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Palanon the Sage Dragon's FOV Walkthrough Source: Here - Formatted by Ganesh (Bootstrike.Com)

The Forge of Virtue


By asking Lord British about the earthquakes, he told you to use his ship, The Golden Ankh, found in Vesper and to sail south to the Isle of Fire. Located inside the castle is an old scholor that is named Erethian. His room is found in the west wing. Talk to him but do not mention anything about his being blind as he will cease talking to you. He will tell you about the castle, Exodus, The Dark Core, and various other things. Read all of the books in the room and then exit to the east wing to the room with the Dark Core. Use the mirror in the room. say hello to Arcadion!


Arcadion the Daemon is trapped within the mirror and will beg you to release him. Do not set him free at this time, that will come later. He will tell you about the Ether Gem. Go talk to Erethian again about Arcadion and the Ether Gem. You will be ready to go to the Shrine of Principles, located in the north wing, to take the tests.

Test of Love

This first test is the easiest to accomplish in that there are no battles to fight. Talk to the woman statue in the Shrine and go to the Moongate, through a secret door in Erethian's room. Enter the Moongate and then go south until you see a Golem standing next to a broken golem on the ground. talk to him and he will say that his name is Bollux.

The broken golem is his brother Adjhar. If you agree to help Bollux he will give you a book about creating golems. Read it and pick up the page that falls out. Go north from there into the cave. Go through the cave and pick up a bucket and a pick as you do. Exit the cave and go into the small clearing. Once you do this, you will be teleported into a small hall. Follow it south to another clearing where a tree is growing out of a large rock. This is the Stone of Castambre. Put the bucket on the ground on the south side next to the rock. Use the pick on the stone and the bucket will fill with blood. Pick it up and go back to the Golems. Use the bucket of blood on all five stones and read the page that fell out of the book. Bollux will give up his heart and place it on his brothers body and will drop to the ground dead.

Put the heart in Adjhar's chest and read the page again. Tada! Adjhar is alive! (Do you feel like Dr. Frankenstein?) Talk to the new Golem and agree to help him out as well. Go back through the cave to the Stone of Castambre. Use the pick on the tree and you will get another heart. Fill the bucket with blood again and go back to the Golems. Repeat the ritual as before to revive Bollux and witness the reunion. Talk to Adjhar and he will reward you with the Talisman of Love and increase your Dexterity to 30.

Test of Truth

Back in the Shrine again. This time talk to the mage statue and he will teleport you to the next test. You can walk through the south wall which takes you into a large room with a skeleton in the center. Walk along the walls and you will see what torched him. You can find a glass sword in here as well. It might come in handy later in the game. Get it if you want. Go west out of the room and turn north until you come to a hood lying on the ground. You will be able to walk through the wall here as well. Follow the path north, east, and north again. Flip the switch on the wall and a door will open. Enter and get the Talisman of Truth. You will be teleported to the Shrine once again. Your intelligence and mana will increase to 30.

Test of Courage

Talk to the warrior statue and go to the Moongate in the room with the mirror. Stand by for a lot of fighting here! Note that the monsters here will come back to life after you have fought them, so stay alert as to what is behind you as well as what is in front of you! Go south and pick the lock on the first gate that you come to. inside this room is a Mage, some skeletons and headless. Focus your attention on the mage first. He will attempt to summon a Liche. If he succeeds, you are going to be in for the fight of your life! Having dispatched thses monsters, get the key from the mage's body and open the next door. Fight the scorpions and spiders and flip the next 2 switches on the floor.

This opens the door to the next area. This third room is guarded by a drake (small dragon). Kill it and find the dead body of a female warrior. She has a glass sword, take it. Go into the little metal room and look into the crystal ball. Place the glass sword in the platform, the crystal ball shatters, and you can now get the key to the next room. Go north through the door. If you are low on food, you can attack a camp of trolls and a cyclops. Kill them and take their food. Otherwise go south down the hall a bit and go into the room with the magic helmet. Take it and continue south. Kill the golems when you come to them. Take the first passage south, if you continue east the passage is blocked by some giant bones. When you find the room with a normal helmet, take it and replace it with the magic helmet. You will hear a door opening.

Take the ordinary helmet back to where you got the magic one and put it on the pedestal. Another door will open. Head north again, through the troll camp and follow the passage east. You will come upon a completely burned body (a big pile of ash) with a magic axe. Go north through the door and meet the Dracothraxus. Talk to him and be ready to do battle. On the floor is another burnt body with a glass sword. Grab it and use it on the Dracothraxus. Once it is defeated, take the Ether Gem from its mouth and go back to Erethian. He will tell you about a sword that he was trying to forge once. He will summon his blacksmith equipment and you will now get to practice the art of forging a sword.

Forging the Black Sword

Erethian will give you the sword blank that he was trying to forge. Have all of your party members leave. Remember, tell them to wait when they ask whether they should leave or wait. Put your weapons down and pick up the hammer. Fill up the troughs with water. You can do this by using the bucket on the well then on the trough. Do this 3 times. Get rid of the bucket. Use the sword blank on the forge and use the bellows to heat it up until it is red with a little white stripe. Quickly use the sword on the anvil and then the hammer on the sword.

You have to do this before it starts to cool. Repeat this a few times until you realize it is to heavy to use as a sword. Place it in the trough until it cools off. You need to talk with Erethian again and explain that the sword is to heavy. He will tell you to bind it to a magical source. The daemon Arcadion might work. Use the Ether Gem on the mirror that is holding Arcadion to release him. Hold the sword in one hand, and the Ether Gem in the other and tell the gem to bind itself to the sword. You are now the proud owner of the Black Sword, the most powerful weapon in all of Britannia!

This sword has some incredible powers. For one, it will allow you to talk with Arcadion. It also has the power of Magic, Fire, Death and Return (to the Isle of Fire). Go back to the Test of Courage and fight Dracothraxus. Use the swords power of Death on the dragon while standing close to it. Arcadion and Dracothraxus will have a conversation and the dragon is killed, only to come back to life. He will leave and open a door to the north. Go through it and then through the Moongate to get the Talisman of Courage. You will receive an increase of 30 to your strength. The warrior statue will tell you to get the Talisman of Infinity.

Banishing the Dark Core

Go back to Erethian's room and get the Scroll of Infinity. Talk to him, but he will refuse to discuss it with you any further. But guess what? Arcadion will!! Talk to the sword and he will tell you that you need the Lens you banished the Codex into the void. These will be found in the Royal Museum in Britain. Use the Orb of the Moons, or your ship if you can't figure out how to use the orb, and go to the museum to get them. Remember, if you use your ship to go to Britain,

DO NOT use the swords power to return to the Isle of Fire You won't be able to get back to the rest of the world. Once the items have been obtained, put a lens on each side of the Dark Core, and make sure that the torches are lit on the walls.Put the Talismans you have on the Dark Core. Place them in the shape of a pie with a piece missing. Erethian will appear and attempt to stop you but his magic will fail and he will die. The missing pie piece will appear. The Dark Core will now enter the void. Congratulations, you are now the strongest man alive and will have the most powerful weapon in the world! Leave the Isle of Fire and go to Lord British. He will reward you with another 30 points to your strength as well as 30 additional hit points. Be sure to have him heal/resurrect your party members as well.

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