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Frequently Asked Questions

All the below questions have been frequently mailed to me.

Q: Can you send me <some game> through e-mail? Or, do you know where to download <some game>?
A: No. If you are looking for the Ultima or Planescape: Torment, you can download them at It has many other retro classic games as well.
Q: Your website is so good! Anything I can do?
A: Donate: (SEND to paypal at bootnospammystrike dot com - take out the word nospammy)
Q: I found this broken link, what should I do?

You're a rare one. In fact, one that I have yet to find. Usually most of us will just ignore and move on.

Regardless, Please inform me by clicking here. Broken links come up here and there once in a while and is beyond our control

Need other questions answered? Please feel free to send them to me.

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