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Services > Maintenance

One of the major reasons that encourages visitors to visit back a website repeatedly is updated content. Any update in the form of articles, recent news or redesigns of websites motivates them to revisit the site.

Our web design packages come with varying lengths of free maintenance plans. We allow extension of your current maintenance plans that initially came with your design package. Generally our maintenance prices are as follows

Plan Price Limitations
Monthly Maintenance Basic 50 Maximum 5 pages, 3 updates per month
Monthly Maintenance Standard 180 Maximum 20 pages, 9 updates per month
Charge by Page 15 (Per page. 3 updates per month.)

Please note that the above are guideline charges.

We try to follow this pricing structure as close as possible but sometimes, due to the amount of update time required (for example, custom programming) or for various other reasons, we may have to adjust our prices.

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