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Ultima VIII: Pagan


Weapons - Korick   Armor – Korick
Dagger 5   Helmet 13
Mace 15   Leggings 12
Axe 25   Armguards 11
Sabre 75   Shield 12
Scimitar 90      
Longsword 125      


Armor - Darion   Gems/Clothes - Rhian
Helmet 2   Cloak 6
Lether Leggings 10   Shirt 4
Leather Gloves 5   Vest 7
Cuirbolli 6      
      Diamond 45
      Ruby 20
      Gem Necklace 36
      Gem Ring 22


Reagents - Mythran
Dispelling Magical     Eye of Newt 25   Obsidian 15
             Portals 50   Bat Wing 30   Brimstone 15
Bone 10   Serpent Scale 25   Pumice 15
Executioner’s Hood 10   Dragon Blood 40   Ash 15
Blackmoor 10         Pig Iron 15

Inhabitants of Pagan

Name Home Occupation Notes
Aramina East Tenebrae Servant  
Bane Daemon’s Crag Acolyte  
Bentic East Tenebrae Scholar  
Beren East Tenebrae Acolyte  
Corinth Valley Herdswoman Wife of Gwillim, mother of Cyrus
Cyrrus Argentrock Theurist Son of Gwillim and Corinth
Darion East Tenebrae Captain of Guard  
Devon West Tenebrae Fisherman Greets you at the beginning of the game.
Gargrand Daemon’s Crag Acolyte  
Gwillim Valey Herdsman Husband of Corinth, father of Cyrus
Hydros Carthax Isle Water Titan  
Jenna West Tenebrae Barmaid  
Kilandra West of Tenebrae Fisherman  
Korick West Tenebrae Blacksmith Sells weapons and armor
Lithos Stone Cove Earth Titan  
Lothian Cemetary Necromancer Is about to die
Malchir Daemon’s Crag Master  
Mordea Central Tenebrae The Tempest Ruler of Tenebrae
Mythran Plateau Scholar  
Orlok West Tenebrae Bartender  
Pyros Volcano Fire Titan  
Rhian East Tenebrae Weaver Widowed wife of Toran.  Sells clothes and jewelry and buys gems.
Salkind East Tenebrae Sensechal  
Shaand West Tenebrae Executioner  
Stellos Argentrock Theurist  
Stratos Argentrock Air Titan  
Toran East Tenebrae Jeweler Beheaded by Mordea
Torwin Argentrock Theurist Son of Rhian and Toran
Vardion Daemon’s Crag First Acolyte  
Vividos Cemetary Necromancer  
Xavior Argentrock Theurist  

Quest Outline

Arrival in Tenebrae

You will awake on the shores of Tenebrae and will be greeted by Devon the fisherman.  He will tell you a little about Pagan and will welcome you to take what you need.

Go west to the dock and witness the execution of Toran.

Speak to Bentic in the library at the northwest corner of East Tenebrae.  Ask him how to leave Pagan and he will suggest you speak with Mythran.  He will give you directions to the Plateau where Mythran lives.

Go to the top of the palace and walk to the teleporter in the middle of the floor so that it becomes activated.  Later you will be able to return to Tenebrae through this.

Gaining Strength and Equipment

Before you can explore the world of Pagan, you need strength and equipment.  Fight Changlings in the meadow west of Tenebrae to get obsidian coins.  Buy armor and a sword from Kerick the blacksmith in West Tenebrae with the coins.

The Plateau

Go north from the palace and follow the path to the cave.

Jump from stone to stone to get across the water.

Climb up the ledge (click both right and left buttons while facing the ledge) and continue south.

When you get to the room with the seven levers, arrange the three on the left to all be down and the three on the right to be up.  You will feel a tremor.  Cross back over the bridge and pull the lever next to the winch.  The gate to the south will be lifted.

Enter Mythran’s cottage south of the cave exit and speak to Myrthran.  Ask him how to get off Pagan and he will tell you that you need the powers of the Titans.  He will suggest you speak to the Necromancer first.  He will give you a Recall Item which you can use to teleport to any teleporter in Pagan that you have visited.  He will also give you potions every once in a while.

Ask Mythran to teach you magic and he will give you Confusion Blast for 50 obsidian coins.  You can also buy Dispel Magical Portals for 50 coins from him too.

The Necromancer’s Dagger

Use the Recall item of return to Tenebrae.

Leave Tenebrae through the East Gate and then go north to the cemetary.

Speak to Vividos and agree to get his dagger back from Mordea.

Visit Aramenia in her house in East Tenebrae during Bloodwatch and ask her about a dagger.  Eventually, she will give you a key to Lady Mordea’s closet.

Enter Lady Mordea’s throne room during First Ebb while Lady Mordea is in the banquet hall.  Under the cusion is a key to her chamber.

Use the key you got from Araminia to open Lady Mordea’s closet and the chest inside and take the dagger.

Return the dagger to Vividos.  Watch the ceremony as Vividos kills Lothian and becomes the new necromancer.  Agree to become his apprentice and he will give you your first task.

Trouble in Tenebrae

Return to Tenebrae to discover that Bentic has been executed and Debon is in prison.

Go to the palace and descend the stairs to the basement.  Pull the lever to open the gate to the prison.  Speak to Devon and he will ask you to talk to Salkind.

Speak to Salkind and ask him what the charges on Devon are.  He will not tell you.  Read the log book in Salkind’s residence to learn why Bentic was executed.

Return to the basement and cast on of Mythran’s Dispel Magical Portals spells to open a door to the closed off room.  Read Bentic’s journal to discover that Devon is the rightful Tempest.

After you have finished reading the book, guards will catch you and escort you to Lady Mordea on the dock just before Devon’s beheading.  Declare the truth that Devon is the true Tempest and Devon and Mordea will confront each other.  Mordea will be killed and Devon will be the new Tempest.

The Upper Catacombs

Gather Deadman’s Elbow by the haunted house in West Tenebrae.  Executioner’s Hood can be found just south and east from the cemetary.

Return to Vividos in the cemetary and give him the reagants.  He will give you the Key of the Cartaker and will tell you to go to the Upper Catacombs.

Go to the library upstairs and take the reagants and the bag.  Read the book which will explain a couple of spells to you.  Put one vial of blood and one blackmoor into the empty bag and use the Key of the Cartaker on the bag.  An Open Ground token will be formed.  Do the same with blood and bone to create Death Speak.

Enter the building set into the mountain behind the cemetary and cast Open Ground at the center of the back wall to open a passage to the Upper Catacombs.

Go a long ways east until you find a room with a small enclosed room with a zombie inside.  When you step in the room, you will fall to a lower level.

Cast Death Speak on the Necromancer to the west and he will teach you Mask of Death.

Return East and go over the wall where the stagmites used to be.

Cast Mask of Death to get past the daemons.

Cast Death Speak on the next Necromancer to learn Rock Flesh.

Cast Rock Flesh to avoid the lightning attacks.

The next Necromancer will teach you Summon Dead and will send you to the next area.

You need to jump over a chasm to reach the next necromancer who will teach you Grant Peace.

Enter the building in the center of the glade to go to the next area.

To the south is some magic armor.  Avoid the pit right in front of it.

There is a key on a body just before the lever.

Jump onto an island in the middle of the level to teleport to the next area.

The next Necromancer will teach you Withstand Death and will send you to the next area.

The last Necromancer will teach you Create Golem which you will need to enter the Hall of the Mountain King.

Walk through the passage above to return to the Upper Catacombs.  Continue south a long way to find Stone Cove.  There are several locked doors along the way which you can’t open yet.

The Hall of the Mountian King

In Stone Cove before the big black doors, cast Create Golem on the dirt to create a Golem.  Tell it to follow you and then open the doors.  Enter the Hall of the Mountian King.

Go west and jump across platforms to get across the ravine.

When you reach the area with the blue field walls, toss mushrooms to find the walls.  Take the key from the chest at the end and the gem that will allow you to walk through the blue field walls.

Use the key to open the locked door and continue.

When you reach the area with the fire mushrooms, go south then east until you reach the lake.  Jump across the rocks to get the key from on of the skeletons.

Go back to the room with the fire mushrooms and go north.  Eventually you will reach a door you can open with the key.

Step on the big rune if you ever want to return to Stone Cove.  South of the Rune is a teleporter you can use to return to the Hall of the Mountian King anytime.

Go north to Lithos’ chamber and speak with the Earth Titan.  He will tell you what you must do.

Return to Vividos in the cemetary and he will give you the Key of Scion.

Go outside the building to the northeast corner and use the Key of Scion on Lothian.  Lithos will swallow her body.

The Birthplace of Moriens

Return to Vividos again and he will name you Scion, next in line to be the Necromancer.  He will also send you on a pilgramige to the Birthplace of Moriens.

Return to the Upper Catacombs and use the Key of Scion to enter the chamber marked “Birthplace of Moriens”.

When you get to the treasure chest surrounded by a gate and five levers, try the different levers until you find the one that lowers the gate.  Use the key from the treasure chest to open the door to the north.

Take the Skull of Quakes from the treasure chest at the end of the tunnel.

To get through the maze, go to the center area and climb onto the platform.  From the platform, jump over the fences to the exit to the north.

Go west, then south and climb up onto the ledge (tricky).

Cast Open Ground by the grave to find a passage below you.

Go east and throw a rolling sphere at the pressure plate on the other side of the gate to pass.

In the next room, you will find two keys.  Jump over the beam to leave the room unharmed.

Put the clock on the pressure plates to move the steps of the stairs to reach the room above.  Put the clock on the plates in this order: right, left, r, c, l, c, r, l, c, r, c, l, r, l, r, c, l, c, l, r, c, r, l, c, r, l, r, c, l, c.

Cast Stone Flesh to pass through the laser beams.

Enter the next room and take the key from under the body.

Leave the room and use the key to open the doors to the east which will allow you to bypass the laser beam.

Use the key to get the Zealean Ceremonial Shield and put it on the alter in the room with the three statues.  The statues will address you.

Use Mythran’s Dispelling Magical Portals spell to open the door behind the statues.

Defeat the ghost and take the Magical Scimitar and the obelisk tip from the jewelry box.

As you leave, the statues will tell you that you must become the Titan of Ether, a fifth element.  They will tell you to continue your quest for the powers of the other Titans.

Conventicle of the Dead

Go to Stone Cove and use the key of the Scion to open the small door next to the entrance of the Hall of the Mountain King.

To the far northwest, just past a lake of lava with spiky spheres and flame shooters, is the body of the Conventicler.  Use the lever to open the gate and take the key from the body.

Go to the Conventicle of the Dead, just west of the entance and use the key to enter.

Cast Open Ground infront of the grave to find the Heart of Earth.


The door to Argentrock is in the cave between the Catacombs and Stone Cove.  Use the Key of the Scion to open the door.

Cross the bridge and head northwest through the forest to reach the monestary.

Speak to Stellos and tell him you would like to join the Order of Enlightment.  He will tell you to speak to Xavier fro the first two tests.

Read the books in the Monestary to learn about Theurgy and the Order.

Talk to Xavier and take the Test of Wisdom.  Answer all his questions correctly to pass.  Return to the library for more studying if you have problems.

Ask Xavier for the Test of Centeredness and he will tell you to go to Windy Point to be tested by Stratos herself.

Climb the hills behind the monastary and step on the rock with the rune.  You will be surrounded by a wind that will try to push you off the cliff.  If you can stay on long enough, the wind will eventually cease and you will pass the test.

Tell Xavier that you have passed both tests and he will make you an Initiate.

Speak to Stellos and he will give you the key to the caves below the monastary so you can gather silver to create your foci.

At the back of the monestary is the stairs that lead to the caverns.  Use the key to open the door.

Continue through the cavern until you reach a very narrow hallway to the east.  In the next room is the silver ore you are looking for.  Collect all eight pieces.

Go to Tenebrae and speak with Korick the smith.  Ask him to make the eight foci from your chunks of silver.

Return to Argentrock and place each of the foci on the Altar of focus to empower them.  Use the foci at any time to cast the spell.

Talk to Stellos and he will tell you to descend the caverns again.

Go west from the stairs and you will see a wounded torak.  Don’t jump to it, cast Ariel Servent to bring it to you instead.  Cast Healing Touch to heal it.

Return to Stellos and he will tell you that Xavier has lost his healing focus.

Cast Hear Truth and speak with Cyrrus.  He will try to cover up for Torwin but you will hear the truth.

Go to Windy Point and speak to Torwin.  He confesses that he borrowed the focus to help him ressurect his father.  He will through the focus back to you and will try to make the leap across Windy Point.  He will fail and will drown in the water.

Pick up the focus and the ring and return the focus to Xavier.

Return to Stellos and he will tell you to go to Windy Point for the final test where you must take a leap of faith.

Stand before the two pillars and jump.  Your jump will be extended to the first platform.  Jump for platform to platform until you meet Stratos.  He will give you the wing focus.  Use Air Walk to make the jump back to the mountain.

Talk to Stellos and he will tell you that the Breath of the Wind is by Stratos.

Return to Stratos and cast Reveal on the block before the Titan.  Cast Ariel Servant to take the Breath of Air.

Speak to Stellos and he will wither and die because the power of Stratos is no longer with him.

Carthax Lake

In the cave between the Catacombs and Stone Cove is an entrance to Carthax Lake.  Use the key of the Scion to open the door.

There is a small lake in the middle of the pit.  Step on the platform in the middle to speak to Hydros.  She will ask you to free her.

Enter the cave to the southwest.

Climb the wall where there is a gap between the spikes.

Pull the lever on the left to open the window and climb through.

Continue through the cave until you reach exit.

Cast Open Ground by the grave stone to open a channel for the water to go through.

Return back through the cave (or teleport) to Carthax Lake.  You will find the lake pull of water.

Talk to Hydros again and she will thank you for foolishly freeing her before she sends storms against Tenebrae.

Go to Tenebrae and worn Devon.  He will suggest you speak to the Sorcerers.

The Sorcerer’s Enclave

Return to the cave between the Catacombs and Stone Cove and enter the Lava River area.  To get past the double doors in front of the entrance pull the lever on the wall, not the large gray obvious one.

Walk forward and Beren will appear and warn you to stay away.

Use Airwalk to jump across the river to where Beren was standing.  A river from Carthax Lake has come through and created a dry passage across the rest of the Lava River.

Climb the ledge and enter the Sorcerer’s Enclave.

Speak to Bane the Acolyte and she will tell you much about the enclave and sorcery.  She will also ask you to help her reveal the First Acolyte’s secret plot to murder the Master.  Agree to help her and she will become your sponser and will give you a truename.

Speak to First Acolyte Vardian and ask him about his dealings with Tenebrae.  He will let you into his confidence and reveal his truename.  He will ask you to discover Bane’s truename and will make you his student.

Return to Bane and tell her Vardian’s truename and she will summon a deamon which kills Vardian (You could also give Vardian Bane’s truename and the quest will probably continue the same with Vardian being your sponser instead).  Malchir will appear and tell Bane to train you to be a sorcerer to replace Vardian.  Bane will give you the key to the library.

Use the key to enter the library and read all the books.  Find three foci and take the reagents necessary to cast Flash, Flame Bolt, and Endure Heat from the treasure chest in the library.

Talk to Bane and tell her you are ready for the test.  Place the correrctly colored candles at the points of the pentagram and put the proper reagents next to the candles.  Put a focus in the center and light the candles.  Step out of the Pentagram and double click on it to cast the spell.  Cast the three spells properly and Bane will congratulate you.  She will tell you to go to the Obsidian Fortress to be tested further.

The Obsidian Fortress

Go west and enter the Obsidian Fortress.

Malchir will appear and send two Daemons against you.  Avoid the Daemons and continue.

Talk to Arcadion the Daemon in the next room and he will allow you to make your preparations using his pentragram and reagents.  Try to make one focus for every spell.

Step on the platform to teleport to the next area.

To the northeast lies the Flash test.  Use Flash to get past the spiky spheres and then jump over the fire mushrooms.  Cast Banish Deamon to destroy the Daemon and then Flash to get past the fire mushrooms.  Take the symbol and return to the beginning.

To the northwest lies the Endure Heat Test.  Make your way through the maze and cast Endure Heat to get over the lava.  Cast Banish Daemon to remove the Daemon and take the symbol from the chest.

Defeat the sorcerer at the west side to find a book containing the Conflagration spell.

The Extinguish test is to the southwest.  Make sure you have a focus with at least five Extinguish charges left.

Cast Extinguish on the five candles (not the flames themselves) around the Pentragram.  The fire will go away and you will be able to take the symbol and the magic helmet.

The final test is the Armor of Flame Test.  Make sure you have lots of mana before you cast Armor of Flame because its duration depends on your mana level for some reason.

Run through the passages until you find the symbol.  It is just south of the magic shield.

Return to Arcadion by stepping on the black in the middle of the room from which you came.  He will congratulate you and tell you to go to the master’s inner sanctum.

Step on the block again and this time you will go to Malchir’s inner sanctum.  He will tell you to cast Fire Bolt, Explosion, and Summon Daemon on him in that order.  Do so and he will then summon a daemon to attack you.  Banish it and he will make you an acolyte.

Malchir will teleport the two of you to the ceremony.  Obey all his orders and Malchir will summon Pyros.

After the ceremony return to Malchir’s Inner Sanctum.  He will attack you for disturbing him.  Kill him and take the Tongue of Flame from his body.

Talk to the other Acolytes.  They will recognize you as their new master.

Place the tongue of Flame into the large pentagram where Pyros was summoned earlier to release Pyros.  Pick up the tongue of Flame again.

The Obelisk

Return to Tenebrae and ask Devon for the blackrock fragment.  He will give you the key to the chest in his study.

Go to the southwest corner of the palace and take the Tear of Seas from the chest.  You should now have all five blackrock pieces: the Heart of Earth, the Tear of Seas, the Breath of Air, the Tongue of Flame, and the Obelisk tip.

Speak with Mythran in the Plateau and ask him about the rock you found from the sorcerers.  He will tell you to find a certain book in his house somewhere.

Under the Zealean shield you will see a book entitled “The Destruction of the Temple”.  Read the book to learn of the obelisk.

Return to Mythran and tell him you want to recreate the obelisk.  He will sell you the Ethereal Travel spell for 250 obsidian.

The Ethereal Plane

Read the Ethereal Travel spell and it will begin to glow.  Read it again and you will appear in the Ethereal Plane.

In Stratos’ domain, jump from platform to platform northward.  Avoid the magic armor since they are traps.  Use the Breath of Air on Stratos to destroy her and take her absorb her powers.

In Hydros’ domain, go north west and jump across the platforms.  Use the Tear of the Seas to destoy her and abosb her powers.

In Lithos’s domain, cast Endure Heat to get past the lava.  After the floating blocks, there is a cliff to the south that is very difficult to climb.  Climb it at the far east end behind the wall.  Use the Heart of Earth to absorb his powers also.

In Pyros Lair, proceed northwest and cast Endure Heat to walk over the lava.  Use the Tongue of Flame to destroy him and absorb his powers.

Put the glowing blackrocks onto the top four points of the pentegram in the middle of the Ethereal Plane.  Put them on the corners closest to the elemental regions from which they got their powers.

Double click on the obelisk tip and put it on the Aphelion position of the pentagram and a black gate will appear in the center.  Step forward to leave Pagan.

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