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Submit a File / Contribute

Have something you feel it should be listed in this website? A walkthrough for Planescape: Torment or a trainer for Ultima VII: The Black Gate? Please, let us know!

  • Cheats - Codes, Trainers, MODs, Savegame Editors
  • Documents - Walkthroughs, Hints, Tips, Tricks, Trivia
  • Updated files - Newer version of patch / trainer / etc
  • Misc files - Converters, Game Editors, etc
  • Game Videos - Trailers, Speed Runs, Funny Game Encounters
  • Suggestions to the website
  • Request for free web hosting
  • Etc etc

If the file is very large (>10MB), we can setup a FTP for you to temporarily upload the file. Let us know.

For a quick email correction, just click here and send me the information if it is meant to be short.

You will be given due credit in the entry, and your file will be hosted by us on paid fast connection servers.

Thank you for your contribution!

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