Ultima VIII: Pagan


Midi Music (647 KB)

All of the Ultima VIII Midi Music is complied in one Zip file! Listen to the Country folk music, Intro Theme as you work. Download it Now!


Patch for Running under Windows by Dragon Baroque (35.8 KB)

Similar to U7win9x, this proggie allows you to run the game under windows 9x. It may work under Windows 2000 / XP! See this guide for more help. I recommend DOSBox however for the ultimate compatibility. Here is a guide to running Ultima 8 in DOSBox.

Ultima VIII Official Patch by Origin (547 KB)

Solves a bunch of bugs in the game. Fixes character conversations, item placement, floating platforms and many other changes. This should not be needed for the CD versions.

Ad-lib Sound Driver Patch (42.2 KB)

A fix for Ad-lib sound card owners who have Ultima VIII.

Auto Setup For WinME/2000 by Gaseous Dragon (249 KB)

This zip file contains all the necessary modifications and files to let you run U8 using either of the two OS's. Unzip it to a floppy, and be sure to read the README file!

AWE 32/64 Support by Creative Technology (40.8 KB)

This simple patch will allow you to experience General MIDI music on your Sound Blaster AWE32 when you play Origin System's Ultima 8.


Cheat Patch by Michael De Piazzi (38 KB)

This program can enable five extra options that are not available in the cheat menu normally. Options include Create and Destroy item.

Cheat Patch Add-on by Michael De Piazzi (Mad Hatter) (5.76 KB)

This program creates the file FLAGSYM.DAT, which is needed if you want to modify flags using the cheat menu in Ultima 8. It also makes a file called U8FLAGS.TXT which contains a list of all the flag names.

Character Editor by Michael De Piazz (46.8 KB)

This program lets you change your character's stats .. Strength, Dexterity and others.

Cheat Patch #2 by Clockwork and Stix (18.3 KB)

Here's a way to enable the Cheats in Ultima VIII: Pagan! It also comes with a feature which allows modify all consecutive games thus have the cheat mode in them! Tons O' Fun!


PDF Manuals (681 KB)

All in PDF format. Embrace those old memories. These were extracted from the Ultima VIII Complete CD.

Chronicle of Pagan by Bentic & A Treatise by Mythran the Thaumaturge (DOC) (86 KB / 57 KB)

Text version of the manual. Excludes the walkthrough, which is posted here

High Resolution Map (2.6 MB)

High resolution scan of the map that comes with the game. From HRUMP.

Richard Garriott Video Talk (5.90 MB)

Richard Garriott talks about Ultima VIII's plus points. From the Ultima Collection.

Ultima VIII: Pagan Box Scans, Photos, Maps, CDs, Diskettes (7 MB)

Ever wanted to know how to original box looked like? The catchy phrases? Here are the scans. Updated 25 Apr 2006. Thanks to VGMuseum.

Viewer v0.9.0 by Mike Angus (27.0 KB)

A small utility used to browse all of the graphics used in Ultima 8. In addition it also allows the export of these graphics individually, by object, or as a total export to a bitmap(s). Each exported bitmap is accompanied by a text file that contains the size and offset information of the frame(s) contained in each bitmap.

Graphic Viewer by Michael De Piazz (56.6 KB)

This program displays graphics of Ultima VIII and allows you to save them as BMP format

Lost Vale + Exile Screen Shots (465 KB)

The Lost Vale was meant to be an add-on for Ultima VIII, which unfortunately was never completed. Exile was a terminated remake for Ultima VIII, This zip file has some screen shots of the game with the add-on, and a write-up by Lisa Smith on how the expansion went about.

Memory-Efficient Mouse Drivers - Microsoft (14.3 KB) and Cute Mouse (37.9 KB)

These mouse drivers take very little memory.
Microsoft Mouse - 11K Conventional Memory (Microsoft)
Cute Mouse - 7K Conventional Memory (Nagy Daniel)

Ultima Win95/98 Theme Pack by Micro Dragon (2.32 MB)

Enhance your desktop with your favourite Ultima game. Hear the sound of the Guardian when an error occurs.

Mad Hatters Unreleased Unfinished Partially Working Ultima VIII Utilities (680 KB)

What name to give this set of Graphic Viewer, Character Editor, Cheat Menu Editor, Weapons and Armour and many other unfinished programs. Be sure to make a backup of the files you change as it could damage your installation!

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