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In my explorations of the Internet for information on cloning, I stumbled across many resources that should be worth of mention here.

  1. Human Cloning - - This is serious! The guy here outlines the steps on how to do a clone of a human!
  2. Cloning - Right or Wrong - - Another similar Cloning website. Covers History, Rights, Wrongs, Personal Opinions and many others.


In the process of researching information and images for this website, I had to consult many books and Internet webpages for information. The works mentioned below are copyrighted by their original authors.

Cloning Image at index.html Sources:

Trapped Mouse Image at Ethical Issues

Other Diagrams and Text

  • Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis: An Introduction (Fourth Edition) - T.A. Brown - Chapter 8 Pages 156 - 161
  • Call Me Gene - N.C. Bailey & N.L. Eskeland - Chapter 4,5 Pages 51 to 73
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