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Forcefully Enable Autocomplete in Internet Explorer 7 / 8 / 9 / Firefox / Chrome Bookmarklet
Version 0.52

What is this?

This bookmarklet enables the autocomplete feature of Internet Explorer at sites that specifically inform IE7 / IE8 to disable AutoComplete. It also restores the save username/password dialog when filling in login forms at such sites.

Activation is easy - just add to Favorite the bookmark and activate it on the page that has the restriction.


The fields below has AUTOCOMPLETE set to OFF. This means Internet Explorer will not suggest any of your previous entries when you type something in it.

Try submitting the form below without clicking the Autocomplete ON button. You will notice IE does not prompt you to save the password

By clicking on "Autocomplete On" button above, autocomplete is enabled in all the form fields in the page and you will get a prompt when clicking Submit.

You will notice that IE also prompts you to save the password when you enable autocomplete, especially useful for fussy sites that disable autocomplete in their login pages.


Autocomplete ON

Right-click the link above and click 'Add to Favorites'. For Chrome users, simply drag the link above to your Bookmark bar. Firefox users "Bookmark This Link".

When you encounter a page that does not show the autocomplete entries or IE does not prompt the AutoComplete Passwords Remember dialog, click the Favorite menu and click Autocomplete ON. This will now enable autocomplete in all the text fields on the page.

Note that when adding the Favorite, Maxthon2 should not be used as it has some issues when adding such a Favorite.

Any bugs feel free to contact me.

Last Updated 17 February 2013 (Support for Form autocomplete tags)

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