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Do you feel your site should be among these? Drop me a mail and I will review it and get back to you.

If you have a website, feel free to add the images here to link to my website.

To open a site in a new window, hold SHIFT on your keyboard when clicking the link.


Provides excellent service web hosting with even their own control panel. Control DNS right from the control panel with no need to e-mail them. See my detailed review here.


All the latest headlines from various blogs and sites in one page.


Vecteezy is an index of Free Vector Graphics available for download by some of the best artists around the world. The site is updated every day, so be sure to check back often. Want to submit your design? Only the best is accepted so make sure it meets the guidelines.

Markup Validation Service

HTML standards validator for full compliance with HTML 4 standards. Provides a service to validate files even via uploads.

419 Eater

Scammers get scammed instead. Read the tales of how helpful the African scammers are willing to go to scam out people.

Gizmo's Best Ever Freeware

Gizmo's Best Ever Freeware - your Wikipedia for freeware. Has reviews of the various freeware for many categories and a list of recommendations for each category.

Moby Games

Thriving on user suggestions and contributions, this website has lots of information for the various games and it ain't as ad heavy as GameSpot either.


Tired of those spam emails? Time to get back at them. This site will help you accomplish that by sending detailed abuse reports to the companies in charge of the mail sending servers.


Vr-Zone Community is known for its overclocking community and LAN parties in Singapore as well as its lively forums. Populated mostly by Singaporeans, it is the site for the latest prices at Sim Lim Square


HardwareZone Community is known for its updated price lists in Singapore and lively forums. Populated mostly by Singaporeans, it is the site for the latest prices at Sim Lim Square

The CGI Resource Index

The ultimate source for CGI and PHP scripts. This is where I got the first forums from, which is Ikonboard, but switched to YaBB, and then ibForums because of the extensive features and better images.

The Internet Archive

Ever wanted to walk back in time with the Internet and see the old pages of websites? You can now, right at this website. Get your mouse clicking over there now.


Find out what's the hottest single song that's on the top right now. You can even rollback to a previous day, week, month, year and even a century (premium members only)!

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