PHP AJAX Instant Domain Availability Checker
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  1. Limits - Set a limit on how many domains can be checked at any one time
  2. E-Mail Alert Me When Domain Is Available - Set as a cron job to email at a set email address when any domain is available
  3. Supports limitation of TLDs allowed to be checked (i.e. allow checking of only a list of TLDs)
  4. Efficient! Checks whether DNS entries exists, if not, performs an additional optional WHOIS query and interprets the results.
  5. Up to 3 checks to ensure a domain is truly and really available. Checks can be disabled for performance and scale, at the cost of accuracy.
  6. No external PHP/JavaScript libraries required. To install, just do a php include to add it to your page. It is that easy!
  7. Supports most domains. Additional domains can be done at request. Please test/ask before buying
  8. Supports Recaptcha to prevent misuse of the script. Can be disabled.
  9. Supports limitation of TLDs allowed to be checked (i.e. allow checking of only a list of TLDs)
  10. No MySQL required. Doesn't require a database
  11. Customizable Language - Just replace the variables in $language to your language
  12. Tested to be working under PHP 4.4.7 and PHP 5
  13. HTML4 Strict Compliant.
  14. Less than 100 lines of HTML code. Easy customizability
  15. Only US$9.99 for the whole package

Bulk Domain Availability Checker

Enter a list of domains to check availability, one per line. Max Domains per submission: 3


Note: If the checker is configured to check domains by performing Whois checks (one of the 3 checking methods), it would be limited to as much as the domain registrar will allow as they have a limit on the number of times the domains can be checked. Without the Whois method enabled, you have practically unlimited checks, but at the cost of accuracy (i.e. some domains may show as available, when they are not)

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