PHP AJAX Instant Domain Availability Checker
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cost to use this script?
    US$9.99 for the whole package, which includes the bulk checker and AJAX checker.
  2. Is there a mailing list where I can receive the latest version?
    Yes, you can subscribe to our mailing list.
  3. I run the script on my web hosting server but I keep getting an error 'Error connecting to server' when doing a check?
    Check that your hosting server allows outgoing connections. Many don't. GoDaddy is one of them. Or the whois server for that particular TLD could be down.

    Also, the AJAX call may fail if you have too much output before the include. To work around this, place this code at the very first line of the file that is having the include statement:

    <?php ob_start(); ?>

    This will buffer all the responses and the AJAX call should work.
  4. What are the requirements to run this script?
    PHP 4 and PHP 5 is fine. MySQL is not needed. Server MUST be allowed to make external outgoing connections. Some servers such as GoDaddy do not allow this and only allow incoming connections. Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE), which should be enabled in 99.99% of the installations, is also needed to validate inputs.
  5. I get an error 'Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded'?
    Uncomment the line in the source code which says "//set_time_limit(0);" by removing the first two slashes. Note that this will allow any amount of time for the bulk checker to complete. It can crash your server if there are many requests at one time.
  6. Is technical support provided?
    A limited amount of technical support is provided. Contact us personally WITH the URL of your implementation. Please note, we are NOT able to assist with custom implementations of the script. If the script works fine standalone but not when you 'include' it, ensure that the "ob_start()" tag is added as explained above. We can only provide support if the script does not work standalone.
  7. Is there any limited to the number of checks performed?
    If the checker is configured to check domains by performing Whois checks (one of the 3 checking methods), it would be limited to as much as the domain registrar will allow as they have a limit on the number of times the domains can be checked. This is because, for every check, it connects to another server and that server may implement limits on how many checks it allows per IP address

    Without the Whois method enabled, you have practically unlimited checks, but at the cost of accuracy (i.e. some domains may show as available, when they are not)
  8. I have some other problem...
    Contact us personally WITH the URL of your implementation.

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