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Recently stepped up to a N95 from an N-Gage. It is sort of a big step, as the phone is much more sophiscated and many changes in the User Interface.

I purchased the N95 8GB on mid November 2007 from a mobile service provider. It was a big jump from a N-Gage to a 3rd edition Symbian phone.

Needless to say, I was impressed with the array of features. SMS search! GPS! Dual paging! I can go on and on.

Here are the articles. More coming soon as I explore this phone

  1. Problems with Nokia N95 8GB - When I got this phone, I found some annoying things. Like having to scroll through one long list to select a SMS tone. Hope Nokia fixes them.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions on NSeries Phones - Ported from the N-Gage FAQ - it currently covers about 180 questions and growing.

My Experience of Sending my N95 8GB for Servicing

CURRENT STATUS: Collected and Working Properly!

The phone kept restarting and hanging for 2 min, and then auto restarting again. This went on the whole day and I decided to repair my N95 8GB phone.

7th April 2008 - Brought the phone for servicing at Suntec City. Was told 'one week'.

14th April 2008 (1 wk) - No updates. Checking the online website with the tracking number reveals that the phone is not ready for collection.

20th April 2008 (2 wk) - Received a call that the phone is ready for collection. Hurray! Was looking forward to be rejoined with my N95.

21st April 2008 (2 wk) - Went to collect the phone. Reached at 7pm. Got served at the counter by 720pm. Customer Service Officer (CSO) brought my phone, powered it on and gave it to me to test. The phone was asking me to select a country. Ah, freshy hard resetted. I scroll to select Singapore, and suddenly, it stopped scrolling. I took a deep breath and handed it back to the CSO. He replaced the battery, powered it on again and gave it to me again. Again it froze when I tried scrolling down the menu. I gave it to him with a 'did you just do a format only' look. He looked shocked and brought the phone inside. Long story short, I had to be in the service center till 830pm for him to type a new job as he says he needs to send the phone to HQ again. He assured 3-4 days 'in most cases'. I left with a huge disappointment.

29th April 2008 (3 wk) - Still no call till now. Called Nokia Care Line to tell them to hurry up. They assured a response 48 hours later. Will this turn out to be another long long service center experience?

1st May 2008 (3 wk) - Called Nokia Care Line again. Was told that the service center tried to contact me in vain. He again assured me that it should be ready by weekend.

2nd May 2008 (3.5 wk) - Nokia Care Center called and informed that my phone was ready for collection. I immediately headed to NCC and found the phone working as normal. Brought it home and has been working fine since.

Conclusion: It has been a long experience, but in the end, Nokia gave me a working phone. Props to them, although I must admit 3.5 weeks to service a phone is too long.

Last Updated 3rd May 2008.

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