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NOTICE: The Recaptcha feature is not working due to Google's Recaptcha changes. We are looking into incorporating the latest recaptcha.

The cost is only US$9.99 per domain. This cost includes the following:

  1. AJAX Domain Availability Checker and Bulk Checker for ONE domain only (each cannot be used in separate domains)
  2. Limited e-mail technical support. Please note, we are NOT able to assist with custom implementations of the script.
  3. NO refunds, due to the open nature of the code

To proceed, enter the web address in the box below and click the Buy Now button to pay via our secure payment processing partner - Paypal. If you don't have one, click here to create one

Domain to license for:

After you have made payment, you will receive an e-mail by 24 hours. PLEASE check your spam folder for our response.

How do I install the script?

Just use php's include function to include the respective PHP file. It is that easy!

<?php include ('ajax_checker.php'); ?>

Note that dnservers.php has to be in the same folder.

If you just want to use the PHP function, the name is 'isDomainAvailable($domain)'. The returned result is false if the domain is not available, else it will be an PHP array. Any errors will be stored in $error, a global variable. Check our FAQ for further questions.


  1. Version 0.8
    1. First release to public.
    2. Fix halt issue when using bulk domains
    3. Error friendly messages
  2. Version 0.82
    1. Added/Fixed JavaScript Random Generator
    2. Fixed bulk whois bug
  3. Version 0.83
    1. Performance changes
  4. Version 0.9
    1. Whois Servers for .ORG
    2. Automatic whois server detection - Supports Singapore, Malaysia, .my, UK, US, EU and MOST other whois extensions now! (togglable between manual and automatic in script source)
    3. Handle whois server errors better
    4. Many other various enhancements
  5. Version 0.92 (20th Nov 2008)
    1. Fix whois servers for australia domains
    2. Better error handling
  6. Version 0.93 (5th Dec 2008)
    1. Separated into easy to use include files
    2. Better error handling
  7. Version 0.94 (13th May 2009)
    1. Better domain availability checking by performing DNS Nameserver lookup first
    2. Combination of Auto Whois Servers to provide only a single mode of domain checking.
  8. Version 0.95 (21st January 2010)
    1. Supports Recaptcha and number of times a user can check after one successful recaptcha
    2. Limit to only TLDs that you specify e.g. .COM .NET only
    3. Allow hiding the 'Available Textarea' and status messages
  9. Version 0.951 (26th June 2010)
    1. Fix bug in limiting TLDs
  10. Version 0.97 (14th August 2010)
    1. Customizable Language
    2. Show a customized available link, configurable at a general level or on a per TLD basis
    3. Show the whois output for a domain that is unavailable
    4. Bulk checker can be used as a cron job to email when domains are available
    5. Bulk checker now supports recaptcha as AJAX checker
  11. Version 0.98 (21st August 2010)
    1. Allow disabling of the two PHP DNS checking methods
  12. Version 0.99 (29th October 2010)
    1. Allow disabling of WHOIS queries when checking domain availability for added performance
    2. Fix Enable-As-You-Type not working when using Google Chrome
    3. Allow status reporting for huge bulk checks
  13. Version 0.991 (5 August 2011)
    1. Fix Enter key not working with recaptcha enabled
    2. Clear every level of output
    3. More whois servers added, including .DE, .AT, .CH, .LI, .SE, .NA
  14. Version 0.994 (28 July 2014)
    1. Fix .org TLD domain checking
    2. Fix whois results not appearing sometimes
    3. Bulk checker email batch checker improvements

AJAX Domain Availability Check is based on a work at (domain expired). The original script by Matthew originally intended to do bulk checking, but has a few halting bugs as of this time which are fixed and included with this release,

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