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Good Old MIDI Music! Most of the games I played have wonderful music, and here's the music which I think are very good, especially Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario and the other Nintendo series.

Random MIDI Player

(Update June 2024) Browser MIDI playback only works with Internet Explorer as I am still not able to get modern browsers to play midi in browser using native sound card ability. I have attempted to use many open source browser based MIDI players but have failed to successfully implement a simple MIDI file playback just like the old days. Many solutions are either very complicated (I tried) or require an external CDN to load the instruments (security). The most promising one was smfplayer but I was not able to do get it to do a midi file playback from a http source

NEW (21/May/06)! Ajax Midi Player. Click to play - has 350+ free downloadable General MIDI music (especially for handphone mobile ring tones) including the below. All my favorites and classics from various games!

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A Few of my Favorite Midis (included in the Random Player above)

Click 'n' play any music you want:

Final Fantasy:

Eyes On Me
Eyes On Me 2
Boss Battle Theme (1)
FF8 Theme (1)
Zidane Theme (1)


Metal Gear Solid:


Ninja Gaiden:

Series 1: Level 4-2
Series 1: Level 4-3
Series 1: Level 5-3
Series 1: Duel
Series 1: Ending 1
Series 1: Ending 2
Series 1: Introduction 2
Series 2: Level 3-2
Series 2: Introduction

Warcraft II:

Human 1
Human 2
Human 3
Human 4
Orc 1
Orc 2
Orc 3
Orc 4

Ultima I - VII:

Series 3: Exodus
Series 3: Wander
Series 4: Shrines
Series 5: Song04
Series 6: Bootup
Series 6: Character Creation
Series 6: Dungeon
Series 6: Introduction
Series 7: Stones
Series ?: Faerghail


Torment (Planescape: Torment)
Torment2 (Thanks to Quill Dragon)
The Trial (Chrono Trigger)
State of Divinity (Chinese Serial)


Series 1: Armed
Series 1: Danger
Series 1: Death
Series 1: Introduction
Series 1: Map
Series 1: Wanderer
Series 2: Introduction
Series 2: Killorn Keep
Series 2: Ice Caverns
Series 2: Tomb of Praceor Loth
Series 2: Prison Tower
Series 2: Sewers


(1) - Thanks to Brandon - Visit his site for more related MIDIs.

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