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"Problem Ejecting NVIDIA GeForce" Error! How to Fix it
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Note: This article is only relevant if you have the problem on a Desktop but the solution may provide a hint

"Problem Ejecting NVIDIA GeForce GTX XXX!"

"The 'NVIDIA GeForce GTX XXX' device is not removable and cannot be ejected or unplugged."

Did you come here frustrated with this error? I did and like you, I kept googling and googling and none of the below solutions worked

  • Installing old Geforce Experience driver
  • Reseating video card
  • Checking PSU insufficient wattage
  • Forcing full fan speeds on all fans
  • Updating drivers and running Windows Update
  • Making sure GPU temperature is normal (I underclocked it as max as possible with MSI Afterburner)
  • Reverted all my overclock settings on the CPU
  • Reset the BIOS to default settings

What's more, the problem occurs on a desktop pc! The card is not removable!

And the most annoying thing? It occurs randomly, with no notice. The screen just blacks out with this message.

I took the above screnshot blindly with MS paint with no display before forcing a restart.

The Solution

The solution is actually very simple for me.

Make sure the power connectors (the ones that connect to your PSU from the graphics card) are firmly connected.

You wouldn't believe how simple this solution is yet it took a long time for me to figure it out.

I hope this fixes the problem for youi Enjoy and have fun!

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Last Updated 23 Sept 2019.

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