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Planescape: Torment Readme File

                            Planescape: Torment
                         Readme and Manual Addenda

                      Developed By Black Isle Studios
                   Built with the Bioware Infinity Engine

                          Release Version 1.0.0

1. Getting Started
   a. System Requirements
   b. Installation
   c. Registering Planescape: Torment with Black Isle Studios
   d. Running Planescape: Torment
   e. Visit the Planescape: Torment Web Site
2. Trouble Shooting
   a. Tweaking Performance
   b. Known Problems
   c. Updates
   d. Tweaking the Torment.INI File
3. Interplay Customer Service Information (North America) 
4. European Information
   a. Customer Service Information
   b. Limited Warranty
5. Legal Information


1. Getting Started

1a.  System Requirements

     Pentium (or compatible) 200 MHz with MMX
     32 MB RAM
     Windows 95 with DirectX 5.0 or later
     650 MB of Hard Drive Space
     8X or faster CD-ROM
     DirectX Certified Video Card with at least 4 MB of video RAM
     DirectX Certified Sound Card
     Keyboard, Mouse

     Pentium II (or compatible) 266 MHz with MMX
     64 MB RAM
     800 MB (or more) of Hard Drive Space
     8X (or faster) CD-ROM
     DirectX certified Video Card with at least 8 MB of video RAM

   Notes on Video Cards:
     While you can still run Planescape: Torment with a 2MB video card, we highly 
     recommend against it - performance may poor depending on the capabilities of
     the card.  To check if your video card is 2MB, go to the Display folder in
     the Control Panel and choose Settings.  If your video card can display 800x600
     resolution at  24-bit color depth, then it is capable of running
     Planescape: Torment. We do recommend that you obtain the latest DirectX drivers
     for your video card, direct from the video card company that makes your card.

   WINDOWS NT 4.0:
     Although Windows NT 4.0 is not supported in an official capacity, Planescape:
     Torment can be run correctly under Windows NT 4.0 if the following conditions
     are met: You will need at least 32 MB of RAM and must have NT 4.0 Service
     Pack 3 installed.  Slowdowns during gameplay have been reported under NT.  These
     are due to the way that Direct Sound and the System Timers interact.  This
     may be corrected in future version of NT.

1b.  Installation

   Insert the CD-ROM labeled Planescape: Torment Disc 1 into your CD-ROM drive and
   follow the onscreen instructions.  If your autorun is disabled, find the
   autorun.exe application in the root of Disc 1 and double click to launch
   the Installer.

   After installing Planescape: Torment, you will have options for installing
   DirectX 6.1.    

   If you do not have DirectX installed, install DirectX 6.1 when prompted 
   during the installation process.  If you obtain a newer version of DirectX,
   it is recommended that you use that.

   Later versions of DirectX often have driver updates which will make
   Planescape: Torment run better on your system.  However, Planescape: Torment only
   requires DirectX 6.1.

   You should regularly defragment your hard drive, as fragmentation can
   result in poor performance.
1c.  Electronic Registration

   Please take a few moments to fill out the Electronic Registration for
   Planescape: Torment.  Your feedback will make you eligible for special offers and
   promotions, and it also provides us with information we need in order to
   make better games.  We'd appreciate your time.

1d.  Running Planescape: Torment

   If you use the default installation settings for Planescape: Torment, it will
   be installed in a 'Black Isle' Program Group in your Start menu.

1e.  Planescape: Torment Web Page
   If there is anything that are having problems with or cannot find in the 
   manual, stop by the Planescape: Torment Web Page at 


   Aside from cool game materials and errata, you may be able to find an
   answer for whatever question you might have.


2. TroubleShooting

2a.  Tweaking Performance

   Increasing Performance:
   1.  Audio processing. On the Options/Audio Options screen in the game, there are
       two buttons for controlling audio processing. Turning off Sound Processing
       will halt all sound effects in the game, increasing CPU time for other
       activities. The Music Processing button will do the same for all music in
       the game.
       Planescape: Torment will eagerly use up any Virtual Memory (hard drive) and
       non-Virtual Memory (RAM) you allocate to it.  If you choose to add more
       memory to your system, or increase the size of your Windows swap file,
       the game speed MAY increase.  However, as you increase your Virtual
       Memory, expect longer clearing times to remove this 'Virtual Memory'
       from the hard drive after the game is terminated.

   Things that will Decrease Performance:
   1.  Brightness/Contrast.  Adjusting the default settings for these options
       (located in the options menu under 'Graphics') will result in a
       performance hit.  If you find the game is too dark, we suggest
       adjusting your monitors brightness.
   2.  DirectX Hardware Calls.  In the options menu under 'Graphics' there are
       three toggles for various 'BLTS'.  Enabling these will result in a
       (sometimes drastic) performance hit.  We recommend enabling these only
       if you have graphics glitches that you have been unable to resolve.
   3.  Running the game in Windowed Mode.
       Running the game in a Window on your desktop will decrease the
       overall game performance.

2b.  Known Problems

   * Graphic Errors
       Some video cards may experience graphics glitches while playing the
       game.  These problems are caused by DirectX Hardware Calls to your
       video card that are not functioning.  We have written software renders 
       for all of these calls to allow people to play even with drivers that are
       not 100% compatible with the DirectX standards.  You can enable a software 
       render for these calls if you have the most recent drivers for your video
       card and are still experiencing problems.  Using the software render will
       probably fix the graphic glitches, but WILL result in a performance hit.


       You may also try installing DirectX 6.0+ if you are experiencing
       graphical problems.

       If you have the most recent drivers for your video card, and you are
       still experiencing problems, you can enable software renders for these
       calls. The options are available in the options menu under 'Graphics'.
       The following list describes the known graphics glitches and which Call
       should be disabled to fix them.  If in doubt, try different combinations
       and this may help.  You can always turn off all software renders to return
       to the default settings.
       Glitch                        Disable
       -green boxes surrounding      Software Transparent BLT
        any object in the game
       -box surrounding mouse cursor
       -animations appearing         Software Mirror BLT
       -Fog-of-War appears in
        a 'semi-checkerboard'
       -fog-of-War has edges
        that look 'spiky'
       -vertical lines down          Software Standard BLT
        the main game screen
       -the game Cursor is
        leaving 'artifacts' of
        itself on the game screen
       -any other non-resolved
        graphics problem

       Specific Video Cards and Fixes
       Matrox Millenium (1) : Enable Software Mirror and Software
                              Transparent BLTs.
       Permidia :             Enable Software Standard BLT.

   * Minimizing Planescape: Torment
       If you minimize Planescape: Torment using Alt-Tab (and then bring it back 
       up by left clicking on the minimized application), the sound effects for 
       the game will stutter, loop, and skip.  This is caused by a lack of 
       resources available to Planescape: Torment after you go from full screen 
       to a minimized screen, and it will correct itself after a short period of 
       If you minimize Planescape: Torment and then bring it back up, the game may
       run more slowly for a time - this is caused by the game re-accessing
       resources that become tied up by minimization.
       Running the game in a window may result in lower performance overall.

   * The Ubiquitous Zombie
       This bug is believed to be fixed in all situations.  If you have a
       conversation which requires a 3rd person who is not present, The Ubiquitous
       Zombie will appear and take the part of the other character.
       This keeps the conversation from crashing the game and ensures the
       player doesn't miss any critical game dialog.  It is a bug, but at least
       it's fun!

   * NT 4.0: Screen-Saver
       While running under Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3, we have 
       experienced intermittent problems with Screen Savers.  We recommend
       disabling your Screen Saver while playing Planescape: Torment.

   * Taking a Long Time to Bring Up Save/Load Screen
       If you have created more than 20 Save Game files, then the Save/Load Screen
       will take an increasingly long time to come up when it is requested.  This
       will not effect game play.  The time can be reduced by deleting Save Game
       files that you no longer need.

2c.  Updates

   If necessary, patches may become available for the product that add
   functionality or correct bugs.  These updated versions will be made
   available at the Interplay site at or you
   can connect directly to the Planescape: Torment Files directory by clicking
   on the 'Update' button in the Planescape: Torment AutoRun.

2d.  Tweaking the Torment.INI file.

   The following items can be changed in the Torment.INI file.  These options are
   not supported.  Interplay's Customer Service will not provide information or
   assistance for these items.  In the case of the product becoming unstable after 
   editing this file, delete it.  The program will generate a default .INI file.

   Maximum Frame Rate - This defaults to 30, however it can be increased to a
        maximum of 60.  This will run Torment at a faster speed than it defaults to.
        As was stated above, this feature is not supported and the product may be-
        come unstable.  It is possible that lowering this number to 24 or 20 will
        provide a slower but smoother gameplay experience for those people with
        lower end machines such as a Pentium 200Mhz.
   Path Search Nodes - This defaults to 4000, however it can be decreased to a
        minimum of 1000, and increased to a maximum of 32000.  This represents 
        how indepthly the product creates paths for characters and creatures.
        Descreasing the number may cause an increase in performance on slower
        systems, but will have characters and creatures move around the world in
        less "inteligent" ways.  Increasing this number, could see the improvement
        in the manner by which creatures and characters walk between two points.

   Full Screen - This defaults to 1, which denotes the game playing full screen.
        This can be changed to 0, which will make Torment run in a window.  This
        feature is not supported, because many of the graphical effects in Torment
        will not run correctly while the product is running in a window.  The 
        performance of the product will also be less while in windowed mode.

   Cache Size - This is the amount of Hard Drive space that Torment will use to
        store files from the game CD's on Hard Drive.  This is why Torment will 
        not always ask for CD's after you have returned to certain areas.  It 
        is highly suggested that this number is not reduced below 120, which is 
        its default number. Increasing it will allow more of the game to be 
        "cached" and therefore less CD swapping to occur.


3.  Interplay Customer Service Information

    This information is only valid in North America.

    Interplay Productions Technical Support now offers troubleshooting 
    guides with complete installation and setup instructions as well as 
    information that will help you overcome the most common difficulties.
    If you have access to the World Wide Web, you can find these at:

    Here you will find troubleshooting information on as well as 
    information on regular system maintenance and performance.

    DirectX             Joysticks Modems and Networks

    (For game-specific information and additional troubleshooting, 
    visit our main page at

    If you have questions about the program, our Technical Support 
    Department can help. Our web site contains up-to-date information on
    the most common difficulties with our products, and this information 
    is the same as that used by our product support technicians. We keep 
    the product support pages updated on a regular basis, so please check 
    here first for no-wait solutions:

    If you are unable to find the information you need on our web site, 
    please feel free to contact Technical Support via e-mail, phone, fax, 
    or letter. Please be sure to include the following information in your
    e-mail message, fax, or letter:

    Title of Game
    Computer manufacturer
    Operating system (Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 98, etc.)
    CPU type and speed in MHz
    Amount of RAM
    Sound card type and settings (address, IRQ, DMA) Video card
    Mouse driver and version
    Joystick and game card (if any)
    A copy of the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files from your hard 
    A description of the problem you're having

    If you need to talk to someone immediately, call us at (949) 
    553-6678 Monday through Friday between 8:00AM-5: 45PM, Pacific 
    Standard Time with 24 hours, 7 days a week support available 
    through the use of our automated wizard.   Please have the above 
    information ready when you call. This will help us answer your 
    question in the shortest possible time. When you call you will 
    initially be connected with our automated wizard.  For information
    pertaining to your specific title, press "1" on the main menu and 
    listen carefully to all prompts.  All titles are listed alphabetically.
    After you have selected your title, the most common difficulties will
    be listed.  If the difficulty you are having is not listed or you 
    need additional assistance, you may press "0" on your games main menu, 
    and you will be transferred to a Technical Support Representative.  
    No hints or codes are available from this line. You must call Interplay's 
    HINT Line for hints, tips, or codes at 1-900-370-PLAY (1-900-451-6869 
    $1.25 in Canada only). You must be 18 years +, have a touch-tone phone, 
    and the cost is $0.95 per minute.

    Interplay Productions Support Fax: (949) 252-2820 
    Interplay Productions Technical Support
    16815 Von Karman Avenue
    Irvine, CA  92606


---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------
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4. European Information

    This information is not valid in North America.

5a.  Customer Services Information

    Write to:    Customer Support
    Interplay Productions, Ltd.
    Harleyford Manor
    Henley Road
    SL7 2DX

    tel:    +44 (0) 1628 423723
    Fax:    +44 (0) 1628 423777

5b.  Limited Warranty

    If within the first ninety days of purchase you have any problems 
    with the product please return it to the retailer. After ninety days,
    you may return the software program to Interplay Productions, 
    provided the fault is not due to normal wear and tear, and Interplay 
    will mail a replacement to you.

    To receive a replacement, you should enclose the defective medium 
    (including the original product label), in protective packaging, accompanied by:
    1) A cheque or postal order for Ten (10) Pounds Sterling (to cover
       postage and packaging).
    2) A brief statement describing the defect.
    3) The original receipt or address of the retailer. 
    4) Your return address.

    Registered mail is recommended for returns. Please send to: 

    Warranty Replacements
    Interplay Productions, Ltd.
    Harleyford Manor
    Henley Road
    SL7 2DX

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6.  Legal


    General Product License. This copy of Planescape: Torment (the Software)
    is intended solely for your personal noncommercial home entertainment use. 
    You may not decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble the Software, except 
    as permitted by law. Interplay Productions and Bioware Corp. retain allright,
    title and interest in the Software including all intellectual property rights
    embodied therein and derivatives thereof. The Software, including, without 
    limitation, all code, data structures, characters, images, sounds, text, screens,
    game play, derivative works and all other elements of the Software may not be 
    copied, resold, rented, leased, distributed (electronically or otherwise), 
    used on pay-per-play, coin-op or other for-charge basis, or for any commercial
    purpose. Any permissions granted herein are provided on a temporary basis and 
    can be withdrawn by Interplay Productions at any time. All rights not expressly
    granted are reserved.

    By acquiring and retaining this Software, you assent to the terms and restrictions
    of this limited license. If you do not accept the terms of this limited license,
    you must return the Software together with all packaging, manuals and other 
    material contained therein to the store where you acquired the Software for
    a full refund.

    Planescape Torment & Design: (c) 1999 Interplay Productions.  All Rights Reserved.
    Bioware Infinity Engine (c) 1999 Bioware Corp.  Portions (c) 1999 TSR, Inc.   
    Torment, Planescape, the Planescape logo, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 
    the AD&D logo, and the TSR logo are trademarks of TSR, Inc., a subsidiary of
    Wizards of the Coast, Inc., and are used by Interplay under license.  
    All Rights Reserved.  Interplay, the Interplay logo, Black Isle Studios and
    the Black Isle Studios logo and "By Gamers. For Gamers." are trademarks of 
    Interplay Productions.  All Rights Reserved.  Bioware, the Bioware Infinity 
    Engine, and the Bioware logo are trademarks of Bioware Corp.  All Rights Reserved.
    Creative, Environmental Audio, and the Environmental Audio logo are trademarks
    of Creative Technology Ltd.  All Rights Reserved.  Windows (r) 95/98 are registered
    trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.  All other trademarks
    and copyrights are property of their respective owners.

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