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Services > Custom Programming

Be it a "from-scratch" web application or to a existing web application, we can assist to setup a Internet/Intranet based portal to a custom system development project.

For simple applications such as guestbooks, discussion forums or counters, we use PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor ) programming.

For advanced applications such as e-commerce sites, online portals or a web application to serve a specific purpose, we use Sun's Java technology allowing us to quickly develop and start testing as soon as possible.

As pricing varies by requirements, we would need a understanding of your requirements in order for us to finalise on a price. Please contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Common Services Requested

  1. Contact Form Spam
    You have a contact e-mail form at your website, but receive all kinds of spam. Captcha (typing words in an image) is the solution for that and we can install this for you from $200.
  2. E-Mail Address Hide From Spam Bots
    You want to display e-mail addresses on your webpage, without revealing it to the spam bots. We can incorporate a Captcha (typing words in an image) function to reveal the e-mail addresses only when the Captcha is keyed in correctly. From $100.
  3. Contact Form
    You need an web e-mail form on your website with capabilities such as file attachments and sending to multiple recipients. We can formulate this contact form from $150. An example is our very own contact form.
  4. Google Maps Location
    You need to show a map location of your office without paying hefty licence fees to the Singapore map companies. Google Maps is the solution, and we can install it for you from $150.
  5. Search Engine Optimization
    Your site is powered by a customized content management system (CMS) with poor SEO features. We can modify your CMS to improve your site's CMS level.
  6. Collection of Payment via Credit Card
    You want to collect payments from your site via credit card. We can setup a secure online form to process payments and direct them to your bank account.


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