N80/N92), 1GB (N77), 2GB (N73/N76) and 4GB ( N95/N81/N82). Reports are in that High Capacity SDCards (HDSD) of up to 8GB has been tested and working. Do test first before putting down your money. Check the official product specs for updated info.
39) How do I backup my SDCard properly?
Place the SDCard in a card reader or connect via USB in Data Transfer mode. Make sure "Show Hidden Files" is ticked in Tools > Folder Options > View. Copy the SDCard contents and note the label of the card in a text file.
40) How do I change the wallpaper/background image of the standby screen?
When you open an image in the Gallery, go to Options > Use Image > Set as Wallpaper. If you want to configure a wallpaper to show even when using the menu, you will need to create your own theme. Officially, you can use Carbide.ui 3.2 Theme Edition. A paid third party alternative one is ThemeDIY.
41) Why do some of my program icons disappear after I have connected the USB cable?
You cannot use any programs that is installed in the SDCard when the USB connection is in "Data Transfer" mode ( Mass Storage Device) . This locks the SDCard exclusively for USB access.
42) How do I make my SDCard access faster?
Connect the NSeries phone via a USB Cable or put the SDCard in a card reader. Go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter and defrag your SDCard drive. Make sure you have 15% free space.
43) Can I listen to multiple audio sources like Radio/Mp3 and Game Effects at once?
Yes - it works in the N95 if using the Music Player and another application. But not for MP3 player and Radio at the same time, for some reason.
44) How do I activate Voice Dialing?
Press and hold the right soft key.
45) Can the Nokia NSeries phone covers be changed?
Yes. But you may be voiding your warranty. You can find them in mobile phone shops.
46) Sometimes the SDCard drive does not come after I connected the cable even though the icon is showing in the NSeries phone?
Disconnect the cable, restart the NSeries phone (use FExplorer for faster restarts) and connect the cable back. If it still does not work, use a external card reader as it could mean that the SDCard is corrupted.
47) Can the NSeries phone play WMV/AVI/MPG/DAT/MPEG4/VCD/DVD video files?
No - you need third party software to play most video types. SmartMovie is one example for XviD AVI files and it offers full screen landscape viewing too. For MPG/WMV and many other video files, there's CorePlayer. The only ones that you can play without additional software are MP4, 3GP and RealMedia(RM) files, all of which separate encoders are required. Nokia Video Manager is able to convert to MP4 at no charge. You can also try MediaCoder, another free utility. You can also try Handbrake to convert DVDs to MP4. SUPER is free as well.
48) I sent a file via IR/Bluetooth to my phone and it came as a SMS. Where is the file saved in the phone?
Using YBrowser, you can open up the section called Mail Folders.
49) How do I enter numbers when keying in a SMS message?
3 ways: 1) Repeatedly hit the desired key until the number appears 2) Press and hold the key of the desired number 3) Press and hold the pencil key, change to number mode, and enter desired numbers, press and hold pencil key to restore
50) Is there any shortcut to access my WAP homepage?
Press and hold "0" in standby mode.
51) How do I keep the screen backlight always on?
You can use All-In-One Torch (requires Python to be installed) or S60SpotOn or SmartLight. All are free.

Can I record calls that I receive or make?
Yes, you can use the Recorder application in Menu > Applications > Media > Recorder. Note that there will be beep sound every 5 seconds to indicate that recording is going on for both parties of the call. You can use Ultimate Call Recorder to remove the beep sound, but it is known to be problematic for v3 and v4. v5 is said to have reliable no-beep recording.

Total Recall is now the latest in the market to offer problem free no beep recording. It performs effective beep free call recordings in AMR and WAV formats.

53) Will using the Offline mode free up more RAM?
Yes. To access offline mode, press the power button and select the offline mode. The phone will restart and you will not be able to use it to make calls until you switch to other online profiles.
54) How do I make the image of a caller appear on the phone when he/she calls me?
Go to Contacts, Select a contact, Options, Edit, Options, Add Thumbnail. If you want the pictures to be larger, check out Full Screen Caller.
55) How do I give a personal ring tone to a contact?
Go to Contacts, Select a contact, Open, Options, Ringing Tone.
56) Is it possible to block my Caller ID from being sent?
With some service provider's it's possible. Go to Tools > Settings > Phone > Call > Send my Caller ID > No. Try making a call - if it works, then you are all set. However if you receive messages like "Check my caller id sending", then your service provider requires you to send the info.
57) Is it possible for me to change the shortcuts at the standby screen?
Go to Tools > Settings > General > Personalization > Standby Mode > Shortcuts and change Left/Right selection key as desired.
58) How do I increase the volume of a MIDI file?
Use PSMPlayer. Download the English version.
59) How do I convert Midi/Kar/Wav to other formats?
PSMPlayer can convert to/from midi/rmi/kar/dxm/als/dat/cmd/mel/sml/mld/pmd/mmf/smd/smz/wav/mml/m3u.
60) How long can the NSeries N95 phone battery life last for the various usage of functions?
Officially the standby time for the classic and 8gb versions are 7 days and 11 days respectively. Realistically, it is 2 to 3 days. The classic N95 lasts shorter due to its smaller battery size. It depends heavily on the usage pattern. Battery intensive applications like Gaming, Mp3, GPS, Bluetooth and video take up lots of battery juice. JoikuSpot is also known to consume battery power even if the phone is powered off.
61) Can I use the NSeries phone without a SIM Card?
For the N95, yes. For others, please feedback in the comments below.
62) I downloaded some ringtones - How do I use them as Ringtones?
Mp3 - Simply put them in your SDCard, any folder. Refresh your music library if needed, in Music Player > Options > Refresh.
MIDI/WAV - Sounds/Digital folder in SDCard
OGG/WMA/etc - You need to convert them to Mp3/Wav format. Use CDEx for the conversion.
63) What are the limitations of the Music Player?
No gap less music playback. Can't add WAV/MIDI to playlist. Cannot play Ogg files. Let us know if you find other limitations.
64) Can the N95 Classic's BL-5F battery life be extended by replacing it with the N95 8GB's BL-6F battery?
Yes, it is possible. You will need to remove the hologram from the battery and sand away the crisscross section of the battery cover. View a YouTube video of it in action. But the cover will not fit - you will need to sand down the surface.
65) How do I remove the Operator Logo?
Go here. And yes, its free.
66) How do I change the Operator Logo to my own image?
It used to be so easy - a one click operation. Now it requires a whole new section of its own. See the guide here.
67) Can I stop the phone from asking me "Receive Message from..." from my friend's phone?
Partner with your friend using the Bluetooth's Partner function. After partnering, set his connection as Authorized by selecting his phone name in the Bluetooth connections list and going to Options.
68) Is is possible to change the location of the saved SMS to my SDCard?
Menu > Messaging > Options > Settings > Other > Memory In Use > SDCard. Personally, I discourage this as it could cause problems when in Data Transfer mode, This mode locks the SDCard exclusively for USB access. Never tried it personally though, so do let us know how it works out.
69) How do I set the phone such that the keypad autolocks after a specified amount of time?
Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Security > Phone and SIM > Keypad autolock period. If your phone does not have this feature, you can use AutoLock (free) or Mr Lock (free).
70) How do I set the phone such that the keypad does not autolock after sliding in?
Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Security > Phone and SIM > Lock keys if slide closed
71) Why does the Music Player take so long to load?
I am not sure either, but my guess is that it is verifying that every single file exists in the SDCard. My personal opinion follows: If this is so, it is a waste. If a file does not exist, the Music Player should just skip to the next file.
72) How do I set my calendar reminder such that it reminds me a few days before the event?
Create new events to remind you of the event. If there's a better automated solution, do let us know in the Comments.
73) Can I charge my NSeries phone through the USB port?
Not through the phone's USB port, it is strictly for data transfer. But you can use Nokia USB Charger CA-100 to charge from a USB port to the power charger port. There may be some third party accessories that can convert a USB connector to the charger plug.
74) Where can I get free NSeries phone Games/Appz/Gamez/Etc?
This website does not assist nor condones illegal activities. So please stop sending emails regarding the above.
75) I got a new phone! And it is not a Series 60! So how do I move all contacts to the SIM card?
Menu > Contacts > Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark All > Options > Copy > To SIM directory
76) Can I select Mp3 as a SMS Message Alert tone for my phone?
For the N95, yes.
77) When using a Bluetooth headset, can the NSeries phone play mp3 through the wireless headset?
For the N95, yes.
78) When using a Bluetooth headset, can the NSeries phone direct radio through the wireless headset?
Not possible with the N95, even if the wired headset is connected. You must use the loudspeaker or a wired headset.
79) I have a Bluetooth stereo headset, can I use it to hear sounds in stereo?
N95 phones, yes - as long as the headset supports the A2DP bluetooth profile. Some Nokia Nseries phones do not support A2DP, so you will need to check the specs.
80) When I send files to my computer's Bluetooth connection, my NSeries phone says "Unable to Connect"?
This is because of security reasons, your computer will not accept connections automatically. To receive files, right click on the bluetooth icon in your system tray, and select Receive A File. If you are using Wildcomm's driver, ensure that the blue icon is in your system tray and go to My Bluetooth Places (Desktop), My Device and that "My PIM Item Transfer" is Enabled and "Automatic Startup" appears. Right-click it, Properties, and configure to receive all items in a folder. It should work now.
81) Is there any shortcut to call a number/URL that was sent through SMS?
The number should already be highlighted. If not, open the message, Options > Automatic Find On. Press the down directional key to select the number and hit the green call button.
82) Where can I get NSeries phone N-Gage application?
When it is released, you can download it here.
83) Can I adjust the volume of my SMS ring tone without changing the actual voice call ring tone?
No - the volume control in the profile affects both SMS and Messaging tone volumes. Try using 3rd party programs (such as Audacity for MP3 files) to manually reduce the volume in the SMS sound file.
84) How do I customize the icons in my NSeries phone?
Create your own theme.
85) How do I convert videos (AVI / MPG / WMV / MPEG) to MP4 format?
You can use Nokia Video Manager. You can also try MediaCoder, another free utility. You can also try the free Handbrake to convert DVDs to MP4. Mobiola Studio is a paid alternative.
86) How do I play 3GP and MP4 videos?
You can use Quicktime Player. Or the player that comes with PC Suite.
87) How do I open the NSeries phone Classic cover?
For the N95 Classic, there is a YouTube guide here. For the rest, coming soon!
88) How do I lock the Keypad?
Press the left selection key and quickly press the right selection key.
89) Is it possible to adjust the brightness of the backlight?
Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Personalization > Display > Light sensor. Note that increasing the brightness will use up more battery power. LightCtrl can also reduce the backlight brightness further (free).
90) I cannot startup my NSeries phone!! I only see the Nokia Connecting People logo and then it shuts off! What can I do?
First method - Connect the charger cable to the phone, let it power up and begin charging, and then try to start up the phone from there
Second - When switching on the phone, press and hold the pencil key until the display is in standby mode or at the PIN request screen.
Third - Hard Reset. You WILL lose all data in the internal memory (SMS, contacts, calendar, etc). Hold down pencil key, * key, and the "3" key and power on the phone till "Formatting" appears. (not tested with N95)
Fourth - Bring it to your nearest Nokia Service Center.
91) Is there any utility that can rotate the screen to landscape and portrait at a press of a key?
RotateMe and LandscapePro allows 270 degree rotation for N95 and N81 and N82. The N95 8GB v20.0.016 firmware presents a auto rotate option in Tools > Settings > General > Personalisation > Display > Rotate screen.
92) Is it true that the N95 has a built-in accelerometer?
Yes! RotateMe takes advantage of this and rotates your screen automatically for N95 and N82. The N95 8GB v20.0.016 firmware presents a auto rotate option in Tools > Settings > General > Personalisation > Display > Rotate screen. For other phones, you can rotate via hotkey. Its free.
93) Are there any free web browsers other than the built-in one?
You're in luck! Opera MIni. Free, and it even saves bandwidth costs by compressing the content before sending it to your phone.
94) How do I add MIDI / WAV / AMR files to the Music Player playlist?
You can't. Not with the N95's Music Player anyway. A way around this is to use paid 3rd party software - CorePlayer.
95) Can the multimedia music keys in the N95 be used to other applications?
No known methods for the time being.
96) Can I rotate the screen 180 or 270 degrees?
For N95 and N81 and N82, you can rotate 270 degrees with RotateMe and LandscapePro (both require donation).
97) How do I make the Power Saver screen saver clock show the clock in bigger size?
Not possible without third party software - Check out cClock - its free.
98) How do I switch off the camera shutter sound?
Try switching off Warning Tones in the current profile. If this does not work, this means the firmware for your product code has required the camera sounds to be on (due to a country's privacy laws). You can try this free utility called cCam to take sound-less shots, although it doesn't seem to come with the anti-shake feature.

Alternatively, you can attempt to change the product code so that you can download another firmware that doesn't have sounds forced on. See #155 for instructions.
99) Can I switch off the keypad lights permanently to save battery?
LightCtrl to the rescue! You can even switch off the backlight and further reduce the brightness. Free!

How do I stop the beep sound when recording phone conversations?
Yes, but its not free. Check out Ultimate Call Recorder. Note that it is known to be problematic so try out the trial first.

Total Recall is now the latest in the market to offer problem free no beep recording. It performs effective beep free call recordings in AMR and WAV formats.

101) Why can't I move folders in the menu navigation system?
No known methods for the time being other than moving the items individually.
102) How do I control the volume of a Java MIDP application?
You can only switch it off by setting Warning Tones to Off in the current Profile . There is no way to control volume, unless the MIDP application provides that facility within the application.
103) Is there any way to set a ring tone rather than scrolling through the entire list of my MP3s?
Use Gallery's or Music Player's search function to locate the sound and select it. Hit the left selection key and there should be an option to set the selected tone as the ring tone.
104) Is there any way to set a SMS tone rather than scrolling through the entire list of my MP3s in Profiles?
No other known methods for the time being.
105) Any free application that allows my NSeries phone to use MSN Messenger?
You're in luck! Its developed by Microsoft and Nokia. Go here! You can also use the built-in browser and navigate to http://mobile.live.com for a JavaScript powered version.
106) Is the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) free?
Yes. Nokia Maps does not charge for the use of its map. It only charges for the realtime navigation feature. However, Assisted GPS (AGPS) uses the network Internet for faster lock-on. To disable the internet connection, for the N95, Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning methods > (remove checkmark for Assisted GPS)..

Note that by disabling AGPS, GPS lock-on will take much longer (sometimes as much as 500% more, in my experience). Also, AGPS only uses a few Kb of data, resulting in a few cents per connection on most mobile networks.
107) How do I make the N95 power saver (aka screen saver) portrait?
For static images, you can rotate the image using your favorite image editor. (Thanks Tizi). For animated power savers, no known methods for the time being.
108) Does N95 support video ringtone?
Yes - the video must be in 3GPP/MP4 format and stored in the video folder. It should appear when you select a ringtone.
109) My N95 has a wobbly loose slider. Any way to fix it?
This may void your warranty. There are many guides on the web - See here or here or here.
110) Any software that can use Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Live MSN Messenger, AIM, iChat, ICQ or Jabber?
Free - Palringo. Paid - IMPlus, Agile Messenger
111) Does N95 support playing FLV video?
No - but the latest Flash Lite does. However, it does not integrate into the built-in browser and is only able to play standalone files.
112) When I install an application, I get an error "Expired Certificate"?
Change the phone's date to an earlier date in factors of 4 months. Remember to change back after installation.
113) When I install an application, I get an error "Certificate not yet valid or is expired or date time settings are wrong"?
Change the phone's date to a later date in factors of 6 months. Remember to change back after installation.
114) My phone came with a free trial of Nokia Maps Voice Navigation. How do I activate it?
Start Nokia Maps. Options > Extra Services > Add navigation > Accept > Purchase > (Select region) > Options > Update > (select access point, use Wi-Fi) and a box should inform you of your activation of the free trial once done.
115) How do I get the name of the person to appear when a message is received, rather than "1 message received"?
A 3rd party paid utility, Skyecaller, can accomplish this.
116) How do I stop the Nokia tune from playing on phone startup?
Switch the current profile's Warning Tones to Off before switching off the phone. Note that this will turn off Java sounds as well.
117) Can I use the NSeries phone without SIM card?
For the N95, yes. Offline profile will be automatically activated if no SIM card is detected.
118) Which Nokia NSeries phones have Xenon Flash?
Nokia N82
119) How do I perform a Copy/Paste for phones without the pencil button (e.g. N81)?
The # key can be used instead. Or you can use Options > Edit > Copy/Paste
120) How do I uninstall Java programs and other Symbian applications without going through App Manager?
Select the item in the menu and hit the C button.
121) I deleted some videos/photos/etc from my memory card and I need to recover them!
PC Inspector Smart Recovery to the rescue. Its free! Their site design is tricky - but you should be able to download it eventually..
122) Is there any shortcut to activate the Mute/Silent profile?
Press and hold the * key in the standby screen. If that does not work, try pressing and holding the red hangup button.
123) How do I prevent certain photos and folders from appearing in the Gallery?
Set the folder/file attribute to Hidden. You can perform this in USB Data Transfer Mode or by using YBrowser.
124) Is there any shortcut to access the Music Player in N95 and other NSeries phones?
Press and hold the Multimedia key.
125) How do I tune down the power level of the Wireless device?
This affects the signal level, you cannot be as far as before from the wireless access point or this tweak will cause more trouble. Menu > Tools > Setting > Connection > Wireless LAN > Options > Advanced Settings > "Yes" > Automatic config > Disabled > TX power level > Options > Change > (Change 4 mW) > OK.
126) Is there a way for me to be notified when my SMS has been sent and received to a mobile phone?
Messaging > Options > Settings > Text message > Receive report > Yes
Note that this is a network service.
127) How do I toggle between different modes in the Calendar?
To go to a certain date, select Options > Go to date. To jump to today, press #.
To switch between the month view, week view, day view, and to-do view, press *.
128) Does switching to GSM mode save battery? How do I switch to GSM / 3G / Dual mode?
As far as I know, yes. To switch: Tools > Settings > Phone > Network > Network Mode
129) Can I host a HTTP website server on my NSeries phone?
Why yes! Check out the free Mobile Web Server.
130) How do I view YouTube videos on my NSeries phone?
emTube is a popular youtube video browser and player. And its free! There is also MobiTubia, free as well. UPDATE: v15.0.015 firmware for N95 8GB supports Flash Video, which means you can view videos straight from the built-in web browser!
131) Is there any application that allows me to listen to Internet Radio?
You're in luck! And its by Nokia! Check out Nokia Music. Or Spodtronic, free also.
132) Is there any list of shortcuts I can use with my NSeries phone?
You betcha! Go to this guide here.
133) Can I download Bittorrent torrents with my NSeries phone?
A free download! Symtorrent
134) Any way to enabled threaded SMS functions?
Free - Nokia Conversation. Paid - ThreadSMS
135) How do I send Flash SMSes?
Not possible without 3rd party software - SmsOne,
136) What about SMS chatting?
Not possible without 3rd party software - Sms Chat and Thread Chat.
137) Is there any 3rd party software that allows me to control the PC using bluetooth / USB?
Bemused (control/browse WInamp), free! Moccatroller, free! Paid software - Salling Clicker (supports iTunes, Windows Media Player, PowerPoint, etc using Bluetooth/Wifi),Psiloc Wireless Presenter can control PowerPoint as well.
138) What about controlling/viewing the phone from the PC using bluetooth / USB?
Yes! Paid - Mobiola Remote Phone Control or ImageExpo .
139) Can I obtain more information on the cell tower I am connected to?
Yes, and its free - CellTrack
140) Can I use my phone as a answering machine to answer calls while I am away?
Yes! Free - MobiGenie (note: does not mute microphone when recording). Paid - PhonePilot,
141) How do I find out what CPU, free RAM, free memory and all other specifications of my NSeries phone?
Free ones - Device Status,
142) Can I use my NSeries phone's camera as a Webcam with my PC?
Yes! Free - motvik. Paid - Mobiola Web Camera.
143) I bought several audiobooks and need an efficient disk usage way to play them on my NSeries phone?
Free solution by Nokia - Nokia Audiobooks.
144) When I install software in my NSeries phone, I get a certificate error?
Tools > App. Manager > Options > Settings > Set Software installation to All and Online certificate check to Off.
145) My N95 switches to landscape mode when showing the power saver. Any way to turn this off?
It has been acknowledged here. No known methods around this. It also lags the phone as the screen switches to portrait mode everytime you start to use it. Hopefully, Nokia provides an option in the next firmware release.
146) How can I protect my phone in case it gets stolen?
Free - Guardian. There are many paid software out there - Phone Guardian, Bak2u and Security Genius.
147) I received a new message on my phone, and since then, I always get "New voice message On Line 1" with the options Listen or exit whenever I switch on. But I have no voice messages! Help?
The problem is with the SIM card. Try putting the SIM card into another phone. Call your mobile and leave a voice mail. Delete the voice mail using the other phone. Now put it back into the original phone. If any other method worked out for you, do let us know in the Comments!
148) How do I record from FM radio?
It has been mentioned on some forums that Ultimate Call Recorder (not free) is able to record, albeit at lower quality.
149) Why can't I select my WLAN network for Visual Radio?
I am not sure either, but my guess is that its a network service, as such, you have to connect through their network.
150) How do you make the fonts bigger?
For the N95s, Tools > Settings > General > Personalisation > Display > Font Size. Setting the font size lower makes more items come on screen whereas bigger font sizes reduce the number of items displayed. For other phones, you can use Psiloc Font Magnifier (not free).
151) Can I turn off the icons, status and reminders at the standby screen?
Tools > Settings > General > Personalisation > Standby mode > Active standby
152) My GPS takes very long to lock on! How can I speed it up?
See Nokia's list of tips - namely, avoid blocking the antenna under the number pad, use it outdoors, use it in cloud free weather, patience and avoiding UV protected windscreens. In addition, I recommend enabling A-GPS in Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning Methods > Assisted GPS. Note that there's extra network charges depending on your plan. See Nokia's introduction to A-GPS.
153) How do I extend the recording length from 60 seconds of the Recorder application?
You will need third party software. There are plenty in the commercial market. The popular ones are Ultimate Call Recorder and Psiloc Extended Recorder. You can also record in MP3 format using VITO AudioNotes.
154) How do I flash the latest software update firmware onto my device?
Download and install Nokia Software Updater. Note that flashing the firmware will erase all contacts, messages, calendar appointments, etc from your internal memory. So be sure to backup before flashing.
155) There is an update for my phone but it does not show in the Nokia Software Updater! What is happening?
This is due to the product code. Wait a few more weeks for the update to be released in your region. If you are rushing for the update, you can debrand (another guide here) the phone, but it may void warranty. Here is a near complete list of product codes for various regions.
156) How do I flash the latest software update firmware onto my NSeries device?
Download and install Nokia Software Updater.
157) How do I preload Nokia maps onto my NSeries GPS device so that I do not have to download them outside?
Download and install Nokia Map Loader.
158) When I start the Map Loader with my phone in Data Transfer mode, I get an error 'An unexpected error occurred. Try Again. Sorry for the inconvenience'? Or an error "Connection to the map server has been interrupted. Make sure that your Internet connection is working and retry. If you are still unable to download, try again later."
Download and install the latest version of Nokia Map Loader. Transparent proxies have been known to cause problems with Nokia Map Loader so configure a proxy server in your Internet Options (Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Proxy server) as Nokia Map Loader uses those settings. You can get lists of proxy servers from Google. If you already have a proxy set in your Internet Options, try removing it as well.
159) Any C64 (Commodore 64) emulator?
Free Java based - JME C64.
160) How do I view the MAC address of my NSeries phone's wireless card?
Key in *#62209526# in the standby screen. Trivia - the number actually means *#MAC WLAN#.
161) How do I insert a new line easily when composing a SMS?
Hit the zero key 3 times. (Thanks to mechanimal82)
162) Can I password protect certain documents or folders in the phone?
Not possible without commercial third party software. Best Crypto
163) Can I protect installed software with a password?
Free - ActiveLock.
164) How do I create sub folders?
I've learnt of a trick to create sub-folders in S60 phones! I know this will be a feature of Feature Pack 2, however we can create them in older S60 versions (2nd Ed/3rd Ed). To do this follow the instructions below:
  1. Create a new folder and call it whatever you want your sub-folder to be.
  2. Move this folder to be in position 1 (top left of the main menu)
  3. Place an app in position 5 (the default position for when you open up the menu)
  4. highlight the app in position 5 and then press options (so that you can see the option to "Move to folder" ).
  5. Now with the option menu open, press the power key and select "Offline". You'll notice that the menu is still open, and that the folder you created is highlighted in the top left of the screen.
  6. Now select "Move to folder" and select which folder you want to contain your sub-folder.
(Thanks to mechanimal82 - source)
165) Where can I get the installed Chinese dictionary / Asia Maps / NAVFone Pro that came with my N95 phone?
Go here. Note that N95 8GB V15 firmware already includes the dictionary back.
166) Is there any application that allows me to post to Flickr / Vox / LifeBlog online easily?
Free - Nokia Sharing & Blogging. For N70 and N72 phones only. Other NSeries phones already have this - look for Share Online in your phone menu. If you don't have it, upgrade to the latest firmware release. There's also Shozu, free.
167) What are the available VOIP options?
Gizmo Project, Vyke, Truphone, MINO, iSkoot, Fring (embedded SIP client), Barablu, EQO, Jajah, Rebtel, Mobiboo, Zfone (secure VOIP) and many others
168) Is there a Symbian version of Skype?
No, but you can use Fring and EQO without any charge.
169) Where can I get a list of codes that can be used on my NSeries phone?
Here, here and here (most not working on N95) are some codes. A summary follows
*#7780# - soft reset profiles, themes and shortcuts
#*7370# - hard reset, reformats internal memory fully, all SMS, calendar, etc will be gone
*#0000# - shows software version
*#06# - shows IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) keep a backup of this!
*#2820# (*#BTA0#) - shows Bluetooth device MAC address
*#62209526# (*#MAC WLAN#) - WLAN MAC address
*#92702689# - displays the life timer of for how many minutes (HH:MM) of calls the phone has been used for
(let us know if you find more)
170) How can I add album art to the Music Player?
See this guide.
171) What are the available GPS software for my NSeries GPS phone?
Nokia Maps (maps free, navigation not), Tom Tom, Route 66 and many others. For asia maps, there's MapKing and NAVFone.
172) Any software that can be used to capture screen shots of the phone's display?
Screenshot, ScreenSnapS60, Best Screen Snap and ActiveFile. All Free!
173) How do I scan those linear, stacked and 2D bar codes?
See this guide.
174) How can I search my SMS?
Nokia Search. Its free. It is already installed in the N95 8GB.
175) Is there any application for the Gnutella network?
By the developers of SymTorrent, Symella. Its free.
176) Can the NSeries phone be used as a Mass Storage Device (flash thumb drive)?
Only for some NSeries phones. For N95, it activates as long as you activate the Data Transfer mode when activating the USB mode. No extra drivers required. Nokia PC Suite does not need to be installed in the PC
177) How do I monitor my phone's 3G / UMTS / WAP data usage monthly?
You can use the Log application - Menu > Tools > Log > Packet Data. Wi-fi data does not increment this counter, for the N95 anyway. You can also set how often to reset the counter in 1, 10 or 30 days in Options > Settings.
178) Are there any Nokia supported L-Shaped remote headset similar to the AD-54?
Nokia AD-43.
179) My NSeries device keeps searching for a wireless network every X minutes. How do I disable this?
Tools > Settings > Connection > Wireless LAN > Show WLAN availability > Never .
180) How do I get a call timer running when in a call to find out how long I have been talking?
Tools > Settings > Phone > Call > Show call duration > Yes
181) How do I get a call summary to display after hanging up a call?
Tools > Settings > Phone > Call > Summary after call > On
For some phones (like N80), My own > Log > Options > Settings > Show call duration > Yes
182) How do I increase/decrease the time the backlight is on before switching off?
Tools > Settings > General > Personalisation > Display > Light time-out
183) How do I uninstall/remove/delete installed themes?
Install themes to phone memory as the access to phone memory is faster
Look for a entry in the Application Manager - Applications > App. mgr...
If the above doesn't work, you will need to remove it manually. See this guide or this guide.
184) I am unable to reinstall a theme. Help?
Though I have never encountered this issue, see if this guide helps.
185) When I try to connect my phone in Data Transfer (Mass Storage) mode, it says "Unable to activate data transfer mode, Mass memory in used by another application"?
Try restarting the phone. Make sure no programs are running, especially those System App programs. Programs (like Font Magnifier) and themes installed in the flash memory can cause this as well. Also try setting SMS storage to phone memory, if it is not.
186) How do you restart the phone without having to manually power off and power on?
pyRestart (free) to the rescue! Note that it requires Python 1.4.1 (free) to be installed.
187) Is there any free software that can turn off the alarm or refuse a call with a flip of the phone?
FlipSilent. And its Free! You can even Flip to change profile. Though I fail to see why it is harder to just press the hang-up button.
188) How do I disable the red flash light that comes on or blinks when taking a photo or recording a video for N95 and N95 8GB?
See this guide. Note that this will void warranty for your N95. For N95 8GB, It uses Cellotape ( a brand of clear sticky tape) which is removable should you need to claim warranty.
189) My N95 does not power on to sound the alarm when it is switched off at the time of alarm. It tries to power up showing only a white screen and battery indicator, then gives up and powers off.
Psiloc irRemote's DRM Common Solutions v3.02 is known to have caused this problem (see post), First, try removing it by going to Applications > App. mgr and removing irRemote and the items with DRM in them. Then try setting a alarm and see if it works while powered off. If it still doesn't work, reinstall irRemote from psiloc's site, restart phone, uninstall irRemote and DRM software. Then try setting the alarm again and it should work.

If it still does not work, you will need to hard reset the phone. If your intention is to save battery, a workaround is to switch the phone to offline mode. The alarm should still work then, saving battery at the same time.
190) I receive errors when trying to use Wireless WLAN connection with my Java applications. Example Youtube Mobile - "The connection was lost. This is probably due to network congestion. (HTTP 560)"
I am still trying to find a solution to this problem.
191) How do I reset the call logs, timers and counters for sent and received data?
Menu > Tools > Log > (select setting you want to reset) > Options> Clear counters/timers. If security code is prompted, enter 12345 unless you changed it.
192) Where is the video editor in N95 8GB?
For some unknown reason, the full featured video editor is removed from the 8GB model. However, the basic non-timeline functions such as Merge, Change Sound, Add Text and Cut functions can be found via the Gallery. Select the video, Options > Edit. This was only added in the v15 firmware.
193) Can I make my phone as a wireless access point so that other PDAs, laptop or phones can use it as a Wifi access point?
With free third party software, it is possible! Check out JoikuSpot - note that it consumes battery power even if not using it or even if your phone is powered off!
194) Is it possible to hang up / terminate a call once I slide back the N95 phone?
SlideHangUp. Or SlideHelper - allows you to hangup / lock keypad / turn off backlight and even remove the lock messages. It is Free!
195) I am receiving an error message "emTube was redirected to html page instead of FLV movie! Check your proxy settings" when using emTube in N95 8GB?
emTube is not compatible with the v20 firmware of N95 8GB. The alternative for now is to use Mobitubia.
196) Error message 'Certificate Error - Contact the Application Supplier' or 'Expired Certificate' or 'Certificate Expired' etc. How do I sign my SIS files?
Use Symbian Signed Open Signed Online to sign unsigned SIS files. However, it does not work for all SIS files. The alternative is, unfortunately, a firmware hack. Disclaimer: This is not official supported. Hence, the name 'hack'. See this post for the guide.
197) How do I increase the voice speaker call volume when I am in a call?
While in a call, hit the left/right keys in the directional pad. The volume bar displaying in the phone will reflect accordingly and adjust the volume. Or, try pressing the speaker volume keys, while in a call.
198) Are there any third party batteries to extend the standby time of N95?
Amazon.com has a ElectraSpan N95 8GB Extended Battery (claims 200% more). Note that these batteries have the potential to void your warranty.
199) Is there any way to modify the snooze time / alarm volume / make a longer alarm ringing time of the built-in alarm?
Not possible. You may want to try third party alarm software such as Handy Alarm (not free).
200) Is it possible to use the built-in GPS with Google Maps?
With free third party software - MGMaps. It works even if your phone doesn't have a built-in GPS receiver, you can use external Bluetooth receiver or without any at all (without lock on, of course).
201) How do I install SIS/Themes/Power Saver/Games/Programs into my phone?
Install Nokia PC Suite if you haven't already. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable. When asked for the connection mode, select 'PC Suite'. Now just double-click the SIS file and Nokia Application Installer should spring up. Click Yes, and follow instructions on your phone.
202) How do I see track details such as artist / title / tracking without lighting up the screen?
When the Music Player is showing, lock the keypad by either sliding open and closing back. Whenever you want to see the music player, just press any key and the Music Player will show.
203) How do I see track details such as artist / title / tracking without lighting up the screen?
When the Music Player is showing, lock the keypad by either sliding open and closing back. Whenever you want to see the music player, just press any key and the Music Player will show.
203) How do I see and monitor the speed and the amount of data I have used?
You can see the amount of data you have used in Tools > Log > Packet Data > (2nd tab) > (select time of connection). For an overall counter of the data consumed, you can see it in Tools > Log > Packet data. Note that this counter is reset depending on the Log duration you have set in Tools > Log > Packet Data > Options. If you want to monitor the speed of the connection and traffic used consistently, check out mConnection (free).

Errors? Omissions? Need Help? Know something? Please post/rant(!) about it in the Forums! (No Registration Required)

This document is Copyright(©) 2007-2008 by G.Ganesh. Visit Bootstrike.Com (http://bootstrike.com).

(Last Updated 16th Feb 2009)

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Kasun Unregistered Anonymous Thanks mate, your effort has been very very helpful. Keep on good work.
posted 5 Jul 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link
MK02 Unregistered Anonymous hi there, like to ask, in N95 8gb, under usb mode, "image print" and "media player", what does it do ???
posted 29 Jun 2008 - show 1 replies - Reply - Permanent Link
Admin Administrator Admin Use Image print to print your images using a
compatible USB data cable, or Bluetooth
connectivity. You can also print images using
wireless LAN.

Media player is used for synchronization with Windows Media Player.
posted 29 Jun 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link
Rodrigo Unregistered Anonymous the people of nokia in a number 800, only give me the solution of update de firmware. The software updater dosen't let me update the phone. So.....

i have to send the phone to the tec-service..... plop...
posted 18 Jun 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link
Rodrigo Unregistered Anonymous I have problems with the Music Player application n95-3.

I copied 233 songs and when i refresh the library only appears 130 songs.

Then i coiped only 100 songs... i refresh de library and only appears 50 songs....

I try different things.... hard reset, format microSD...

nothing works.....
posted 16 Jun 2008 - show 1 replies - Reply - Permanent Link
Admin Administrator Admin It could be that some of your songs are not encoded properly, have invalid characters/ID tags. You will need to narrow down the song that is causing this problem and find out what causes the music player to exclude it.
posted 16 Jun 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link
Rodrigo Unregistered Anonymous this songs are the same i copied in a nokia 6300. i copied 20 songs at the time, all going ok, but when i reach 140 songs the library only shows me 133 songs.
posted 17 Jun 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link
Meme Unregistered Anonymous I was able to send text messages until yesterday, every time i send a message i try to send a message it says unable to send message. And if i press DETAILS it says Text Messages: Check network status. I tried putting my sim card in my old phone and i can send messages fine.
posted 14 Jun 2008 - show 2 replies - Reply - Permanent Link
vimal Unregistered Anonymous Please if you have a solution for this please let me know my email address is ploughtheroad@gmail.com
posted 5 Dec 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link
ristooo3 Unregistered Anonymous get the correct number of service centre from your provider.
posted 2 Jan 2009 - Reply - Permanent Link
bios Unregistered Anonymous dear ganesh
i have no comment but i have a qusten that's can i uninstall my nokia phone os from my phone think about that if we can remove that then we can install any verson os nokia os like v 4.2 v 5.3 or the versen of e seris in the phone of 60s so plz tell me if u know at bioshackere@gmail.com
posted 1 Apr 2008 - show 1 replies - Reply - Permanent Link
Admin Administrator Admin officially not possible, you can only reinstall or install the latest one
posted 5 Apr 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link
obaid Unregistered Anonymous thanks mate you solved it for me.there were few themes that i have been wanting to remove from ages.had read the same thing somewhere else .had tried.but the way you have explained it here..really very very good..thanks
posted 28 Mar 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link
Charlie Unregistered Anonymous How Do I select Mp3 as a SMS Message Alert tone for my phone?
posted 9 Mar 2008 - show 1 replies - Reply - Permanent Link
Admin Administrator Admin N95? just place the Mp3 in your memory card and it should appear in the list of tones. If it doesn't, restart the phone
posted 9 Mar 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link
Tizi Unregistered Anonymous RE: 107, use a gif maker, turn ur images anti clockwise then use them, on the screen they will come out correct
posted 3 Mar 2008 - show 1 replies - Reply - Permanent Link
Admin Administrator Admin yep, that will work, but only for static images. However, it has been added to the FAQ. thank you!
posted 4 Mar 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link
Mumtaz Unregistered Anonymous these are very help and thanks for your efforts.
posted 22 Feb 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link
josmanms Unregistered Anonymous Why my nokia N95 8gb re-initialize when I try to start the gps,all in the phone works good but not the gps.
posted 15 Feb 2008 - show 1 replies - Reply - Permanent Link
Admin Administrator Admin try resetting the phone. note that all data will be lost.
posted 15 Feb 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link
N81 8gb Unregistered Anonymous Will a reset using *#7370# wipe the internal 8gb mass memory of my music edition phone? If so is there any way to perform a factory style reset that won't affect this data? I don't have a PC to back any of it up, you see.
posted 21 Feb 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link
Admin Administrator Admin it should only reset the internal memory data, though I recommend formatting the 8gb memory card before doing the reset
posted 21 Feb 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link

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