Genetic Engineering - Cloning, DNA, Stem Cells Pros and Cons
Molecular genetics

The future technology


DNA and Cells

Welcome to the website, dedicated to Genetic Engineering, the Future Technology! It could be the next Big Thing because this technology still has vast amounts of buried infomation that we've yet to discover. Once we discover these information, the possibilities are endless.

For ages and ages, genes were undiscovered since they cannot be seen by a naked human eye. Even a microscope couldn't do the job. Genes were a mystery to scientists. Then, one day in 1953, that changed. Francis Crick and James Watson managed to capture the gene's true form using a technique called x-ray diffraction. Genetic Engineering laid its foundation from that point onwards.

This website covers the Fundamentals of Genetics and the 3 major genetic engineering technologies, Cloning, DNA and Stem Cells. We also have a glossary you can use.

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