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Sage Dragon's Walkthrough - Source Here - Formatting Changes by Ganesh (Bootstrike.Com)

Ultima 7 The Black Gate Walkthrough

This walkthrough is here to help you through this incredible quest that is known as The Black Gate. While all attempts have been made to be as accurate as possible in the writing of this walkthrough, there is the chance that it may not be exactly right. If you should come across some things that do not match with what is written here, please look for the gargoyle on the home page and email me with what you have discovered.

Thanks ahead of time. Key words are in italics. Here are some tips to pass on for you to keep in mind while playing this awesome game. First of all: be sure to save your game often! This will avoid alot of headaches later in game play. Secondly: be sure to train yourself with physical and mental trainers located throughout the world. To end the game properly with minimal damage to you and your friends, you will want to be at 8th Level. Thirdly: be sure to stock up on special weapons (ie. Glass Swords) and reagents for magic use. Finally: Explore your world.

This walkthrough is designed just for that. If you follow the trail of Abraham and Elizabeth, you will get maximum game play. There are different problems in each town to solve, although they are not necessary for the plot, it will give you experience and money to pay for training. Have fun and defeat the evil beings that infest the land that is known as Britannia!

To save time on scrolling through all of the walkthrough, simply click the name of the area you need help with and you will instantly arrive at that portion of the walkthrough. Good luck!

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Having had the "Guardian" intrusion, you decided to teleport via the mysterious red moongate to the town of Trinsic. As you stepped from the teleporter, you noticed your old friend Iolo speaking with an obviously upset stable caretaker that goes by the name of Petre. The game is in automatic mode and Iolo comments how you have not aged since your last visit to Britannia. The screen will shake as an earthquake occurs and the Mayor of Trinsic, Finnigan, will arrive and ask if you will accept the task of investigating a murder that has taken place in the town.

Tell him yes and he will ask if you have searched the stables. Tell him no. He will advise you to look inside the stables, talk to the townspeople, and give him a report later on. Upon entering the building you see that a ritualistic murder has happened. Check the body and take the key. Proceed into the back room and you see Inamo, the gargoyle, skewered with a pitchfork against the wall. The bag has some items if you want to stock up on some items. Take the torch as you will need all that you can get.

Talk to Petre, the stable caretaker, and he will give some information about the dead bodies. He also mentions that the dead guy was Christopher and that he has a son by the name of Sparks. You can find Sparks at his house in the southwest of town, it will be a two-story building. If Sparks is not in the house, you can find him outside of the building. Tell Sparks that you are the Avatar and he will disbelieve you. Iolo will vouch for your character and convince Sparks that you are who you claim to be. Be sure to ask Sparks all of the questions and he then will want to join your party. Tell him yes.

There is some good info about the "red-faced man" from Sparks when he describes the nightmare that he had. Upstairs is a chest, use the key to open the chest. Inside you will find money, a scroll and a Fellowship medallion. Normally you do not want to be taking things from peoples homes as it would be unvirtuous and very un-Avatar like. Stealing will cause your party members to question your honesty and doing it enough times will cause your friends to leave!

Speaking of leaving, be very sure that when you are talking to your party members that you do not tell them to leave unless your VERY SURE that you don't want them around. Use the word "bye" when finished speaking with them. When your party members depart, they go to their homes and you will spend a great deal of time wandering around the world of Britannia trying to find them! This might sound cruel, but if you smack the parrot with the mallet, he will give the coordinates to buried treasure. Your choice. Leave the house and go south to a haunted house with a broken door in front. You will hear the Guardian laugh and the furniture will move on its own.

There is some additional money and clothes if you want it. Go to the healers house and talk to the guard standing up with a bandage on his head. He will mention that there was a ship by the name Crown Jewel in port and a pirate with a hook for a hand. He suggests that you speak to Gargan, the ship-builder. His home is located behind the stables and has an anchor in front of it. Talk to him and get all the information you can. He will want to sell you a deed to a ship, decline as you will get one later from Lord British. Talk to Klog, the Fellowship director as well as his wife.

They will mention two people by the names of Abraham and Elizabeth. Listen to his selling of the Fellowship doctrine and he will ask if you want to join. Tell him yes as you will have to join eventually and he will refer you to Batlin in Britain for the initiation tests. Go talk to Finnigan. His house is the one with a fountain in front of the courtyard. Finnigan will ask if you have talked with the townspeople, tell him yes.

He will carry on about how there was a similar murder conducted in Britain. Look for the word "report" and he will ask questions. He will ask what you found at the stables, answer a key. The next question will be what the key was to. Answer a chest. He then asks what was in the chest. Answer all (money, scroll, and medallion). He will then ask if you have any suspects. Tell him about the Crown Jewel and a man with a hook. He will then reward you with some money. Finnigan is not totally convinced that you really are the Avatar and will ask some questions about where some landmarks are located in the world.

Typically he will ask these questions: 1. Q: What longitude runs through Terfin? A: 120 2. Q: What latitude runs through Dagger Island? A: 0 3. Q: What longitude runs through Skara Brae? A: 60 (If you are asked something different, email me and I will assist you.) Having answered correctly, you will receive the password to leave Trinsic. It is Blackbird. (Don't try to get by the gate guard by jumping ahead and reading the answer here as it will not work.)

Go back to Petre and you can buy a deed for a carriage. I highly recommend you do this as it will save you time in getting to your next place. Use the north gate and turn right to find the carriage. When everybody has climbed into the carriage double-click the carriage itself to make everybody sit down. You will see the word "giddyup" appear and you can move out. Head north. You will find some actors performing a Passion Play just before you get to the swamp. Watch it if you want. There is some more info on the Fellowship. Continuing north will put you in the city of Britain.


You have headed north and went through the town of Paws and are now in the city of Britain. The first thing you will want to do is go to Lord British at his castle. This can be accomplished by heading due north until you get to the moat. Go across the drawbridge and you will be in the castle. Speak with Lord British and be sure to get The Orb of the Moons. He will ask if you brought yours, tell him no. If you ask about Moongates, the word Cove will appear.

This will be the next town to go to. If you have The Forge of Virtue installed, be sure to mention the word rumble. Lord British will explain what happened and will give you a crystal and the deed to his ship called the Golden Ankh. It can be found in Vesper. He will give you information as to how to get to the Isle of Fire.

There is a storeroom within the castle grounds that has your equipment stored, Lord British will give you the key and basically tell you to find it it on your own. Once you get the key, go into his bedroom and enter the small room to the left. Look for a lever and throw it. Continue to move levers and work your way to the top of the castle roof. Once you have found the storeroom, unlock it with the key and get all of your equipment. Particulary the Spellbook. This is a must have item!

Inside the crate are some magic boots, give your old boots to Sparks. Be sure to get the bedroll as you won't be able to rest without it. There is some additional food in the barrel, go ahead and take it. (There will be times when your party members will get hungry, if you haven't noticed it already. To feed them, simply double-click the food, place the cross-hairs on the person who is hungry and click. Wha-lah, they're fed. It will be a pain in the rear as you make your way around the world with these folks saying they are hungry, but feed them and all will go well.)

As you work your way back to the lower level, you might notice a jail cell in the SW corner of the roof. Behind bars is Weston, jailed for stealing an apple. He will ask for you to talk to Lord British on his behalf. Something fishy going on with the Fellowship, talk to Lord British and he will release Weston and start an investigation on the Fellowship. If you want, you can talk to the Great Council and deliver a bill to the Mayor of Cove. It's up to you.

Chuckles the Clown will ask if you want to play a game. The game consists of questions that you must answer with one syllable replies. Once you win, he will give you a scroll with some information on it. There are all sorts of little sub-plots going in the castle, you can choose to do what you want with these. Just remember, you're trying to find the murderer(s) of Christopher and catch up with Abraham and Elizabeth. Leave the castle and find the Blue Boar Inn. Inside is Shamino, ask him to join. Go find Batlin and talk to him about the Fellowship.

Tell him that you want to join. He will give you a package to deliver to Elynor in Minoc. Be sure to speak to the Mayor, Millie, Gordon, and Clint the ship-wright. You will discover that you "just missed them". They are headed to Minoc on "Fellowship business". By following this trail of Abraham and Elizabeth, it will put you on the track for the quest. Visit the museum and take the Moonstones. Be sure to get the spells Mark and Recall as soon as possible.

That's about it for Britain, you can watch the play that is being performed about you and get some training from the fighter/trainer for a nominal fee if you like. Head east in your carriage until you come to a bridge. Walk over and work your way south following the trail and you will arrive in Cove.


You find yourself in Cove and may have noticed that the lake is in bad shape. If you agreed to the task of delivering the bill for the Great Council, you will find the Mayors house in the southern part of town on the right side of the lake/river. He will give you a scroll in return to take back to Britain. Don't feel that you have to immediately return, you will end up back there later in the game. The main person to talk to here is Rudyom the mage.

His house is located above the Mayors. Talk to him and he will mention his diary and the "transmutor wand", plus a substance known as Blackrock. It is extremely important that you take the wand, known as Rudyom's Wand with you. It is a vital piece of equipment.

Take the 4 pieces of blackrock with you. Don't worry if they won't fit in your backpack, just give some to your party members to carry. (There is a weapon of great strength called the Hoe of Destruction in a locked shed just east of Britain near a farm. The key to the shed can be found in a dead fish along the shore of the lake.

You will have to look real close for it by moving garbage off of the bodies.) If you didn't get the opportunity to train in Britain with a trainer, there is one here who will do it. The healer in town is a former friend of yours and will join your party if asked. The advantage? She can heal your wounds. Saves your healing potions. Disadvantage? She is weak and needs to be protected during battles.

Your carriage is going to be left behind for a while as you will have to use the cave that is to the north. Ensure that you have plenty of torches and be prepared to fight some Cyclops and other monsters. The cave will lead you to the forest surrounding Minoc. Head due north through the forest until you come to a road with wagon tracks, follow it and you will arrive in Minoc.


You are in Minoc and notice a gypsy wagon to your right. If you played the game with Chuckles the Clown in Britain and won, then you received a scroll telling you to seek out the gypsy woman, Margareta. Have her read your fortune, it will cost you 20 gold pieces. Talk to the gypsies and then get over to the sawmill quickly.

Does this scene look familiar? You will see 2 bodies. The body of the man has a serpent dagger on it. Get it as evidence. Talk to the townspeople and do some investigating. Talk to the Mayor and he will ask if you want to hear a secret. Tell him yes and he will tell you that he has some misgivings about the Fellowship.

The owner of the inn is a former pirate who knows Hook and the Crown Jewel. Owen the ship-wright is building a monument to himself and is very eager to talk about the Fellowship with you. He also will admit that Hook was in town with the Crown Jewel the night of the murders. You can give the package to Elynor that Batlin wanted delivered.

There is a cave to the south of Owens house that has some gold coins in it. There is also a magically-locked door in the cave. If you don't have the spell in your book yet to unlock magic, don't fret. You can come back to it later. Gregor, the head of the Britannia Mining Company, can be found in the building by the gypsy camp. He has a log that shows quite a bit of mining being done. Notice the amounts of Blackrock that is being taken in.

To the south and left of his building is a cave with a two-handed sword that you can give to one of your party members. If you follow the road with the wagon tracks, it will lead you to the swamp and eventually right back to your carriage. Just go over the little foot bridge and you will run into it. It's time to head south to Paws and see if you can catch up to Abraham and Elizabeth. There are some serious questions that need to be answered by these two people.


Paws is a poor town with some homeless people wandering around. The key thing to do in Paws is talk to Feridwyn. He will tell you that the people that you are chasing have left town and are headed for Jhelom. Are you really surprised? Be sure to see Beverlea, the antique dealer, and get the Hourglass from her. It is important that you do this. There is a missing "venom" mystery that you can solve if you like.

Solving these mini-quests in the towns are not, for the most part, needed. There might be a few that you have to complete but it will give you maximum game play and enhance the goodness of your character throughout the land. You will now have to head to Jhelom. If you have the money to buy a ship, you can as it will get you across the ocean to Jhelom. If not, don't fret. There are several ways to get there.

First, if you have the Forge of Virtue installed on the game, then you can use Lord British's ship. Second, there is a flying carpet located in front of the entrance to dungeon Despise. When you get into Britain, head northwest and find the river and follow the north shore to where it feeds Lost Lake and it will be sitting in plain view. The cool thing is that it's free. To use it, have everybody walk onboard and double-click to rise. Head south to Trinsic and then angle southwest across the ocean. It will be an island home to fighters and warriors.


You have arrived in Jhelom and need to talk to Joseph the Mayor. He will describe what the town is about and will mention that Abraham and Elizabeth have left for Britain. (Come on, admit it. You didn't really expect to find them here, did you?). Talk to DeSnel, the trainer, and mention the serpent dagger that you found in Minoc at the murder scene. You can train with him as well. I believe that the only people in your party that can train will be Spark and yourself. Dupre, your old friend, can be found at the inn sampling the local brew.

Talk to him and have him join. (You will want to have Iolo, Shamino, and Dupre in your party as they are the most helpful and will be your traveling companions in the sequel to this game.) Talk to the barmaid that is sitting at the register about Sprellic, the owner of the bar. He can be found in the house behind the inn. Sprellic is a book-worm looking sort of fellow and will describe how he just had the Avatar(?) at his bar. This will trigger a mini-quest to help him keep his life. After a series of questions, he will ask for you to be his Champion.

To save his scrawny neck, answer yes. Leave his house and find Kliftin, the armorer, and mention Sprellic. He will agree to helping you to replace the Honor Flag that was stolen. You might be attacked by a fighter in the duelling area. It is okay to fight and kill him. Just don't start the fights. Meet with Kliftin later and get the flag and talk to the female fighter at DeSnel's. Give her the flag. All is well. If you speak with the barmaid at the inn after saving Sprellic, you will get some odd sounding news. (She is a little "over the rainbow".) Talk to Sprellic and tell him that he is safe. Having completed this part of the quest, it's off to Britain again to find the ever elusive duo.

Britain (Part II)

Back in Britain again. Go to the Fellowship Hall and talk to Batlin. He will want you to go to the dungeon Destard. You can find this place SW of Paws along the west side of the mountain range by Spiritwood. This place is FILLED with all sorts of treasure and monsters. Plus you will find a few of my kind, although these Dragons are not as receptive as I am. Tread lightly. You might even want to be invisible in this place.

You can find some glass swords, which are highly sought after. Save as many as you can as they will be needed later. Venture back to Britain, and prepare to join the Fellowship providing you spoke with Batlin during your first visit to Britain. Your party members will attempt to talk you out of joining but don't listen to them. The ceremony will take place at 9:00 pm that night. Be sure to wear the Fellowship medallion as it will affect the outcome of how some Fellowship members will treat you. You are going to be asked another series of questions like those in Trinsic.

This may or may not follow the same sequence. Q: How many places can Mandrake Root be found? A: 2 Q: How many bandits are surrounding the old man? A: 6 Once again, if you have any problems with this portion of the game, please Email me and I will assist you. Congratulations, you have joined the Fellowship. Now onward to Vesper to track down Elizabeth and Abraham.


Vesper is located on the edge of the Drylands and as such is inhabited by all sorts of monsters. You will come across giant scorpions and poisonous snakes. Seek out Austin, Vespers mayor. He is not a Fellowship member but has spoken with Elizabeth and Abraham. He is unsure of their whereabouts and will refer you to Cador who will tell you that they have departed for Moonglow. There is a tavern in town that caters to Gargoyles, just be careful how you conduct yourself and what you say while visiting it. Continue your chase to Moonglow.


Moonglow is an important city in that you will have to awaken Penumbra. This will take some doing. First off, speak to Rankin, the Fellowship branch leader. He tells you that the two that you seek have left for the island of Terfin, home to the Gargoyles. Go to Penumbra's house.

You will not be able to get in until you have correctly unlocked the door. There are no normal keys available to do this, you will have to read the plaque in front of the house. I will not give away the answer to this as it is easy enough to figure out on your own. If you need help reading the runic writing, use the menu above and click over to the Runic Writing page. Having opened the door you will have to awaken Penumbra.

Use either your awaken spell or an orange potion on her. She doesn't look to bad after having been asleep for over 200 years. Before she can continue to assist you, she will need to have some Blackrock placed on the pedestals in her room. If you have the Blackrock with you, use it here. If not, you will have to return to Cove and get the Blackrock from Rudyom's house. Once the Blackrock is in place you will be able to speak with Penumbra. She will tell you to find the Ethereal Ring. If you have the Mark spell, use it here so you can return when you get the ring. Make your way to Terfin.


Terfin, the island home to the race of Gargoyles. Be sure to speak with everybody here, especially Draxinsom and Quan. The traveling Fellowship pair have gone on to the Meditation Retreat. Something has happened to the altar, seems like a conspiracy is in effect. You have the option to solve this mystery if you want.

Be sure to talk to Forbrak the owner of the inn. He will mention that there is trouble. Just follow the line of questioning and talk to everybody and you will be able to solve the mini-quest. You will learn that the Etheral Ring is on the island of Spektran. Don't worry about getting the ring now, you will get it later. Depart Terfin and either go to the Meditation Retreat or Empath Abbey. Meditation Retreat is located on an island just east of Serpents Hold.

Meditation Retreat

If you have chosen to go here in search of Elizabeth and Abraham, then you have missed them again. They are now on their way to Buccaneers Den. Ian only permits Fellowship members to enter. There is a cave in the mountain side where one will be able to hear the "voice". Don't concern yourself with this yet, it will occur later in the game.

Empath Abbey

If you chose to go Empath Abbey, find the monk named Taylor. You might also be able to get some additional spells from Nicodemus, the magician living across the street from the Abbey. Look for the house that has a "chessboard" in front of it. Taylor will tell you about the Emps that live in the forest. If you came across them before then you know that they will not talk to you unless you have some honey.

Go to the bee cave which is located south of the Abbey and work your way north. Basically the bees won't mess with you if you ignore them but if you take the honey while they are awake, they will attack. You can either use the smoke bomb that Taylor gives you or just wait until the bees go to sleep. Inside the cave lives a naked man and woman. They are a couple of rocks with lips. Talk to them if you want just be prepared for a pretty wierd conversation. They go on about the bees inside the cave and how they are friends with them. Grab about 3 clumps of honey and work your way to the Emps.

The Emps and The Wisps

You got the honey and now you have to find the Emps. There is no exact route that I can give you to find these creatures. Enter the Deep Forest and work your way to the northeast. Be on the lookout for a couple large trees with silver leaves. These are known as Silverleaf trees. The silverleaf trees are home to the Emps. You need to speak with Trellek about finding the whereabouts of the Wisps. He will agree to go with you.

However, before Trellek can do anything, he will need permission from Saralek who in turn needs permission from Solomon. Solomon is the leader of the Emps. Solomon is going to give you a written agreement that needs to be delivered to Ben the woodsman. The document is to keep Ben from chopping down the Silverleaf trees. Ben's cabin is on the western edge of the forest by the shoreline. Get the treaty signed and go back to Solomon. Solomon gives you the okay to take Trellek with, but Saralek has changed her mind about Trellek going with. I believe she is concerned about his safety. Trellek will give you a whistle to call the Wisps. The Wisps can be found in 2 locations.

You can wander around the forest until you come across an old abandoned fortress or you can find them in Spiritwood. I have always talked to them in the forest south of where the Emps live. It will take some searching but you can find them. A word of caution here: DO NOT GO INTO COMBAT MODE NEAR THE WISPS. THEY WILL THOROUGHLY DESTROY YOU AND YOUR PARTY!! The Wisps are pretty easy to identify as they will resemble glowing spheres of light.

As you are near one, blow the whistle to talk to them. It will offer up some extremely important information about the Guardian and will give you additional information if you bring them Alagner's notebook. Alagner is found in New Magincia. Consult the map above if needed and fly the friendly skies of Britannia on your magic carpet to the new destination.

New Magincia

As with every town that you have come across, this one too has a mini-quest that can be solved. It has something to do with the shepherdess and her fiancee and a missing item. Alagner will agree to give you his notebook provided you can answer the questions of Life and Death.

You will have to travel to Skara Brae and talk to the Tortured One. If you haven't gotten the spell Seance yet, do so before you get to Skara Brae. Believe me, you will need it! Time will be saved if you Mark Alagner's house so you can return his notebook later. Time to face the dead.

Skara Brae

There are actually 2 ways to get to Skara Brae. Either fly on the carpet and attempt to find a place to land which will be difficult or land on the shore opposite the island and use the ferry. Use the horn and cast Seance on the ferryman. I believe he will charge to take you across. Pay up and catch the ride.

Skara Brae is the home to the dead. The town has been totally destroyed by a fire. Talk with everyone in the town, especially Mordra. Pick up the following items: the Mandrake Essence (glowing potion), an empty vial, a Curing Potion, and Potion of Invisibility at Mordra's house. You will have to get a piece of the fence around the cemetary to build a cage. Find Trent the blacksmith and talk to him about his wife.

Take the musicbox and go to the Dark Tower, located in the northwest corner of the island, and find Rowena. Place the musicbox near her and play it. She will give you her ring. Take it to Trent and he will fashion you a cage. Talk to Caine. He will not give you the answer to questions dealing with Life and Death until you destroy the Liche. It is time to create a potion. Inside his house is an Alchemists potion-maker.

SAVE YOUR GAME! Plug in the Mandrake Essence, the Curing Potion, the Invisibility Potion, and the empty vial into the potion-maker. Turn the burner on and if you did it correctly, you will receive a sparkling blue potion. Take this new potion and get the cage from Trent. Go to the Dark Tower and enter through a secret wall by the stairs and use the cage on the Well of Souls. Go back into the throne room.

Once it is midnight, use the cage on Horance the Liche when he lies down. You will see quite a few of the townspeople enter and lie down on the beds. You will know it's midnight when this happens. Once the cage is over Horance, use the sparkling potion on him. He will tell you that you need to find someone who is willing to be a sacrifice. Talk to Forsythe, the mayor, and he will tell you to find someone else to be the sacrifice.

You now have to talk to EVERYBODY in town. Even if you talk to them before, do it again. Nobody is willing to be a sacrifice and you will want to talk to Forsythe again. He will agree to be the sacrifice as it was his fault that the whole town was blown to bits. Take him to the Well of Souls and destroy it. Go back to Caine and you will find out that there are NO answers to Life and Death. Back to New Magincia.

New Magincia (Part II)

Talk to Alagner and tell him that there are NO answers. Get his key to open the storeroom. It is located to the south of his home. The storeroom is a bit of a maze. Just save your game before attempting to work your way through, it's not that hard. There are all sorts of reagents for spells to be found.

Get the notebook and take it to the Wisps. The Wisps will tell you to seek out the Time Lord. Use your Orb of the Moons to beam to him. He will tell you what is going on with Britannia and how to fix the problems. You will have to go to the Dungeon Despise to destroy the generator that is messing up the ether. Before you can do this, you will have to go to the Dungeon Deceit and destroy a generator there as well.

In order to accomplish this, you will have to travel to Spektran and get the Etheral Ring. Travel back to New Magincia to return Alagner's notebook. Unfortunately, Alagner is VERY dead. The ritualistic murderers have struck again!! Look into the crystal ball and you will see the people that you have been seeking: Abraham, Elizabeth, Hook, and the gargoyle Forskis! Go get the Ethereal Ring.


Spektran is the home to the Sultan who also happens to own the Ethereal Ring that you need. As you approach the Sultan's fortress, the door will automatically open. The Sultan is a complete lunatic, as you will see while talking to him. The room behind the throne is where you will have to enter to get a key.

This room also has a Stone Harpy that is extremely difficult to kill with normal weapons. Use your glass sword on the monster and it will die quickly. (Hopefully you still have one on you!) You will have to stack some crates to reach the area where the ring is. Once you have it, head to Moonglow and have Penumbra enchant the ring.

Dungeon Deceit

Once you leave Moonglow you must go to the Dungeon Deceit. It is located on Dagger Isle. To get there, use the map above to find your way. Deceit is located on the southern part of the mountain chain. One of your party members will mention that this is Dungeon Deceit.

Make sure that you are stocked up on reagents and ensure that you have the Unlock Magic spell in your spellbook. If you don't, go get it because you won't make it past the first door. Follow the hallways and seek out the false walls. Normally they will be found in the dark areas. Don't be alarmed if you come across a Cyclops, he is willing to talk to you about various things. Talk to him if you want.

Before arriving at the generator, it would be best if you dropped off you party members. Tell them to leave and they will ask if you want them to stay or leave. Tell them to wait. SAVE YOUR GAME!!

Inside the generator you are going to encounter a really tough individual. Use the glass sword on it and it shouldn't be to difficult to win the battle. (Hopefully you have saved some glass swords for this skirmish. If not, it's not the end of the world. It will be tougher, that's all. Just corner it and use ALOT of healing potions and protection potions.

Be sure to use a magic weapon as normal weapons will not work. Once you have defeated it, click on the box in the middle of the room and the generator will collapse. Take the small tetrahedron sitting on the ground, leave the room, ask your party members to re-join and get yourself to Yew and talk to Nicodemus. Have him enchant the hourglass which you will need for the next part of your quest in Dungeon Despise.

Dungeon Despise

Dungeon Despise is located in Serpent Spine. There are two entrances to this dungeon. There is one located to the northeast and the one where you found the flying carpet. Use this one unless to want to gain some experience. Get around the teleporters and work your way through the tunnels east of the entrance.

The tunnels will wind their way to SW side of the lake and you will find the Spherical Generator. Inside you will come across a moongate puzzle. The correct sequence to the puzzle is RED, BLUE, BLUE, RED. Get the sphere and leave. Just one more generator to go! Onward to Meditation Retreat.

Meditation Retreat (Part I)

Meditation Retreat. The "get away from it all" spa for Fellowship members. Maybe a better name is, "Club Murder"! If you went here before going to Empath Abbey, then go back to the cave. Okay, I am sure that you know by now that the Fellowship is nothing more than a duping/killing organization for the Guardian!

Be prepared to do battle with a few individuals as you work your way in the cave towards to the generator. You will notice that you are unable to approach the Cube generator unless you have some special protection. Be sure to Mark this spot so as to beam back to it later. Contact the Time Lord with the hourglass and he will tell you to get some mineral known as Caddellite.

The ore is found on Ambrosia Island. It is hard to find if you are looking for it on the map. It is hidden under the compass rose on the top right of the map. If you go to Minoc and then straight east, you will find the island. Hurry! Time is ticking and the planets are aligning!

Ambrosia Island

There is a cave on the island and that is where you will find the Caddellite. It is also protected by some distant relatives of mine known as the Hydra. This particular Hydra has 3 heads! Looks pretty nasty, huh? I will let you in on a secret: Hydras' are total wimps! It will fall pretty easily to your weapons.

Just get one piece of Caddellite for yourself, as you can't take your party members with you to get the Cube in Meditation Retreat. It's off to Minoc to see Zorn, the blacksmith, to fashion a helmet made out of the mineral.

Meditation Retreat (Part III)

Recall back to the Cube and while wearing your new helmet, go inside to the generator. There is a puzzle here that would take me days to explain. It will be difficult but not impossible. The best thing to do is save your game often and map out on paper the correct path to follow.

The difficulty with this puzzle is the path that you must follow to trigger new walkways with bridges. Look out for fireballs and fire-fields. You will cover almost all of the walkways before you are able to get to the center. When the Cube dissolves, get the smaller cube and go to Buccaneers Den.

Buccaneers Den

Buccaneers Den is the island home to pirates. It is also the home to the killer Hook and his cronies! You will need to talk to everybody on the island and get some questions answered. Problem is, everybody here lies! Solution to the problem? Have in your possession the little cube and the truth will be told.

Talking with Danag at the Fellowship Branch will reveal alot about the character make-up of Abraham, Elizabeth, Hook and the Fellowship itself.Go to the House of Games and speak to Sintag. you will get the key to open Hook's room. The door in the back of the House of Games will lead you into the mountain and to Hook's hideout. In his room there will be the navigational charts for the ship,

The Crown Jewel as well as a key to The Black Gate. The key is extremely important to get past the barriers you will encounter on the Isle of the Avatar. There is also a scoll with a hit-list. As you will see, the names of the murdered victims are being crossed of as they occur. You and Lord British still remain!

There are some torture chambers and some prisoners. If memory serves me right, you will find the false Avatar here as well. It's off to the Isle of the Avatar to find the murdering fiends and stop them from killing Lord British!

Isle of the Avatar

Important note here: be sure that you are at 8th Level of power. There are some really important spells that you need to cast for this upcoming battle! If you are not, do some adventuring and get to 8th level. The Black Gate key will allow access past the barrier on the south side of the island and entrance into the dungeon. As always, SAVE YOUR GAME, often in this place. It will be long, difficult, and confusing. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Although it is not necessary to kill the Dragon found here, there are some cool items of treasure to be found. (Like a glass sword, that will be handy!)
  • The Chair of Change will teleport you to one of three places inside the dungeon when you sit in it. Upon entry to each location, thoroughly explore all of the walls for secret doors and passages.
  • The Throne of Virtue will cause the Chair of Change to teleport you to the fourth area, which will be necessary to to gain access to the Black Gate.
  • Inside the Fellowship Hall manipulate the fellowship medallion.
  • Be careful of the Paladin guarding one of the last doors as he extremely tough to fight. Use a glass sword to take him out.
  • Inside the mages room there is a fully-loaded spellbook. Take it!
  • If you are having difficulty locating the Black Gate room, try checking to see if you have every key and poke about on every wall. There are a multitude of illusionary walls.

The Black Gate You have found the Black Gate room. Now is NOT the time to breathe easy, Avatar! In the room you have found the murdering bunch of Fellowship members as well as the leader of them all; the fat, bloated toad known as Batlin the Sage. (What a disgrace to the title!) There is going to be some arguing going on here amongst themselves. To win this battle, simply use the spell Death Vortex on YOURSELF

You will totally destroy everybody (with the exception of the maggot Batlin). You are now left with a choice to make. Do you abandon all of your friends to certain death to the hands of the Guardian by going home or do you use Rudyom's Wand to destroy the Black Gate and keep the Guardian from entering Britannia? (Please tell me that you still have the wand!)

Once you have shot the wand into the Black Gate, the computer will take over and show the ending. The animation is awesome! Congratulations, Avatar, you have once again saved Britannia! Go spend some quality relaxing time at Lord British's castle.

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