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Molecular genetics

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Help and FAQs

1) How do I navigate through your website?
Please use the left navigation on your left. On clicking a link, the sub-topics should be listed for that topic in the page that loads.
2) Is there a search facility on your website?
Yes! We do now. See your left.
3) I want to contact the person who did the [ Introduction / Cloning / DNA / Stem Cells / Overall ] of the website. How can I do this?
This site was done as a project and its been uploaded here for helping the Internet community. That's it.
4) Where did you people get your resources from?
Our resources consists of library books and the Internet. Each member had his own way of getting research, but books and Internet were the main sources. You can find a more detailed list of references here.

How did this website start?
This website was done as part of the requirements for the Human Computer Interaction subject in the course of Information Technology administered by Temasek Polytechnic Singapore.

The site will have NO updates in future as it is only a project.

6) Do you have similar sites to recommend on Genetic Engineering?
Google is everyone's friend. It's a very popular search engine actually that ranks pages by popularity. Try clicking here for genetic engineering.
7) I have a question that is not listed here. Who do I contact?
For overall issues, please contact Ganesh. However, if your question is about Genetics, we will not be able to answer it. We are by no means experts in the genetics field. This website was done as a project, and Genetics was the topic decided on. The project is over and ends there.
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