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Search Engine Optimization - SEOOur SEO consultants undertake the following practices when performing SEO on your site. We believe that by being open and transparent on our practices, you can be assured of the legality and the ethics of our practices.

There are paid listing services such as Google Adwords®, Yahoo! Advertising and Microsoft adCenter. Such services allow a customized URL that mimics a search engine result to be displayed at the top of search engine results, but with a small level of differentiation to allow the user to tell between organic and paid results.

Although they offer a quick way of getting targeted traffic, it has its problems. For one, every time your site's URL appears or when someone clicks on your link, your cost goes up. And that money spent does not guarantee that the visitor will make a sale. The visitor is also aware that your listing is a paid listing which lowers the impression of your company as compared to having a top position in the organic search engine results.

With a high position in a search engine result, you get higher traffic at no cost per click or impression. But it does not mean that a user prefers and trusts your site more. Experts agree (link to PDF). There are many more factors that help the site gain trust from the user, and SEO is only part of it.

Professional Standard SEO Package

  1. Meta Tags: Description and Keywords

    Search engines such as Google now display the description encoded in the Meta Description tag when showing the search engine results. This is not always done, depending on the occurrence of the keyword.

    The keywords tag is not being used by the 3 major search engines, but we include it anyway.

    For dynamic pages such as Wordpress and CMS powered sites, we will manually hack your CMS to provide better meta dynamic description tags.
  2. Image Labeling

    Labeling images with the appropriate description can also help bring in more visitors. For example, searches done in Google Images.
  3. Descriptive Page Title Tags

    Most search engines show the title of the page in big font. It is the first thing that catches a visitor's eye when he encounters your site in the search engine resutls page.

    This is where your page's title has to be attractive enough to persuade the visitor to click through. Keywords in the title also play a higher role in promoting your site up the rankings.

    For dynamic pages such as Wordpress and CMS powered sites, we will manually hack your CMS to provide better meta dynamic description tags.
  4. Semantic HTML tags

    Instead of using one DIV tag all over the document, semantic HTML tags help the search engine understand the structure of the page better. This includes specifying tags such as header and paragraph tags appropiately for each web page.

Professional Standard Plus SEO Package

  1. Writing of a PR promotional article

    We will copy write a professional Press Release article for your site for submission to online Press Release sites.
  2. Setup of Webmaster Tools (with verification)

    We will setup Webmaster Tools with the 3 major search engines - Google, Yahoo and Bing - for you. This allows you to keep tabs on how your site is performing in the major search engines.
  3. Implementation of Google Analytics for all your pages

    Google Analytics is a free analytics software that you can install in your site to receive details reports and statistics on your visitors. You can even view trends such as how long a visitor stays on your site and what keywords people use to get to your site. You have to see it to believe it!
  4. Submission to popular related directories such as DMOZ

    Such user driven directories can improve your site's ranking. It will also introduce more links to your sites as many sites such as Google Web Directory utilise DMOZ's site directory to power their site directories.
  5. Submission of articles to ArticlesBase and EzineArticles

    We will submit an article for you at articles submission sites such as ArticlesBase and EzineArticles.
  6. Submission of article to press release sites

    As the title says, we will submit the copy written press release article to online Press Release sites.
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