Ultima VII: The Black Gate
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Ultima VII: The Black Gate Walkthrough by Mike Vander Ploeg - Formatted by Ganesh (Bootstrike.Com) Source: Here

Ultima VII: The Black Gate



Name Str Wt Buc. Den Britain Jhelom Minoc Serp. Hold Trinsic Terfin
Axe - - - - - - - - -
   Throwing 4 1.5 - 25 - 20 - - -
   2-H 10 4 - 100 - 70 - - 50
   Magic ? 1 - - - - - - -
Blowgun 1 - - - - - - -
Boomerang ? - - - - - - 12
Bow 8 3 40 - - - 35 30 -
   Magic 12 0.5 - - - - 400 - -
Cannon 90 - - - - - - -
Club 2 1.5 20 - 5 - - 15 -
Crossbow 10 3 - 125 - - 110 - -
   Triple 28 5 - 400 - - 350 - -
Dagger 1 0.5 20 20 10 12 12 10 -
Fellowship Staff 6 2 - - - - - - -
Halberd 10 4.5 250 - 150 - 200 - -
Hammer 4 - - - - - - -
   2-H 9 4 - - - - - 60 -
Knife 2 - - - - - - -
Mace 5 1.5 - 20 15 15 20 15 -
Main Gauche 2 0.5 - - 20 - - - -
Morning Star 5 2 - - 15 - 25 - -
Musket 9 - - - - - - -
Sling 3 0.2 - 20 - - - 10 -
Spear ? 1.5 - 25 - - 25 - -
Sword 6 2 100 100 60 70 65 50 -
   2-H 11 4 - 250 - 125 175 80 -
   Defense ? 2 - - - - - - -
   Fire (light) 8 2.5 - - - - - - -
   Glass (use once) 127 0.5 - - - - - - -
   Magic 7 1 - - - - - - -
Whip 4 - - - - - - -
   Lightning - - - - - - -
Arrows (/12) 0 0.1 25 25 - - 20 10 -
Magic Arrow 4 - - - - - - -
Bolts (/12) 0 0.1 30 30 - - 20 15 -
Magic Bolts - - - - - - -



Name Str Wt Buc. Den Britain Jhelom Minoc Serp. Hold Trinsic
Leather Helm 1 0.5 - - - - - 25
Chain Coif 2 1 - - - 80 - -
Crested Helm 3 1.5 - 75 150 60 - -
Great Helm 4 2 200 - - 150 150 -
Magic Helm 5 0.1 - - - - - -
Leather Collar 1 - - - - - -
  - - - - - -
Gorget 3 1 40 - 30 - 175 -
Magic Gorget 4 0.1 - - - - - -
Leather Armor 1 2 - 50 - - - 40
Scale Armor 2 6 100 - 120 - - -
Chain Armor 2 7 - 150 - 100 - -
Plate Armor 4 10 325 300 - 300 - -
Magic Armor 5 1.5 - - - - - -
Buckler 1 - - - - - -
Wooden Shield 2 1.5 - - - - - 15
Spiked Shield 2 2 - 60 - - 22 -
Curved Heater 3 3 - - - - 35 -
Magic Shield 4 0.5 - - - - - -
Leather Gloves 1 0.3 - - - - - -
Gauntlets 2 0.7 - - - - - -
Magic Gauntlets 3 0.1 - - - - - -
Kidney Belt 1 0.2 - 20 - - - -
Leather leggings 1 1 - - - - - 25
Grieves 2 2 - - - - 40 -
Chain leggings 2 3 - - - 50 - 70
Plate leggings 3 3 200 - - 120 160 -
Magic leggings 4 0.5 - - - - - -
Leather Boots 1 0.5 - 40 - - - -
Swamp Boots 1 0.5 - 50 - - - 40
Magic Boots ? 0.5 - - - - - -



Name Use Buc. Den Britain Serp. Hold Terfin Trinsic Vesper
Backpack Carry things 15 13 12 10
Bag Carry things 8 6 3
Bedroll Sleep 15 16
Bucket Carry water 8 3 2 4
Cannon balls Load cannon 10
Cloth 3
Hoe 20 10
Horn polisher 2
Jar 3 2
Jug 3 2
Lockpick Unlock doors 10 10 10 8
Nail file 5
Oil Flasks (/12) 72 60 72 48, 60
Pick 12
Powder Keg Explosion 35 30 35 30, 25
Shovel 20 14 10, 12
Torch Light 5 5 4 4 4 3, 4
Wing Scratcher 5



Name Use Britain Empath Abbey Moon-glow Terfin Vesper
Black Invisibility 100 75 90 60
Blue Sleep 15 30
Green Poison 15
Orange Awaken 30 15 10
Purple Protection 150 150
Red Cure 150 150
White Illumination 50 110
Yellow Healing 150



Place Trainer Cost Training Str Dex Int Com Mag
Britain Sentri Free 1 1 1
  45 2 1 2
  75 3 1 1 1 5
Buccaneer’s Den Lucky 35 1 1
Cove Rayburt 60 3 1 1 2
Empath Abbey Perrin 45 3 2 6
Jhelom Master DeSnel 40 2 4
Minoc 20 2 1 1
  20 3 2 5
Moonglow Jillian 35 2 1 4
  Chad 45 3 2 5
Serpent’s Hold Menion 45 3 2 1
Terfin Inforlem 50 3 1 1 2
  Inforlem 50 3 2 5
Trinsic Markus 20 1 1
Vesper Zaksam 40 3 1 2
Yew Penni 35 2 1 1
  Bradman 30 2 2 2



Name Britain Cove Empath Abbey Moon-glow Terfin Vesper
Black Pearl 10 5 8 8
Blood Moss 6 3 3 2 4
Garlic 2 1 1
Ginseng 4 2 2 1
Mandrake Root 10 5 5 7 8
Nightshade 5 6
Spider’s Silk 3 5
Sulfurous Ash 8 4 3 6



Name BP B Gl Gn M NS SS SA Britain Cove Empath Abbey Moon-glow Vesper
First Circle
Awaken All x x 25
Create Food x x x 35 60
Cure x x 25 25 80
Detect Trap x x 25 25 100
Great Douse x x 35 30
Great Ignite X x 25 30
Light x 35 25 40 30
Locate x 35 25 30
Second Circle
Destroy Trap x x 45 45 100 50
Enchant x x 55 45 50
Fire Blast x x 45 50
Great Light x x 45 50
Mass Cure x x x 55
Protection x x x 55 45 80
Telekinesis x x x 55 45 60
Wizard Eye x x x x X x 45 40
Third Circle
Curse x x x 65 70
Heal x x X 85 65 40
Paralyze x X 65 65 70
Peer x x 65 60
Poison x x x 65 65 70
Protect All x x x x 85 100
Sleep x x X 85 80
Swarm x x x 85 65 70
Forth Circle
Conjure x X 95 90
Lightning x x x 85 90
Mark x x x 85 85 40
Mass Curse x x x x 95 90
Recall x x x 85 85 60
Reveal x x 95 90
Seance x x x X x 85 85 80
Unlock Magic x x 95 85 100
Fifth Circle
Charm x x x 115 60
Dance x x x 115 100
Dispel Field x x x x 125 115 120
Explosion x x x x 115 115 120
Fire Field x x x 125 80 120
Great Heal x x x x 125 115
Invisibility x x 125 115 40
Mass Sleep x x X 115 120
Sixth Circle
Cause Fear x x x 145 80
Clone x x x x x x x 135 40 140
Fire Ring x x x x 145 135 140
Flame Strike x x x 145 140
Magic Storm x x x x 135 135 100
Poison Field x x X 135 135
Sleep Field x x X 145 135 60
Tremor x x x 135 140
Seventh Circle
Create Gold x x 155
Death Bolt x x x 165 155
Delayed Blast x x x x x 155 155
Energy Field x x x x 165 155 100
Energy Mist x x x x 165 155 60
Mass Charm x x x x 155
Mass Might x x x 165 40
Restoration x x x x 155 80
Eighth Circle
Armageddon x x x x x x x x 185
Death Vortex x x x x 195 185
InvisibilityAll x x x x 195 100
Mass Death x x x x x 195 185
Resurrect x x x x 185 40
Summon x x x 185 185
Swordstrike x x x 185 185 80
Time Stop x x x 195 60

Citizens of Britainia

Name Home Occupation Notes
Abraham None Fellowship leader Can never find him
Addom Yew Merchant  
Aimi Empath Abbey Monk Sells bouquets of flowers
Alagner New Magincia Sage  
Alina Paws None Wife of Weston
Amber Britain Actress  
Andrew Paws Runs dairy Sells milk and cheese
Anmanivas Vesper None (gar)  
Ansikart Vesper Bartender (gar) Sells food
Anton None Alagner’s assistant  
Apollonia Trinsic Tavern keeper Sells food or a room for the night
Auruidlem Vesper Provisioner (gar) Sells provisions
Auston Vesper Mayor  
Balayna Moonglow Fellowship clerk  
Batlin Britain Fellowship leader Will let you join Fellowship if you pass a test
Battles Buccaneer’s Den Bodyguard  
Ben Yew Logger  
Bennie Britain Servant Gives free food
Betra Terfin Provisioner (gar)  
Beverlea Paws Merchant Sells antique items
Blacktooth Buccaneer’s Den Pirate  
Blorn Vesper Thief Don’t stand to close to him or he’ll steal from you
Boots Britain Cook  
Boris New Magincia Innkeeper Sells food and a room.  Husband of Magenta
Bradman Yew Trainer Will train for 30 gold
Brion Moonglow Scholar  
Brita Paws Runs FS shelter Wife of Feridwyn
Brownie Britain Farmer  
Budo Buccaneer’s Den Provisioner  
Burnside Minoc Mayor  
Cador Vesper Miner Husband of Yvella
Cairbre None Mercenary  
Camille Paws Farmer Sells carrots, mother of Tobias
Candice Britain Curator of RM  
Carlyn Moonglow Tailor  
Carrocio Britain Puppeteer  
Catherine Vesper None Daughter of Cador and Yvella
Chad Moonglow Trainer Trains for
Chantu Trinsic Healer  
Charles Britain Servant  
Chuckles Britain Jester  
Clint Britain Shipwright Sells sextant for 100 gold or The Beast for 800 gold
Constance New Magincia Water carrier  
Coop Britain Merchant Sells bows and arrows at Iolo’s Bows
Cosmo None Adventurer  
Csil Britain Healer  
Cubolt Moonglow Farmer  
Cynthia Britain Mint teller Buys gold nuggets for 30 gold, buys gold bars for 100 gold
D’Rel Empath Abbey Prisoner  
Danag Buccaneer’s Den Fellowship leader  
Daphne Jhelom Barmaid Sells food
De Maria Cove Bard  
Dell Trinsic Merchant Sells weapons, armor, and provisions
Denby Britain Trainer  
Diane Britain Stable master Sells horse and carriage for 120 gold
Draximsom Terfin King (gar)  
Dupre None Adventurer Will join your party in Jhelom
Dustin None Actor  
Effrem Moonglow Husband of Jillian
Elad Moonglow Healer  
Eldirth Vesper Provisioner Sells provisions
Elizibeth None Fellowship leader Can never find her
Ellen Trinsic Fellowship clerk Wife of Klog
Elynor Minoc Fellowship leader  
Erethian Isle of Fire Mage  
Fenn Paws Beggar  
Feridwyn Paws Runs FS shelter Husband of Brita
Figg Britain Caretaker of orchard  
Finnigan Trinsic Mayor  
Foranamo Vesper None (gar)  
Forbrak Terfin Tavernkeeper (gar)  
For-Lem Vesper Laborer (gar)  
Forskis None Assassin Helps Hook with his murders
Frank Moonglow Fox  
Fred Britain Farmer Sells meats, husband of Kelly
Gargan Trinsic Shipwright Sells sextant for 80 gold or The Scaly Eel for 600 gold
Garitt Paws None Son of Feridwyn and Brita
Garn None Adventurer  
Gaye Britain Merchant Sells clothes
Geoffrey Britain Caption of guard  
Gharl Empath Abbey Troll  
Gilberto Trinsic Guard  
Gladstone Minoc Glassblower  
Glenno Buccaneer’s Den Manager of Baths  
Gordon Britain Merchant Sells fish and chips
Gordy Buccaneer’s Den Master of H. of G.  
Goth Empath Abbey Jailer  
Grayson Britain Merchant Sells weapons and armor
Greg Britain Merchant Sells provisions
Gregor Minoc Minor  
Gwenno Yew Adventurer Wife of Iolo, leaves in search of Serpent Isle
Henry New Magincia Peddler  
Hook None Assassin Responsible for murders throughout Britainia
Ian FS retreat Director  
Inforlem Terfin Trainer (gar)  
Inmanilem Terfin Healer (gar)  
Inwisloklem Britain Interpreter (gar)  
Iolo Yew Adventurer Joins your party in Trinsic
IriakSilvermist FS retreat Guard  
Jaana Cove Healer Will join your party
Jakher Minoc Trainer Will train for 20 gold
James Britain Innkeeper Sells room for a night, husband of Cynthia
Jeanette Britain Waitress Sells food
Jergi None Gypsy Husband of Margareta
Jesse Britain Actor  
Jillian Moonglow Scholar Wife of Effrem
Johnson Trinsic Guard  
Joseph Jhelom Mayor  
Judith Britain Musician Wife of Patterson
Julia Minoc Tinker Will join your party
Kallibrus None Warrior (gar)  
Karenna Minoc Trainer Will train for 20 gold
Katrina New Magincia Shepherd Will join your party
Kelly Britain Farmer Sells food, wife of Fred
Kessler Britain Apothecarist Sells potions, buys snake venom for 50 gold
Kliftin Jhelom Armorer  
Klog Trinsic Fellowship leader Husband of Ellen
Komer Paws Beggar  
Lady Jehanne Serpent’s Hold Provisioner Wife of Sir Pendaran
Lady Leigh Serpent’s Hold Healer  
Lady Tory Serpent’s Hold Druid  
Lap-Lem Vesper Miner (gar)  
Leavell Buccaneer’s Den Bodyguard  
Lianna Vesper Clerk  
Lord British Britain King Will heal your party
Lord Heather Cove Mayor  
Lord Jean-Paul Serpent’s Hold Lord  
Lucky Buccaneer’s Den Trainer  
Lucy Britain Tavern owner Sells food
Mack Britain Farmer  
Magenta New Magincia Mayor Wife of Boris
Mandy Buccaneer’s Den Barmaid  
Mara Vesper Miner  
Margareta None Gypsy Wife of Jergi, will tell fortune for 20 gold
Mariah Moonglow Mage Sells spells, potions, and reagents
Markus Trinsic Trainer Trains for 20 gold
Martingo Spektran Sultan  
Master DeSnel Jhelom Trainer Trains for 40 gold
Menion Serpent’s Hold Trainer Trains for 45 gold
Merrick Paws FS recruiter  
Meryl None Actress  
Millie Britain None  
Miranda Britain Councilor  
Mole Buccaneer’s Den Pirate  
Morfin Paws Merchant Sells meat
Morz Moonglow Farmer  
Nanna Britain Nanny  
Nastassia Cove Caretaker of shrine  
Nell Britain Chambermaid  
Nelson Moonglow Scholar  
Neno Britain Musician  
Nicodimus Empath Abbey Mage Sells spells and reagents
Nystal Britain Mage Sells spells and reagents
Ophelia Jhelom Barmaid Sells a room for the night
Owen Minoc Shipwright  
Pamela Cove Innkeeper Sells a room for the night
Patterson Britain Mayor Husband of Judith
Paul None Actor  
Penni Yew Trainer  
Penumbra Moonglow Mage  
Perrin Empath Abbey Scholar Trains for 45 gold
Petre Trinsic Stables caretaker Sells horse and wagon for 60 gold
Phearcy Moonglow Bartender Sells food
Polly Paws Bartender Sells food and a room for the night
Quaeren Terfin Cares for alters (g)  
Rankin Moonglow Fellowship leader  
Rayburt Cove Trainer Trains for 60 gold
Raymundo Britain Playwright  
Reyna Empath Abbey Healer  
Robin Buccaneer’s Den Gambler  
Rudyom Cove Mage Sells spells and reagents
Runeb Terfin FS clerk (gar)  
Russell New Magincia Shipwright Sells a sextant or The Nymphet
Rutherford Minoc Bartender Sells food and a room for the night
Salamon Great Forest Emp  
Sam New Magincia Flower man  
Saralek Great Forest Emp  
Sarpling Terfin Merchant (gar)  
Sasha None Gypsy  
Sean Britain Jeweler Sells jewelry, buys gems for 30 gold apiece
Seara Minoc Artist  
Sentri Britain Trainer Will join your party, trains for free
Shamino Britain Adventurer Gives you your pocket watch, joins your party
Shaz Britain Beggar Will tell jokes for gold
Sherry Britain Mouse  
Silamo Terfin Gardener (gar)  
Sintag Buccaneer’s Den Guard  
Sir Denton Serpent’s Hold Bartender Sells food
Sir Horffe Serpent’s Hold Knight (gar)  
Sir Jeff Empath Abbey Judge  
Sir Jordan Serpent’s Hold Merchant Sell bow and arrows
Sir Pendaran Serpent’s Hold Knight Husband of Lady Jehanne
Sir Richter Serpent’s Hold Blacksmith Sells weapons and armor
Smithy Buccaneer’s Den Runs H. of G.  
Spark Trinsic None Son of the late Christopher, will join your party
Sprellic Jhelom Innkeeper  
Stuart Britain Actor  
Syria Jhelom Fighter  
Taylor Empath Abbey Monk  
Teregus Terfin FS leader (gar)  
Thurston Paws Mill operator Sells flour for 12 gold
Tiery Empath Abbey Undertaker  
Timmons Jhelom Fighter  
Tobias Paws Farmer Son of Camille
Tolemac Moonglow Farmer  
Trellek Great Forest Emp  
Tseramid Yew Woodsman Will join your party
Vokes Jhelom Fighter  
Wayne Empath Abbey Monk Lost in Dungeon Despise
Weston Paws None Currently in prison in Britain
Wilhelm Britain Baker Sells bread, will pay 4 gold per sack of flour, or 5 gold for 5 loaves of bread
William Minoc Runs sawmill  
Wislem Britain Advisor (gar)  
Wis-Sur Vesper Sage (gar) Sells spells and regents
Xanthia Minoc Artist  
Yongi Vesper Bartender Sells food
Yvella Vesper Mother Wife of Cador
Zaksam Vesper Trainer  
Zelda Moonglow Clerk  
Zella Britain Trainer  
Zinaida Cove Tavern owner Sells food
Zorn Minoc Blacksmith Sells weapons and armor


Quest Outline


Trinsic – Murder investigation

You leave the moongate in the middle of a conversation between Iolo and Petre as they discuss the tragedy that had just occurred.

Iolo will join you and a mysterious tremor will occur.

Finnigan, the mayor of Trinsic, walks up to you and asks you to investigate the murder of Christopher and Inamo.  Agree to do so and when the mayor asks if you have searched the stables, say no.

Enter the stable just to the north to see the murder victims.  Pick up the key from the body.

Talk to Petre to learn a little more about the murders.

Talk to the citizens of Trinsic to learn more about the murder.  Talk to Klog at the Fellowship branch to learn a little about this new religion called the Fellowship.

Talk to Spark (found near the northwest corner of town) to hear his story.  He caught a glimpse of a man with a hook and a wingless gargoyle fleeing the stables that night.  He will ask to join your party.

Use the key found on the body on the treasure chest on the second floor of Spark’s house.  Inside you will find a Fellowship medallion, a strange message, and 100 gold coins.  Talk to Spark about the items in the chest.  He will allow you to keep the gold.

Talk to Gilberto in the healer’s house where he is recovering from being knocked out.  He suspects the murderers sailed to Britain on the Crown Jewel.

Talk to Gargon the shipwright to confirm your suspicions about a man with a hook and the Crown Jewel.

Give your investigation report to Finnigan.  Christopher was blacksmith.  You found a key at the murder site which opened a chest containing gold, a medallion, and a scroll.  You suspect a man with a hook who may have left on the Crown Jewel.  The mayor will give you 100 coins and a password which will allow you to leave Trinsic after you answer a few questions.

Before you leave Trinsic, buy some equipment from Dell and a horse and wagon from Petre.

Give the password ‘Blackbird’ to one of the guards at the town gates to leave the city.

You are now free to go anywhere in Britainia and pursue just about any quest.  It is best to ride your wagon north to Britain for more information, allies, and equipment.


Britain – The plot thickens

First visit Shamino in the Blue Boar.  He will give you your pocket watch, with which you can tell the time, and he will join your party.  He will also tell you a bit about what is going on in Britainia

Talk to Clint the shipwright and he will tell you that the Crown Jewel never came to Britain

Go to the Royal Museum near the centre of Britain.  When no one is looking, take the eight stones of virtue.  It’s not stealing since they technically belong to you.  These stones are useful for teleportation.

Visit Lord British in the castle.  He will tell you what has been happening in Britainia and will give you some useful information.  He will also lend you his orb of the Moons which will allow you to create a moongate anywhere.  He will also give you his ship, the Golden Ankh (currently in Vesper) to sail to the Isle of Fire.

Go to Lord British’s study on the west end of the castle and take the key out of the drawer

Enter the closet in Lord British’s room in the northwest corner of the castle.  Pull the lever next to the table to enter the secret passage surrounding the castle.

Take the passage to the entrance of the castle and climb the stairs

Go to the northwest corner of the castle and enter the storeroom using the key you found in the study.  Your equipment and spell book are here.


Miscellaneous – Building your strength

To finish the rest of the game, your party will need to build their strength, buy equipment, and find various useful items.  The following points are hints for how to do this and do not need to be done right away or in any particular order.

Ask Rudyom in Cove for his magic carpet.  He will let you have it if you can find it.  It can be found just outside the Dungeon Despise, at the north end of the lake in the Dragonspine Mountains.  Use it to fly anywhere in Britainia.

Be sure to buy a sextant so you can see where you are on your map.

The forest of Yew is a good place to raise your experience.  Defeat the guards and paladins there and take their weapons and armor to equip your own party.  Use their gold to buy any other equipment they need and to pay for training to improve their skills.

Once you have gained some strength go to the Dungeon Destard.  Grab all the treasure and defeat the dragons there for piles of gems.  Sell the gems to Sean the jeweler in Britain for 30 gold apiece.

Enter the cave on an island just west of Serpent’s Hold.  Inside the cave is over 1000 gold worth of treasure, several powerful Glass Swords, some magic armor, and a few other useful things.  Make sure you move the caltrops in front of the cave out of the way.

Useful spells to learn: Heal, Cure, Mark, Recall, Unlock, Séance, and Dispel Field.

Use the Mark and Recall spells on the stones of virtue to move around quickly.


The Great Forest – The Emps

In Minoc you will find two more people who opposed the Fellowship murdered by Hook.

Get your fortune told by Margareta, the gypsy near Minoc.  She will give you a lot of information about the quests you must undertake to defeat the new evil threatening Britainia.  She will also tell you to contact the wisps in the forest of Yew to reach the Time Lord who wished to speak with you.

Ask the monk Taylor in Empath Abbey about the wisps and he will tell you that the emps probably know how to contact them.  He tells you that to contact the emps, you must offer them honey found in Bee Cave and gives you a smoke bomb to help you get the honey.

Enter the Bee Cave just south of Empath Abbey and get some honey.  You may have to fight some bees to get out again.

Go to the east end of the Great Forest to find the emps.  Look for bluish-silvery trees.  Offer one some honey and they will talk to you.

Talk to the emp Trellek and ask him to join you so you can talk to the wisps.  He tells you to get permission from Saralek first.

Talk to the emp Saralek and she will tell you to get Salamon’s permission first.

Talk to Salamon and she will tell you to get the woodcutter from Yew to sign a document to stop cutting down their Silverleaf trees.

Go to Yew and talk to Ben the logger.  Explain the situation to him and he will sign the emp’s document.

Return the document to Salamon the emp and she will give Trellek permission.

Talk to Saralek again, but she will refuse to give Trellek permission to leave.  She suggests you ask Trellek to make a whistle for you instead, so you can contact the wisps.

Give Saralek’s suggestion to Trellek and he will make a whistle for you.

Go to the old fortress in the middle of the forest and approach the wisp there (the small blue-white ball).  It will begin a conversation with you if you have Trellek’s whistle.  Ask the wisp about the Time Lord and it will propose a trade of information.  It asks for Alagner from New Magincia’s notebook.


Skara Brae – The Questions of Life and Death

Go to New Magincia and speak with Alagner at the north end of the island.  Ask him for the notebook and he will agree to give it to you if you go to Skara Brae and ask the Tortured One for the answers to the questions of Life and Death.

Be sure to have at least one magic weapon (a flame sword will do) to defeat the undead on Skara Brae.  There are magic axes available on the island which will also be able to destroy the undead.

Go to the west end of the continent by Skara Brae.  Cast Séance and talk to the ferryman.  He will take you across to Skara Brae for 2 gold coins.

Talk to the ghosts on the island to learn why Skara Brae was destroyed.

Talk to Caine the alchemist in the northeast part of the island.  He will agree to tell you the answers to the questions of life and death if you free the town.

Talk to Mordra the healer and she will tell you what ingredients you need to make a potion to destroy Horrace.

Take the black potion (invisibility), the red potion (curing), and the multi-colored potion (essence of mandrake) from Mordra’s house.

Return to Caine and ask him for the formula.  He will explain how to mix the potions.  Put the three potions under the three connecting tubes under the contraption in the centre of Caine’s house.  Put the empty vial from the shelf under the tube that twists.  Double-click on the contraption and the mixture will form.  Take the potion.

Talk to Trent the blacksmith and he will tell you what happened to his wife.  Take the music box from the table.

Go to the Dark Tower on the northwest corner of the island and play the music box for Lady Rowena.  She will momentarily come to her senses and will give you her ring to give to Trent.

Return to Trent and give him the ring.  He will lose his fury and you can talk to him more reasonably.  He will ask you to get an iron bar so he can complete the Soul Cage.

Go to the cemetery below Mordra’s house and grab one of the iron bars lying on the ground.

Give the iron bar to Trent and he will finish the iron cage.

Take the cage to Mordra for further instructions.

Return to the Dark Tower and go to the back.  Walk through the wall to enter the room with the Well of Souls.  Double-click on the cage and then click on the well to power up the cage.

Wait until midnight when Horrace goes to sleep.  Use the cage on Horrace to trap him.  Pour the potion on him and he will return to his normal self.  He will thank you and then ask you to escort Rowena back to Trent.

Talk to Rowena and she will follow you.  Take her to Trent and the two will be reunited.

Return to Horrace and he will tell you how to destroy the Well of Souls.  One of the spirits must sacrifice themselves.

Ask the mayor Forsythe if he will make the sacrifice.  He says he may do it if no one else will.

Ask all the people of Skara Brae to sacrifice.  This includes Caine, Ferryman, Markham, Mordra, Paulette, Quenton, Rowena, and Trent.  None are willing to sacrifice.  Talk to the mayor again and he will agree to make the sacrifice.

Lead the mayor to the will and talk to him.  Forsythe will jump in and the well will be destroyed and the souls of the town will be freed.

Talk to Horrace again and he will give you his firedoom staff.

Ask Caine for the answers to the questions of Life and Death and he will give you the answer: “there are no answers, only questions”.

The ferryman will return you to the mainland.


Alagner’s supply room  – Magical puzzle

Return to Alagner with the answers to the questions of Life and Death – no answers.  He will give you the key to his supply room.

Enter Alagner’s supply room through the door on the southwest corner using the key he gave you.

Step of the blue carpet and you will be teleported to the other side of the building.

Use the key to open the next door.

Pull the switch in the top-left corner of the room to enter the next hall.

Use a lockpick to open the next door and enter the room with the two switches.

Pull the switch in the gray pedestal to get the magic bow and arrows.

Pull the switch in the red pedestal to open the passage to the room above.

Step on the teleport.

Follow the hall and just before the door you will be teleported to the other side of the building.

Step on the right teleport and then walk carefully between the next two teleports and pull the switch on the wall.

Step on the left teleport to be teleported near the beginning of the maze.

Continue to the center room with the teleport and walk through the north wall to get to the northern room.

Remove the two chairs in front of the table and put on of the crates from the back wall in front of the table instead so you can climb the crate onto the table.

Remove the candlestick from the table and use the remaining six crates to build a stair from the table to the door above.

Climb the stair of crates and use Alagner’s key to enter the room above.

Take the notebook from the shelf in front of you.  It is a good idea to read the notebook.  It contains Alagner’s observations about the Fellowship.


Time Lord  – Some questions answered and new challenges ahead

Return to the wisp in the Great Forest of Yew and present the notebook to it.  It will absorb all the information inside.  The wisp will tell you how to find the Time Lord and will give you information about the Guardian and the Black Gate.

Use your Orb of Moons to create a moongate.  Keep entering moongates until you reach the Shrine of Spirituality.

Talk to the Time Lord and you will learn a lot of useful information.  He was the one who sent the red moongate to bring you to Britainia.  He will instruct you to destroy the Sphere generator to free him.

Return to Alagner’s house in New Magincia.  Upon entering, you will find Alagner’s body horribly mutilated like the bodies in Trinsic and Minoc.  The Guardian will laugh at you as you enter the house and will thank you for helping him.  Use the crystal on the table to witness Hook killing Alagner.  You also see Elizabeth and Abraham looking on.


Dungeon Despise -- The Sphere Generator

Go to the Dungeon Despise found at the north end of the lake in the mountains northwest of Britain.

Keep going north until you and your party are suddenly teleported to the right.

Go right, down, right, and down and you will be teleported to a new area again.

Keep going southwest and eventually you will reach the Sphere Generator blocked by a red Moongate.  Every time you enter the moongate, you are teleported back several steps.

Use the Mark spell so you can return here quickly later.

Return to the time Lord and tell him your problem.  He will tell you to find Nicodimus’s hourglass.

Go to Empath Abbey and talk to Nicodimus the mage.  You will need to use the spell Unlock to enter his house.  Ask him about the hourglass and he will tell you that he sold it.

Go to Beverlea the antique dealer in Paws and buy the hourglass from her.

Return to Nicodimus and ask him to enchant the hourglass.  He will enchant it only if you repair the magical ether.


Dungeon Deceit -- The Tetrahedron Generator

Return to the Time Lord and ask him how to fix the magical ether.  He will tell you to visit Penumbra in Moonglow.

Go to the island of Moonglow and go to Penumbra’s house on the northwest tip.

To enter her house you need to solve a number of puzzles.  You have to find the item the plaque refers to and place it just below the plaque.  The items needed are hammer (2-handed), lockpick, gold ring, spool of thread, and gold coin.  After the last one a key will appear and you will be able to enter Penumbra’s house.

Cast Awaken on Penumbra to wake her up and then talk to her.  She will awaken in great pain because of the disturbance in the ether.  She will ask you to get four pieces of blackrock to protect her.

Go to Cove and ask Rudyom the mage about blackrock.  Pick up four pieces from around his house and the transmuter.  Read his notebook to discover what he has learned about blackrock.

Return to Penumbra in Moonglow and put the four pieces of blackrock on the pedestals around her.  Talk to her and she will be feeling much better.  She will tell you that the Tetrahedron Generator in the Dungeon Deceit is damaging the ether.  She will ask you to go to King Draximsom of the gargoyles to get the Ethereal Ring which should beat the defenses of the Tetrahedron Generator.

Go South to the island of Terfin and talk to King Draximsom about his Ethereal Ring.  He tells you he sold his ring to the Sultan of Spectran.

Go to the island northwest of Terfin and ask the Sultan of Spectran for the Ethereal Ring.  He tells you you can have it if you can enter the vault.

Go up and fight the Stone Harpy.  Take the key from its body and use it to open the vault and take the Ring.

Return to Penumbra and she will enchant the ring.

Go north from Moonglow to Dagger Isle and enter the Dungeon Deceit.  Enter through the second entrance north of the first.

When the road forks, go right and walk through the wall at the end.

Pull the switch to open the gate further on.

Continue south and then right after the locked door and walk through the wall again at the end.

Go north and use the Unlock spell to open the doors to the Tetrahedron Generator.

Put the Ethereal Ring on you finger (where gloves go, not in you hand like a weapon) and approach the generator.  Cast Destroy Trap to stop the lightning attacks.

Enter the Tetrahedron and defeat the enemy inside.  You may need to use a Glass Sword to defeat him.  Double-click on the prism to destroy the Tetrahedron Generator.  Pick up the prism at you feet.  You will need this later in the game.


Dungeon Despise --  The Sphere Generator continued

Return to Nicodimus in Empath Abbey and he will enchant your hourglass.

Return to the Sphere Generator.  With the enchanted hourglass you can walk right through the moongate and enter the generator.

Enter the moongates in this order to reach the prism: red, blue, red.  Take the prism and the Sphere Generator will be destroyed.  In destroying the Sphere Generator, all the moongates in Britainia will also be destroyed and you can no longer return home to Earth.  The Time Lord will tell you about the third and final generator that must be destroyed.  This generator transmits the Guardian’s voice to all his followers.  Pick up the sphere prism before you leave.

Get the transmuter from Rudyom in Cove if you haven’t already done so.


Fellowship Retreat -- The Cube Generator

Go to the Fellowship retreat island between Serpent’s Hold and Terfin.  Use you magic carpet to get over the walls.

Enter the cave behind the retreat and approach the Cube Generator.  As you get close you hear a painful noise.  Quickly retreat and use the hourglass to talk to the Time Lord.  He tells you you need special helmets made of Caddellite to get past it and that you should talk to Brion in Moonglow to find this substance.

Go to the observatory in the northeast corner of Moonglow and ask Brion about Caddellite.  He tells you that it can only be found on an island in the North East Sea.

Fly north from Moonglow, past Dagger Isle, to the island of Ambrosia (on your map it is hidden under the compass).  Land in the valley in the middle of the island and enter the cave to the north.

Go southwest to the room with the Hydra.  Double-click on the centre of the north wall to open a secret door to the Hydra.

As you enter, the hydra will start talking to you.  It will not let you have the Caddellite and will attack you.  Defeat it and continue south.

Grab several pieces of the Caddellite, one for each member of the party.

Go to Minoc and ask Zorn the blacksmith to make helmets from the Caddellite.

Return to the Cube Generator and equip the helmets.  It is a good idea to have some curing potions (red) before you enter the Generator.

The interior of the Cube Generator is a maze full of deadly traps.  By stepping in certain places, bridges will appear and disappear between platforms.  To make it through the maze, do the following:

Go up then all the way to the left.

Walk up to the new bridge and then left.

Go back to this second new bridge and continue going up until you can go no further.

Go back down, then left, then all the way up the left side of the maze.

Go right, down, right, up.

Go back left, then up to the top.

Go right all the way, then back a few steps and down.

Go left, down, right, and down, so you are just above the prism.

Quickly go back up, left, up, then right, down, right, up, right, and then down the right side.

Cross the two bridges to the left, then back right, down, right, up.

Go down, left, down, left and you will be back at the beginning.

Go left, up, up and a bridge will appear to the right.

Go back down, right, up, up, left and a bridge will appear that leads to the prism.

Go to the prism and double-click on it to destroy the Cube Generator.  Take the small cube and leave the tunnel.




Buccaneer’s Den -- Hook’s lair

Fly north to Buccaneer’s Den

Now that you have the cube prism, all the citizens will be totally honest with you.  Talk to the people to learn the true nature of the fellowship and the location of the Black Gate.

Talk to the Fellowship leader to learn the location of Hook’s abode.

Talk to Sintag and ask him for the key to Hook’s lair.

Go to the House of Games and use the key to enter the tunnel behind it.

In the tunnel you will find Hook’s abode.  Use a lockpick to open the chest.  Inside you will see Hook’s death list and that Lord British and yourself are next on the list.  There is also a key in the chest.  Take it for it is the key to the Isle of the Avatar.


Isle of the Avatar – The Black Gate

Fly to the south end of the Isle of the Avatar in the southeast corner of Britainia and use Hook’s key to enter the shrine.

There is a cave on the west end of the valley.  Use Hook’s key to enter.

Go to the top-left corner of the Guardian’s throne room and walk into the tapestry with the blue footprints below it.  Behind is a switch to open the north doors.

Follow the tunnel and go north into the prism.  Play with the switches until you open the prison on the far left.  Take the key from the body.  Move the barrel and pull the lever to open an exit from the prison.

Continue east down the tunnel and use the key to open the door.

Flip the switch on the wall to open the gate.

Skip the second switch and pull the third switch on the right.

Now go back and pull the second switch.

Go up and right and pull the next switch.

Continue right and pull the next switch.

Go back to the previous switch again.

Now go back to the second one from the beginning to open the path to the middle room with the lever in the pedestal.

Pull the lever in the pedestal and then go north and kill the people there.

Pull the switch in that room to open the east gate.

Continue eastward and pull the next two switches to open he gates to the dragon.

Defeat the dragon and continue north to the small lake

Cross the lake and go through the gates to the right.

In the room with the teleport, pull the switch and go north.  Do not step on the teleport.

Continue on and defeat the people having their Fellowship meeting.  Take the Fellowship medallion off the pedestal to open the gate.

Use a lock pick to open the next door and walk through the secret passage behind the statue.

In the next room, follow the south wall closely and enter the hidden passage in the west wall.  Search your way through the passage until you get to the room with the two teleports.

Step on the left teleport and then sit on the Throne of Many Changes.  Although it doesn’t look like it, every time you sit down on the throne, you teleport to a new location.

Walk through the wall in the southwest corner and take the key from the backpack.

Sit on the throne again and then walk through the wall in the northeast corner.

Defeat the lich and use the key to open the door to the Throne of Virtue.  Sit on the throne.

Sit on the Throne of Many Changes one more time.

Walk through the wall in the northwest corner and step on the teleport.


Destroy the Black Gate

You will appear in front of the Black Gate just as the Guardian is about to enter.  You will be greeted by Batlin, Abraham, Elizabeth, Hook, and Forskis who will attack you.  When you kill Hook, Batlin will flee the battle.

Put the three prisms in their proper pedestals around the Black Gate to remove the barrier.  The Guardian will offer you a choice.  Go through the Gate and return home, leaving Britainia to the Guardian, or destroy the gate and never be able to return home to Earth.

Use Rudyom’s Wand on the Black Gate to destroy it and stop the Guardian from entering Britainia.

Isle of Fire -- Quest Outline



If you have received the deed of the ship the Golden Ankh from Lord British, go to the town of Vesper and climb about the ship at the dock just behind the tavern.

Sail around the mountainous island to the south and enter the bay from the south.

Land your ship and enter the old building.

Talk to Erethiam the mage to learn some useful information.

Talk to Arcadion, the daemon in the mirror, and agree to help free him.

There are three tests on the island which can be done in any order.  When a test is passed on of the statues in the northern most room in the building will grant the avatar some special abilities.


Test of Love

Enter Erethaim’s room and double-click on the wall in the northeast corner to open the secret door.  Enter the moongate to begin the test.

Walk up to Bollux the Golem standing over his dying brother and talk to him.  He explains how his brother was hurt and asks you to help him.  He gives you a book to help you.

Read the book he gave you to learn what you must do and a page will fall out.  Pick up the page.  It contains the spell you must cast to restore the dying golem.

Enter the cave behind the house and grab a bucket and a pick.

Enter the cave north of Bollux and continue through the tunnel to the exit.  Step forward and you will be teleported to a new place.

Continue through this new tunnel and at the end you will find the Castambre and the Tree of Life.

Put the bucket on the bottom-right corner of the rock.  Equip the pick and use it on the tree.  The bucket will fill with blood from the tree.

Return to Bollux with the bucket of blood.  Put blood on each of the five stones surrounding Bollox and his brother.  Use the scroll with the spell on it.  Bollux will give up his heart for the ritual and will then drop dead.

Put the heart in the body and use the spell again.  Adjhar will come back to life.

Talk to Adjhar.  He will ask you to help him bring his brother back to life.  Adjhar will explain the proper way to bring the golem back to life.

Return to the Tree of Life and use the pick on it to create a new heart for Bollux.

Put the bucket under the tree again and use the pick on the tree to fill the bucket with blood.

Return to Bollux and put the blood on the stones again.  Put the heart in his body and use the scroll again to bring Bollux back to life.

Talk to Adjhar and ask him for the talisman of Love.

You will be teleported to the main building of the Isle of Fire and will stand before the Statue of Love.  She will give you 30 dexterity and 30 combat skill as a reward.


Test of Truth

Talk to the Keeper of Truth and you will be sent to the beginning of the Test of Truth.

Walk south and then west until you see a hood on the floor.  Walk north through the wall and continue north, east north.

Flip the switch to open the gate and take the talisman of Truth.  You will be teleported back to the Keeper of Truth who will raise your intelligence and Magic to 30.


Test of Courage

Enter the east moongate by going through the hole in the wall on the right side of the building.

Walk through the south wall to enter the tunnel.

Use a lockpick to get through the door.

Attack all the enemies in the next room.  This will be a tough battle so it might be helpful to use some magic.  Try to destroy the mage before he summons the lich.

Search the skeletons and bodies in the room to find magic armor.

Take the key from on of the dead bodies in the room to open the next gate.

Go north and destroy the scorpions and spiders.  Pull the two switches, one on the right, one on the left, to pass through the passage in the west.

As you walk up to the sliding door on the left, it will open up to allow you to enter a room with a crystal ball.  Use the crystal ball to see what you need to do to get the key.

Defeat the drake to the east and take its treasure.  Open the treasure chest and take the Glass Sword.

Return to the room with the crystal ball and put the Glass Sword on the black slab.  The crystal ball will turn into a key.

Use the key to open the door to the north.  In the barrel you will find food for your party.

Go north, then east a few steps, than north again to the room with the Magic helm.  Take the helm off the pedestal (don’t bother equipping it; you need it later).

Go south and destroy the two golems.

Go south into the tunnel with slimes.  Continue east, then north

Go left when you reach the next passage, then north to the room with the Great Helm.  Take the Helm off the pedestal and put the Magic Helm from before in its place.

Return to the room where you found the magic helm and put the great helm in its place.  The passage in the north will now be open.

Go north and fight the dragon Dracothraxus.  When you have defeated him, he will be resurrected.  Take the gem he offers.

Go back the way you come to the entrance of the Test of Courage and enter the moongate.


Forging the Black Sword

Talk to the daemon Arcadion in the mirror.  Equip the gem you received from Dracothraxus and use it on the mirror.  The daemon will leave the mirror and enter your gem.

Talk to Erethiam the mage and he will give you a sword blank.  It is the sword he started to create but didn’t finish.  He will also create the tools you need to finish forging the sword.

Pick up the bucket and use it on the well to fill it up.  Dump the water into the trough.  Do this three times to fill up the trough.

Equip the hammer and put the sword blank on the fire pit.  Keep using the bellows to create a flame until the sword is glowing red.  Put the sword on the anvil and use the hammer on it a couple of times.  Put the sword in the water trough to cool it down.

Refill the trough and repeat this a few times until you’ve done the best you can.

Talk to Erethiam about your dilemma with the sword and the daemon will suggest that you use him to solve your problem.  Equip the sword in one hand and the gem in the other.  Use the gem to talk to Arcadion and tell him to bind to the sword.  You have now created the Black Sword.  You can use the sword to:

Regain all your mana

Shoot fire at an enemy

Cause the death of an enemy

Return to the Isle of Fire

Return to the Test of Courage through the moongate and make your way back to Dracothraxus.

When you meet the dragon, talk to Arcadion in the Black Sword and ask it to defeat Dracothraxus.  The dragon will finally be destroyed.

Go north and enter the moongate.

Take the talisman of Courage from the pedestal.  You will be teleported back to the centre of the Isle of Fire in front of the Keeper of Courage.  He will put your strength and hits up to 30.  He will also give you a mission to find the Talisman of Infinity.


The Talisman of Infinity

Take the Scroll of Infinity from Erethiam’s chamber and talk to the mage.  He will give you some information about the talisman of Infinity until he realizes that you wish to send the Dark Core of Exodus into the void.

Talk to Arcadion in the Dark Sword and he will tell you the rest of what you must do to get the Talisman of Infinity.

Once you have retrieved all three talismans, go to the Royal Museum in Britain and take the two lenses.

Return to the Isle of Fire and put the two lenses on either side of the Dark Core: one on the left, one on the right.

Piece together the talismans on top of the Dark Core and a forth talisman will appear to fill in the gap.  Erethiam will appear and try to stop you, but his spell will go awry and he will be destroyed.  The Dark Core will then disappear into the void.

Go to Lord British in Britain and report the passing of Exodus.  He will reward you by raising your strength to 60.

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